The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Table for Two
Nina's story

Origin Planes - Outside the Hanger of the Rising Dawn

Hillary didn't flinch as Angelus' massive head drew closer to her, her own scaly smile greeting Angelus' curious inspection. Hillary's tail adjusting as the dragon's toes lifted, keeping a comfortable position as she giggled at the rushing air blowing passed her as the dragon sniffed her. "'Another' dragon...? Ah, you must have met my son, Cadolbolg. I think I recall speaking with you in my mortal form, Hillary."

The reaction Angelus would have expected wasn't the one she received, as Hillary tilted her head in confusion. She would look across the grassy hills, still seeing Cadolbolg flying a distance away talking with Diana, releasing her grasp of the leg with one hand to get a better angle. "He is isn't he, but then that means..? You're Angelus!" She gasped turned back to the gigantic face, hugging her leg again and papping at it affectionately.

Hillary would squint briefly as the sun danced across her body, the dulled scales oddly showing several nicks and scratches across her body. The locations would be off, but Angelus would realize these markings were also mimiced from her own body! "I understand that is a human's name, but human you clearly are not. What matter of creature are you that you can replicate the exact smell and texture of my scales... Caim, come gaze upon this."

Hillary would rotate around the dragon's leg, and coming to a rest on Angelus' foot. Oddly, Hillary didn't slither like a snake but more like a treadmill. The contact just moved along her skin, like someone rolling a wheel, the difference made more clear since Hillary traced one hand on the leg as she rotated around. "Human? Hillary's never been that. I'm a Slime." Hillary explained as she looked up to Angelus and waved a winged hand at Caim as he approached. "I don't know why Hillary does this, but she's done it ever since she left Garton." She said looking down at herself and noticably taking in her appearance like it was the first time. As it'd been described before, Hillary was entirely scales; her body, hands, hair flills, eyes, tongue and even the deepest parts of her throat were all scales. Everything was indistinguishable from Angelus', even the scar tissue speckled across her body was similar to the damage battles past had left on his wife."This is new though, Hillary's never quite looked like this, Ms Angelus must be quite a special dragon~" She said sweetly.

It wouldn't be long after that the explosion and sounds of battle range out, causing Hillary to stand up straight, the more decorative scales around her scalp area lifting up in surprise! "What was that noise?!" She exclaimed looking at the hanger's direction and seeing Leoric. "AH! It's the weird floaty man from before, but he's got the lady's stick and... even her crown!" She pointed as she moved back behind Angelus' leg, subconsciously protecting herself from the fire even if it was a considerable distance away.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Child in Chains | Some Freaky-Ass Jungle on Shuwa
"Treasure? I like treasure. Let's get me some treasure!"

As B.C. stood there in the dense brush of the forest with her hands on her hips and staring at the "Shuwan" woman that was her companion, the response she got to her earlier question of where she needed to go to get off of this rock didn't improve her mood. In fact, the bland expression on her face transformed into a glower.

"You want to... leave Shuwa? Far be it from me to stop you, but it just seemed odd to me. Most people spend their life trying to get on Shuwa is the thing."

"That's right, I want offa this planet, because I didn't even come here by choice in the first place! I was at a party last I remember, and I was about to crash it with this other chick who actually seemed to get me, unlike the rest of the others there!" she told her, before shaking her head and turning on her heel, "Whatever, I'll find my own way."

Giving Syl a backward wave without a backward glance, she started to make her way back the way they came. After all, if she knew space pirates, the best way to find them on a planet was to follow the loudest noises. The fact that they were being chased down by laser-breathing Mahnamahnas would make it even easier. Syl's parting words about a vessel touching down to rescue them was also encouraging, but it was her next words that had her pause.

"If that is your wish then I will part with you here. I plan to journey to the core of Shuwa and claim whatever treasures this terrible planet hides in it's mysterious depths."

Treasures. That piqued her interest. B.C. liked treasure, but the way Syl phrased that left it incredibly vague and open to interpretation. Did she mean classic treasure like gold and jewels, beautiful and scantily-clad people? Or something more abstract like knowledge or cultural artifacts, lost advanced technology, or even some kind of magical macguffin? Regardless, it was bound to be treasure to someone, and that meant that she would be delighted to keep it from whoever that someone was. So, schooling her expression into a mask of mild concern, she looked back and called over to her.

"Treasure, huh? You know that that sorta stuff is usually guarded pretty well, right? Like, to the point that those Mahnamahnas would be a joke by comparison. That's not including other treasure hunters." she said.

After a moment, she gave a grudging sigh as she started to follow her, inwardly chuckling at the idea of using this chick for her own gain. The expression she pictured Syl would have at her sudden but inevitable betrayal only made her more giddy.

"Guess I ought to tag along after all, because you'll need some muscle if you're going after treasure." the Convict told her, letting the smallest smile spread on her face as she hefted one of her MP7's.

Rising Dawn: Brig: The Artists Formally known as The Bernstein Cartel

"-Just do it already."
"I'm going to do it!"
"Then why haven't you done it?"
"Al, if I don't take the glass out right, your body will heal over it. Do you want to have a shard of glass in your eyeball? Do you?"

Wesker stood still, cleaning off the dirt and blood from where his face met a metal wall while Cortex picked his glasses out of his own eye.
"Alright, removing it on 3...1-"
Wesker shouted and shuddered in pain when Cortex attempted to surprise him, making him kick the wall from pain and leave a large indent of his boot against it.
Once his uncontrolled spasms were over, he winced before muttering "...T-thanks..."
"Thank me next time by not picking a fight with the people who can kill us..." The short scientist remarked while Doom enjoyed a frozen yogurt ("It's called a Fro-gurt!") and Bruiser silently knelt in the corner of his cell, gazing at himself in the mirror.
So many years of scars and memories, his wounded arm, the burn marks, his time locked up under Armstrong.
All of them just-...gone...

That would be something he would need to fix.

Wesker was less then impressed with Bruiser's actions, less out of his views on the Machoke's new beliefs but still wishing he could have punted that damn swordsman one more time instead of him.
With the swelling on his face starting to fade, he spat some blood into the sink before asking "...Why were we outside anyway? I doubt it was something planned."
" know how much this damn ship screws with space-time. Maybe one of those imps turned a toaster into a time machine or something..." Bison chimed in, though quickly realizing that his "Friends" weren't exactly fond of hearing his voice as much these days. (What with him being the reason they were all here).
"...Yes, the demonic staff in the canteen managed to trigger a space-time event with a toaster, good one..."
"...Well, I mean-...if I had enough time, I could try an-"
"Oh shut it you Simpson's reject..."

Life for the Cartel went on as they bickered and fought over petty things, you know, like most prison inmates but not Bruiser.
Instead, he backed away from the mirror before noticing someone coming inside the brig.
"...Guys, we have guests..."
"Oh about time. Those guards were taking forever to get Doom's order..."

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Hallways: Mio

While everyone else was trying to get to the bottom of this mystery, Mio was realizing just how empty and lifeless the entire ship seemed to be now that the staff were gone.
And they didn't seem to be the only ones.

All over the ship, the AIs Dimitri, Vermillion and Viscus worked to keep all the ship's systems running but since they landed, it appeared that something was wrong.
The displays by the doors and on the walls for the AI's to communicate with the crew were replaced by a strange error warning.
It was a looping message in a droll tone by Viscus, muttering the same message over and over again.

[Attention: Captain's Emergency Override Code has been activated. All digital services have been suspended by executive action. All non-vital processes have been halted. Contact your local administrator for further instructions. This message will repeat...]

As annoying as that might be, imagine how annoying it is when every single one of those displays are showing the same thing.
And saying the same thing.
And all while staring at you.
Dammit, where the hell was the off button?!

[1] "I'm Dio!" Reconstructed Yayoi Period "Japanese"

Origin Planes

Diana shook her head with a slight smile playing around her lips. "I can't turn into cupcakes. Or anything else that's not living. I can only turn into possible or impossible living creatures.

And my name is Dr ... Diana Black. Cadolbolg and Ton Ton." She nodded to both of them. "I agree that we should get inside. I'm not too fond of those boring planes in any case. ... Apology accepted. All of us do not seem to know what is going on, and ..." She pointed over to the strange skeleton fight. "Some don't seem to take it as well as other. I have no interest in fighting right now. Let's go."

She stepped forwards towards the Rising Dawn, looking out for Ton Ton and Cadolbolg to not be left behind. In the same way, she tried to read their minds - general thoughts and feelings to fill her mind with the thoughts of others instead of her own.


Mio had left the planes as she woke up, getting back to the Dawn and trying to find her way back to the room where she had stood when everything changed. It was quiet, dark, and more than a bit creepy, though that did not stop her from searching - and possibly getting lost in the hallways. B.C. seemed to be completely missing from the outside and the inside, which made Mio worry. The only reasonable person on this ship, and they had vanished without a trace.

And apparently she just had her old things back: Cutlass and daggers. Not quite the right weapons for a futuristic airship. But maybe she could do something with ... all the screens were blinking all the time, repeating the same message and it slowly begun to annoy Mio. At least until she finally stopped for a second and looked, her eye immediately falling on the words 'Captain', 'Emergency', and 'Override'.

She touched the screen, and felt around a bit, trying to find buttons that did anything. She also said loudly, hoping the screens would talk back to her: "This is Captain Mio Kaizuko. Can you hear me? Override to me. I am a captain. Where can I find this local administrator?"

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Hanger/Origin Plains: Adelheid Bernstein, Teri, Torment X Leoric, everyone else

Steam still hissing off his old bones from the holy magic of Teri, Leoric soon realized her game when she healed Adel, prompting the young Bernstein to shudder and gasp as he went from dying to not dying far faster then he was used to.
"YOUR DEMONIC SPELLS WILL NOT HALT ME, FALSE CLERIC!" He barked before slamming the hilt of his mace on the ground, causing a number of spirits to emit from his body.
Each one stuck the hanger floor before about 10 skeletal minions started to form both inside the hanger and a few of them even on the plains outside.
The bulk of the energy went to a single skeleton, one that appeared to be faster, stronger and apparently in charge of the lesser ones.
"FETCH ME THEIR BONES OR SO HELP ME, I'LL MAKE YOU WISH YOU COULD DIE AGAIN!" The King ordered as he slowly started to leave the area, phasing though the wall en route to his next victim.
With a mad cackle, Headcleaver raised his sword, prompting the others to do the same before they charged to attack the nearest living creature.

While they weren't exactly hard to beat, Headcleaver was hoping numbers could help turn the tide of battle.
With inhuman speed, he phased his way up onto the Hanger's catwalks before beginning a ritual, mimicking his lord's tactics as more skeletons began to form...

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Hallways: Mio

The display blinked for a moment as Viscus stared at her, almost like someone in a hostage video would.

[ID confirmed. Proceed to Secure Administrator Area 01 to obtain clearance for executive permissions.]

The screen updated with a handy map towards the main server farm most of the ship's systems were stored.
Getting there was the easy part, the challenge quickly became clear once she was inside.

The room was spotless and deathly silent, nearly all of the computers and other devices she didn't know the names of stuck on stand-by mode and more interestingly, she saw that Android armor from the display.
He was laying on the ground, frozen in a "Flying" pose akin to a display figure without it's stand attached, like it was shut down mid-flight.
Deeper into the server farm was 5 confused looking Skeletons, taking turns to randomly press buttons at the main console while Their leader attempted to make sense of a "Spell Tomb"/Technical Manual their King gave them.
The "Sealing Spell"/Captain's Emergency Override Code kept both the systems AIs and the rooms defenses offline while Leoric's minions "Disabled the Enchanted Runes"/Disabled the computers, though if they were able to talk, they would confess they had no idea what they were doing and how massive their collective Skull-ache was.

As a result, a few of them seemed a bit relieved when Mio was brought to their attention, tearing bones out of adventurer's bodies was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much simpler to understand...

Table for Two
Nina's story

Table for Two
Nina's story

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

Upon seeing the skeletons, Mio grinned and, with a glint in her eye, said: "I have come to take what is rightfully mine! Step aside!" In the same moment as the skeletons were just trying to comprehend what she was saying, during her talk, she stepped in front of one, drew her cutlass, and with the movement cut off the hand that was holding its sword. Before it could react, she had taken a step back again, holding out her cutlass like she was in a duel.

"You're pretty slow, huh?" Cut and slash, she stepped forward and back, and one of the skeletons heads fell on the ground. Then, she dropped the cutlass. "Oops." Bending down to pick it up again, the skeletons seeing their chance to make their move, she jumped, putting one hand on one of the skeletons collarbones, and made a cartwheel over its head, before drawing and ramming the dagger she still had on her in the back of its skull.

Then, she just ran away, into a dark corner of the room, the skeletons too slow to follow her movements and quickly losing track of her, at least until she reappeared behind one, ramming the cutting its skull off with the cutlass she had in her hand again, god knows how. "Guys, you disappoint me. How about you, would you rather be buried or cremated?" She said, getting back into her duel stance and pointing the sword at the leader of the skeletons, seemingly not even caring about the one still standing, and the other disarmed but also still standing confused skeletons. She still had the murderous glint in her eye and smiled, not dropping a sweat.

Lou went outside. Many women were staring at him. He stared back. Many women yawned and went away. He grew weary of the sun and decided to go back home.

What a day. The sun was blinding. It had no reservations. The sun kept him company. Now it was time to go underground. He went to the train station. The train was empty for a Friday night. He was empty too. They were happy to be together. Lou had no happiness. The happiness was the only word that came close. What it was... what it is, he didn't know.

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

The "Disarmed" skeleton looked about as impressed as you'd imagine, if it still had eyes they'd be rolling as if to say "Oh yeah, real original!".
While his friends tried (And failed) to stop the Captain, he was able to re-attatch his hand before rejoining the fight, kicking away a rolling skull from a headless body attempting to pick it up.

Their leader meanwhile decided to accept her duel, motioning for his defeated minions to back up as he started to bang his sword against his shield like some sort of ritual.
He then seemed to point at the ground beneath Mio's feet as a strange Burning Void started to form where she was standing.
It started to eat though the floor and even the heels of her boots, growing in size and intensity the more Walloon channeled it.
Several smaller pools started to form nearby, making a slight "Ring" for them to duel in while his minions provided moral support, knowing better then to get in the way of a Royal Bodyguard, alive or dead.

With the stage set, he let out a crackling laugh before charging at Mio, attempting to bash her into one of his Desecration pools with his shield.

"Oh, we won't need luck," Alesha answered, "Inuart is a hero after all." Then she turned to Inuart, "Where to next then, hero?"

"Don't call me that."

The words fell out automatically, like water off of a stone; Inuart's expression souring at the moniker. Even if the woman didn't know better, every instance of it's use felt like a slap to the face. 'Hero'? No- the 'Heroes' were the ones parading about on a gods-be-damned ship in the sky, a prison for folk Inuart would much prefer to be in the company with. Heroes 'saved the day' (or in his eyes, soured the plans of much more capable people), heroes 'fought evil' (paraded self righteousness) - Inuart?

He was a musician; a failure of a warrior who made use of a talent that ill suited his old world. In Caerleon he was pathetic; unable to protect the one he was supposed to have loved; even if he made a pact with a dragon at one point.

If only he had the strength

In the Modern World he was an 'artist', a title held in equal parts esteem and disdain. Some considered him lazy, others brilliant- but what use was brilliance when his life lacked those who actually gave a damn? The ones who looked past the glamour, the weakness, and saw the man? What was he without them?

Inuart forced himself to smile again, swallowing the bile building up at the back of his throat as he spoke, purposefully attempting to hide the storm in his heart, "I have a name after all, Ms. Alesha. Inuart will suffice."

Looking back to Elluar, Inuart's head bobbed in a small nod, "Thank you sir- your map is greatly appreciated. I'm...sorry for your loss. May your son's soul rest in peace."

A platitude, and not nessecarily one Inuart believed in; but such things helped grease the wheels of social interaction. After they turned and walked away, Inuart mulled over what the man had said, the particulars and logistics distracting him from his earlier anger and thought aloud, "I suppose we can go to the Western route- although the theocracy is a cause for concern-if what I heard from our conversation was anything to go by; it will be an easier journey for you."

He didn't leave any room for delays, following the path of the sun to take them to the Western exit of the city and on the road to Crior. As they passed by people and animals, men and women with bundles and carts, Inuart allowed for the silence to fill the air as they left the city behind them; waiting patiently as the people thinned before he initiated the next step of his plan: Q and A. As the wind blowed against his skin, the former bard hummed quietly into the air, an old tune that had been his companion since his youth. Usually, it'd be accompanied by his harp or guitar, but in times like these, the voice alone would have to do. When the tune finally winded down, and he read the atmosphere as relaxed, he carefully broached the subject,
"You know- as quickly as you've seen fit to designate me as your companion, I realize we know next to nothing about each other. I've...a few questions. For one-I saw what you did in that field, or rather; what happened around you. The way the earth moved, the way things seem to shift and change around you. Is such magic common here? Just how much power do you have? Do all of the Daughters have such abilities, such as the Daughters of Crosis that man mentioned; or is it just you?"

Table for Two
Nina's story

[1] Now if Ensay wants to stop Nina by whatever means, I can edit this out and put it in later
[2] And at this point, Nina's gonna continue down the hall into the next car that'd have the kids and the eldritch leaders.

Table for Two
Nina's story

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