The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

"Oh yeah, really original." Mio said out loud, in a mockery of the skeleton captain's thoughts. "But are you still expecting a fair fight?" With that, she jumped out of the void, resuming her stance in front of him. Beckoning him to bash her into the the circle again, she waited until he had put up his shield and charged forward.

As he nearly had her, she stepped out of the way instead of trying to hit him with her sword. Though she did not keep her whole body out of the way - her left foot was kept under the skeleton, to make him trip into the burning void. And, as if that was not enough, she did a quick slash against his back, while laughing like a maniac.

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

The Royal Bodyguard realized his mistake too late as he feel into his own trap, screaming as his bones were basically dissolved from under him.
That-...did a lot to take the fight out of the remaining Skeletal warriors, hell only reason they didn't run right away was from fear of their Lord.
In the moments following Walloon's death (or Re-Death), one of the warriors broke rank before dashing towards a "In case of Attack, Break Glass -D. West" panel containing-...something? He didn't know what it was but it looked Kinda like a crossbow so he was willing to take a chance.
Meanwhile the remaining Skeletons decided their best chance was to rush her at once from all sides, attempting to limit her mobility while the shotgun skeleton tried to figure out how to fire this strange weapon he had gotten.
To this end, one of them even climbed atop one of the servers before jumping off with a flying body splash WWE-style to pin her down, screaming as any one would doing something that stupid/awesome/etc.

Table for Two
Nina's story

The Rising Dawn Entrance
Hillary the Slime

Under orders to make her way inside the ship while Angelus and Caim took care of the skeletons outside, Hillary swiftly made her way towards the ship's open bay door on her pseudopod. Having left the dragon scales behind, she had once again becomes the grassy visage of nature she'd been when she first had woken up in the Origin Planes, but at least this afforded her a significant boost in stealth. Why use a gilly suit when you could be the gilly suit after all, and soon enough Hillary had made her way to the rampway to the door.

Hillary kept her head down as the skeletons ran off to do their nasty mischievous acts. They sure were spooky, looking almost like some of Penelope's charts she had of some of the residents on the Laplace! When she thought they'd gotten a far enough distance away, Hillary pulled herself onto the ramp and walked towards the entrance as quick as she could. Her pseudopod would once again give way to the metal flooring of the ramp as her newly formed feet clanged against it causing her to look back over her shoulder with concern of giving away her position. "Oh! Hillary should have thought of that!" She cried in a hush tone

The Rising Dawn: Medical Bay
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Thankfully for our smiley friend, the Skeletons located inside the ship were too busy trying to kill the remaining crew to bother her at this time.
A fair bit of racket and gunfire could be heard coming from the medical bay, a group of Skeletons attempting to batter down a strange impassible barrier that had formed at the main entrance.

She could just about hear the trio of Heroes trapped inside, Jenny keeping a barrier up, David clinging to an IV drip for support/firing his pistol at a seemingly endless swarm of incoming skeletons from the side entrance.
Violet meanwhile was cowering under a Auto-Doc, muttering "There's no place like home! there's no place like home-" and being about as helpful as he always was.
As their maces and blades bounced harmlessly off the barrier, the Skeletons backed up only to notice Hilary, cackling to each other in unintelligible screeches.

{Look! The Enemy is here! GET HER BONES!}
{...Does she even have bones? She doesn't look human...}
{You doing to disobey the King! Because I'm not getting fed to the hounds again!}
{But he said "Fetch me their bones". She doesn't have bones...does she?}
{Only one way to find out!}

And with that, 3 of them began to charge at Hillary, swords drawn at they went to slash at her.

The Rising Dawn: Medical Bay
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Hillary would reflexively cover her ears upon hearing the vulgarity coming from the trio behind the barrier, her still grassy hands making a swoosh sound as she did so. Despite this, she was still glad that they were okay, scared but okay. "Ah! Hillary was told to come make sure everyone was okay! Help should be coming!" Hillary called out to the group behind the barrier.

With her only material contact being the metallic floor underneath her, her conversion rate wasn't overly quick. Lucky for her the skeletons' little group huddle was ample time for her body to fully transform into a metallic version of herself, oddly looking a bit angular in comparison to her more softer features. Unlucky for her, transforming into a harder substance wouldn't remedy Hillary's completely abysmal combative skills. As such, when the skeletons finally decided to charge at her, the only thing she managed to do was put up her arms in a pathetic attempt to protect herself.

CLANG! CLANG! Scrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Two of the skeletons hit shallow, one hitting Hillary's temple, denting her eyebrow to the point the edge of the blade was a mere hair's length from touching her eye, the other slamming into her forearm which caused similar damage. The third however managed to hit paydirt, slamming hard into her collarbone area, causing enough impact to reach the air chamber within Hillary's chest. With the sword needing to only slice through a relatively thin section of metal, the sword would manage to cleave through half of Hillary's chest before it finally came to a stop. The prior two impacts would only aggravate the problem more as the skeletons' weight pushed the tear even further, causing Hillary's upper torso and right arm to bend inhumanly backwards and hit the ground hard with another ringing clang.

For Hillary's part, she was unable to make any sort of cry of pain or anguish, the three behind the barrier were smart enough to know vocal cords need some sort of diaphragm to function after all. She appeared to still be conscious, the arm connected to her upper body moving to try and prop herself up. It appeared she hadn't fully understood recognized her current position, nor did she notice her bottom half falling over and bonking her head into the ground in a morbid show of black humor. After a few more seconds of floundering on the floor, Hillary in her entirety would melt into a singular pool of liquid metal on the floor.

The skeleton's might be disappointed in not finding any bones within the odd humanoid, at least they could celebrate a successful defeat of an enemy. As long as they didn't continue watching Hillary's 'corpse' as the metallic puddle began to quickly pull itself back together and reform.

The Rising Dawn: Medical Bay
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

{See? No Bones!}
{Awwww, dammit. I thought I would have gotten promoted by the King}

The Skeletons seemed a bit let down by how quickly Hillary was "Killed", she didn't even drop a white item on death!
{Alright, show's over. Get that damn barrier down.} One of them commanded as they attempted to use a nearby cleaning trolley as a battering ram.
Grouping up around it and putting their shields on it, the skeleton muttered {Okay on 3...1...2-}
{HIGH FUCKING HEAVENS! LOOK! IT'S NOT DEAD!} One of them pointed out, nearly making the crowd jump out of their skin (Or the skin of their teeth anyway) as they noticed Hillary reforming.
{What the Burning Hells is that thing?!}
{Oh no...w-what if it's a demon?! I was killed by a demon, I don't want to die again!}
{You can't die again! And it mightn't be a demon! I heard the king call this one a-....Al-leon?)
{...What's an Al-Leon?)
(Wait, did he say that thing wasn't a demon or was that just what kind of demon it is?...}

The group went silent after that statement, glancing at each other as their bones trembled and clattered in growing fear.

"Hillary, listen. Once I give the signal, you need to run in here right now as fast as you can." Jenny's voice spoke to her as the skeletons noticed something far more hazardous to their undead lives.
The Reflect barrier suddenly rushed towards them, making a bone sandwich with the hallway wall full to the brim with rather stunned skeletons writhing in vain.
"GET IN! NOW!" The Gardevoir shouted, straining a bit from how long she had to keep that barrier up before now.

Gunfire still rang out as David kept his vigil, despite being on more painkillers then blood at this point.
Violet meanwhile-
"It's just Hillary! Don't just stand there! Help her!" The Irishman before peppering the staff entrance to the medical bay with his pistol, keeping the un-ending hoard of skeletons at bay.

The Rising Dawn: Medical Bay
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Hillary's head was only partially formed by the time Jenny contacted her, while her arms had only just separated from the rising torso, looking more like drooping lumps than proper finger digits. 'That was that dress lady? She sounded close?' She thought as the mound swayed back and forth, clearly unable to speak at the current moment. Regardless, while Jenny waited for the right moment to signal her, Hillary would shift to the side getting within a few meters of the hallway's wall.

When given the signal, Hillary would scoot along the ground on her quickly dwindling pseudopod. She looked largely human now, looking far more solid but still a bit melty. Her ankles were still in the midst of forming and she didn't appear to have any facial features, but otherwise she looked to be back to her normal. Steadfast, she continued forward, actually a bit too forward. She would continue straight down the hallway, not taking the direct path as she hugged the wall and disappeared behind the door frame; the clanging footsteps of her hardened soles ringing out as her pseudopod finally disappeared allowing the trio to hear her approach, at a speed walk.

Soon enough Hillary would then breach the doorway, her face finally now visible, a great deal of happiness across her visage upon spotting them. Seeing just how many skeletons were trying to assail the group from the side caught her off-guard. The odd man shouting and pointing at her didn't help either, causing her to double take, and see nothing. David would rectify her confusion as he chastised the doctor, allowing Hillary to reform her voice chamber with a large yawn. "Thank you for helping Hillary but I'm alright! Hillary was more surprised than hurt when those skeleton people attacked her. The big mean ghost made all of them, but she hadn't seen this many before! I want to help!" She informed them. [1]

[1] Could I get a bit of a description of that this place looks like? What stuff's around? That sort of thing?

The Rising Dawn: Medical Bay
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

"Good to hear. Just wish I had something to tell you outside of "Don't let the skeleton's kill you"..." David muttered as Violet FINALLY made himself useful and pushed a heavy cabinet in front of the entrance he was shooting at, giving them a moment of peace.
It was a short lived one as a rather large skeleton warrior was able to bash the cabinet out of the way, least before he got one right between where his eyes used to be.
"I-I need to keep this barrier up. Barricade, ngh, they won't work for long against these things..." Jenny explained as nearly 10 skeletons tried to push though the doorway only to get smushed up against the barrier like wild animals against a glass screen.
"We aren't going to be able to maintain a defense of this area for long. We'll need to get to the armory. It's room layout is far more defensible and that's where all the big guns are."
"Wait, what if they got there first? Then we'll be slaughtered by skeletons with guns instead of swords!"
Looking rather pissed off at that attitude, David limped over to the "Doctor", holding his IV stand like a walking staff before explaining "Look at this way, you'll die faster from a bullet then from a blade, right? Win, Win."

Turning back to Hillary, he then said "Do yourself a favor and pick a form with a lot of metal. I'm still shot to shit and Jenny is way too exhausted to fight. You're going to have to take point. You know how to fight? If not, you better learn now."
Cracks started to appear in Jenny's barrier while David suppressed another attempt for the invaders to break in.
"I mean, if you have another idea, now would be a great time to let me know."

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