The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Perhaps David was still so hopped up on pain killers his mind was playing tricks on him, overcompensating for what was really happening in reality. The only real heavy impact was the very first one, to which Hillary would actually recoil at how easily she smashed through them. What proceeded after would best be described as the fastest disarming raid to have ever existed, as Hillary was literally ripping any implement the skeletons had on their person like taking candy from a baby.

Any warrior of merit would be utterly humiliated to have their arms of war removed, to have it bitten through, spat out, and tossed aside was a disgrace, but to be picked up and hurled down the hallway was completely demoralizing. This is the situation the skeletons faced, an unstoppable juggernaut that wouldn't put them out of their misery. Only to prolong their suffering as the group continued."GO AWAY!" Hillary exclaimed with a booming voice, taking in air long enough to get out that simple command as well as swallow the bits of platinum she'd picked up from Violet.


"Eek!" Hillary exclaimed as the fancy electric arrows darted towards her, quickly ducking back around wall. "Oh great, they got here first...Hillary, try and draw their fire. I'll aim for golden boy over there." Mr. West would instruct her, while Hillary nodded furiously, the little hamster in her mind working overtime today.

What was she supposed to do, how're you suppose to distract thingies that just wanted to big meanies!? If she just walked in there the big scary sparky one would shoot her with its fancy arrows. David wouldn't be able to tell where Hillary was looking, mirror like eyes after all, but neither would the skeleton that was attempting to sneak up on the group from around the corner from where they'd came. Wielding a large warhammer, it would attempt to bring it down on Jenny and Violet, only for Hillary to reach out and grab it. Before the skeleton could realize he should probably let go, Hillary pulled the skeleton up and over the group as she reformed her voice box again. "Hillary told you to go away, but now I got an idea! You will help Hillary!" She said as she strolled into the armoury room.

Try as the skeleton might, it wouldn't be able to break out of Hillary's grasp as she held him up by its forearms. "Waaaah, you will listen to Hillary and stop trying to hurt the nice people of the ship here! Wooooooo~" Hillary shouted, waving the skeletons arms around like a puppet. If the skeleton struggled, Hillary would more than likely break an arm unintentionally, which would cause her to yelp and throw the arm away.

Table for Two
Nina's story

Table for Two
Nina's story

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

"Hey!" Mio said, nonchalantly sniffing the robot that just woke up and spoke to her from her own actions. "It's good that you are taking care of the safety of this ship now. Construct, do you accept me as your new captain?
Also, should you know where the old useless captain is, could you tell me where?"
She placed her hand on its shoulder.

"The situation has grown quite dire and I would hate it if anything would happen to this beautiful airship and its treasures. I can take the responsibility the old captain couldn't, as I have enough experience to serve a crew several times over! Anyways, why don't you answer me?" She gave Viscus a broad smile, and winked with her one eye.

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm


If a expressionless face could emote, Viscus would be glaring right at Mio even harder then he usually does.
[The acting captain, User: Rugal Bernstein would have to approve and sign off before you can be designated captain. Forging User Signature now...Processing...]
Before she could even asked what happened, a nearby contract began to print out from one of the nearby terminals.
The contract pertaining to becoming Captain of The Rising Dawn was a massive tomb of legal jargon and technical terms that were unlikely to have existed back in Mio's world.
Thankfully, rather then force her to read all the terms and conditions, Viscus was kind enough to instead give her a "Sign here" page before adding [In order for this provisional contract to be legally binding, I must recite the remaining 234235 pages of the contract to you-]

Viscus then began to speak so quickly that Mio couldn't make sense of it, right before finishing with [-Recital complete. User: Mio has been legally cleared to become captain. All captain protocols unlocked. Request my presence at any of the terminals on the ship and I will assist. Now, return to your mission of securing the vessel while it's still intact. I will keep this room secure.]
He then got back to his vigil, keeping his sights trained at the door into the Server farm while the computer began to run both auto-repair on the ship as well as scanning for King Leoric's current location.

Meanwhile, on the security screens...

The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

"...Oh you're joking..." David groaned when Hiliary tried to reason with the undead skeletons.
It did work for a moment, least in the sense that they stopped what they were doing as they tried to figure out what SHE was supposed to be doing.
{HEY! PUT ME DOWN YOU HORRIBLE DEMON!} He pleaded, shaking and trying to break from her grasp while his friends reacted accordingly.
Johanys (That was the name of "Golden Boy") didn't really care too much as Hillary found her hostage suddenly pelted with arrow bolts in the face before fading into dust in her arms.

{YOU BASTARD!...Wait, aren't we already dead?}

The golden one merely motioned to the others to attack again, least before David nailed him in the skull with his magnum.
Rather then the skull exploding boom he was hoping for, the bullet merely made Johanys stumble a bit, the Former Royal Archer holding his head in pain.
With a roar of anger, a sudden surge of electricity arced from his body, running along the floors, the walls and anyone unlucky enough to be in their way.
His forces retreated to cover, as did David as he muttered "Okay...That's a new one."
Violet was actually helpful as he said "I-I-I-I know this. It's an old demonic enchantment Kazuya tried to have me put on APCs. Every time that one is struck, he'll release a powerful current in all directions. The harder the impact, the greater the reaction."
"Oh great...Alright, how do we beat it then?"
"Oh, that's not the hard part. The reason that project went nowhere was because it didn't increase the durability of any person or object enchanted and caused a massive around of frien-"
"That's not what I asked, Doc!"
"Beat him like you would anyone else! Just be careful, the closer to the subject's destruction, the more intense the reaction! HILLARY! HE'LL LIGHT UP EVERY TIME YOU HIT HIM SO WATCH OUT!" Violet warned before Johanys began to take aim at her again, static flowing off his body while his men started to open fire again, not wanting to end up like poor old Kenny...

[1] Reworking that "Running out of energy" concept so it's more based off what he does rather then how many posts he's in. Rule of thumb, the more he does in a post, the more energy he loses I.E. He'll lose between 20-40% from the remaining travel to Rome alone.

[1] Video Link. Notice how he manages to move fast enough to not be visible to the human eye.

The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Hillary held her unnecessary breath as she waited for the group of skeletons to accept their surrender and apologize for their misdeeds. "Ya, you tell your friends Mister Bones." Hillary encouraged her boney friend as he chattered to his compatriots. "Maybe tell them they can put their- LOOK OUT!" Hillary exclaimed as the volley rocketed towards her and Mr Bones, turning around to try and block as much as she could from the helpless skeleton.

Most of the arrows peppered Hillary's back, but Johany's arrows still found purchase and crush Kenny's skull into dust. "Aaah! Mr Bones!" Hillary exclaimed as her skeleton started to crumble in her hands. She wouldn't have long as David's gun made her jump followed by the skeleton screaming, figuratively of course! Preoccupied with her fallen acquaintance, Hillary wouldn't have enough time to get up much less escape the oncoming blast of electricity. "Aaah!" Hillary yelled in shock and surprise, cowering as the encroaching sparks charged her way.

As Hillary took the impact, she stood there for a short time more, stunned as she electricity passed through her. Or perhaps it was confusion, as she looked down at herself, then over at the electricity that continued on. Unlike everyone else, Hillary seemed unfazed by the current, and considering her material it wouldn't be hard to see why. Platinum is in the same group of metals as copper, perfect for transferring electrons and with Hillary's size, doing so without melting her at the same time.

So as Violet shouted to Hillary to explain the terror that was that energy surge, she just glared at that mean ol' nasty skeleton that'd hurt Mr Bones. "Hillary's not gonna let you hurt anyone else! You're going on a time out, and... and... she's gonna take that plinky thing away!" She proclaimed, clearly not used to battle banter. She would start to approach the crowd of skeletons, holding onto the mace's striking implement in one hand while cradling Mr. Bone's crumbling remains with the other. She used the mace to block some of the arrows that came towards her, oddly pretty accurate at this!

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

"Sweet." Mio said shortly. "Now, my first order, first mate, is that you announce that I am the new captain. And that I will head to the canteen to welcome the crew! I will also keelhaul anyone who does not agree with me being captain. Off I go!" She gave a small wave to Viscus, then picked up her things and left the room.

Mio headed straight to the canteen, though occasionally she stopped and asked a terminal for the right direction. If she came across any skeletons, she walked past them, asking them if they were part of the crew. If they said yes, she offered them drinks at the canteen, if not, she demanded they leave the ship at once. However, she did not start a fight, instead making continuing her way.

There, she kicked open the door, and gestured towards the room before doing a bow. Loudly, she spoke: "I have rightly taken over this ship! I am your new captain! You can decide to follow me, and dispose of these skeletons, at least the hostile ones, or you can leave! This is a crisis situation, there are no third options! Get to work!"

The Rising Dawn: Canteen

Despite the state of crisis, the ship was still pretty peaceful.
Leoric's mad minions were still around every corner, sure but Mio didn't have too many issues getting to the canteen.
Once she got there, that's when the trouble began.
Rather then the rest of the ship's crew, she was greeted with more Skeletons, this time sparing in a turf war with the Imp culinary staff.
This would have been a dangerous conflict...if anyone involved knew even a single thing about fighting.

I mean, sure they were taking turns to throw pots and knives at each other but their aim wasn't amazing (And they always scrambled to pick up "Ammo" after each volley).
They barely even noticed Mio as she walked towards the bar, too busy fighting for the passage to the kitchen and "Mount Condiments".
Even Viscus's announcement over the intercoms did little to halt the intense battle.
*Bing Bong* [Attention all crew: There has been a change in command. User: Mio is now the acting captain of the Rising Dawn. Effective right now, You report to her. She is currently in the Canteen area to provide drinks to the crew and to quote "Keelhaul" anyone who might have a problem with her new position...]

The dull tone in Viscus's voice managed to get the message across the entire ship: Mio was the new captain.
And because she had asked for her position to be relayed to the crew (Least that's how her request was worded), Everyone on board knew.

"Captain..." A raspy dead voice barked as a sickly green glow filled the room, followed by the specter of Leoric emerging from the floor nearby.
He towered over her in his wraith form, eyeless sockets glaring down at her as his minions quickly dropped what they were doing and bowed near him.
"I heard you achieved a promotion. Congratulations. My forces control this flying vessel. They think I've lost my mind but I know what's REALLY going on here. The question is: What do you know? And do I need to "Keelhaul" you to find out. You have an audience with the Skeleton King. Make the most of it..." He threatened, right before his spectral form suddenly became very real while his minions backed him up I.E. Attempted to look as threatening as possible.

...One of them did seem to want a glass of Milk if she was serving any.

The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

It's well known that Skeletons aren't really able to emote too well, they were skeletons with no skin or facial organs to emote with.
That being said, Hillary could have sworn that she saw Johanys show a large amount of fear once he realized his King-given enchantment didn't seem to matter to her, along with most of his crew.
Johanys did try and stand his ground, leaping off the table he was standing on before charging back at Hillary with a rusted sword, locking blades with her Mace.

"Alright, Rush them! Don't let up!" David shouted as he followed Hillary into the room guns blazing, trying his best to make this operation seem legit if for no other reason then to help him forget he was basically charging into battle right after getting out of the Medical Wing.
Violet was a little more reluctant, seeing how he didn't have a weapon but thankfully once he was inside the armory that was less of a problem.
"Come on, come on, come on-AHA!" He fretted before finally picking up a rather large Light-Machine Gun.
I mean, sure, the black steel finish and the green ammo mag totally clashed with his outfit but hey, so long as it worked.
"SUPPRESSING FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He then shouted before popping out of cover and managing to hit everything he aimed at. Least if he was aiming. Which he wasn't. Honestly? He was just shooting in their general direction and hoping for the best.

Jenny was the last to get in but at least she was able to make the most of it, groaning with exertion before using her Psychic powers to disable several of the remaining skeletons.
In some cases, she literally tore their heads and limbs apart, least before she realized that wasn't really stopping them.
"D-damn. You need to crush their bones! I think that's the only way to stop them!"
"Wait-You think or you know?" David cut in between his fire, prompting Jenny to suddenly lift one up before slowly grinding it into dust in full view of everyone in the room, especially David.
"...Noted! Thanks for the intel!...Love you!" The Irishman nervously remarked, quickly getting the hint while the Gardevoir went back to cover, still rather drained from the amount of energy she was using.

Back with Johanys, he was a bit more adept at fighting then Hillary was for sure.
The static discharges his enchantment put out were starting to intensify slightly, keeping the others from assisting Hillary too much in her little scrap.
Parrying her attacks, he attempted to strike at her midsection but his sword didn't seem to do much against her Platinum body.
Roaring in anger, he then leapt up before attempting to drive his sword right down into her forehead, causing a rather amusing situation where Johanys stood on her shoulders trying to pull the blade back out again, kicking her face for good measure.
{WHY! WON'T! YOU! JUST! DIE!?} He barked at her right as she felt him break a few of his own toes trying to kick her nose.

Sorry for the delay, hope your Halloween as was fun as mine!

Table for Two
Nina's story

The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Practically immune to Johany's attacks, Hillary simply let go of her mace once the skeleton tried to reenact the jump stab from Wind Waker, reaching up to grab the sword once it'd attacked her, bending the blade almost effortlessly in her grip. Mr Bone's remains had throughly crumbled by this point, so with Hillary now freed hand she reached up to Johany's pelvis and grabbed hold. With one fluid motion she pulled the sword out of the skeleton's grip casting it aside like a toy and then readjusting her grip so now she held the skeleton by the pelvis and back ribs. Effectively neutered of any real means of attacking anyone, Hillary looked around and eventually settled on throwing him into one of the waste disposal bins.

There would likely be sparks and skeleton cries as Hillary shoved him in there, but once inside there wasn't much room to move, which meant little to no impact, which meant no electricity to worry about for the others. Sealing the lid, Hillary lifted the bin and walked over to the rest of them, checking to see if anyone else needed any help, but unlike David looking largely concerned about his image, Violet freaking out about trying not to die, and Jenny just being plain tired, Hillary just looked sad. "Hillary made sure to put that skeleton man in this box, and he's not zapping any more, is everyone else okay?" She called out over the gunfire.

The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

"Clear! Hostiles down! Get that door closed!" David barked as he finally took a moment to rest, staring at the moving and shaking bin the elite skeleton was stuffed inside.
It sparked and hissed a little but the rubber material on the inside made his attempts fruitless and frankly comical to watch.
"Huh....Clever. Good work Hilary. Couldn't have made that push without you. Violet, get this place sealed and secured. We stopped them from taking the weapons, just have to keep it that way." He ordered the Doctor, even as a sudden shift from the bin made him jump.
"AH!....Dammit, hope that stupid thing holds." He grumbled as he stepped over the remains of their enemies and locked down the Armoury.
Jenny was still pretty exhausted but she still took the time to thank Hillary for her efforts.

"You saved us all, Hillary. Thank you for that. Hopefully we can regroup and find out what the hell happened now." She panted as David began to limp towards one of the machine guns they were trying to steal, setting it up pointed at the main door.
"Well, we got the weapons and computer systems back. Say the next thing we'll want is to try and take back control of the personal quarters. If there's anyone still left on board, we should be able to find them there. Once that's over-....uhhhh..." He trailed off as he attempted to figure out what to do next.
"We'll want the bridge back. Perhaps if we take off, we will be able to get to help."
"Not a bad plan, just wondering how the hell we're going to fly this with all these undead roaming about. Now, please tell me I still left this here..."
David got up and made his way to a display cabinet full of missiles before pulling it away, silently thanking himself when he pulled out a cooler from a hidden spot on the wall.
"Here, chow down. Get your strength back. Day ain't out yet." He told the others, revealing it's contents to be full of snacks and drinks David had stashed for those long nights working on weapon mods.

Table for Two
Nina's story

The Rising Dawn: Armoury
Hillary the Slime | David West | Jenny | Violet

Hillary watched the others work, holding onto the jostling can awkwardly as she waited for instructions on what to do next. Being praised by David made a small smile mold to her face as did Jenny's, and yet Jenny could feel the emotional turmoil still weighing on her. "Hillary was told to go and help anyone she could, and then she found you guys. I just wish she could have done it without having to throw them around so much..." Showing an odd sense of compassion for the dangerous skeleton people.

Eventually setting down the trashcan in a spot away from anything important, Hillary sat herself down right next to Jenny, her mood perking up a bit as she did so. Still when David showed the different snacks available, Hillary's reaction was a mixed bag. On the one hand, some of the snacks looked to be utter junkfood like chocolate bars and candy, but on the other hand she'd need to get the platinum out of her to enjoy anything. Even still, she knew she needed to get part of her contents out of her, and as such as she grabbed some of the food to offer to Jenny she started to cough out the things she'd swallowed.

It was a tricky task to get all of them out, but one by one Jenny could hear the rattling sound of a ring within Hillary's 'stomach' and eventually each of Violet's rings came up. Each was damaged in minor degrees, small chunks of platinum missing, the surfaces eroded away, Violet could still wear them but they were definitely in need of repair. This seemed to be a source of Hillary's anxiousness as she said. "Hillary tried to leave them alone as best she could, but it was really hard. I hope you can forgive her for not keeping them in better condition."

As she offered the rings back to Violet, she started coughing again and with some effort she'd eventually bring up what remained of the knee joint she'd originally swallowed, emphasis on remained. It appeared like swiss cheese, or maybe even a sponge with just how many massive holes were carved into it. The difference in damage between the rings and the joint was immediately noticeable and quite drastic, and if the rings had been given the same treatment, there likely wouldn't be any rings to return.

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