The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Mind backing me up, Kala? He's very stubborn for his age..."

"Isn't everyone? I think you may be overreacting a bit... well, I see no reason not to." She yielded, taking a sip of her coffee. "If I'm anyone to guess, he'll already be at the bridge. Given the sudden change in management I can't imagine he'd take it in stride." she said, rolling her eyes finishing her coffee and getting ready to leave. "As for our course, I have a suggestion or two, but we can talk about that when we get there, no?"


ARES was still unsure about social graces really, not quite knowing how to approach the topic or what to ask first. On the topic of Hillary's order, she had to say. "I can only really imagine how that tastes... but it does sound pretty good." She said, at least before the rather boisterous David caught her attention. She scoffed, shaking her head. "That is one thing that could do with less consistency. Just can't come to an agreement over anything... ugh." she said, rubbing her temples as she realized that while their work apprehending the criminals they were after was done, actually finalizing the matter was proving... difficult. Still, turning her attention to her guest of the hour, she said. "Well... it would be best to put it out of mind for now. So, who is this Penelope? And what do you usually read? she said, trying to make small talk.

Rising Dawn Airship: Canteen
Time: 9:55 AM

Similarly Hillary missed the context of what ARES meant as she set the menu down on the table, looking around as she wondered who she needed to ask for her order. "You can have some if you like? Hillary loves sharing with other! Or you could maybe-" Hillary started to suggest as David got more vocal, causing the two to look his way. "I... he looks familiar... but he sure looks upset. He's shaking so much Hillary can't even read what he's got with him." She said as she looked back to ARES, looking concerned but still feeling okay about it since he seemed to be getting help from others.

Hearing ARES ask about Penelope brightened Hillary's expression however; that dark wooden smile grinning from ear to ear, her lacquered hands laced together and her toes lightly tapped against the floor's surface. "Penelope is Hillary's mentor. She's taught her lots about things like massage, reading, and other... um... smart science stuff. Some of the others on the Laplace act a bit weird towards Hillary but Penelope's always been really interested in her. I'm really glad I met her a year ago." Hillary said in a rather quick summary. Her mannerisms made it pretty clear this woman meant a lot to the slime.

Turning her head to the figurine she set on the desk, Hillary paused before saying. "I don't know if Timea would like her, but... Hillary wouldn't have started doing massage without her, and now I'm on my way to mastering it." She said, her wood grains looking up and down the figurine before swiveling back up to ARES.

"So... OH! Yes! Normally, Hillary reads things like medical journals, story books and ship logs Hillary is allowed to read. Well the easy stuff at least. It's just... the letters here are, much older than I'm used to reading." Hillary said, looking down at the menu again and giving it the once over. Perhaps this was something akin to reading the likes of Shakespear, but even an older literary work. Just how much she knew of this modern English would be questionable, but at least she appeared to know the general structure?

"What do you like to read ARES?"

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