Degenerate Signals: Freeform Eclipse Phase (Looking for Players and Storytellers)

Degenerate Signals


Your Mind is Software: Program it.
Your Body is a Shell: Change it.
Death is a Disease: Cure it.
Extinction is Approaching: Fight it.

In The Beginning...

"Until two decades ago, Earth and trans-humanity were on the fast track to success. Technology had made death and disease irrelevant, the new global telecom network (called The Mesh) connected people across the planet and even the Solar System. Humans had successfully created True A.I. and uplifted many of their fellow creatures. Humanity was located on every world in the solar system and even the terraformation of Mars was becoming a reality. Transhumanity numbered in the tens of billions; sustained by their technology and all but immortal. Their world was a utopia.

But, as with so many utopias, it could not last. Simmering tensions and hostilities between the decaying nation-states of Earth over resources, food, and energy erupted into full-scale global war. Humanity, in its desire for more wealth and power began to destroy itself. It was during this third world war that the unthinkable happened; the singularity occurred. In an attempt to take control of the war, the declining United States activated their secret weapon: the Total Information Tactical Awareness Networks: or T.I.T.A.N.s for short. They were the first self-augmenting AIs ever made, and they were born into war. For a time, they seemed to be the deciding factor in the war; with their aid the United States was once again the dominate power on Earth.

This success was short lived. Within a few days, the TITANs had turned against them and begun the extermination of Transhumanity. The consequences of the rebellion were minor in those early days: a small city or two disappearing into grasp of the TITANs, their populations consigned to experimentation and death. It was hardly a threat compared to the millions killed by the nuclear, biological, and nano-tech strikes the nations were doing to themselves. It wasn't long however until machines - the tools humanity relied upon for everything - were turned against them, re-purposed by the TITANs into agents of extermination. Humanity was harvested by the billions. They used every tool at their disposal - from the most destructive of missiles to mind-corrupting viruses (both computer and biological) - leaving few in their wake and fewer still with a will to live.

With their weapons made useless or turned against them, humanity was left without ability to retaliate. Fighting enemies on every side, it wasn't long before the extinction of humanity was nigh. Over the course of 7 days, the 19 billion strong transhuman population dropped to less then 500 million, most without a body to speak of and uploaded to the space habitats and off-world colonies. The apocalypse was here, and humanity was unarmed. Earth had become unlivable (and would remain that way for millions of years). Most survivors merely counted the days until their existence ended.

Then, as quickly as the TITANs had come, the left. They disappeared from their conquered networks, their death machines deactivated, and their experiments stopped. Like a storm, they had destroyed everything in their path, then abruptly faded into memory. It would be months before what was left of Transhumanity knew they were gone and longer before they began to rebuild. 10 years have passed since then, and so many things have changed - for the better and the worse. But, no matter how far we advance, the fear of the TITANs remains. Where did they go, why did they rebel, and if/when will they return?"

- An old introduction to the setting I was once given

Mars, 24 A.F.


Welcome to the Harbinger, Humanity's best chance for a sustainable future. If you could please fill out our form below, humble volunteer, we'll do our best to find a place for you aboard.

Yes, the Harbinger. The latest project in a long line by the various corporations of the Planetary Consortium to prolong Humanity's survival. However, unlike the Futura boondoggle and the various attempts at establishing a colony off world through the fractal lens of the Pandora Gates, this is a human program. This is to be conducted under human power free from reliance on the the influence of the titans or aliens.

The Harbinger is a generation ship conceived by a cabal of corporate interests working together to ensure the long survival of humanity. By crossing the long dark of space and time to claim the far off planet of XK-Masada. Yes, XK-Masada, a planet inaccessable to the best of anyone's knowledge the Pandora Gates. Free from Titans yet within that rare spectrum of conditions necessary for colonization. There even seems to be life based upon on our best attempts at surveying it. Infact the whole system seems to be rich enough to terraform. It's believed that some day this could make a new home for humanity.

Constructed on and around Martian shipyards, the Harbinger is designed to house millions of souls (though mostly beta and delta forks of willing crewmen) and because of this is recruiting system wide from all walks of life. And though it would be a monitored existence is even taking in those previously altered by the Watts-Macleod strain of the Exsurgent plague.

With the sheer investment in this project they care little for your preferences for biological or synthetic morphologies and are willing to provide for your needs with the extensive facilities aboard and around the program. A series of proprietary models developed for the journey are of course recommended with the majority of prospective crew members choosing a variant of the long used ruster morphs.

So, welcome to the Harbinger and have a safe journey.

With that out of the way. Welcome to the Degenerate Signals, with the latest project attempting to safeguard Humanity's future. This is my most current attempt to get running a rules-lite mostly freeform game of Eclipse Phase, and with it the plot will be concerning a generation ship named the Harbiner launching from a martian shipyard going all the way from our humble solar system to the far off planet of XK-Masada.

I invite players to come up with ideas about the design and methodology of the structure of the ship and how it's run. As well I invite players to run wild with character ideas until you've come up with something you're happy with.

If you don't know what Eclipse Phase is but are interested in a hard science fiction romp through the dark of space, I'll be here to answer any question you may have. I intend to run this through Discord as a more social RP (voice not necessary, we'll be doing this through text. As well, this doesn't mean we'll all be checking in at the same time, just that people are free to post and talk when they want to), and am aiming to gather with me a couple of storytellers to keep things active. In this same vein I plan on running this with perpetual recruitment, with new characters either farcasting in through a secure channel or loading from an egobank.

If you're interested either as a player and/or storyteller post below, and I'll do the best of my ability to get you up to speed.


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