Original Character Battle RP Tournament - Anyone want to give it a go?

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OK,I've waited for people to follow through on character submissions, but it's time for y'all to shit or get off the pot. I'm going to post a list of contestants on Saturday and that will be last call. On Sunday, I give you an arena and pair you off to go at it. In the meantime, if you intend to participate as a judge, please reply to this post with your confirmation. If more than three people volunteer as judges, I will take the first three. If only two volunteer, I will be the third, and if only one person volunteers, I will fill the second spot, and the contestants collectively will be the third. I'll explain that last part more if it comes to that.

Gilgamoc flicked out his tongue, looking from left to right, and then finally up at where Duke was standing upside down. He recoiled with surprise.
"Argh?" he hissed in his deep masculine voice. "A man, a Celt no less, who hangs from the ceiling like a bat. Can't you just let yourself drop?"

As Gilgamoc looked up at the cowboy, the TV started to get weird static, and then suddenly Chris appeared standing next to a bunch of penguins. "Soooo cooold..." Chris mumble to himself as he thought about how stupid it was to insult his writer. "I hate you so much." He told me as looked out of the TV. Chris then reached his hand out of the TV and stared to climb out of it taking one the Penguins with him. His body still in shock with all the cold. "I take it you're the guy with the many masks, Gilgamoc right?" he then looked up "...and your the cowboy Duke doing your best Spiderman impression?"

"If I could drop down then I would! Listen, Medicine Man. You see, the same force that keeps you bound to the ground there is keeping me bound here. It is known as gravity. It seems that it changes at some point between us." As Chris exited out of the TV, Black Arrow quickly drew his crossbow and aimed at the... Thing. "What in Tarnation! Move a step and I'll shoot you right between the eyes, you demon of lies and villainy." Duke gradually changing to a more Black Arrow like voice as he finished his sentence.

Taiga found herself in a place utterly alien to her. The black stone beneath her hands and knees was hard and perfectly smooth, like the side of a polished axe. As she looked up, she realised that the marble walls of the chamber were similarly carved in unnaturally straight lines. The ceiling above her was even more confusing -- twisting and turning in on itself, so that it was impossible to tell where it began or ended.

Before her stood seven robed figures. Their leader was like no man she had ever seen before -- corpse-pale, bald, and with eyes the colour of a clouded sky. She scrambled to her feet, stifling a gasp as the flint arrowhead bit deeper into her shoulder blade.

"We mean you no harm. Please, lower your weapon."

Taiga didn't budge. One of the figures stepped forward, and she jabbed her spear at him to keep him at arm's length.

"You may keep the spear, for now," the leader conceded.

"Where... am I?" Taiga asked.

"The Infinite Library." That was a word Taiga didn't recognise. "A place where all worlds and stories are connected. Past, present, and future." That at least she understood.

"I don't trust them!" Kosa whispered in her ear. Taiga nodded, but outnumbered and on the verge of collapse, she couldn't see what other choice she had but to play along. At least until she knew whether they were beings of flesh and blood, or not.

"You are hurt. Come."

If the revelation of gravity or Chris' emergence from the television left any impression on Gilgamoc, it was indiscernible within the profound impact of a fully corporeal penguin suddenly appearing in the Infinite Library.
"Shushushush!" he hissed at the others, motioning for them to be silent. The penguin squawked, waddling aimlessly away from Chris, presumably in search of Antarctica. Gilgamoc slid off of his chair and began to pursue at a stealthy crawl, keeping his distance just enough to not spook the bird, while still close enough to observe through his snake mask.

Chris was less than impressed "Yeah, whatever cowboy. Your not allowed to kill me right now anyway..." Just than Chris noticed Gilgamoc slithering closer to the penguin. "...No snake boy! BAD! your not allowed to eat the penguin." Chris then looked up at JOJO post, breaking the fourth wall again to my annoyance. He then pull out a phone I didn't even know he had. "Yo Dave can you help her out?"

"wouldn't she be a little bit scared of me?" Dave responded.

"Just disguise yourself as a Medicine Woman or something." Chris told him before closing his phone.


As Taiga clutched her wound, a tribal witch doctor carrying a white box with some red on it ran torwards her. "Hi I'm Davly, and I'll be treating you today."

I have a post incoming tonight. And I'm very, very attached to this thread. But I'm deeply worried about showing up after msh's post and having my character refused.

It's coming tonight. Please consider me a player. I understand if you need to close recruitment and start working on match-ups but, I'll be fully submitted later tonight and I've got a fairly complete summary of my character up already.

If that absolutely won't work and msh posts before I get my intro on to the thread, then I'd like to sign up as a judge. But, I'd really like to give Corinthian a showing so, I hope you'll accept an intro for him even if it's a couple hours late.

It's time for me to admit something I'm not remotely proud of. I've been trying to coax myself into writing an intro for this game for more than two weeks. And after two weeks, I have less than a page of flowery language with very little meat.

I love what's going on here. The return of a ratings war on the escapist makes me endlessly happy. Seeing msh and Newclassic posting again is the realization of a happy fever dream for me. But I don't have the discipline right now to produce the kind of content I feel this game deserves.

Please make me a judge. I'm happy to provide reviews and carefully examine what has been posted. But if I were to play, the game would be hampered by my delays. I don't want that. I'll catch the next ratings war, at a less busy time in my life. Sorry everyone.

Taiga had been led to a small white-walled room and left to sit on a bed, nursing her injured shoulder. Kosa meanwhile had taken the shape of a plump rat and was nestled in her lap, something she had always found oddly reassuring.

There were a number of shining objects hung on hooks, which she assumed must be tools of some kind, but she didn't dare touch any. The strangest thing was the bright light shining from the ceiling, which one of the men had made appear simply by running his hand against the wall. This only added to Taiga's suspicions that the librarians, as they had called themselves, must possess some powerful magic.

"Hi I'm Davly, and I'll be treating you today."

She looked up to see a haggard old woman clutching a white box in one hand and a feathered staff in the other. Kosa climbed up onto her knees to get a better view.

"Do you reckon this one's going to try to drill a hole in your head too?" he asked, whiffling his nose.

For judges, we have Doc Gnosis, Khedive Rex, and me.

For players we have:

- tf2godz as Chris

- Demonjazz as Duke

- Thomas Barnesly as Gilgamoc

- JoJo as Taiga

- NewClassic as Gremlin

Brackets and arena to come.

"Well drilling a hole into your head is horribly medical advice, it flat-out doesn't work..." Dave told Kosa as he started treating her wounds. "...evil spirits do exist but your head is too small for them."

Since we only have 5 entries, one person gets a free round. The brackets are

Demonjazz as Duke vs Thomas Barnesly as Gilgamoc

JoJo as Taiga vs NewClassic as Gremlin

tf2godz as Chris gets a free pass, but please feel free to write your character's time alone in the setting if you like.

The genre is Haunted House, or in this case, Haunted Hospital.

You are in an abandoned mental asylum. The building was imposing in its day, ornate, even beautiful in the places the public could see, but now it is crumbling with disuse. This is not to say that it is not occupied. The inmates are still there, their spirits trapped in the hospital where they died. Some were mad when they were brought here, some were driven mad by the ?treatments? they received, and now they haunt the place, kept trapped there by an even deeper darkness than that of their own minds. They will not look kindly on intruders.

The hospital has many floors, many wings, collapsed staircases and broken elevators. Add to this the fact that the malevolence that feeds on this place wants to keep you isolated and helpless. Scattered through the hospital, you will not encounter any other living beings beyond your opponent.

Two questions:
1) when you say "no living being beyond your opponent", does that mean no animals like rats or insects?
2) how do we submit our fight write-ups? Should we just post them here? Sorry if that's already been clarified.

Edit: 3) do we have to kill our opponent, or just defeat them at some sort of challenge?

1.) Hmm, I think it's more interesting if I leave that ambiguous. I leave it up to you.
2.) Post your story to the thread, probably under a cut would be best
3.) You just have to "win" - how to define that win condition is up to you. I'm more interested in seeing what interesting things you can do with the setting, gray areas and all.

BTW, you have two weeks to complete your story. Don't agonize, don't procrastinate, don't let perfectionism sink its teeth into you. Just tell your story.

Deep within the Asylum there was screaming, While most figures in the asylum mysteriously disappeared, one was still screaming. "Our existence is a lie! we are the playthings of Gods!" It was Chris trapped in the padded cell, wearing a straight jacket and rambling. What was odd was he looked human. Um Chris are you okay? "Dude, I got to play the part." he told me, wait why? suddenly the door in his cell swung open.

"This is peculiar?" This strange doctor said as he closed the door behind him. "...I thought I cured everyone in this place?"

Chris looked at the doctor in horror. "What do you mean?" he said as he slowly got up.

The doctor gave a wicked smile. "First some introductions, I am the good doctor psyche." The good doctor then pulled out a knife. "I attempted to find the perfect cure for insanity, one day Whispers told me the answer, the mercy of death." the Mad Doctor started to walk closer to Chris. "So I started killing every mental patient here. when my fellow doctors try to stop me I realize they were mad and I killed everyone here or at least I thought until I see you." The doctor then raised his knife up. "this is good, the voices have told me a new planned to kill every living human being and free them from this madness, with enough sacrifices I can wake up my dark masters and they will finish my job."

Suddenly Chris ripped open his straight jacket and grab the doctor by the head. "So Doc, do you know what self-awareness is? because it helps a lot with life." Chris said with his own slasher smile, his body slowly morphing to his original form.

The doctor stared at chris with horror "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!" Chris said nothing as he stare at the good doctor and lifted him up my his head. "ANSWER M... " That was all the good doctor got out before Chris closed his hand, crushing the good doctor skull.

"A simple anomaly just like you." Chris said as he wiped his hands. So Chris what was that about? "That doctor was part of some edgy grimdark fiction. It was a series where he goes around murdering people to help summon his dark gods, by the end of the series he succeeds but it looks like this series has been prematurely cancelled." A weird portal appear behind Chris. "I've done everything I've wanted to do so I'm out of here. I hope they don't kill each other, I liked them." and with that he left.

Kosa froze on the spot, his whiskers quivering. Taiga looked from one to the other.

"You can hear him?"

"Let's not get into that for right now..." Dave said as he looked into her eyes. Taiga could see there was something off but still friendly about this medicine woman. "...I'm almost done here, and with are special Hollywood healing medicine you should be able to walk in a second....well as soon as we get that arrow out."

In all the years she had soulbound to Kosa, Taiga had never met anyone with the slightest awareness that he was there. This was clearly a being of some considerable power. She reluctantly turned, pulling her furs down to reveal the flint arrowhead lodged in her shoulder.

"Can you get it out?" she asked, grimacing.

As she was saying that he ripped it out as gently and unpainfully as a tentacle monster disguised as a medicine woman could (here's a hint: not that well). "...does that answer your question?"

"...thank you," Taiga said, sinking down onto the bed. She lay on her front, gritting her teeth as the medicine woman carefully stitched up the open wound. Each stab of the needle through her torn skin brought a fresh wave of pain, causing her to sorely regret using up the last of her numbing herbs. Meanwhile, Kosa continued to stare at Davly.

"What are you?" he finally asked.

Dave simply stared at the rat, his disguise slowly fading as Taiga looked away. "An oddity Kosa, like you." He then stood up, his disguise restored. "You should be as good as new, my Fair Lady."

Under usual circumstances, Taiga would have sensed something of Kosa's surprise. But in her present state, he could have just seen a tap-dancing mastodon, and she wouldn't have been any the wiser.

"Thank you..." she murmured again. Kosa crawled up to nestle under her chin, and despite her best efforts, Taiga found herself unable to prevent unconsciousness from embracing her. She did, however, keep one hand on her spear.

"Don't worry," Kosa whispered in her ear. "I'll keep watch!"

@JoJo - is this intended to be your entry or is this just a character interaction prior to the story?

@JoJo - is this intended to be your entry or is this just a character interaction prior to the story?

Nah, this is just finishing up the character interaction I was having with TF2. The actual entry will be coming... next week, probably.

One week left to post your stories.

I'm going to be straight. I've talk to the other guys and I think we're going to need another week. two weeks is a little bit too short

Okay, you got another week. Go for it.

Just curious, who has even started on theirs yet?

Demonjazz said at some point that he's written three pages of introduction, Jojo said that he could've had it done last week but with diminished quality, can't say for NewClassic, and I am just about to start, having spent two weeks unsure of the overall narrative :D

It's five pages now actually, but will probably be trimmed down quite a bit in the proofreading process. Unless of course, I rush it out at the last minute. Oh, well. I could send you some proof of progress actually if you'd like.

Yeah, mine's been nearly finished for a while now, just doing the final polishing.

I plan to close the round on Sunday, unless I feel a disturbance in the Force, as though a bunch of writers cried out in anguish and were suddenly silenced. Post your shit, people!

Apologies in advance. It's a bit long.

My 4000 word fight, hope you like :D

@Doc Gnosis, @Khedive Rex - are you good for one week to judge or do you need two weeks to make your decision? Also, you can message me with your verdicts.

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