Superhero Worldbuilding

The basic steps of this game are straightforward. You create a character and lore around them. And that lore becomes part of the world. You are allowed to connect your characters backstory with any other previous characters made in this thread as long as it doesn't contradict there sheet. (in fact it's encouraged, helps makes the world feel connected).

Only two things are established in this universe at the start, This is about a superhero world (you are allowed to make people who are not superheroes, Just remember they live in a superhero world) and the action mainly takes place on Earth (although there's nothing wrong with going a little bit more sci-fi with some characters.)

Character name: John Aacharappan AKA: Hothead

Nation: America, California

When they first appeared: 2010

Race: Native American, Tribe Miwok

Affiliated group if any: USA/California government

Backstory: California has a long history with forest fires and with the rise of global warming this is only intensified and the job of simple firefighter has become more dangerous every day. The government decided to issue a special protocol. With the help of America's best scientists creating firefighting Mech mk1. They decided to give the first of these suits to one of their best firefighters, John Aacharappan.

As for John himself he has nothing particularly interesting in his life. Becoming a firefighter to help his community. He became somewhat famous for his rescue operations druing critical fires around local cities. He was given the firefighting Mech mk1 which he nicknamed Hothead

Description: Wears a power suit back similar to Iron Man. His power armor is the same color as a fire truck being mostly red with hints of white on the side of his arms and legs. Two huge hoses are mounted on his arms. His helmet is clear red except for yellow helmet visor. On his back is a huge storing container split into two parts, One for water and another for liquid carbon dioxide.

John himself is a 6ft man with long black hair, blue jeans and a gray t-shirt with

Personality: John is a quiet man, doesn't like public attention and doesn't like to see himself as a superhero to the point that he refuses to take interviews or merchandising deals. He sees himself as a simple firefighter.

A big fan of nature and especially animals. so much so during his Crusades he frequently tries to help the animals as well. One time he saved a entire bear family by carrying them on his back away from a forest fire.

John sees himself as the enemy of Fire to the point of talking like it's his arch-enemy. he's a lot more of a rescue operator than the person who beats up super villains. Rarely if ever bothers himself with criminals.

Special abilities: The suit gives him super strength, he has special jet boots that allow him to jump really far and special shock absorbers to allow him to land without harm. his Left-Hand is able to shoot water and his right can shoot liquid carbon dioxide. His suit can also withstand heavy Heat up to 1,700F.

Affiliation with other characters: (To be added)

Theme song:


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