Superhero Worldbuilding

The basic steps of this game are straightforward. You create a character and lore around them. And that lore becomes part of the world. You are allowed to connect your characters backstory with any other previous characters made in this thread as long as it doesn't contradict there sheet. (in fact it's encouraged, helps makes the world feel connected).

Only two things are established in this universe at the start, This is about a superhero world (you are allowed to make people who are not superheroes, Just remember they live in a superhero world) and the action mainly takes place on Earth (although there's nothing wrong with going a little bit more sci-fi with some characters.)

Character name: John Aacharappan AKA: Hothead

Nation: America, California

When they first appeared: 2010

Race: Native American, Tribe Miwok

Affiliated group if any: USA/California government

Backstory: California has a long history with forest fires and with the rise of global warming this is only intensified and the job of simple firefighter has become more dangerous every day. The government decided to issue a special protocol. With the help of America's best scientists creating firefighting Mech mk1. They decided to give the first of these suits to one of their best firefighters, John Aacharappan.

As for John himself he has nothing particularly interesting in his life. Becoming a firefighter to help his community. He became somewhat famous for his rescue operations druing critical fires around local cities. He was given the firefighting Mech mk1 which he nicknamed Hothead

Description: Wears a power suit back similar to Iron Man. His power armor is the same color as a fire truck being mostly red with hints of white on the side of his arms and legs. Two huge hoses are mounted on his arms. His helmet is clear red except for yellow helmet visor. On his back is a huge storing container split into two parts, One for water and another for liquid carbon dioxide.

John himself is a 6ft man with long black hair, blue jeans and a gray t-shirt with

Personality: John is a quiet man, doesn't like public attention and doesn't like to see himself as a superhero to the point that he refuses to take interviews or merchandising deals. He sees himself as a simple firefighter.

A big fan of nature and especially animals. so much so during his Crusades he frequently tries to help the animals as well. One time he saved a entire bear family by carrying them on his back away from a forest fire.

John sees himself as the enemy of Fire to the point of talking like it's his arch-enemy. he's a lot more of a rescue operator than the person who beats up super villains. Rarely if ever bothers himself with criminals.

Special abilities: The suit gives him super strength, he has special jet boots that allow him to jump really far and special shock absorbers to allow him to land without harm. his Left-Hand is able to shoot water and his right can shoot liquid carbon dioxide. His suit can also withstand heavy Heat up to 1,700F.

Affiliation with other characters: (To be added)

Theme song:

Character name: Rico Fernandez

Nation: Spain

When they first appeared: late 830 AD

Race:Vampire, Blood Knight

Affiliated group if any: Sangre Rosa (his Vampire Family of the Night), Jusas' Thorn (the branch of the family that kills supernatural threats to their power)

Backstory: Once a stable boy of 25, he was turned by a vampire lord when he was hired to kill rival of a human noble. He was one of the few humans to show he had spirt, and so was slowly turned into a vampire to preserve that spirit. Given the proper education for the part, he became a highly skilled warrior, fighting for the Sangre Rosa's ambitions as they secretly rulled spain, and made full use of the Spanish Inquisition for like all vampires, can feed on the radiant energies released by certain emotions (in their case, Fear and rage seem to be prominent).

Every few decades he will go off on his own to explore or join a mercenary force to keep up to date.

He joined the American Branch where he has been dealing with threats to the Family in that hemisphere for nearly 200 years. A highly skilled soldier and warrior, he always gets the job done.

Description: 5 ft 10 inches, a welll fit 180 pounds, tan skin, black hair with bits of grey. Usualy in casual t shirt and black denim, but will often pull out the Italian suit for when he wants to be spiffy.

Personality: Calm, collected, usualy prefering quiet moments with a book. Very serious most of the time. The only times you will see him act anything but is when he has full controle of a situation and will then toy with his prey, the occational video game, or he had a bad day and needs to unwind by marithoning the entire collection of Clasic Universal Movie Monsters.

Special abilities: 3 times humans Strength at his weight class. 4 times endurance. Rottweiler bite force. Retractable canines and claws. Excelerated healing. Can regrow a severed limb in a day's time. well versed in all manner of weapons and learning new ones and even crafting his own. Can climb like a gecko but with the speed of a cat going up a tree. Can form whip up to 15 feet. Can use up his energy stores to increase the potency of any of these.

Can eat and drink normal stuff, but only if his power reserves are full. He used to beable to go to any warzone and be satisfied for months on end, sometimes even years. Now has to bing it as whatever horror movie, haunted house, or holloween displays at a theme park to keep from killing someone every few months. He can also drink blood which gives him both energy and the nutriance at the same time.

He can go in the day light, but he can obsorbe solar energy and even electricity through the skin, and maycatch flames if he obsorbs too much. Makes fighting a proper vampire all the more fun as they will have no fear of running out of juice. About a dogs sense of smell, nigh vision, some mind reading and controle on the untrained mind, a bats hearing. Can transform into a Raven or a mutt if needs be for travel, although can sustaind a brass medalist's level of speed for a short time.

Slight avertion to silver, significan't damage to heart or head can kill him, and he only barly survived being beheaded once, and it took him 5 months to recover from the experiance (if they had waited a 5 seconds longer he would have been dead). Gets irritated real fast by glory hounds and fools

Affiliation with other characters:

Joannah Smith: His apprentice. A victem of a pair of thugs he was hunting, he tried to feed on the fataly wounded young woman when the police arived. Fleeing with her, he was surprised she was taking to the vampire life rather easily. She has since become his apprenitce.

Karlyal Green: Rico's go to tech guy and hacker. He is a very lonly Otaku.

Natasha Ravenwood: Despite only being 200 years old, this born vampire surpases all expectations. Like all vampires, she is vein and arrogant but she at least knows how to temper it. She is incharge of the North Eastern North American Branch of the family and will not tolerate incompetence, treachery, or failure.

Zackary Trueborn: A noble turned around the same time Rico was, he is also very irritated that the commoner surpasses him in nearly every way, and seeks to remedy this. Rico, for his part, hates working with the glory hound as glory hounds usually screw up a mission.

Bill Hook: A Gargoyal living with his small tribe in Saint John's Cathedral, he protects his territory very meticulously. He has a tenuous truce with Rico to help him with this.

The Taylor: He does all the repairs and tayloring for all the things that go bump in the night. Rico goes to him largly because he is a big gossep and his sources are usualy true.e

Sin: A being that runs the "Dark Pleasure District," Sin makes sure that the cliants wanting its particular brand of pleasures are very satisfied. No one knows if Sin is male, female, or even a single being.

Bishop: Once a young prist, he was seduced and fed upon by a vampire durring the French Revelution, and it took him 50 years to controle his hungers for the flesh. Currently the go to man for the rival clan for getting soldiers to fight for their cause, namely gange bangers and mercinaries. He has crossed paths many times with Rico, and many times has found a way to escape.

The Bear: A large Russian werebear, he is a body guard and hitman for one of the Russian Mob Families.

Trueheart: The unseen head of Trueheart industries, he has been pulling the strings of the Underworld in the United States long before the original 13 American colonies. He often pits gangs against each other to see who will survive, and take those lucky few into his fold. No one knows who he truly is, and Rico can only suspect, be has run into him many times, and each one nearly killing him.

Character name: Mr. Brooks AKA: Suffering He also goes by Trueheart in some backroom dealings

Nation: France in the city of Paris as of now

When they first appeared: history was not written yet that fair back

Race: No one knows

Affiliated group if any: If it was evil, he had his hand in it. Trueheart is one of his beast know.

Backstory: Very few things are known about this being only that he is the champion of suffering and Evil. throughout history he has influenced people to cause pain. War, Genocide, Rape, famine, Reality TV he has always helping speared. It should be noted as while he helps these atrocities go along he never gets his hands dirty. Humanity ultimately chooses to follow his evil ways. In a Twisted way he sees humanity as his children, the perfect embodiment of evil.

Currently he lives in Paris as a Rich tycoon. Using his influence to cause suffering

Description: A man in a black suit that wears with a fedora, the most evil of hats. The only thing that makes him extinguishable from a normal human are his eyes which are black as coal. He covers them up with sunglasses.

Personality: once again not much is known except for two things. He likes to cause suffering but at the same time has a strange affection for Humanity. As his Mr. Brooks persona he doesn't really talk that much only sits in his office. The only frustration he ever has is when a human resists his control. A human to him is the purest form of evil so this resistance baffles him.

Special abilities: Can influence the cold hearts of humans and other life forms. the more darkness in a person's heart the easier it is to control.

Affiliation with other characters:

Hothead: He cannot even get a grip on the darkness in hothead heart. This infuriate suffering, he assumes that hothead is a an entirely different being in human different skin.

Primord: An easy being to manipulate, like most people, Primord confuses his evil with well-intentioned feelings. Suffering likes this one

Boomerson Bombat: The original Boomerson Bombat is what Suffering saw as the perfect being. The others have been not as good but still easily manipulated.

Rico Fernandez: A long time ago suffering created the vampire curse but one of these curse being have caused some difficult be surprisingly enough. Rico despite having the gift of Pure Evil he has shown that weakness that is compassion. He's been trying for centuries to capture him for centuries trying to find out how he can resist him. He also leads Trueheart industries which has become a sore spot for Rico.


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