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Future imperfect

GM(s): Fjeld
Genre/type: A Sci-Fi adventure with magic, inspired by warhammer 40k
Status: Accepting, not started
Brief explanation: A futuristic adventure following the story of a special ops team sent by the United galaxy federation to get an advantage over the Star confederacy.

Thought I'd forgotten about this, did ya? Think again, readers, because the first batch of interviews is up and ready for GMs to read, reflect on and see how they can improve their threads. Whether you're a first-timer or experienced veteran, these deserve a read if you're looking to improve your writing and roleplaying skills.

For convenience, each interview is in its own separate spoiler. Also, most if not all of them are particularly long reads. Definitely worth it, though. Without further ado:

Index & Digest Interview 1:
GMs and the Way They Work

I love the idea of interviewing GMs! It's a really cool way of getting tips on writing and running games. Interesting reads, for sure. :D

On the "Status" section for Across the Four Great Islands (Index #1), it appears to be blank. I feel I should mention that people are free to PM character sheets or post them in the usergroup. (I hope I'm allowed to post this here. Doesn't seem like anyone else is commenting. D:)

On the "Status" section for Across the Four Great Islands (Index #1), it appears to be blank. I feel I should mention that people are free to PM character sheets or post them in the usergroup. (I hope I'm allowed to post this here. Doesn't seem like anyone else is commenting. D:)

I've updated the Index accordingly.

Also, yeah, feel free to comment on anything you read in the thread, be that an Index entry, the above interview, or anything else you may find here.

Name Of Your RP: Aurors

GM(s): PrinceofShapeir. Co-GMs may be appointed later.

Genre/Type: Urban Fantasy - Harry Potter Universe

Status: Open, Not Started.

Link: Aurors Thread
Usergroup: On Skype. Add Corsair65 to Skype and I'll add you to the group.

Brief Description: Twenty-five years have passed since the death of Lord Voldemort and the downfall of the Death Eaters, but the Aurors maintain their eternal vigil against the darkness. Now new powers are rising in the world, and the only thing standing between the world and a new Dark Lord are the few, beleaguered wizards and witches of the Auror's Office.

Well, here's mine.

Name: Lab 7
GM: crewman_number_6 , co-GM sneaky paladin
Genre: Sci-fi/covert ops RP
Status: Open, begins June 18th
Brief Description: In the country of Ursalia science is unrestricted by morals and has advanced far beyond the rest of the world. A few rogue scientists have escaped and a team of experiments and scientists from Ursalia's labs have been sent out to hunt them down.


I hope more people join soon:

Name:The Oharo Trilogy Episode 1 "The Great Escape" Chapter 1 "Prison Pain"
GM:i don't know, co-gm Keelzbunny
Status:Open, not started
Brief description: Oharo was a peaceful and successful village, and is now the start of a whole world takeover caused by a gang of sorcerers awakening a great evil, and using the villagers to give it power.

Name Of Your RP: Antiach: An Empire of Legends

GM(s): PrinceofShapeir

Genre/Type: Epic Fantasy - Mythology

Status: Open, Not Started.

Link: Antiach Thread

Usergroup: Uncreated yet, it will be made once I've made my decision regarding the players.

Brief Description: The land of Antiach was once broken into dozens of warring states, lead by great heroes like the legendary King Arthur of Albion, or the peerless swordsman Miyamoto Musashi of Edo. Then everything changed when the Romans invaded from the north, out of the Forbidden Lands. They subdued resistance, or they crushed it. Now, seventy years since their invasion, the Empire and Antiach's fate both lie in the unlikely hands of a few sons and daughters of the nobility, held captive in Rome.

Name: Fissure - A new dawn

GM: <--Look left :)
Genre: Adventure
Status:Open, not started
Group: A new dawn
Brief description: Strange and disturbing events are occurring, Turmoil has to the world. Now the tranquillity that reigned for years has been shattered. Mankind have lost their grip on their planet, their society, their lives, and are forced to confront the omnipotent or be consumed from a seemingly unbeatable threat. In the outskirts of Restide their is a small village, a refuge from the destruction, from here our intrepid heroes must venture forth into the world, either to save mankind, or to die.

The Red Trail - A Vampire: The Masquerade RPG

GM(s): Doc Gnosis
Genre/Type: A Roleplay of Personal Horror
Status: Hiatus
Link: The Red Trail
User group Link: Coming soon...

Brief description: Based on White Wolf's core setting, and potentially the most complex RPG that is currently on the Escapist. Complete with a deeply rich pre-existing history and 'real world' setting, players will be part of a world where the lives of mortals are tools and personal gain shall always be at the expense of others. May contain mature content.

The City: One Year LAter

GM(s): Korten12
Genre/Type: Epic Dark Fantasy
Status: Open, Started
Link: The City: One Year Later Intrest Thread
User group Link: The City RP

Brief description: A continent, from edge to edge covered in a city, one city. No plains of grass, no sprawling jungles, just the cold hard ground. For three thousand years it has been like this, with factions fighting for control over the districts and sections, North, Middle, and South. Regular beings fear Mages, and fuels more conflict, an ancient tired out battle that has been raging on since the dawn of time.

Welcome to the City, a bleak world, that is in need of more heroes.

Avoiding detention... TO HELL!

GM(s): Fishtie
Genre/Type: High Fantasy/technology/philosophy adventure
Status: Open
Link: Starts here

Brief Description: Write a 15 page paper, serve detention, or brave the inner depths of the underworld.
With a choice like that you might as well get ready to leave. Join this student expedition of discovery and adventure. In other words, go to hell.

Pokemon Chronicles

GM(s): Mcpop9
Genre/Type: Pokemon [realistic]
Status: Not started, open.
Link: The Link

Brief Description: The region is Ishuna, a collection of Towns and every biome imaginable. it all surrounds a large city in the middle of a lake. the city is named Cardin and is the lifeblood of the region. will the adventurers survive?
This is realistic so there will be blood shed and Pokemon will not survive at all times.

Shadows of the Universe

GM(s): staika
Genre/type: Sci-fi Action
Status: Closed, started
Link: Link

Brief Description: The year is 2578 and a 30 years before then a massive World War the Earth is on the brink of collapse. Needing a new planet to colonize the Earth formed a new world government known as the Earth Union. The first action of the Earth Union was to put most of it's resources into finding a viable long distance space travel system. The Earth Union also allowed a secret group of Genetically altered soldiers known as WINGS to lead the way for the colonization of planets. Now the Earth has 3 different long distance ships and the EUS Berlin which houses the WINGS leads the way to find new planets to colonize but they are not alone in the universe.

What waits for them in the Shadows of the Universe.

Alright, with the separation of Forum Games and Role-Playing, I've updated the Index to reflect recent activity and inactivity, and promise to properly update it on a regular basis. There may be a new interview in the future as well, so keep an eye out for that.

The Hell War

GM(s): PrinceofShapeir
Genre/type: Gothic Urban Fantasy
Status: Open, Has not started
Link: Link

Brief Description: In the near future, Demonic forces have attacked Earth and desolated much of it, enslaving the surviving population. Now a few brave men and women rise up to fight against their oppressors, drive them back through the Hellgate, and save Earth no matter the cost.

An Obscured World: A Clockwork Fantasy RP

GM(s): PrinceofShapeir
Genre/type: Steampunk Fantasy
Status: Open, has started.
Link: Link

Brief Description: In a world where high technology and magic exist side by side, a small group of men and women find themselves in a cave, bereft of their memories with only a single clue as to who they are. In their efforts to uncover their identity, they will find far darker secrets awaiting them in the shadows.

ACI Unit Nine: A Cyberpunk RP

GM(s): PrinceofShapeir
Status: Open, has started.
Link: Link

Brief Description: In the aftermath of World War III, the government of the North American Alliance formed the Anti-Cyberterrorism Initiative from the best and brightest men and women they could find. ACI operates to protect the Alliance from threats both foreign and domestic as both special operations commandos, detectives, and secret police. Now war looms as the Ambassador from the American Empire attempts to murder the Prime Minister of the Alliance. To prevent a new World War from breaking out, the newest unit of ACI must uncover the truth behind the attack.

Star Wars: Shattered Galaxy

GM(s): PrinceofShapeir
Status: Open, has started.
Link: Link

Brief Description: A thousand years after the original Star Wars, the galaxy has fragmented. Both Republic and Empire have faded away and now the Galaxy is ruled by countless system states. A new war for galactic dominance looms on the horizon, made only worse by the disappearance of the Jedi Knights. To make matters worse, the Sith have returned from their apparent defeat, poised to take advantage of the instability in the Galaxy to finally gain dominance once and for all. All hope lies in a scant few Force-sensitive individuals who must take up the mantle of the Jedi and protect the people of the galaxy and stop the Sith before all the galaxy falls under their thrall.

Note: Please do not post character sheets in thread on RPs that have already started. Instead, PM them to me.

I have two I'm submitting here, and may have many more to follow depending on my mood and ideas.

Tower of Druaga

Status:Open and accepting
Usergroup: N/A

Brief Description:A fantasy adventure set in a tower of many places, levels, and floors join others as you try to make it to the top and attain god-hood. With a nearly limitless amount of creation in your characters or ideas for floors, from humble islands in a sea of blue, to an entire civilization within one level. With possibility of death, riches, and fame, the endings and options are just as varied.

Haunted Grounds

Genre/Type:Modern Supernatural survival/investigation
Status:Open and accepting/partially started
Usergroup: N/A

Brief Description:Sent to a mysterious town and its surrounding area, dark times are ahead as foreboding winds speak of darkness lurking within. Try and find out what has gone on and figure out the enigma, maybe try and escape with your life, or perhaps you simply wish to survive. Driven by characters and how far some are willing to go, the horror is just beginning in these Haunted Grounds.

Hey I just started another RP. I really should stop making RP's soon >.>

The Demon Voyage

GM: staika
Genre: Wild West, Steampunk
Status: Closed, started
Link: Link

Brief Description: The year is 1876 in Southern California and a group of bounty hunters are attacked by a strange type of Native American. They follow the source back to discover that a gate to hell has been opened and demons have started to take over the bodies of humans. They have a vision of the Demon Lord coming to destroy the earth in two years in Washington DC. The group of bounty hunters hold the key to stop the Demon Lord's arrival but must travel across America to get to Washington DC. The demons will try to stop them on the way so the journey will be long and difficult.


Edit: I have become Co-GM of another one so here it is.

Immediate Reality

GM: staika, Caramel Frappe
Genre: Sci-fi
Status: Private
Link: Link

Brief Description: The students at a University in England known as Sheffield Hallam University are working on a super console known as SIGMAE when an accident happens that sends them into the game world. In the game world they are transfered into the bodies of NPC's and have to find a way to return to the human world. Not all is as it seems in the game world and the group must face challenges to survive because no one knows what will happen to you if you die in the game world.

Mall Fight (Third Generation)

GM: MartinTox(not official, role taken due to no one else wanting to do it)
Genre: Meta sci-fi with primary comedic elements.
Status: Always open

Description: What was once a forum game/open RP hybrid now just a open RP due to the forum split, Mall Fight is not too different from it's original GameFAQs thread from some time ago.

The concept is that the players are trapped in a mall, and due due to the highly meta fiction basis it has, the players can respawn infinitely. The point is that they are to kill each other in funny ways, using what ever means necessary. However, people post in it like an RP for the most part so it's a little more of a plot less open RP that people can jump in and out off. Plots do happen ever so often but are not tooooo common.

Also, if this is accepted for an interview then as Tox's right hand man I will take the role as the interviewie.

Star Brigade: A 53rd Century Adventure RP

GM(s): JoJoDeathunter, avouleance2nd
Genre/Type: Futuristic Space Adventure
Status: Closed
Link: First page
Usergroup: Click here (invite only)

Brief Description: An RP based in the 53rd century universe as developed by the Escapist community, it entails the struggle of the 7th Diplomatic Corps to prevent a war erupting between two alien species: the Norg and Durras. The RP contains 11 playable races and 4 NPC races in total, as well as many pages of universe history, geography and biology available to download.

The World of Osvar

GM(s): eternal-chaplain
Genre/Type: Open world, Fantasy
Status: Open & Accepting Characters

Link: The World of Osvar
User Group: The World of Osvar User Group

Brief Description: The vast world of Osvar waits to be explored by intrepid adventuring parties from across her kingdoms! Who will you be? Good, Evil, The Prince, or The Peasant? Everything is up to you here in the infinite span of treasures, dangers, and those who guard them.

Grasp of the Enemy: An Original Skyrim RP

GM: Sandor [The Hound] Clegane
Genre/Type: Fantasy - Driven
Link: Grasp of the Enemy

Brief Description: A party of travellers are leaving the City of Solitude, heading to Whiterun for a number of varied reasons. However it seems that the wagon they are riding in is destined never to make that far... A decision driven RP where a party must survive the harsh lands of Skyrim and combat a powerful enemy. But with the enemy lurking around every corner, feral beasts prowling the wasteland and party members who could be planning betrayal (or worse) just staying alive becomes a very tough prospect.

"Rigor Mortis" - The Life After Death RP

GM: TheIronRuler, Co-GM Link_To_Future
Genre/Type: Hard Modern Day Dark Fantasy
Status: Accepting Villain sheets and new characters via plot injection
Link: Rigor Mortis

Brief Description: You're dead. Congratulations. A voice offers you an escape of the darkness that surrounds you and you cling onto it. You wake up to see a man examine your body and give you two instructions. Sort out your earthly business in four hours and get to an apartment after you're done. You've agreed to work for the name, and no matter the job you have to preform - You must follow through in order to live another day. The group is then sent to collect debts, dispatch unruly leaders, solve gang feuds, locate thieves and preforming an occasionally large scale assassination. You ask them why.
No. Dead Men Tell no Tales.

Three Fantastic Toys

GM(s): Tyro The Fox
Genre/Type: A world where Science Fiction exists within Fantasy as a rival school of thought. Elements of Kingdom Hearts are found at the core mixed with classic Sci-fi.

Status: Open and Accepting. All Takers are considered. Not overly picky GM.

Link: Here
Usergroup: Here

Brief Description:
In a technological marvel, three horror stories of mechanical surgery have been brought to Velice by The Black Fox Empire. They are eager to test out the newly-acquired machines during the occupation of the city. As an outsider that's willing to help, you are targeted and captured to be the first experiments in these machines. You are to be examples to the rest of Velice. Whether or not you'll carry their intended message is up to you.

For the sake of organisation and my own sanity, could all new characters please be submitted in the user-group. Thank you for reading.

One Hell of a Family

GM: The_Great_Milenko
Co-GMs: n/a
Genre/Type: Supernatural/Mafia
Status: Relaunched, taking sheets.
Usergroup: n/a
Brief Description: The year is 2015 but not on the Earth you know and live on. On this Earth monsters rule the streets and everything else. Humans are treated as cattle and slaves. The Mafia families run the streets. But with the death of numerous Dons of top families its now come to a changing of the guard. But is world truly ready for it.

Broken Universe
GM: Paddy the Second
Genre/type: Adventure/Free Form
Status: Open/Unstarted
Brief Description: An aging author is dying in hospital, as his mind disintegrates the characters of his final novel travel across an unstable universe and visit planets from the authors previous work, including our own. Searching for their hearts desires they encounter civilizations that should not exist and situations that defy natural laws.

Where Tyrants Reign : A Resident Evil RP
GM: Diablo1099
Genre: Survival Horror
Status: Open/Not-Started
Brief Description: As Albert Wesker goes though the Files he stole from the Umbrella Russian Facility (RE: Umbrella Chronicles), He discovers a Hidden European Base where the Tyrants act as the Guards and the Scientists, though routine's taught to them. You will play as one of several unlucky Hikers to stumble into the lab.

The Principalities of Mons Caelos

GM(s): Doc Gnosis
Genre/Type: Cloak and Dagger Politics
Status: Interest Check
Link: Right this Way
User group Link: Coming soon on Skype...

Brief description: A great and prosperous kingdom is dying and threatens to collapse. War surrounds and suffocates the land, the king has become a figurehead while the nobility play their games of power and intrigue against one another. That's where you come in. As one of the nobles who rule, it falls to you whether to reforge the kingdom, let it rot while you bask in your power, or perhaps both...

Mistborn: Metals of Man

GM(s): Berenzen
Genre/Type: Grimdark Fantasy, Cloak and Dagger Politics
Status: Interest Check
Link: Right Here
User Group: Will Establish if it gets going

Brief description: You are a part of a crew of thieves, making your own jobs to try and steal from the upper echelons of the Final Empire, an oppressive empire that has been led by The Lord Ruler for almost a thousand years. What you do will have consquences both short and far-reaching. How the game goes is up to you.

Cancelled. May add a different RP is this one's place that is more interesting.

Rise of the Generic Zombie game!

GM(s): Freebiewitz
Genre/Type: Zombie survival/comedy, self parody and aware.
Status: Open/Not-Started.
Link: Rise of the Generic Zombie game!

Brief description: A generic zombie game where generic survivors fight generic zombies in a generic ruined city in a generic plot. Have I mentioned that it's generic?

The Guardians of Light: Fourth Echelon

GM: Lord_Ascendant
Group: The Guardians of London: Story-Based RP
Genre: Monsters, Magic, Steampunk
Status: Accepting characters, awaiting start date
Link: Fourth Echelon

Brief Description: It's been a long haul but the world of the Guardians which started out in late 2009 and has stretched to the present and their world has evolved too. On the brink of the end of days, a chain of thirteen omens has begun unfolding by the hand of the mysterious Black Feather, a secret order which seems to be in fact another group acting the puppetmaster of the fate of humanity, leading it towards doom and destruction. The most pressing threat, when these omens are fulfilled the Darkness...the twin of the Light, a deity worshiped by all good folk, will emerge and attempt to capture Earth and then bring about a reign of fear and agony which will last one thousand years. The organizations of Earth who were once dedicated to the separation of humans and non-humans and well as non-magic users and magic users are now forces of integration and of justice, aiding normal police when magic or monsters are involved and protecting magic users or monsters from normal humans. Usually separated by jurisdiction, things are changing which will force the organizations to unite and stop the chain of omens before the end of the world as we know it.

Off-Topic: Wow its been four years of the Guardians of London saving the day and being a mainstay of the RP forum. With this final chapter the Guardians will be over and will finally give way to new RPs, I am hoping to get a royal send-off for it, it's been great but after this last edition it'll be over. But it isn't over until its over, so lets see this through I've got 345 pages worth of story to go through...lets make the most of it.

[PDQ] Smallgods: Arichon

GM: Berenzen
Genre: Fantasy sandbox where players are literal gods
Status: Currently accepting applications.
Link: Recruiting, Game

Description: You are a new god, somehow you got your power and made your way to the world of Arichon. Recruit followers, build a society, and then? It's entirely up to you, go ahead and play.

Thugs - A Team Rocket RP

GM(s): Redlin5
Genre/Type: Crime and adventure.
Status: Accepting one more sheet
Link: Here
User Group: Thugs -OOC discussion. Updates about the game so far, questions and all OOC discussion takes place here.

Brief description: Yellow team, a group within Team Rocket, finds itself amidst a struggle between the underworld and the political elite of Kanto. Assigned on missions across Kanto, they meet interesting characters and gradually fall away from the centralized control of the criminal organization. When they are suddenly thrust back into the center of the Evil Giovanni's machinations they find a nation at the brink of collapse. With hope dimming and victory at hand, will they aid the cause of justice or turn Kanto into a Rocket paradise?

You, the players, must choose.

EDIT: This thread is now out of date. The current RP index can be found here.

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