The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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-The Road To Indigo-


Hello there, young trainers! My name is Professor Oak, but you can call me the Pokemon Professor! Even though it's longer than my actual name! This world is inhabited far and wide by Pokemon! But coming from all over the place, you probably all knew that! I study Pokemon for a living, and I am proud to share my expertise on the subject with you! Now I know you don't actually need a starter Pokemon, since you all already seem to have one, but still I'm going to explain to you exactly what you are here to do.

You have all come to Kanto for a reason: to take the Pokemon League challenge and become world-class trainers! You all have your own reasons, and honestly, I don't care what they are, but I can tell you it will be a long, dangerous journey. Not only will you have to traverse rough terrain, and swim over the oceans, but evil people, calling themselves Team Rocket will be around as well, attempting to give you a lot of trouble, but you can just overcome them with your spirit! Yes I'm sure of it! Now, go off on your journey everyone! The world of Pokemon is yours to explore!

Author: That's enough rambling from Grandpa there. Forgive him, he's getting up there in years. All right then, this is indeed a Pokemon based RP, to go along with the handful or so already up. This is different though. This is a reboot, based on a Pokemon RP I was in back in the day, when I was just starting out on the site, and was nowhere near as good. It's a much darker tone than the actual series, Pokemon die, people die, despite what 4Kids wanted people to believe. So this won't be a romp through the Safari Zone. I will be GMing, and as Co-GM I am happy to report that I have one of the main forces from initial RP, as well as the full GM for the sequel to said RP, Mookie_Magnus! *applause* Yes. Anyway, he has the same amount of power I do, we will be discussing story arcs and what we want to do with them, respect him as such! This probably leads nicely into the Rules section.

All right, now that we've dealt with that, let's move onto the character sheet! Now I'm anticipating quite a few sheets, so we will be picking the best ones to be included in this RP. We will be looking for diversity as well as actual RPing ability with these, so try and be creative and stuff. I wish to be entertained.

I'm looking for around 8 people including myself and Mookie to participate in this RP so spots are limited! I'll close off the sheet submission on Monday, February 6th!

Update: Due to Mookie_Magnus bowing out of the RP, CounterAttack has been promoted to the Co-GM slot.

Group Link

Accepted Sheets:

Permanent hiatused sheets at bottom of page.

Definitely interested, I'll have a sheet up soon.

I'll think one up soon as well

Working on a sheet.

Mine is done...for now!!!

- I'm aiming for a high degree of realism in regards to my character, hence the expansive inventory and its pack.

Interested, but it'a late and I've been drinking. I'll hopefully post a sheet tomorrow.

I'ma working on a sheet.

I'm working on a sheet as well, I'm using my sheet from the other RP I'm in as a template. Should be up in about an hour. I'll edit this and just replace it with the sheet when I'm done.

I was on the waiting list for Pure Static's RP. I don't know how long that list was but I get the feeling that it wasn't very long. Anyways, here is my sheet. =)

Working on a sheet.

Hmm...I am interested.

Here's my sheet because why not

Hey Neo, if I need to make any revisions, please tell me.
Also, will this work kinda like Pure Static's RP? Like, will there be encounters with abnormally strong enemies?
Fianlly, when will we learn like the levels and how strong our pokemon are?
EDIT: Changed my pokemon to a non-fossil pokemon.

Sheet ahoy!

Why not, even if I did stop playing at second gen.

Well it's nice to see this up for another go. Sadly I won't be able to join, for a couple reasons that would take to long to type in from the PS3. Anyway I wish this best luck.

I am interested in this. I will get a sheet up either later today or tomorrow.

also I am dyslexic but I will try my best to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes but I will not get all of them.

Just a note. All the Black/White Pokemon have English names now. Merely go to this site to see their new names.

Dewott? Samurott? I'm going to start crying. Anyways thanks for the update!

Sorry about the lateness of my own sheet, been busy with my life.

Alright, I'm up to this.

Le Bump?

I wonder what he's doing...oh well.

Of my own curiosity I looked at the other sheets, very good guys and girls. Very good.

@Impulse: Oh I am still here, like I said, I plan on announcing who is in on Monday. This gives me time to successfully complete my first date with new girl that I'm seeing (check!), get drunk on Saturday, and Go over the sheets with Mookie on Sunday (if he's around). This is definitely going to happen I can guarantee that.

@NeoAC Alright~

Good Luck
Don't get Alcohol Poisoning
Hope I get chosen :D (Shameless Promotion)

@Neo: I'm making a few little edits to my sheet. Nothing major, just tweaking a bit here and there.

@CA: Of course. I do encourage tweaks if you feel it will help improve your chances of getting picked.

@Neo: I added a selfless quality to my character, having thought about the idea of the group - or a couple of people on their own - being caught in a trap by Team Rocket and taken hostage. Could I have just given you a plot device? ^_^

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