The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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Dun dun dunnn... Here's hoping I'm accepted. *crosses fingers*

*Cross my fingers and toes* >:o I crossing. o3o

*crosses every part of his body*
I wi-
*dies due to crossed arteries*

Ditto to that... except the dying part. Especially the dying part.

Vesuvius Hetlan:
Ditto to that... except the dying part. Especially the dying part.

don't worry death is only temporary for me

May the best people win. No matter what happens.

Vesuvius Hetlan:
Ditto to that... except the dying part. Especially the dying part.

Hehe. Ditto.

It's funny because it's a Pokemon.

...Sorry. I just felt like saying that.


Vesuvius Hetlan:
Ditto to that... except the dying part. Especially the dying part.

Hehe. Ditto.

It's funny because it's a Pokemon.

...Sorry. I just felt like saying that.

I know! That's why I said it! XD

@Impulse: I'll toast to that!

yes quite this is amusing and any second now the results could be announced I wonder who gets in?


We are still ironing out some things but half the field is decided, so I will post the first three accepted sheets.




Congratulations! You are the first three selected and will be on the Road to Indigo! This means only three spots will be left! Who will they go to? Tune in when we finally get stuff figured out!

Congratulations, you guys!

Congratulations, It will be interesting to see how the adult people of the rp will work with the teenagers.

Congratulations! And good luck to everyone else.

Congrats to everyone who's been accepted thus far~ =o

Yay I got in. This is the best day of my life. XD Anyway, I can't wait to get this started. :D

Excellent. As with Michi, I'm looking forward to starting this up. Already kinda planning out which Pokémon my character might obtain.

Well done everybody who was chosen, all your characters look really interesting and anybody who gets to play with you guys is very lucky.

I am glad I got accepted, and I can't wait to start. I know one Pokemon I'm already planning on getting. He's mentioned in my character's bio, for those who are curious.

congrats people!


All right, finally done, this was extremely tough. We got a lot more quality sheets then I ever expected. It was mind-breaking to try and whittle it down to the final three, but we got it done. So here are the other three who will make it into the RP.




Congratulations! You are the last three selected and will be on the Road to Indigo! Anyway, I'm going to give you all the rest of the night to plan how you want to RP in here and I should have the OP up by tomorrow! Thank you all for applying and keep reading! We may have need for expanding in the future!

Aww....thats a real big disappointment. :(.

I really wanted to do something like this, even since I was in the attempted one by PureStatic. :(.

Well...whatever, congratulations you magnificent people.

Edit: @Lizmichi: Its accepting, not excepting. *Grammar Nazi*

Damn. Oh well. Congratulations everyone! Have lots of fun on this. *Runs off crying.*

Vesuvius Hetlan:
Damn. Oh well. Congratulations everyone! Have lots of fun on this. *Runs off crying.*


@Impluse_101 All this coming from someone that spelled impulse wrong.

@Lizmichi: I said Grammar Nazi, not spelling Nazi.

@Impulse/Lizmichi: Now now you two. If you can't play nice, I will have you sliced in half.

@Impluse_101 Technically spelling is part of proper grammar.

@NeoAC: That'll be fun once you can actually do that XD.

Oh well, Congrats still to those you made it. Really worked long on the bio...ah well.

Doesn't really matter.

@Lizmichi: Techniquly Indeed, but its my own little crazy world, and thats what matters XD.

I honestly don't give a care. I just point out random stuff happens. o-o

@Impulse/Lizmichi: Now now you two. If you can't play nice, I will have you sliced in half.


Congratulations to everybody that was picked this looks to be a great RP.

Curses! I knew I should've baked those bribe cookies...
I'll just... cry myself to sleep now. ;~;

In all seriousness, congratulations to all who've been accepted~

*Looks at first page* Alright, made it in. Gratz to all the others, and sad faces for the others. Some really good sheets came in, and I can't wait to get started with everyone.

THE ROAD TO INDIGO: CHAPTER 1: Intros and Out we Goes

"Ah yes, Pokemon League registration day! How I love it so! Fresh young faces, eager and full of life. Ready to go off on an adventure with their Pokemon. It's days like this that keep me young again." Professor Oak stood in the mirror straightening his collar. "Boy I tell you, nothing I love better than sending little kids out into the wild with nothing but tiny creatures to protect them, yessir!"

"Gramps, who are you talking to?" The Viridian City Gym leader, Gary Oak entered the room to see if his grandfather was finally ready. "There's no one in here."

"Sure there is! The Pokemon listen to me! Or at least, they will until I give them to the trainers!"

"You don't have anymore Pokemon to give away Gramps! You gave away your last one ten years ago, remember? That Bulbasaur you gave to that homeless guy? Who ended up going on a drug crazed rampage off of it's spores?"

"Oh yes, I remember now! Little Johnny was so happy. Yes, but then how will these new Trainers get their Pokemon?"

"They've already caught their own."

"Really? Kids these days. So self reliant. In my day ten year olds just sat around drooling on themselves and playing jacks."

"Christ Gramps, they aren't kids! The youngest is 15, and I'm pretty sure I saw half of them out drinking in Viridian last night!"

"My my, they grow up so fast. Well, I'm sure they will still enjoy their Pokedexes. I made them myself you know!"

"No you don't, we get them shipped in from Hoenn every time we need a batch. The last one you actually built contained nothing but dirty limericks and your grocery lists from the past two years."

"Yes well, let's get ready then. Come on was your name again?"

A nervous twitch appeared in Gary's left eye. "FOR FUCK'S SAKE OLD MAN! MY NAME IS GARY! GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK! I'M YOUR GRANDSON!"

"Oh yes! I remember now. Your name is Gary. Well let's go downstairs Gary." With that, Professor Oak began shuffling towards the stairs.

"God damn it. I shouldn't have to do this. I'm a gym leader. Where the hell's that Tracey guy? Never see him around here, he should be doing this!! Probably off scarfing down more donuts." Gary then followed his grandfather towards the stairs.

Jordan yawned as the sunlight woke him out of his little snooze on the Pallet beach. He had been in town for a few days now, doing nothing but snoozing and cruising around looking for ladies. There weren't any, except for that one lady who kept giving her looks, but she looked old enough to be his mom. He wasn't having anyone's mom like that. He had let Vince, his young Scyther, sit out of it's Pokeball on the beach. It was already well awake, chopping at the air with it's scythes. They weren't very smooth motions, but then it was only a few days old. It looked pretty good considering.

"Aaaaaaahhh. Aw man, that was such a good sleep, little Vince bro. Totally awesome. So you ready to go meet this old guy, get some thing?"

"Scyther Scy! Scyther! Scy!" Yes! Let's do it! I want to fight something! And chop it!

"Hahaha, I have no idea what you're saying little bro. OK, let's get over there then." Jordan scooped up his meager belongings and tucked them all into his sleeping bag, which doubled as his backpack. He returned Vince to its Pokeball and set out on the short trip to Oak's Laboratory, or whatever it was called.

Fary had her Zorua on her shoulder as she walked into Pallet Town. "What do you think Zorua? Nothing like back home in Black City and it's so small, so few people. But you did a good job with all the Rattata around here, wounder why there are so many." she asked her self. Zorua just yelp at her and rubbed her head on Fary.

"Hehe good girl." she said not seeing Jordan right in front on her and bumped into him falling on her ass. "Oh god watch where your going.. oh god I'm sorry." she said looking up at him.

As Terinth pushed herself off of the forest floor, she saw light streaming through the trees.

"Huh, I actually slept through an entire night for once." She mused. As she gathered up the sleeping bag she was in, she stuffed it into her backpack and took out her pokeball. "Lillipup, time to wake up." She said, releasing the pokemon from inside the contraption. As the creature took form from the red beam of light, she saw it was still sleeping. "How cute." She said as she picked it up, careful not to wake it up.

As she emerged from the forest, she saw the town was already bustling, with people going to and fro, from house-to-house. As she looked around, she saw a old man with white hair and an 18-year old emerge from a house. As she held up a picture she recived from her travels, she identified the old man as Professor Oak, the man who had asked her to come here. As she walked over, she could the teenage complaining.

"Oh hey no worries dude....ette," Jordan replied. Damn, that is not bad at all. Easily tops amongst what I've seen here. Awesome eyes. Too bad she's clumsy though. Didn't even see her coming. But damn. "Yeah no, I'm just heading to the old guy's place. Get some machine thing for some other stuff I have to do." He grabbed the girl's arm and helped her up to her feet, and finally noticed the tiny little fox sitting behind her. "Uh....what's that? Never seen anything like that before! Not even after some of those wild bonfires."

"Ah... There it is. Pallet Town," Rochelle Sanders murmured to herself, standing before the entrance to the small town. She pulled a Poké Ball from her belt and held it up to look at it. While she couldn't see inside the orb, she knew that the Horsea she had befriended was inside. "This is it, Kirsten, why I'm here. To begin the journey that Pokémon Trainers undertake across the world," she said to it, imagining the little water creature looking up at her. Sadly Rochelle couldn't keep Kirsten out of her ball for long, because she needed water in which to swim.

"Well, we aren't going to get there by standing here, are we?" Rochelle asked the Poké Ball with a laugh to herself, and jumped down from the small ledge on which she was standing. The young Trainer pushed long strands of plant life out of her way as she entered the small town, quickly spotting her intended destination: Professor Oak's Pokémon Lab.

Judging by what Rochelle saw as she walked through Pallet Town, it appeared to be a small place comparable to Mahogany Town in her native Johto except without the Gym. She wondered if they got the Johto radio programmes in this region... but her musing was interrupted as she saw someone around her age crash into another guy and fall. Stifling a giggle at the accident, she walked over to see if everything was alright. Evidently it was, as the guy quickly helped her up.

Rochelle continued walking over to the other two, staying back a little in case she was interrupting anything.

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