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Ish took a nibble of the things and like the taste, Ish chowed down on the corn until it couldn't eat anymore. It used the energy it gained to grow the two bumps on its back into large limbs. They were skinny but had a single joint on them. they looked like branches covered in scaled bark. Slowly membrane of leaf worked its way down and the wings were complete and around the same size as a barn owls.
Ish sat down and waited for the changes to finish.

@Ravager: The heavy organic thing the slime had killed lay on top of it, with a ridge of inorganic up around the impact site. It was a difficult task, but the slime began to finally free itself from under the thing, though it took a long time.

@Saarg: The large creature took a few strained steps toward the slime, but forcing itself to continue moving and fighting was too much, and it collapsed right in front of the slime. It wasn't dead, but its eyes locked angrily with the slime's. Saarg could feel the animal's hot breath on itself, but it didn't seem much of a threat anymore.

@Eltanin: The secretion from the slime's tail made the creature's front left wing heavier, and it couldn't flap it as fast, or at least that's how it looked. The wing got stuck on the slime's surface when it tried to move it again, but then the slime noticed something interesting. The front right wing only moved when the one opposite it did. The bug did something else, it bent its tail slightly, the slime noticing two spiky things on the end that started coming towards it, the pokey parts closing.

@Ish: The slime's limbs began to grow as it intended, but it could tell it would take much time and energy. Luckily, the slime was full of energy and extra mass to repurpose, and surrounded by easily accessible food.

Exhausted, Ravager pulled the last part of it's body out from underneath the creatures corpse. Turning himself towards the creature's body, he tapped it gently, then started to digest it entirely, using his newly-developed mouthparts.

Why won't it....... HURT, HURT, HURT! The feeling of sharp inorganic things in it's mouth was something Arq really didn't like. But now Arq was stuck with another problem. How the heck could he get them out of his mouth. Arq suddenly felt something new in it's mouth. Is was smooth and flexible and he got a whole new sense from it. He could sense more things and also new things. Using this new thing, Arq went and took out the inorganic things in his mouth. This still hurt and it also hurt this new thing it got.

Finally gotten all the inorganic things out of his mouth, Arq sensed the thing in the cylinder. It sense strong and potent. Maybe it was something organic and it could absorb it. Trying it, Arq felt this new thing come out of his mouth and test it.

Saarg took a few moments to recover from the exhausting battle. It ached all over, but as Saarg gazed at the body of his defeated opponent, a sense of victory flooded through the slime. It had won! It had fought and beaten a creature significantly larger and stronger than it! Saarg advanced and, with a single well aimed bite, punctured the creature's throat. It thrashed pitifully for a few seconds, then lay still. Saarg paused a moment to acknowledge the death of such a powerful beast, then set about doing what it was created to do.
As Saarg began the long process of absorbing the collosal carcass, it realised just how badly injured it truely was. Its flesh was torn in many places, and a strange, thick organic liquid was seaping from the wounds. Saarg was certain that the liquid was meant to stay inside itself, so focused as much energy as it could into healing its injuries. With any luck, this creature would provide him with ample energy to heal, grow and evolve!

Ish had fallen into a cycle of eating corn and growing the wings more, with muscles and tendons to help with flight. The slime had no idea how long it was taking.

Bleak rolled slowly along the border between the dirty wetness and the less wet hard surface. As the creature propelled itself along the shore it felt for anything possible to eat as well as any dangers nearby. It didn't have much to work with, only vibrations felt near the wetness and touching something that may hurt. Bleak soon felt something soft bump it. Uncurling itself, the being examined the new finding. It was a delicate, many shaped organic thing that didn't move. It was in the wetness, but not so much to make Bleak fall into pressure. Bleak was overcome by curiosity and lashed out with a slimy limb. The slime under body grabbed the small unmoving thing easily and absorbed it. Yuck! Safe to say those won't be eaten anymore.

Entanin got pinched by the pokey part of the flappy thing, which was a very new and very unpleasant experience. Eltanin's reaction was to recoil away from the thing, moving its eyes and antennae as far away as possible from the pokey, and slamming its tail to the ground.

@Ravager: The slime continued absorbing the huge creature, knowing everything about it within a short time. A vast majority of the creature still remained. Continuing to consume the creature, when there was still 2/3 left of it, the slime felt cramped within its own form, feeling like it needed to stretch.

@Arq: Whatever was in the broken container left a strange taste on the slime's new interior appendage. Consuming the contents, the slime started to feel very strange. Its legs felt wobbly, and instead of its orb things that let it see show it what was around it comfortably, the images started to blur and swirl. The slime did not feel its sight organs moving, but the images were.

@Saarg: The slime started absorbing the defeated creature, beginning with the part of the thing's body that was closest. The creature was so much bigger than the slime, that it could tell this would take quite awhile. The slime learned all it could from the thing. Strangely enough, this creature seemed to remember things it saw before. Whatever this was, this thing inside the creature, it kept memories inside. The slime found it in the front of the creature, behind its mouth and eyes, in the middle of the hard part. The slime knew what had done this to the animal.

@Ish: The slime realized something. The flying thing it ate had a sleek body, making it so it could go through the air. But there was a problem. The slime's shields on its front limbs made a large amount of drag on purpose for defense on the ground, but this would not be of use in midair.

@Bleak: This bad-tasting thing didn't have much soft left to it, but it did have a lot of hard parts stuck together with very dead soft. Clearing this thing, the slime had to move over various parts of it so it could be absorbed. But then the slime felt something else. Whatever this other thing was, it was hard too, but felt completely different somehow. It only felt it for a moment, it wasn't there anymore, or at least not within the slime's range of perception.

@Eltanin: Whether this creature was much weaker than the slime thought, or the slime was stronger than it realized. Either way, slamming its tail on the ground with the creature stuck in its tail's coil made the animal stop moving completely. One of its four wings even broke off.

Saarg was in two minds about the beast that had inflicted the injuries on the creature. First, Saarg was amazed at the beaty and power the thing possessed: Mighty armour, rows of teeth and weaponry, a strange but evidently powerful extension at its back too! On the other hand, it was HUGE!!! If things like that were the alpha predator of this area, Saarg suddenly realised just how precarious its postion was! However, the slime refused to let this grim discovery ruin its moment of triumph, or meal. Saarg continued absorbing the creature, finishing off about half of the carcass before a thought struck him.
There was a trail of cooling, organic droplets that seemed to follow the dead animal around. They led down a passageway to the right. Saarg froze. The predator might try to follow the wounded animal.

Understanding that it needed to grow and use up some of this newly aquired energy, ravager stretched itself....once....twice....and a third time.
Now three times as large and with stumpy, muscular hind legs, ravager stretched it's vicious jaw to it's maximum width, and continued to eat.

after finishing to eat the object with the invisible skin, the slime ate the leaves that were on top of the object, the slime then started looking to see whether it could find something new and different to eat.

Sevak was a little confused when it noticed both the things in front of it and behind it, before realizing the two pairs of eyes were working simultaneously with each other. This provided a wide range of viewing but also made it slightly confusing when the slime moved. To compensate for a few moments, the slime closed the back set of eyes for a small movement until it got to the tree. With the eyes back open, the slime positioned itself half leaning on the tree to get a better look at the fluffy thing. It seemed far up and the slime knew that climbing the tree would be a challenge for it even with scales. But Sevak had no intention of climbing right this second, watching the fluffy creature was amusement enough until it decided to come down a bit closer once it wanted off the tree. Fluffies had to come down sometime, right?

Ish had realized this problem and modified its body to have two ruts along the bottom of it. the legs folded up into these ruts with the shield being flush with the rest of its body. Ish had seen the owl tuck its wings in and figured the same could be done with its legs.

Suddenly, Bleak felt a sharp pain mixed with immense pressure on its shell. In its attempt to roll backward and get away from the pain, the spherical creature was released from the pain for a short moment, but then the pressure and pain was on its other side! This weird organism was trying to rip Bleak's shell off! Bleak unrolled quickly, spraying the liquid from earlier onto the creature that held it captive. The creature quickly let go and Bleak couldn't feel it anymore. Bleak wanted to absorb it but it was really strong. The Black ball-like mutant curled back up and rolled until it was met again by a hard, living organism that not only was very big around, but didn't move. Bleak felt it was safe here and uncurled to rest and heal.

Arq didn't know just what was that weird liquid it had consumed, but it was nice. Also why was everything moving and looking weird suddenly? Pondering for a bit what this could be, Arq interest was drawn to something else after he something moving or was it? Moving towards, Arq walking in to something.

Hee? Arq thought why am I suddenly standing against something? This wasn't here before. Taking a step back, Arq stepped back with a face full of small hurt things which he didn't notice. Looking at the thing in front him, he kind of was in one place and and why where there suddenly two? No wait it is on the left....Right? What is going on here?

Finally managing to get past the thing that was moving from left to right and for some reason also being double, Arq suddenly fell down something. Heeee? Was the only thing Arq thought before landing on his back on the ground.

Hurt, Hurt, Hurt.. He what is that? Arq thought seeing something in the thing where the bright hurt thing and big round thing was coming slowly towards him.

@Saarg: The slime realized just how dangerous the thing it would eventually fight is. It no longer felt it could randomly wander about, only collecting what it happened upon. It would have to prepare itself. Lost in that thought, it was frighteningly surprised at something behind it! Something fell from an opening in the wall into the wet on the ground, splashing up the water and moving things out of the way when it fell on them. Luckily enough, it wasn't the terror of the underground passages. It was something completely different- something soft and pretty, but inorganic piled in with it. What were these new things, and why were they put here?

@Ravager: Bigger. Much bigger! The slime was now too big to be able to learn anything from any small anything it found, but it was more capable to fight things of cat size or larger, though the slime had no idea what a cat was, nor had it seen one. It had consumed the entirety of the huge creature, and was very full, even after growing- it was just that big; though consuming that much so quickly made the slime tired. Tired?

@Wrecker: The leaves were soft and easily consumed, almost like the slime's teeth were made just for them. Looking for more, the slime saw something. Bigger leaves! A couple of the leaves were even bigger than the slime, though they were still just about as thin as any other leaf would be. Funny enough, they were resting at the edge of the.. gross stuff, next to that strange animal trail it had seen, but not yet followed.

@Sevak: The fluffy thing wiggled its face and scratched its mouth on something like a long round.. thing. The slime didn't know why, but the fluffy dropped the thing. Ouch! It hit the slime. The animal looked funny, and ran down the organic the slime was resting under, that the fluffy had climbed. The fluffy saw the slime, and stared at it, but then when it didn't move, it continued down and went to pick up the thing that had fallen. Up in the organic, another fluffy ran along a protrusion and jumped onto a protrusion of another organic.

@Ish: As the slime became better suited to air travel, it thrashed around a little to get more comfortable as its body shape contorted to suit its new purpose. Doing so shifted some of the corn it hadn't eaten, revealing something underneath. It was... well the slime didn't know if it was organic or not, but it was damaged in one side, and some sort of extremely potent dust poured out as the thing fell over.

@Bleak: The slime was resting along the ground near something that it felt secure near. The rest of the wet it had gotten on itself when it rolled into it slowly dripped off, soaking into the ground, that was damp already. Pushing down on the ground made a little bit of wet seep to the surface, but the slime was too comfortable to move. Or it WAS. Something underground started moving, and soon after little wiggly things started tickling the slime's underside.

@Arq: The slime was confused enough as it was, and falling down into a hole it hadn't even seen was not helpful. Something thin and hard, a couple inches long and a few millimeters wide poked into the slime's side as it tried moving into a position other than flat on its back in an awkward way. Whatever this thing was, it wasn't organic, that was obvious. However, its poking was painful.

Eltanin delighted in the thing not moving, and began to devour the creature. The slime felt that new wave of interests and desires flow over it as happened every time it ate a new food thing, this one re-conjuring the interest to feel the windy fast feeling.
Searching within itself, the slime recalled the strange things from the puffy that made it swim and go fast. Focusing on those feelings, the slime began to grow a pair jumpy, bony legs.

Ravager...was experiencing a new wasn't like pain, hunger or any other, this one made ravager lethargic, and gave the slime little desire to do anything other than shut itself off. It was like exhaustion, but wanting to stop for a lot longer.
As the slime went on, in hope of finding a safe place to rest, it started to grow small, sensory areas, eight of them, each one picking up the brightness and details of the environment, however, now they couldn't give much information outside of light and dark.

Saarg was perplexed, so many new things! They all seemed to be organic, which was certainly a good thing, but they were unlike any of the organic things he had encountered before! Saarg tentativly reached out and consumed one of the round things with a smooth top, it was unusual but pleasant tasting. Saarg consumed them with relish. Next he moved on to the pretty things. Saarg observed them for a while, and out a peculiar feeling inside, left a couple of them behind, consuming the others instead. Once these new things had been consumed, Saarg was buzzing with energy. Its nemesis had provided huge amounts of energy, and these things had pushed it over the edge! It HAD to evolve!
Saarg had grown tired of crawling around on its belly. The extensions that the creature had used to move around on looked good, and the slime decided to have some. Mimicing the creature, it grew four out of its body, ending them in lumps with sharpish things coming out of them. The slime then thickened its main body, like the creature, but kept its neck long and agile. Next, it altered the places where the new limbs met its body, allowing them to spread out to the sides. Finally, Saarg mimiced the little, prickly creature's body, and covered its legs with tiny, hooked hairs. Saarg hoped that, like the smaller creature, these would allow it to climb better. Saarg felt brand new, and hope that these changes would at least help if it encountered the predator it now called "The Terror"

Ish had felt a great sense of danger as the powder spilled onto the ground. Ish quickly absorbed the stuff and moved it to the center of itself, to try and protect it from further harm. Ish sat for a while trying to figure out what it was.

@Eltanin: The slime grew the beginning of its legs, only basic now, though. However, the slime could already tell it would be able to get around much easier than just rolling around on whatever it happened to be on top of at the time. Something moved in the distance, but it moved quickly enough that the slime couldn't even tell its size. Whatever it was, it had gone behind a large brown organic thing that was taller than the slime could figure.

@Ravager: The slime's exhaustion was at its peak, too tired to do much of anything. But before its eyes closed on their own, it thought it saw something in a large nearby hole it had been going towards...

@Saarg: The slime felt stronger already, or maybe even bigger than it really was because it was off the ground now. Maybe both were the same? No, yes? These new things the slime consumed were quite flavorful, but it suddenly appearing might have meant something else, too. There might even be more things to consume through these holes in the wall it had been seeing.

@Ish: A tree. Whatever this powder was, apparently it wasn't dangerous like Ish thought it was. Knowing what the thing was, it saw the images of its forms within its head. This powder was just a small part of a large organic, another kind of tree entirely from what it had already found!

"Yeah?" the first punk asked the first.
After returning from whatever they had done, the punks looked into the iguana aquarium. A smaller version of the iguana that was previously there was looking up at them.
"Where did that liquid go?"
"Its resurrect fluid! That's what we stole!"
They closed the aquarium, one of them watching over it, the other running downstairs. The front door slammed.

The janitor woke up in the afternoon, annoyed that he didn't get to fish that morning.

Saarg took several tentative steps on its new...whatever they were. It was difficult, but none the less, exilarating! Saarg already felt like an alpha predator. No what it had these, perhapse he could move faster? The limbs seemed to be designed for speed. Once Saarg had mastered walking, he tried increasing the velocity. It took him two whole minutes to untangle his legs from the resulting mess and stand up again! Perhapse he'd just walk for now...
Saarg was confident that the passage further down was guarded by The Terror, and he had no intention of facing THAT just yet. But the presence of such pretty and flavoursome foods enthralled him. Maybe there was more? Saarg approached the wall of the passage and examined the gap the things had fallen through more closely...

Bosque surged further down the hole until there was honestly nothing left to sense. His noises flew into a cacaphony that surrounded him but didn't hint at where the world was placed. He knew there was something in the hole with him. But he could feel it move. But he couldn't guess at it's form.

Bosque missed having eyes. He wanted them back. Wanted to find that horrible jumping creature and reclaim his head. For the moment though, he was content to moce closer to the thing in the hole. Dangerously close.

Ish wanted to test out its new tree wings. it ran as fast as it could on four legs and leaped into the air, only to fall. ish tried this a few more times before getting the hang of it.
Ish is finally in the air, soaring in between threes before the slime hits one.
it fell to the ground and layed there for a short bit in something it hadn't experienced this way: pain.

The slime eventually got up and started to wander around until it found one of the slimes it had previously encountered.

If Bleak thought it could get a little rest with these little itchy crawlies under it, it was wrong. Unless.... The uncurled creature stretched its slimy under body as much as it could and slammed it down on all the crawling organisms under it. While feeling the familiar effects of absorbing living things, Bleak started to relax again, until it was assaulted with flashing lights and images and symbols of strange, but somehow familiar organisms. Small crawling things, a dark creature with small orbs at the top of its body next to a sharp member that opened and closed, a massive creature with hard looking appendages coming out the smaller part in front of its body as well as flashes of other things Bleak couldn't identify. The now frightened spherical being curled into itself in an attempt to shield itself from the images. The attempt failed as Bleak was subjected to not only the flashes but the strange vibrations throughout its body. Then without warning, Pain in the highest degree. Anguish beyond even the time Bleak absorbed the small things that made it hurt before. This pain was more significant. Bleak knew that this pain was changing it into something new.
Small, soft, pitch black and hollow shafts sprouted out Bleak's shell and across its whole body. Along with this new growth, the shell split down the middle, opened outward and extended. Bleak knew this growth was because of the dead, nasty organism it absorbed before, the one with the sharp mouth. The real pain didn't come from that. The most unpleasant sensation came from the two hard outgrowths in the front of Bleak's filmy underside. Will they ever stop growing?! The pain reached a peak and abruptly ceased. Bleak uncurled, relaxed all its limbs and knew no more.

@Saarg: This part of the hole was even more circular than the big one it just left. But also different, was that it kind of aimed up at a slight angle, only really going up after awhile. In the far distance, light came from above.

@Bosque: Ouch! The slime found the creature, whatever it was, that was in the hole with it, in the most efficient way- by getting its rear end bitten. The slime's screams let it know where and about how big the creature was, but without being able to receive most of the bounces, it couldn't get good definition.

@Ish: The durable looking creature that had rammed it for whatever reason earlier was standing next to some destroyed looking invisible skin-like stuff. For some reason, the invisible skin looked much cleaner than similar stuff nearby. Maybe it was interacted with recently? Either way, the other creature seemed interested, or at least looking in a different direction at something. The trail from earlier was there, if that's what the creature was looking at.

@Bleak: The slime was absolutely famished, so hungry in fact that it had nearly lost its sense of self. It had to satiate itself with anything, regardless of what it was, and it had to do it now! It was next to a huge organic of some kind, that would have to do.

the slime started following the trail on the ground, it kept looking up and down making sure that the creature it who's trail it was following didn't see, from the foot prints it is clear that the animal is bigger then the slime.

Bosque lunged forward and pulled his way out of the creature's grasp. A slight tear served to remind Bosque of his foolishness.

He came to the edge of the subterranean hovel and turned to face the creature. He could feel it coming forward, chasing him. All the fear of being hunted, stored since the great whiskered jumper took his head returned in a single cold wave. Bosque reached forward with his tail, glowing stick held at the ready. A sharp push swated his weapon away and somthing large impacted with his chest.

He was pinned. Something was trying to eat him and it wouldn't settle for his head this time. Bosque struggled but the jaw of the thing was too strong, a vicelock keeping him in place. Bosque didn't know what to do. A scream of fear more than agony escaped his jaw.

The creature recoiled in surprise. Bosque did much the same. The noise, he must have been right next to the creature's ear when the scream escaped. Bosque screamed once more, testing. The creature lunged and this time Bosque ducked out of the way. He felt it fly right over his head and impact the earthern wall behind. It stunned the creature for a moment, but whatever it was it wouldn't stop.

Bosque called wildly, trying to find his glowing staff. He couldn't hear. He couldn't concentrate. It was so small in such a small area he couldn't feel the vibrations. But he did feel the creature stir behind him, not yet up but shaking awake. Bosque circled the hovel once more, desperate for any kind of weapon. He needed his glowstaff!

A strange warm feeling came from the top of his form, where his head used to be. He felt like something was ... growing there. Not a full form but two fleshy sticks on either side of his gaping neck. They wrestled out of him and stood in the cold night air. And suddenly the vibrations were so much clearer. Bosque didn't know why or how but he could feel everything in the room, in such stunning detail. The exact boundaries of his this hovel, the shape of the creature now lumbering to stand, the position of his glowstick, it was as though he'd grown nerves that existed without the covering of his body. These two sticks felt all change.

The creature moved and this time Bosque felt no fear. It knew where the thing's head was. It knew where the glow stick rested. In a single sweep of its tail Bosque seized it's weapon once more, held it aloft, and waited. The creature paused. It moved slightly to the left, circling Bosque what little it could. Was there hesitation there? Or was it merely toying with the intruder it knew to be blind in the darkness? Either way, it amused Bosqeu to know he'd left such an impression.

A minute of waiting seemed to last for days before the creature snapped his viscious jaw once and leapt once more at Bosque. The little monster didn't move. He didn't have to. He could feel exactly where the creature was in air and where its open mouth could be found. And with sage-like calm he wedged the glowstaff right into it's gaping jaw, pinning the creature open and helpless. It smashed into the wall behind Bosque open-mouthed. The moment it did Bosque wrapped his needled tail around the thinnest softest portion of the creature's head and pulled until the connection was quite tight. He felt the blood of the thing come rushing into him and he felt the creature's desperate struggle to capture breath shaking him. And when the creature could ceased to move the air, Bosque felt that as well. But most of all, he felt pride, perhaps glory. He'd been an intruder in a strange and foreign climb and there he'd bested a warrior fighting in his own element. Bosque felt truely unbeatable. And fortunately now, he also felt less hungry. The fleshy spires had taken something out of him. But this creature was putting it all back.

Bosque rested and ate. He'd won himself a hiding place.

Hurt, Hurt, Why was everything hurting Arq so much and to make matters worse, he was on his back. How did that happened Arq thought and what was that thing poking him in his side. Arq could feel that it was inorganic, but since when where there inorganic hurt things? How was that even possible? Thus far all the hurt things where organic and they where taken care off. How could Arq make something inorganic stop?

Thinking this, Arq maneged to get back on to his feet some how. Looking around, Arq spotted the inorganic hurt thing. But more importantly, he seamed to be stuck in some kind of hole off the small inorganic things. Maybe Arq could use his legs to dig him self out of it, but first there was that inorganic hurt thing. Thinking how he could punish it for hurting him, Arq remembered he had done something similar before. Thinking he could use it again, Arq attacked the hurt thing.

Saarg was tired of crawling through dark, dingy tunnels. The light up ahead looked somehow...inviting. Besides, The Terror was lurking down here somewhere and the slime had no intention of hanging around to meet it! At least, not yet...
The slight angle of the new tunnel would undoubtedly make climbing difficult, but Saarg hoped the tiny, grasping hairs in its limbs would permit it to scale the tunnel more easily.

Ish started to follow the other slime out of curiosity. after a bit, ish got bored and took to the air, circling around the other slime to look for danger.

@Wrecker: The slime followed the trail of footprints, flying safely overhead, just in case the animal might still be nearby, but there was no trace of it. The trail winded around, seemingly random. Then it started going uphill, and after awhile, it stopped at a big, wide, black kind of dirt with two yellow lines going down its middle. Where this striped black ground started and where it ended it couldn't tell, it seemed to go forever.

@Ish: The creature that made the footprints was nowhere to be seen, but the bulky flying creature the slime was following was clearly visible. It seemed the other flying creature had difficulty flying, and it could tell why. It was way too bulky and its body couldn't glide along the air like Ish could; but it could still fly. Kind of. Eventually they came to a black ground that looked very different, and it had two yellow lines going down its middle. The animal trail seemed to stop there, but as the slime circled, it saw where the trail picked up again. Had the other creature noticed? Perhaps it should let it know somehow.

@Saarg: The hairs gave the slime just enough grip on the semi-rough surface to climb the uphill slope. Once it reached the top, it wasn't an exit yet but it did see it. It also saw that the tunnel evened out again, with the light-filled exit parallel. Maybe the smell wasn't sweet, but the air coming from outside smelled much better. A small drip of liquid dripped down from outside, right at the corner of the exit.

@Bosque: The creature was long, and both smooth and cold to the touch. Draining it before absorbing what it could with the small amount of itself that was still slime was taking a long time, but it was in no danger, so it didn't really matter. After awhile the slime could tell it had learned what there was to learn from this thing, and continuing to consume it would make itself grow bigger since it didn't need any more mass to heal or make up for growing.

@Ravager: The slime was on its last amount of conscious energy, but saw a strangely shaped creature somewhat smaller than itself flail around, then stop moving. At least some of it stopped moving. Had it noticed the slime? Somehow.. the slime felt kindred to whatever this thing was. Something else like it was?

@Arq: Biting the inorganic thing that poked him, or he fell into, the slime got a very cold blast of air from the thing! The slime jumped back, startled. But the cold air feeling in its mouth started to spread. What was going on here? The feeling wasn't just cold, it felt like wherever it spread, the slime froze. It couldn't even move the freezing parts of its body! Even worse, the slime saw another creature... no, this was a slime! Another one! But this slime hadn't changed its body much at all, and was bigger than Arq. It... no, it didn't notice Arq. Or did it? Was it asleep?

The other punk came back slammed the front door again on the way back in, and ran up the stairs and into the bedroom.
"Open the cage!"
The guarding punk turned to his friend, saw what was in his hand, and did as he was told despite usually being the one in control.
The punk threw the ant-covered dead garden lizards into the cage with the... small iguana?
"You think the slime can resurrect those things too?" asked the punk as he closed the cage.
"Why not? It brought your iguana back to life. Don't know why its smaller, though. Or where the spider webs are."
"Or why the ground coconut bark substrate has a big indent in it, like it's gone or something."
"Hey, let's go get some food."
The punks left the slime unattended, in the closed aquarium.

The janitor was ready for another long day of work, but his first job of his afternoons was as a landscaper. Getting into his truck, he made sure the vial he still thought was some sort of cleaning acid was resting safely with his cleaning chemicals and gardening fertilizers.
Arriving at work, he sat in front of a small flower garden, and opened the vial as well as other things, and began to aerate the soil with his trowel. The slime got out and started to absorb some of the marigold flowers that the janitor had taken off the plants, as the removed flowers had died. The vial, being tipped over, was noticed after a short time, only because of the janitor wiping the sweat from his forehead.
Shocked, he scooped the slime back up into the vial and stood it back up, making sure it couldn't be knocked over again.

The smell of the air It litteraly smelt new! Saarg greedily advanced towards the exit. It felt strangely optimistic about whatever lay ahead. He'd been living in a dark, cramped, dingy space since as far as he could remember, but now, with the pleasant air and light ahead, maybe things would be different! Maybe he'd finally find a place where he could eat and grow in peace, and nothing would try and eat him for it!

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