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Saarg slowed its pace. Just as it has suspected, this was some kind of nest for the light weilders, and judging by the huge number of these peculiar squares, there were lots of them. Saarg had planned to sneak inside, look around, collect as much information as it could about these giants, then flee back into the tunnels it had first arrived in, even if that meant facing the creature it had sensed all that time ago. But now the light weilder had awoken, and Saarg didn't feel confident fighting one in its own lair. This complicated matters, it would be harder than expected.

And for some reason, that notion made Saarg want to do it more.

Advancing as close to the wall as it could, Saarg tried to keep out of the line of sight of the strange hole in the wall. Now that the slime was directly underneath it, it could see that there was a strange...sheen covering the hole, and that it was not empty space at all! was like water that had been made flat and solid. These light weilders lived in the most peculiar of nests.

Continueing around the square, Saarg came to a corner, and peaking around was confronted by another of the collosal, rectangular blocks that seemed to inhabit so many of these squares. This one was slightly different however, as it seemed to have a small square cut conveniently into the bottom right of it. A square that seemed to be covered by a slightly grimier version of the one the light weilder was looking through. It was at the perfect height for Saarg to access, and it was confident that it could easily fit through. Saarg paused a moment, took in his surroundings, then slipped forward and delicately poked his head through the small portal...

@Ish: This next tree took longer, but also provided more energy, and it was even enough for the slime to finish its undergrowth, even to the point that the thick white plant flesh was at the same density the fruit normally had. The tree creaked, and a couple of the larger branches began to bend. One broke and fell off, causing a loud crash and making the animals hiding near where it fell flee in terror.

@Sevak: The angry animal had seemed somewhat confused at the noise the slime was making, but it also didn't seem familiar with it, somehow. When Sevak lunged, the animal didn't run, but instead zipped around in a half-circle, and tried to bite the slime on its back end, away from its mouth! It missed, but the slime almost didn't the thing's tail. But it's tail was strange too, and it curled upwards, almost in a strike pose. It seemed to only move like that to get out of the way of the slime, though.

@Saarg: There was a steep drop, and the slime earned the noble honor of falling right on its face and flopping over. It wasn't enough of a drop to actually injure it, but it certainly wasn't dignified. There was another of those flat surface things that the slime had seen before in the smaller room in the other cube before it found the animals. The air here smelled... different. It didn't smell fresh like outside, or scent-ridden like the animal cube, and not even dank like underground. There was almost no light here, since there wasn't any from outside to flood in.

Sevak thudded to the ground after grazing the thing's tail. Luckily the slime had been missed by the sharp-tooth mouth. He didn't want to think of what would happen in the teeth had hit their mark.
He stood back up on the odd legs he had, turning around to face the creatue- not that Sevak had to, he pretty much had 360 vision- and rattled his scales again to test the reaction. The scales rippled with more intensity this time as Sevak tried to intimidate the creature. For some reason he felt the need to intimidate this thing. But the slime had an idea. He knew these things could hear and wondered if vibrating his scales even more might give it a headache. Though he also realized it probably would give him a headache too. Oh well. It was a chance he'd take to bother thing threatening thing.

For Sevak's plan to work, he quit the rattling of the scales for now and circled around the creature as it mimicked him for a few moments. The slime knew they were easy to push over, probably some defense thing for them he figured, it seemed logical at least since he'd done it already, and knew they were faster than he was right now. They had sharp teeth. Probably something he wanted to stay away from... But the slime then chose a moment to rush the creature with all the speed he could muster. He charged into it full force, using his mouth-gap to try to grab onto anything reletively easy to hold onto and then latched his legs around the creature as well as he could. From here, Sevak began rattling his scales as violently as possible, being able to only keep that speed up for a few mere moments before they started to die down to a soft simmer. He knew this was a terrible idea, though the slime refused to let go now that he was latched on and hoped the creature wouldn't be too mad for his pitiful attack. He was good as dead though and Sevak knew it.

@Sevak: The animal was more flexible than the slime expected, and it bent itself nearly in half to be able to sink its fangs into the slime. Ouch! The slime was grabbed on securely to the animal's back left leg, but the thing's front left leg was lifted up and being pushed down on the slime while the teeth yanked on it, trying to rip a good sized chunk out of the scaley slime!

Ish began to use the abilities it had gained over its life to develops a sorto of weapon. A little nub grew on its back and that nub stayed in line with its body, keeping it aerodynamic and stable. However, at the tip of the nub a small bulb began forming. It was slowly growing out and taking the form of a bloated glow worm. It was growing and being pumped full of the nasty things Ish had gathered over its life.
Formaldahyde, bird flu, rabies and poision ivy poison. It was still small, but would need time to grow due to the complexities of the substances being created.

Saarg blinked as it tried to adjust its eyes to the darkness. The slime's night vision was limited, but Saarg was still able to make out the area around it. Not that that helped at all, as all the shapes and items it saw simply baffled the slime more. There were several more towering rectangles set into the walls, but also numerous smaller square shapes hanging from the walls. Most of them were of similar sizes and almost all of them seemed to have inner rectangles of exactly the same size. Odd. Saarg could also make out another towering four legged giant, with a vast flat body and no discernable head or tail. It simply stood, like everything else in the room, completley in-animate.

Picking itself up off the floor in as dignified a manner as it possibly could, Saarg began to explore, taking pains to make certain it was quiet, retracting its claws to they didn't click and moving low to the ground and close to the walls. The portal that pointed towards where the light wielder would have been was firmly closed, but there was another one that was slightly open. Poking its head through the gap, Saarg found this room was also in total darkness, but seemed to have a different smell coming from it.

And up against the wall there was a huge, white rectangle. Saarg had never seen its like before.

There was also a faint humming and, as Saarg slid further into the room, a slight chilling in the air. The closer the slime got to the towering white rectangle, the colder the air got and the louder the humming grew. The floor was cold and oddly slippery, yet dry at the same time, so Saarg's progress was...faltering to say the least. Eventually the adventurous creature stood, gazeing up at the humming white block. He detected a faint aroma from inside it, and the mingled smells: meat, greenery and a menagerie of other tangs it couldn't recognise, flowed onto his forked tongue.

Saarg scrabbled at it with his claws, drawing faint and futile lines in its lower section. saarg liked and nudged and bit, but all to no avail. The slime was about to give up, when it saw the strange seam running up its side. On an impulse, Saarg hooked its claws, and its fangs, behind the seam and tugged with all its might.

The might door gave way, and bathed the panting slime in brilliant white light.

And a vision of sent and food within.

Sevak could see quite well that this was going pretty much to a bad place. Teeth. Why the teeth?
The slime dug a leg into the creature in an attempt to harm it somehow as well as keep his grip. As bad as it was being torn apart, the creature didn't want to be sharp-toothed food. He was well on his way to becoming that though. He used the two 'free' legs on the side closest to the creature's twisted body to kicked it as hard as he could. He continued to kick the creature's fur as the creature pulled away at his skin with his teeth while pushing with a leg.
The slime was in pain. Could it be called pain? He wasn't exactly sure, though he knew he'd been bitten before and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. The clear odd fluid started running again which signaled to Sevak that the creature needed off. Badly. He clamped down harder on the creature one last time in an attempt to cause the same harm back. What Sevak didn't know, due to the pain, was that a set of teeth had grown in, causing the clamping to be more painful to the creature than he would have thought.

@Ish: The slime hadn't noticed until now, but the bright circle in the sky was about halfway between straight up and straight forward. More interesting though, was a few small noises that it noticed near one of the trees it sucked the life out of. *creak* That sound happened a few times. Then CRASH! Maybe staying near the trees wasn't safe, since their branches began falling off one after the other. Not in quick succession, but a few minutes in between. Whenever one fell, if there was something nearby sneaking in the bushes, it would dart away.

@Saarg: The slime did NOT need proof of the successful hunting abilities of the light wielders, but looking at what it saw here, well it was that much more obvious. Two full *sniff sniff* birds of some kind, with all their feathers pulled off and claws removed. At least a couple dozen *sniff* these white things smelled similar to the birds. The slime knew what apples were, and apparently so did the light-wielders. Something yellow and slightly curved, but it looked like there were a bunch of those, too. Bright orange sticks that smelled sweet. The slime thought it smelled sweet before, but no, that was rancid compared to this white circular thing with a flat top and pretty colored symbols on it. A long square shape... one side longer than the rest, that is, and that smelled good too! It was orange, but smelled like the red mangled meat set up in nice easy-to-bite flat circles. The slime could only feel one thing seeing all this...

@Sevak: The slime's wounds throbbed in pain, big thick gashes in the slime where the creature had dragged its teeth through it. It had let go, shaken its leg, and tried running away, but the slime's grip was too good. The creature dug with its claws for a couple scrapes as it ducked under a thick tree root, trying to make the hole only big enough for itself, leaving the slime behind. If it wasn't as seriously injured as it was, the animal would have probably failed, but since the slime lost most of its strength at the same time it lost half of its face, escape was beginning to look easily possible.

Sevak struggled with the creature. He was unhappy, oozing clear liquidy stuff he still hadn't quite named and he was tired. Not to mention he was now close to being completely pulled off this fuzzy thing. The slime bit down one last time before dropping off, landing outside the odd hole the creature created. He didn't like it. He didn't like any of it. He was covered in red liquid toward his mouth, though the back of his body was covered in clear oozy stuff. None of that felt good, though the red liquid tasted odd. The slime clearly was hurt. He called it hurt at least.
Sevak fell to the ground where he was, closing his eyes and not caring if the creature came back. If that thing was going to eat him, he decided to let it and get it over with. He wasn't in any shape to fight that sharp-toothed scratcher and was starting to get hungry again even with the overwhelming amount of throbbing.

@Sevak: There were leafy things nearby with little branches like the slime had tried before, and soft plants that had little blades sticking up, but there didn't seem to be any animals nearby. Of course the slime could always try to eat some of the tree that it was right next to, but it was bigger and thicker than the slime, and much more durable, so that wasn't on the current menu. If the slime's scales hadn't been so damaged, it wouldn't have noticed the tiny poking in its sores. It was very small, and spindly, and hardly weighed anything, but something was there.

Sevak tried to ignore the spindly poky thing. It hurt slightly but was more an annoyance than anything. He was forced to open his eyes after a few minutes of having that feeling insists. He shuffled pathetically around to face it, shoving a few leafyplantbranches in his mouth in the process. Those became absorbed inside him and renewed his already-present hunger. More specifically the actual drive to find food again instead of laying as a mass of scales and legs. Oozing scales and legs to be exact. He was awfully sure one of the legs was broken too.
Either way, the slime had managed to find the source of the poking. Not finding much harm in eating it, he slipped his mouth over the substance and stopped there as it became absorbed. His 360degree vision showed him the various other planty possibilities to eat. The tree seemed nice, though way to hard to eat at the moment. The leafplantbranches were still plenty in number around the slime, though he doubted it would be sufficient enough, even in that number, to completely renew his strength and possibly start to heal. This prospect saddened him, though he saw no clear option as to how else he would heal. Eating meant energy so the slime decided to eat as much as he could. He used the front-most legs to 'scoop' more leafyplantbranches to his mouth where he slowly, and carefully, began starting to absorb them and anything else hiding under them in the process.

@Sevak: (Unlocked: Spider Web, funnel web spider pedipalps) The little spindly thing was too close to the slime's left compound eye to make it out well, but it got stuck in the slime's wound. Or already was. Whatever. The slime found that under its now ripped scales, it was able to absorb by touch, so the thing got consumed easily. Wait, was that another of the spindly things? Actually there were a few of them hiding in the leaves, too. They had stringy things they hid in, but that just meant more food since Sevak was more concentrating on recovery than taste-testing.

Sevak slowly started to get enough strength back to search for more food, though, as expected, that strength did not seem large enough yet to start healing. The slime lifted itself up carefully, leaving the middle right leg a bit more limp as it did seem broken in some way. Perhaps crushed. Either way, it hurt to walk on.
So the slime made its way carefully, and awkwardly, along the ground, scooping up what it could with its mouth once it spotted more leaves or odd creatures to eat. He didn't go far, more so he moved in a circle around the area he'd been eating in, and only once or twice ran into the tree branch the sharp-toothed had crawled under.

@Sevak: Besides the thick root, everything within a circle of the slime was gone, except for the dirt and other inorganic things, of course. It had gained enough strength back to feel like itself.. well, what 'itself' was undamaged, at least. There were some other things a little further off that the slime had eaten before- the brown wooden circular things. Something else was in the opposite direction, and it looked like uncountable amounts of small bugs were crawling all over it. Whatever it was, it was totally covered and apparently interesting.

Ish had stopped growing the now tiny fruit of death on its back, not wanting to be crushed by a branch. SO the creature ecided to take to the air, making a quick run, then launching itself into the air. The slime began looking around for something to eat that was an animal, knowing its chances of finding something sli since it had just destroyed a few trees.

@Ish: Another crashing sound echoed throughout the area as another of the tree's limbs fell to the ground. Most of the animals had already fled, but the ones that didn't decided to finally do so now. A small group of flying things lifted from... wherever they were sitting before, and went upward. The slime was in the air above them, and the animals were in front of the slime a dozen feet distance or so. The animals all seemed to fly the same way each other was, so that any turn was mimicked by the rest.

Sevak crawled over to the odd insect covered thing. He wasn't too sure about it at first. Multiple bugs crawled all over it, which to him meant that whatever was left probably was good food. Though, at the same time, the slime was amused by it just because of that fact. So many creatures climing all over it. Oh well! He would just have to eat it anyway right? It was free after all. Though he wanted to be careful not to upset the bugs. He didn't see how that could be super possible as so many were crawling over the thing. So Sevak started to eat the covered 'interesting', taking bugs with him as he did so. Some of the bugs inadvertantly started climbing on him, though the slime didn't care as long as they weren't mad.

OOC: Sorry, was really tied up with a huge mod for Morrowind I'm doing, and by the time I remembered to check back here (I knew that Dragon can only post about once a month), I forgot what I decided Sevak found.
So I'll say this to all of you: Send me a private message, or use the group's chat, to let me know what you want to encounter.

Also, to everyone else who might be reading this but isn't playing yet, you can still join in if you like!

@Sevak: Biting the thing the swarm of little bugs was crawling on was apparently the wrong idea for multiple reasons, though the slime didn't see how it could have known that initially. It was inorganic, and soft- and tasted just like the ground. In fact, it was ground, just looser. Also, disturbing it angered the insects greatly, causing them to purposely amass in number, climbing on and biting the slime.

Sevak jumped back in pain. Or was it pain? He couldn't quite tell as the swarms crawled over him. What had he done? He resolved to never do this again and flipped on his back in despiration. His scales protected some of the pain from getting to him but he still felt it once enough bit everywhere. He hoped, by flipping on his back, to crush some of these while eating the ones who got close to his mouth. They were rather stupid and actually started climbing into his mouth sometimes if he left it open. That still hurt some but he lived with it, rolling about on the ground to crush some of them.

@Sevak: Nope. Rolling over and trying to smash the things didn't smash them. It did keep them from moving while the slime's weight was on them, but that's it. Eating the few of them the slime did taught it a small amount of the creature's instincts. "Find food. Tell others where food is. If any of us is attacked, all of us should attack it. Now it is food". The slime understood the creature's thinking very well, but it still didn't really know how to kill it or copy it.

Sevak was continually being bit. He didn't like it at all and could tell that rolling on the ground wasn't helping much. At least it stopped the moving, though he had the suspicion that the biting was worse on the smushed side. He couldn't tell with so many bites happening.
The slime wanted them off though. Off off not just half off or crushed while still on. They were hostile to him and he knew the reason why. He was hostile to them. They were just repeating the action. Sevak had an idea though and he flipped himself back over. Ignoring the pain as best he could, and keeping the biters off his legs, he went in search of better food. His reasoning was that if he was always in search of better food, why not these creatures? They were smart enough to repeat actions dealt upon them so he figured they also thought along the same lines when it came to what was food. He wished he could remember where that deer had been, knowing the large animal probably would be an awesome morsel for the tiny biters, but he settled on wandering around the area in search of anything else that might work.

@Sevak: As the slime wandered around, some of the creatures had loosed themselves and began running around. On the slime, off the slime, it seemed random. When one of them ran over the slime's open wound, it tasted something and understood it. The things were using their feet to place a chemical signal for others of their kind to follow the trail and kill whatever was at the other end of it. On the other side of a patch of tall, thin, green blades, the target was finally spotted- one of the white crunchy things the slime found inside animals was there, with some food on it but not much. The shape was even the right one for the slime to rub itself against to get the things off of it.

Out of Character: Well, as I've been waiting for a role play response by someone (all of you missed a really awesome holiday since it was April Fool's and Easter on the same day), I've been working on another game at the same time. It's a trading card game, and I uploaded all the cards to a facebook page. All 1000 cards (and counting) are of different magic items taken from movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, manga, comics, famous short stories or published books, video games, other card games, web comics, commercials, popular game mods, and any other type of media you can think of. I actually tried using it as a second role play here instead of a card game, but no one seemed interested. If anyone puts in some effort, you can find the game, but I won't link it or even say its name since I don't want any of the moderators to get whiny at me. Wish I knew how to contact them about other things though...

Peter Griffin once said "It's almost as much fun as copyright infringement!", and I of course was inspired by other things, like Bob Chipman's video "Worlds Within Worlds". Also Calvinball, and Wil Wheaton's "Tabletop" show.

Sevak took some interest in the way the tiny creatures had moved themselves around. Chemical signals was clever. Certainly something the slime didn't think a tiny creature could do. The white target got closer and closer as the slime wandered over to it. He rubbed himself on it, loosing some of the tiny creatures and hoped they might signal for the others to follow their position. The slime climbed over the white target as well, just to be sure that at least one creature would say there was something there.
On the other side of the potential food, Sevak looked around in case anything larger might show up. He hadn't seen a large live creature in a while. Or really at all yet but after finding the deer, he knew there should be some around sometime. One deer couldn't be the only thing around.

@Sevak: Rubbing against the white branchy thing pulled the slime's closing wound open a little, forcing it to stop. Some of the crawly things did climb off in their nonstop frenzy though, but some of them had been getting left behind as the slime ran. The thing that hurt the slime hadn't been following, or had it? The ground felt... like it was thudding?

Sevak sort of bounced as the ground-thudding came closer. He didn't like that- the bouncing- or the fact that he couldn't tell what it was. The ants somewhat flew off too with each bounce, but his wound started to hurt again. Another bounce. Then ground. Looking around wasn't helping. Where was it coming from?

@Sevak: A large creature, but smaller than the thing with the white branches, came running out from some nearby green branchy things and headed up the incline at a speed the slime had fallen down the incline. It was furry, and a light color. When its feet hit the nearby hard inorganic, it made a hard sound, almost like a click, but deeper. It was too fast for the slime to catch it, but it had nearly stepped on the slime. One of the round inorganics the thing jumped onto loosened itself from the ground, some of it tumbling away. Then the inorganic started to fall- not directly on the slime, but close!

Sevak was scared. Was it scared? What was scared anyway?
He didn't know what was exactly going on with this smaller furry thing but when it tripped, he had the sudden impulse to not only move, but to get a bit closer. He wanted to know what it was, and not just by looks. He was being careful to not get squished, but was also determined. The slime expected the furry tripper to attack or something, but that didn't stop him.

@Sevak: The big furry thing with armored feet scrambled and got up, shoving its back legs against the big inorganic in order to do so; which made it finally lose its grip in the ground and come loose. The inorganic completely blocked the slime's forward vision, though its peripheral could see the furry thing's shadow move on the other side and disappear. The inorganic for a moment stood up as it fell, rolling on top of the slime. By the slime's own luck, an indent on the inorganic matched the slime's location, and it was unharmed, though it was pressed into the dirt a little. The inorganic rolled again, flipping over and smashing things as it tumbled down the decline. The furry thing was still there! Its head was moving strangely, and one of its hind legs seemed to be caught in between some smaller (smaller compared to that big one) inorganics somehow.

Sevak stopped moving once the inorganic big thing came at him. He expected to die right then, but was very surprised when he got pressed into the dirt a bit instead of dead. Anything was better than dead right now. But the inorganic big thing rolled away, smashing stuff. Better them than him. But the furry thing caught his attention again, it being still there and all. That itself the slime knew shouldn't have happened. But hey, he'd take it! He charged at the furry thing without really thinking. If it was still there, it could get away. He didn't want that. But he didn't want to die either.

Name: Luna
Bonus DNA: African driver ants
Starting location: forest
Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime
Equipment: nothing

@Sevak: The creature didn't even notice the slime; it was too busy struggling to get free. The slime caught up to the thing's back end easily, it still trying to kick with its pinned leg. The slime could see that one of the front legs had red stuff coming out of it, and was bent somewhat to the side and not like it had seen other things bend such body parts.

@Luna: (added bonus DNA: Crown of Thorns)
"Whatever the hell junk was in that vase melted my flowers!"
"Flowers don't melt."
"Get rid of it!"
"You said to get you a round vase, and I did. You didn't say to empty it out, and anyway it looked like water."
"GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE! Those were very special flowers!"
He rolled his eyes, and picked up the vase. The junkyard was nearby, but he wanted to get out of there. He'd drive further. To the forest, why not? He could get there in a few hours. That would give her time to get control of herself. Not that she would.
The clear slime in the container didn't even slosh when the car bumped on the bad road, though the driver only paid attention to make sure it didn't spill periodically. Once the road's scenery changed from city to desolation, then to lightly forested, then mountainous forest, he knew he got to his destination- and out the window the thing went.
The slime felt everything, though unaware of anything else. Just some jostling for awhile.
Until it felt itself spinning, falling, then smash on something hard and organic. The slime was stretched out far, just as a scoop of ice cream splatters but remains a single orb-like shape when it falls.
The organic thing it was on was dry, and very hard, but there was a small coating of very soft something else on it. But why was it all so cold?

New Character Sheet
Name: Maculun
Bonus DNA: Planarian flatworm
Starting location: Swamp
Description: A small, fist-sized clear slime
Equipment: ...

OOC: Welcome to Azure Wyrm, Illuminatus! Your character is accepted.

@Maculun: The dump truck's compressor had long since broken. The crew knew this, and used it as an excuse to have shorter routes overall. The route for the day was finished, so they went to dump their load of garbage. There was a swampy area nearby, and the road went alongside it so they went there. They had before, no reason not to do it again.
The dump truck's back end raised upward, spilling its contents all over the side of the road, a decent amount of it slipping into the murky mildewed water.
The slime's canister slid into the water, hitting a rock and cracking. Something heavy mixed in to the refuse rolled and fell against the canister, breaking one end off of it before rolling away and sinking into the silty mud. The slime activated, or woke up for the first time. It felt wet, and cold, and like tiny specs of inorganic was being dusted on one side of it. Why was one side of it wet and cold, the other side wasn't? What were these sensations?

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