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Coldness and wetness and... something touching? All around the slime Maculun felt slick inorganic surface but now there was something else enveloping from one end. Instinct driving the slime into a new environment, it tentatively slid from the remains of its 'home' and deeper into the cold wetness. Little particles of inorganic irritants stuck to the slime's surface as it sank away from broken remains of its container. What were these things?!

@Maculun: Whatever the things touching the slime were, it wasn't food. Something the slime bumped into was organic though, but it tasted.. somehow something felt wrong with it. Whatever it was, it was extremely hard and had many long, but segmented... things sticking out of a different shape. The ends of these roundish long things were very pokey. The whole thing was smaller than the slime was. Feeling further down, there seemed to be an endless surface of inorganic.

Maculun instinctively recoiled from the bad tasting organic thing, surface rippling with displeasure. It moved forward, exploring the pokey hard thing, solid body flattening and carefully crawling over the rounded segments to feel without being impaled. The slime searched for different feelings, different sensations, a growing need driving it further into the cold wetness in search of tasty organics. But what was this? Another thing, indigestible and much larger! More ripples of displeasure!

@Maculun: Sliding along the endless inorganic surface began to taste different. There was some organic after all! It was slick and easily dispersed, though it mostly retained its cohesion. It seemed very soft, whatever it was, and not pokey at all. No longer considering the wet to be such a new experience, the slime tasted tiny hints of other things nearby, some inorganic, and some organic.

@Sevak: The creature didn't even notice the slime; it was too busy struggling to get free. The slime caught up to the thing's back end easily, it still trying to kick with its pinned leg. The slime could see that one of the front legs had red stuff coming out of it, and was bent somewhat to the side and not like it had seen other things bend such body parts.

((Sevak might meet new slime perhaps??))

The oddly twisted leg interested Sevak more than the kicking one did. It seemed safer too than staying where he was. But, instead of going around the kicking and struggling thing, he did his best to climb on it. That took a bit of time, but he was able to use his legs to climb up. The white stuff covering it kept getting in the way, but the slime kept pushing and climbing up until he reach the top of a sloped surface. It was harder than it seemed, with the thing still worried about getting out of the mass of branches. He sure hoped this thing wouldn't get free. That'd be bad.
But the slime made his way for the twisted and red section of this white moving mass. He ended up sliding down most of it, not realizing where the ground was in all the white furry stuff, and actually landed rather near the red stuff. Picking himself up, Sevak moved toward the source of the red stuff and hoped he didn't get smashed.

@Sevak: Oh, that's what it was. The red stuff was the same red stuff that was in the small furry things that dropped stuff on the slime. The hard slope on the creature had to be similar to the hard white things that those creatures had in them as well- but just bigger because the creature was bigger. The big white thing with a stuck leg seemed to use up its energy, as it finally just laid down and air from its front went in and out faster than it was before.


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Sevak knew the red stuff was the same red stuff in the tiny furry throwing creatures, but he also was still rather wary of the head that was nearby the broken stuck part of itself. He inched closer to the big white hard thing and inspected that, wondering if he was big enough to try and gnaw on it. Without any teeth, Sevak would have a hard time gnawing on anything, but the slime got into position and tried to put its rudimentary mouth mostly over the hard white part. He considered angering the white fluffy thing, but the way it was acting seemed less threatening.

@Sevak: The creature's eye moved, and stared at the slime, but it didn't move away, or try to do anything. It just kept making air go in and out of its face quickly, its middle synchronized with it. Dark shapes began to appear on the ground, coming from other directions. Whatever they were, they were up in the air, and not running towards the slime at all. Some of the dark shapes landed a distance away, seemingly watching but doing nothing.

Name: Nathair
Bonus DNA: eastern brown snake
Starting location: swamp(preferably a snaky part)
Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime

@booksv2: Welcome! Your character is accepted, Nathair.

@Nathair: The dump truck didn't only carry one slime canister. A second one was close to the top of the pile in the truck itself, and when the load was evacuated, it poured out almost instantly- the remainder of the refuse behind it, slightly down the incline and partially in the algae-filmed dark water. The garbageman went to sweep out the back of the truck to make sure everything was out, but a car cylinder was all that was left. It was picked up and tossed haphazardly over his shoulder, which landed on one side of the slime's vial. With the endcap squashed and the glass shattered, the slime woke up to the feeling of small thuds on the ground that quickly disappeared and merged with the rumbling ground, which then disappeared. The taste of many inorganic, and some organics, filled the slime's senses. Whatever it was sitting on was confusing, but something else was there- small things, inorganic and smooth, but with sharp edges.

Nathair stays still for a second just taking in the fact the prison that he had been in for a while is gone. Then suddenly the whole slime vibrates and it starts speeding off as fast as it can away, rolling over things both organic and inorganic. Stopping after what it assumes is a safe distance, unsure exactally how far its gone, it never having this much room before. Hungry now, more hungry than it has ever remembered from before it moves around until it finds something soft and organic. Moving over it for a second it starts absorbing it slowly. The slime jiggling slightly as it absorbs something completely new, soft and slightly wavy it moves when nathair push's against it a little.

After absorbing the organic it starts moving away, more than surprised when the hard inorganic thing it has been moving over suddenly disappears out from under him and he feels nothing around him until he is suddenly inside something slimy and encompassing. Moving forward slightly he knows he moves because the encompassing thing around him slides around him. Continuing to move he touches an organic floating thing, pushing against it he feels it start moving away. Following it and trying to push against it to try absorbing it. It continues to move away till it suddenly stops and nathair can push against it. Absorbing it quickly he moves forward where the floaty thing was and feels his front push against an inorganic bumpy wall.

@Nathair: Absorbing the floating thing into its mass was easy enough for the slime once it got a grip, but dissolving it was another matter, and having it lodged within itself made its movement difficult since it couldn't stretch as much. The wet the slime was travelling through had some ripples of its own- something else was moving in it. The slime couldn't feel the thing, but it could feel the moving wet- ripples moving towards it from the bumpy wall.

Stopping and staying still as it dissolves the organic inside itself he feels the bumpy wall he is against again and vibrates slightly. Once he has dissolved the thing inside him all the way he start moving again. Moving towards the ripples and floating up so he is half in the slimy encompassing wet and half out. Pushing its way slowly through the encompassing wet until he just barely touches the thing that had been moving.

@Nathair: The slime had reached the spot where the ripples had come from, and then some. No new ripples came, but the wet's own slimy film caked the part of the slime that wasn't under the wet. The film kept the slime from being able to sense all it otherwise could. Something new... the slime recognized what the thing was that it ate. It was tall, with hard skin, but soft things in abundance on top of it, where the skin split over and over- instead of a single thick piece, it split into many thinner and thinner shapes. Sometimes roundish things grew from the thinnest parts- that's what the slime had eaten. The bottom of this plant had spindly things just like the top did, but didn't have the thin things. Something nearly weightless but wide fell on the slime, making it pay attention again.

Dissolving the near weightless thing that had fallen in him. Moving closer against the tall almost thing that he had eaten he follows it around until he is out of the wet. Jiggling and moving forward again he bumps against another hard thing. Gurgling and moving to the side he starts rolling in another direction. Speeding up and going in a different direction away from the tall things he rolls over a small bump and feels several organic things get rolled over before he slows down and starts hesitantly moving around, going in slow circles looking for something to stop the hunger he has been building up for the time he has been moving.
Just a he is about to start rolling away again fast he hits something pokey that hurts. Pulling away quickly he moves to the side and tries to move in that direction again. Again getting stabbed several different times he vibrates slightly and angrily starts dissolving the thing poking him and causing him harm. Moving closer and closer to it to absorb and dissolve more and more of it as he gets stabbed a few more times, each time he pushes forward harder and dissolved and absorbs more of this hurting spiny poky thing.

@Nathair: The slime was stuck in place, barely able to touch the tip of the thing that was poking it, besides the pokes themselves. The stuck feeling started where the slime first felt the pain of being poked, making the slime unable to move. Worse, it was spreading through the slime's whole body, spreading outward until it was entirely paralyzed. Being forced to be immobile, the slime got a better sense of what very little surroundings it was touching. A different type of thin, fragile slime had hardened, and seemed to be in a generally straight line.

Forced to be still because of something nathair gurgles slightly and after several tries to move and failing he stops and feel around for the things it can touch and feel. The thin and hard slime it feels when it does it 'tastes' and pulls what small information it can from it. After that he goes back to what is poking him and the fact he can't move, trying again and feeling something not himself inside him.

@Nathair: The hardened line of slime came from a creature- that's all the slime could tell since it was barely even present. The film the slime got on it from the wet was absorbed, cleaning the slime off. Lots of tiny things were in the film, and the slime learned what it was from- a flying thing. The slime had only gotten enough of it to learn how to form one of its senses- the creature was able to perceive the hot, nutritious liquid inside animals. As the slime was now, it wasn't useful. The spots that hurt and caused immobility began to feel again. It happened slowly, but the slime began to get its mobility back in full as the paralyzation wore off the same way it started.

As nathair gets movement back he pulls away from the hurting painful pokey things. slowly moving away and following that hard slime on the ground. Slowly following it and absorbing and dissolving the slime and anything in and under it. Stopping after a little and start searching for larger organics, hungry and needing to eat more right away. Feeling something inside him start to harden and form, not knowing what it is yet. But as it does his hunger grows and he starts looking more frantically for things to eat.

@Nathair: The slime trail was no longer hardened, but wet and sticky. Continuing on, the source was found. A round thing around 1/5th the slime's own size was there. Whatever this thing was, it was slimy too, and recoiled every time the slime touched it even a little. Except that round part. It didn't seem to move.

Rolling over the hard round part of this thing at the end of the slimy trail nathair grabs onto it as best he can and tries to hold onto it as he rolls over it more. Pinning it beneath him he starts trying to absorb and dissolve the thing under him. Taking some of the energy from it to finish the thing growing inside him, knowing its poisonous and from something before even the first thing he ate.

@Nathair: The thing felt inorganic, but since it was being absorbed the slime could tell it was organic after all, and very fragile. Inside, it was slimy just like itself, just like the wet. But it moved. Not enough to get away from within the slime, though. A drip of wet hit the slime.

While nathair dissolved the organic and started understanding more about it and how its made and from what he wiggles and rolls around slightly in excitement. He had learned something new, by eating it. After this he realizes there is more that he has learned and knows. Gurgling and wiggling he starts rolling on, looking for more organic things to eat and taste and learn. The hard point inside him staying with him and starting to fill with a liquid. The hunger inside him growing slowly again, filling him with the need to find and eat something in order to grow and fill the need inside him.

@Nathair: Another organic thing. This one was flat and very thin, but was much wider than the slime- it couldn't even stretch itself far enough to feel both ends at the same time. There was a thick line in the middle of it, that split off into smaller lines, then even smaller ones. Whatever this thing was, it felt somewhat soft. A couple small moving things were on the thing. Whether they had a direction or not, the slime couldn't tell.

Moving around on top of this large soft organic nathair absorbs a few of the smaller moving things inside himself and starts dissolving them as he moves more around the larger organic. Finally stopping he spreads out as far as he can and starts dissolving it as best he can starting at the edges and working his way inside. Grabbing more of the small moving organics moving around on top of it as well and dissolving them. While doing this he forms another sack inside himself next to the first, creating a place to hold the paralyzing poison from the pokey hurty thing from before. Feeling like something is missing he forms the delivery system from that first animal, 2 fangs sliding up out of his slime and the sacks of venom and poison connecting to them, one sack to each fang. After a drop from each slides out of the fangs they slide back into the slime, hidden.

@Nathair: There was enough of the flat wide thing for the slime to learn how to copy some of it for its own use, but only enough of the other things to know that their sense of taste was located at the bottom of the stick-like things that stuck out of their bodies. Air moved, and the slime felt colder than it was before when it happened. The air was filled with many tiny tastes of organic things that the slime was unaware of.

@Sevak: The creature's eye moved, and stared at the slime, but it didn't move away, or try to do anything. It just kept making air go in and out of its face quickly, its middle synchronized with it. Dark shapes began to appear on the ground, coming from other directions. Whatever they were, they were up in the air, and not running towards the slime at all. Some of the dark shapes landed a distance away, seemingly watching but doing nothing.

Sevak noticed the black shapes move around and where some landed, being able to see practically everywhere. He noticed too that the furry thing was starring at him, but didn't do anything. He considered that might be because of the situation, but the slime wasn't sure.
What the slime did know, however, was that putting its mouth over this hard thing was difficult. It wasn't like the smaller ones that were easily plopped into his mouth before. It almost reminded him of the brown furry dead thing he had seen rather recently with bigger hard things like this. Yet this one was thicker than that. Not by much, but enough to cause the slime to have a bit of difficulty.
So Sevak left off the 'gnawing' theory he had, and decided to try and get some of the red flappy stuff nearby the white hard thing that was also oozing red liquid.

Shivering nathair pull back into a more round form after spreading out to eat the plant. Rolling forward for a bit he stops and shakes himself, deciding how he is moving makes his fangs nigh useless. He starts pushing forward with a blob around where they are located in his body. Pushing and stretching he can feel his body changing slowly, the blob of his body thinning as more and more of it is stretched out after the portion of flesh with the fangs and venom sacks. A slightly wider piece at the end, splitting in half from a memory, forming a mouth but nothing further inside than that. The fangs sliding out of the top part of the mouth before hiding again inside the slime like flesh. Doing this a few times then sliding inside, the second sack moving slightly inside and another set of fangs sliding out of the bottom of his mouth this time, closer together and smaller. The poison sack from the paralyzing thing disconnects from the top fang and connects to both of the lower one, the venom sack adding another connection and now the top set of fangs are connected to that one. Both sets sliding out and a drop of poison and venom sliding out of each before sliding back inside the skin and becoming hidden again. Sliding along slowly for a little distance he can feel the dull hunger from before turn into a ravaging desire for food. Over riding almost all other instinct for the shear desire for organic material.

@Sevak: Finally the furry thing moved. When the slime grabbed a hold of the part of the thing where the red stuff was coming out, it kicked and struggled, making the inorganic round things move out of the way. The slime could now see more of the creature's limb, as it began to free itself from being stuck. One of the dark shapes sitting on something began to move.

@Nathair: The slime's attention was pulled away due to a new taste that came to it. Some sort of sticky, slippery dirty-tasting liquid slid down the inorganic, touching the slime and pouring around it. It was obviously inorganic, whatever it was.

Writhing around as the dirty bad tasting liquid washes over nathair he starts slithering away as fast as he can. Not liking the taste of this dirty inorganic and wanting to get away from it. But before he had gotten to far away the need to feed overpowers his distaste and he ignores the disgusting tasting liquid as he starts looking for something with his blood sense. Looking for something to test his new fangs and poisons on, the 2 sets of fangs sliding out and staying out as he slithers around looking for something with blood flowing through its body.

@Nathair: It was relatively far away from the slime, but in front of and to the right of its fangs, it could sense something with blood. None of the blood lines were very thick or long, it was something small and roundish. But it wasn't even to the slime, it was up. Up further than the slime could stretch. The matted ball of blood lines was moving around, but not going very far- though the slime would have to cross the thin yucky liquid in order to get towards it. If there were other things for the blood sense to notice, they were probably blocked somehow from being detected.

Facing his fangs at the small mass of of blood up nathair gurgles and moves forwards towards it until he touches the inorganic yucky and pulls back quickly until he is not touching it anymore. Writhing slightly on the ground he slithers to the side for several of his body lengths then tries to head to the small mass of blood again, touching the inorganic stuff again and backing up more. Heading back up to where he was the first time he goes farther and tries to go to the mass of blood again. Touching the inorganic again he writh's for a second then push's forward in and trying to get through the inorganic to the mass of blood that is ahead and above him. Getting right under the mass of blood he faces his fangs at it and tries to lift high enough to get to it. Falling short he circles around slightly and slowly circles wider and wider trying to find a way up to it.

@Nathair: The slime had crossed the bad-tasting liquid and made it to a place where it hadn't gotten, and found organics. There was a small patch of one type that stuck out of the ground, thin and straight, but topped with a different shape that was much, much wider. The blood mass hadn't really moved except in place, whatever it was doing. Another organic the slime found was very soft, and low to the ground. The last one it had noticed before it realized the dirty liquid was affecting it, was bigger than the slime knew was possible. Its big circles it was making seemed to mirror the hard, rough organic that the blood must be on somehow. Whatever the giant was, the part of it the slime could feel was generally round, but was uncomfortable to touch since it was so rough.

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