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Slithering around the short round organic nathair that he had touched first he knows it doesn't have blood in it so he just curls up tight around one and tries to absorb and dissolving the parts he does absorb. Once he finish's the first he slides over to the next and repeats the proses for each of the few short organics before they are gone. Staying still for a few second to go over the information he had gotten from the organics. Sliding over the wide soft organic he absorbs some of it and dissolves it as he searches for a way to get up to where the blood filled thing is. Looking for some way up so he can get at it and try out his new fangs.

@Nathair: By the time the slime had eaten the funny organic things, the strange feeling it got from the liquid was gone. Paying better attention to the roughness the slime was feeling, it could tell that it could slowly slurp itself upwards along the giant rough organic, as long as it kept its grip. The blood thing moved, this time going up further, and it seemed to fade slightly as it did so. Then another thing came into the slime's sense- a slightly bigger thing, and it was on the ground.

Starting its way up the roughness it stops when the small blood things moves farther away and starts to fade, turning its head to the larger blood filled thing just below it on the large inorganic it had been moving on. Sliding down the roughness he starts slithering towards the larger thing full of blood that is now level with him. Reaching out with his blood sense and looking for the thickest thing of blood closest to the surface. Slithering closer and closer until nathair is within range and and he slides his fangs out and jumps forward, striking at the thickest vein and pumping a large dose of the venoms from the upper fangs and also some of the poison from the lower fangs into it.

@Nathair: The slime felt its fangs hit the creature, it resisting the injection, but in the same instance, that resistance give way and its fangs go in. The creature almost instantly moved backwards. Whether the slime's liquids got into the thing or not, it couldn't tell. The blood-filled creature's blood started dropping off it as it got away from the slime, moving far faster than the slime could. As the blood was laying on the ground, it started slowly fading from the slime's senses for some reason.

Moving forward and sliding over this cooling blood he absorbs it and dissolves it as he keeps moving forward, trying to stay on this path of no longer seen blood. Slithering along and slowly absorbing more and more of the droplets of spent blood on the ground as he tried following them. His fangs sliding in and out of his mouth several times before they stay in. He wonders what to do about things getting away in the future and what he can do to stop that. Continuing on slowly to make sure he stays on the blood trail as best he can. Sometimes not feeling the next few drops he slowly goes back and forth until the next few drops that taste like what he had been following touch his body and get absorbed.

@Nathair: The slime noticed the drips of blood started getting bigger and closer to each other, until it bumped into something something organic and furry. It was somewhat cool to the touch, and though mostly smooth, it was only soft on the furry part. The part under it was somewhat inflexible... Feeling the size of the thing, it was slightly bigger than the slime was.

Slithering around this organic that is soft and not soft all at once nathair push's against it some then slides over it. Laying on it for several seconds it starts trying to wrap itself around this organic, its short body moving around until its wrapped itself all the way around this thing. Staying there it squeezes and starts dissolving this organic into itself.

@Nathair: The slime was stretched so thin over the thing, that the slime actually felt it. But it wasn't impossible, and absorbing dissolving what it could started to make it feel better. The thing had a soft covering, and blood, and small hard things all throughout it, then squishy parts in between those.

Staying still for a little after dissolving the soft/hard thing nathair goes over what he learned about it through dissolving it. Feeling that he is bigger nathair slithers along the hard inorganic under him and wiggles at the feeling of more of him. The feeling of growing and knowing more and more feeling right so nathair starts slithering along the hard inorganic under him quickly feeling around with this sense and looking for more blood filled things, knowing now that to large of things will make him come off and go away he looks for something close to his size that he can bite.

@Nathair: As the slime oozed its way across the swampy ground, it tasted something organic and damp, but thin and crispy. After it slithered its whole form on top of this find, it felt the organic under it give way and it fell a short distance into a roundish inorganic tube made of the same inorganic it had been travelling on. A large organic thing was hidden in this tube with the slime, right below it. Whatever it was, it didn't seem to move, but was definitely not a plant.

Rolling over and over himself as he falls down this inorganic hole. Gurgling and straightening out nathair can feel the organic not plant ahead and down. Staying where he is for just a few seconds he feels what he can of that around him.
Moving along slowly towards this hidden thing. Going from edge to edge of this hole as he slithers along it he slides his fangs out of the flesh of his mouth. Drops of venom and and poison coming from the ends of his fangs.

@Nathair: The organic actually was moving- the only part of it that was moving was a small part at the front, but it was doing something too small for the slime to feel without getting in the way and stopping it from whatever it was. Tiny little plant lines came out of the inorganic and the organic thing was almost attached to them when the slime first touched it. The organic... animal? was long and round, with many wrinkles.

Moving forward slowly nathair slides over this new thing. slithering forward and touching it with the end of his nose he nudges it. then grabbing one of these wiggling things in his mouth he holds it there as it dissolves, striking at more he grabs and dissolves them as he can.

@Nathair: The simple task being completed, the bulbous creature began moving ferociously, flipping itself into a straight line, curl, and back and forth doing that, shaking the slime loose easily. Being flung so harshly, the soft inorganic the tube was made of began to crumble slightly, things falling on the slime. Not enough to hurt, but enough to be obnoxious.

Gurgling and straightening out nathair strikes forward at this thing that had thrown it off and was dropping many many inorganic THINGS on it. Finally fed up with being nice to whatever this was. Hoping the pain and immobility he went through will be given to this thing and he can kill it and take it for himself.

the slime, luna, began to pull itself together back into it's ball form and tried to decide on what it wanted to do next. it felt cold, curiously, the slime began to try digest whatever it was on. being organic was a bonus.


@Nathair: Aggressively absorbing the creature caused it to quickly begin to lose its strength and mobility, and the slime finally knew what it was actually consuming- a heavily armored creature that can fly and bears combat-ready protrusions from its face. The thing's softness seemed more interesting to the slime than it did before, knowing how hard it could become if it would have been given the chance.

@Luna: The organic tasted strange, like it had been sitting where it was for a long time. Whatever it was, the slime consumed as much of it as was present. As it digested and absorbed, it found that there were small, hard, jagged pieces of the same organic thing hidden inside and around it.

Having absorbed and dissolved all this Nathair stops for a few moments to look over this new information. Slithering deeper into the hole, away from the direction he had entered, he brushed up against the organics poking into the hole and goes slow enough to let the organics dip into his body and dissolve them as he moves. Just looking for enough energy to fuel changes he can feel starting to slowly take place in his body. Massive changes that will drain him of much energy if he doesn't build up a large supply soon.

The slime decided it was tired of being stuck in a dark world. it knew it would need to have something to let it somehow take in the world around it. Sacrificing a bit of it's own mass, the slime formed a set of driver ant eyes. it wasn't much, but the little fella would hopefully be able to take in the sights around it self, all while catalogging away the new dna.

@Nathair: (unlocked: Hercules Beetle. Also I'd say you'd have enough energy from this meal to make the armor, but not harden it yet) The hole opened into a slightly wider circular shape that felt like its end. The only easy option of leaving the hole at this point was returning to the surface.. which had large pounding vibrations coming from it. Quick in succession, and moving quickly; but in circles.

@Luna: The pointless amount of organic that remained on the hard thing was fluffy-ish, and had been growing on a huge inorganic under an impossibly large inorganic-looking thing that the slime somehow knew was organic after all. There was very little light; except straight up; but those lights looked far too far to care about. Something huge looked upside-down and odd, an inorganic round thing's distance away.

Nathair could feel the armor on his body slide out onto his body, circular and spiraling down his body, but not hardening. Thin and light still he moves about and the new feeling of not touching the ground directly made him hiss slightly in surprise and happiness. Feeling the abundance of energy still in him Nathair turns away from the end of this hole and starts slithering back out of the hole as his insides start to warp and contract. His insides changing Nathair can feel a hole opening from his mouth to deeper into himself, something all the living things he had eaten before forming in his middle. His slightly protective scales not hardened yes, allowing his body to expand.

@Nathair: The thudding from above the surface of the hole were no longer circular, but more random, and moving away at a quick speed. However, they did come back... and away again. Was there a pattern?

Slithering towards the entrance Nathair can feel the thumping that has been going on for a while move away for a little before coming back. Lifting his head slightly and tilting it up he follows the stomping a few times. Slowly slithering to the entrance Nathair sticks his head out and faces where the stomping is, using his blood sense to see if its alive and how big it is if it is.

@Nathair: There isn't just one thing, but several. They seem to be moving in strange patterns, or no pattern at all. Moving towards each other, causing them to sometimes lunge at one another, sometimes retreat. The things are too far away to matter now, but the strength of their movements can still be felt easily. Whatever they are, even a single limb of one of them is bigger than the slime is.

Nathair stops at the entrance to the hole and feeling the things running around out there he pokes his head out and starts slithering away from these giant thumping things. Slithering away quickly and feeling around with his blood sense for anything more his size that he can eat. The burning hunger in his new belly driving his to look for things to eat. Already feeling the drain creating the new things inside himself had been Nathair slithers quickly feeling for food.

@Nathair: Something cold and dirty, but organic lay in the wet inorganic the slime had been travelling on. It would have gone unnoticed, as it did not have blood. Maybe it used to, but didn't anymore? The thing was too buried to feel its full size or shape, but it seemed to be a limb with two other limbs coming off of it. It was definitely not a plant, whatever it was.

Circling this organic but not living thing Nathair's mouth opens, stretching his mouth wide and setting it around one of the legs he push's down and fills up his mouth and down to his stomach. Pushing down slowly and getting more of the creatures leg into himself he can feel the end and some of the rest starting to dissolve into himself.

@Nathair: (Unlocked: Two heads) Filthy. The thing is not just covered in inorganic wet, but it seeped into the creature's remains as well. The part of the thing being consumed is not the back end after all; it is the front part. A neck? Why does one creature have two necks?

If Nathair could gag he would be at the filth that is covering this thing. Swallowing it deeper and realizing its got 2 heads instead of one he keeps feeding on it. Swallowing and pulling more and more into himself Nathair can feel his own body expanding as this things body is pulled into him and starts to dissolve inside. Backing up slightly and pulling on this thing that he is swallowing he can feel the energy inside being turned into something else right away, a quarter of the down himself he can feel his skin pushing out, parting the armor on himself as it stretch's slowly. Growing more and more it opens some and a second mouth is formed. This second head moving out until its the same length as the first, a throat and fangs slowly forming as the first head swallows more of the filthy thing. The first and second throat connecting and then leading to the stomach Nathair writhes on the ground.

@nathair: If the slime's hunger wasn't already tearing at it, then it certainly was now! The creature was enough to teach it a brand new ability it probably wouldn't have found anywhere else, but was smaller than the slime was by far. Was pretty stringy though. But other organics were in the area. The poundy ones from earlier were gone or far enough to count that way, no other blood-bearer was nearby. But a slight yellowish mass of... veins... belonged to gigantic organic things sticking up from the inorganic in nearly every direction. The slime's blood sense also pointed at another type of yellow veiny thing floating nearby.

Nathair thrash's on the wet slimy ground for several seconds as hunger and his instincts start yelling at him to EAT!! Sensing the things around him he turns to the veins collected in a gigantic mass and slithers towards it. Striking as best he can he goes to sink now both heads into the thing and hold on while the one pumps the payloads of venom and poison into it.

@Nathair: Hard. Dense. This organic thing didn't have... well it did have veins, but it wasn't easily liquid, hot, sticky blood inside it. It moved slowly, and barely counted as liquid at all. The slime's toxins, if they did anything at all, it wasn't noticeable. But each mouth had a good grip on the thing, whatever it was. A plant, of some kind!

Nathair holds onto this dense thing for another few seconds before letting it go because nothing was happening. Slithering up the thing he had bitten towards the main body of this thing. Looking for any other things around and close with the blood of the things he can eat. Instincts taking over now and anything with blood even close by gets striked with one of his heads. The hard dense thing he is slithering his way up getting more than a few but he never finds a place he can swallow.

@Nathair: The gigantic organic is too smooth, and the slime loses its grip repeatedly, only able to go up the organic so much before sliding back down to where it started having trouble to begin with. Getting exhausted from strained repitition and sliding again made the slime tumble into the wet. Things in the wet moved frantically. Some of them were not touching the inorganic at the bottom of the wet; those escaped. Some of the moving things remained; however. Those only made a couple small movements at the escapers when they were startled by the slime falling towards them. The ones on the bottom seemed to make a circle around the upside-down slime, not knowing what to do.

Floating in the wet for another few seconds Nathair can feel these things around him, exhausted from his struggle to climb the slippery thing and for now just floating in this wet. Staying still for another moment his heads both strike at different things at the same time. Trying to sink his fangs into the wiggling circling things under his heads. His instincts still screaming at him to eat and eat now.

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