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Something had tried to pop Bosque. It was heavy and bulbous and sharp and for the first time Bosque felt trepidation about his newest cage. Apparently the world was not all small oraganic treats landing happily up Bosque's rippling palette. Dangers roamed the ground in equal quantity and comparable tenacity to the delights.

The trepidation stayed as the ferocity of the rippling grew. Bosque felt hard protrusions forming on his back, spreading out and into the cool air above him. The compulsion arrived to bat the air with these new, strange additions and so Bosque did, once, curiously. Only to do it again. And again. The frequency of the beats rose and rose until bosque was just wildly shaking them, manic and ecstatic. Bosque didn't know where the walls of the cage were anymore, he couldn't feel the solid sandy surface beneath him. There was just the buffet of cool breezes like soft cold caresses in the dark. And then the impact of something cragged and splintered. And then the impact of another very solid organic.

Bosque recoiled away in darkness, trying to right himself in a world where gravity is relative and obstacles invisibly litter every direction. Bosque was, understandably, less than successful.

the slime proceeded to grab the thing that bit it and pull the thing towards it, also digesting the solid object that was in it (the teeth) first, digesting this thing as it tried to wriggle out of him. Once done it pulled itself back out of the cave digesting the organic materials on the wall, when the slime was out of the hole it realised that it started growing another extension to its body between two of its limes (a head but right now just a blob shape with no features) but near the bottom of the extension was a gap(mouth), the slime didn't know why but it felt right to have a gap there. The slime now returned to its feeding frenzy.

@Ish: The slime had absorbed the first two thirds of the creature, the back end motionless. The creature was very small, but strangely shaped and had extremely hard skin. Whatever it was, it was finally dead. The pain from the disease was finally starting to go away. It still hurt, but not enough to keep it from moving, finally.

@Arq: The slime had bumped into something that hurt badly. This pokey thing was long, and felt serrated as it got stabbed by it. The area around the spike was much cooler than where it was, and didn't feel dehydrated. The warm breeze didn't even seem to touch it there.

This was a new feeling it felt. It had never felt this before and it didn't like it. It was a feeling it would try to avoid next time. But it also felt something else when it felt that new feeling, it notice it was something organic that had brought this new feeling to him. Feeling hungry it tried to find a way to consume the organic material without getting that feeling again.

It fond a way to get past the thing that hurt... Was that what those things did. They hurt it? Pleased with this new discovery, Arq went and consumed the thing that had hurt it. While in the process of consuming the hurt thing, it felt a cool and a bit moist feeling from it. Something that it hadn't encountered yet and it preferred it.

Spinning wildly in darkness Bosque bounced between obstacle after obstacle in a mad dive that never seemed to end. An organic wall would hit him from one direction, leaving tiny splinters in his side, and inorganic wall would hit him from the next as he backed away, splattiner his wings with dirt of mud. Finally Bosque shook and hovered right into a net, or something that felt like a net. It was little inorganic strings woven together, poorly, filled with holes small enough for a tiny creature to work between them, but not quite big enough for Bosque to pass. So he shook his wings hard, and discovered that the little inorganic strings liked him. They stuck to him, grasping for him desperately and he tried to part himself. So he shook his wings again and discovered that they were also quite strong little strings.

He continued to shake his wings but to little effect, it was just habit now. Instead Bosque started wondering what the little needles erupting out of his form were. They made a perfet line around half his circular body, running right between where his wings had grown. Bosque also wondered what those eight pin points of pressure were doing on top of him. He considerd it for a moment, before sucking something large and hairy right to his center.

All that through, Bosque wondered if there was someway to predict where the obstacles would be, should he manage to escape the little net. No use leaving it only to fall into another one. He needed something that would let him feel the world before it was next to him. Something to let him know what was coming...

@Everyone: The sun has set.

@Wrecker: The slime had suffocated the snake and pulled the remainder of its body within itself, but it was still going to take a few minutes to digest it all. It had initially felt its hunger start to cool down, but then as it grew a protrusion in its front, the hunger hit it again. The tiny organic things from the tunnel were absorbed easily, but it would have to rest for a short while as it digested the remainder of the snake clearly visible within it.

@Bosque: The creature it consumed was a big one. So big, in fact, that it was able to learn how to replicate some of its own body, as well as figure out what the strings were. Knowing did not assist it in freeing itself, but it at least knew how to make more of it. Then again, if it could create it, it was probably organic.

@Arq: Liquid of some kind dripped out of the center of the plant, some of it dripping down the slime's surface. Then it started dribbling up its surface. And across. The slime paid a little more attention, and found that it wasn't entirely streams of dripping liquid. There were countless little pressure points all over it, swarming madly. The things were tiny, but there sure were a lot of them.

After feeling better, Ish dragged itself out of the position it sat in and searched for food.
After some searching, Ish felt something hard, it was organic but not living. upon bumping into it, the thing jerked away. ish found the thing again and traced it back to its base, connected to something that was organic. the slime felt it shaking and wanted to stop its fear or its pain, whatever it had happening to it.

Ish crawled over the entire body, finding that the thing was massive. Ish set to work near where it contacted to organic thing and after a minute or two the shaking stopped and ish consumed 1/16nth of the creature in 10 minutes.

finding that it was going to take some time do digest the creature inside it the slime dragged itself back into the gap in the ground as it waited.

Arq was enjoying it self. It was getting nice biomass of this organic thing and it started to feel something else. The liquid that was going over it was filled with organic things. Many small organic things.

These many things also hurt it. It didn't like it and it was bigger than them. Leaving the organic thing that hurt alone, Arq concentrated on the small organic things that where hurting him.

@Arq: The little things kept biting at it. No matter how many the slime absorbed, it did not seem like it could get rid of them all. The slime started feeling slightly sick.

Bosque struggled once more against the netting holding him in place, to no avail. The spines finished forming around him, and they contorted the weave but did not tear it. Again, bosque turned his attention to the very serious issue of avoiding nets such as these in the future.

And then the world moved backwards a couple inches. Or possibly he moved forward. There was an arch to Bosque he'd never felt before and an issue of balance he'd never considered. It was as though the front of him felt a stronger urge to fall then the rest. And then there was the searing pain. There were holes opening on him! The membrane holding him together sizzled away leaving eight perfect holes and blinding white agony. Bosque struggled harder than he knew he could. Pain mixed with fear as new sensations rushed through his newly exposed form. There were things growing in him. Not out of him! IN HIM!

Another violent shake and Bosque felt himslef falling, he was too startled to care. Little walls erected themselves inside the holes that had burned through him and the white faded and dimmed and blossomed into other colors, so many other colors. Greens mixed with blues mixed with reds in a symphony of something that was certainly not tactile, not any sensation he'd ever known. And quickly it was all giving way to brown, the dark nutty pigments seizing the rest of the wolrd from him.

An impact shook Bosque. He could feel the brown. It was the same thing he'd began on, before those strange limbs sprouted from him and he'd flown into the net. He was on ground. Solid, inorganic, lifeless, meaningless ground. He looked around and saw spires of the brown jutting out of the ground, littered with green. And when he looked up he saw little red feathers
stuck to a little white nest up at the top of the tallest spire. It took a moment to realize they were his, pulled from his wings in the frenzy of change. He wanted them back.

His right wing was hurt, shaking it didn't do as much, but Bosque still parted himself from the brown and moved right into the blue. His new forward protrusion didn't help him balance, but a few barel rolls later he had the basic gist of getting around and he'd even begun to figure out what colors he could pass through and which would stop him. After a minute or two of devoted practise, he'd succeeded in bringing himself unstably before the nest that had caught him. He stared at the feathers for a moment, trying to conclude how best to stick them back into place...

@Sevak: The lead scientist arrived at his summer cabin in a drunken daze, falling all over himself and bumping into extremely avoidable things. He finally unlocked the door, but then saw that he didn't close the one remaining truck door. He stumbled back to close it for some pointless reason, and saw his backpack. Tugging on it, it wasn't as empty as he thought it would be. He tugged again, but the straps were tangled in the seat belt, which is probably why it didn't fall out earlier. He yanked on the backpack which he didn't notice wasn't tangled anymore. The force of pulling was great enough with no resistance that he punched himself in the face. In anger, he grabbed the canister from in the backpack, turned around, and threw it into the forest as hard as he could. Away went the slime canister, spinning as it flew straight, before plummeting down the steep hill.

@Bosque: The colors the flying slime saw were fading, and the ambient light was decreasing, only a dingy yellow filter remained to tarnish all the other colors. From its height, it could see a small trail that looked like something had been rolled or dragged a short distance. Paying more attention, there was a similar trail in two opposite directions. Before it had the chance to decide which it might get a better look at, if either, something shined for a split second overhead. Whether the shiny thing was gone because it wasn't there anymore, or because the light in the sky was fading quickly, it didn't know.

@Arq: The small things swarming all over it made it hurt. No matter how many of them it absorbed, it didn't seem to make a difference. Though it was a hundred times the small thing's size, the sheer number of the tiny creatures causing biting it caused the slime to start feeling slightly sick.

@Ish: The huge thing the slime thought it was eating was nowhere near the size it thought, but it was big. It wasn't entirely organic, either, just covered with it. It hadn't even moved! Maybe the confusion from the disease wasn't completely gone yet... Then the slime noticed it had a lump inside it that tasted funny. The slime's surface felt strange, almost as if had been stretched out too far. It had grown, and was now almost twice the size it was previously.

@Wrecker: Something cold and wet touched the slime and woke it up. It wasn't even hungry anymore- and the snake had been absorbed except for the bones, but those were dissolving too. It could absorb pure bone? Even better, the hole in its leg from the bug was healed. A small vibration shook the ground for a second and a light dusting of dirt fell on the slime from the roof of the hole.

Arq kept trying to absorb the things that hurt, but the just kept coming and know it started to feel weird from al those hurts it was getting. It then did something it never thought it would do. It ran away from the hurting organic things. When it thought it was a safe distance from those things, Arq became a bit confused. It had fled from those things and it still felt weird.

Thinking about how it could avoid those things in the future and don't get hurt in the future, Arq suddenly felt a new sensation and he also felt himself getting hungry from it, but that weird feeling still stayed.

Arq suddenly felt himself grow the things that had hurt it before and it also somehow knew what those other things had done to it. It know knew what it was, but it still couldn't get rid of the weird feeling it had cause to Arq.

@Arq: The slime was safe. For now, at least. Being away from the ants, it felt something different. Something else small, but bigger than the ants were, maybe three times the size. It was pushing against the slime, which had rolled on top of it, and it was trying to get away. The slime also noticed another one that had crawled out from under already, wandering off somewhere.

Ish dismissed the funny taste and focused on the new thing it had absorbed. with that, it grew a new round and smooth spot on the top its body, and moss grew on top of the spot. Ish felt the moss move abit,turned and found the moss moved to orient itself back to its "favorite" orientation.

Being content with its new baring in the world, ish grew roots from the oak tree it had absorbed, temporarily into the ground in an effort to soak up energy.

Bosque hovered, mostly in one spot. It studied the webbing, and then the trails, and then the webbing. It wanted to go forward, but it wasn't going to leave without its feathers. The web was held between two open branches in the now brownish yellow spire. Bosque moved to alight on top of the high branch. It was organic.

It didn't take much effort to eat through the little arm of the brown spire. And once Bosque had the entire web flopped over and hung from the low branch. Bosque hovered spritely to the low branch when something shined overhead. It was only for a moment, but it was too bright to have been a mistake. And at that height it was something flying. Just like Bosque. He really wanted to know what this creature may have been.

He worked the low needles on his back into the webbing now suspended and then sat and ate through the last tree branch. The webbing was free and held by his needles. He had his feathers back. And once this most important task was done he set off flying as high as he could searching for one more spark of light somewhere on the horizon. Its true, the net suspended behind and below him disturbed his aerodynamics, but he wasn't about to leave it behind. And thats when something made a light impact into the center of the net, and began to struggle just as Bosque had not too long ago.

the slime distrubed by the shacking the slime reached out with a single limb and started feeling above the hole hoping to find out what disturbed it.

Sevak had been idily sitting in the canister before everything started to shake. The slime had been tossed around multiple times before it stopped. The stop was extremely breif, and before anything else could make sense, Sevak seemed to be hitting the canister in different spots though no movement came from the slime.
What seemed like ages was really only moments. Glass broke as the canister containing Sevak slammed into a sharpened side of a rock. The slime stayed still for a long while, dizzy from the continuos slams against the walls. Eventually it slowly inched forward, expecting to be slamming walls again. Nothing. No hard surface. Another inch, still nothing. New sensations were coming through though. There was a hard surface under the slime, mixed with shards of glass. With a few more inches, there was literally no feeling until a jarring hard registered again. But something new was here too, something just slightly softer.
Sevak moved forward again, taking larger pushes. No feeling of nothing. Rough was now felt. Rough and hard. Something brushed against the slime but it was easily knocked over. Pushing forward in the direction of the object revealed it was now not an obstacle. The slime continued in this direction, feeling as if it was being pushed even more forward before starting to get dizzy again very quickly.

@Bosque: The impact of the creature was noticeable, but not enough to bring the flying slime to the ground. The slime could notice that its slimey surface was nowhere near as good at checking its surroundings as its eyes were. Luckily, it grew its eyes in a way that let it see part of its back, and got a good look at what caught itself in the web.

@Wrecker: Nothing was there. However, the slime did notice that there was an impression near the hole's mouth that wasn't there earlier. Something moved in the hole's tunnel close to the front. Something small and wiggling that was just as soft as itself, but much thinner. Whatever the thing was, it was moving out of the ground that got wet, moving away from the small amount of water.

@Sevak: The slime landed on something. The slime almost felt bent in half, something in the middle of itself kept the whole slime from touching the ground. Whatever it was, it was almost half the slime's own size. Nearly the moment the slime landed on it, it started to move and try and get away.

Sevak felt the thing under it squirm. Due to the dizziness, the slime somewhat fell off, having latched onto a section of the moving object for fear of falling into an abyss of nothing again. This caused both slime and bug to fall the short way to the ground. The bug still squirmed but the slime wasn't sure if it should let go. For all Sevak knew, there could be 'nothing' if it took another step. But the slime started to enclose around the squirming object, the instinct of investigating taking over fear. Sevak didn't take very long to enclose the squirming creature until it stopped, though the slime could feel that all of it was not yet surrounded. At least the squirming stopped. Sevak didn't waste anymore time though, wanting to make sure this squirming thing wouldn't drag it off somewhere and start moving again. It's instinct took over again and the slime started to absorb the creature, though the creature started to struggle in order to break free of the slimy casing wrapped around it.
Sevak didn't allow this, closing around the rest of the creature to finally make it stop. The squirming did subside after the slime had finished, though it felt odd now. There was ground under where the squirming creature had been. No 'nothing' after all. It wouldn't take chances though and stayed right where it was until it knew nothing else odd was going to push it and make it dizzy.

@Ish: It took awhile, but the slime's root-like toes finally began to absorb a small amount of energy from nutrients in the soil. The earth was not wet, but was not dry either. This balance made the dirt easy to dig into, and contained very few solid inorganic shapes.

@Sevak: The slime waited, and finally something moved. It seemed the air itself was moving gently, and something nearby and organic moved the same way, gently but uncomfortably touching the slime. The organic thing was soft, and didn't seem to be a solid shape. The air itself felt somewhat cool and almost moist. Tiny amounts of various organics were within the moving air, but not enough to recognize what any of it was.

Ish was happy it found some energy in the ground. it spent the while sucking up energy and filling its small reserves. being careful not to spend any of its own energy, only the energy it was soaking up, Ish started to create a snout in between its front legs. it however would take a long time.

Ish was getting getting bored with the time it took to grow a snout. the thing had only become a small indent on the slimes body when ish got up from the ground, returning the roots into energy. Ish started to wander hoping to run into something more like its previous meals.

Arq felt something organic under him that was trying to get away from it, but it also knew that there was another one near by. It already had managed to get out under it. It could first consume the thing that was currently under it and go after the other one after it was done, but it might miss the other one.

While thinking this, the thing under it was still trying to get away from it. Getting annoyed by this, Arq got of the thing under it and then proceeded to roll over it, trying to hit the thing with the hurt things it got. Rolling over it, it felt on of the things hit it and suddenly Arq felt something go out of the tip of the thing and in to the organic thing. Confused by this, Arq went back to lying on the organic thing. Feeling it lay still and not moving, Arq became even more confused. Thinking about it, Arq thought that maybe the thing that came out of it maybe caused this. Pleased with this, Arq went in search of the other thing that got away.

Searching and not finding it, Arq tried to find the thing it had hurt. But having no way to see, hear or smell, Arq couldn't find it any more.

the slime out of curiosity tried to grab the small soft creature, but the creature was easily able to slip out of the slimes reach, the creature then seemed to have disappeared into a hole to small for the slime.

Bosque studied the small grey creature in the net. He was hungry, very hungry and wanted quite badly to consume the little struggling thing. But he had nothing to grasp the net with. If he could work a needle into position he might be able to suck the moth dry ... but his lowest needles were already spent holding the net.

Bosque accepted that, for the moment, he couldn't reach the creature safely. He also accepted that, for the moment, the creature couldn't escape. Making it his to consume. Reliable, stored, living organic munchies... Bosque rather liked that set up. Capture food and keep it, not quite dead and not quite free. This netting was a good investment.

But Bosque needed food now. He searched across the horizon with his new 360 degree vision, scouring the fading light for any sign of that bright spark he'd seen earlier. In the absense of that, he'd have taken anything he could land on safely.

Sheol had been decanted, again.
It had been placed in a small cage, and barely had a moment before the world had raged and spun and thrown Sheol, sweeping Sheol up and away into a maze of routes. Sheol was used to mazes, and to short violent attacks on it's consistency, but never together or for this amount of time.

Eventually, the rush launched Sheol out of the wet and into the dry. It could sense no edge of the cage at all, until suddenly it hit an edge, quite hard. Sheol was dazed for a moment, then soon was engrossed by the hard, wet edge. It tasted... funky...

Sheol began to explore this new cage, seeking another edge. Be it maze or cage, Sheol needed to know it's new place.

@Arq: As the slime rolled back towards the thing it had poked, it noticed there was another couple of them. Off to one side, there was another, barely touching the slime's surface. Then again maybe it was something else that felt smooth. It did seem harder and pointier than the other things, maybe it was part of a bigger creature.

@Wrecker: Then the creature came back out, all the way. Then another two came out from other tiny holes, now flooded with water. It seemed wherever the water had gone, the small things were coming out of the ground. Some of the things that came up weren't even that small! The safety of the hole was getting uncomfortable with all the wiggling. Small flecks of organic dusted the entrance to the hole. The air was not moving, but something had made organic material get all over the place.

@Bosque: While looking around, a couple low branches of a bush moved slightly upwards. In another direction, a circular thing rolled off of a wide pile of various inorganic-looking shapes. The dull yellow light was nearly replaced by white. Instead of being brighter towards the horizon, this light was brighter from directly overhead. Small things that resembled the caught insect flew about in small number far from each other, but still within a few feet of each other.

Bosque turned in mid air and darted at the drifting lights above him. He tackled the cloud, absorbing as many of the little organics as he could spot before turning around and cleaning the edges of the glowing crowd. The little points of light scattered but Bosque was quicker and more accurate. Where they ambled Bosque dove, where they buzzed Bosque darted. They were picked off quickly and mercilessly, herded back together only to be barrelled through again. And again.

Bosque finished his labor slightly less hungry, though never quite full, and very proud of himself. He'd eaten so much and caught so much for later. His net, once a hated enemy, was now his loyal servant and the glowing bugs littered it all around the still twitching gray thing. Meals for later. Bosque prepared for his descent back below the tree tops when ... What was that?

A fast patch of moving darkness flapped right past him swiftly annihilating a patch of his own winged organics. It was some kind of competition, Bosque knew. Perhaps even worthy competition.

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