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@Nathair: One head missed for whatever reason, but the second struck a target. The thing was hard for its small size, but pressing on it more revealed that its hardness wasn't very thick; and the slime tasted whatever was inside the armor. The creature struggled, but the caught part of its body was a limb almost as big as the rest of the creature. It wasn't going anywhere. The other circling things didn't show any concern for the caught one; nor fear of being caught themselves. Like it didn't matter.

Holding onto the think with his mouth Nathair brings his other head around and bites the struggling organic with his other mouth. Grabbing it again and pulling his heads apart he rips the larger limb apart from the body. Swallowing the piece he had ripped off and feeling it move down his throat he re-bites this organic and tears more of it apart. Swallowing the pieces as best he can he ca feel the parts moving down himself to settle in his belly. Stopping for a few seconds as it slides down his throat and settles into his belly. Pausing and floating there he sinks a little lower slowly with the slight addition to his weight. Striking again down again with one of his heads he tries to grab another one of these things.

@Nathair: (unlocked: crawdad antennae, crawdad eyes) The creatures are barely more difficult to catch than plants. The slime can already feel its meal dissolving; the mass redirecting to repair a third of its lost strength. As the second creature is caught, the others begin slowly moving backwards, swaying. At least that's how the movements within the wet feel. But the slime still can't see the creatures' blood. It IS there, the slime can taste it, but not see it. Maybe its blood sense doesn't work through liquid? The second creature is ripped in half and consumed.

Ripping it apart and swallowing this second one Nathair slowly floats along the water and waits till he feels something moving in this wet. Feeling his strength grow inside himself and this new bounty of energy makes him feel the need to grow and evolve. Turning around and striking out as best he can with both heads looking for more of these things he had consumed 2 of already. Feeling a slight widening in his body around his stomach halfway between the connection where his necks meet and the tip of his tail. Taking up a third of that area he can feel himself getting bigger, and not just from eating the organics.

@Nathair: (unlocked: crawdad) Two more creatures caught; one in each mouth. Very slow movers, these things. But swallowing them wasn't as easy as catching, and they wiggled and strained. Then they pinched the slime's mouths. That hurt! A lot! They didn't seem to want to let go after pinching, either. The slime could tell it was wounded now, the clamping pinchers digging into the slime. The movements in the wet showed where more creatures were, but the slime wasn't as able to move through the stuff as well as the other things were. Wet bounced into the slime, letting it know it was at an edge. A flavor spread through the wet, tiny inorganic rising up towards the slime at the same time, and from the same direction. The flavor was new, and very potent, but it hadn't gained a frame of reference for what it meant.

Roiling around when they pinch his mouths Nathair's mouths bite down hard onto them, cracking what he is biting. His body curling up on itself as the pain in his mouths makes the muscles in his body curls up on itself tight and rolling around. Crunching down with all the strength he could, cracking the harder outsides and trying to cause as much damage as he could, the poison and venom in hos right head pumping into it a few drops. The flavor spreading through the wet at him making him take notice, eating the things in his mouth as best he can and letting them slide down his throats and into his belly. Turning towards this new potent flavor Nathair slowly moves along the wet towards this new thing.

@Nathair: Even more potent! What is this stuff? Getting as much of it as it is, the slime can taste it as bitter, and somewhat grainy. It is organic, though. Is the stuff affecting the slime already? The flavor, whatever it is, makes the slime feel.. more energetic.

Slowing down for a second Nathair can feel himself reacting to this potent organic flavor. His body feeling warmer and more energetic. Moving forward as fast as he can towards this thing his mouths make small open and closed movements, taking in some water and some of the organic. Feeling his body slowly change still, the middle of his body swelling slowly as the things he ate before dissolve inside himself. A deeper need making his body change, 4 points on the now wider area on his body pushing out and slowly growing.

@Nathair: The flavor is coming from what feels inorganic. Maybe it's mixed in? Nibbling the wet containing the flavor, the slime bumps into something thin and cold, sharp and round. But hollow. Empty. This is where the flavor is coming from! It really does feel like inorganic. The... odd shaped thing is sitting on the inorganic outside the wet, dumping its contents all over the place. Some even seems spilled around its base.

Nathair circled this round hollow thing several times as he considered what to do. Feeling himself moving around in something wet but organic he dips his head and lets this new organic wet with its potency and very strong flavor flow into his mouths. Trying to get more of it as it warms him and he can feel himself infused with energy and hard to stay still. Stopping in place around where the opening of the thing is Nahair can feel himself having a hard time staying still, having ingested a very large amount of this new wet. It burning his throat's a little before resting in his belly and the absorption making his whole body feel hot and jittery.

@Nathair: (Unlocked: caffeine) A familiar bump starts to form within the slime, having absorbed enough of the strange substance to be able to react to it. The jittering, the speed increase, the energy- it was all effects from the stuff, whatever it was. The lump, or clog, or whatever kind of internal body part this was, it felt like the glands did, but somehow didn't seem like the stuff it produced should be used offensively. Maybe something else could be done with it when it finishes forming?

Drinking more of this flavor and seemingly energy packed drink Nathair wiggles on the ground and then turns keeps drinking as he can s he feels his body keep changing. This gland inside him growing as the stubs on his body also grow. Still short these things growing out of him now are bent and seem to just be able to touch the ground. They continue to thicken and lengthen as he lays there on the ground, wiggling slightly and bending his heads back to poke at these new things he then puts weight on them and stands on them. Moving forward slightly on them he stumbles before catching himself and standing again he can feel a sense of balance now being created in himself. Stepping forward again and this time not tripping he starts moving around and bumps into the things that the flavored thing had come from.

@Nathair: How much of this stuff could there be? There seems to be as much.. hyper dust? as there is of the slime. But the slime feels its constant feeling again- it overexterted its own stretchiness and growth. Only one thing to do...

Nathairs heads and neck start twisting and turning around. Feeling as far out as he can with his blood sense for something to eat. Looking for the warm hot blood of the organics that were alive before he got to them. His new legs starting to move him forward and tripping once and a while as he does rush a bit, his instincts and hunger driving anything but the next meal out of his brain.

@Nathair: Concentrating, the slime found more tiny speckles of blood than it knew were around it. The spots were tiny veins in tiny creatures, somehow not bound to the inorganic, floating like in the wet, but in the air. Most of them moved very quickly, some hovered in place. There were even a few very slow moving ones that were hardly noticeable- they must be under something but not totally underground.

Nathair turned towards the slow things not quite under ground and charged them, his heads lowering and heading towards them quickly. His heads lining up with 2 of the blood spots and opening his mouths so he can eat them as soon as possible. Losing himself slightly in the need to consume something and get back the energy he had lost.

@Nathair: The slime was in pain. It had rammed (not moving quickly because it couldn't but still...) double headfirst into something huge, impossibly durable, and inorganic. Also jagged. The blood sense told the slime where the things were, and their size, but so much of the surroundings were totally lost to it.

Stumbling back staggering Nathair cry's out in pain at the hard hit he had just taken on this hard jagged thing over the organics. Stumbling away and writhing his heads turn into himself and another soft but shrill cry comes from his mouths at this pain from hitting something so hard and jagged. Turning away and keep stumbling away as he is slightly stunned and the pain causing his instincts to take over and the closest things to him that he touch's and touch's him gets bit and attempted to be eaten and killed.

@Nathair: In the slime's wild thrashing, one of its heads smacked into the inorganic it was standing on, finding a creature half the size of the snippy things that were in the wet. It even felt like a slime itself! Except for the even thinner, smooth, hard, round, but pointless armor it had, which smooshed into jagged edges as the creature instantly died. But the creature's life let the slime learn something- the thing had been making a trail from under the jagged inorganic where the other things were sensed. The slime would have to go under the jagged inorganic in order to reach its prey.

One of his heads moving to where the thing had hit the jagged and died Nathair feels around until he finds the body. Biting it and lifting it back and up his other head bites into it also and they rip it apart, swallowing it and crunching on the useless armor on it. Putting his heads down close to the ground Nathair slowly moves forwards until he can feel the jagged thing again. Poking at it lightly with his heads looking for a way under it so he can get at the things to eat them. Forcing himself to go slow even though his hunger is still eating at himself. His legs moving him along the outside and slowly getting better at moving around with them.

@Nathair: The slime had grown too much over too short a period, and hadn't eaten enough to compensate, and began to feel the effects. Though it had started to get a hold of how to use limbs, they began to feel weaker. More tired. Were its limbs thinner or retracting? It was both! But the slime did find a way under the jagged inorganic thing, and though still famished, it felt its internal danger lessen significantly. The small creatures were nearly within reach of the slime's left mouth; but the right being so close made wedging itself in the depression in the inorganic difficult.

Pushing his left head in farther Nathair tries to bite into one of the organics and make his faltering new legs back into what they were. Hunger still biting at himself as he moves his head deeper into the depression and his mouths snap at everything he can get at. Trying to keep his body as far as it has been so far in ability and size.

@Nathair: Straining its legs shot pain through the slime, letting it know that this was a required thing for its own health and safety; part of its own makeup. But its right head was able to grab one of the creatures, small as it was, right into its mouth. It felt the creature's own slime, but then it didn't- it only felt the round pointless armor. Then the left head finally got what the slime wanted after all- a mouth full of slimy creatures! It wouldn't be enough to let the slime grow its legs again, but it would be enough to get it out of dangerously low hunger.

Biting down on this slimy thing and pulling his left head back slightly he started swallowing and pulling it deeper and deeper into his mouth. Nathair's left head biting down on this harder shell and shaking it slightly trying to get the slimy thing that he had just been touching. Biting down harder and feeling the shell crack under his fangs, the bit of tail he still has wagging slightly and flicking around as he crunch's and eats these slimy things.

@Nathair: (Unlocked: pseudopodia, potent mucous gland, love dart) Consuming all the small creatures the slime could get to with either of its heads proved itself relieving. The slime's walking limbs were able to sustain themselves, and it no longer felt like it was getting smaller or weaker. But it was still very hungry, and would need something to give it back its own normal density! Though there was nothing else within reach under the jagged inorganic, the slime could tell there were the tiniest possible specks of blood- almost too small to count as actual blood- moving under the far side of the depression it was currently wedged into. Impossible to get there. But the things were almost moving in a slightly curved straight edge... seemingly disappearing away from it.

Now that he wasn't as hungry Nathair pulled his heads back from under the jagged thing and starts walking to the side, trying to follow the speck of blood moving away. A shiver runs from her heads and down her body, ending with her tail whipping side to side. All over his body the armor that had formed before starts to get absorbed back into his slime, energy flooding into him as it happens. Shaking himself again and moving forward quickly towards the blood fleck that had been moving he doesn't think about running into something again, focused on getting this blood and whatever it was inside.

@Nathair: The slime passes over something that feels like the wet, but is somehow slightly more slick. Whatever it is, it starts to make the slime feel... it doesn't have a frame of reference. But whatever the feeling is, it begins passing through the entire slime, affecting every one of its cells; the slickness seeming like a side-effect of the true stuff. The slickness the slime exudes makes it impossible for it to keep its ground, and it slides down the inorganic into the wet, barely making the wet move. But the wet has taste to it- a familiar taste that it learned how to sense blood from.

As he slides down into the wet Nathair thrash's slightly until he falls into the wet. The feeling of something affecting all of its body making his try to identify what is going on, not enjoying the feeling of something changing him without him doing it. When he is in the wet and tastes this thing that is much like what gave him blood sense he calms down and slowly reach's out with his heads, wondering what is out there. Also wondering what it was that was affecting him before.

@Nathair: The feeling remained, keeping the slime unable to grasp anything, or even climb. Whatever movements the slime knew it was causing didn't make the wet move- or did it? If it did, the slime couldn't feel it. It couldn't feel anything moving in the wet- the feeling was overwriting it.

Reaching out with his heads and legs Nathair tries to reach anything to get out of this. The not moving wet even when he moves and the very slippery feeling still on him making him unable to move out of where he is. Feeling inside himself and trying to identify what is happening inside, whatever having washed through him still happening and it starting to make him angry. Starting to thrash around some as he cant grab or climb at all still.

@Nathair: After the slime thrashes for awhile, getting nowhere, and getting tired, does it notice that the feeling has already subsided. A lump has begun to grow within its unspecialized slime within its depths, but slowly; something seems off about it. Nothing like the glands it grew that gave it toxins.

Stopping its thrashing Nathair reach's back with one of its heads and pokes its body over where this new gland is. Staying still this time he slowly reach's his heads down to try to reach the bottom and pull himself down. Trying to use the new gland that formed in his body at the same time as he tries to slowly find a way out of this wet.

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