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@Nathair: The gland is not yet fully formed, and even concentrating on its use doesn't do anything. But the slime sinks on its own finally, and settles on the shallow slope under the wet, leading out. However, the wet itself seems to have... the stuff that the slime made while it was under the strange effects mixed in with the wet, but only the wet that was thrashed around in. Not the wet further than that. No... feeling the wet better, the stuff that mixed with wet was spreading out across the top of the wet, but the mixed part getting thinner as it did it.

Slowly walking out on the sloped area under the wet Nathair feels tired and annoyed and like something is missing. Slowly walking out of the wet and laying on the ground outside it for a few minutes. As he is laying there he can feel part of his instincts acting up and reaching back into the knowledge he has taken from all the things before. Feeling his heads itching and slowly changing, more and more changes happening to his heads and then it stops itching as much but there's new sensations on his heads. New muscles and feelings on his face Nathair tries to use some of the new muscles, an explosion happening in his mind and he withers on the ground as new sensations and things assault his mind. Using the muscles again and its gone, the explosion happening in his mind going away but as he thinks over what had happened he can feel that it wasn't a bad thing. Using the muscles on one head there's that pain again but less, things now ahead of him and having no frame of reference he knows its what is in front of him because of some instincts deep within himself. Using the muscles again it all disappears, using the muscles on the other head it happens again. Things happening that had never had before he notices that the pain is less and he is starting to understand what these new things on his head are.

@Nathair: The new sense gained by its new body part gave the slime a new and additional way to understand its environment, but it also wasn't anywhere near understanding of it. The slime recognized some of the shapes as ones it had felt before- especially the rough inorganic. It had felt mostly round, but now the slime could tell it was only round where the slime had touched it. If it was sitting at a different angle, one whole side of it would be totally flat, two sides jagged but almost straight, and the smallest part was also jagged but less so; and also slightly rounded.

Looking at the hard jagged inorganic that he had ran into before Nathair's new sense fills his mind with new kinds of information and new kinds of sensations. Standing again after taking a short rest he slowly moves forward, getting dizzy from things moving in this new sense. Walking forward to the thing he recognized because he and ran into it he pokes it with his heads softly and walks around it slowly. Poking it in a few spots and trying to get his head back under it to get more of the slimy things, still hungry if not ravenous like before. Seeing more and more around the jagged inorganic while he moves around also and starting to get less dizzy.

@Nathair: There aren't any more slimy things- well there is one, but it isn't possible to get to. The jagged inorganic is too heavy, and not possible to do anything about it. But the trail of the tiny blood drips are small creatures. They're very small compared to the slime- barely worth notice, but the trail leads off under a few strangely shaped objects. Under the strange things is a mound in the soft inorganic the slime was walking on. That seems to house more of the tiny creatures than the slime can understand, and they seem to be moving around rather quickly. The slime also notices the strange gland it had grown earlier feels like it finally finished forming.

Turning towards the mound where the myriad of these small things are congregating Nathair looks over where it feels they are. Reaching back with a head he pokes the side of his body over where the gland had formed and poked his flesh a few times before facing forward again. Walking forward slowly towards the weird looking thing and where the countless flecks of blood seem to be spinning faster than they can do themselves. Walking slow because he is still getting used to the new sense he has, a little pain still because of everything new but moving forward still.

@Nathair: Whatever the reason is that the tiny creatures are moving so much faster on the mound, the slime can't tell. They don't move as quickly when they are making a trail, but around the mound they are much faster.

Moving forward farther and closer to this mound where the flecks are moving so fast Nathair lifts his heads so he is standing tall and he is able to see out around himself. Turning his heads to and fro to look around at his sorounding he tries to understand what he is doing, what these things he is seeing are. And feeling out for more things of blood.

@Nathair: One of the tiny creatures, in its random movements, walked on top of the slime's left front leg, annoying the slime's surface as it wandered around. Then it climbed off, ran in circles, then back to the leg. Soon other tiny creatures, at least the ones that walked where the other did, started to climb onto the slime's foot. Then the slime felt a pain that was surprising for so small a puncture. For whatever reason, at the same moment the slime felt the pain, it instinctively condensed part of its insides- and felt the strange gland activate. From out of the slime's mouth came... a perfect circle. It distracted the slime, and floated on the slight breeze.

Nathair watched the perfect circle float off for a second before the pain in his leg starts to spike again. Dancing on the spot slightly to try to keep them off he rolls over onto his back and over them, Pressing the things on the ground into his back where they are pulled into his body slowly. His heads turning to the ground and biting at the rest of these small things on the ground. Trying to roll over them and bite as many as he can.

@Nathair: Consuming the creatures was effortless, but it also got a lot of mouthfuls of inorganic. The things were so small though, that the things didn't teach the slime anything about them. But rolling around caused more of the things to become more mobile, and more trails began forming from the mound towards the slime, already attacking.

Spitting out the mouthfuls of inorganic's that he had taken in his mouth when he had started biting at these biting pain things that hat been on the ground. Seeing more of them Streaming down in lines from the mound Nathair rolls on the ones around him as he points one of his heads at the new lines and presses down on that new gland, a circle coming out on his mouth and hitting the ground a few inches away. Popping where it hit he doesn't know what good its going to do, but he keeps flexing the gland and having more come out of his mouth.

@Nathair: Using the gland functionally caused it to move within the slime, finally attaching itself to the head's throat- making it so the spheres come out faster and at a consistent size. The slime notices that after the spheres pop, a tiny amout of residue is left over. It looks familiar- it looks mixed with the slimy creatures' sliminess. The tiny creatures that were popped on look stuck in the mass, rendering a trail immobile. The creatures not caught in the trap approach it and refuse to go further. But more of the creatures are still bugging the slime.

Spraying more of the circles at the ground at the lines of things still marching at him Nathair can feel the change in the glands placement. Flexing the gland more and more he tries to hit as many of them around him as he can as he rolls on the ones already on him. Trying to pull them inside himself and dissolve them as they bite and attack him, the pain from their bites making him angry.

@Nathair: The tiny creatures immobilized by sphere residue, the swarm of things was easy pickings. Especially the ones the slime absorbed by touching it. Before he could get to enjoy his victory however, there was something new and frightening. Everything turned pure white for a split second, then the slime's vision was back, then the flash came again. Wet began coming from up in small drops about twice the size of the tiny creatures. When the drops touched the slime, it felt pain! The wet was hurting it for some reason.

At first happy with absorbing new things Nathair thrashed around and closed the film over his eyes when everything turns white. Rolling over and thrashing his head as the world goes white again and wet starts dropping all around. His eyes pop open and his heads pop up and he looks up as the wet starts to burn. This new type of wet that burns making him scramble away and try to find somewhere where the wet cant get him. One of his heads facing the mound with the spinning flecks of things he could eat as he ran away.

@Nathair: (unlocked: carpenter ant) Grabbing mouthfuls of tiny creatures (which the slime noticed the mucous wasn't present in the new sphere residue) as it ran slowed down the slime's escape from the wet, making it succumb to the pain instead of being able to get to a place where up-wet didn't fall. The pain got worse than the slime would have thought possible- the pain from a single wet began to spread through the slime, just like the slippery stuff had done to it. But it kept falling, too, hitting the slime all over. Each of the other wet drops acting just like the first.

Stumbling along the ground and eating several of the flecks along the way Nathair falls to the ground and rolls a few time before getting back to his feet and keep going. Every piece of wet that hits him making pain slowly flow through him, each one just as painful as the last. Trying to scream as the pain flows through him he cant because he doesn't have what he needs to, but still his throat and belly all clench hard. While the pain and wet spread through him like the slime had before he tries to get away from the pain.

@Nathair: It didn't work. The pain spread through every one of the slime's cells, wracking it with agony. The slime succumbed to the trauma and began to lose its ability to stay awake; the burning wet still falling on it.

Stumbling along the ground a few more steps Nathair falls to the ground and lays there as everything around him starts to turn back into what it was before he had gotten the new things on his heads. Laying out on the ground as more of the burning wet fall around and on him. Burning flowing through him more and more as everything turns slowly back into what it used to and he can't even move now as he slowly stops being able to move or even think.

@Nathair: Everything is much brighter than it ever was before, and the slime is able to see further and in more detail than it could before the slime succumbed to the burning wet. It also felt energized, but only about 1% as much as it did when it absorbed the organic that was like inorganic from before. The wet had also stopped falling, and the pain was gone, except for where one of its legs was in a little spot where the wet was still on the ground in a small hole in the ground. Something happened to the slime, but it wasn't immune to it happening again.

Slowly staggering to his feet Nathair pulls his leg from the small pool of the burning wet. Shaking his leg to get more of the wet off he looks around more and more, the brightness and detail he can now see surprising him. Looking around more and taking a few steps he walks over to one of the larger organics and pokes it with one head as another looks up at the lighter up. Walking away from the organic and starting across just walking he now walks around the things he cant go through or over. Not running around this time, just walking he looks for anything he can find. One head pointing back and watching behind him he keeps looking around.

@Nathair: Something small in the big wet quickly goes under, but the slime didn't get the chance to see what it was. Around the jagged inorganics are all sorts of.. things. Too many different shapes and sizes to be fully investigated at this time and distance. Some of the things are small, and round... but also shaped like the jagged inorganic. The flat part of them have something that seems to grow out of it, but flat. They are mostly smashed, or look fuzzy in parts and squishy in others. A couple brown things nearly the size of a single head are really strangely shaped, and look hard and dead.

Walking over to some of the strange shaped things that look dead Nathair pokes them with his nose a few times. Pushing one around the ground a few times he then opens his mouth and tries to grab it, shaking it and lifting it he keeps shaking it and tries to swallow it. His other head up and looking around, keeping an eye out for other things and also for any moving organics.

@Nathair: [unlocked: strawberry skin] Keeping a lookout with one head, the slime saw a huge pile of wide, thin, flat things start to shift from further up the huge mound, and start sliding down towards the slime! It almost thought it saw something move behind where the flat things began sliding from, but it was more concerned with something else. The dead-seeming thing didn't react.

Swallowing the dead thing and turning both heads towards the sliding flat things coming towards him Nathair spread his legs and put his heads out towards the sliding things. Watching them slide towards him he slowly moves to the side as he keeps watch. His mouths opening slightly and the fangs slid out of his mouths, a drop of venom standing at the end of the fangs. His heads moving independently as he looks around one always looking at the flat wide thin things.

@Nathair: The wide, flat things kept sliding, changed direction slightly, and slid right into the slime. The weight of the things knocked it over and made it tumble down the mound a little ways. Whatever this stuff was, it tasted bad, and was covered in.. something that used to be something else. Multiple something elses?

Tumbling down the hill Nathair tries to get his feet under him and face the thing again, opening his mouths and trying to bite this bad tasting thing. His instincts saying this is an attack and needs to be stopped now and absorbed, venom and poison dropping from his fangs. His feet scrabbling at the ground as he falls, trying to focus enough to bite the things sliding towards him.

@Nathair: The sliding slowed, and the slime's grip on the ground and sliding things was enough to stop it after a second. This stuff really didn't taste good in the slime's mouth, but it had already decided to absorb it. Whatever this stuff used to be, it was too... different to figure out most of it. But some of it was obvious- it came from something huge, with limbs that stuck out in every direction. The limbs ended with long, thin things with sharp ends. The roundish thing nearby that was strangely shaped and hard looking seemed to come from the same thing.

Biting at this thing over and over as it slowed down Nathair can feel how hard it is to figure out what it used to be, so he settles for killing it for pushing him over and hurting him. Holding onto it with his heads and planting his feet as best he can he tries to stop both of them longer and push more venom into the creatures body. One head lifting a few seconds later to look around to make sure nothing else is sneaking up behind him or from the sides to attack him.

@Nathair: The venom dripped down along the flat thing, easily dribbling through the puncture holes. Other than that, it didn't seem to make a difference. But whatever had moved previously- if that even happened- hadn't moved again.

Lifting his remaining head off the thing below he looks down at it and realizes it doesn't have any blood in it. Stepping on it and walking higher up the hill from where it had come Nathair puts his heads down and starts poking around and searching for any interesting things. His mouths open slightly and looking for anything with blood or moving.

@Nathair: The slime noticed movement- it couldn't have missed it- because it was right under one of its heads. The source of the movement wasn't seen or sensed, but it had to have come from deeper in the mound. Some of the small, flat things- different than the other one it just attacked- were blocking the slime's view. Even nudging the small flat things didn't seem to matter too much, since there was even more of the same below it.

After nudging a few more away and getting now where Nathair starts walking up the pile and poking around with his heads, his feet sliding on the flat things under him a few times. Not able to follow the movement but still looking around for anything organic and edible. Widening his feet and keeping a more steady stance as he walked.

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