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@Nathair: Under one of the organic flat things was something else that was extremely organic- because it was moving. It was.. not uniform in shape, totally unknown. But small things- bigger than the trail of other small things though- were dotted all over the thing, squirming around and wiggling. The thing the slime thought it saw when the flat things slid down towards it gave the slime another quick glimpse of itself- it was deeper. Able to taste the mound through its slime, it could tell that about half of the mound was organic, holding all sorts of different things. The smaller flat things the slime moved out of the way to see deeper were organic too, and didn't taste bad.

Looking down at the unknown thing and watching small things wiggle on it Nathair moves one head down and eats a few of the small things, swallowing them fast and not even bothering with to bite them. Then looking at the thing they were covering he pokes it once or twice before taking a bite of it, holding it with his teeth and trying to swallow it. One head biting the larger unknown thing under the wiggling things while the second head starts eating the smaller things, picking them up and swallowing them whole. Working on the wiggly ones while he pushs some venom into the other one he is biting and tries to pick it up.

@Nathair: The thing was softer and squishier than the slime had experienced an organic thing being! The small creatures making the taste and feel of the stuff... different. But down they went. The slime could taste that there was something very wrong with the food it ate...

Eating it slowly and ripping pieces off to swallow his second head keeps eating the smaller wiggling things. Raising his heads to look around every few seconds and look for other kind of organics to eat. Moving around the squishy organic with the small moving things all over it to bite new areas and get more of the small things.

@Nathair: (Unlocked: hooves, bull horns, fly proboscis) Something nearby looked even more smashed and gooey than the other, smaller thing did, but there was much more of it. Touching it were some light-colored round... thingies. Most of them were visible but inside a small recess in an unnatural looking thing, but there were of course some that weren't hidden at all. There weren't wigglies in this other smashed thing.


@Sevak: Finally the furry thing moved. When the slime grabbed a hold of the part of the thing where the red stuff was coming out, it kicked and struggled, making the inorganic round things move out of the way. The slime could now see more of the creature's limb, as it began to free itself from being stuck. One of the dark shapes sitting on something began to move.

@Nathair: The slime's attention was pulled away due to a new taste that came to it. Some sort of sticky, slippery dirty-tasting liquid slid down the inorganic, touching the slime and pouring around it. It was obviously inorganic, whatever it was.

Sevak noticed more of the black shapes move but didn't let go of the furry thing as it tried to stand up. That would mean it would get crushed. He didn't want that. Not now. Being crushed was bad. But the slime also didn't think letting the furry thing leave was a good idea. The black shapes might come after him. Or worse. He didn't like worse. So the slime held on to the furry thing's red section as tight as possible. Some of the red stuff kept flowing into its mouth though, which annoyed the slime a bit. But the stubborn slime didn't let go. He wasn't going to be eaten or crushed.

Lifting his heads and swallowing the last of the wiggly things he push's the squishy thing with one one of his feet, looking down at it. Then shaking his heads and turning them in different directions he turns in the direction of his first head and starts moving, going towards the more mushy thing being touched by other things he had seen before. Lowering one head and poking it a few times before starting to eat it, both heads diving in and biting at the squishy or small things. Lifting one head every once and a while to look around before diving back into the meal in front of it. Energy infusing itself into him and he can feel new things being given to him, from the thing before.

@Sevak: The big furry thing finally stopped moving after a little while, the big black shapes moving slightly more, and a small number more of them began to appear from... somewhere. The slime felt something. Something cold, and hard, and... flat? It was at the bottom of the furry thing's extension that the slime had ensnared. Whatever it was, it definitely wasn't part of the creature.

@Nathair: The slime stumbled. It didn't trip, just its legs didn't seem to work right, making it almost tumble down the mound, but it caught itself. Something was wrong with something it just ate, which there wasn't any of anymore. The clumsy feeling began getting worse. Something moved deep in the mound again, the slime saw it easily this time, but wasn't able to get to it still.

Sevak had abosolutely no idea what the cold flat thing was but he didn't let go. He didn't want to let go. Those big black shapes probably would eat him if he did. The slime didn't want to be eaten. But yet, the slime also was starting to get curious about the shapes. And about the big furry thing. Why was it around here anyway? And what was the flat cold thing? He inched down a little with one of his legs, trying to touch the ccld flat thing to see if it moved without ticking off the big furry thing. One of the black shapes was closer to him than he realized while being distracted by these thoughts. Luckily, his second set of eyes helped see the surrounding area and what was around. They were weird things that looked differen't than the big furry thing.

Turning to face the thing moving around Nathair stumbles more and falls to his side, one of his legs twitching a few times. Scrambling at the ground with his legs he only moves some dirt around but is unable to get up, his heads swaying slightly as he try's to keep the thing moving in sight. His eyes blinking slowly as his heads move closer to the ground but still looking towards where the movement was, feeling the blood of it.

@Sevak: (unlocked: mountain goat) Able to finally get a close-up view of the black shapes, the slime could tell how much bigger they were than the slime was. But the slime also didn't seem to be the target of their attention- which was good, because the slime had gotten its own fill of the furry creature.

@Nathair: Even attempting to stand was now too difficult for the slime, and the moving thing moved away into a recess of... stuff in the mound. The slime's back and heads began feeling the same strange feeling its legs did. What was this? It wasn't going away, but getting worse. A small creature with more legs than the slime had wandered out from under an organic flat thing, but the slime couldn't do anything about it.

Laying on the ground and trying to keep his heads up he can feel them slowly sinking to the ground. Nathair tries to lift his heads to look at the small creature coming out of the pile but he has no strength to lift his heads or move at all. Laying there trying to force himself to get up or move he can feel it getting stronger.

@Nathair: [unlocked: housefly] Immobile, the slime began to feel another sensation. Tingling. The feeling began inside the slime where it digested food, and began spreading out towards its heads and legs at the same time. The tingling got worse. Still unable to move, the slime saw out of the corner of its right head's right eye, a large creature a good distance away. It hadn't noticed the slime, and was moving slowly. It had a long extension behind its back limbs, and the top of the whole creature looked... serrated. When the feelings of weakness and tingle met, the weakness became less weak. The whole feeling slowly began to withdraw, but the slime's back section and heads were still useless.

Sevak watched the big shapes from his spot connected to the goat, now that he knew what it was, and waited to see if they were in fact going to eat him or not. It still didn't seem like they wanted to, and they were more interested in the goat from the looks. But he was on the goat. Was that bad? Believing it could be, the slime let go of the goat's leg and landed back on the ground. One of the big black shapes moved a little when the slime landed on the ground. It moved closer, and so did another. Sevak froze there, worried for a moment the weird big things would eat him now because he was off the goat.

Trying to stand and moving one on his legs slightly Nathair keeps an eye on the large moving thing. The serrated back and long thing in the back with the things he can see coming from its mouth also interesting it. But scared of why he had the sudden weakness, as well as wondering why the tingling was fighting the weakness. Trying over and over to raise his heads and face the creature that was walking around and not paying attention yet to him.

@Sevak: If the goat was still alive, it didn't show it. It did move, but only because the big black flying things started attacking it, ripping off pieces of flesh, eating it in a strange neck-jerking way. They didn't seem to care what the slime was doing.

@Nathair: The giant serrated-backed creature moved slowly, but it was soon under the wet. If the slime hadn't already known it was there- it would never have guessed. Even such a large and obvious creature was able to hide in the dark, dirty wet? Not even the tiny plants on the surface revealed its presence. But the tingle was starting to disappear. The weakness even began to recede!

Sevak watched the big things eat the goat. They were pretty big. So was the goat. Yet, the slime was able to use that goat. Could he use the big things? He knew they would be harder to attack than the goat was as they weren't injured, but maybe perhaps he could bite one of them? Run at it maybe? Tackling it could knock it over. Perhaps. Sevak had some options at least. There were lots of them. Maybe he could go for a smaller one? Or the most distracted?

The slime waited, watching as some of those big things started devouring the goat in their odd fashion. He took sight of a slightly smaller one hop up to feast. Not too far. Not noticing the slime either. Chance? He thought so. He would probably regret this later, but the creature was intrigued by the big things enough to be reckless. Maybe he could use the spiderweb strands he still had occasionally? Sevak decided he would do that. Somewhat. With the right chance to take itself, the creature took a running charge at the nearest thing eating the goat. He rammed into its leg with all the force he could muster, giving himself a headache in the process, and tried to latch onto the leg with his mouth. All the while he let out a thicker strand of spiderweb in hopes of maybe ensnaring another big thing, or maybe this one itself. Either way, the close up of this thing was very dark and unnerving. But the slime didn't give up. It just hoped that now these big things didn't try to eat it. The slime hadn't thought of that.

Lifting himself slowly and taking one shaky step Nathair falls back to the ground and lays there for a while until the weakness goes away more. One head watching where the large thing had been crawled into the dirty water he lifts one head and slowly gets back on his feet. Slowly walking over to where the large serrated back creature had come from he looks one head looking backwards as he slowly walks forward. Searching for blood filled things he can feel another change taking over his body, something sticky and from the newest thing he had eaten. It concentrating on his necks and legs they feel more flexible, and after a few moments he push's the head facing forward out and feels it stretch forward a few extra lengths before it comes back to its normal position. His legs not stretching they seem to have more spring and as he moves forward he steps to hard and it bounces his leg up off the ground much more quickly than he was expecting.

@Nathair: As the last of the weakness showed itself to be gone finally, the last bit of weak feeling began to bulge. Something new was forming in the slime, right in the middle of its right head's mouth. It didn't feel that different than the thing it used to produce venom! But no trace of the huge serrated creature remained. No matter how huge it was, it perfectly disappeared into the deep, dark wet. Even the tiny floating organics sat motionless where it once was.

@Sevak: Doing what the slime thought as 'slamming' into the big black thing did not have much of an effect, as it started taking to the sky. But since the slime had bitten as well- up the slime went, attached to the thing's leg! Trying to stay on while the creature flapped around in midair was not helping the slime to maintain its grasp. Farther up the slime went- and farther away. Quickly, the slime was no where near the corpse, or anything else it was familiar with, though it was still over the mass of tall plants, though they were less dense now.

Walking away from the water and keeping his heads lower to the ground and moving along quickly Nathair keeps his mouths open and his fangs out, searching for something else to eat which is alive. Moving along the ground one of his heads whips to the right and stares at some movement, something moving along the ground and mostly invisible but the blood inside it giving it away. Turning towards it and staying low to the ground he slowly moves forward, his heads out as far as they can go and drops on both sets of fangs from the poisons and venom's connected to them. The thing ahead long and thin it moves back and forth and the part Nathair can see is mostly the same as the things around it.

@Nathair: The creature wasn't the one that had disappeared, there was no trace of it. But the creature the slime HAD caught was almost its own size- though the slime found it to be far stronger than itself. The venoms and diseases flowed into the beast, but it became frantic and struggled, forcing the slime to let go with one of its heads as it started trying to scrape its way out of the slime's other mouth in an effort to get away.

After one of its heads was pulled off Nathair raised one of its feet and hit the things struggling to get away. his free head biting down and pumping more of the venom into this struggling creatures body. Holding on tight he can feel his fangs being pulled on a lot and the things eventually got away, slithering away from him and away. Picking himself up from where he had been pushed when it shook him off Nathair followed it, walking through the brush and following the drops of blood on the ground. Retracting and extending his fangs over and over as he follows it.

Where was it going? Sevak didn't look down. He knew something was wrong. The flapping parts of the big black thing worked simultaniously to produce different scenery very quickly. His only anchor to the ground had broke and hadn't served much of a help anyway. But now what?
The slime used some of the spider web producing gland's thread to carefully wrap it around the creature's leg he was holding on to and himself, hoping that would help keep from falling. Sevak hated falling. He definitely knew what that was. After all, his first moments in the place he was at were falling sensations. The darkness and tumbling had been terrible. He never wanted that to happen again.

But the poor slime didn't have many options. Fall or hold on forever. The scenery changed to a weird blusish grey color with the occasional thin white and whispy thing fly fastly by, seperated by the flapping appendages from the creature. He wanted down. Badly. Though he never knew the odd black big thing could do this. What was it? They clearly weren't in the big overally green place anymore when the slime finally looked down. It was terrifying. But also strangely beautiful. Just to be safe, Sevak added two more layers of web around himself and the leg of the creature. Surely he wouldn't fall now.

Still, the slime felt helpless. He felt like he should be more prepared for such occurrences too. Like something was missing. Something always was missing it seemed. One odd thing would grow and he would feel hunger again to go find a new thing. But wait, grow? He hadn't done that in a while if his memory served. Maybe he could convince the big thing to get closer to the familiar hard ground that way? Or maybe it wouldn't care. Or get angry. Probably angry since it took the slime up to this weird devoid place. But Sevak was curious. What could he grow that could do such a thing? He wasn't sure and left the thought to ponder more as the big creature continued on. Luckily though, Sevak was now distracted from the falling thoughts he had before.

@Nathair: The creature finally stopped moving, one part of it moving for a final second. While underwater, it was strong, but once not under the wet, it quickly lost all its strength. Maybe it was because of the toxin? It did show obvious signs of dying from the slime's tearing fangs and poison injections.

@Sevak: The creature began to finally fly lower to the ground on its own! No, that wasn't the ground. It was something made of dry thin parts off the tall organics the slime was used to, and there were big white round things in it. The whole thing was sitting on top of a ledge of inorganic, sticking far off the side of a huge inorganic that seemed to go on forever. But at least the slime could tell it would be sitting with the big black flappy thing on top of the white things very soon.

Following the creature and watching it for a few long seconds to see if it will move Nathair moves forwards more and bites the back part of the creature. Pulling on it backwards and onto a dry piece of land he steps on it and starts pulling on it with its heads and fangs, trying to tear pieces off of it and swallow them. Growing frustrated when that doesn't work he moves to the front of the creature and starts tearing at the front.

Sevak noticed while thinking about how he could scare the creature that the flapping was getting it lower to some sort of weird ground. With round white things in it. And very high up version of ground. The thin things off the big-talls somewhat comforted the slime as it was jostled on the supposed landing. Whatever that meant. He was down. Sort-of.
The spiderweb he had attached to the bird still held true. Too true. The slime and it were stuck together a bit too well. Until, of course, the slime started to cut a little to get the threads loose. It was risky and the slime assumed the worse, though, as he did so his shape also started to slowly change.

He was elongating a bit more, the six legs separating out evenly as his body became a bit thiner and longer while his head became a bit more triangular shaped and backend thinned out to a tapered point almost. His eyes rearranged themselves slightly to fit the head, though their position before still held true. He still had 360 vision thanks to the clusters. A god-send in this risky place. When that was over, Sevak was ravonous, though free too. Free from that flappy thing as it probably was wondering what was going on. The slime had used up the energy it had gotten from the past meals it had eaten, most of all the goat that it had eaten a pretty good amount of.
The colorings elongated as well, keeping their patterns as they had before in his previous shape. The ferned-scales followed along the top of him as well, all the way to the tail where it ended a few inches from the point. He forgot what he used those scales for by now, though he knew for sure the white heated ball in the open space he had flown in helped those. Very well in fact.

Sevak now turned his attention to the white round things and the big black thing. Were they related at all? They somewhat looked to be. He felt empowered now. Better suited to attack and actually be able to take something on instead of crash into anything and be taken away. He could fight, which would have been great if Sevak actually had a complete understanding of it. He knew biting did damage. And tackling. And knew from the carpenter ants that biting and teamwork was the best. Yet, he had no one to team with. Could he convince the round white things to team with him? Probably not. He was probably brought here for eating, like he so wanted to do now.

@Nathair: (unlocked: metabolic enzymes, mad cow disease gland) Grabbing a mouthful of the creature's eye/mouth area and yanking on it caught the slime's fangs behind part of the creature's.. head? Its head seemed segmented away from the rest of its body. It hadn't moved, and its body was getting slightly warmer as it sat in the light, out of the water. The slime tasted its own injections in the holes of the creature, and didn't expect it to ever move again. Except while it was being torn asunder.

@Sevak: One of the round white things moved a little. Barely enough to notice, but the slime's area vision caught it even while it was looking away. It moved again. Something poked out from the thing, but then it wasn't there anymore. Then it was- but in a different spot. Part of the round white thing broke, and inside there was an ugly, scrawny-looking creature. But it was far smaller than the big flappy thing, and didn't look even half dangerous.

Ripping at the face of the creature Nathair swallows the pieces that come off and go back for more. Both of his heads ripping at its skin and tearing chunks off of it as he holds it down with one foot. His heads digging into the creature and pulling pieces off. One head raises and looks around as the second swallows as much of the creature as he can. New things forming all over his back, under the skin but connected to the outside there are dozens of small things and the slime on the outside connected in some way to these new things.

@Nathair: Farther away than actually mattered in the dark wet, the giant with the serrated back made a quick appearance. If that was even it. A few small creatures jumped surprisingly far, much farther than their own body size would suggest- away from the surfacing thing. But then it submerged again. Near where the slime was eating were some tall but thin plants of some kind, and a couple sizes of strange creature hovered near them.

One head still tearing at the skin and flesh of the dead creature and swallowing it as fast as he can the other looks around. Nathair sees the organics and the different sizes of strange things. Watching them with one head carefully while he digs deeper into the thing he is eating he can fell the unattached gland in him moving from his head down to his back slowly. The things on his back also changing slightly each of them somehow seem like they are touching this new gland, and it touching them. Looking at his back for a second and 'flexing' his back several things come out of his back before they slowly go back into his slimy back.

Sevak watched the odd white things break. Weirder scrawny things came out of it. Maybe he could convince these to team with him then? How could he go about doing that though? He wasn't sure. He turned his attention to the big black thing again, realizing it wasn't too terribly as big as he had thought. Still large, but certainly no longer huge. He sized it up, his six legs moving a little as his new body mimicked the snake he had been infused with when he first was a slime. The legs were odd for that, but helpful. Maybe he could will a different use for them sometime. Right now though, he was perfectly fine with using the six of them as actual legs even if his body moved a little more strangely.

His jaw opened slightly as he moved forward a little. Testing. Would the black flappy thing attack? Maybe this demonstration would get the other smaller things to help. He charged again, a little faster even though the space was somewhat cramped. He was near the flappy thing's legs now and attempted to bite one of them if it didn't move first.

@Nathair: Just like the creature originally... well, not exactly the same, but being able to hide its own spikes in an unassuming place was just like the creature's use of its ability. But the slime was better, smarter, and had been collecting enhancements. Enhancements to all sorts of things it was finding in what it ate and touched! But there were clearly challenges ahead- like how to catch the things in the air, or take to the air itself if the slime felt like it- though the thin flying things darting around the murky water seemed to do fine. Something caught the slime's left/left eye- one of the small jumpy things it noticed earlier did something with its mouth, and one of the smaller flying things got torn from the sky and ended up halfway in the creature's mouth; though the jumpy creature just seemed to be sitting there on a plant on the surface of the water.

@Sevak: The slime's experience in expecting poor timing was well-learned; and instinctually jerked itself out of attack as the large flappy black thing pecked down towards the slime's midsection. Good thing it was a snake-millipede. The scrawny things sitting in the broken white things didn't seem helpful, or anything. They just moved strangely, and didn't even bother opening their eyes. Other creatures the slime saw before acted similar to this, seeming to try to catch food in their mouth that happened to be flying around near them. But there wasn't anything above these things.

Turning his left head towards the jumpy thing Nathair tilts his head as he watch's something dart from its mouth again and again one of the small flying things is half in his mouth and soon eaten. Turning towards the jumpy thing while his right head still tears pieces off the thing below him and eats it. But when he takes a step forward his right head comes up and lifts to swallow a large piece that had been ripped off when he stepped away. Slowly walking towards the jumpy thing hes heads move around slightly till one is down close to the ground and the other is as tall as it can be, both of its mouths opening and instead of his fangs sliding out he can feel his neck just below where his necks split flexing and compressing slightly. Inside himself 2 glands connect and merge together in a new way, Stopping and pushing his heads forward both of his mouths open. Standing right behind one of the jumpers and looking at it Nathair push's his heads forward and push's out some bubbles like he had before, but they are a different color and the way it looks is different also. Spitting out bubble after bubble he can see them floating forward towards the jumper and several of the organics around where it is.

Sevak turned quickly, instinct taking over with his new body to attack the big flappy black thing as it pecked. His jaw opened up as he moved to attack the thing on his own. He succeeded, barely, hooking his teeth into a section near the thing's neck almost. Sorta near the flappy part though too. It was a hard bite, but snake-milipede slime didn't let go. That at least was one thing it knew how to do.
The fangs secreted a liquid they had done before only a few times. It wasn't too much, but it shocked the slime a little. He hadn't expected that to happen. But he went with it. He could sense he still had some of the liquid within him, though the bite's teeth also got just a tad deeper when he moved to be sure he could still maneuver if he got attacked at. Which was expected. He could take it. Hopefully. But he wasn't sure how the fangs and other three sets of teeth would get out of this part of the flappy thing if he needed a different bite. Hopefully it wouldn't lift off the ground again. But just to be sure, the slime started to produce webs again from a small section on his tail. It looked almost like a little bit of a knobby thing, though the slime found quickly that he could move his tail-end freely and have much more control over where the web went than before when he was smaller. That was nice.

@Nathair: (unlocked: frog croak) The slime's bubble hit the jumpy thing, and it almost seemed to jump backwards in mid-air. Must have been something else. The thing seemed... it didn't move. Then it started jumping from one flat green organic thing to another, trying to get away from the colored spheres.

@Sevak: The big flappy thing shook its limb, but the slime didn't come off. Not even a little. It shook a couple other times. Nothing. But then it bit onto the slime, its mouth full of scaled slime. But it was more dense than the creature realized, and it wasn't able to crush it, though the slime definitely felt the pressure, and it hurt.

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