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OOC: Lots of RL stuff- specifically getting a new house this weekend. So, I plan on having you guys being my housewarming. Send me a PM with anything you want, and I'll get it to you in-game. That goes for lurkers and people reading before playing too! Here are the categories:

Information: Certain combinations of unlocks give you access to a special ability you probably won't figure out on your own, or certain unlocks will enhance abilities you already have. Request "Information" and I'll tell you something. Or you can also get a Spoiler about my ideas behind the things you've been finding. Active players only on that one.

DNA: I'll shove a plant or animal, or at least enough to get a couple unlocks from it, near you where you can find it. Nothing extinct, but I will allow fantasy! Fantasy creatures do have abilities that exist in nature or recently created genetically engineered creatures. Fantasy abilities are more powerful than their natural origins, but they're there. No extinct creatures because that's a story element for a later Arc.

Ability: Want a chemical to help you unlock a breath weapon like fire, ice, acid, smoke, or mist- you can request that. Want to be attacked by something that teaches you concussion or sandstorm breath? That can be requested, too. Want to be resistant to certain elements instead? Requesting fiberglass insulation could do that. Want to have a certain venom gland or have a gland that injects a specific disease into your victims? Can request that.

Bonus: Can request a color pattern or specific color if you want- in ADDITION to your choice of the above three categories.

How to participate: PM me with your request before I post the story update, probably sometime saturday.

OOC: Lots of RL stuff- specifically getting a new house this weekend. So, I plan on having you guys being my housewarming. Send me a PM with anything you want, and I'll get it to you in-game. That goes for lurkers and people reading before playing too! Here are the categories:

Information: Certain combinations of unlocks give you access to a special ability you probably won't figure out on your own, or certain unlocks will enhance abilities you already have. Request "Information" and I'll tell you something. Or you can also get a Spoiler about my ideas behind the things you've been finding. Active players only on that one.

DNA: I'll shove a plant or animal, or at least enough to get a couple unlocks from it, near you where you can find it. Nothing extinct, but I will allow fantasy! Fantasy creatures do have abilities that exist in nature or recently created genetically engineered creatures. Fantasy abilities are more powerful than their natural origins, but they're there. No extinct creatures because that's a story element for a later Arc.

Ability: Want a chemical to help you unlock a breath weapon like fire, ice, acid, smoke, or mist- you can request that. Want to be attacked by something that teaches you concussion or sandstorm breath? That can be requested, too. Want to be resistant to certain elements instead? Requesting fiberglass insulation could do that. Want to have a certain venom gland or have a gland that injects a specific disease into your victims? Can request that.

Bonus: Can request a color pattern or specific color if you want- in ADDITION to your choice of the above three categories.

How to participate: PM me with your request before I post the story update, probably sometime saturday.

OOC: Is this still ongoing?

OOC: Is the event still ongoing? Yes. Yes it is! Did I get to move? No. But I did activate the event, so it stays active until I move. No idea when that'll be, but I'll update everyone on both this forum and the other one when it happens.

@Sevak: The big flappy thing shook its limb, but the slime didn't come off. Not even a little. It shook a couple other times. Nothing. But then it bit onto the slime, its mouth full of scaled slime. But it was more dense than the creature realized, and it wasn't able to crush it, though the slime definitely felt the pressure, and it hurt.

Sevak squirmed when it was bit, biting down harder on the bird itself as payback. The tail-end of the creature moved a little closer, whacking web all over nearby. Some of it got onto the flappy thing, some of it got everywhere else. It was certainly a mess. No doubt. But what was the slime supposed to do? Let go and get killed? It was bad enough the slime was missing scale and parts of itself already and Sevak didn't want that to happen again.
So the slime tried something different. Using its six legs, and some of the anchoring of the web from its tail, it worked with the momentum of the flappy creature. Which was hard, very hard for the slime, but soon it had enough momentum to flop it over. Granted, that also meant the slime creature itself was flopped over and both now were in more of a tough position to fight. But doing so also managed to get the slime's mouth free, so another bite could be had from it if it could land a hit.


Out in the desert, a group of scientists (if that's what you call a group of drunk friends that decide to set up an obstacle course in the desert to see who is the most skillful drunk driver without getting arrested is called) were performing field tests studying toxicology (how drunk you can get without spinning out while doing donuts around a traffic cone in a dirt field) and one of them decided that an additional proficiency test (shooting a .22 rifle at a beer can) was required. The first round missed.
What it hit however, was a discarded and until recently, mint condition slime canister. The pellet penetrated the vial, shot through the inactive slime, passed through the other side of the vial, and disappeared into the hot desert sand. The humans never knew. If they had noticed at all, they would have seen the vial get spiderweb fractures throughout the canister, allowing the slime to easily free itself with a test of strength.


@Sevak: The slime bit as hard as it could and as fast as it could, on any part of the creature it could get. As the flappy black thing struggled to get back up and have a better position to fight, it left its underside vulnerable and that was where the slime was able to grab with its mouth. The covering was softer here than the other limb was, and forcing liquid out wasn't particularly difficult, though the slime did have to strain itself to do it.

@Escar: The slime felt something strange. Even more strange than the tiny, extremely painful puncture wound going throughout its entire form that woke it up! It could feel that air from the other side of its inorganic prison was extremely hot and dry, but it couldn't get to it. It could feel that the inorganic had small lines splintering from the hole, proving that the prison wasn't as smooth as the slime originally felt. Pushing on it made it move a little, but it still held tight.

Jumping forward and waddling through the wetness and organics Nathair push's his heads forward snapping with fangs extended now, trying to grab the jumping thing. Pushing through the wetness and spitting up more of the floating rounds that go everywhere around him as he rush's forward.

(After trying to force its way through the container, the slime broke off the side and fell out onto some hot sand. The slime, hungry for food, then started sliding out into the desert.)

The slime felt its way around the inorganic, looking for another way out. There was another way out, but trying to get through resulted in too much pain. Concentrating on moving toward the heat, part of the slime's body started moving out past the inorganic toward the air outside. As it moved itself against the inorganic, it felt more space inside and the inorganic moved slightly. Applying as much pressure as it could, the slime tried to force its way through the hole in the inorganic. After much effort and a bit of pain, the inorganic gave way and the slime moved independently of itself, stopping with a shudder of pressure.

Sliding forwards slowly, the slime made its way off the smooth inorganic to a multitude of tiny rough inorganics. There was also heat, lots of heat on the inorganics. It made the slime uncomfortable. But its primitive thinking capacity was more set on the quest for organic absorption, driving it out into the desert.

Sevak strained a little more to get a good bite. To be sure. He wanted this thing to stop trying to kill him, and he was pretty sure he was killing it. Was that was it was called? Killing? It was something. He was trying to do something. Killing seemed to be an answer, though the slime didn't know where that had come from. He blamed the chaos. It was always the chaos.

The tiny fluffy creatures watched on nearby from their cracked things. The elongated slime released his bite, looking for a better spot to bite when he was pecked at and then possibly kicked. He didn't know what kicked meant either. Something had shoved the slime away from it a little. Away from the flappy. That wasn't good!!
The flappy was standing, albeit hurt now, and the slime was away. Not by much, but by enough to make the slime feel worried. Worried? Did it know that one? It felt as though it did.
He lunged as well as a centipede-snakelike-slime creature could do -essentially charging- at the flappy again. They collided once more, putting the slime underneath it in a series of rolls from the momentum. Unluckily, they had neared the edge of the twiggy oval shaped bowl it had been put in and one of the flappy's limbs had punched out a slime-sized hole in the twiggy. From Sevak's position, he could just make out the Nothing underneath that section. There was no hard underneath it. No ground. The Dreaded Nothing was back to seek revenge and the slime knew it. He didn't want that. Ever. And worked as hard as he possibly could to get them both away from the Dreaded Nothing and back into the middle of the twiggy. All the while, the fluffy white creatures watched and occasionally make weird sounds in response to what was going on.

@Escar: The slime didn't have to go far in order to locate something organic. But it wasn't much- it was very thin and light, and had a hard organic part running the length of it. On each side, it had really really fluffy, light something, almost flat. It tickled and soothed the slime a little when it brushed against it. The ground was shifty and hot, and stuck in the slime a little and dried it out where it touched at the same time. Moving a little more, it felt something.. unnatural but organic. Flat on the two sides the slime felt, but they connected at a hard angle.

@Sevak: (unlocked: vulture corpse detection) The slime's biggest fear had come true. It knew it would! It seemed like the chaos kept making the slime feel good, only to slap it away. Slap? Stop it, chaos! The slime was in a daze from the fighting, and didn't even know how it happened, but it was kicked through the hole. Maybe it wasn't, and there was another hole the slime didn't see, even with its ability to see all over at once! It was falling. It fell for so much longer than it ever did before, and stopped for half a second in extreme pain before falling again. It had hit an inorganic sticking out of the wall. Below, far below, the slime saw that there was a ground after all. It just was farther than the slime knew about. It must have been so high it could nearly touch the fluffy white things that made wet!

@Nathair: A jumpy thing got stuck in the slime's left mouth. The moment the thing was caught, it.. did something. It deflated? It wasn't as big as it seemed, or as dense. What was up with this creature? But other things were zipping by the slime as well, all around it. At least four types of things it could see with its two heads. Two of them were pretty much the same, just different colors. Long, hard, and able to fly backwards when they wanted to. One of the others just hovered mostly, but had huge flappy things on its sides, and some long pokey thing in front of it. The slime had eaten some of those and knew what they were. The last one was new.

Surprised when it deflated in his mouth Nathair almost drops it as his mouth almost closes from how far it deflates. His left head lifts to swallow it as his right head turns and looks at the things all around. Focusing on one of the things that is new with his right head he moves it towards this new thing. As his left head lowers after swallowing the jumpy deflating thing and looks down at the floating things it had been jumping on. Poking the organic with his left nose he watch's it move under his poke.

Poking it a second time Nathair lifts its head to watch it move and float around. Leaning down and taking the edge of it in his mouth he lifts it into the air slightly and bites down to tear some off. Not working because of nothing to tear or cut it with inside his mouth he drops it and turns both his heads to the floating thing. Both his heads bite down on it and work at it, slowly tearing it apart and slowly swallowing the smaller piece. The feeling different than other things he had eaten, no blood or meat but still the feeling of organics in his mouth and going down.

As he swallows the piece and drops the rest he goes back to watching the long hard thing with one head and the huge flappy with his other head. Stepping forward and sinking deeper into the wetness around him and the squishiness under him. Taking slow steps in the squichy thing under the wet and sinking deeper into it Nathair sinks under the edge of the wet and looks up under it to the harder to see now things above. Slowly moving closer and getting under them he spreads his heads wide and one under each of the floating things with hard body's he stares at them for a minute before pushing his heads out of the wet and opening his mouths to try catching both of them.

Falling. The Dreaded Nothing had struck again. Why must it have some reason to always get the slime? What did the slime ever do?

Those were Sevak's last thoughts as it noticed the ground once more. Much closer. Too close. The pain racked in its body already felt horrible. It's long slender body wriggled funnily as it fell. He watched the wriggling as best he could from his vantage point, noticing the smallish twiggy up very high. And the inorganic thing that had struck it before. He wanted badly to have been kicked hard enough to fabricate this. Maybe the white fluffy noisy things had tackled it and it was imagining falling. Maybe the bigger flappy had thrown it over the edge of the twiggy after all. Or through it, as the case seemed to be.

He wanted badly to be back up there now. So badly to tackle the big flappy and throw it through the twiggy so it knew how he felt. But no. He was falling. The Dreaded Nothing was winning. Again. And he was powerless to do anything about it.

The ground came closer. And closer. An alarming rate of speed surprisingly made the ground show up much faster and closer than the slime wanted. Before he really knew it, Sevak had slammed into the ground. Sadly. His wriggly bogy from the fall had almost slammed like an accordion would have been compressed, but something had changed the body so it slammed flatter. The impact knocked the slime out cold. Or possibly killed him. Sevak didn't know.

@Nathair: (unlocked: mosquito wings) Miss. The slime nearly missed the long hard thing, but got part of it. The very back part- which apparently had a thing that could cause injury. The slime's mouth hurt, and it unintentionally opened its mouth. Not that it was caught; it was going to escape anyway. But not the other one! The other one was captured without that much difficulty, using the angle it was. But it was menial in mass and despite its size, it didn't count for much. Except... the slime did learn something from it.

@Sevak: It was dark, and cold. The slime could see up, far up, and saw tiny points of light. But it couldn't move. Colder than the slime could have imagined, if it could imagine such things. The slime's ability to feel even basic things was broken. Everything that could break did; except for the eyes it got from the things that liked rotten things. The slime had lost three of its limbs, one was only a stub, and the other two were mangled but still present. It was bent in shapes the slime hadn't intended after slamming into a couple inorganic things sticking out of the wall. But this was not ground. The slime was on something else.

Dropping back into the wet and thrashing around under the surface as his mouth throbs in pain. The other piece he swallows as his left head thrashes around and bites at the wet and the squishiness under his feet as the pain slowly goes away. Turning and slowly walking back towards the more firm ground Nathair slowly walks back up on it and shakes himself. looking around this time he see's more of the flying things and a few more jumpers. Watching the jumpers and some of the fliers he cant decide what to do right away. The jumpers were interesting and newish but some of the fliers had hurt him and were new. One head looking at the jumpers and another at the fliers he slowly moves around the edge of the wet. One head still watching the wet and the things on and over it the other starts looking around. Reaching out and feeling with the sense that he has to feel the warm wet in living organics he slowly moves along the wetness searching for something to eat to fill the gnawing in himself.

Sevak closed his multiple eyes, trying to figure out what exactly had happened for sure. The Dreaded Nothing had struck again. That was obvious. Opening just one eye showed him a clear view of his dismembered leg. One of them anyway. He could tell more were gone. One of the others was actually poking him in the back. He'd landed on it.
He made no attempt to move. He stayed still, collecting what was left of his sanity. If he ever had any to begin with. His stub wiggled slightly, being tested now to see if it could move. Barely. The mangled ones? Sevak didn't dare. He silently wondered if he could absorb himself and repair his legs. Or grow new ones and get rid of these. But he had more pressing matters.
The mangled slime-snake-creature opened all of his eyes again, seeing mostly ground but also an upside-down version of the area in front of him. He moved himself slowly now to right himself. It hurt and many scales fell off in the process, oozing slime where they would, but having no bones had an advantage. Surprisingly. He was insanely sore, but moveable. Somehow. In slow motions of course. Slow and awkward motions. His mangled legs were useless. The stub wasn't much better. Instead, the slime used the odd back and forth motion he had used before in tandem with the legs to get motion. Except this time he didn't use any of the legs. He left them to drag as close to his body as possible.
The slithering motion was very efficient, albeit it also caused some pain. His head hurt terribly. But he could see. He could see all over like before, and that itself was a blessing. He at least wasn't blind.
The ground though was odd to him. His small test-circle of movement proved it definitely wasn't ground. So then where was he? And how was he going to get back to the big flappy and push it off through the hole? He wanted the big flappy to know how the Dreaded Nothing felt. So badly. So very badly.

@Nathair: The warm-wet sensing ability refused to work under the wet. Organics were all over, the surface of the wet covered in small colory circular shapes. Small ones. The bigger ones that the jumpers were jumping on were harder, more durable. The small ones were nearly pointless. What purpose did they serve? One of the long, hard flying things landed nearby. A brightly colored one, so bright it almost hurt the slime to see. But only if it looked directly at it. It was of minor interest before, being a dullish colored thing sticking up partway out of the wet, but with something to grab its attention, maybe it wasn't now.

@Sevak: Bouncy. The ground.. no, it wasn't ground. The slime knew that. Its thoughts were still spinning and blinking in and out. The bouncy ground was bouncy. Yes. Other colored ground was off the edge of the bounce ground. Groundy bounce. No. Yes? It wasn't the same color, and didn't even look the same, as the other ground the slime was on before with the big organics all over. There were organics, but they weren't around here. The slime saw one of them far off, and it would take awhile to get to it. The slime also saw a shadow of something... shadow? The Chaos was being funny again. It was moving, but it couldn't be organic. Organics weren't shaped like that. Off another edge of the broundy gounce... no. Were some strange-looking things that were somewhat shiny. There were a couple other things near it that were even more different.

Sevak didn't know what to make of the confusing bouncy but not bouncy ground but not ground. He was moving on it at least. Yes. At least he was moving. Or was he? Was it just the bouncing making him move? He wasn't so sure anymore. He started to think about the bouncy again when his attention remembered the odd somewhat shiny things nearby. Maybe those could help him figure out what the bounciness was? Maybe not. But they were off the bouncy ground it looked like. Which probably was a good thing. The less bouncy the ground the better. Maybe not. Maybe bouncy ground was good. Or no? The confused slime didn't have a clue anymore.

So, being confused as it was, the slime slithered bouncily over to the edge where the objects were. Not realizing quite yet how well it was moving, the creature ended up bouncing itself off the edge completely and landed on one of the shiny shapes and a smaller odd object in the process. What were all these? The bigger shiny reminded Sevak of the containers it had gotten stuck in a few times before. One of those caused it to be flung down a hill in darkness. That was terrible. Come to realize it, that also caused it to nearly get here. Or, well, kinda. Wandering around aimlessly got it stuck inside the Big Flappy's grip and falling got it here, but to get to where the Big Flappy could have gotten it was helped by the weird darkness fall it had taken from the containers. Keeping that in mind, Sevak searched to find an opening for one of these. Along the way, the slime scooped up one of the smaller odd objects and bit into it without realizing. His thought process was still very messed up.

It took a long time to find the opening and a few more tubes had been eaten after thinking they could cause an opening to appear. One of the sides of the shiny had seemed dented in a spot and that lead it to the actual opening of the container after many repeated tries of running into the dent. It was big enough to just squeeze the slime's head inside. Which lead to another problem. It was stuck. His head was stuck. He couldn't see. He could barely move the container the way he was positioned. He was stuck. But an odd liquid started to lap up against the head's surface as the slime-snake lifted his head a little. The container rose, causing the liquid that was left inside this dented one to flood to where the head was put. He would have realized he was nearly drowning had his thought processes been crippled from the fall still.

Some of the liquid seeped out past the part where the head was stuck. Soon after, the container slipped off. Freedom!!! Sevak was free!! But, curious as ever, the slime shoved his head back inside to see if that would make a difference to the lighting issue. More liquid sloshed around inside as the container and slime-snake moved from time to time.

Nathair pulled his heads below the water again and thrash around a little in anger about missing the things he had been going for. Looking up and catching an eye of the bug that had landed he moves closer and gets right under the thing it had landed on.

slowly lifting one head up to the side and looking at the bug Nathair slowly moves his head just slightly above the water so there is no splash. Still staring with the one head his others move up and move around the hanging organic under where the bug had landed a few times before opening his mouth with his fangs extended, on both his mouths. His right head out of the water moves forward with his mouth open while his left grabs the organic and jerks it down under the wet.

@Sevak: The slime was only doing what it knew, but it made the wrong decision. Or right one. Savagely consuming the tubes and sloshing strange liquid all over itself made it start to feel strange. Like various things it had encountered before had made it feel- every one of its cells were changing. Being affected by something.. no, two somethings. Three! The slime's surface and head began to mostly feel the same; barely different. The slime around one of the tubes it had consumed had somewhat leaked and hardened; but within the slime the affect of the stuff spread outwards, also only minor difference. But when the two effects made their way through the slime, they felt completely different. More different than.. no, maybe? It was somewhere around the opposite of the smooshy feeling it felt when it was pure slime. It was hardening. All of it was hardening! But one of the other tubes was doing something different. As the strange feeling swept through the slime, it felt all its wounds closing. All of everything closing, actually.

@Nathair: It wasn't possible to miss this time! The slime caught the long hard flying thing in its mouth, and half a mouthful of the puffy plant along with it. But the puffy plant was actually surprisingly soft and easy to tear apart, which gave the slime twice the amount of organic to consume than it would have otherwise bitten into. A couple of the other similar creatures flew away a short distance at the sudden burst of movement, but they returned mostly to the places they were just at after a moment. The nearest jumpy thing didn't come back, though.

Chewing and swallowing the bug and the organic puffy plant Nathair lowers that head down under the water again as his other head goes above it and starts biting and swallowing the rest of the plant. After the right is done swallowing the bug and rest it goes back up to start taking bites out of the other side. Taking bites and tearing pieces off of the organic and swallowing it till it is just the hanging root. One head grabs it and holds it as the other chews on it, getting pretty much no where.

Dropping the bottom of the organic and walking along the bottom of the wet to the edge he walks up till he is out of the wet. Shaking his heads and looking around he starts walking away as he looks around for warm wet. As he walks he pokes organics with his heads and bites a few, but doesn't try tearing or eating them.

Nathair stops and looks above himself as he feels several small things of warm blood above himself. Looking up and moving around slightly and slowly follows the organic they seem to be on down a larger one to the ground Nathair is standing on. Walking over to the organic and trying to walk up it a few times he bash's his heads against it a few times. Shaking his heads and backing up he feels something happening to his heads. Shaking them again he can feel something growing from them, hard and pointed when he looks at each of his heads he can see a dark pointed thing growing from each of his heads between and above his eyes. His left head slowly reach's up and touches the right the thing growing from his right, jerking back when it pokes him and he can feel the pain.

Turning back to the organic he buts his head against it again and looks at the small wound on the organic. Turning his heads back and forth as he looks at it his heads slam against the organic a few more times and each time his head itself never hits the organic but the new thing does and it makes a small hole in it. Turning away and walking to another organic he hits it with his head and pulling back shakes his head when it drags the organic with it. Moving his heads together and tapping his pointy things together he starts moving away looking for organics that moves and had the warmwet he could feel.

@Nathair: (unlocked: cattail, dragonfly) Using its senses, the slime recognized far too many small dots of warm wet-filled things all around it, and all its eyes allowed it to tell what they were. Mostly things it had already seen. But the big one it had seen was still no where in sight. But the slime... maybe because of its heads hurting and mashing things, got an idea. If it ever was to find that creature, it couldn't survive trying to fight it at its own current size. It was only around the size of one of the creature's limbs, and those were small compared to most of the rest of it.

Looking around for the thing that is bigger than himself Nathair shakes one of his heads and turns to move away. Moving quickly along the ground and poking the organic things around him he bites a few of the leafy organics around to taste them and see if they tasted good. Slowing down close to one of the plants he feels warm wet under the inorganic he is walking on.

Leaning in and poking the inorganic with his pointed things he looks at a darkness under the brush. Poking one head in slowly with the pointy thing out he sticks his head in deeper and deeper looking for the warm wetness he can feel down there.

This new sensation scared Sevak tremendously. He felt like he was going to die an all-closed-up-mess. He was missing legs. Missing scales. The wounds were closing, yes, but that didn't seem right. He wondered if it was being stuck in this container that caused it. Should he try to get out? Could he? He had stuffed his head into the can pretty far and was still a little dizzy from the repeated hitting he had done to get here as well as the fall.

But the slime tried. He used what was left of his legs to try and push himself out of the container. Doing so also made him realize his broken legs were also regaining strength again somehow. Or maybe it was just the hardening fooling him. Either way, he could use them again mostly. At least for pushing he could. But pushing didn't help him here. He was stuck. The liquid that had hardened around his head had sealed him inside the container.

What was he going to do!!??

Something in Sevak told him thrashing probably was a good idea. Thrashing and banging his head into the sides seemed to be the only option in his messed up brain at the moment. The sight was something to see all right. A snake-like centipede slime thrashing a container around and bumping it into anything nearby certainly was something to record. The poor creature ended up making his situation worse as the container bumped into something else and got stuck itself. Now what? He was doomed. And partially freaking out. His body still thrashed in an attempt to break free.

@Nathair: A huge creature! The slime couldn't tell if it was bigger than the other one that kept disappearing, but this creature was standing in a strange position and the golden warm wet was coming from under it, trickling down the inorganic and pooling under the slime's legs. It wasn't facing the slime.
Down the hole was dark, with a different warm-wet (where it came from was thought to be known, but maybe not!) and for some reason, the wet seemed to fill the hole. A little bubble came up from below the surface and popped in the slime's face.

@Sevak: The container the slime's head was stuck in was totally immobile. Moving around as psychotically as it was, the slime finally realized something that should have scared it earlier, but for understandable reasons, didn't at the time. The circular hole where the slime shoved its head was a little sharp, though not on the outside. Like it was curved a little on the inside, and that part was sharp. The thrashing movements caused the slime to start slashing its own neck, and it didn't feel like it would be able to heal properly, at least not while also remaining free. It could always purposely cut off its own head and just grow another one later if it could find some organics... which it sorely needed anyway for healing reasons, in addition to its furious hunger.

Nathair looks at the large thing for a few minutes and after tilting his heads back and forth he slowly moves forward keeping an eye on the thing. Stepping slow and careful he reaches his heads forward closer and closer to it. Looking for a place where he can reach where a lot of the warm red wet is.

Setting his foot in the warm wet on the ground slowly and moving forward he pushs forward as hard as he can and sinks both his mouths into the things body. Venom and poison and everything else pumping into its body as he holds onto it tight.

@Nathair: The large creature flicked the appendage the slime had bit and latched onto; and if the slime had known just how powerful the creature was, it might have held on. But alas; it didn't, so it wasn't able to. The slime flew backwards, hitting its back on something hard and erect in shape. It must have been one of the gigantic organic things that didn't move. The slime was somewhat dazed, and fell behind a different organic; leafy this time with small points all over it.

Nathair rolls onto his feet and looks at his back, standing slowly. He falls down again and groans silently at the newly found pain that had happened from hitting the hard large organic. Laying there and looking around he pokes his head through the pointy organic between him and the large thing that had made him fly through the air. Jumping slightly when he gets poked by then he bites the organic he is behind and pulls on it, both his heads biting at the organic and chewing as best he can.

The little needle like things all over his body sliding out of his body before going back. watching the large thing with one head as the other keeps gnawing and chewing on the organic around it. Staring at the large thing trying to find where he can bite it again, knowing that his bites before had nearly drained his sacks in his heads into it.

Nathair could feel something changing in his back and tail, something was growing and pushing out of his skin just a little. Under the surface a greater change was happening, old pieces of his DNA changing and things seem to take shape back there as he stands there. Looking back he stares at the small protuberances coming from his back and tail he looks at them closely. Inside a small thing was being formed from his own skin and flesh but taking its own shape and seems to be moving on its own. As he stares a small thing pokes out of the little things on his back and slowly something starts to crawl out and stands on Nathairs back, looking up at him. He could feel the things it was from, all of them things he knew himself and he realized he had made them.

It had the head of some of the small stinging things from before with the same little pokey things on top, but a longer body. Several little wings on its back and a large stinger at the back it doesnt have legs so much as many little fang like things that are made to grab and hold onto something. Inside it is a complex mix of things that even Nathair was having a little hard recognizing but he can tell that it is many of the poisons and other glands inside himself packed into its body. Its mouth was a combination of the small things from before and some of his original organic, which means that it would be able to grab and even rip into flesh or plants. But its biggest thing for Nathair was that it's body would be able to stretch, taking in a lot of organics or other things and flying them back to Nathair for him to eat and they could also pump lots of mixed poison and venom into things. Nathair felt his legs weaken and he fell to his belly as more and more of these things seemed to crawl out of him. After just 5 he felt a shiver go through him and he stopped creating them. weakened now and watching these 5 little parts of himself crawl over him he watched as they all turned towards the large thing that had sent him through the air and one by one they all lift into the air and buzz over to it.

Showing that they also got some instincts from their parent they all dive for large thick veins and clamp onto the flesh tight as their stinger/fang/needle slides into the large vein and pumps as much mixed poison into it as they hold on, most of them already trying to rip into its flesh and eat it.

@Nathair: The large creature continued along its path, getting farther from the slime. The little attacking things didn't seem to matter, but the slime didn't know why. It was getting weaker and weaker quickly, and had been even since before the slime had attacked. The creature didn't make it much farther before collapsing. But the quintet of slimespawn was already on its way back to the slime, each carrying a small amount of material taken from the animal.

Nathair stays on the ground where he had fallen after birthing the flying things from himself. As he feels the pieces of himself fly towards him he opens his mouths and raises as the little buzzers land right in front of him. Taking them in his mouth and easily absorbing the material they are made of even the harder bits he swallows the pieces they left behind and lays there letting them dissolve as he gains the strength from them. Standing and walking slowly on wobbly legs towards where the thing had fallen.

Walking up to it and biting its side he feels very little blood moving inside it as Nathair pulls on the tickling thing over the rest below. Pulling on the fur more and finally letting it go he slowly crawls up the large organic thing and uses his fangs to pull himself up it. Straddling the large part and poking its body a few times with his horns he pulls his head back and slams it back down, his horn breaking the outside and going down into it making the blood ooze out of the hole he made.

Staying where he is and moving his tail down close to where the new hole is he sits his body down on it and rests as new creations start forming in the small areas on his back. Rather than a few things this time dozens of tiny forms are created in each, quickly spewing out of the multiple spots on his back to swarm down his back and into and over the hole that been made.

@Nathair: The creation and reabsorption of the insectoid spawn returned most of the energy and mass that was required to make them, and they brought back mass, but it wasn't a perfect amount. There was still some loss. But the slime had a huge creature in its effortless grip, so it didn't really matter right now. The slime would have to figure out a way to recover its swarm without having to be created/absorbed, and just carry it somehow.
The creature the slime was starting to consume had a few expansions and contractions, but they were not severe, and only a few of them before they seemed to stop entirely.

Nathair stays on top of the mostly unmoving organic as he continues to eat and make the little pieces of himself that bring him organic mass. Feeling himself tiring and then gaining the energy back over and over he stops making them and finishes eating the ones who were left. Reaching down with his heads and biting at the meat open to him he pulls chunks off as best he can as the protuberances on his back slowly shrink and close. Shivering and feeling his body changing again he rips off as big a chunk of flesh as he can and sits there absorbing it as the changes start.

His tail thickens at the base and pulls back to shorten to half its original length. Thickening throughout the whole thing the end pulls in to become stubby with a puckered look, lifting off the flesh below and staying up. Inside more drastic changes were happening, the places where the bugs had been made before were reforming although in a different way. Looking more like some of the DNA it holds inside itself Nathair can feel that this will be harder to make but not as many.

Already inside a new type was being formed, being pushed down through the tail slowly a bulge can be seen before the end opens and out comes a thin shelled egg type thing. Turning to look at this new thing coming from himself Nathair reaches back to poke it softly, the outside area falling apart even before he touches it it is eaten by the thing from inside. Only one thing was created from it, a small bug it seemed medium sized to its parent as he looks it over. Wings standing on its back they flutter causing a buzzing sound before folding back inside a harder shell, which in tun covered most of its above body. In front two claws stand out with a wide array of movement even to its own back, while under that sits a mouth that has tiny versions of teeth inside. Under its body multiple legs lead down with tiny claws at the end, while the underside of the body was soft with a stretchy exterior. At the back a small pseudo love dart fang slides in and out before stabbing the thing below it to pump a small sack of mixed venom poison into it before pulling back.

Watching the creature Nathair feels some kind of heat as he looks at it, watching it start to tear and eat the flesh below it he keeps watching as after it expends to hold quite a lot it buzzes its wings again and takes to the air to fly towards Nathairs mouth. After eating so many of the previous things Nathair opens his mouth and is surprised when after it lands it starts disgorging its food down his throat before turning and flying back out to start eating again. As the bug goes out to keep eating.

@Nathair: The slime's enjoyment of its huge meal was short-lived. Out of the slime's left head's left eye's peripheral vision, it saw a creature it hadn't seen before a decent distance away. It raised a strangely shaped, and asymmetrical limb and pointed it in the slime's direction, and a bright flash came out. That was all the slime saw through that head before the slime felt the most agonizing pain it ever had, and that head wasn't there anymore. Neither was its tail. Whatever that flash was, it made one of the slime's heads and its tail disappear!

Nathair curled up right away, thrashing and falling off the large creature he had been eating to roll across the ground a few feet as the pain almost overwhelmed him. Staggering to his feet and looking around wildly he can feel the blood from the new creature and moved away from it as fast as he could. Slamming head first into a tree under some bushes Nathair again sent out a cry of pain as the stump where his other head had been hit something and more pain flashed through it. Moving around the tree and running as fast as he can he can feel the thing that had hurt him far behind getting farther. Rushing away as fast as he can he continued to slam into bushes and trees crying in pain every time one of his stumps gets hit on something.

Rushing off a small overhang and falling down onto a spungie area that did little to stop the pain from radiating from his tail and missing head he lays still, his body trembling with pain and making small outcrys just loud enough to be heard. Under him organics make the parts he is laying on wet, his body taking up its old mannerism and trying to pull things through it into himself to absorb.

@Nathair: (unlocked: ball moss) The slime's senses were off. The sound that had injured it was so loud, it wasn't sure what was or wasn't close. It thought it did, but then it saw something. A creature, much bigger than the slime was even before it got sheared nearly in half by the noise the asymmetrical creature made. Its teeth were bared, and they were bigger than the slime's by far, but not as big as the hard-looking flat giant the slime had seen earlier hidden in the muck.
The slime had been hearing a high-pitched noise that didn't seem to come from anywhere when the noise happened, and it still heard it. But it heard something else, too. A sound unlike anything it ever heard before. The creature stopped moving for a moment, then turned around and went away. There was a mixed-type organic... film.. all over the ground here, which was good for the slime since it didn't have to move in order to find something to consume, though it wasn't anything fulfilling.

Nathair reaches his head out and slowly gathers some of the slimey thing around him in his one good mouth and starts to try swallowing, it getting part way down his throat before it stops while still dissolving into him. Reaching his head out slowly and gathering it around he directs all of the energy gathered from this to healing, trying to make the devastating pain go away. Each small mouthful painful in its own right as he pulls the painful stump of his other head against the slimey film and the other things below.

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