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@Nathair: (unlocked: algae) There wasn't enough more of the stuff to even nibble at; it was only a thin film on the surface of the very moist ground. There was something else that was organic nearby, though not within the slime's striking distance; at least not now that its head with the bubbles was gone. The new organic, besides the obvious plants and small creatures flying around everywhere, was.... something the slime somehow knew wasn't something even slightly similar to anything else it had seen. Yes, everything it had been experiencing was new, but something deep within the slime let it know that this was even more different somehow. It was different, and it was staring at the slime, and it was moving its front limbs in a way that the slime had done earlier- right before it jumped.

Nathair looks at this thing gathering itself to jump and makes a weak cry from its remaining head as he watches. Lifting himself up slowly on his front legs to lift his upper body off the ground he lifts his remaining head to look towards this new organic that brings new feelings to the fore inside him. Staring and tilting his head down slightly to point his remaining horn towards the creature Nathair can feel his body so weak compared to normal and even using most of it to stay up and keep his head up was making his legs tremble slightly. Making another small cry as he stares he can feel his fangs slide from his mouth as he feels something new inside him. A feeling of not wanting to back away or lose to something else, the first time he has ever truly felt this about or towards another.

@Nathair: The creature jumped on the slime, undeterred by its horn, and the slime didn't even know whether it could hear or not, or if it could, if it cared about the noise. The slime hadn't always been able to hear, so maybe this thing couldn't either. It had four limbs, and had a longish body. Its face was white and furry, but it had green scales along its back and sides, but not its belly. The scales were also along the front part of its limbs, though its tail was pink. Its mouth looked totally different from other creatures it had seen so far, with spiky curved things on each side that dripped some sort of liquid. It bit into the slime where its second head once was, and grabbed onto the slime's torso. It rolled a bit, but didn't let go, it only got the slime off the ground and locked in a deadly embrace with it.

Nathair cries out and as soon as the creature stopped rolling flings his head down and sinks his dripping fangs into its side, pumping his venom and poison into it as it grabs on to him. pushing his legs against this creature and shoving hard with his short legs he can feel the area around the bite hurting differently. Screaming in pain and pumping his poisons into its body he wiggles around and tries to get away. All over his body spikes slide out and drip as some stab the other creature and push more things into him. Nathairs head pulls back to strike again at another part of the creatures body with his fangs.

@Nathair: The other creature's venoms weren't affecting the slime, but whatever was dripping off of the creature's outer mouth parts was. The slime felt its flesh begin to thin and lose coherency, and tear away as the creature yanked on its already obvious wound. But the last of the slime's own toxic compound pumping into the other creature caused it to try and fail to desperately get away, though it did win out and release its grip shortly after. It flicked its tail at the slime when its back was turned, and something flew off of it and all over and into each part of the slime's surface that was facing it and unprotected from its own posture.
Whatever these things were, they were organic, very thin, hard, and caused the slime to itch uncontrollably.

Nathair screams in pain and rage. This creature had attacked him, hurt him, and then ran away when he had started to give back some of its own. He was fed up with it, his body itching almost uncontrollably it makes him roll around for a second before getting to his feet using the last of his strength and charge at the creature as it tries to get away. His fangs still out and his steps faltering because of the hard organics that had him them his body pulls them in and and starts dissolving and absorbing them frantically trying to regain energy. Jumping with all his leftover energy nathair aims to land on the creatures back and bite it hard.

@Nathair: (unlocked: tarantula, green tree snake) The attack landed, as the creature wasn't moving half as quickly as it was before. The slime's venoms must have worked well. The slime's chest under where its other head once was burned- its flesh was beginning to liquefy due to the dripping stuff the other creature had left on it. The slime was able to consume some of the creature's flesh as it had done to it- but then it realized something. This wasn't a strange creature. It was another of its own kind, it just found different things to eat than it had!

Staying on its back and attacking it again with his fangs and trying to push it down the rage in Nathairs body was still overpowering making him attack this thing. Even when the realization that it was the same as him was not enough to slow him. The stump of a head that had been hurt to much starts hurting again as it hits the thing below him as his instincts try to make him attack even more as the pain drives him into a deeper rage. his remaining head attacking and striking over and over as the spines on his body slide out and dig into the thing below. Trying to rip off as much as he can as fast as he can as the gnawing hunger in his belly drives him even closer to insanity.

@Nathair: (Unlocked: housecat, horseshoe crab) The slime felt the creature below it shift in a way the slime didn't, but maybe should have understood. A moment later, a mouthful big enough of the creature that the slime couldn't close its own mouth was gained, but the entire slime was airborne, looking down at the creature. Unlike the other creatures the slime had consumed, this one didn't have any red lines flowing through it, nor did it leave anything behind when it scurried off with a quick dash, zigzagging at a speed the slime didn't have.

Nathair lands back on the ground and looks after the creature as it runs away. His mouth still full with some of its flesh and it slowly widens to take it as he lays there. The rage and all the other emotions still there as he does he knows he will never catch up, the lack of the red thing other creatures have and the speed it just showed meaning that he can not track and can not catch up. Laying there as his mouth widens and the large chunk of thing in it starts to slide down his throat he lays there waiting for it. The much needed energy it holds soon needed to move and gain even more organics so he may heal and grow more. The fierce need to grow and get stronger reawakening in himself for the first time in a long time, a ravenous hunger than seems to eat away at his insides and an anger that doesn't seem to be going away yet making him start moving before he is really ready. Stumbling over to an organic that is similar to others he has eaten he bites at the outside and gets a half mouthful of organics. Biting at this shiny slightly colored organic he bites more and more, soon his mouth starts to feel funny and makes him want to rub it against other things.

@Sevak: The container the slime's head was stuck in was totally immobile. Moving around as psychotically as it was, the slime finally realized something that should have scared it earlier, but for understandable reasons, didn't at the time. The circular hole where the slime shoved its head was a little sharp, though not on the outside. Like it was curved a little on the inside, and that part was sharp. The thrashing movements caused the slime to start slashing its own neck, and it didn't feel like it would be able to heal properly, at least not while also remaining free. It could always purposely cut off its own head and just grow another one later if it could find some organics... which it sorely needed anyway for healing reasons, in addition to its furious hunger.

Sevak thrashed more, fully aware that this probably would sever its head. He liked his head, but being so stuck in this container wasn't exactly helpful. The container was fully stuck in whatever it had lodged itself in, making only the snake-like centipede's body move wildly as the legs attempted to break free. Panic was still in full effect. Wild and pure panic. But behind the panic was the knowledge that the only way to get out of this was going to be to break out. One way or another. The liquid had hardened and glued Sevak's neck to the container. Pulling the head out wasn't an option. Pushing it in further wouldn't help. Severing it would be painful. Maybe deadly. Three options and all were terrible in the slime's mind.

But panic set in even more. A whole new level of panic and distress set in. Hunger combined to create a scared and worried effect, clouding judgement and making everything so much worse. A full-on panic attack wasn't what the slime needed now. He was hungry. He wanted out. He wanted to see again. The dark worried him. It reminded him of the falling sensation he hated. The Dreaded Nothing was a terrible monster the slime would never forget. It wasn't like the falling in every respect, but worrisome enough with the state his mind was in right now.

More flailing movement. The slime's body writhed about, cutting further int the poor creature's neck without the panicked head really realizing. Perhaps it was the liquid's hardening. Perhaps it was the panic. Maybe both. But when the slime finally broke free he noticed one crucial detail. No more sight. No more mouth. No more actually somewhat knowing where it was. The body slowed, crippled as it was with the broken legs and how much energy had been used to get set free. His body always had the ability to 'think' it seemed, even without the head which laid numbly in the container surrounded by the liquid now. Not that Sevak could see that.

Barely able to move and headless, the slime curled up by the container and bumped into it slightly. He didn't know what to do. His legs were mostly broken and his body didn't have a head. He liked the head. The head helped. The head helped him see. But what Sevak forgot was the scattering of fern-scales in the black banded pattern that was able to absorb light. Now Sevak couldn't tell if there was light outside anymore, but he did remember once before that the sunlight had helped give energy before when he had a similar problem. His curled up, but some of those fern-scaled diamond patterns were visible to the outside. That was all Sevak could do right now, was lay there, having forgot about the fern-scales and still having a panic attack despite his very low energy.

@Nathair: Getting the organic into the slime's remaining mouth was easy, but it bent the sticks the foliage was attached to. Normally that wouldn't be worth noting, but the slime saw that in doing so, the light from up didn't make the leaves look like they were shiny anymore. Maybe they only looked shiny because the slime saw other things periodically looking shiny or normal... what was going on with the slime's vision? It had to eat more. Maybe it just needed to eat. Maybe it shouldn't have eaten what it did!
The slime felt it start rather quickly, and begin to spread even faster than other influences the slime encountered. It itched. The slime's attempts at rubbing itself on things made the itch worse, and it caused pain, but it also hurt even more if it didn't rub itself on everything it could find. It could even rub itself on the plant that made it feel this way to begin with- it didn't matter!

@Sevak: (unlocked: resin) Some of the slime's head remained, but not any of the parts that would be useful at this point. The slime felt itself start to become less sticky, and able to move better. It no longer had a way to sense any potential organics anywhere near it, so there was that. Luckily it was still within physical contact with the semi-organic dirty thing that tasted like dust and something that was once organic, but was now too dry to count that way.
The air moved, and the slime felt tiny bits of inorganic get flung all over the slime, some of it getting stuck in the slime's many various wounds. Luckily, there was a tiny piece of organic within the inorganic bits. The slime knew which way it came from, at least.

Nathair pushes and head against the ground as his body itches. Falling to the ground and rolling around as his head whips around, hitting the ground and the other organics around him as he does. Getting up again and running into the organic that had started this he thrashes around harder. Stiff organic pieces poking his body and causing pain but they get swallowed up by the itchiness that is spreading through his body. The food not enough to grow himself again he keeps thrashing hard, breaking stiff organics and crushing the soft ones as he does.

@Nathair: The itching continued, but was overall less than it was before. There wasn't a part of the slime that wasn't still itching, but at least the potency decreased. It was bearable. The slime was even able to notice the various scratches and injuries it got, and simultaneously notice that the stump of a missing head it still had was itching itself, but was also... it was starting to recover very slowly, the melted flesh beginning to harden again. The place where its tail once was hadn't begun to recover yet, though.

Looking down at the healing end of his other head and lightly poking it with his nose Nathair turns and moves away from the itching organic. Eying it as he moves away to a different organic he starts ripping soft things from it and eating them quickly. More quickly than he had been before he Gives a small hiss towards the itching thing before going back to rip soft things off the other organics and swallowing them as he gives another low hiss as the pain in his tail and head is still there.

Sevak instinctively absorbed the small amount of organic that got periodically stuck in the wounds. The rest of the things sticking started to hurt after a while, but the slime laid there and recovered what energy it could muster. He could feel wind. Could feel where it came from. That was blowing the bits to the wounds, or seemed that way. Maybe not. But the slime had no real way to tell. He could feel he was up against something, but he didn't know if that was what was causing the wind, or the organic, or if it was really anything. But a nudge soon created more inorganic to fall on top of himself, stinging his wounds and making the slime squirm away from it toward the wind.

He had absolutely no idea where he was going. His legs were broken. The stub wasn't helping move. His two legs that did work were now crumbled slightly from the thrashing into the rocks and he was missing his head. His long body was missing the one thing he had learned to absolutely love. His head. His odd eye-sight had been super helpful here, yet, now, he was just a slime again. An elongated and stubby-legged slime without a head who couldn't tell where he was going any more. It brought back sensations of his earlier slime-days when he literally was just a ball. The Dreaded Nothing still plagued him even to this day. Now, right now specifically, it brought back a pang of fear. He could no longer see his falling, or if he was even going to fall. The Dreaded Nothing was actually falling, which he was able to put together from the terrible fall from that blasted big-fluffy that had the tiny white-fluffs it almost succeeded in creating a revolt with. Or, Sevak liked to think he had almost succeeded in having followers. That would have been nice. Little fluffs following you around so you weren't alone after the big black fluff had died. But no, Sevak had fallen through a hole in the stick-mess that was there and crashed down here. He didn't know where here was. He never was really able to properly see after that point, it being dark and then promptly smashing his head into a container that eventually cut it off.

But at least he was free. Free. Lost and headed against the light wind. To nowhere. Nowhere as far as he could tell.

@Nathair: (unlocked: poison ivy gland) The itchiness slowly stopped itching, relief coming to the slime. Well, as much relief as it could get due to the loss of itchiness but it was still heavily injured and now covered in small scratches and cuts, in addition to a missing head and tail. But it was recovering; the organic the slime found was helping due to its dense mass. Dense for its size. Something... something was growing inside the slime. The itch was gone! There was a... stray? thing not far from the slime, half-buried in the ground. The air moved slightly, and it moved too, just a little, but it didn't flatten in the same way as it was before.

@Sevak: An inorganic. That wasn't what the slime hoped it would find. Plus, the slime only found it by bumping its gorged head right into it. It was smooth, at least. The air continued to move, and the little inorganic bits continued to harass the slime. But now it was different- the slime could feel there was FAR more organic in the air now, it had to be close. To the other side of the large smooth, semi-flat inorganic was another. And another. If the slime was judging this right, then it had wandered all around in a circle, with lots of these things in the same shape. Something was on the other side of them; that the slime could tell due to the amount of increased organic when the wind moved over it, instead of in front.

Slowly relaxing and stopping his thrashing as the itching stops and he relaxes slightly he can feel that ontop of the fact he is wounded heavily and tired his body is now covered in scrapes and cuts from the stronger harder organics that he had run into. Pushing out and falling on the ground he lays there for a second before his attention is grabbed by the fluttering thing that started as flat and turned into not flat. Watching it to see if it moves more he starts getting up slowly as he moves closer. Watching as it seems to be moving with the air around it, moving around to look at more of it before getting closer. Watching closely and getting right up to it Nathair strikes reflexively as it moves and tries to chew before shaking his head and feeling it pull on his fangs. Moving back and surprised when it pulls off his open mouth he watches more before moving forward and pawing at it with his front leg.

@Nathair: The slime's pawing revealed that the thing might not be organic. But it had little tears in it, and there was something organic in there. The slime could see it. It couldn't see it in there very well because the tear holes were small, but the slime was sure something organic was inside. With the slime in the state it was, nothing else was particularly interesting to it.

Pushing his head down into the thing and using his horn to stab and move it he grabs it and pulls. Trying to get through into the organic under as his hunger still rages. His paws stepping and pawing at it more so he starts getting more forceful about his movements as he tries to get at the organics inside.

@Nathair: The flimsy inorganic flesh was torn apart, shredded. Some of it was still stuck on the slime's horn though, but torn up enough that it couldn't do more to get it off. It was just there now. There was definitely organic here, but it looked black. It didn't appear to have always been that color. There were even things moving on it. Lots of things, all of them small. There were even tiny little ones, huge amounts of them. They were everywhere almost immediately, and started crawling all over the slime too!

Stiffening as they start crawling on and around him he looks down at the black thing and leans down to take a large bite of it. The hings crawling over him making him itch as they do he shivers and stops eating long enough to focus on absorbing everything that is touching his skin and pulling it into himself. Going back to poking at the black with his horn and biting at it, trying to swallow it as he does.

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Sevak tried his best to shimmy his way over the semi-flat, smooth surface and normally ended up sliding back down. How were they going to get over this? The desire to figure out what the organic was that was hiding beyond this was strong again, brought back even stronger by the lack of sight or a head. He wanted his head back most of all. That had been very very useful for moving around and figuring out what was going on. And biting the black-fluffy flappy thing. He also wanted to eventually find that creature again and push it out of the hole to have it realize how terrifying The Dreaded Nothing was. But that flappy thing ruled The Dreaded Nothing as the slime recalled being carried through it in a claw, which terrified the slime more. The flappy thing needed to die. But right now the slime needed to get to the organic.

Giving up wouldn't be an option, though trying to climb the smooth didn't help. Except, an accident had sparked another idea. He remembered how many times the threads from his now-tail had helped him in difficult situations. He used them to tie up the flappy. To anchor himself. To climb out of pits. Why not also try and do that with the smooth? It could work. But getting the network right would be difficult, without a head and the mechanism that produced the thread being a small bulb on the end of the tail. But Sevak was giving it a shot anyways, spraying a few bursts of a group of the threads that evidently covered some of the smooth. He had no way of knowing if that covered all the space he needed to be able to climb up better, but the determined creature started again and could tell he was making some progress. Awkward progress, be with broken legs and an awkward body, but some progress.

@Sevak: It was more progress than the slime was initially able to tell, but it knew how much progress it had truly made once it felt the top of the smooth inorganic- and even more progress once it fell off of it, even further than it had climbed up from the other side. Not much farther, but it did. The slime bumped into something big, with a strange texture. This must be the organic. But with the slime in the form it was now, how was it going to be able to absorb anything?
It had been using a mouth for quite some time, but didn't have one now. It had long since stopped using its body to absorb by touching, having already changed its surface to a somewhat armored one. It found organic. Now what to do?

@Nathair: (unlocked: lettuce) The black tasted old, and was very wet and mushy. It was organic, though. It was also... ? The slime's horn only moved the stuff around a little, and it wouldn't stay on. It kept slipping off of everything. But it didn't fall out of the slime's mouth (yes it did) that much. It was... plant? Yes, it came from a plant. Black plants? That didn't seem right. The slime continued to consume what mass it desired, but pulling the little crawly things into itself through its skin was getting difficult for some reason.

As Nathair eats the black thing and rubs his horn on the organic outside this black that he has seen everywhere in this place. Rubbing the pieces of things off his horn and going back to eating the black he can slowly feel his energy slowly coming back but the hardness of pulling the wiggling things in through his skin makes him stop his eating long enough to turn and bite at a few of them. Swallowing these wiggling things and going back to eating the black organic he goes deeper trying to see what is below this black thing.

@Nathair: The wiggling organic things were just small creatures the slime already knew everything about, but it was organic so it continued. The slime felt the nub of its neck beginning to come out, and its second neck beginning to regrow, finally. The ambient light in the area started to dim noticeably now... the up wasn't the same color anymore, it was different. Opposite? There were a few puffy things there, and they were even prettier than the other color was. The slime felt... something. Something was going to happen. But it didn't know what or when. But soon!

Pausing and looking up and out around as the area got different, becoming the opposite of what it has been he shifts his feet around in the hard thing below as he feels something is coming. Leaning down and eating faster he can feel his other head start to heal and grow. Eating faster and using as much energy as he can to grow not only his head but his tail Nathair goes deeper into this black organic looking for other kinds of organics to eat.

Would sticking its opened wound on the organic absorb it? Sevak wasn't sure, as that wounded part was very sensitive and covered in hurting small inorganics by now. But it also was the only opened part of the slime that could maybe do anything to even slightly absorb it. But putting that section on the organic would hurt a lot, or so the slime figured. Maybe he could grow another head? He was too tired to do that right now though. He needed food. Shoving the wounded section onto the organic it was!

Pain followed shoving the wounded part onto the organic. The slime had risen, forcing the wounded part onto the organic creature with the force from the falling now. He wasn't sure if this was going to do anything, but with his broken legs and practically ruined body he needed something to work. The slime pressed up against the organic a little more, using whatever energy it had to try to restart the ability to absorb things through touch now. He couldn't tell if that was going to work or not. If not, he suspected he might die. No head. No way to eat. He couldn't just loose the scales and absorb through touch.

If it were daytime the slime remembered the fernlike scales had once saved his life before. They were able to concentrate the energy from the light, but being unable to tell if it were daylight anymore he couldn't really tell the fernlike scales to do that trick. But perhaps that would also be an alternative if he could survive that long.

@Nathair: (unlocked: onion, pig, carrot) The mooshy organic was extremely easy for the slime to burrow into as it ate, and it did so whether intentionally or due to insufficient attention while gorging itself. Its wasn't fully healed, but close enough to it to have its second head and tail back; though its second head was still made of slime instead of whatever else it had been trying to cover it with. The ground shook heavily near the slime, it could feel it. It wasn't shaking much, but it would periodically feel a large thump, then another, then another. They had come from one direction, and had gone off in another. But it wasn't that far away still, something heavy was dragging behind it. The slime noted its own movement was more coordinated than whatever this thing was.

@Sevak: (unlocked: charcoal) The slime felt itself gaining energy- though not much of it- through its plantlike parts. But even better was, though it hurt, the organic the slime found with its shorn face was able to be absorbed and dissolved! The part the slime had found was extremely dry and light, though somewhat brittle once it got it inside itself. But it was something. It was working! The slime was finally able to start to mend itself, though not as quickly as it might like since it wasn't really getting any large amounts into itself from any source. But it was working.

Eating the organics and pushing down deeper into it to eat some more of the organic Nathair pulls back a little to look at the bubbling and attempt to regrow. The pain in his body slowly leaving as the major damage is fixed he goes back to eating heavily from the organics in the white fluttering things, some of it still stuck on his horn. Lifting his head and looking around a few times he watches as the surrounding changes, becoming different and it gets harder to see things. As he pushes into the messy black organic and eats more the end of his head above his mouth changes slightly getting two little holes and two larger ones. Suddenly he gets slammed with another sensation and stops eating to sway as more things assault his mind. Taking in air through two of these holes and shaking his head he can somehow understand something but its to new to understand totally.

@Nathair: The slime's ability to sense living things detected something new, now right in front of the slime's second head. Its new sense didn't detect anything from it, though. The slime knew this meant something, but it didn't know what. Not yet. The area above the organic the slime had found revealed itself as getting colder for some reason. The thud feelings had gotten further away, fading. The organic the slime had found within the mooshy organic was... hard. It felt slimy, just like all the organic it had been consuming, but.. this was different.

Looking down at the thing he can sense is alive but his new sense cant see Nathair leans his head down and uses his horn to move some of the other organics out of the way he leans down to bite at this blood filled thing, lifting it out of the organic and dropping it on top to look at it again. Tilting his head to the side and staring for a second he does not remember this from anywhere else. Leaning down again and taking a bite of it he tries to force his fangs into it and tear but it doesn't work as well as he wants and all that happens is it lifts the thing again. Opening his mouth and letting it drop again he puts one of his legs on the thing and can feel more things coming out in his mouth, before and behind his fangs they are shorter and he can tell much sharper. Leaning down again when he bites it this time he can feel the organic being shredded as he works his mouth on it. Ripping off pieces and swallowing he soon eats most of the not moving organic and moves most of the energy from it into his other head.

@Nathair: (unlocked: albino pigment- this gives you White, and also you can alter any other unlocked color with albanism. Red becomes light orange, etc) The thud came back. This time it was a lot of fast thuds, but they were all behind the slime. They weren't getting closer, but they were certainly... thuds. Then it stopped. Able to see out from under the pile of organic the slime had been burrowing in and consuming, it saw something- wet was falling from up. This time the wet didn't burn the slime and make it go unconscious, but it didn't seem to be doing anything else, either. It dripped all over everything, making the leafy parts of the few motionless organics the slime could see in the fading light bounce as the wet touched them, and they went back into place when the wet fell off. Was that what was making everything colder?

Looking up at the wet falling Nathair considers it, letting it fall on him and happy this one does not burn and make him need to hide. Still looking up at the wet falling and blinking his eyes as some of the wet gets in them he suddenly turns and looks towards where he had been looking before. One of the glands shooting into himself making him hyper and jumpy as he turns towards where he had felt the thumps. Lowering his head slightly and moving forward slowly he searches for the source of the feeling. His head still healing as his other one stretches forward searching for what is going on.

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