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@Nathair: It was the big thing! The big thing the slime had seen so much earlier was in front of it. Granted it was in front of it quite a distance now, but it had another creature on the ground, with red stuff (which the slime couldn't see with its eyes, but blood sense) oozing out of it all over the place, and into the organic-filmed wet. The down creature was far bigger than the slime, bigger even than the thing that made the flash that made the slime's head not be there anymore. And the big creature had taken it down in one single attack, and bitten clean through it, almost shearing the creature in half. It... was a good thing the slime hadn't gotten in its way.

Watching from where he is hiding from under the organic still watching he jumps a little when he can suddenly see much more than before. The head that had remained looked over and stares at his new head in a little consternation, the shape so different than before. It had the same neck but then it widened slightly and narrowed even more suddenly down to a single needle type at the end, as long as the rest of his head as well. Just behind the needle thing a set of bumpy skin sits all around the base of it. Inside those bumps he could feel several glands both old ones he had made before and new ones that he had some idea what they were, as well as a bundle around each of muscle that was itself new.

On top one eye opens slowly and blinks a few times, this one blinking different than the ones it seemed to open and close sideways rather than up and down. Looking at it close and then turning back towards the blood filled things a bit away Nathair can feel himself both want to go over and try to absorb the big thing he would not only get hurt worse than last time but might not even get out of it. Staring at the two organics with the blood all over and the split apart he slowly pulls away. The new head watching the large things as he backs up his other one turns and looks around before he starts moving away from the thumping still going on behind him quickly. His heads looking around for other organics as his blood sense and heat one also reaches out looking for things.

@Nathair: Something colorful, but small was in the distance. It wasn't near much except for some motionless organics that the slime never showed much interest in. Whatever the thing was, it was very bright, but also far enough away the slime couldn't see any details. The ambient light started fading even more, starting to make everything very hard to see. If the slime was going to get this thing, it had better do it soon! It was a good thing it looked when it did. There was even a second... thing... near it. Colorful. Not half as colorful as the other thing, but it was colored. Maybe it wasn't. There was dirt all over it, and had an odd shape.

Looking at the far off colorful things and thinking about it for a second a particularly hard thud from behind makes Nathair move forward quickly. Getting away from the big things now so they do not find him he heads right for the two colorful things. His heads moving around he pauses as he passes one of the still organics and his head reaches out to bite at a few of the pieces of it, pulling them off and eating them as he goes forward. Grabbing new things each time his mouth is empty he keeps this up as he heads towards the colorful things. The dark all around making him a bit wary but he can not sense anything with the warm wet or anything alive close to him so he relaxes slightly as he makes his way forward. Pausing again to eat several more still organic pieces his head unable to eat them watches the colorful and makes sure he can still find it as he eats as much of the still organic as he can before moving off again.

@Nathair: (unlocked: bark, blackberry fruit) The colorful thing wasn't colorful anymore, as everything had now begun to lose its color with the deepening darkness. A bright flash above, though the slime didn't know what it came from, lit up the area well enough for a brief moment that the slime saw the detail that was denied to it earlier. It was a strange, lumpy thing, with a few spikes sticking out of it, and a lot of damage too, where even more of those spikes probably used to be. How did the slime understand such a complex thought?

Looking at the colorful thing and pausing as he thinks over the complex thought that had come up. Slowly leaning his heads down and poking at it lightly with the needle and can feel some of the spikes lightly scraping against it. Still poking at it and trying to force the needle inside Nathair can feel it finally going inside. There is nothing there heat or blood so he knows it was never a moving organic. His head flexing inside one of the glands inside get squeezed and a liquid comes out and starts melting the organic. Pulling his needle out and watching as it slowly starts falling inside it, his other head biting another part of the organic and making a cry as his mouth gets stabbed by the spikes.

@Nathair: Pain! At least the spikes on this thing were just as organic as it was. Trying to close its mouth made the spikes stab even further into the slime! Opening its mouth again didn't make them come back out. They were in. The organic seemed to soften slowly. Maybe the slime should have waited? The part where the liquid initially touched the organic looked safely liquefied. The area around it was mostly without spikes... Wet touched the slime. More wet falling from up. This had been going on for short while now; was it going to stop? The slime knew that the inside of its mouth hurt where the spikes were stabbing into it. That was more important. Where was that other colored organic? That was nearby, wasn't it? The slime saw it. It had clear skin- but not a kind it had seen before. It looked hard. It had another color on it- and it looked similar to the vial the slime came from, at least it looked how it felt. It really, really did! The slime couldn't help noticing. There was a lot of that colored stuff in there. The slime could tell when another one of those bright things happened.

Hissing softly and shaking his head with the spikes in it he shoves his other head into the spiked thing again and shoves more acid inside, pulling out and moving back to the liquifying part he sticks his needle into it and sucks up the liquified part as he absorbs the spikes into his mouth and out so it slows the hurt. Shaking it again and turning towards the other vial like thing Nathair walks over and sets one of his legs on it as he looks it over closely. Tilting his head slightly one way and the other as he looks it over.

@Nathair: (unlocked: grafted cactus) The pain from the stabbing, curved things was starting to relieve itself as the slime absorbed the thing, mostly because it was organic and the slime was absorbing it. It still hurt though, but not as much. The slime started to feel something... odd. It wasn't pain. It wasn't hunger. It wasn't the need to escape. It was... something because of the lack of light. The organic was easy to consume now, the pain nearly forgotten. But that feeling was getting stronger. Or the slime was fighting it worse?

Looking down at the thing that had hurt him and he was eating. The feeling this darkness around him was giving him making Nathair stab at the pokey thing in front of his with his own needle and push more acid inside it, letting it go as he moves back to the first place and sucks up more of it. His mouth healing slowly from the bite before he is unable to ignore the feeling he is getting now, something new bubbling up inside him as one head keeps feeding.

@Nathair: The slime didn't have enough energy to keep feeding. It had made use of the bright stabby organic, but... it just couldn't continue. Things were moving around near the slime that it could faintly make out visually, but could locate easily using one of its primary sense. But that would have to wait. Maybe after the slime stopped for awhile...

Laying down next to the stabbing thing and breathing slower Nathair can feel his body slowing down and his own mind seeming to shut down. His body going looser and losing its solid shape as his mind stops holding it as tightly in position.

@Nathair: The slime started to feel more energetic, but was still groggy. When it opened its eyes, it could see that the dark was gone, and everything was much brighter- and the full range of color had reappeared in things that should be that way. The washed-out look being replaced made the slime that much more aware that it was right next to the brightly colored liquid inside the invisible-skinned vial.

Staggering to his feet and shaking his heads Nathair looks around him and then up trying to figure out what had happened to him. Walking around in a loose circle before getting back to the bright color he shakes himself again and can feel something inside him pumping something into him. Within second it makes him feel better and able to think and in fact seems to make it faster and easier. Looking around and walking over to the bright colored thing in the invisible skin Nathair pokes it with his needle. Making it move around on the ground under him and poking it a few more times he jumps when it makes a sharp popping sound and the inside seems to start changing and turning a new color before going down again. Staring down at it and poking it firmly it pushes in before popping back out jaming his needle back and making him back up shaking his head at the feeling that made.

Walking back up and setting his foot on the thing to keep it still from its rolling Nathair bites it with his other head surprised when his teeth make it through the outside only a little. But now he is stuck! Trying to pull back and shaking his head as best he can he cries out as he cant pull his teeth from the thing around the bright colored thing. Pulling his head back harder and jerking his teeth out it makes him stumble back and fall on his tail. Hissing and getting back up he stalks over and bites it even harder and start pumping his venom into the thing, seeing it discolor the thing under but nothing else seems to be happening. The insides leaking from the holes where he had bit before this time he is stuck again and when he lifts his head trying to get away he lifts it from the ground. Shaking his head trying to get it off it drags his head back and around making him flip over and slam into the ground. Stepping on it and jerking his teeth from it a second time he stabs at it with his needle and is rebounded again.

Stepping on it hard and glaring down at this thing that has given him more trouble than anything else ever has he lifts his needle head up and over it and sprays several kinds of things over a small section. Watching it and stamping one of his back legs as nothing happens Nathair stamps again before spraying the same section with something else from his needle. This time a small reaction seems to happen, the place the secretion had hit starts bubbling and melting away into the liquid below. Making a happy noise and sticking his nose inside the hole and right into the liquid below he starts sucking on it hard pulling it inside him quickly.


@Sevak: (unlocked: charcoal) The slime felt itself gaining energy- though not much of it- through its plantlike parts. But even better was, though it hurt, the organic the slime found with its shorn face was able to be absorbed and dissolved! The part the slime had found was extremely dry and light, though somewhat brittle once it got it inside itself. But it was something. It was working! The slime was finally able to start to mend itself, though not as quickly as it might like since it wasn't really getting any large amounts into itself from any source. But it was working.

Sevak focussed on trying to regrow, and remend the broken or lost parts of its old body. It liked that body, as odd as it was, and liked how useful it had been in attacking and defending itself. Legs were slowly starting to come back and the shorn head was attempting to also reform it seemed. But Sevak tried its best to focus more on the legs first, wanting to make sure it was at least able to move more properly before it would try to regrow the head. The plant parts on its body were helping a little as he gained more energy, but the slime knew he needed to eat more. He guessed there wasn't much of the odd brittle stuff left however, given how brittle it was.

The slime decided it had enough movement to start moving again after a long while. He had sat, unmoving, feeling and concentrating as his body and legs slowly regrew or mended back together. All that was missing was his beloved head- the important part of his body. But Sevak had survived before without a head and managed to get far without it. Without anything really, if he wanted to realize that far back. So the slime moved a little forward, running into what was left of the brittle thing. Sideways and around it then. He moved around it, going forward again into the unknown, in search of food that could help him regrow his head back to its former glory. And maybe a few more helpful parts to make sure that never happened again.

OOC @ Dragonhatchling: I looked up your event rewards I didn't give you yet, then looked at your unlock list. I'm gonna fill a few things in for you :) but first there's this.

@Nathair: (unlocked: carbonation, red pigment, mountain dew scent) Delicious! Now this was worth fighting for... apparently also necessary. Whatever this colorful liquid was, it was full of bubbles just like the slime could make, but these made the slime feel different than the other bubbles did when they were consumed. Plus, the liquid tasted excellent. Sweet, and not like anything else in the area that the slime could think of offhand. As the light became brighter from the up, and also from everywhere else now, it could see that there wasn't anything else nearby trying to get its new found thing.

@Sevak: The slime hadn't noticed them before, or maybe they weren't there- but they were here. Small, little organic things moving around. Lots of them! They had been in a straight line, or close to it, but not after the slime interrupted it while bumping into the roundish inorganic thing like the other ones it found that it had to climb over. It seemed easier to get on top of this one. But those little moving things were starting to climb on the slime now, and they... HURT! How could things so small hurt so much? Worse yet, the pain slowly began to spread through the slime from the pain's starting points.

Sucking up even more if this sweet liquid Nathair makes a rumbling sound in his chest as he keeps his head not slurping up the drink looking around trying to find something else to eat also feeling the energy he is getting right now coming into his body in liquid form and being converted right to energy that swirls down his body and focuses on his tail that had been so damaged. Shivering hard and looking back at his tail he can see the still damaged parts coming back in the same color as the drink he is sucking up.

Watching as it grows longer and the end opens up a little Nathair moves his body a bit and makes another happy noise as he can see his tail is fully healed. Still sucking up and drinking the bubbling liquid in the thing in front of him Nathair pushes his needle deeper as it starts to lower the level and it gets harder to drink it. The ground under the bottle growing wet and a little soft in the same color as the drink he watches as the bites he gave it before helps it slowly drain into the ground.

Pushing his needle in deeper and sucking up on the drink till it is gone Nathair can feel it reacting with what had been pumped into his system to make him jittery and start getting restless. Moving away from the bottle and starting to walk across the ground he starts getting faster and faster as his body gets very restless. Getting to a tree and looking up at it he wiggles around as he can feel something up in the tree but to far away for him to see or get to. Moving back and forth in front of the tree he doesn't notice when his tail starts to itch and something slowly pushes down it to plop onto the ground and sits there for a minute before it opens up and moves around on the ground before taking flight. Flying above Nathairs head it catches his eyes as it goes higher and higher up.

Some of the small things crawling on the slime were absorbed from the severed part of the body. Sevak moved off the site that had started this, shaking a little in an attempt to get some back up to the opened wound where the others had been absorbed. They hurt a lot. That needed to stop. Could it flip itself over if it flipped onto its back? He felt like he knew these creatures at least a little bit. Were they ants? Sevak had seen ants before. Their instinct had been burned into his brain. But without sight he couldn't know for sure if they were in fact ants. Maybe they weren't. Maybe they were something else.

Regardless, these seemed to be different even if they were ants. Their pain was different. And enough to cause the slime to take a risk and flip itself over. Out of instinct the bulb on his tail produced a spurt of web in a clump on the ground nearby, interrupting and trapping a few of the line. But Sevak didn't know that. It had no head to see. It could feel some of the pain subside, but that left it with the problem of how to flip back over. It hadn't tested the ability to flip back over with the elongated body. It knew flipping was easy before, but now? He couldn't be sure. He was stuck. Didn't think this through. He would think it through should he ever need to do this again.

But wait! A wriggle showed a bit of promise. He could turn the different parts of his body that were elongated and not all at the same time. That would work!! First the tail flipped, the motion was easy due to the lightness, and that carried into flipping his middle which in turn flipped the 'head'. He still needed a head. And these small things were squished, to which he accidentally impaled one with a leg. Smacking his severed head section into the ground he hoped to absorb the ones that had been in the ground squished.

@Sevak: (unlocked: fire ant) The slime got more inorganic grains than it got ants, but it at least got them. The pain spread more- now all of the slime hurt like it was touching something far too hot to be safe. It really really hurt! It hurt even worse than when it cut off each half of its own face pulling its head out of the thing it was stuck in before. But... something... the slime felt something different. There was a... reaction. It didn't know what it was, but it was a squishy thing inside itself starting to grow. Not that squishy, it was kind of hard. But it was also two different shapes that the slime couldn't get apart. They were part of the same thing. The thing kept growing, but at the same time, the other half of it started making the pain from the bites start wearing off slowly.

@Nathair: The new thing the slime made went up and up... and stopped at the thing in the tree, whatever it was. It wasn't coming down. It had taken most of the orange-colored light time and into the white-light time (when the light was coming from directly up instead of at an angle) to heal itself and make the thing, but now what was it doing? Was it just... lost now?
No, it wasn't. It... the thing it had found was in a circular shape, with the blooded thing inside and above it. The slime couldn't see what it was doing from where it was.

As Nathair was looking up where his thing had gone he started to get impatient and scratching at the ground and tree in front of him. His toothed mouth biting at the tree and pulling a piece off he moves back and starts hunting around for more things. Moving around and biting at organics on the ground and the organics that are low to it he moves around the tree eating his way through them as he feels something with blood up in the tree.

The bug lands on the edge of the round thing for a second before flying closer to one of the small moving around blood filled things and stabbing it with his needle. As he holds onto the little thing only double its own size the bug fills it to bursting with its deadly and dissolving payload making it fall to the bottom of the round thing as the other bloodfilled things move around more rapidly. Pausing and pulling the needle out of the now limp blood filled thing the bug stabs it back inside again and starts sucking up the blood and now other things that had been dissolving inside it. Sucking up the insides and holding them inside its rapidly filling body the bug lifts when most of the blood filled thing was empty and slowly fly falls down the tree towards it progenitor.

The growing worried the slime without his head. He couldn't see. He liked to see. But, what was going on was inside him. Or at least it felt that way. That was distracting him from the pain of the fire ants and the pain slowly went away. This surprised the slime, but allowed it to start walking again in whatever direction it was going before. Hopefully. He couldn't exactly see to know for sure.

The fern scales were still photosynthesizing and providing bits of energy for the slime to move. The few fire ants he did manage to get while bashing his severed head into the sand also provided some energy to walk and scuttle along in whatever direction he was headed. He sure hoped it was the unknown direction he had been heading in before and not back to the rock and the brittle hard flaky thing. He hadn't crossed any more ant lines from the feel of it, although he wondered if following nearby them to wherever they came from would have been fruitful. Yet, without being able to see would just probably cause more pain from those ants. Maybe. Or maybe not, seeing as how one half of the new squishy growing thing was making the pain disappear.

@Sevak: (unlocked: fire ant venom gland) Organic. Not a lot of small ones, and not an old, flaky one- it was a dried up and hardened one, though. Very dry, almost as dry... okay, it WAS as dry as the ground itself was. But it was organic; the slime could tell. Whatever it was, rubbing what parts of its body could actually feel things in useful ways told the slime that the organic was far bigger than the slime was... or at least it used to be.

@Nathair: The creature the slime had made fell, spilling a good amount of its takings from itself as it spun around, heading towards- and heavily slamming into- the ground. But pulling some of the hard, flaky skin off of the tall organics yielded something interesting- something moving. The slime couldn't actually tell what it was, but whatever it was, it was there. Lots of small things... though not as small as other things the slime had seen.

Moving over to where the thing had fallen and leaning down to eat up the rest of it Nathair can feel a small thing inside him at its death but that is soon gone when he eats it and the things it had kept while falling. Moving around to the wiggling things and trying to eat and bite them off of the organics they are on. Getting closer and trying to stab a few but missing and giving up after jabbing the hard organic under it.

@Nathair: They moved very quickly- something the slime was starting to understand. The smaller something was, the faster it could move in relation to its own size. Big things moved far faster, though... especially that thing that had the flashing limb that made the slime hurt so badly. It hadn't even seen what it had done. The hard organic flaked and cracked, the slime's needle getting stuck in it somewhat, but it was able to wedge itself back out. The things were disappating rapidly, going in all sorts of directions. Up the organic, around it, along the ground- everywhere. There was a... light-colored bulbous thing that they all seemed to have been around before the slime broke the organic open and revealed it. It looked like there was something dark inside.

Looking down at the thing they were getting away from Nathair leans down with his biting mouth and starts licking up and biting the wiggling things as his needle pokes what they were getting away from. Pulling back slightly and trying to stab it with his needle Nathair takes a step to the side to lick up and bite ate more of the escaping things as he does. Looking up every few as he does to keep everything in sight.

@Nathair: The moving things were too small and too fast for the slime to have any sort of accuracy in its aims, and the little creatures got away. The white bulbous thing with the dark thing inside that they had run from was immobile, though. Something was strange with it- the dark thing inside, when poked with the slime's needle, felt hard, but quickly felt soft instead. The white stuff covering it didn't feel anything but sticky.

Nathair finishes with the things it can eat, grabbing the soft thing his needle is poked inside with his other mouth and crunches in his mouth as he looks around. Moving away from the spot after the little wiggling things have gotten away Nathair slowly moves around the base of the large organic looking up at it as he can feel the small blood things with one of the larger ones higher above. Setting his foot on the side of the organic and hissing lightly he turns away and starts moving away when something huge ahead of him makes him stop in his tracks. He had felt something this big before and didn't want to face it as he is. Turning away and heading directly away from the large thing quickly Nathair semi runs across the dirt for a few minutes before slowing down and looking up at a pile of something.

Slowly stepping closer and looking up Nathair's head moves forward and the needle on it pokes at part of it as his other head tries to come down and his horn forces him to stop. Trying a few more times he gets a little angry and the needle moves up and pokes at his horn a few times before his needle slides in under the horn and he jerks his heads away from each other. Shaking his horned head he dislikes how it makes him move and starts pulling it back inside him, the energy being given back a welcome addition.

After slowly pulling the needle back inside himself Nathair looks around again and can feel multiple little things moving through the pile. Moving up and poking at the pile again Nathair jumps back when something falls and almost hits him. Moving to the side slightly and moving up the pile slowly his heads move out to either side trying to find something to eat, his blood and heat sense looking for something living.

@Nathair: (unlocked: spiderweb) Small black creatures, but far bigger than the ones before, erupted from where the tumbling thing landed. Whatever they were, they seemed to run in the same pattern that the very tiny things did when the slime broke the skin off of the tall organic, but these were significantly different, and not just in size. They were roundish, and had thingies sticking out from in front of them in addition to their legs.
But because the tumbling things passed the slime and landed on a softer part that the slime had avoided, the creatures were now starting to disappate in a wild frenzy of random movement and speed.

Looking around wildly and flashing his heads out to grab and stab the ones who were closest Nathair munches them down as he scoots over to the side away from the expanding group. Narrowing his three eyes and munching on the two he had gotten he moves slightly up the pile more and pushes on something with one of his paws as he stiffens. His tail expanding and something forming in the base Nathair sways a little at the sudden drop in energy but looks back as something slides down out of his tail and an egg rolls down the incline of the pile before cracking and shattering. Inside the egg things roil and move before spreading out. Dozens of insects spreading out as they do Nathair takes a step down and in the middle of them as they spread out and start grabbing things and pulling them back. Small holes appearing in the base of his legs the first bug to get there pushes it inside and it is pulled deeper and absorbed.

@Nathair: (unlocked: cockroach radiation immunity) The other creatures that had appeared and scrambled being ignored; the slime showing attention only to the small creatures it had made itself yet again failed to make up the hunger cost they used. But there were other organic things around, the slime could tell. But something was more interesting, or at least it stood out color-wise amongst the otherwise dull colors of strange shapes around and under the slime. One of the things was a... multiple dull colored thing, but the slime didn't know what it was. What it did know was that there was a strange colored part that looked... it looked like it had a different texture than the rest of the thing.

Looking around at the dull colored things all around Nathair pokes at a few of them with his needle and other head a few times as he looks them over. After poking a few of them he looked down at the little things he had made and can feel something in himself because they died but he was unsure what it was. Licking up a few of them and shaking his head he scratches at the texture difference under him with one of his legs. At the same as his legs had been changing his chest just under where his heads come up from change slightly and the ability from something before was created, the skin there rippling slightly.

Lifting his leg and bringing it back down on the different texture again Nathair starts to again when the ends of his legs start to change. The wide paw looking feet he had been using were pulling into itself slightly and hardening. Splitting in the middle and hardening even more before he slams it back against the things under him and watching as it holds up much better than his former feet. Lifting and bringing down all his feet Nathair makes a content sound and lowers his cat head to bite at the different texture thing and try tearing it off.

@Nathair: The slime had overused its mass, and was deliriously hungry. Tearing at the differently-textured part of the organic thing started to make the slime feel... strange. It needed to consume mass, and a lot, and quickly, but with the head bearing its needle it saw the front of its other head start turning a deep blue. The slime felt the change in its head, and it started feeling as though it wasn't responding right. Its ability to feel and sense the surrounding area was weakening, and the deep blue feeling and color kept spreading. The slime quickly had only one head left that could see, and it could see that it was starting to spread up its second neck.

Nathair starts to panic, the loss of use for his head that had taken over and stopped working. Poking at his other head and not feeling anything from it makes him start to panic even more. Rushing forward and stabbing his needle at whatever is close to him he tries spraying it with acid and the other thing on them trying to find something to eat RIGHT NOW.

@Nathair: The slime found various things, but due to the shape of its only available head's mouth, being a needle, it was unable to find anything it was capable of ingesting. The sticky, deep-blue unable-to-taste-or-properly-feel feeling spread more, enveloping the rest of the slime. Whatever this new thing was, the slime was extremely hungry but couldn't do anything about it. Something else happened within the slime, but being that it lost the ability to feel what was actually going on with it besides changing color and feeling, it didn't know what it was.

Nathair shakes his head and falls to the ground as the blue nonfeeling spreads. Reaching back and poking himself with his needle he can barely feel it. Poking his other head laying there limp he moves it around a little before trying to search for something else to eat close by. Stabbing things and trying to feel something that he can eat. A feeling inside him making him know that if he doesnt do something soon he will stop, and that made him fear.

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