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Sevak pressed up against the organic part, using the ruined part of his head section to absorb some of the organic it had found by accident. Bits of dirt and sand and ant were still jammed in that wound though, which made absorbing somewhat harder. Parts of the organic were able to break through though, and when the slime pulled away and odd pattern was on the creature it seemed. But the slime had no head. He couldn't see that. He did continue to be reminded though that the organic was much larger than the slime. At least taller. Who knew about length.

The slime's body wiggled, eager for a head again. The entirety of his being missed the head any more. Heads were important. Especially the head the slime had had. It was very very good for attacking things and killing for some reason the slime was not really sure of.

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@Nathair: (unlocked: cotton) Everything felt and tasted the same- or rather, nothing felt or tasted like anything. The slime's hunger continued. It was getting tired. Physically tired, from the energy it was outputting without nourishment. The slime poked something again, and felt... its needle crumpled? It wasn't half as hard as it was before, and was now half as long. This wasn't working! Something felt even more odd in the slime, though the feeling quickly dissolved, whatever it was.

@Sevak: (unlocked: yellow labrador) The slime started... it was-? Light. Very bright light. The slime's absorbtion of more organic, and the other organic it had been consuming, though difficult, over time worked. It could see again, so it must have healed at least that much! The slime couldn't help it, and did a thing with the thing inside the opening of its head that it actually intended to make. It felt hard, somewhat sharp things. It was feeling better. It was healing. It could finally start to be able to kill effectively again! Though, now as its new eyes started adjusting to the bright, dry light (that seemingly reflected from most things around it, both near and far) it could tell that there wasn't much of the organic left.

Nathair cries out as best he can as he feels his body stop working the way he wants it to. his needle was gone and that had been his last hope at getting food to curb his hunger. Laying there feeling unable to move and closing his eyes Nathair feels himself lose his ability to move at all, which makes him despair.

@Nathair: The slime moved instinctively, trying to get more comfortable. As it did so, it found that its body wasn't stuck to anything on the limb that moved. The light was even starting to re-enter its eyes on its two-eyed head! It was still very dark, but at least it was *slightly* beginning to get itself back into focus and control. It had nearly gone unconscious from the hunger it was in, and was unable to do anything about. But now it was starting to feel like it could move again, and not be stuck to things, and that's when it was more aware of the varieties of organics all around it.

Trying to move himself and lift his heads Nathair shakes himself as best he can as he tries to stand, failing but still trying. His relighted eyes looking around and taking in the organics around him, looking for one close by he can eat to gain his strength and maybe start fighting this thing even more.

@Nathair: Starting to strain to move towards the nearest organic, the slime found its limbs stronger. More stable. But it took such an effort to move that... luckily something within the pile, but lower, shifted and made the large round organic (well at least partially round) move closer to the slime! But it was softer than the slime had realized and only knew so because it broke and collapsed on itself. Something was inside and now spilled forth. It was a different color than the round thing's outside. It didn't even look organic. But...

Nathair stretches his working head out and bites at the thing that had fallen open. His control of himself was still spotty so he bite the almost inorganic looking thing that had spilled out and gets a large bite out of it and pulls his head back as he eats it. His tail and front both itch and he wiggles them both as best he can as he bites at and eats the thing that had fallen in front of him.


@Sevak: (unlocked: yellow labrador) The slime started... it was-? Light. Very bright light. The slime's absorbtion of more organic, and the other organic it had been consuming, though difficult, over time worked. It could see again, so it must have healed at least that much! The slime couldn't help it, and did a thing with the thing inside the opening of its head that it actually intended to make. It felt hard, somewhat sharp things. It was feeling better. It was healing. It could finally start to be able to kill effectively again! Though, now as its new eyes started adjusting to the bright, dry light (that seemingly reflected from most things around it, both near and far) it could tell that there wasn't much of the organic left.

Sevak felt much better now, though the bright light coming from everywhere was making it harder to see much of anything. What it could see was there was barely any organic left around. He moved forward slightly, blinded as his eyes adjusted again. Luckily this time the adjustment didnt take nearly as long and Sevak was able to started wandering around again. Where was it going to go? He could, he supposed, head back to wherever he had come. Except he couldn't because he didn't know how he even got here. He didn't even know where he was.

He circled, his long snake-body creating a circle as the legs had healed and started working again too. Snakelike, centipede, conglomerate of a slime. He didn't know much more than that anymore. He had plant in him too. Oh boy he was a mess of things. He'd never given thought to that until now, looking at everything on him as he circled and followed his tail. Even the spider web gland at the end, the fly, spider and snake eyes. He had a lot to him already. Yet he felt compelled to find more. More things to eat. To assimilate to. To conquer. But why? Sevak had absolutely no idea why and wasn't about to wonder. He moved off, straight. Or well, what was straight to him. He had no idea if this was actually straight or diagonal or turning slightly in the big area he was in. He needed to figure out where he was. Yet, in the back of his mind, he hoped one day Big Flappy would come back so he could finally kill it. If it weren't already dead from his bite and their previous scuffle when he was shoved and The Dreaded Nothing, falling, attacked and set him here.

@Nathair: (unlocked: cantaloupe rind pattern) The organic was... mushy. Somehow, it was even more mushy and soggy than the tiny pieces of organic it had dribbled while trying to eat it from the top of the wet! Whatever this stuff... the slime almost thought it felt some little harder parts inside, but it was mistaken. It looked like they were harder parts, but they weren't. Maybe the mushiness moistened what would have been harder. Something... the slime barely noticed it, but it couldn't ignore it now- something moved. Something big. It was coming closer, faster than the slime could have imagined, down the flat black pathway in front of it up the slope of junk!

@Sevak: Looking around, the slime did finally make out some organic-looking things. Some of them were kind of like the ones it was used to from before, being a mass of thin lines with small fluffier looking parts... but they didn't make shade, and the fluffier parts didn't look fluffy at all. They weren't even at the ends of the lines, but sporadically along them. At least the organic was a round shape. Tall, too! But not anywhere near as tall as the thick-looking organics... one which was closer... were. Now the taller, thicker organics DID seem to make some shade.

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Jerking himself up and forcing himself onto his his feet Nathair groans low before shaking himself and looking up the slope at the large black thing he forces himself up a bit higher as his needle head spits acid and digesting juices on the soft thing he had been eating before shoving his needle into it and sucking up what was already soft enough to suck up as the acid and others work on it to make it more liquidy and so easier to eat. His other head, still lethargic, lifts and watches up the pile trying to catch sight of whatever is moving faster than he had ever considered before. Whatever it is makes his body shake with a new feeling as he eats as fast as he can.

Sevak watched the odd tall rolling things fly past. Some bounced. Some rolled. The rolling reminded him of the past when he couldn't see. He knew it was rolling, having rolled many times from that point, but that also was the cause of his fear of The Dreaded Nothing. Falling. Those moments still haunted him terribly when he was thrown into them. The big black flappy needed to pay still, and the slime had no way of getting to him. He needed to fall too. To know how it felt. But, for now, Sevak was content with watching the fuzzy odd round things that moved various lengths when gusts happened.

The taller shady organic was somewhat pointy from the looks. Almost like it would hurt. Kind of how the pine needles hurt on the tree it had long ran into when it was mostly slime. But these seemed even more pointy for some reason. But if Sevak was able to tackle the pine needles, could it be able to attack the tall pointy thing? The slime walked up to it, not touchy the sharp parts. Amusingly enough one of the smaller round fuzzy things slammed into the slime, bouncing off and getting stuck onto the pointy parts. It fluttered there for a little bit before more of it got stuck. A few more of those round things flew by, some getting stuck lower to the ground on the pointy part while others continued to run themselves into Sevak repeatedly.

This was weird. Sevak silently wondered what he did to these round things to make them harmlessly attack him. Were they protecting the tall organic pointy thing? They were trying to cover it from what the slime could tell. Maybe they didn't want to see Sevak hurt it. The slime looked back to the pointy thing, putting the bauble up near a small section of the pointy tall thing that didnt have a pointy part. It released a spider web section, and the slime repeated this a few more times between some of the pointy things. The round fuzzy things still rammed their way into the slime, relentlessly as the wind started up again and then stopped. Once the wind stopped those were easy to move, but the slime barely bothered to truly move them. If they wanted to protect the pointy tall thing, then they could. Once a good portion of the pointy thing was covered to satisfying levels in spider web, the slime moved and worked on attaching the round things together as well as to the webs attached to the pointy thing. They could protect it and be stuck, that was fine for Sevak.

With that done, the slime turned back around, so the bauble was free of any part of its body blocking the web. This was worth a shot. It should break off the hurtful pointy parts since those really didnt seem too hard to break off. Doing all of this had allowed Sevak to think of an actual plan through observation. The pointy parts were in the softer fleshy part of the tall thing. So those might come off, or break off as some already had done where it looked like other things had run into it. Maybe these round things were attacking it and helping the slime. Rergardless, they were all stuck to the pointy thing now. And Sevak was leading the spider-web-rope it had created.

Happily, and after another short gust of wind, the slime moved forward. As the web became tight, the movement forward became much much harder to do. The slime pulled forward, wondering if this was going to even be possible. But what the slime didn't count on, and it was fairly sure the round things hadn't counted on this either, was that the tall pointy shade thing would fall over willingly. Was Sevak that strong now? Or was there something else at play? Had the round things weakened it?

@Sevak: The slime was not a master of learning where and how to pull on things to make them fall in a direction other than on top of itself. Luckily, it was able to instinctively bounce sideways, and it wasn't hurt. The thing didn't even make the ground shake when it fell, even being that close. It was worth absorbing though, wasn't it? It was a new organic... a dark shape appeared on the ground, a big one! Moving quickly. But the slime didn't see anything above... nothing. It must be really far away or something. The shady organic didn't... look right. Now that the slime got a better look at it. It looked almost like really thick leaves. But the shape was all wrong, and it's not like organics were supposed to have leaf bodies and no thinner parts coming off them. What was this thing?

@Nathair: (unlocked: ink gland: blue) Nothing special. Whatever the slime seemed to be able to get from this organic, it already did? The wide black thing stretched as far as the slime could see... until it curved behind a large, steep incline of inorganic. With little organics on and around it. Those organics didn't even seem to have inorganic strange things stuck all over and around them though, so that was odd. Everything else did... But the slime was still really lacking in energy... and fullness. There were other things around that looked organic, or at least should be organic. Right? But the annoying thing that change brought on wasn't just the new feeling inside itself, but the fact that it seemed to have permanently scrunched up its needle, and it was... a different shape now. It couldn't really be called a needle, even.

That could have been very bad. The odd tall pointy thing had fallen and crushed one of the round fuzzy things. That could have been him. He could be crushed under this. But, the realization of that didn't last very long once Sevak came to terms. Work on falling things better. Amusingly enough, however, was the round things that insisted on running into the slime had now stuck themselves onto the tall grounded pointy thing now. Maybe those had indeed weakened the tall thing. Or maybe they were still trying to protect it for some reason. The slime didn't understand those and their reasoning to cling themselves to this tall pointy thing. They seemed attracted to this one for some reason.

Sevak moved around them all, to the other side this time where less of the round fuzzy protecting things were clinging. This pointy thing looked odd to the slime and some of the pointy things there too were slightly snapped. Had something tried to knock this over already? Or eat it? The dark shape appeared, catching attention and disappearing. What was that? He rattled his scales slightly, the bauble on the end of his tail shaking a little to mimic a threat. He had no idea why he shook his tail, but something instinctual told him that might help. It wasn't like the tail bauble could do much besides shoot spider web. Which, the slime knew, could actually be a lot.

But the slime stopped when the shape went away. Good. Scared it off. Maybe. He turned his attention back to the odd pointy thing and carefully picked a spot where a few of the pointy parts were missing. It seemed something had already started to try and attack this, but hadn't really managed to get anywhere. The slime bit in, shocked that it was slightly harder than it appeared but liquid slightly came out of it as well. Not much, but enough for being unexpected. What really was this thing? It had unintentionally gotten a part of the round fuzzy thing in its mouth too. That tasted really dry and breakable, but that didnt make sense for how they stuck together.

Shaking his needle head and looking at it with his other head Nathair shakes it again and tries to drip acid from it, with limited success. Shaking both heads and backing up at the same time he doesn't see the drop behind him and makes a croak out of his cat head as he falls back down the incline and lands in the dirt below. Shaking his body and lifting himself again he stomps around a few times before stopping, the lack of energy and fullness were making it hard to move. Moving around again a new times he shakes his tail and looks back at it with both heads before croaking again.

Trying to take another step Nathair jerks in surprise as he falls forward, his legs gone from under him. Looking down he sees that his legs are gone and his body is now on the ground. Trying to slither forward like he had before he makes a little movement but not enough. Making an annoying croak again and lifting his front up off the ground a little and two arms push out just above where they had been before with a deeper elbow than before. Pushing himself up and using the extra energy he got from the legs and hooves before he pulls himself forward and looks back at the dragmark it causes on ground. The bottom of his body grows a layer of scales from his original DNA and as he drags himself forward his body slowly looses its roundness and lengthens into a more snake like one with the tail at the end.

Dragging himself around and Seeming to breath harder Nathair drags himself up on the pile of organics and non to start biting and poke his needle at things trying to eat. After his needle can't poke into things a third time he jerks it back and shakes it again before it pulls back into his head and a shorter slightly thicker needle comes out again and when he stabs it angrily at the next thing it pierces it and a huge spray of acid sprays into it.

@Sevak: (unlocked: tumbleweed trunk, cactus water reservoir) The mostly dried-out organics were... well, they didn't taste like much. Maybe if they were wetter? It didn't matter right now. Getting a good bite out of it wasn't easy, and the slime had to rip and twist at it in order to get the one mouthful it got apart from the main part of the thing. The air came again, a gentle breeze but it was hot and dry and made the slime feel a little less energetic. The dark shape appeared only one more time that the slime saw, and it seemed to be gone for good after that.

@Nathair: Behind the drag lines from the slime's back part, further back than that, near the wet with plants floating on it, was something moving. Little things. Little things making the noise that the slime had made. They weren't big, but the things bounced around a little, and some of them clung to a nearby clump of thin things with puffy parts on the end of them. It looked like something long and thin under the wet moved, but the slime wasn't entirely sure.

Turning and dragging himself through the ground Nathair makes a small croak and moves closer to the things as his body slides over the ground. Lowering himself down farther he sticks his heads out and starts to go for them slowly, lowering himself and sliding over the ground quietly till he can snag one of them out of the air and swallow it in his cat head. on his chest several bumps start to form before two of them grow and turn into thin spider like legs right over the web maker that had formed on his chest.

@Nathair: Nope. The slime had been growing too many things too often, and it apparently stressed out its cellular structure, and the parts fell off and landed on the ground. They were small though, so it didn't make any sound. The small jumpy things didn't even notice. The things kept jumping around periodically, and though some of them got away as the slime even started to approach, some of the others were barely observant. Whether the escapy ones were actually reacting to the slime or not started to become questionable...

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Hissing at the things that had fallen Nathair shakes his head and goes back to snapping at the flying things as he steps over the fallen pieces of himself. Snapping at them and growling as he gets one after another Nathairs legs drop into the wet as his body pulls up and curls around himself as he eats what he can.

Sevak tore into the odd long spiked thing again one last time after the wind, trying to get as much food as possible since it seemed food was scarce here. Some of the fluffier dry plant got back into its mouth, but the slime barely took notice now. It wasn't terribly happy about this all. What was next? The wind was intriguing to say the least. It had a quality Sevak didn't like however and that bothered the slime. It still needed to find the Black Flappy eventually though. Yes, the anger residing in the slime was still burning through him slightly. He had fallen into the Dreaded Nothing thanks to that creature and the slime wanted that Flappy to know how terrible that felt. If anything.

So the slime left the pointy thing on the ground, now tired of it. He turned himself and started to walk along again with his odd legs carrying him over the slight imperfections of the ground occasionally on an otherwise bland area. He had no idea where to go. At all. But that didn't stop him from attempting to go anywhere. He'd simply wander. Like he'd done the entire time. Wandering seemed to have gotten him in more trouble than the slime would like, but it also seemed to turn out useful in the end.

@Sevak: (unlocked: cactus needles) After wandering for awhile, the slime noticed something. The scent on the air was getting stronger. Much stronger, in fact! Looking farther into the distance than just what was within a few feet of itself, it saw something... it was almost the same color as the rest of everything else, but it had a strange shape and... was that the source of the scent? It was a creature. It was bigger than the slime was, but it was acting oddly. It was tall, or at least taller than the slime, and had four limbs that kept it higher from the ground than the slime was, but it had something growing along its back. It was too far away to tell anything else.

@Nathair: (unlocked: frog tongue) The slime had caught and absorbed some of the things that were almost always flying, but sometimes hovered before, and there wasn't anything new to gain from it, but it was at least organic. Though, unfortunately the slime hadn't caught many since they were very acrobatic. The jumpy creatures continued... being jumpy, and some of them landed on flat organics that weren't stable enough to hold them, and the jumpy things fell from them sometimes. One or two of the things weren't moving, though the slime could tell they were still alive. They didn't even try to escape as the slime attacked and caught a couple to consume.

Moving forward and stabbing one of the unmoving ones with his needle and spraying organic consuming liquid inside his other head moves down and snaps up another one of them. Holding the one that had been stabbed down on the ground as it thrashes and croaks in pain, slowly stopping as its inside melts just to be sucked back up into Nathair. His cat head strikes again but misses this time as it jumps just before he can bite it. Rather getting a mouthful of whatever organic it had been on before he keeps biting and tearing at it before turning and eating up the hust that had been left over from his needle.

@Nathair: The needle missed the first jumpy creature, but the other head didn't. The creature didn't make any noise when the slime bit down onto it with its fangs, but it wiggled and pushed with its limbs to try and get out of the slime's successful mouth, but... ? This needle was not half as useful against moving organic things as it had been against the thing it found that was unmoving, inorganic, and full of liquid. The slime knew what it had planned; but it hadn't been able to accomplish half of it.

Biting down on the thing he had grabbed and swallowing it Nathair can feel his body starting to reject something. Shaking his heads feeling some pain starting at the tip of his needle and working down he hisses almost to soft to hear and starts looking at it around the needle head he can see that the head was starting to change. As the needle shortened and drew into its own head his other one snapped at another of the passing jumpers as he can feel it gulping up energy even though it is getting smaller.

The head with the now non-existent needle opens up in the middle and the glands shift down the neck and end in the body, all of the connectors gone but for one which stayed in the head but moved back to the base of it. The mouth opening in the head stretches out and tiny teeth form all around inside it as in the back one of the new things he had taken in forms. Shaking his heads now as they itch horribly Nathair rubs them against each other then the ground until the itching stops. More things has started to form but nothing had because of the intense itching.

Shaking his heads and still rubbing them against each other Nathair can feel something inside him burst and mor energy than he knows what to do with fills him making it hard to stand still. Shifting around and his tail flicking back and forth wildly he opens his circular mouth and whatever had been formed in the back of it spits out towards one of the jumping things but hits another organic, pulling part of it back into his mouth because he doesn't know how to use it, but the teeth inside the mouth shred the growing organic as it shreds down into his body to be absorbed.

@Nathair: Energy, it had in abundance. But not focus! The slime was famished. Terrifyingly hungry, and though these small things were interesting, they weren't going to be enough to satiate the slime's hunger. It would need something else. Either a lot of easy-to-consume something, or a big something. There were a few tall organics around, but those were really dense and would take awhile. No, the slime needed something else... which is when it remembered the thing that had been bitten in half by a far bigger thing than the slime. How much of that was still available? Was any of it?

Nathair drops to the ground as the energy he had been using was enough to suck it from everywhere else in his body. Slowly pushing himself up onto his legs and shaking his heads he starts dragging himself towards that thing that had been cut in half from before. It had not been a long time ago since it had happened so he felt most of it would be there and it would be enough for him to get his energy back and then some.

Dragging through the brush and leaving a drag trail behind him Nathair drags himself forward steadily in the rough direction he felt the body was.

@Nathair: It was further away than the slime remembered, but at least it was able to find it again. The large mound of organic wasn't half as large as the slime thought; barely any of it was left compared to what used to be available. But signs of the huge creature that had done it was gone. Good. The part that was left (only one part!) was the creature's head. Some pokey things stuck out of it. The slime was able to make things like that too, but they looked very different.

Sitting up and staring at the lump still on the ground Nathair lowers his round head and lifts his other one as he looks around for the huge thing that had torn this lump of meat. Slowly pulling himself forward and reaching out with his cat head he bites it and tries to rip it off. Shaking his head and ripping a chunk from the flesh and outside Nathair swallows it as his other head comes forward opening wide before setting the teeth against its side, shaking and twisting his head again Nathair keeps working with that head as he bites and rips pieces off of the hole he had done with his first bite.

Ripping up the flesh and skin with his other head Nathair swallows the shreds as he rips into it over and over.

The odd smell coming from ahead bothered Sevak slightly. It treaded forward more, but cautious this time instead of just aimlessly wandering. What was the creature? It was getting closer and easier to make out more of it as the six legs from the slime carried it toward the odd creature. The new creature indeed was acting strange. The height alone worried Sevak somewhat. It was better built to hold that form, and seemed far better camouflaged for the terrain that they were in.

The wind blew again slightly, sending the small bits of rock back into Sevak's scales for a second. The creature's smell went away for that moment the wind blew, with the wind pushing Sevak closer toward the creature. That probably wasn't good. Could the creature smell? Did Sevak even have a scent? With the creature acting somewhat odd, the slime didn't want to take a chance angering it. It still remembered what had happened when it angered the Big Black Fluffy that had attacked it before. That creature too had been taller than itself, and managed to kick it out of the high ground that eventually dumped it here. If Sevak remembered right that was probably a vulture, given now it had gotten a piece of the creature before.

The slime shook that thought out, focusing again on the new creature near in front of it as the wind stopped. One of the tall spikey things was nearby it, but far more green than the odd brown color the other one had been. Hm, perhaps he could use that to fend off the creature if it should attack.

@Sevak: The slime could see the large creature much better now, and could tell something about it... The green spiky things that were around in the area, that the slime pulled one down and ate... this creature had them growing along its back. But it was an animal. Right? It had some traits the slime recognized, but it didn't recognize everything. Could this...
It looked at Sevak. IT LOOKED AT SEVAK. It had a long, pink, forked thing come out of its mouth, and flicker. Then it went back in its mouth. Then it came out again, and rubbed the edges of its mouth. The spikey things growing out of the green on its back stood up on end instead of being gently laid across its spine.

@Nathair: (unlocked: staghorn, deer instincts) The slime needed to eat desperately, and luckily it was finally able to do that. Something even better though... the slime wasn't in hunger pains. Wait, that was the same thing. Different? The slime was ravaged by hunger and didn't know. But it wouldn't be now, since it was able to fill itself. But the slime filled itself internally with all the organic it was now consuming, but it also found that... it needed more. It didn't get enough. But there wasn't room to put more. Maybe it could find a way to dissolve the stuff faster and that wouldn't be a problem in the future...

Going to bite another piece of this organic Nathair gets it into his mouth and has to stop, trying to pull the meat more into himself to dissolve it wasn't working. Trying to pull the meat more into his body Nathair shakes his cat head holding the meat when it wont go down. His hunger was less but his body was full of the organics he had been eating were still inside his body, not going away fast enough to fill his body with what he had in front of him.

Dropping the meat he had been holding in his mouth and stepping back Nathair lowers himself on his arms as he slowly dissolves what he has inside him. Laying his heads down and feeling something inside him not actually in his own body he gets more and more agitated as the organics he had been holding inside him go away slowly.

Scratching at the dirt under his claws and hissing softly Nathair wiggles his middle as he can feel a spot opening up inside his body. Opening more and more the organics he had been dissolving dropped into it and sat there as something oozed out of the walls of the inside part an started dissolving the organics faster than it had before. Lifting his head and turning he looks down at his body and pokes it with his nose a few times feeling as more parts inside him pull apart and open up from the first opening inside him all the way up to his heads. Shaking his heads and pausing Nathair reaches back over and picks up the meat he had dropped, his mouth and the new thing contracting and sliding it down to the new area where the organics had been dropped.

@Nathair: Surprisingly, the growth wasn't a type that made the slime hungrier! It felt as though its sides puffed up, it got wider. But it wasn't because it weighed more or used more mass... it was because of redistribution from its new openness. Interesting. The slime wasn't able to feel the food inside its hole as well now, but it knew it was there. It was a... well, not really a different feeling, but a... more... precise way to feel the same thing? It didn't matter. The slime was filling itself better than it was before now, which for some reason.. made the slime feel differently about various organic types.

Lifting himself to his feet and stretching his arms in front of him Nathair shakes himself before pulling forward and taking another bite from the large organic he had eaten some before. Setting his second head on it and opening it as far as he can he sits there with it slowly shredding pieces of the meat into his body as his other head pulls and rips chunks from the hole he had made. The outside layer if whatever this is is harder for him to tear off but rather than focusing only on the inside he keeps taking both as he eats. Feeling his inside emptiness filling it makes his sides bigger as it fills more, but almost as fast as he is eating he can feel the other parts of his insides secreting a liquid that dissolves what he had eaten much faster before giving him the energy again. The part on his tail that keeps forming some kind of thin thing attaches to another part inside him, becoming a different color and one strand touches the ground sticking it it and as he shifts around eating from the pile of meat the strand stays behind him.

@Nathair: (unlocked: deer eyes) There wasn't much of the soft parts of the creature left, only the hard, thick part that was in the center (and sticking out at one end). The slime's liquids wasn't affecting it, and it was too hard to break. There were small things nearby moving around, but they were too small for the slime to find a point in bothering with.

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