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Dragging himself over towards the hard things that are coming from one end of this large thing Nathair chews on the base of it where it meets the thing that had been killed before. Chewing over and over and not getting anywhere he pulls back and stars down at the thing again. Trying with his other head he scraps and pulls on it only getting flecks each time, finally stopping he hisses at it and swipes at it with one of his claws. Moving down and gnawing on the other hard bits he only gets flacks and specks from it making him frustrated and something inside him start pumping into his system making him stronger and more agitated.

OOC @ Everyone: (I spammed this on all 5 sites I have this RP on)
It's that time again! For those of you new to the RP, I do events on lots of holidays! The closest event is Trick or Treat, which starts October 30th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, and ends November 1st at 12:01 AM. That gives you 24 hours and 2 minutes to participate.
How does this event work? You choose one of the two types of event reward, and I try to get it to you as fast as I can in a believable way. If you update, or PM me (over the forums or facebook, or tell me verbally over teamspeak or skype) during the event time (like I said, the entire day of October 31) then you count as participating.

Halloween event:

Trick: Any disease, poison, or chemical you want to get a gland for. You can have these be planned as weapons or passive bonuses to your slime. You can get sleep medicine and hook it into your breath, making things you breathe on fall asleep. Or wake up, if you use that kind of medicine. Or make stuff throw up or maybe just infect things with diseases. You can even get abilities that make you unable to feel your own damage when you're fighting.

Treat: Any candy or other thing that you'd expect someone to give you in your "Trick or Treat" bucket. You might just want to generate sugar, or maybe make use of the food coloring as a pigment to your own skin color or something. You can also unlock certain plants by eating candy made from it (chocolate = cocoa plant + sugarcane, for example, plus you can grow chocolate). Maybe edible wax vampire teeth or fake blood? Lots of uses for various things.

@Nathair: The slime didn't have to continue trying to make use of the hard pieces of the creature, as something else moved. Something big. It wasn't as big as the other thing that bit the thing the slime was eating in half, but it looked to be the same kind of creature. More surprising, it looked like it was missing one of its eyes. The eye that should have been facing the slime.

Looking over at the direction of the animal that couldn't see him Nathair lowers his heads down and goes totally still. He knew that if he wasn't careful he would be bitten in half or worse if he was seen... or maybe he could get close enough...

Digging his claws into the dirt and dragging himself closer Nathair lowers his heads and opens both his mouths as he gets ready. As he slides forward the teeth in his cat mouth all change very little, but they all connect to the venom and poison in his body. Sliding closer and faster as the thing shifts around Nathair throws himself forward and clamps his cat teeth into its skin in and around the blind eye as the other grabs onto it somewhere else. Pumping the original venom toxin into it fast as the paralytic.

[Brown snake poison and stinging nettle]

@Nathair: The slime injected what it could, but it only felt the liquids pool into its own mouths! It didn't form the hollows in its teeth correctly since it had only JUST done it before attacking, and the creature's thick and hardened flesh was very thick and the injections filled what piercings were done, flooding them, but it didn't go all the way through, so it poured back out of the holes. The creature didn't even seem to notice.

Pulling his fangs out and biting again Nathair tries to get his fangs deeper into the thick skin as his other mouth bites and tries to cut into it from another angle. Already knowing it will be almost impossible to do as he is Nathair can feel something inside him pumping making him a little jittery but also much stronger.

@Sevak: The slime could see the large creature much better now, and could tell something about it... The green spiky things that were around in the area, that the slime pulled one down and ate... this creature had them growing along its back. But it was an animal. Right? It had some traits the slime recognized, but it didn't recognize everything. Could this...
It looked at Sevak. IT LOOKED AT SEVAK. It had a long, pink, forked thing come out of its mouth, and flicker. Then it went back in its mouth. Then it came out again, and rubbed the edges of its mouth. The spikey things growing out of the green on its back stood up on end instead of being gently laid across its spine.

Sevak could see it had pissed the other creature off. Great. Now what?? The slime shook its scales, the rattling occurring as its 6 legs moved instinctively to almost curl its own body... what was going on? The tail-bauble that released web was now in front of itself and shaking too, faintly rattling as well which Sevak didn't realize it could do that. Sevak's head was coiled inside and reared up, involuntary instinctual hissing occurred for a second too before his own brain overrode the defense and replaced that with unsurity. If the other larger creature attacked Sevak knew this would be terrible for it, yet something told Sevak this would be a good idea. Maybe it could also convey it was friendly? Somehow? Maybe this creature could help it?

@Sevak: The other creature looked curious, but after the slime started making a rattling noise, the creature changed its posture right away, and made some low-rumbling angry sound. Then it started altering between the rumbly sound and a fast-loud sound that somehow sounded even angrier. The spikes growing on its back even raised up, now almost straight up instead of lain back.

@Nathair: The slime felt itself gaining... something, but also gaining ground on tearing into the creature. It even felt like its fangs were growing a little, though it might be confusion from the other feeling overriding half of itself. The slime felt the liquids finally not backing up and pouring out or back into its own mouth, though the creature didn't really seem to react to it still.

Whatever was inside him was pumping even more of whatever it had into his body making it start to quiver as he bit even harder into whatever this thing was. Raising himself higher and clawing at the skin of whatever this was Nathair bites and holds onto it feeling it start to loosen as his poison and dissolving thing goes to work. His other head up and watching it shakes itself because of the quivering making it hard to see around.

@Nathair: The slime never knew a creature like this could POSSIBLY move that fast! It was incredibly strong, even stronger than the large hard creature the slime got one of its horns from that was buried underground. That thing was.. nonexistent in comparison! It lurched and flailed, and then the slime was really hurt. The creature was upside down on the ground, with the slime pinned under it. IT WAS SO HEAVY! The slime could tell easily that the thing was still alive, though it didn't know what it was doing. But it was obviously affected finally.

Crying out and trying to wiggle out from under the heavy body Nathair bites the animals eye and around the eye over and over pumping everything he can into it as that gland inside his body pumps something into his body making him move faster and the pain easier to manage. Soon two glands inside him were pumping making the pain easier and his body jittering. His claws claw at the creatures body as his body slaps and twists trying to get around and out from under the weight of the thing.

@Nathair: The slime missed badly; but that was because it was wedged in between the creature's shoulderblades, and it wasn't long enough to be able to reach its face. The weight being smooshed on top of the slime would have been able to do in most creatures, or so the slime figured from its previous encounters from various things, but the slime was instead able to counteract this and finally summon the strength to push the thing off of itself at least enough to climb out from under it. Was the creature even moving anymore? The slime didn't think it was, now that it was able to stand on the ground on its own and take a look.

standing tall and looking down at the creature Nathair keeps his mouths open as he watches it. Standing still he takes in its long scaly body and slowly moves his heads forwards and down towards it. Hissing softly he strikes with his snake head and pulls back quickly after giving whatever this creature was a scratch. Waiting for it to move as he pulls his tail in under himself.

@Nathair: It didn't move. This thing was huge, though the tall organic things that didn't move were still bigger. Wider. Well, some of them were. The creature's external part was really... well, not HARD hard, not as hard as the tall organic denseness. Trying to tear some of it off wasn't as easy as the slime had hoped, but it was at least able to scrape some of it off but not enough to be of value. Maybe it should aim at a part that was less than perfect.

Getting agitated Nathair moves forward more and bites at its eyes, trying to get his fangs under it to what he knows is a soft thing. Setting one clawed foot on the creature as he pulls and bites at where its eyes are he feels the start of a change inside him but before more than the start could happen it ends and he can feel that he cant change for a while, something inside him keeping as he is.

OOC @ Everyone: So, I've had a thought recently. Anyone know the "sphere grid" system from Grrl Power or Final Fantasy X? Well, I thought Azure Wyrm could actually use a sphere grid. I won't say what much of anything is at all! But each player would have the same sphere grid, though every slime would have different things highlighted/filled in. Thoughts?

OOC @ Everyone: Okay, so Booksv2 called me on skype (PM me for my info and I'll give you it) and we talked about this for two days, to make sure everyone else could understand it. Here are the fruits of that:

-Ignore everything about how the other two sphere grids work; it is just the overall total layout that is similar.

-Nothing is limited. The only "you can't get what they have" only exists in two places right now, surprisingly both the same player! Avialae's Vulpine is on Magistream, and has a magnetic skull. Aster is on Dragoncave, and has partially copper bones. These abilities aren't genetic so they can't be gained by eating her characters. You have to do what she did. The copper was simple; the magnetism was extremely complex and had to be done in a specific sequence.

-The circles won't have any labels at all. If you guys work together, you can eventually piece together what the whole giant super complex thing looks like, and label it yourself if you want (the NationStates thread asked if they can make a wiki).

-It's the same thing that Azure Wyrm has always gone off since 2006, just it's only been in my own head, and I never told anyone about it until now. So there won't be any gameplay changes; just you'll potentially be able to figure out a few abilities later on because of this (??? + spiderweb + ??? = able to make an egg that brings you back to life one time if your slime dies). Dragonfire is another super ability, that is a combination of a bunch of stuff. Fire breath is one thing, but to have it "dragon" quality is something totally different, and using this you can start to figure out what you're missing.

-Powerful abilities are the only things that will be on this grid. Putting every animal/plant would be ridiculous. So, it'll pretty much just be certain things that you need multiple things to unlock, or other circles representing abilities that can become more powerful with additional unlocks.

@Nathair: The slime's teeth hooked into the creature's eye and penetrated it, popping it and causing some sort of liquid inside to pour out. Some of it got into the slime's mouth, but not much of it. Attempting to tear the creature's flesh off wasn't as simple as the slime would have hoped, but it was able to work somewhat. The exteriormost flesh was just too... durable? But it was able to get off a little bit of it.

Biting at the things eye more and trying to pull it out Nathair stands on its hard to tear body. Spreading his legs and using more of the muscles in his tail and chest to pull on the outer skin harder. Growing low and trying his best he was only able to get a little of the punctured eye into his mouth, but it let him dig deeper into it and try to tear more of this one soft spot in this massive hardness.

@Nathair: (unlocked: crocodile teeth) The slime was finally able to start rending the flesh from the creature, getting small amounts at first, but as it tore more of the outermost flesh off, it was able to render more and more of it more susceptible to increased amounts of damage. But it didn't count for all that much, since there wasn't all that much flesh around this part of the creature. Maybe it should have looked for something softer, though of course nothing is softer than an eye. But different parts of flesh were probably softer or harder, right? The slime's mouths weren't really suited to this part, at least not now. And it wouldn't be able to alter itself for awhile still, it felt. Maybe just see what else it could bite on the creature...

Biting at the eye more Nathair finds something harder than the skin under it he is unable to even scratch well. The new dna in his body was making itself known, something about it resonating with little pieces of other types of dna and making itself known for a few seconds. Nathair climbs up onto the back of the creatures back and looks down at it. The whole body was covered in whatever this hard outside was and it was really hard for him to get through. Things from the past tickles him for a second but he ignored them, rather crawling down its body towards its mouth he pushed down on one of its lips with his foot exposing the teeth and gums inside the mouth a little.

Nathairs right head goes down and starts tearing into the much softer gums of the creatures mouth, pulling it off and eating it before pushing more of his head in trying to get more. His other head stays out, being left out of being able to because of not only its shape but also because a strange itching was starting deep inside it and it was having a hard time staying up in the air. The left head drops more and more to the ground as the itching turns into pain, starting from the inside and working its way outside. The pain causes him to stop eating and start crying out, looking down at the left with the right as it starts quivering and changing right in front of his eyes.

Each tiny change was excruciating, the pain intensifying and throbbing through his head. Slowly the shape changes to copy the right head, the open hole closing and becoming a mouth it gains a pig snout and he suddenly sucks in a breath of air catching the smell of whatever creature he had been eating. Throughout his new mouth fangs half way between cat and the new dna he gained sprouts out, each one strong and a bit thicker than before but also longer by almost half as much. The single eye gets several subtle changes making the light brighter and easier to see while not changing its shape. The pain from the changes his body didn't want to do made him fall to the ground and shake there, whimpering as the pain slowly subsides.

A while later Nathair pushes himself up on his two legs and shakes both heads, the motion making the pain rip through him again. What normally happened when he changed had not happened, rather he had used much more energy and a deep throbbing pain was still inside him because he forced it. A gland inside himself starts pumping making him stronger and easier to ignore the pain but also makes him much more hungry, the energy he had used and the pain making him angry. Turning back to the creatures mouth he pushes down on the side of it with both legs, using both his heads this time to rip into the much softer flesh savagely.

@Sevak: The other creature looked curious, but after the slime started making a rattling noise, the creature changed its posture right away, and made some low-rumbling angry sound. Then it started altering between the rumbly sound and a fast-loud sound that somehow sounded even angrier. The spikes growing on its back even raised up, now almost straight up instead of lain back.

((I am alive.... I swear))

Sevak noticed the change in the other creature and something inside itself told it that was a natural response to its own response. Great. So it was angry and scared too. The noise also was quite odd. It almost hurt, with the sudden alternating between the rumbly sound and the fast-loud. Especially the fast-loud. Sevak didn't like the fast-loud sound at all. In response to that, the oddly created slime rattled a little louder and instead of a hiss, produced a weird mix of a higher pitched noise from the mountain goat, deer and to finish it off, a yellow lab howl sound. The conglomerate of noise didn't last very long, but the weird howl-like, shriek-bleat fit right in between the seconds of quieter noise as the other creature changed its sound.

Hopefully that was able to get its attention. The slime adopted a less threatening position, having wanted to really see if it was able to converse with this creature maybe. It seemed intelligent enough to hold limited conversation through body language at least. Perhaps this creature knew a way out of this dry place. Or wanted to kill Sevak. It always seemed lots of the creatures Sevak was unlucky to meet wanted to kill him.

@Sevak: The creature's spikes were still upwards, but it moved closer. Not quickly, but it moved closer. Not that far away, now. It made another fast-loud high pitch sound, but it also howled. IT HOWLED TOO! This thing, its spikes on its back, they looked just like the thing the slime had consumed that had spikes on it. They looked identical. Its back, on its spine, was green. It was furry. Yellow fur. The... did this creature... The slime was awestruck. The creature's head was no longer low, no longer looking like it was going to pounce. Staring, walking around in a wide circle around the slime.

@Nathair: The fleshy part of the creature's gums was easy to tear off and consume, but the left head was useless, as was the slime's back end, right leg, and left claw. Still throbbing in pain. The creature's large and hard teeth weren't even able to be wiggled, let alone broken, scratched, or anything else. But there was something that looked a lot easier to eat then this annoyingly edible/not edible gum/jaw part. Inside. Inside, in between the rows of teeth.

Sevak uncoiled slightly as the other creature started to circle. As it relaxed, the slime too relaxed and uncoiled more. Soon the other creature could truly get a good look at the mixed up mess the slime had become. A functional but mixed up mess. The slime itself couldn't help but notice the creature had very similar features to itself. The spines were the same as his. The fur, well, that was from the lab even though Sevak didn't have the fur yet. The green seemed familiar too to Sevak. It was able to make a similar howl even. Was this another slime? Could that be it? Could he indeed have run into another slime? Probably most surprising of all, was that this creature decided not to kill him. Not yet at least, even though Sevak's uncontrolled actions had depicted being threatened and probably would have meant to get him killed if it were the Big Black Fluffy that had thrown him down into the Dreaded Nothing and down here. He still needed revenge on that creature too. Make it understand how terrifying the Dreaded Nothing could be. But maybe this area had already helped Sevak with that and that Big Black Fluffy had met its demise. Maybe even this new creature had taken care of that. Wouldn't that be something. Sevak tried its best to convey being friendly to the other creature in hopes of at least deterring being attacked now that it was uncoiled. He wondered what was going to happen next.

@Sevak: The creature stopped circling, and started walking closer to the slime, but not in an aggressive way. It started sniffing at the slime, and then sat down and stared at it. It made a small sound, and then seemed to become idle and wait. What was it doing? This creature had far too many similarities, that the slime already pointed out to itself, to be anything other than what it was. There were a lot of differences too, but the similar things were what stood out most.
It suddenly moved its head, and looked in a different direction. It made the small sound again, then stood up.

Nathair drops back a little and drops back to the ground. The pain was seemingly unending, throbbing through his body and making him want to curl up and form something new but the very idea of forming something more made him stiffen and whimper even more. Slowly, oh so slowly, the pain faded. As it did he could feel something from inside him. A sense of blood that he knew well, but concentrated in that softer thing behind those strong things. Pushing himself up and shaking himself Nathair turns back to the large creature and stalks over towards it, meaning to get inside no matter what.

Stepping back on the edge of the thing again Nathair pushes down hard and when it showed not only the strong things in his way but also the gums above and below. Lifting one of his legs and slashing back and forth across the gums Nathair gets angry and he keeps slashing harder and harder, something inside pumping inside him building his anger and strength both and making him light headed and a little dizzy.

Nathair goes to slash again and can feel some of his claws hook just under the top edge of the hard things and can feel it give only a tiny bit.

@Nathair: The damage the slime attempted to cause would have been laughable, though attacking the creature's gums, though soft... the softness was only very thin at the most, and the slime constantly hit the creature's teeth or jawbone, both were far stronger than could be damaged even a little. The slime, starting to become overcome with the potency of its own circulatory system, did get a glimmer of intelligence. This was stupid. It should go after something thicker or deeper inside. Mouths opened. A dead mouth could be forced.

Nathair slammed his feet down on where he had been trying to eat and opened his mouth to roar his frustration but nothing more than air came out. Shaking his heads and slamming his feet down again and again on the edge of whatever he had been eating he bites into the upper portion hard and digs his feet into the lower one.

Tensing up and pushing down with his feet at the same time he starts to pull apart from each other. Glands inside his body start pumping and flushing his body with them, two that had come together before pumped something intto him that made him so much stronger than he was. Jittery and pulling with more strength than his body normally had Nathair can feel hismself focusing down to pulling this jaw apart with all his might.

@Nathair: The heavy, armored mouth opened, and the slime was able to get inside. The creature had a gigantic and soft thing inside that was draped over the... top? of the creature's mouth, which was now the bottom since it was upside-down. That was probably a good thing, though it didn't really matter right now. This is what the slime was looking for! It could tell that eating its fill or more would be an easy thing to do at this point.

Pushing the jaw open more before letting go NAthair leans into the large mouth and starts biting at the large meaty thing that had been hidden inside. Taking two hard bites of it he jerks his head side to side pulling on it, tearing pieces of the meat off and lifting his heads up to let them fall into his mouths as well as his throat swallowing. Forcing the meat down his throat and into his body he drops his heads back down inside and starts eating it where it is, his teeth tearing smaller pieces off it and quickly swallowing it.

@Sevak: The creature stopped circling, and started walking closer to the slime, but not in an aggressive way. It started sniffing at the slime, and then sat down and stared at it. It made a small sound, and then seemed to become idle and wait. What was it doing? This creature had far too many similarities, that the slime already pointed out to itself, to be anything other than what it was. There were a lot of differences too, but the similar things were what stood out most.
It suddenly moved its head, and looked in a different direction. It made the small sound again, then stood up.

Sevak perked up when the other creature also perked up. It was curious about something and seemed somewhat nervous? Or worried? Just curious? Confused maybe? Sevak couldn't quite tell. It looked toward the direction the other creature - that the slime was deciding was also a slime - looked. What was it? Where was it? It made a similar small sound in question, wondering if that would be a communication thing they could now do? Body language seemed to also be a thing that was useful. Maybe a combination of body language and sounds would develop a communication between the two creatures. But for now, Sevak stood guarded from whatever had perked up this other friend.

@Nathair: (unlocked: crocodile) Just as the slime finished eating the pieces of meat, it felt lots of severe pain coming from its tail and area where its back legs would be, if it had them. SERIOUS PAIN! Whatever it was, the slime could tell it was in severe trouble and it was being attacked, large chunks being ripped out of it.

@Sevak: The other creature started to walk away, though not quickly. After it went a few feet, it turned partway to look back, and made a noise. then it turned back to the direction it was looking before and started walking away again. The slime noticed that actually... the other creature was walking the direction the slime had come from. Where... what was it aiming to do?

Sevak started to follow the creature for some reason. It wasn't sure if it was because of the noise, or the way the creature was acting, but something told the slime to follow it. So he started to follow the creature, wary of something else coming to attack them. Why was it heading back the way the slime had come? There was nothing really this way that the slime needed to go back to. He inquired a reasoning, a small sound coming out. Where were they going? And why?

Screeching and pulling itself out from inside the mouth he had been inside Nathair looks back at at his tail and back, large chunks torn from the back and his skin. Reaching back and lightly poking one of the large chunks out of his back he hisses and jerks his head away from the torn out chunk. Looking around Nathair shakes his head and hisses again when he doesnt see anything. Dragging himself closer to the mouth the injured slime pulls itself into the mouth feeling the teeth scrape against the bottom of his body as he gets into the mouth. Hunger starting to eat at him as he starts eating at the tongue quickly.

@Sevak: The other creature made as similar a sound as it could in response, but it kept walking and looking back. Every ten-fifteen feet or so it would look back to make sure that the slime was following it. The slime noticed something now- the creature was leading it to the area where it had met the Great Nothing at the giant rock with the creatures the slime failed to do things with.

@Nathair: Consuming parts of the creature at this point would have only increased the slime's size; though now it gave it some biomass to repurpose for its healing needs. Whatever it was that had done this was long gone, though how it was able to get up close without being noticed, attack so ferociously, then disappear again was totally unknown to the slime- it had only been injured this badly once before when one of its heads disappeared for apparently no reason. At least it had a good lookout from where it was, and it was a defensible location...

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