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Shaking his heads and hissing softly to himself Nathair tries to change himself but something inside him stopped him cold. Tearing into the soft meat he was almost standing on the hungry injured slime ripped into it more and deeper. Tearing little pieces off and savaging it as he does he swallows the mouth fulls he has as he shakes.

Looking back at his back and tail Nathair hisses softly in anger and deep inside his body his glands start pumping a huge amount something into his body. Arching and turning Nathair drags himself out of the mouth of the creature he had been feeding on and looking around sees something ontop of it tearing into it. Opening his mouths and hissing Nathair throws himself forward and bites at its legs, both of his mouths biting at it at the same time.

@Nathair: The slime was able to barely start to digest the new meat it acquired, but it wasn't healing its damage yet. It did feel it start to recover slowly, but something seemed to be holding it back. At least it was able to start healing slightly, or maybe it only felt that way from... whatever it just filled itself with. Things were rather hazy, and it didn't have full control over its perception or actions. But its two heads biting at whatever new creature it saw, which was now feasting on the giant creature's top side above where the slime was hiding, it was able to score some hits! One thin limb in each of the slime's mouths.

Biting down hard Nathair jerks both heads back hard trying to bite through whatever was in his mouth. His fangs pumping a dual shot of poison and venom into whatever it was as his cat like teeth dig into and start to cut it off. Shaking both heads as he pulls them back he can feel himself still in so much pain in his back and the ability to hurt something else when mixed with the drugs pumping through his system was making him rage.

@Nathair: The slime got some benefits out of this- organic. The creature had taken to the up, and wasn't within the slime's reach now. But it had gotten one of the creature's limbs! It was funny though... it looked inorganic. Shiny. How could that be inside a creature, let alone a live one? The slime didn't know.

Hissing at the creature that had somehow gotten away Nathair drags the part he had gotten from it back to the ground and started tearing into it. Ripping small chunks off and swallowing them as he quickly eats the entirety of the leg. He could have wondered about why it was what it was but so far all he wanted was to feed.

OOC @ Booksv2: You can't unlock or even absorb Aster's leg bones, because they're made of copper. She got this unlock awhile back. Read through her story on Dragon Cave if you wanna see how.

@Nathair: (unlocked: pillbug, clam intestines, smoke bomb breath: purple) Going to the ground made the colorful cloud that appeared from the other creature's mouth less vision-blocking. How the creature was able to do that, the slime didn't... no actually, it did know. It did know how it did that, now. The inorganic things inside the organic parts were... not able to be absorbed. Actually, some of them were even too long for the slime to fit inside itself. But it was able to at least eat the organic parts. Wherever the creature it got this from went, the slime didn't know.

Picking up the piece of whatever had been inside the creatures flesh Naathair thrashes his head smacking it against the ground a few times before letting it go and watching it fly away. Hissing softly Nathair turns back towards the large thing he had hidden in just a little before and walking over to it again he grabs and tears a chunk of tongue out to start eating it savagly, the energy it gives fueling a change. Shaking one head then the other Nathair can feel something forming inside them and when he goes to bite the tongue again he bites right through it and can feel several of his teeth crack. Jumping back he tries to screech in pain, shaking both heads as he can feel a new strength.

@Sevak: The other creature made as similar a sound as it could in response, but it kept walking and looking back. Every ten-fifteen feet or so it would look back to make sure that the slime was following it. The slime noticed something now- the creature was leading it to the area where it had met the Great Nothing at the giant rock with the creatures the slime failed to do things with.

How had this creature known he had wanted to always come back here? And where was the giant Black Flappy? How could it thank this creature though, as Sevak realized despite not knowing how that the weirdly same but different creature had indeed brought him to the place he had wanted to get to. But Sevak hadn't ever thought this through. The giant rock was very giant, and in no way did it seem he could climb up there again. He attempted to convey thanks to the other creature by wagging his longer tail as he had seen the other one do when it was positive. The snake-like tail however was somewhat harder to wag than this shorter fluffy one. Hopefully the other creature understood. It also had no idea what to do now, with the rock being too large for climbing currently.

@Nathair: The slime's new muscleature and tooth type weren't even complete yet, and wouldn't be for awhile, but already its own biting power had increased enough as to cause it to injure itself using the entirety of its ability, especially on such a soft target. Soft, but still tough. The slime had never had to practice restraint, but now was apparently the time for such a skill. It was able to start feeling the cells of its new teeth hardening, albeit slowly. But it wasn't healing the injuries to its backside. Though, maybe that was fine since the liquids the slime pumped itself full of for its fight had just about finished pouring out, calming it down. AAHHHHH! The slime was in serious pain, from its back end again! Something sharp had grabbed partway up the slime's tail, though it didn't feel like fangs or teeth since there was only one poke on each side. But it felt it pull... and it had quickly been dragged out of the creature's mouth, and onto the ground again. The liquid that had poured out was on the ground, and the slime now had its left face being rubbed into it, while its right head was being bitten at from above.

@Sevak: The wag-tail creature started heaving its chest, making gurgly sounds. There was even a... well, it was pretty bright everywhere already anyway, but now that there was darkness next to the giant rock that hadn't been there before, the other creature's color behind its ears started to appear. It got brighter as the creature's chest heaving seemed to get to its maximum size. Then the creature... un-ate while pointing its head upwards, and a rubbery-looking pink sphere came out and went up, and then a loud sound happened from the sphere, which wasn't there anymore, and some sort of... glowing color was there. There was an organic something up there, below where the creature made that happen. Just barely, with the slime's concentrated vision, it could see something black appear and disappear, but only part of whatever the thing was.

Sevak didn't understand at all what was going on. Watching the furry similar creature do whatever it was doing confused it. This wasn't just some random creature with what was going on. That was obvious to Sevak, who knew well enough normal creatures to be sure that they couldn't just make weird rubbery pink spheres. And why did it just create more light up there anyway? And sound? What was going on?

He glanced over to the other creature, somewhat skeptical of it more so now, only to see that the creature was watching the light it had created up there. And the slight movement up there, when Sevak glanced back up, seemed to happen again. He wasn't sure what to do. What if he got the other creature to do it again? Since Sevak himself couldn't get up there. He attempted to convey thank-you again, in an effort that maybe that was what triggered the other creature to make a pink light-creating sphere that floated upward. Maybe Black Flappy was up there worried. Wouldn't that be something.

Thrashing under whatever had grabbed him Nathair tries to sink his fangs into it as his body is held down. Whatever it was was holding him down and starting to tear his heads off making the glands inside him pump in overdrive hiving him strength and making his focus narrow down to GETTING AWAY. Shaking his heads as best he can he keeps wiggling and thrashing harder.

OOC @ Everyone: Sorry, been sick.

@Sevak: The other creature paid little attention to the slime's conveyance. Instead, it made more pink spheres appear, and this time when they noised, the light made the organic the flappies were on become bright. The big flappy came down, and dove at the slime, maybe aiming for the wrong one. No, it wasn't attacking. It... landed behind the slime and other creature, a few feet away on top of one of the tall things with pokies, and watched. After a little while, the thing with the small flaps came down, and the small flaps were wiggling their limbs and didn't fall as fast as the other stuff did. They didn't seem to be going anywhere than in front of the slime and other creature, though, barely managing to miss the various stick-outs of sharp inorganic that the slime had not been fortunate enough to avoid when it came down itself.

@Nathair: Something appeared out of no where and stopped the creature from attacking, giving the slime just enough time to wiggle free and escape back inside the big creature's body. The fluids the slime had been pumping into itself to make it better at fighting wasn't working very well, since it was still heavily injured and the fluids just poured out of itself when they got to any of the many puncture locations. But at least it was back inside the creature and there was more than enough organic here for whatever the slime felt like doing.

Sevak remembered these little white things as they came down. They were the small white things that had came out of the big hard ovals before and wiggled instead of helping fight Big Flappy. The other slime didn't seem too bothered by either Big Flappy watching or the two small flappies coming down. The slime knew from before the smaller flaps probably wouldn't remember him, as their eyes had been closed when they first met. But maybe sound had worked? And what of Big Flappy? Why wasn't it attacking?

Sevak turned around for a moment, glaring up at the watcher in the giant pokey. Last time they met they had attacked each other, why hadn't this happened now? Big Flappy had an wonderful vantage point to attack both of them. He turned back around, positioning his tail to be able to shoot a web if needbe thanks to his 360 vision anyways. He had originally tried to get help from these smaller flaps. Maybe now that they could see they would be more willing to help both the creatures now?

Shuddering in pain and almost passing out Nathair attacks the meat from before inside the creatures mouth and shreds it into pieces before swallowing it. Whatever was out there had overpowered him and his instincts were to eat and grow. Digging into the meat with a ferocity that would have surprised him before he can feel the wounds on his back starting to heal slowly as he continues.

Whatever had grabbed him had held him down easily and Nathair was terrified, he knew in a way he did not know that whatever it was could easily kill him and almost every instinct he had was yelling at him to grow and fight back or join it. But one way or another he never wanted to be in that position again. So he ate, gorging himself on the soft tongue meat of whatever this creature had been as he feels the scales on the underside of his body and parts of his back thickening as he does. Where he had been wounded nothing but healing was happening but everywhere else he could feel a toughening that he himself would have a hard time getting through.

OOC: Just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't update last week because I was preparing for today. I won't update this weekend, either. I'm going in to surgery in about an hour, and will be super unconscious for quite a few days. I'll update when I'm able.

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