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@Bosque: As the flapping thing flew over it, grabbing some of its captured prey, they stopped glowing. Only the ones with white light on them still glowed. It must have just been a trick of the light, the shiny thing that was overhead earlier must have been something else. As the flapping thing picked some of the insects off of the trap, it did something with its mouth that caused countless tiny but powerful vibrations to penetrate the slime's body.

@Sheol: Something that tasted horrible stuck in its way. Something thin, maybe a half inch, but much taller than that, and sticking straight up. Whatever it was, it was organic, but did not taste desirable. In tiny patches, a different taste was under the first, and that tasted good- as long as it sifted out the other taste. The water itself was disgusting too, but in a different way. At least the water was warm. Bad tasting who-knows-what seemed to cover the floor and everything else in a film, but within the bad taste was other stuff that was much better.

Hello there! This really looks good! Hope I'll do ok and not get eaten within 10 seconds! Here's my little dragon-to-be!
Name: Saarg
Bonus DNA: King Cobra
Starting location: Sewer
Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime

Ish was running around with its new energy when it felt a thud of something hit the ground near by. interested in what it was so it moved near. Ish could feel loud and quick vibrations though the air from the things call. upon touching it, Ish felt something like it never had before, it wasn't the bark, flesh or fur. Ish decided to absorb the thing.

Going around aimlessly for a bit not knowing what was around it, Arq suddenly felt something else. It felt something new. I felt smooth but also had those hurt things on it. It also felt harder than anything it had encountered before. Thinking that it maybe part of something organic. Arq tried see if it could eat the thing.

Every portion of Bosque shook sharply creating a terrible cacaphony of sensation. Bosque quivered lightly and flew to the side of the Blackness's open mouth. The creature paused for a moment, curiously, before flying a perfect wide loop and returning the shaking in full force.

That would be enough. Bosque flew right at the blackness charging at him, as fast as his wings would carry. Just before impact he soard higher over the back of the creature, intending to ensnare it in his web. But no impact was felt and the blackness could be seen darting away from the Bosque's side. Without hesitation, Bosque pursued.

The blackness flew much differently. Bosque liked smooth flowing lines but that shaking creature seemed to bounce on invisible currents and lope widely through corners. It was fast though, just as fast as Bosque. It raced in its bobbing gate above the treetops with Bosque steadily behind, the scene sillhouetted by a raising white globe in the sky. And then when it was obvious no victor could be claimed in open sky, the darkness descented low into the treetops. Bosque followed.

The lopping thing rounded the trunk of one of the brown spires and curved its way through the forest like a ball rolling through a maze. Bosque's turns were tighter, sharper, harsher. It wasn't long before he had bridged the gap between him and the darkness, flying just beneath the creature's breast. The walls of the forest were closing in on both sides, no room to turn and no ceiling to escape through, the bramble of the middle branches hedging in their contest. Satisfied with these conditions, Bosque determined once again to capture the thing in its web. He did a flip mid dash and sent the net flying above him. This time the impact was not from the net but from the branch near by as the darkness collided with it. Impetulent little creature had again dodged Bosque's perfect net.

He stopped his flight. The blackness was cornered now and could not run. And by itself on the ground the thing was truley pitiful, lying on its legs to bring its head to bare, breathing deeply, quickly. Bosque hovered low for the final act. And felt the cacaphony return.

A moment's anguish gave way to confusion. The blackness had fired its weapon and leapt for freedom off the branch, but as it's wings spread the farthest corner had been ensnared in Bosque's web. The lopping thing flailed and screamed its horrible scream and Bosque felt himself falling toward the ground in a struggling ball of slime and darkness. He was being dragged toward the surface, into the little pool of blue that laid below him and his foe. And now it screamed a scream that shook him like the chilling laughter of something truely mad.

Bosque flew with all the strength in him. He flew until his wings burned, desperate to reach the sky again. But still he fell.

@Saarg: "Hey, what are these things?" the second punk asked the first. "How should I know? We'll figure it out later, just get another one and lets go!" The second punk piped up again. "Hey, why do you think that door was open, and what's with the signs that say 'this warehouse is not suspicious'"? "You gonna stand around and talk or get out of here so the cops don't find us?" "Alright alright alright!" The punks left from the lab. *clink* *scrape* *shatter* "What was that?" the first punk asked. "I didn't drop the canister into the sewer if that's what you were asking." The first punk looked angry and disappointed. "Hurry, let's get back home and see what this thing is." *bweeeop* A police siren sounded for a half second from behind the two running punks. The second punk raised his hands straight above his head, shrugging off his backpack at the same time, it easily falling into a sewer drain. The first punk got angry again. "Dude, that was a cop pulling someone over down the road! Really? You lost both of them?" The second punk looked at the first punk's canister glistening in his hand. The zipped backpack fell into the sewer, hitting the ground and breaking the canister open within the still closed and zipped backpack. The slime woke up immediately as the other slimes did when they contacted air for the first time. The slime immediately felt a couple organic things touching and somewhat squishing it. Something inorganic was covering part of a different, soft thing that tasted like multiple different things.

@Arq: Attempting to absorb the thing proved fruitful. The slime was able to absorb and digest the thing, though it took a lot of effort since it was so hard. Some of the less hard parts of the thing didn't taste very good, but at least the slime was able to recognize what it was a part of. Some of the small things it had noticed earlier were also climbing on the hard organic thing, apparently also interested in eating it.

@Bosque: Crash landing on the ground got the slime to just the right angle to see a very oddly shaped creature moving towards the prey it had brought to ground. The new creature that seemed like it was going to try and steal its target had moss on its back and a weird pokey thing in its front. The odd creature started to absorb the darkness the same way the slime had done to its earlier meals! The difficult to capture creature screeched and lept up onto a thick, tall, organic thing nearby and started climbing up it, panting and trying to rest. It could no longer fly, and had a noticeable spot in its left wing missing.

Bosque darted up and hovered just above the ground, watching both the black screeching creature in front of him and the strangly shaped one behind him. The blackness was missing a wing. It would be easy to capture now. The new thing was ... Strange. Bosque didn't know why but he felt some kinship with it. As though he'd seen it before, perhaps a long time ago.

The web was discarded on the ground now, thoroughly broken but still containing it's prisoners. Bosque left it and flew halfway up the tree to where the little blackness was trying to climb. It shouted once more, pitifully, but Bosque circled to the other side of the tree. In a single move Bosque circled back and pushed the thing off its perch. Bosque kept pace with the creature as it fell watching it desperately try and right itself. In the end it was all for naught. Moments before the final impact with the ground Bosque moved into the creature, absorbing it into himself. It had been his hardest battle yet, but as the little blackness digested Bosque hovered proud and content.

Next he moved over to the remains of the nest and caught a portion with his needles. He flew over to where the strange familiar creature stood and dropped his first quarry down in front of it. He wasn't hungry at the moment. And he was very curious who this creature that absorbed like he absorbed might have been.

@Ish: The creature that landed in front of the slime was incredibly easy to absorb, but it screeched, causing the still-slime parts of the slime's body to vibrate and then the creature was nowhere to be found. The slime tasted something awful but somehow attractive leading in a different direction. A minute after the creature disappeared, the air around Ish moved, but much differently. It was again lots of movement, but gentler, wider movements of air; still too fast to tell exactly how many.

Ish, confused by the many movements around, decided it was time for a new outlook on the world and started to grow eyes from the Komoto dragon it was fed. During the time it took to grow the eyes ish was solid as a stone. it took some time but the eyes finally grew, carefully hidden behind ultra thin scales on the front of its body. the rush of colors and shapes was too much so it shut shut it's eyes.

Slowly Ish opened them slowly and got adjusted its eyes, they were still hidden to the world so it didn't fear what others would think. The eyes were komoto dragon looking in appearance if the scales were to be removed.

Ish stared at the new thing on the ground in front of it, then up at the thing that was in the tree. it still couldn't make sense of any of the objects it saw but it felt the vibrations of the thing that was caught squirming so it moved over and absorbed the caught creature.

Sevak felt hungry again as something kept bothering it. The slime was unable to pinpoint what the object was though as it was bothered by conflicting feelings of uncomfortableness and confusion, as well as hunger after the creature had digested. The slime sought to deal with the uncomfortable object first and the determination of feelings later. Sevak pushed at the object, noticing it bent the way it pushed, though the bothering still persisted. Annoyed, the slime backed off, backing up more when the wind blew the fuzzy soft thing at it. The feeling of it bothered the slime more when the creature backed into what seemed to be another fuzzy-soft.
Sevak moved to the middle of the two fuzzy-softs, not wanting to touch them for the moment. Not until it determined whether or not the fuzzy-soft was ok to touch again without being bothered.
The slime gave that up after a few moments once the wind had pushed one of them into it again. This time the creature climbed over it, staying on top but noticing the underside of itself was not being bothered so much. Had it flipped over? Or was this new? A quick reach under a 'limb' of the fuzzy-soft revealed it was the same bothersome thing. Even though the slime knew this, it decided to absorb what was under it to get rid of the annoying factor. While doing this, Sevak figured going for the second might be good too just to make sure no more fuzzy-softs would attack it or drag it into the 'nothing' again like before.

@Forest slimes and desert slimes: The only remaining light is from the moon and stars. There is no more color to be seen.

@Sevak: The fuzzy-soft did not put up any resistance to being absorbed. There was a small trail of some sort of hard slime covering part of what it absorbed, and the trail continued along somewhere. There was no way to tell which end of the trail was slimier and which was harder.

@Ish: Now having the ability to see, the slime noticed that a strangely shaped creature was hovering in the air in front of it, making another creature it had caught with its chest, apparently, slowly melt and dissolve into itself. It was absorbing the creature in mid-air! It pulled most of the creature inside its own, but the creature's two wings, one which had a circular hole in it, fell onto the ground. The flying thing came closer with a small creature with small amounts of stringy stuff stuck on it and dropped it on the ground in front of Ish. The creature seemed to have carried the insect by stabbing it with the spikes growing on its back. It's back and wings definitely didn't look like slime, though. They looked different.

@Bosque: The odd-looking creature the flying slime was attempting to befriend looked different just in the short time it was watching. Two spots on the nob in front looked like it was cut open, but then they looked darker, and rounder. It couldn't get a clear look at them since Bosque was flying, but it looked like something happened. A dozen or so feet in the distance, something shone out like a snuffed beacon. It was the same color as the soft parts growing out of the tall organic things. Whatever had moved under the bush earlier had not continued the same direction, or if it did, the fight with the furry flapping thing distracted it when it otherwise could have noticed it.

@Wrecker: The slime noticed something odd. One of the things wiggling around near it felt different from the others. It scrunched itself up and then stretched out, and did this over and over again. Wherever the creature went, there was slightly more light. It did not leave a trail, the creature itself brought light with it. The slime felt a small amount of dirt fall in its surface. Nothing made the hole shake, where did it- thats when the slime noticed that it had grown a very small amount of something on itself. It hadn't intended or even noticed it did it.

Arq was enjoying the thing it was absorbing and for the first time it started to feel a bit full. As soon as he felt it, it went away. Instead Arq felt four things growing and becoming solid from it. Trying to find out what they where, Arq put one of them on the sand and put some pressure on it. Suddenly he felt a bit of it self go up and just feel nothing, but he also felt something new. Arq could feel the inorganic things it was standing on shift a bit as it moved it's new five things it had on the new thing. It felt if it could dig in to it now. Trying the other three things, Arq fond out that they worked almost the same as the other one.

Arq fond the sensation it felt with part of it feeling nothing weird, but somehow it felt right. This brought with it a whole new set of problems for Arq. When it rolled over the ground, it could feel when there where organic things. Now with this area greatly reduced, Arq needed something new to sense organic things. Suddenly it felt something new strange, it also hurt. Arq didn't know what was happening to it. It wasn't near anything that could hurt it and it was also centred on two area's. Suddenly the hurt stopped and Arq thought that it should sense something, but it didn't. Suddenly feeling disoriented, Arq went forward and it didn't know why. Trying to stop this, it tried to go back. This only seemed to make it worse.

Stumbling around for a bit on these new things of it, Arq felt it sometimes stepping on organic things and absorbing them this way. Now completely confused, Arq stumbled over it own legs causing it trip. While falling on to his hurt things, Arq sensed something for a fleeting moment. It was something above the inorganic things it was on. Getting up and trying different poses, Arq finally fond what it was searching for. A big white round thing above it. Sensing this, Arq could only sit still and watch it.

@Arq: Whenever the legged slime clawed at the easily displaced ground, some of it fell back down, filling the holes it made, but nowhere near as fast as it dug. Then something a few dozen feet in front of the slime moved, and seemed to go in a straight line through the air, going from the top of one tall dark shape to another. Changing its body so much at once made the slime absolutely ravenous. Even if it ignored the obvious moving thing in the distance, there was other movement in other directions within its field of vision, but they looked smaller, at least from where it was standing.

the slime decide to start devouring all the wriggling creatures, including the one that felt different. while doing this a solid formation started growing don the middle of him, it was made of many small sections that were held together by a strings of flesh. it felt different having things growing inside him, though there were suspended in him like his food but unlike his food they for some weird reason felt like they belonged there.

after digesting all of the worms he returned to pulling himself along the ground devouring whatever he could find.

Bosque watched the new creature frozenly stand in place and grow two new buldges. Bosque thought it might have been a method of communication, so he grew something of his own. Cells hardened into giant sacks inside him, in what was truely the most awkward feeling addition he'd adapted. A pipe of some kind winded up from the sacks and broke skin just below his eyes. The hole let cold seep through him as the sacks contracted in of their own accord. Bosque expelled the cold as quickly and strongly as he could, only to feel the shock of the darkness's vibrations running lightly through him.

He'd taken his oldest enemy's greatest weapon. But my it was uncomfortable. Bosque wanted something to cover the cold so finally two hardened leaves grew from the top and bottom of the gap, protruding out long and thin.

Bosque hovered in the air for a moment, after the changes. But so much had changed now, and he was so hungry... He stared at the big, mossy, scaley creature in front of him, stoic and patient. He glanced at the strange lights from under the round prickly thing... He wanted them.

Bosque opened his hard leaves and fired a single shaking-ness at the foot of the creature in front of him. Then he tried to point to the bush with his leaves. He repeated the pointing process twice, and then dashed over to find the source of the glow.

Ish had nothing better to do so it followed the other creature into the bushes. it passive tore off chunks of the thing it went though, they were soft and Ish absorbed them.

Arq just kept looking at the big round thing above the inorganic things it was standing on. What was it and how did it stay there it thought, before a more normal feeling took over. It felt very hungry and it needed something to absorb. Looking back down to what it now saw as a great expanse of inorganic things and dark things that where reaching for the big round thing. A part of Arq thought that maybe that big round thing was important to those things as they where leaving the inorganic things and going toward it.

While looking at on of the dark things, Arq saw something come from it and go towards one of the other dark things in a straight line and not even touching the inorganic things. Intrigued by this. Arq tried to move towards where it thought he has seen the thing go to.

Walking towards it, Arq stumbled and fell down a lot while walking towards his goal. Reaching the round reaching thing, Arq stumbled and again fell face first in to the thing. Thinking what are those things that are coming from it, Arq suddenly felt hurt again when he hit them. "Hurt things, Hurt things" Arq thought while getting out of them. Feeling a new emotion come over it, one it hadn't felt before. It felt mad, angry at those things that had hurt it again. Thinking it had to do something about it, Arq hit the hurt thing with his new walking thing. Seeing something come of it and also notching it was something organic, Arq kept hitting it, venting its angry on it.

Saarg was both disorientated and confused by the sudden awakening from its slumber. It tried to remember if its home had always been so...spacious. However, such musings came secondary to Saarg's primary desire: Food. The two organic substances pressing into it were becoming irritating, and, following a simple path of logic, decided to remove them the only way it knew how. Saarg began trying to consume them.

Sevak felt a little odd as the fuzzy-soft disappeared, tasting a bit of the hard slime. Whatever it was it covered most of the fuzzy-soft before and seemed to go somewhere. The slime didn't follow it yet and stayed where it was. It felt oddness all around it, like something was poking sharp things into it. After a few moments of this sharp poking pain, scales had grown on the slime. This provided greater traction, or at least it thought that. A small patch of dark black-green also was blotched on the top area of the slime on the middle each small black band on the scales. This felt very odd to the slime but now it was hungry again. Finding the trail of hard-slime was harder now since it couldn't completely sense it the way it was used to. After getting used to moving with this new coat of skin, the slime did realize that sensing textures and the ground was similar to the way it was before. Soon the trail of hard-slime was found and followed a little ways, changing course for a moment when another fuzzy-soft bumped into Sevak. Even though the creature had eaten one of those already, the feeling it had given still somewhat bothered the slime.

@Wrecker: The wiggly things were gone, finally. The slime was in a feeding frenzy, absorbing every organic it could find, no matter what it was. The slime found some small hard things that tried to escape, but they all failed, or at least the ones that the slime came in contact with. The slime even found some fluffy stuff from some creature it hadn't encountered, but the creature itself was nowhere to be found. Absorbing constantly, the slime was finally stopped in its tracks by severe pain all over its upper surface. The pain started the moment the slime bumped into a soft organic with tiny sharp, hard things. It felt like the slime's upper surface had been poked by the soft organic's pokey things, but it felt that way even if it that part of the slime didn't touch it.

@Bosque: The colored light was much bigger than it looked, covered in a bunch of possibly inorganic things, or organic, or both, the slime couldn't tell. The other creature was following shortly behind, and seemed to notice the treasure as well; but was also slightly distracted with the ground for some reason.

@Ish: The slime followed the flying creature, but not as fast. The flying one seemed to have found something interesting. As soon as Ish didn't have its view blocked by random rises and dips of dirt, it saw what the flying one found. Ish noticed something in addition, though. This strange pile of whatever it was was covered in foul-tasting organic, but had a lot of organic within it, too.

@Arq: The hurty things on the organic thing ripped, and the organic's skin broken and was ripped as well. Just as the slime had dug in the inorganic that everything seemed to be on or in, the organic thing got large chunks removed too. These chunks did not rebuild themselves like the inorganic did. Something wet started to ooze onto the slime's protrusions as it kept digging through the organic. The slime kept doing this, then noticed that the organic seemed to be coming towards it, at least the top part was. The bottom part seemed to slightly be bending backward, or folding.

@Saarg: The organic things tasted great, and the slime learned a lot from them. There was still the inorganic thing in there, and a couple other things that had all straight edges. Whether the straight-edged things were organic or inorganic the slime couldn't tell, maybe it was a combination of both? Able to feel it now, the top and bottom of this new cage felt inorganic, but soft and very flexible.

@Sevak: The slime's scaled surface made it much less sensitive to everything, but still able to tell basic things like if it was being touched, even by something light and soft like the fuzzy-soft. The ground seemed slightly colder and wetter than the rest of the ground did, but just in a crisscross of straight lines that went slightly deeper where the lines touched. The slime kept getting bumped by small stringy things. Then something bigger with countless pokey points came out of nowhere and started crawling over Sevak.

Sevak stopped when the odd crawling object moved over it. The slime followed the feeling in the direction where the bug might be, bumping into something hard and rough before feeling the thing over it again. This time the slime didn't move, not wanting to bump into the rough again. That had hurt. The object stopped for a moment and the slime stayed stone-still. It continued to walk on the scales for a moment before moving off. Though Sevak stilled sensed where it was going if it judged by the direction. Following this direction the slime bumped into another rough object but found it could climb over it. Or under, though the latter seemed tighter so the slime climbed over it. Unknown to the slime, a small hole was on the other side, where it soon fell in just as the pokey-points crawled out. Confused, Sevak pushed at the ground for a moment thinking it had run into a rock. When nothing moved, the slime pushed upward to find nothing to get a hold of. This hole was not very deep, though having no eyes, the slime could not tell this. Sevak pushed at the side of the hole again before it flinched, feeling something drop onto it. The pokey-points was back and feeling the slime with it's antennas before trying to climb out as before. This time, the slime didn't allow the pokey-points to get fully out. This caused the creature to seem to struggle. Sevak could feel it flailing about as it whacked it's body on the scales once. Twice. Three times, before stopping that and trying to move the legs that were caught in the slime's grip. They were both stuck for the time-being.

Ish didn't like the taste of the stuff on the ground so it kicked some dirt up at the other creature to get its attention. it pointed at the light thing and then away from it, pointing away from it multiple times. It started to back away from the lighted thingy slowly, fearing the bad taste on the ground.

@Sevak: The pokey thing kept flailing around, then tried going towards the hole, then away from it. Then it started getting shoved out of the hole with a large amount of force, the scaley slime being forced to go with it. The slime couldn't tell the exact texture of what was pushing them, but it was big enough that the slime could tell it was a few times its own size, because of its strength. The slime for one moment attempted to instictually absorb some of whatever the thing was, but found it could not absorb through its scales.

Sevak got shoved out of the hole, landing on top of the pokey thing as it continued to try to crawl out from under the slime. Being unable to absorb had confused the slime even more. Apparently scales weren't the same as it's old body but it did provide a bit more extra protection. Either way, whatever had shoved them out of the hole was still around and the pokey thing was getting increasingly agitated but still was unable to squirm its way out from under the slime.
Sevak tried to stop the squirming thing by pressing it's body downward but that only made things worse. Though something else caught it's attention. The feeling of an opening forming on one side of it worried the slime and it wondered what was going on while this happened. Though this worry soon subsided into even greater hunger. The squirming stopped by now, the pokey thing either had either given up or became dead. Either way, the slime used this new opening to touch the unsquirmy thing. It was hard which confused the slime but it closed the opening on the creature, clamping down harder when it started to squirm again. A soft snap could be heard as the creature stopped moving. Had Sevak killed it? The slime didn't care right now though, biting down a smaller piece of the creature before eating what was left of it after Sevak had gotten used to the odd taste.

@Sevak: The inside of the hard-skinned pokey creature was extremely soft, even squishy and gooey. The slime's new opening-grabber felt unfinished, but it did what it needed to well enough. Something small landed on the slime's scales, but didn't seem to be doing anything. Then for some reason the thing let go and could no longer be sensed. Just then, something organic and the same size as the slime landed on top of it. Whatever it was seemed to fall from above, since that's the direction it was hit by the thing, whatever it was.

Arq was enjoying it self very much. The hurt things where feeling what it felt and this just felt good. Arq kept doing this even thought it now felt some kind of ooze coming out of it. Suddenly Arq noticed something. The big thing with the hurt things on it looked like it was coming for it. Was this because of what Arq had done do it? Was it instead of trying to reach the big round thing, was it trying to reach it? Seeing it come towards it and noticing that it had more hurt things on it, Arq tried to get away from it.

Trying to run away, Arq stumbled again and fell. Trying get back up, the big thing landed on Arq's back lag pining it under the big thing and driving a lot of the hurt things in to it's leg. If it had anyway to shown the hurt Arq felt, it would have used it. Arq blacked out from the hurt it felt. Regaining concious after a short while, Arq still felt the hurt things in it leg and also a new sensation. There was something heavy on it's leg and was pushing the hurt things in to it's leg. Seeing and sensing this, Arq tried to get the big thing of it's leg. When it was done, Arq noticed that, he couldn't use it right back leg that much and it hurt when it would put pressure on it.

Looking back at the big thing, Arq finally noticed that it was organic. Feeling hungry and out for revenge, Arq went and tried to adsorb the thing as slowly and as Arq thought hurtingly as possible.

@Arq: The tall organic thing just laid on the ground, collapsed. The slime ripped into the organic's skin in random locations, wanting as many open sores as absolutely possible, angered further by the fact that almost every successful wound poked its skin with even more hurty things, the organic was almost totally covered in them. If the slime absorbed deep enough into the organic, the liquid it noticed earlier came out. The slime made enough of these liquidy drippy places that there wasn't much liquid left in the organic anymore. The slime finally got slightly tired from exerting itself. Whether it was because it was tired now or because of something else, its skin felt like it had been stretched, or pulled.

@Eltanin: It's night time right now. This way you're at the same time as everyone else.

@Eltanin: "What is dat thang?" "Ah don't know, ah saw mah frien when ah wuz on da way back here an he gay me it." A sound was heard from outside the shack. "Wat was dat?" "Ah don't know. That looks good to chuck at it doh." The hick threw the canister outside the glassless window, shattering it against a tree. The tree's roots were submerged in the stagnant water, and both halves of the canister sunk to the bottom, the slime groggily waking up as it sank into the cold, dark water. Besides the splash and sinking slime, the water moved from below as well; it at first seemed like one large movement but then it split into many small movements going in different directions.

the slime noticed this thing felt different wrom other thing that caused the slime to have a stinging pain, the slime decided to absorb this organic material as well, as they may be others like it and it has to get used to the pain if it wants to continue eating undisturbed.

Eltanin began to grasp at its meager form of consciousness in the shock of losing the cozy, hard thing that gave it shape. Now, it was like it was surrounded by a very very soft thing. No, not soft, suffocating and cold and restrictive of Eltanin's movements. Eltanin jiggled with this suffocating thing's movements. A feeling resembling panic swept across its simple mind, making it grasp for any hope to get away from this wet bad thing.
Then Eltanin landed on something. No, it moved, and was a lot of things that left Eltanin sinking again. Moving things incited an urge that dominated everything else at this panic-stricken moment: food. The slimey little creature grabbed at the little things that darted about, hoping to eat some.

Saarg decided, after pondering the straight edged things for a while, to consume everything it possibly could inside its strange, in-organic prison. It began to consume as much of the mixed organic/non-organic things as it was able to. But at the same time, it felt itself changeing. The energy from the delicious meal it had just had gave it a desire to...change. It felt a gap hollowing in part of it, and two needle-like exctensions sliding out of the gaps's roof...

@Wrecker: The slime continued its absorbing undaunted. It started to notice that whatever had made it hurt was very tiny hard organic things, so it absorbed those as well as the organic that was touching it. It had hard sharp parts on it that hurt but also felt different, these stayed stuck on to the organic. The pain from the tiny pokies started spreading through the slime.

@Eltanin: The slime lashed out wildly, catching only two of the things that split from its group. They were both very slippery and one escaped just as easily as if it hadn't been caught at all. The water moved on the surface as well, but so slightly that it almost couldn't be noticed. Some of the movements made other movements get disrupted, causing the slime to get even more confused as to what was where or more important to pay attention to.

@Saarg: The straight-edged things tasted odd, and the slime felt strange. The straight edged things seemed to have an inorganic skin, but an organic center. There was some sort of... something in the organic part it was absorbing. The slime felt a new feeling start to overcome it, like its skin and body started to get even wetter. This new feeling started to make the slime tired. It was consuming enough to not be hungry, but this feeling still affected it.

Sevak moved from under the thing that fell on it. Bumping into it on purpose afterward moved the object slightly but it ended up rolling back to the same position as before. Whatever this was, it was determined not to move very much. Or it couldn't. The slime 'poked' it a second time with its body and got the same result. Doing this on the other side also gave the same exact result. Biting it showed it was hard like the creature it had just eaten. Could this be another animal? Though the slime knew by now that usually animals ran, or moved, when it was near.
Sevak bit off a piece of the object and put it on the ground after noticing it was sticky toward the bottom of the piece. Ignoring this, the slime picked up the piece and ate it to see if it was something worth while. The object tasted odd but the slime figured that eating more of the thing might get it to move on its own. After a while, the slime had gone through half of it and was still working its way through more when it noticed it was now covered in sap. Apparently this object liked to ooze sticky stuff and that caused an even more odd taste for the slime but it continued to work on eating regardless. Eventually this thing had to move... if it could.

@Sevak: The slime had a good idea of what the thing was, but it still didn't know everything. The sticky stuff, for example, eluded the slime. All it knew was that it was much softer than hard things, but much harder than liquid, but it also wasn't slime. The slime did notice that it was slightly more difficult to move where the stuff was on it, since its scales stuck together. The tiny thing that landed on the slime's scales earlier came back, or at least that's what it felt like. It felt like the thing was trying to let go again, but was less than successful.

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