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Bosque examined the glowing things and all the organic or possibly inorganic life that surrounded it. He noticed Ish point away from the stack, but it was hard to ignore that bright green burn. Bosque hovered lower and picked at the contents with his beak, determined to make some kind of a meal out of this.

@Ish: The slime saw its friend acknowledge its idea to ignore the glowy thing, but it pecked around it in an attempt to free it anyway. As soon as it tried to do that, it got some dirty looking thing stuck to its front, with a weird shape stuck on the thing its friend was trying to shake off. The slime then finally noticed that where it was standing started to move! The disgusting ground that it was on slid, dumping the slime off its surface. Small creatures got upset by this and ran around wildly. One of them even ran halfway up one of Ish's front protrusions.

@Bosque: Ignoring the kindred creature trying to dissuade the flying slime from its find, Bosque tried to use its leafy beak to pick up the glowing thing but failed. The... whatever it was that was stuck on top of it wouldn't let go. The slime tried something else. It put its beak under the other thing, and tried to lift it out of the way so it could get to the glowing thing. This proved to be a trap, since whatever the thing was got stuck to Bosque's face and chest, seriously hampering flight since it couldn't flap its wings as well, plus it was heavy. The extremely sticky rubbery slime wouldn't let go, but only seemed to hold Bosque on its face and sides. Something else was stuck on the gooey sticky thing, and it was organic. Whatever this thing was, it did not move and felt like it hardened.

Ish felt the thing on its front leg and absorbed it quickly. Ish was dis appointed by the size of the creature for not making a good meal but started to scamper off, leaving its short lived friend trapped.

Eltanin noticed other strange, squishy little creatures around it, but thought the first were more interesting. The slime wriggled about and attempted to propel itself upwards, towards the more rigid, tasty things.
In the process of doing this, Eltanin felt a strange, but familiar sensation one one side of its amorphous body. No cold, suffocating thing there! Eltanin attempted to go further into this nice feeling, but found only a small section could be free of the wet at one time.
The slime began to move aimlessly on top of the surface, hoping to find a foothold to help it be dry.

Saarg forced the peculiar feeling to one side, and made a mental note NEVER to eat straight edged things again! In the hope of somehow escaping the sickness and digusting mixed organic/non-organic things, Saarg began pressing itself against the walls of the strange new prison, hoping for a release similar to its first...

Seeing what was left of the big thing, Arq felt good about it. Like this is the way it should be, getting hurt by something should be repaid with more hurt to those things. But Arq also felt strange. As if it was higher of the ground than it had been before.

Looking around, Arq noticed a couple of new things. First it could see a bit from it self suddenly if he turned something on the front end and it there was also a faint buzzing sense. This sense also brought with it hurt on two points on it's new something. Gradually the buzzing stopped and was replaced by a new sense. This sense also brought with it a sense of balance. Something it had missed before. All this made it hungry and Arq went in search of something to absorb.

Sevak felt the tiny thing on it and stayed still to observe what it might do. It felt like it was struggling but the slime couldn't figure out how to get its opening over the odd creature without flipping over. It couldn't possibly bend that much, could it? Trying resulted in a no. Perhaps before when it was actually slime it might have been able to, but now with scales it was less flexible in that aspect. The slime moved a little to the left, pressing itself up against the rough it had felt before but not so far that it pushed anything into the hole behind it. Doing this gave it some leverage to push itself upward and pinning it's back, hopefully enough for the slime to reach the bug. The first try didn't reveal anything and neither did the second. The third try got only itself stuck to the rough texture more and this time the slime was stuck in a position where it couldn't reach down far enough to get itself off. Regardless, Sevak tried to reach the bug but it couldn't tell where it was in relation to its opening when the bug had stopped moving for a little while.

@Everyone: It's the middle of the night now, all the nocturnal animals and insects have woken up.

@Bosque: The flying slime was having serious trouble flying, trying to fly higher and lower to make the sticky thing let go so it could get to the glowy thing. The sticky substance and the hard organic would not let go. The slime tried flying in various patterns, but none of them worked, and it wasn't very skilled in flying anymore either since the sticky was getting over even more of itself as it struggled. The slime finally just landed and tried rubbing the thing off of its face, to no avail. The slime finally realized it had no choice but to try and absorb this thing first if it planned on going anywhere. Out of its frustration, it concentrated only on absorbing this sticky stuff and organic for the time being.

@Ish: The slime started going a different direction, not being interested in helping the other creature. The slime was more interested in its next meal. Creatures that looked similar to the one it just absorbed huddled around something. These creatures were much smaller, but there were a lot of them. Other small movements were throughout the forest now, too many to pay attention to all of them.

@Arq: The array of sounds the slime was now able to notice was very confusing. Various animals making noises big and small from every direction was too much to pay attention to any one of them specifically. Then a big sound came, and when it did, all the fluffy-looking organics bowed as if to let the sound get what it wanted. 'whsssshhhh' the big sound said, making little flecks of the shifty inorganic get flung onto the slime's surface. Other organics ran from the sound, hiding in holes or behind other organics when the moving inorganic and sound got close to them.

@Saarg: The slime pushed against the new cage, but it was much more flexible than its first one was, and all that seemed to happen was the container started to roll when the slime did. The slime noticed it felt like something wet and sticky was covering it in a thin layer. Everything the slime touched felt like that. What was going on?

@Eltanin: The surface of the cold/wet felt like it had something stuck on it, a small amount of it making tiny movements, but most of it only moved when the slime pushed it. It tasted... slimy, yet satisfying. The slime got a large amount of the... whatever it was stuck on it as it kept bobbing about in the cold/wet, until bumping into a slippery/slimy inorganic that stuck out of the cold/wet. The slime had tried to climb up it, but it was somewhat distracted while still holding the creature it had caught.

@Sevak: The rough seemed to give way slightly, being shoved into the softer inorganic around it. The rough was only halfway in its way now, making a flat-ish surface of its own halfway in between the scaled slime and where it was trying to go. Moving the rough caused even more of the small bugs to land on it, the ones that could let go again. More of the small creatures were stuck in the sticky, finally one of them not far from the slime's opening.

Eltanin was becoming quite hungry from this exhertion, and clung to the solid and slimy inorganic surface. The slime took this time to try to consume the creature that was proving to be quite troublesome to hold.

@Eltanin: The creature had stopped moving, and was pulled into the slime. As it slowly disappeared, the slime noticed the tiny movements in the film on the cold/wet again. What was making the movements? It was starting to get annoying. The surface of the inorganic was too slippery to even get a hold, but the slippery part was organic.

The sticky substance, combined with Saarg's desire to escape enfuriated Saarg. An instinct deep inside called to it and, with no better option, Saarg heeded the call. It lashed out at the walls of its prison with its pointed extensions. To Saarg's suprise and joy, they punched straight through the wall! Elated, Saarg tore furiously and, after a few moments of struggle, ripped his extensions free. A small hole had been created. Saarg made a bid for freedom. As he did so however, he began to wonder if the sticky stuff came from its own body?

Sheol reached around, trying to find the delicious while avoiding the horrible. The going was slow, and Sheol found itself wishing for a way to distinguish between good and bad without having to taste it all.

After a time, hunger overcame distaste, and Sheol ingested some of the bad along with the good, speeding up his rate of ingestion. As the good transferred to him more energy, it found that it grew small protrusions, jointed at the ends. These limbs had cost it in hunger, but the overall procedure felt.. satisfying...

Sheol waved the limbs a little, and flexed the joints. With a little experimentation, it found that while the limbs could not ingest things, they did have the ability to lose around things and thus manipulate them. Sheol was pleased in the extreme; now the bad could be sorted form the good, and the feeding could be both faster and more pleasurable.

Now, if only it didn't have to taste the floor all the time...

the slime now filled with pain decided the best course of action is to wait. digest what it has eaten, and to wait till the pain subsided.

@Saarg: The flexible container was no match for the hard extensions the slime had developed. The new surface was wet and felt disgusting, small, and not-so-small bits of... whatever foul thing it was forcing the slime to taste it as it touched the slime's surface. It seemed a mix of organic and inorganic. The slime did notice however that the wet made its own sticky not sticky. Without anything dry to use for reference, the slime didn't even know if it was making it anymore, if it even was to begin with. A strange sensation came over the slime. Something was giving it the instinct to push something inside its body out, but it didn't know what it meant.

@Sheol: The good-tasting organic made the slime feel better. The organic's tastiness wasn't its own taste, it must have just gotten something on it, or in it? The tasty stuff had a small trail going off somewhere else. The disgustingness didn't. The slime noticed something bump into it, and being distracted with its food for a moment, it noticed that the wet was coming from a specific direction. As the slime finished dissolving the organic within itself, it started feeling the need to push something within it out of its body. It was a new feeling, not really knowing what it meant.

@Wrecker: The pain suddenly started to relieve itself, nearly immediately. This isn't what happened before. The stinging spiky organic that poked it and made it hurt was recognized. It was just like the first one! Small lumps inside the slime's body seemed to grow on their own, erasing the pain. Once all the pain was gone, it was able to concentrate and noticed a few small trails of hardened slime.

Sevak was slightly shocked when the rough moved, as it was still stuck to the odd thing. When more bugs seemed to land on the sticky parts covering the slime, the stuck creature didn't quite know what to do. It stayed still, waiting in hopes of one actually landing where it could have a better chance of reaching. When one landed near the slime's opening, the slime tried maneuvering itself to eat the little creature. Sevak did become successful and it also managed to get itself free of the rough somehow. But the short fall shocked the slime a bit more as the unexpected freedom had also gotten free a few of the bugs.
With the slime free, bugs stuck to unreachable parts of it so far, and no idea where it was still- the slime moved over to the rough again and tested where it had lodged itself. It seemed stable, though the sticky creature still was unsure if it could be walked completely on top of. After all, it had tricked the slime before into thinking there wasn't any worry behind it. Even still, Sevak did start to walk on the rough and eventually made it across, after many checks to find the edges. This still didn't help the slime know where it was but it did get some of the sticky off of the bottom of it. Another tiny creature had pulled itself along the slime's back and ended up crawling right into the slime's opening once Sevak had stopped and realized what could happen. Perhaps sitting with it's opening open for a bit would make the tiny stuck things come into it? The slime decided to try that thought and stayed where it was, keeping the opening open this time.

Ish wanted to grow and expand, desiring a large meal it could feed on for a while, ignoring the smaller things deeming them as not worth the energy. But something caught its eye as it was walking through the dark. It noticed these glowing things on the ground, upon touching the things they didn't run away as the other things did and these were rooted into the ground.

Ish was intrigued by these things and Started Absorbing a clump of them roughly the same size as it.

OOC: Nuba KM's request was a good idea, and so I give you... everyone's equipment update! Click to see everything everyone unlocked and started with- from now on I'll do an update like this every 5 pages. Characters listed in order not of who requested to join, but in order of first in-character post.

Also, I'm trying to get my friend to come over and draw each of your characters. If he does then I'll put the images up. He drew all my slimes for my previous version (before released to public) and I know he'll do a good job. In fact, he drew my avatar- its a slime made of horned lizard, garter snake, bat, mouse, cockroach and black widow.

@Sevak: Finally the tiny creatures that flitted about stupidly were within reach- it didn't have to out maneuver them, it just had to sit motionless with its mouth open, and they'd hurl themselves into the slime's absorption-happy inner gap-lining. After allowing this to happen for awhile, the slime could finally get a hang of what it had been eating. The small crunchy creatures had even tinier bits of something stuck to their feet, and it wasn't the sticky the scaley slime was somewhat covered with. It wasn't even sticky. It tasted totally different than anything it had before.

@Ish: For that many of the strange glowy wiggly things to be in one place, they had to be interested in something else. Absorbing them cleared them out of the way, and the small monster was finally able to see what they were covering. Unfortunately, absorbing them meant there was less light to see the stick-looking hard organic. It felt inorganic, but something was different about it. It was organic, that was for sure.



In what direction would you like to eat?


You begin to eat the slimy organic substance.

Bosque didn't like being on the ground but he accepted that he could not escape until the sticky thing and the weight on its end were fully absorbed. So he consumed, as difficult as it may have been, as quickly as he could. Just hoping that something wasn't preparing to pounce on him, removed from his element as he was.

@Bosque: The mummified animal was at least absorbed enough to be pulled off of the thick, sticky substance. It was not a surprise that the thing got stuck to it, the flying slime had done exactly the same thing. However, the slime could absorb the stuff into itself, which was the only reason it wasn't permanently trapped as well. Instead, the sticky stuff simply proved to be an annoyance. The slime had managed to free its wings, but then for some reason they felt heavier. As soon as the slime tried to flap, its wing tips got stuck together, even though the substance hadn't touched that part of it.

OOC: I don't like OOC comments really, but here's spoilers. What are they? Links to my friend's work on my previous slime-dragon set.

Now for the finale! A play-by-play of my avatar, going from a vial of slime dropped into the sewer, into a fully realized dragon. Let's see how it looks.

Vial breaks
Slime unlocks mouse (didn't grow fur)
Slime unlocks cockroach (see the chitin plating on its back and antennae?)
Slime unlocks snake (grew scales where it didn't have plates, got longer and more lithe)
Slime unlocks horned lizard/horny toad (jaw spikes are awesome, armor got stubbier and spikier, antennae got thicker)
Slime unlocks bat (wings, body streamlined. You can see something at the end of its tail- its spider spinnerets to make web)

the slime decided do finish eating the biomass that once caused it pain, it felt satisfying. after that the slime decided to follow these strange trails of slime, maybe are there other slimes or could it be a creature that ate a slime, whatever it was the slime was driven by curiosity and hunger to find out where this slime came from.

The slime was incredibly perplexed by so many new sensations, none of which it understood fully. Sticky liquids, foul mixed organic/non-organic substances, and now this new urge to force something out of its body...

Saarg began prioritising. First things first, it needed to obey its basic instinct of looking for food, next, it needed to fully discover what the heck its own body was doing! The slime began too feel around for anything it could consume that tasted...edible. At the same time it paid closer attention to the urge it was having, seeing if it could figure out more details about it.

Arq didn't know what happened. One moment it had been hurting and the next there where all these new sense giving it a sensory overload on it's new ears. Trying to stop this, Arq tried to put his front legs on his new sense things. Before it could do this, Arq was hit by several inorganic things.

Arq sensed that before it got hit by these things, there was some something making a weird sense. Arq then went in search of the thing that caused all this.

Bosque called once with the blackness's vibrations, not quite sure what it was calling for. A plea into the darkness, perhaps. When nothing came Bosque knew it had to settle its problems by itself.

Bosque could see where the wings had stuck, although for the life of him he couldn't figure out why they'd stuck. It mattered little though, there was only one thing to do now. Find something the seperate them with.

Bosque tried to lean back with his beak first, but he simply did not bend that way. He needed something long and thin and dexterous to wedge between the wings. Instinct took over and Bosque felt himself stretching a fleshy, smooth protusion from behind him, beneath his wings. It grew long, quite long indeed, and more of those mosquito needles popped up from it at regular intervals as it stretched farther.

Finally it was fully formed. Bosque shook it once, cautiously, and discovered it was quite lithe. He coiled it once to equal satisfaction before putting right between his wings and pushing up, trying to wedge the two stuck entities apart.

Ish felt something harder than the tree it absorbed and still organic, it quickly set to work processing it.

@Everyone: It's about 2:00 AM.

@Wrecker: The slime had followed the trails of hardened slime, and found a dead end. There were small creatures that were at the end of the trail, though. They were round and smooth, but some of the creature was sticky and wet... this is where the trails came from! The little creatures were about a tenth the slime's own size, and they seemed to be sliding up some other organic really, really slowly.

@Saarg: The slime was calming down, able to concentrate better. Some of the straight-edged thing was still inside it. That's what its body was telling it to force out. There was a different feeling inside it too... it was a lump but it felt like it should be there. One good lump one bad lump? The bad lump was bigger. Tiny pinprick vibrations could be felt on whatever organic, but disgusting thing the slime was resting on. They seemed to cautiously come closer.

@Arq: Wet. The sound had made a little of the inorganic fly at everything, but now it felt something else. Wet was falling from up. The slime could see that it was getting all over everything everywhere, organic and inorganic. After it was falling for a few moments, there was movement in the inorganic a few feet in front of the slime. Something organic came up, and opened a gap in its front and just sat there. It seemed to enjoy the wet.

@Bosque: The new... limb didn't get the sticky feeling that the rest of its body was getting. The little bird monster's stickiness was all over the rest of itself though, and enough of the trap it had caught itself in was absorbed to the point it finally fell off, what remained of the hardened animal now completely within the monster's slime.

@Ish: The monster shoved a pointed part of the hard organic into its front nub, absorbing what it could, but the monster was having trouble figuring out a comfortable position to rest in while absorbing with the very little of itself that was still slime. It had absorbed a very small amount, but the slime was forced to stop. It had seen other creatures eating faster than this. Before it had grown its armor it was able to absorb much faster and pull much larger things into itself... maybe it was time the monster found a faster way to consume more.

@Eltanin: The slime did the only thing it knew to do. It absorbed the organic covering the inorganic, and the organic that had stuck on it while it was bobbing around trying to find something dry, which it finally did. The slime was able to rest easily on the inorganic rough thing sticking out of the cold/wet.

Ish was annoyed with the speed of absorption, in its rage Ish completed the snout and teeth inside it, afterwards Ish started to feel tired and set its focus on crushing the organic thing in an attempt to consume it a second time.

@Ish: The monster's new teeth were able to break the hard organic without much difficulty. It was still a small monster, but if it gnawed at the organic, it was able to get chunks of it to break off. The slime found that it had what seemed like some of its cells were almost pure bile, instead of just containing it. The organic dissolved in this area of itself twice as fast as its absorption had done.

Bosque pushed the limb through his wings, quite pleased with himself. He still felt sticky all over but the new thing he'd grown was not suffering any of those effects. He whipped it around once, victoriously, only for it to smack the glowing light in the pile of organic and inorganic substances.

Bosque had nearly forgotten. He was still uncertain of his flying, being so sticky, but he could reach with his newest limb, and wrap it around the length of the glowing cylender. He caught the glow and brought it toward himself. All the little needles in his appendage sunk into the cylander, and then Bosque felt something quite strange. It was as though he was absorbing something incredably thin, like water, and only at pinpoints in his body. The thing he absorbed didn't appear to have form but it did flow through him, steadily. Bosque turned to examine the glow he'd picked up, and noticed that the edges of his new appendage had started to radiate the same way, particularly the needles.

Bosque shook his wings delicately one more time, to test if they were yet ready for flight. He'd figured out the purpose of those limbs long ago. Now, Bosque wondered if he hadn't finally figured out the purpose of those spines...

Sevak ate more of the odd creatures without any effort. They flew stupidly into it's gaping opening and were absorbed just as quickly. Though after most of the flies had been devoured, the slime noticed the odd aftertaste a lot more. It thought it had tasted funny to begin with but it tasted more off than the flies. Or, it just didn't taste like fly to the slime. Due to this new curiosity of the taste, the slime set off in search of it.
Sevak used the opening to 'taste' the ground and ended up sucking up a few dead flies near it. They tasted more of the odd substance but still that different taste was not found at the source.

@Bosque: The bird monster's face didn't feel sticky anymore, and the not-sticky-anymore feeling started spreading slowly through its body, from its face to its tail. The warm glowy started doing the opposite, spreading from its tail to its face, quickly and with brighter and brighter warm light. The slime got dizzy and felt squished, like something was gently stroking it from face to tail while something else slightly more forcefully squeezed it, going from tail tip to face. With the light as bright as it was- no match for the big round thing in the sky that made the whole world glow, but a few times brighter than the glowy cylinder was, gave it enough light to see a large creature coming towards it rather quickly.

@Sevak: Something else WAS found at the larger concentration of flies, however. Small things, half the size of the flies, were wiggling around. They seemed much wetter, but still tasted fly-ish. These had an aftertaste too. Investigating the wigglies, something sticky and fuzzy was there. It was extremely soft and mooshy, whatever it was. The first aftertaste from the adult flies was completely gone, but not the idea that there was more food that tasted interesting nearby. A small creature of some kind jumped on the slime, but then was gone, and with no way to track it, the slime had to concentrate on the problem in front of it.

"So, what is this thing anyway?" the second punk asked the first rhetorically.
"I don't know... it's a trash can. I just wanted to see if we could get whatever it was, I didn't actually wanna keep it."
"Oh. Well then let me open it real quick and throw this in there."
"Why not just use the trash can?"
"You just said that's what this is."
The punks who had stolen slime canisters from the lab had managed to keep one. They undid the latch and unscrewed the top, and put what remained of a bunch of green grapes inside.
"Did you see that?"
"See what?"
"I put it in there and the stuff dripped."
"Who cares?"
"No, I mean like when you drop stuff in water, the rock or whatever dumps into the water and it splashes, right?"
"Well, it splashed before the junk dumped in. It like, touched it and then the stuff dripped up and grabbed it."

Arq was first confused by this new think. There where wet things falling from where the big round thing........ WAIT where was the big round thing gone to. Arq looked around frantic in search of the big round thing. Where did it go to? How could it suddenly disappear? Seeing a opening in the clouds above it, Arq saw the big round thing again before disappearing again behind the clouds. Arq didn't know what those things where before the big round thing. It couldn't reach it and it didn't know if it was organic or not.

Deciding not to dwell on it and hoping that the wet big round thing hiding things would be gone soon, Arq again looked at the inorganic it was standing on. Suddenly it saw some of the inorganic things before it moving and something came out of it. Arq was puzzled by this. Was it organic or inorganic and how was it able to move trough the inorganic things? Arq knew that it could move it with it's legs. Maybe it could do the same some how?

Nearing it, Arq noticed that it was organic and Arq felt hungry. Arq also noticed that the inorganic things it was standing on was some how changing. Some how it could walk faster on certain parts of it. Coming close to the organic thing, Arq tried to absorb it.

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