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Saarg decided to deal with the lumps first. It forced the straight edged thing out of its body, sealing up the gap behind it. Now free from the irritating sensation, it decided that, as the other lump felt right, it would leave it there until it became a problem.

Next, Saarg turned his attention to the organic thing it was standing on. What on earth was it? Saarg found its movements unsettling, and decided to, cautionsly, see if it was edible, whatever it was.

Bosque reacted on instinct and found himself buzzing high into the air. The glow stick coiled in his tail bopped the larger creature in it's nose as it sped toward him, fully revealing Bosque's location. Not that it mattered in the long term, he did glow rather forcefully now. The creature could probably see him.

He did a circle in the air and the creature circled too directly below him. Bosque tried to get a good look at the much larger entity, with the glow it wasn't terribly difficult.

And then Bosque felt a knot in his chest, just as the feeling of stickiness faded from him entirely. Bosque didn't know, but he had suspicions this knot would never go away.

Ish was extremely happy with its new ability to consume things at a higher rate. It found it had gained some energy during that consumption spree and started to form something hard inside its upper and lower snout. Ish went searching for something to eat and finally settled upon a large carcase of something.

Clinging to the inorganic form and having just had a slimy meal, Eltanin decided to fulfill an urge that it had felt for some time. The slime extended a small portion of itself upwards, becoming a long and slightly flat form as long as its body. Many smaller extensions grew from this form, each secreting a sweet and sticky drop on their ends.

Eltanin became motionless and its simple thoughts became far less frequent; the slime was content to sit and wait for food to approach it for now.

@Arq: The organic noticed Arq coming closer, and turned to try and escape, but the slime, being taller, was able to make a lurch and catch it with the protrusion in its upper front, getting a grip easily. The organic's skin was jagged, making any grip simple. Not worried about catching the thing since it had done so, the slime could pay more attention to the inorganic at its feet. Instead of shifty tiny grains, some of the grains were much bigger. Looking in its immediate surroundings, it could tell that some of the grains were almost as big as the slime was.

@Saarg: The tiny pinpricks got so close the slime expected they would be on top of it. At that time, something extremely thin, flexible and hard brushed the slime's surface, then was immediately removed. Whatever the creature was, it was still there. The slime absorbed a small piece of what it was resting on, just enough to tell that it was similar to the soft parts of the straight edged thing. A spritz of tiny wet drops dusted the slime's surface, and judging by the movements, the creature crouched down and stopped moving out of short term fear.

@Bosque: The large creature was furry and had different color shading on its face than on the rest of its body. It had a long tail like the slime did, but didn't look like it could fly. It kept circling around where Bosque had taken off from, jumping and biting at the slime trying to catch it. There seemed to be something in the creature's mouth coming out of it, but the slime didn't know what it could be.

@Ish: The creature wasn't moving, but none of it tasted any less fresh as any of the rest of it. For some reason, there weren't any insects on this body, but the slime couldn't figure out why- there were bugs on every other dead thing it had found.

@Eltanin: Something touched the slime's sweet tentacles. It hardly even registered because it was so light, but since the slime could feel the same creature touching multiple tentacles, it could tell it was pretty wide. The parts of the creature's body the slime could feel were very thin and spindly.

"Hey, I'm gettin tired. I'm goin to bed."
"Yeah, I'm gonna go, I'll see... was that stuff in the glass thing green earlier?"
"I mean it looks like its really slightly green. Right?"
"Dude, leave. I'm goin to bed."

Eltanin, still in a vegetative daze, felt a dull wave of pleasure as its tendril slowly closed on the food thing. It took a bit of time to make the spindly thing stop moving, but as it seemed less inclined to try to escape, the slime deposited the insect onto the surface of its gelatinous form and ate contentedly.
It then reached its leafy appendage upwards once more, and waited for another treat.

Arq was enjoying the meal it had got a lot. It had hurt things, but they weren't as hurting as the other ones it had encountered. They give Arq more room to grab it and absorb it. While absorbing the organic thing, Arq decided to look around.

There where new inorganic things to see. They where bigger than the other inorganic things is was standing on. Some as big or even bigger than Arq. As soon as Arq was done with absorbing the organic thing, Arq went to look at the new inorganic things and search for new organic things to absorb?

the slime ate these two organic things and the one they were on, but this time it was different instead of just pulling them into its body, it instead closed it's head like extension down on the organic pieces of slime and the organic object they were on.

Sevak continued to eat the odd wiggly things as it invested and though of what to do about the sticky and fuzzy object. Tasting that proved to have a much different taste than the wigglies or the flies. Whatever it was, the slime seemed to like that taste a bit more than fly. It continued to eat more of the wriggles as it slowly got to the bottom of them and started to enjoy the newer taste. It soon hit the ground from the small section it had eaten, though the slime didn't stop there. This taste was different and different in a good way. The mooshyness of it didn't bother the creature at all and it searched for another section to eat. Mooshy or not, that tasted pretty good compared to fly.

@Arq: The wet coming from up stopped just as fast as it started, with the same amount of warning. The slime heard a small sound coming from not too far away from under one of the large grains. *chirp* what was this? Standing perfectly still, it heard it again. It heard more and more of the things making that same sound, but it couldn't tell what was... something very small appeared and moved its back legs, that were much bigger than its front legs, and the sound came from it. That's what was doing it!

@Wrecker: The slime gripped the organic stick-like thing and it shook slightly, making the round things fall off. But because of the shape the slime had taken with its head-like blob, the round things simply fell into its grip. These new organisms tasted completely different from anything it had found so far. The round, smooth organic things were mostly slimy, just like itself. The other thing had hard and sharp things all over it, but much bigger than the other organic it absorbed. Also different than the first one, it could make big fluffy things at its ends.

@Sevak: Absorbing the wiggly things was a strange experience. They tasted and moved different, but then the slime could tell it was the same creature as the suicidal flying ones were. But this mooshy thing! It was soft and sweet and gooey and just great. The fuzzy stuff on it, not so much, but it was organic too. The slime would normally had taken longer to absorb such a thing, but it couldn't help but rip off everything it could find, opening its gap so wide and with such gusto that it was actually able to stretch some of its inner slime out of its own gap to rub the ground in an attempt to get more of the stuff. Unfortunately, it seemed to be nearly gone, only tiny bits of the stuff trailing up the hill.

Ish didn't care the reason, and dug in. while it consumed the flesh, the hard structure in its snout spred throughout its body, forming individual pieces. Ish was pleased with its new additions, it felt more stable now.

@Ish: The soft stuff on the outside of the creature wasn't as soft as it seemed. It was lots of different pieces, each a thin strip of hard with lots of soft around it, but the whole thing flat. Whatever, the slime kept ripping out as many big chunks of the animal as it could, absorbing what it had bitten off. Two new feelings hit the slime. It was still hungry but it couldn't make itself eat anymore. The hollow area inside it felt full, even though the slime still wanted more to make up for its use of its mass to grow hard stabilizing things in its body. There was still a third of the creature left, but the slime couldn't bring itself to eat more. That hollow spot seemed to force the rest of it to rest. The other feeling was dizziness. The world seemed to be spinning slightly, each of the slime's eyes said it was going opposite directions. The slime's legs even seemed uncoordinated for some reason.

@Eltanin: Another spindly thing, much bigger, but feeling like it was shaped the same, came almost immediately. It seemed to be trying to do something to the other thing that was caught. What could this be? It wasn't as interested in the sweet as the other thing was, but seemed very interested in the thing the slime caught.

Eltanin felt confused.
Things come to the slime, and the slime tries to eat it. Things try to go away when Eltanin does this. Food things doing stuff to other food things..?
Some food things do stuff?

The slime postponed a bout of half-vegetative contemplation in order to fulfill a different curiousity- figuring out what this thing is. Eltanin did what it felt most appropriate and reached its new appendage in the general direction of this new flappy spindly.

Saarg smiled inwardly at its first encounter with a living organism. The creature seemed to be hesitating out of fear, and Saarg didn't give it a chance to act on it! Pointed extensions bared, Saarg threw itself at the creature!
Once it was caught, Saarg began absorbing it. Realising how easy it had been to catch the creature, Saarg decided a new defence mechanism was neccassary. It created a gland in its mouth, inbetween its two extensions and filled it with the liquid substance it had absorbed from the straight edged things. Saarg hoped that, if it needed to flee, its new ballistic weapon would be most helpful!

Ish wanted to be full again, it focused the energy it had to grow, it's body extending to be a bit longer with a narrowed midsection like an hourglass. After the growth spurt, Ish ate again to get rid of the hunger and the hourglass like area grew in to look normal.

@Ish: The slime had stretched in every direction, and became larger than it was before. The hardest thing for the slime to grow in this new increased size was keeping its hard stabilizers inside it the same ratio, but more important than that, the slime had to eat. It had to eat a lot, and it had to eat now! There was that huge pile of bad-tasting organic that was covering whatever organic/inorganic that it had found earlier. It was a disgusting choice and not desirable, but it was guaranteed intake. Out of voracious hunger, the slime highly considered running back to the pile.

@Eltanin: The other creature tasted almost exactly the same, but somehow different. The slime had no idea what this meant. Catching it with another tentacle would probably be just as easy as the first one. The cold/wet got the slime's attention. It dripped up? It felt like something slightly hard and very small was under the up-drip.

The slime started wondering just how many different organic things could grow these hard painful extensions, maybe growing some of these spikes could help the slime defend itself from other things like the wriggly thing that bit him. He then returned to his feeding frenzy, with the hard line in the middle of his body complete, he started growing and long thin extensions on the opposite side of his body from the one he used to eat the three organic things, as well as that more of the hard yet bendy thing inside his body started growing through the tail and extension of this going towards his other growths.

@Wrecker: The slime continued consuming the large rose bush along with the snails covering it. As the slime continued slowly moving along so it could easily access the plant as it absorbed it, it noticed a different organic. This one wasn't gooey or hard, but really soft and fluffy. It couldn't detect any meaty flavor on the fluffy... but something in the slime told it that it was probably from an animal of some kind. The slime started feeling like its limbs were heavier; but its increased hunger from changing was curbed since it was constantly eating as it grew.

Ish started to want more freedom to move, even though the hunger was still there. once again, it purged energy ion order to consume more to drive away hunger. connections started to form between the bones. Ish felt more powerful now. Ish feasted on the rest of the corpse and layed down. the hybrid slime needed a long rest.

rather then trying to identify this strange thing the slime decided to finish it's meal, before it was done the hard objects inside seemed to be finished growing, it decided to lift itself up by four of theses hard parts of it's body, it found it was a lot less effort moving using these thing then dragging itself along the ground. The extension on what the slime decided to now call it's front, had hard thing in it that grinded up the organic thing as it was eating making it much faster to digest, the slime also noticed some round hard things growing in two holes in it's front extension (eye sockets), suddenly it saw, it was a strange sensation as it felt a new sense, though it only saw a blur of colours.

@Ish: The slime felt like it was going to explode from the inside out. It felt full and in pain from continuing to eat, even worse than the other sick feeling. The inside of the slime's head felt tingly, and its eyes spun in their sockets and kept it dizzy and uncomfortable. Its full feeling of exploding halted since there was nothing of its prey left. The slime wasn't sure it could handle its sickness. The tiny strand-like things the slime had tried to grow to connect its inner hard things could only form very thin, and only in one or two places instead of throughout its body. The slime's rest would hopefully fix these issues.

@Wrecker: The slime got hungry again. With its new sense of sight, it could tell that there were things all around it, all various shapes and sizes. Some of them moved, some didn't. One thing of particular interest, other than the soft stuff, was something that looked round-ish in front of it, over to one side. It looked like it had something stuck on it, too.

@Saarg: The slime knew it could use its gland as a weapon, but the problem was how to get it weapons-grade. The slime hadn't found anything yet that even knew how to spit. Even though Saarg knew it was possible somehow, it would need to find a species that did it on its own, so the slime could absorb it and gain the ability. As the slime had moved slightly closer to the bug to catch and absorb it, it could tell that the inorganic spray was slightly thicker in that direction.

After having absorb the organic thing, Arq felt the slime on the outside become stiff and hard. There where also more hurting things come out of it, but they looked different from the ones it had at the moment. But the weirdes thing was that it felt two hard things growing on it's head. While this was happening, Arq didn't notice another thing that was changing on it head until it felt a very sharp hurt coming from it. There seemed to be a lot of small hard things coming from a slit it hadn't had before. Trying to make it stop, Arq fond out that it could open and close the thing it had now and that the hard things closed on each other.

After all this, Arq felt very hungry and saw a lot of organic things around that where making a lot of noise. After having suffered a lot of hurt and finding the noise that they made irritating to it's senses, Arq went and tried to absorb them. Walking towards one, Arq thought about using this new thing it had gotten. Clamping down with it's mouth, Arq managed to trap on of the offending organic things in it. Keeping it shut, Arq felt the organic thing moving inside it, before it slowly stopped and got absorb by it. Pleased by this new thing, Arq went and tried to absorb lots of the small irritating organic things.

@Arq: The small annoying things taught the slime what they were as they were absorbed, but it was nowhere near enough to fill it up. Before the slime could become frantic looking for something else to consume, it noticed something move slightly. There were multiple of these things in the distance, next to.. an inorganic incline?

@Ish: The slime's rest became deeper, allowing it to drift into its first sleep.

@Bosque: The creature stopped circling below, instead going towards a tree and climbing up it in order to try and reach the slime from there. This seemed to make the creature even more frustrated with its inability to catch the slime.

@Eltanin: Another up-drip! There was definitely something just under the surface of the cold/wet next to the slime, maybe trying to get the flappy? They didn't seem able to reach but they also didn't seem to want to give up.

@Saarg: Some of the inorganic spray seemed almost like there was enough nearby to identify it. Then again, there were interesting flavors in the thin stream of wet gently going by.

@Sheol: The uncomfortable... whatever it was inside the slime started to irritate the slime touching it.

@Sevak: ...but apparently, the trail of sweet that the slime had depleted wasn't the only thing in that direction. Some sort of... inorganic skin was touching the slime. It was extremely thin and flexible, but there was something fluffy inside. For the slime to investigate, it would have to think of something, if it was even interested.

@Wrecker: The slime couldn't tell what shape the thing was that seemed stuck on the circular thing, but whatever it was, it was slightly bigger than the slime was.

*yawn* The first punk woke up and went to the restroom. On the return trip, he stared at the vial. 'Maybe it isn't a trash can. Maybe its one of those tubes with thick gel-like stuff in it they put seashells and crap in for chicks to decorate their room with.'
He grabbed a handful of decorative ocean life from a nearby soap-dish-like thing and shoved them in the vial. Clam shells, a few marbles, and a starfish dumped in. Not caring about how it looked since he had no sense of aesthetics, he was confident and tried to sleep again.

the slime started stumbling towards the blurry circle, as it had problems getting use to this new kind of movement, the slime didn't know how far away this circle was so it just started biting forwards as it walked till it reached the object that had drawn its attention.

Having taken care of the irritating organic things, Arq still felt hungry. Looking around for some organic thing it could absorb, Arq saw something moving. It was kind of weird and something it hadn't seen before. Another strange thing was that it was near something that looked inorganic. It look a bit like the big inorganic things Arq had seen before.
Curious and hungry, Arq made his way towards the organic things to try and absorb it and also for a new urge Arq suddenly had. It wanted to explore more of the things around and also to try and see if it could see the big round thing as it was still behind the wet things.

@Arq: The big round bright thing in the up was still there periodically, when the fluffy things weren't in front of it. They moved really slow, but after the wet fell, there were less of them. The roundish organic thing the slime saw hadn't moved by itself. There was a few things crawling on it. They didn't make noise like the other things it just ate did, though.

@Wrecker: The thing touching the round thing wasn't stuck on it after all. It was something the slime hadn't seen yet, though. It was all straight edges, but it wasn't solid. It was like it was flat... walls, almost. Five of them, and the sixth wall wasn't there. The round thing was really, really hard.

Name: Havoc
Bonus DNA: Great white shark
Starting Location: Beach
Description: A small, fist sized clear slime

Sevak had eaten up the nearby sweet on the ground before touching the odd skin again. Whatever it was, it was odd. The slime poked it with its body and moved around to what it figured was the other side. It then felt really odd. Stopping, the slime stood still in hopes the odd feeling would go away but it didn't. It felt as if bulges were on the top of its head. Those bulges soon seemed to open, revealing odd variations of colors. The slime couldn't make out what anything was for a few moments and stayed right where it was. It pressed up against the odd skin for some reason and tried thinking of what these bulges could be. There were more smaller bulges on either side of it that didn't seem to be doing much.

@Sevak: The slime could tell that this flexible inorganic skin was sealed, but clear like it was, easily able to see inside. It was a shape it hadn't seen before, and with no reference, it remained undefined for now. With the slime's new emerging gift of sight, it could see an array of various other shapes and sizes all around, but this was the closest thing to it of interest since it was literally touching the slime.

@Havoc: The janitor continued mopping the floor, eventually coming to find a vial on the ground where the punks had bumped them over earlier in the night. Stopping temporarily to pick it up, he noticed another out of place, and the back door open. Understandably unsettled, he checked outside. No one. It was a good enough excuse to steal the vials, it's not like he was paid much. Getting off work early but locking the doors, he made for the beach as was his weekly routine, to fish off the pier. After he arrived, he decided to take a vial with him, thinking it might be interesting to use it as bait dip and see if the fishing becomes any more promising. He got ready, and opened the container. The slime woke up. The janitor dipped in a fishing hook with a piece of bait stuck on it, thinking to dip the stuff into what he thought was just a weird chemical...

Sevak pushed the odd skin again once it had somewhat gotten used to the odd images. Whatever had happened to itself these images were weird to it. But pushing the skin didn't do a thing for the slime as far as it could tell. It was still iffy what was what for the slime. It could see a pinkish thing inside the skin though, which drove the slime to push the skin more. It ended up sitting on the bag's unpink end in thought. How could an array of colors help anything at all? It just made the slime confused. The skin aided in that confusion too though and sitting on the one end didn't seem to help. Colors and an invisiblebutstillthere skin. What had Sevak done to itself to get these odd happenings? The slime seemed to jump, landing on the skin again. Still nothing. Whatever this was, it wasn't going to be nice to the slime. In frustration, Sevak sat where it was on the skin and occasionally jumped a little on it to see if it could decide to be nice.

@Sevak: The skin stopped resisting all of a sudden, and a large blast of force escaped, flinging the slime back off itself a few inches. The invisible-skinned pink thing was open on the opposite side it was sitting on. The pink thing didn't move, though, except for getting smooshed a little when the slime had pounced on it.

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