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Eltanin began to get bothered by the wet irritating it like this. The slime let both complex and vegetative thoughts slip from its mind as it pushed itself off the surface it had been leaning against and towards the drip.

@Elatanin: The wet/cold was just less uncomfortable than it was the first time, maybe because the slime was getting used to it. The little jumpy things in the wet scattered, but this time they came back, and tried to pull what very little remained of the flappy things away for themselves. The slime could feel the movements in the water where the small creatures were, and one of them was right in the middle of its tendrils.

Havoc awakes from its slumber and feels as though the air pressure has lowered. Before thoughts could even be conjured by Havoc's consciousness it felt an object lunged into the center of its body. Not knowing what this object may be, Havoc decides to not let this object escape from its inner self. Instead, Havoc starts to consume the object that has interupted its sleep. Feeding in hate for this object.

@Havoc: The janitor tried to pull the bait out, but saw that the slime inside had a firm grip on the bait and the hook. The slime had started changing color! The bright orange from the bait starting to spread throughout its entirety. What was this stuff? Acid? The janitor figured it was acting funny and wasn't what he expected and dropped the vial out of shock, fishing rod and all. The slime still holding grip as it absorbed the bait. The janitor left, and the rod's line only extending a few feet, the vial dropping between the boards of the pier.

As Havoc is finishing the consumption of the squishy object, it feels a jolt of motion followed by stillness. Being confused, it completely devours the object and repels what was left over that cannot be digested.

@Havoc: The slime felt itself falling, then it landed, still in its vial. The vial's sides felt somewhat cooler than it did before. Its landing had stopped suddenly, but it did not feel hard. It didn't feel wet either- some of the outside had sprinkled upon impact. Whatever this stuff was, it didn't seem organic. The slime had another sense now that it wasn't being jostled around. A feeling... a new one it didn't understand, was throughout its body. Something was happening, but it didn't know what.

Havoc, after falling, was feeling uncomfortable decides to leave its confined space in the vial. Being a little disorientated made Havoc irritable and angry. The tempature did not help in the situation towards its attitude for something did not feel right with Havoc. Havoc was hungry and was not satisfied by the taste of the last object that was consumed. It ventured out in search of better tasting treats.

@Havoc: Whatever the strange feeling was that the slime had, it dissipated in the same way it started. A cold, wet, foul-tasting liquid of some kind drenched the slime completely, but then it receded the same direction it came from, but it left something behind, or pulled something towards the slime, Havoc couldn't tell. Whatever the thing was, it was somewhat slippery and felt organic.

Havoc's behavior being constently aggrovated in foul tastes made the slime furious. Moving violently, Havoc stuck itself on to the object that it came into contact with the intent to consume every bit of its exsistance.

@Havoc: The thing was somewhat difficult to hold on to, but the slime's absorption kept if from slipping away. The slime never encountered anything like this before, it was very different than the smooshy thing that it was nearly force fed. The cold/wet with a bad taste kept periodically dousing the slime as it tried to eat in peace.

Havoc feeling a constant discomfort of a wet nasty taste decided to leave what little remains of its meal and head in the opposite direction toward a dry area. Still hungry the slime searchs for a better tasting meal that is not wet nor cold to the touch.

@Havoc: The ground was wet, and moving one way, it was even wetter. Going the opposite direction, it was very slightly less wet. It was good enough, so the slime went that direction. As it continued, it found the inorganic ground it was traveling on to get less stable as it got drier. A sharp poke jammed the slime from the ground. Something hard and thin was poking into it. Whatever the thing was, the slime started to feel very odd the moment it touched the pokey thing.

Eltanin grasped with its betentacled appendage at the strange, moving drip things. Them taking the slime's spindly food thing made it upset, but it dealt with it for the hopes of new foods.

@Eltanin: The thing felt slippery and wiggly, completely different from the flappy spindly. Just the one, that the slime now caught, was trying to get the tiny remainder of the flappy. The others were at the top of the water, but the slime couldn't tell what they were doing, just that they were moving up and down.

Saarg decided it should try to get its potential weapon up and running asap, but first it needed more food! The in-organic spray was puzzling, but so many aspects of this new world it was in seemed to be! At least none of them had tried to harm it just yet though! Saarg decided the spray was probably harmless, but resolved to investigate its source, as soon as the creature was safely locked away inside it however!
Saarg again made a move to catch and absorb the creature, but making a more careful approach. It had evaded his initial attack, and Saarg would not let something so small elude him!

the slime started gnawing on the round thing, the object was to hard after what seemed like ages the slime finally gave up and started looking around for something else to eat.

Eltanin consumed its new, wiggly food thing and was met with pleasure; though slimy, the new thing was not hard on the outside thus more comfortable to digest.

The movement above Eltanin puzzled it. The slime felt mild desire to know more, and now, for some reason, it had the means to make this possible. Two feathery prongs developed on the strange creature, opposite of its vegetative appendage, startling Eltanin with a variety of new information. The slime recoiled for a moment, distracting itself with finishing its most recent meal, while it became occustomed to this strange new experience.

Aaah there is is thought Arq. It is still there
Looking back at the weird thing it had seen, Arq saw that there where more organic things on it. Arq didn't mind this would mean it could absorb more organic things.
Coming near, Arq tried something new. He used his front leg to try and grab hold of the organic thing so it could absorb it easier.

Havoc having notice the ground was not sturdy decided to shift the surrounding area of the object to get a better feel of what this strange pointy object may be. The slime then ingulfs the object into its mass to understand its shape. It felt as though this object was a combination of two parts put together for when the slime oozed itself onto the object, one part of the object moved inward. So the slime decided to seperate the objects by pressing its mass internally in two directions in the section that moved untill it was two individual pieces. Havoc felt this shape before with a few differances. This object was much smaller then the object Havoc came out of and had a point at the bottom of the contaiment which was able to release what has been contained inside itself by a very tiny hole located at the end of the sharp point. Being unpleased by this due to its own captivity, Havoc decides to release its substance by consuming all that was found inside this very small object. After doing so Havoc felt strange and decide to move away from the object as best as it can.

@Saarg: Having an idea how the creature moved, the slime was somewhat able to outsmart the thing and was able to catch it, finally. Sensing the ground, it was only one of what seemed to be many, but if it could catch one, it could catch more.

@Wrecker: There was an abundance of other random shapes and sizes, and a thin outcropping of... the slime couldn't tell. A pile of random things? Organics that didn't seem out of place were all around, too. Then again, there was a cylindrical object, smaller than the slime sitting not too far away.

@Eltanin: The slime's hunger increased. The things above were probably more of the same thing it just caught, and the slime knew where they were, but the slime could now tell there was something below it. Not directly below, but below and over a little bit- the wet tasted different. Something inside the slime let it know that a living thing was making this taste.

@Arq: The slime tried to grab on to one of the dark moving shapes, but its limb wasn't dextrous enough. One of the creatures it tried to grab was dropped, one simply climbed over its paw, and another was caught, but the slime wasn't balanced enough and accidentally dropped its foot and smashed it. There were still more than enough of these things, so that one didn't matter.

@Havoc: Whatever the liquid was in the thing, the tiny hole in the pokey part felt cold. Then the rest of the slime felt extremely hot like it was burning. Then little dots of freezing cold appeared all of a sudden on the slime's surface and inside it, then it felt splotches of even hotter than burning. Then it froze and burned. The slime couldn't figure out which parts of it felt like what, they were changing way too fast to make any sense.

Sevak was startled by the force that sent it backwards. A few moments after, it had been ready to attack whatever it was that had thrown it only to find the pink shape the only odd thing in its way. It moved over to the pink and touched it, marveling at the odd softness of the new object. Rubbing up against it for another time -just to be sure it wasn't going to throw the slime anymore- caused a small pinch of it to get stuck on a scale. The slime didn't notice though and took a step back from the pink. It was soft. Pink. It used to be covered in invisible skin. What was it? More importantly to the slime, did it taste like what it had originally eaten? Maybe it was a different part of the sweatmushy it had eaten before. Deciding on this to be the origin, the slime pulled off a small piece of the pink and ate. Odd tastes of something different entered its body but the slime pulled off another piece in hopes it was just a bad section. The same taste. Did it all taste like this? Sevak decided to find out the only way it knew how. It at more.

@Sevak: The stuff was the best tasting stuff yet, almost like it was made out of happiness itself. Before even realizing it, the slime had consumed almost all of the stuff. That's when it noticed something. Everything seemed to be turning the same pink color. The things nearby, the slime itself, and even the invisible skin was turning pink. Everything the slime looked at was pink!

Saarg felt a wave of delight at the prospect of its imminant feast! While the creatures provided little nourishment, if he could eat enough of them he could continue growing!
Saarg rolled into the path of the creatures, basing their movements on those of the one it caught. Where possible, Saarg targetet large clusters of the creatures, to catch as many as possible in one go.
When Saarg had eaten his fill, he turned his attention again to growing. Using the energy of its latest mean, it used the DNA it was created with, and began elongating and thinning its body, with its extensions at one end, getting thinnest of all at the other. Saarg hoped this new form would improve his reflexes, and be less conspicuous then a blob!

Seeing as that did not work, Arq just tried to bite it and absorb the organic things this way.

@Saarg: As the slime started to stretch itself out, it felt something wet drop on it from above. What the wet was, the slime had no idea, but it felt really warm. Another big drop landed on the far edge of the thing the slime was resting on, making other things come out from it. They moved almost like what it had caught, but faster and smaller, and far more numerous.

@Arq: The slime couldn't find a more impressive way to catch prey for the time being, so it just chomped mouthfuls. The moving things were hard, but seemed to have an ability of some kind. The other organic, the harder ones made of thin stems didn't have any special thing that the slime could figure, but it did have pokey little clumps periodically along each thin strip. A very small amount of deep orange started to show itself in the distance, just as far as the big white thing in the up. As the deep orange showed up, the billions of tiny glowing dots in the up started to disappear except for the brighter ones.

Saarg decided to investigate the warm liquid, and attempted to absorb some of the stuff that had landed on it. At the same time it forced its body into an "S" shape, rearing its head up as high as it could to see if it could reach the source of the liquid.
Saarg made a mental note to deal with the large quantity of small things next, although it began to feel that its body, and current weaponry, were more suited to dealing with large prey than large AMOUNTS of prey. Saarg would have to come up with a way to rectify this situation, once it got its ballistic gland working.

the slime moved around before his focused moved to a grey blur with a red blur in-front of it, the slime slowly walked towards, trying its best to keep balanced. when it reached this grey blur it started biting and chewing through it, this biomass was covered it the soft substance similar to what it has eaten before, what ever this biomass was the slimes teeth did not help chew through it.

@Wrecker: Without clear vision, it was hard to tell if there was an easier to consume part of the animal, whatever it was. But, even with its eyes how they were, it was able to find food much easier. The hardest part of the animal resisted every attempt to be consumed, but the soft on top of that seemed rather easy to do... it just seemed impossible because of the 'easy/hard' layers of the thing.

@Saarg: Whatever the warm wet was that fell on the slime and near it, it didn't seem to be dripping from too far away. A few small air blasts pushed at the slime, though the air blasts weren't as warm as the rest of the fetid air everywhere else. A few large thuds of movement started to move away from the slime.

Havoc being uncomfortable with the sporadic changes in temperature of its own body makes the slime behave in a strange manner. The slime shifts the ground until the ground gives and covers all sides of its body in attempts to change the effects of these weird temperature changes in its body. Staying in the hole it dug, Havoc decides not to move for a while in hopes that this strange feeling would go away.

@Havoc: Resting under a thin layer of shifty inorganic was at least a consistent feeling of texture since its ability to feel temperature was completely out of whack. The slime started to feel like it almost couldn't handle it anymore, but then it very slowly started to recede. The random hot/cold was still through its whole form, but the temperatures weren't as far apart as they were before.

the slime continued eating through this biomass, as it did finally it was able to form a clear image of this dead creature, as well as that the slime started developing a thick grey layer around itself.

Having absorbed the organic things, Arq saw something else. There where weird things happening above the inorganic things it was on. The big round was getting hazy and there seemed to be something else coming out of the inorganic things. What is was, Arq didn't know and it just looked at it trying to understand just what it is.

While thinking about, another thought came to Arq. The big round thing was getting hazy. Why was it getting haze? Why was this new thing coming and what was it doing to the big round thing. Trying to look where the new thing was coming from, Arq started running towards it to see what it was doing to the big round thing.

Saarg was unsure what to do. Whatever the source of the dripping and movement was, it could provide Saarg with some useful DNA. However, judging by the volume of the thuds, it was probably a larger creature than any Saarg had encountered so far.
Saarg quickly lashed out and caught a few of the smaller creatures, seeing no reason why he shouldn't, as they were there!
Next, Saarg lay flat once more and began writhing his body along the ground, slithering towards the departing thumps. With any luck, he would be able to learn more about it and even launch a suprise attack!

OOC: Updated FAQ

@Bosque: The slime's glowing was nearly faded, but still in its eyes slightly, making its flight pattern less articulate and evasive than it could otherwise be. A large force smashed into the slime, evenly on each wing from the back. The creature it was trying to avoid had jumped out of the tree and onto the slime in mid-air, pinning it to the ground. The creature took a big bite out of the slime, pulling off its head and consuming it. The creature then made a few spasms with its stomach, and ran off. The slime was completely confused and had lost its head, no longer able to see, and in incredible pain.

@Wrecker: The slime's skin began to become furry like the creature it was eating. The slime became more hungry while this was happening, but the remainder of the animal wouldn't be enough to satiate it once it was done. The white glow from above began to dull into a dull orange color, and it even felt like it started to get warmer, if only a little. Something moved nearby, making the... mount of organic/inorganic whatever-it-was shift.

@Arq: The new thing rising in the far distance got brighter faster than the slime thought, the big white circle never changed how bright it was. Different organics of various kinds were littered all over the inorganic, the increasing light let the slime see it now. Something else the slime was now able to tell existed was something it was already running towards- something shiny. No, multiple shiny things.

@Saarg: The large animal wandered away slowly, but the slime was on a mission and was able to catch up without much difficulty. Looking for a thud pattern, the slime tried to launch itself at whatever the creature must be, and struck. The animal bit back! The animal's mouth was much bigger than the slime's, and the pain was extreme. The creature let go the moment it bit and judging from the thuds, it had escaped. But all was not in vain. The slime was luckily dropped on a cold organic thing that didn't move. Whatever it was, the same wet that had dropped on it earlier was on this thing, too.

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