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Eltanin noticed the new form underneath it and decided to go taste this new thing. The slime approached this food thing slowly, gliding towards it with minute undulations.
The slime found itself deciding on a specific orientation with this new physical development. The slime decided to swim with the new spindly thingies to be in the front, with the sweet, tentacled thing in the back.

Saarg curled into a coil and began nursing the bite injuries he had sustained. It didn't seem to be anything he wouldn't recover from, but Saarg felt changed by the encounter all the same. He was furious at his failure to catch the creature, and was now under no illusion that it was the master predator in this area. If Saarg was going to dominate the food chain, he would have to grow, and improve his weaponry.
Making a mental note that if he ever tracked down the creature that bit him, he would be sure to take his time consuming it!! With that comforting thought, Saarg absorbed the cold, organic thing he had landed on.
As soon as Saarg felt the energy from his meal sinking in, he felt a yearning in the gap in its head. His extensions felt somehow...incomplete. Letting the instinct control his actions, he felt glands being created underneath both extensions, and felt them pump a liquid into the extensions. Saarg new that the liquid was harmful, but was unsure as to how lethal it actually was!
Saarg eagerly began looking for an unfortunate creature to test his improved weaponry on.

Havoc still feeling a slight discomfort decides that it is best to move from its location. So the slime proceded to head in a single direction in hopes of finding more food for its hunger.

Bosque burned all over. His solid parts felt loose and out of hinge. His slime portions felt like they were about to melt away. There were no more lights or colors, the world replaced by the same fridged none-sensing he had spent so much of his life abiding in. It seemed so wrong now. So cold.

Bosque twitched one wing cautiously, and then another, floating into a world he could once again not comprehend. His form flew manically between solid forms that wouldn't give way and Bosque felt something new entirely as he richocheted off the merciless forms that buffeted him. It started as the sickening absense of daring, and moved steadily into roiling panic. Bosque lost his head. He careened in every direction, turning wildly onto unseen obstacle and unyeilding wall, wishing desperatly to stop but only going faster.

He started screaming. It was something like a scream. He didn't know why, but everything in his body started shaking, shivering. He could feel his own scream coming back at him, mocking him, gliding past his head as poltergeists polluting the breeze. Bosque turned from the spirits, fearing they were calling from him. He flew to the quietest side and seem to loose them for a moment, only to find all the screaming vibrations coming quickly at him from the front. He dove into a tunnel of quiet just to the right and avoided a column of strong screams that rang with dull but resolute venom. He followed the tunnels of quiet, desperately avoiding th sound of his own haunting fears, and realizes that all his unseen fences and walls had abandoned him. He'd flown, firmly, without hitting anything. He flew even now, confidently through open pathways, feeling screams the shapes of things he'd seen in the real world. The screams were the obstacles, he realized then. His fear grew until it was a shape all its own, litering the world and leaving nothing else.

Bosque wouldn't stand for it. He could direct himself now, but he would not be left to a world without color. He would not forget the shades of red he'd seen, not let the glow of strange organics fade into a misremembered memoire of the best times that didn't last. He was going to find the giant and conquer it. He'd tear his head from the creature's stomach is he must, he would not be left wanting.

Bosque stopped in a hover that kept every screeching voice at arms-breadth. And he listened from the noises that faded, or grew or changed.

He remembered the world when he could see, swaying and drifting and lumbering on currents weird and wild. His symphony of cries played staggering notes in all directions whirling all his feeling till he felt he might be sick.

Bosque hovered. And he would hover there for eternity or the reunion of his form from the great furred-climber. One or the other. Whichever came first.

@Eltanin: The scent in the wet got stronger as the slime descended, until it bumped into something that felt... rubbery. Whatever this rubbery thing was, once bumped into, it moved, and based on the movement of the water, it went off somewhere else, going to the slime's right and up. Unlike the scaled things it found before, this thing wasn't scaley, and didn't have a single movement as it moved, but one movement from opposite sides of the creature.

@Saarg: The slime felt much better after absorbing the creature, but the slime had not fully healed from it. Its new glands at the base of its extensions felt somewhat umcomfortable as it was something new, but it was not annoying enough to incur distraction; something else did that. Something wet and cold began to gently flow along the slime's surface on one side, tasting something inorganic in it.

@Ravager: The slime felt a hard jostle, it being splashed against the inside of its vial. Another one. The slime felt the vial spinning and falling. Something broke the vial, the slime inside being squeezed by the weight of whatever it was before it rolled off it. Wherever the slime was now, it could already taste a wide assortment of organic and inorganic things, none of them defined. Most of the... area the slime was now in tasted awful, it seemed the only thing that did not taste bad was the surface of the slime that wasn't in contact with anything. Then something that didn't taste bad fell on the slime, something organic.

@Havoc: The slime dragged itself along for a good distance when it bumped into something. Organic? Inorganic? The slime wasn't entirely sure. Maybe it was organic? If it was, the taste it got from its outer skin touching the thing suggested something happened to whatever it was.

@Bosque: All of a sudden, everything was noise. The slime couldn't tell what was solid and what was not, everything seemed solid, at least it did if the vibrations meant anything- but it didn't feel anything touching it. Nothing touching it except for the inorganic that had been filled with glowy liquid. That was still stuck on its tail. The invisible walls were gone now, but what had created them to begin with?

Ravager felt around to the object on top of it, intruigued. Driven by instinct, it gathered its body at one side, letting the object fall in front of it.
Then, making slight, gentle taps at the soft, limp object, Ravager assessed it's ability to fight back. Finding the organism to be non-responsive, ravager threw it's body forward to cover it, or some of it.
Beginning to digest it, ravager made quick, aggressive surges towards the organism beneath it, taking layers off it one by one, until the whole object was gone. The taste wasn't much to speak for, but Ravager would need this energy to move on, and find more, tastier food. Perhaps living.
Ravager began toppling it's body over itself, back over front, to traverse it's desert environment.

@Ravager: The surface the slime was travelling over was just an amass of organic and inorganic, disgusting but periodically intriguing. Perhaps there was something within this stuff. The slime fell, into what felt shaped like the vial it came from, but made of something else. There was something... inorganic? Yes, but no... something else in the container with it. They were shaped strangely and felt hard.

@Sheol: The slime absorbed some of the tasty fluid, whatever it was, it was simply too attractive to ignore any longer; the slime's hesitation overcome with curiosity. Unfortunately, something in the liquid, or the whole liquid, caused the slime to start to feel strange. It felt like it was hardening, and it could not consume anything more. The slime couldn't eat! It decided to hibernate until the situation was better.

the slime was quick to grab the pile of organic or inorganic material with it's mouth, the slime was ready to fight for any food it could get its jaw on.

Ravager was intruigued by these strange, smooth objects. It slowly let itself touch the round-edged objects, and aware that this was a lot smaller than the previous meal, engulfed them both.
Twitching slightly, ravager digested the unnaturally smooth sustenance, finding them to taste...complicated. Like many things that don't occur together...occuring...together. Strange, but tasty. Ravager then forced it's way out of the container easily, and having gotten an oddly sudden burst of energy, pressed on, faster than before this time, leaping, one quarter-foot at a time with it's muscular rear section.

Saarg decided to stick with hunting smaller prey for a while, hoping the wounds would heal soon. Saarg was unsure what the mixed organic, in-organic liquid was and decided to investigate.
Saarg probed around near him to see if a source for the cold could be located. At the same time, the slime attempted to cautiously try to absorb any organic parts to the liquid. He resolved that once this final curiosity was resolved, he would set off after the beast that wounded it, and consume anything and everything that got in his way!

Arq stopped running to see all the organic things it suddenly could see better. How could it suddenly see better and farther? Did it have something to do with that new thing that was coming from the inorganic things?

Looking at the new thing, Arq noticed that the thing was getting brighter and also slowly a bit hurting to look at. It also left a impression on it's vision. How did that happen? Why was it there? Arq tried to blink it away but even in the dark...... What was that? How could it move something over it sense things and was it in the dark? Was this because he looked? Wait he? Why was Arq thinking of it self as he? What did it mean? Why would it,..... yes would it not have something for it self. Arq was something and it was he. With that sorted out it was back to a more pressing issue. Why there was dark over his sense things. Why, ooh Arq could suddenly see again. Also his sense things feel better now. Maybe it was something Arq did out it self to preserve it sense things. But how did it do it?

Trying to look again at the bright hurt thing, Arq noticed his vision become smaller as something closed over his sense things. So Arq could not see at the bright hurt thing, but the big round thing, that he could see. Why would the bright hurt thing, hurt Arq for trying to look at it, but at the same time give him more things to see and why would the bright round thing let Arq see it, but at the same let Arq not see a lot. Why would these things do this to Arq?

While pondering this, something caught Arq eye. There was something shiny up ahead. No wait there where multiple shiny things up ahead. Wanting to know what these things where, Arq continued his running.

@Wrecker: The slime took in big mouthfuls of random stuff, finding most of it to contain at least some inorganic. One of the things it picked up got stuck in its mouth. It was a short cylinder with organic in it, but the organic tasted good. Much better than the other stuff it found. The light started getting brighter, making it much easier to see the area around it. Besides being in that predicament, one thing a few feet away looked extremely odd, nowhere near the shape of anything it had seen yet.

@Ravager: As energy from the pills the slime located coursed through its body, something just outside the container caught the slime's attention. Whatever it was, it was organic and very potent, but felt like damp dust. The potent dust seemed to almost be sitting in a mound in the middle of... something dry and flimsy, but tasting similar to the dust. The air around the slime began to get slightly warm, and the odd-tasting surface seemed like it was easy to adjust.

@Saarg: The small stream of wet touching the slime erupted, splashing all over the slime. Whatever had caused the splash had covered the slime. It tasted horrible, but somehow very similar to the ground. The slime tried to push the stuff off of itself, but found it was too heavy. At least part of the.. whatever it was could be recognized as being organic.

@Arq: As Arq got closer to the shiny things, he could tell what shape they were. At least one or two of them were similar in shape to the vial it came from. One of them was a perfect cylinder, another two were cylinders but with a single end tapered. One of the tapered containers was a darker version of the inorganic it was on, the other was clear. If the slime was right, there were even more of the tapered containers sticking out of the ground. The perfect cylinder was clear, and had something inside it. The tapered ones seemed to have something inside it too.. maybe other slimes?

after the slime finished eating the organic material in the cylinder it started walking towards this strangely shaped object, this time with ease, it even started running towards the strangely shaped thing. It's first reaction when reaching this thing it took a bite at it.

Seeing the shiny things before him, Arq felt as he had sensed these things before. But that was weird. He hadn't had any sense things before. Maybe, just maybe it was the inorganic thing it was in before. Some how that made sense. He had been in some inorganic thing before he got all these new things and now he was here.

Looking more closely at the shiny things, Arq notice some things. There where shiny things that looked like the inorganic things it had sense's and there where was one inorganic thing that was clear. The shiny thing also looked different than that of the others. Looking back at the other cylinders, Arq for some felt a strange feeling come over him. The cylinders didn't felt right to him, they didn't give the same feeling as the clear cylinder. It felt like it was part, no not part, but some how connected to Arq.

Moving towards the clear cylinder, Arq tried to pick it up with his mouth and take it with him. Arq felt that it shouldn't be here and that the clear thing should be free as Arq was, but not here.

Bosque turned and whipped his tail at all the noise that surrounded him. He flew manic and hectic, feeling nothing but knowing he was cornered. And then it all stopped. He held the glowing stick attached to his tail at the ready and hovered lower to what he thought was the ground. He was hungry and the solid places always had more than the flying places.

Eltanin darted after the strange, not-scaly, fascinated by all it could tell from its new appendages. As the creature swam upwards, the slime lost detail on what the new creature was like, which upset and distressed Eltanin.
Eltanin's will to follow this creature reminded the slime of the feeling for a new shape- flat, wavy ones like on the last food thing it had. The slime was torn between creating new appendages or following the creature, settling on continuing its chase for now.

These were another thing it would think about later.

@Wrecker: The slime bit at the... weird thing. It hadn't moved before, but it did this time! It almost popped straight up. That's when the slime got a good look at this thing- it was twice its own size. It had a lot of parts that looked like plant, but its head looked like an animal, as well as most of its body. Even its skin looked like a combination of plant and animal... its skin was scaley like the thing the slime caught in the hole, but instead of smooth, it looked like it was made out of the same skin as the really tall organic brown things.

@Ish: Ish began to wake up slowly, feeling the warmth of the sun on itself. It still didn't feel perfectly healthy, but it knew it would recover soon. Ouch! Something bit the slime. A strange creature... the slime could see the other creature's skeleton, but it had no skin. Wait, no, it had skin... slime! It was something like itself? Ish jumped at the bite, but then when it was standing up, it noticed it wasn't as big as it was before it went to sleep. It had shrunk a little. Must have been a reason for it, but the slime didn't know what it was.

@Arq: The cylinder was somewhat cold and smooth, but the slime held on with its canine teeth. As the slime wandered off with it, it heard a sound. The slime hadn't heard the sound before, but it was coming from very near the slime, at its feet. Whatever the sound was, it sounded like something shaking. For an unknown reason, the slime felt something new- fear, and it caused the slime to come to an immediate stop.

@Bosque: The slime couldn't have picked a worse spot to land. Whatever it had just landed in, the slime could tell it was very organic and wet and smooshy. There were little hard things in the smooshed organic, if that meant anything. Part of the organic it landed in, if it was even part of the same thing, seemed hard, but flexible. There were tiny movements all over the thing, and all around it. Some of them even started to climb on Bosque, which was surprising since they didn't even wait a moment. They did not make the slime hurt, but it could tell it was in a big clump of smoosh and movements.

@Eltanin: The slime continued after the creature, but after a short while it stopped swimming. The waves seemed to get shorter, and the slime could feel slippery inorganic on its bottom surface. The creature, whatever it was, was close enough that the slime felt it again with its antennae. The cold/wet wasn't so deep here, and the slime knew it since it didn't feel it on its top surface anymore. The creature didn't escape this time, it seemed to be busy doing something, but the slime couldn't tell what.

Bosque contemplated himself for a moment. The smooshy pile was strange, but it wasn't agressive as far as he could tell. And it was certainly organic. It went against every instinct Bosque had collected to merely sit instead of fly and then worse to allow things to collect on him, but Bosque was so hungry he fought the dread and disgust, instead sweeping his tail deep into the pit and siphoning the juices. Any of the little crawling things that chose to gather where his head had been were in turn swooped into the monsters exposed sliminess. And so Bosque began the slow process of feeding, or of being fed. Bosque didn't know what he'd immersed himself in, he only knew that his suspicions about it seemed to replace his hunger. In roughly equal measure.

@Bosque: The smooshy was odd, but sweet. Though it was much bigger than the slime, it was mostly water, and was very easy to consume a large amount of it. The shell part wasn't mostly water though, and even though it wasn't sweet, it satiated its hunger better. The little moving things that the slime absorbed with its sliminess were totally different. They were hard, and flexing its slime over them, they seemed somehow strong enough to resist slightly, despite their small size.

the slime continued to try and eat this strange creature.

Saarg pushed furiously against the substance that was covering it, but to no avail. Saarg decided it needed to escape, and quickly, as holding still for any length of time seemed to agitate it, especially as the slime was still injured.
Disgusting as the substance was, Saarg forced itself to absorb as much of the organic substance as it could bear, in the hope of lessening the weight or even creating a gap to escape through. Saarg decided that, once he had freed himself, he would escape this section of...wherever he was, and make for a new area, more populated with prey, and with fewer curious things that confused, then tried to kill it!

Cautiously, ravager slid a thin layer of its body over the damp dust, as if to lick it, catching it on hits body and absorbing it. Cautiously, it began to digest the substance suspensefully. Then, upon seeing no instant reaction, eating the rest of the dust and wittling away the object sticking out of it. Satisfied and so far carefree, Ravager resumed leaping around, foraging for more food.

sleep was an odd thing for the slime, it made time pass by quickly and Ish's eyes had to adjust to the new level of light it found itself in. Ish felt some sort of draw between this new creature that had just formed fur and miniature antlers. It also felt slightly better with itself from its rest.

Ish bit back at the new slime as if it was a form of greeting between them.

Havoc not knowing what to make of this object decided to investigate it futher. As the slime felt around the object pieces of it was breaking apart from the outer layer. Havoc being intreged starts to ooze itself into the small cracks to break away the loosened pieces. The texture and taste started to change. So Havoc started to consume the better tasting part of the object although it was rough and started to become a little jagged. The futher the slime consumed more towards the center of the object it began to be more tasty. After Havoc finished dijesting the object it started to wonder off but not far to see if there are more interesting things to eat.

the slime was startled for a moment when this creature bit back, the slime started running away fro a short moment before turning around and charging straight at the creature that bit it, hopping to ram this creature.

@Wrecker: Biting the other creature didn't seem very useful. Whatever this thing was, its skin was hard as the tree Wrecker had learned about, but was as flexible as the snake the slime had found. Something in the slime told it that such things didn't exist naturally... maybe this other creature was a slime too? The funny thing was that the moment they touched, an image flashed in its mind for a second. It didn't teach the slime anything, but the image was there all the same. If it was going to follow through trying to attack the thing, it would have to really work at it.

@Ish: The slime found, as it had woken up, that its non-slime surfaces felt... more stable, harder. Almost like its body had the hardness of the species it got the information from. Even its komodo/oak scales felt thicker. The moment the slimy bone creature touched Ish, an image formed in its mind. The slime thought maybe that it was something the other creature knew that Ish didn't. Ish didn't learn how to copy that species, but the image was there for a second all the same. The other slime, the one that bit it, seemed like it was looking at Ish intensely...

@Saarg: The snake-like slime absorbed whatever it found in front of it, boring a hole through the debris. Whatever this stuff was that it had targeted was moist and slightly sticky, and tasted odd, but it could at least tell it was organic. It satiated the slime's hunger rather quickly, not something undesirable.

@Havoc: The crusty, hard thing the slime consumed was almost depleted of taste, but it could also tell that it was just a small part of something much bigger. Wandering off, the slime quickly bumped into something else- something smooth that felt similar in shape to the vial it came from, and the pokey thing that made it feel weird.

@Ravager: The energy from the things it found in the container faded almost as fast as it started. The dust the slime found was tasty, yet it also somehow tasted like it had lost some of its potency, but the slime consumed all of it- and started feeling its energy burst come back. The slime's luck ran out on it again- and it slid off the surface into something soft. Something else that tasted potent?

Ravager, landing on the soft object with a splat, gathered itself and relaxed on the new surface. Having learned the value of potency, currently enjoying the energy rush, he absorbed this object fully, covering it and eating through until there was nothing left.

Saarg was pleasantly suprised that he had been ambushed by something edible and satisfying, and that didn't fight back! He hoped that all his future encounters were that easy! Saarg consumed as much of the substance as he felt able, but rather than use the energy immediatly, Saarg decided to hold on to it, incase he needed to evolve quickly to escape a situation (or massacre a certain large thumping thing Saarg still nurtured a grudge for!) With that in mind, and all Saarg felt he could consume...consumed, the slime set off once more in the direction the thumping thing had gone, following in its new, stealthy slithering movement.

Walking away, Arq hear something new. Something it had never heard before and it caused a new feeling in Arq. It caused him to stand still and not move. Arq never had felt this before and he didn't know how to coop with it. While standing still Arq tried to see if he could see what was causing this to him.

Ish became was focused now, staring back at the other slime. the thing looked remotly like the antlers that ish had consumed earlier were made out of. Come to think of it the slime never had any real competition from its meals so this would be its first true fight.

Ish shook the image out of its mind and charged the other slime. its jaw snapping wildly to try and grab hold of the other thing.

as the slime charged it suddenly had a surge of hunger as it's hind legs changed, the bones on the foot grew long and the muscles on the food became stronger, the slime saw the other creature possibly another slime charging at it, it new a straight on collision would only have one result. The slime used its hind legs to jump up and land on the creatures slime, it quickly wrapped it's tail around the creatures neck and started trying to choke it.

Ish was confused why this slime was shaking it violently. Ish bit viciously at the other slimes tail, finally grabbing hold and shaking its protrusion of a snout back and forth.

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