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the slime had no grip on the back of this creature due to a wet green surface on it's back, when the slime was flung off it decided it need more energy to fight this creature. it looked around and saw a large green object much larger then itself , the slime used it's remaining energy to reach this large object, it began eating this bush so it could regain it's energy and start to finish growing the thick grey layer around it's self

Ish sat down and was amused by this smaller slime. it sated to absorb the green and stringy stuff under itself at a slow rate, slowly building up energy.

@Everyone with eyes: The sun is up now.

@Ravager: The soft, potent landing seemed to be in multiple parts, but it was all absorbed easily. Some of the parts even had special treats inside. The slime's energy was still very high, and it did not feel as though it would be slowing any time soon.

@Saarg: Other flavors were within the mass of whatever that fell on the slime, but it didn't seem interested, at least not at that point. The ground moved at an incline, getting steeper as it went, but was still a comfortable move forward. Until a certain point. Something that was definitely inorganic made a big blockage, the slime unable to find a way around, under, or over it. Something extremely thin but extremely strong stuck on the slime, and something small with little prickly points started touching the slime.

@Arq: Carefully looking around, Arq was able to spot a creature longer than itself, but much much shorter, which appeared to be looking at it. The creature looked almost piled on itself, like many loose circles dropped on each other. In front, the thing's face stared at Arq, with a black forked thing sticking out and wiggling every few moments. In back, its end stuck straight up, but wiggled very quickly back and forth, shaking. That seemed to be where the sound was coming from.

the slime finished growing the thick grey layer before it even had eaten half of this large biomass, it continued eating growing two horns on it's head one behind the other, it then grew a set of thorns and needles along it's tail. Once it finished eating the slime turned around and started charging at the creature who was sitting down, lowering it's head so that it horns were almost pointing straight forward.

Ish st its front legs firmly into the ground, ready to deflect the blow with the plates. meanwhile its mouth muscles were slowly getting stronger with the drip of energy to try ang bite the thing to get it to stop attacking.

the slime collided with the creatures plates, though not causing any serious damage the horns were able to slightly crack the plates but the slime now was taking a moment to recover from the head bang.

Ish felt a dull pain but spread his legs apart and bit down on the horns hard, not giving an inch of movement. Ish had the other slimes horns in a vice like grip.

@Wrecker: The furious mouthfuls of triple leaves from the plant finally started to dissolve, and though the slime's hunger was calmed to a 'snack' amount still needed, it started to feel extreme pain, like every cell in its body was individually being attacked. Maybe it was the wrong plant to choose, or maybe the other creature had done this? The slime was still hungry, but the pain now was too much to do anything but concentrate wholly on that, since it didn't have much choice since its head was pinned to the ground anyway and the other creature didn't seem as aggressive. Without doing it intentionally, the pain made the slime spasm a little.

@Ish: Ish had consumed enough various species to recognize that the organic it had absorbed was the same species it had found much earlier and had almost forgotten about. Forcing the other creature to calm down and watching its movements, it seemed to be exhausted and in pain for some reason, showing signs of some kind of pain not associated with the fight.

the slime's pain caused it's spiked tail to spasm around randomly the most as the movement of the tail wasn't restricted by the other creatures actions.

Ravager used it's new energy to start developing a vicious jaw so it could defend itself against larger prey and a sandy-yellow colour it was not conscious of. However, at the moment the jaw was just barely functional, and the sandy yellow colour spreading through the slime like paint in water. Hungry again, ravager began the search for larger food. Finding some strange, tracks in the ground, it began to follow them solely by touch.

@Wrecker & @Ish: Wrecker's two spasms didn't help the slime gain control of its body at all. The pain was still there, and if there was a spot that wasn't affected, it was now. Wrecker lay limp on the ground, totally out of energy.
Ish still held on, and started to feel something in its mouth. It started to hurt, badly, making it lose strength in its grip. The pain started to spread through the rest of the slime's body, making it lose all of its strength and energy too, making it end up just like the other slime.
Soon both slimes were too tired and in pain to move, and just lay there limp and exhausted.
Due to fatigue, the slimes lost sense of the correct passage of time, but they both began to gain their strength and energy back.

@Ravager: The indents on the soft, shifty inorganic the slime traveled on led back to where it came from, disappearing once the pile of odd-taste started. But something bumped into the slime, something soft. Then it was gone. Then something the same shape as the indents forcefully shoved the slime!

@Bleak: The morning dew wetted the swampy earth on the dirt road. A small, single stone sitting on its edge kept the vial from rolling from where it had fallen; it didn't break likely due to the dirt being soft. The collected saturation in the overhead tree dripped, sinking the tiny speedbump into the moist earth, allowing the vial to escape its immobility. Rolling down the decline, it picked up speed as it went until it hit something as hard as a rock, smashing itself open on one side. The slime inside awoke, already able to tell something was different about its home.

Startled, ravager tensed itself and leapt at the part of the thing that shoved it and bit it with it's small, developing mouth. Blindly, it gripped the new, non-compliant surface and began a desperate attempt at digestion.

Saarg was annoyed at the blockage in its path, but was confident that, if the thumpy beast could get past, so could the slime! Saarg first turned its attention to the organic prickly thing. A sixth sense deep within the slime told it to be weary, and Saarg had learned to trust its instincts. Still, little snacks like this shouldn't be wasted...
Saarg felt that the creature had a head with small pointy things in it, not unlike his own, but also had a peculiar; bulbous body segment at the back.
Saarg coiled his head around slowly and, when the creature began slowing down, Saarg struck. His head lashed forward and skewered the creature on one of its extensions. The slime quickly jerked its head back in suprise, as the creature thrashed violently, but helplessly, half way up Saargs fang! The slime suddenly realised that, now the creature was caught, Saarg actualy had no way of getting it off his fang! While he contemplated his next move, Saarg felt a particularly itchy spot on its body. Had the creature done something to it, or was this just another injury from a previous encounter?

Finally finding what was making that sound, Arq saw something organic before it. It was long, longer that Arq it self. But at the same time it was thinner and shorter then Arq. Seeing it, Arq got a bit less scared. It was something organic so Arq could absorb it, but it was a bit different than any organic thing Arq had seen before. It kept looking at Arq and sometimes making that sound that was causing the fear in Arq. A part of Arq was intrigued by it. It was a organic thing that was almost as big as he was and how did it make that sound? Another part wanted to flee from it and the sound it was making. But a more primal part took over from Arq. It was something organic and it was hungry.

Slowly putting down canister that Arq was holding, Arq kept looking at the organic thing. As soon as the canister was put on the ground, the organic thing attacked Arq. It suddenly sprang towards Arq and tried to bit him, seeing this Arq tried to dodge it before feeling two hurt things clamp down on one of his legs. This hurt Arq a lot and he didn't like it. Seeing that it was clamped to his leg, Arq could grab hold of thing with his mouth and bite and absorb it that way.

Wet. Wet and cold. The small, slimy organism could sense these qualities first and foremost in its new environment. It was no longer in the cozy, pristine container it remembered, yet the only memory it had besides the container was the word 'BLEAK'. The slime had no idea what the word was or meant, maybe it had to do with the need to absorb it's new home and anything in it. Yes, that must be it, the slime knew its purpose was to make everything Bleak.
The sleek, phlegm-like creature moved along the large and wet surface and absorbed small inorganic masses along the way until it was met with a hard but organic mass before it. Knowing the task before it and suddenly very aware of its hunger, it set to absorb this round, smooth mass until it was either all gone or no longer appetizing.

Sevak was very very confused as to why everything seemed a very odd color. Pink wasn't normal, was it? Even the slime was sure that everything being pink was not normal. Yet, as hard as the slime tried to figure out why this was happening it could not quite place a scale on it. The slime poked a few things just to be sure they were actually there. The rock was and so was a crumpled leaf. Yet both were pink. A closer look at its scale from Sevak's view also showed that the slime itself seemed pink. This certainly wasn't normal for the slime anymore. Maybe what it had eaten had caused this.

@Ravager: The slime allowed the organic thing that pushed him to sink into his slime, and once it did, it grabbed hold. The... whatever it was jerked the part that was being held, but finding that to be a pointless endeavor, it did something else. The slime felt itself being pulled up from the ground, being flopped up and down slightly as the creature made air currents go up and down.

@Saarg: From the itchy spot on the slime's back, it felt like itty bitty tiny little tinglies were spreading out from the itchy spot. The big bug stuck on the slime's fang stopped moving, but the steep inorganic incline barring the slime's path remained. Maybe (black widow spiderling egg sac broke on him)

@Arq: The slime grabbed the limbless animal in its mouth, but the slime's leg was caught in the creature's mouth, too. Something the creature did made the slime's limb start to hurt badly. The pain quickly started spreading through the slime, making its way to affect each one of its cells, down to its teeth and thorns, but at least that noise stopped!

@Bleak: The hard organic thing it found was difficult to dissolve, but it wasn't in a single perfect piece, so the slime just absorbed it into itself to allow it to digest naturally. Feeling the small inorganic masses in itself, those didn't seem to be dissolving at all. As it disappeared within itself, the organic parts made the slime realize what it was from. Little movements in the soft ground confused the slime. Inorganic things didn't move on their own, did they? Whatever this was about, the ground didn't move if the slime felt further down the incline.

@Sevak: As the slime watched, everything just... wasn't pink anymore. The rock wasn't, the leaf wasn't, nothing was. As the slime could see in most directions at once, it noticed something. The pink color was... not being pink anymore on itself, either. Only its back end was still pink, but that was quickly fading too. Something furry and fluffy, about twice the length of the slime, moved up a tall, brown thing... a tree! The slime knew that species well enough to be like it. The fluffy thing went up it, able to be easily seen in the morning light.

The first punk woke up with a stretch.
As he always did when first waking up, he reached for a bottle of hard alcohol. Feeling the nearby bottles to not weigh enough to have anything in them, he groggily opened his eyes. There upon the desk, was the vial from the previous night.
He rubbed his eyes. The starfish and clam shell were gone! The marbles remained.
Figuring the stuff was probably a strong alcohol, it would probably be a great mixer. Opening his desk drawer, he pulled out the vodka, opened the vial, poured it in, closed it, and shook it up.
The clinging of the marbles on the glass brought a visitor- his friend, the second punk, into his room.
Recognizing his friend's stance, the second punk asked if the thing they stole was prize booze. The first punk handed the vial over to the second, who again shook the vial, but as he was awake longer, he shook with much more vigor, the slime inside awake and quite angry and confused. A tiny crack in the vial, caused by the marble, leaked a small amount of the alcohol.

The janitor got a hold of himself, went back up the pier, and picked up his fishing rod and gear. Checking it, he didn't see any trace of the slime or the vial. He looked around for a few moments for it, gave up, and drove home.

Eltanin paused for a moment, curiosity peaked. What was this food thing doing? If its doing a thing, is it a food thing?
The slime decided to set aside its perpetual appetite and circle the oddly stationary thing and try to find out what it was doing. Eltanin also tried to get its antennae out of the suffocating wet- their being in the stuff made it slightly uncomfortable.

Havoc investigates closely for it did not like the discomfort from the last time it incountered a similar object. The slime was still hungry and the thought of discomfort from the previous time depleted due to its appetite. So Havoc started to push and press onto the object consuming what ever it can in order to rid itself of this hunger. Havoc feeling its surroundings knows that there is a plenty full to satisfy its hunger. Or so it hopes, for the feeling of hunger is agitating and making the slime more aggressive.

ravager flopped around helplessly as the offender shook it up and down. Realizing what was going on, ravager held on tightly to the gripping part of the creature, and stretched itslelf over it's top in a desperate attempt to affect it's senses, and began to digest desperately.

Saarg could feel the hundreds of tiny things crawling around his body. Saarg saw this as a potentail problem! Unsure as to how to deal with the creatures, Saarg rolled his body, crushing the things against the floor. Saarg then rolled back the other way, squashing even more beneath him. Irritatingly, the odd one or two survived! As Saarg prepared to finish them off, he felt the tiny beasts sinking there fangs into him! Immediatly, he detected a lethal poison being injected into his body. Saarg had to act quickly. He lashed out and crushed the remaining creatures with his head, and managed to shake the larger beast he had skwered free in the process. Maybe if he could absorb the creature, he could create an anti-venom? Saarg began the absorption of the irritating thing, hoping both for a cure, and to be able to utilise the venom himself!

The slime got up slowly, it looked at the creature an concluded that eating it is too much effort to be worth it, the slime started walking away from it looking for something to eat.

@Eltanin: The surface of the cold/wet was easily able to be escaped from, as the ground rose up to a soft incline out of the cold/wet. The smell in the air that led the slime to the creature didn't get stronger or weaker, it seemed to not be trying to go anywhere now. The creature sat just inside the cold/wet, but mostly out of it. The ground where it sat, and the ground around it, was very wet and soggy, and the slime sunk slightly into it because of its weight, even though it was very little. Luckily, it didn't sink into the ground more than a tiny bit.

@Havoc: Squeezing itself into the container was easy enough, but the sides of the opening were sharp, and it sliced the slime's surface somewhat. Inside the container, the slime found only liquid. It tasted... po.. potent. Again? Whatever this stuff was, it made the slime confused too. It wasn't forcing it to feel random temperatures all over itself, but it did something else. The slime couldn't help but feel disoriented and uncoordinated, but twice as confident in itself. Whatever this affect was, even just a taste started to spread through the slime's form.

@Saarg: Absorbing the venom as it began to spread made the slime feel strange. The ink it found earlier spread through its whole form once it was found, before receeding and becoming a lump in the slime. This time though, it seemed like the slime actively concentrating on the spreading affect caused it to start to develop one of those lumps again, but without its whole body being affected! The slime felt tired from this, but only around the areas that were affected.

@Wrecker: Going away from its kin, the slime saw something. A specific shape of indent in the ground, going a certain direction... it looked like there was one after the other, and the indents seem to write a path for the slime to follow. Not far from this path was a... thing. The slime didn't know what the shape was at all. But something told the slime there was food inside.

The filmy organism finished dissolving the hard organic matter it absorbed. Now it seemed there was a sort of outer shell surrounding the mucus-like creature. However, before it was able to inspect it's new evolution further, the surface beneath it started to push the slime forward! Instinct called the now hardened organism to shrink in itself as it rolled faster and faster toward an unknown destination.

the slime ran towards this strange object, it tried to chew through it's thick outer layer, but it was to no avail. It then started tearing at the object with it's tail, after a couple of swings something's fell out of this object, they had an out layer that tasted horrible when the slime tried to eat them, it placed the object down and took a swing at this smaller object cutting straight through it with it's tail, the slime then started eating the inside of this object.

Eltanin again grew impatient. This thing would do nothing! How disappointing.
Perhaps it was just a food thing.

Eltanin decided to devour the now stationary thing. Or at least, attempt to. The slime lunged towards the creature as swiftly as it could make its gelatinous little body go.

Saarg was relieved that its gamble seemed to have paid off. The poison didn't seem to be having any catastrophic negative affects, and the formation of a new gland was something Saarg was used to. Saarg could tell that the poison in this new gland was much more potent than the kind it had in its own extensions, so re-rooted the gland to its fangs. Saarg hoped this new venom to be the deadliest yet! With the crisis averted, and even turned on its head by the improvement of Saarg's weapon systems, the slime turned its attention the the blockage in its path. Remembering how the itchy creature had climbed so effortlessly, an idea struck Saarg. Did he have enough energy left to evolve though?

@Ravager: The slime felt a ledge on the creature, assuming it was its top. But.. it felt like it wasn't any thicker than the part it was holding on to. Feeling its way even further up, it started to puff out. How big was this thing?! The creature shook the part that was being absorbed, but to no avail. The slime started to learn what this thing was as it continued absorbing.

@Bleak: The slime rolled down the wet ground, very slowly picking up speed as it went. It didn't go far, however, as it bumped into something hard. The slime realized something when it hit. The slime that it hardened wasn't able to tell the difference between organic and inorganic. It couldn't taste or absorb through this? The hard thing, whatever it was, had moved when it was bumped into, and small things that were under it were revealed.

@Wrecker: The stuff inside the yucky stuff was really tasty! Whatever it was, it tasted like many things, but there didn't seem to be enough of most of the tastes to learn much. One thing was a really obvious taste, though. The outside of the container the food was in was also semi-organic. Eating more of the stuff, the slime could see there was more than one container like this in the weird thing it had ripped open.

@Eltanin: Slurping onto the creature, the slime felt the creature's front extremely huge, but then it deflated! It had an opening of some kind above this... puffy part, and it was slightly open. Maybe the creature was doing something with its puffy, and that's why it hadn't moved? The creature, feeling the slime on it, made a big movement, picking the slime up off the ground with ease. The slime felt the wind against it, as it went in some direction. The slime held on; though not very easily.

@Saarg: The slime was still satiated from its chunky, curdled meal earlier, and the meal had digested completely. But other than that... creatures periodically escaped from the slime. Did they have some way of being able to tell where things were past the distance of their own body? Finding the big itchy thing that got accidentally dislodged might count on that. Before the slime could finish its thought, something fell on it, but this time it wasn't completely covered, only a small portion of it. This thing... what was it?

The strange creature unknowingly named Bleak moved toward the small organisms until it loomed above them. Reaching out with a part of itself, it snagged one of the little things and absorbed it. Greedily, Bleak captured the rest of the small creatures and consumed them. Information flooded Bleak's senses as it learned of the creature's DNA. Suddenly tired, still slimy yet now harder creature settled down to process these new morsels.

Eltanin was mildly disturbed, but at the same time, somehow exited by this new feeling of fast. This is the best emotion that the slime has ever tasted!

Clinging to the thing was tough, but Eltanin was too caught in the moment to think. The slime simply tried to hang on to the puffy and tried to get a better grip by wrapping its sticky-sweet tentacle nectar tail around the thing.

But oh, such glee! The delicious glee!

Ravager continued to absorb the creature's DNA, and a mental picture - a map of it's body began to take shape, using this new understanding of the creature's body, ravager was able to find a weak point, it's breathing-pipe was ravager's only way of describing it, it found this area by backtracking a little, and quickly bit down into it.

the slime repeated it's slice and eat pattern till it ate all the containers, the slime could feel to holes forming one on each side of it's head, and something forming inside of these holes suddenly it started hearing things.

Ish hadn't cared much since the other slime had left. Ish had walked over to another hard thing, organic but smooth and brown in color. and started to gnaw on it.

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