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@Bleak: The slime had absorbed what it could find, but instead of gaining energy from the meal, it started to feel tired? It knew it was still quite hungry even though it ate the little round bugs, but this felt different. The wet some of the bugs were in tasted different from the other wet. It... the slime started to feel strange. It felt like its cells had been heated too much, like it was on fire! This feeling started to spread though its body, starting from the parts of itself that touched the other wet. Then again, the little round things in that part of the wet ground hadn't moved. What was going on?

@Eltanin: The stickiness of the slime's tail, or perhaps just the grip it provided, gave the slime the grip it needed to not slide around on the futally escaping creature. The slime that as it tightened its grip, it was able to hold on that much better, and the animal moved that much less. The creature pushed with its parts in back, but one of the two parts was half-caught in the slime's tendril. Instead of going as far or as fast as it did before, it seemed to jump at an angle, landing itself and the slime into something hard and rough.

@Ravager: The slime wasn't able to get deep enough into the creature to cut off the animal's air, but it did open a hole in the animal, causing something wet to come out, all over the slime. It could feel the air movements change, instead of the animal shaking it up and down, it felt like it was going down only now.

@Wrecker: Sounds, countless ones, started to be noticed by Wrecker as soon as it grew its new parts. One sound in particular stood out because it was louder than the others, coming from nearby, not all that far away. It sounded like something.. scratching something, and chewing. A ripping sound? Whatever this was, it was coming from... behind it, near where it had its fight recently.

@Ish: The hard brown thing Ish found was the hardest organic it had found yet, or maybe only on par with the deer antler. It gnawed and chewed, but didn't make much affect. It was able to rip off what remained of its outer furry-ish part, and was able to eat it. It looked like something had tried to eat the thing before, but failed. Ish, however, was able to start making small scratches through the main part of the organic shell.

It hurt so much, even the hurt things it had ran in to before didn't hurt this much. It felt if it's body, Arq didn't now what, but it hurt. Arq vision started to swim before it and in a reflex, Arq started to shake his head to try and clear his vision. Doing this, Arq felt something rip from it's leg and also felt that he had something in his mouth. Thinking that the thing that caused it was in it's mouth, Arq bit down on it and started to absorb the thing in his mouth. Having done this, Arq went and absorb the rest of the organic thing. Even if Arq was getting more organic mass, Arq felt slow and weird. Wondering what it was, Arq blacked out and fell to the ground.

the slime looked behind it's self it started looking around fro the source of the noise.

Ish continued to gnaw on the cocoanut and managed to fit the thing in its mouth. ish had a brilliant idea, it walked over to a nearby rock and started to bash the cocoanut on it.

Bosque drank the goo until it was a shriveled husk. The little jointed things that struggled were more filling in a way, but not worth struggling over. If they slid into him, he ate. If they didn't, he waited. A simple game.

The watery thing dryed and Bosque took flight, still low to the ground. He hovered for a moment, listenening to his own screams bounce back at him, when he noticed the oddest anomaly. There was a place where the noise bounced back in like a crescent, like it'd hit an open corner, susended in midair. Bosque moved closer to investigate.

Pain laced through the shell-like creature's form. It stretched its body as long as possible to free itself from the pain or just for some sort of relief. All that did was make the feeling of fire branch through every inch of itself. This burning sensation had to have come from the small organisms it had just ate. They must have been deadly. The ball-like creature writhed in agony for countless moments waiting for death.

A sudden wave of inspiration hit Saarg: the creatures he had absorbed all had lumps on their heads! These came in different shapes and sizes, but he sensed they all did the same thing. The slime's interest was piqued, and Saarg resolved to use the ones from the wet thing it had landed on a while ago it had. Immediatly, two small lumps grew out of his head, and the world was flooded with images! The world became a mass of pictures, all in black and white. Saarg was simply blow away by the sudden change, and had to wait for a significant amount of time to become adjusted to the radical change. Once the slime was more confident with its new-found sense, it turned its attention back to the thing that had fallen onto it. Saarg simultaneously regarded it, and felt it, testing for organic properties.

@Arq: The slime had no idea how much time went by when it finally woke up. The light that had replaced the white circle had taken up its space in the up, and it was almost directly overhead. The long creature the slime had bitten into was gone, and the slime didn't even feel it in inside itself anymore, and it was no longer hungry at all. Whatever that pain was, it was gone, but strangely enough, the slime did feel something else. It was some sort of... lump inside itself that wasn't there before. Then something else new happened- a huge dark shape quickly went by, along the inorganic. It even covered the slime for a moment, but it didn't feel anything touch it.

@Wrecker: The creature the slime had fought had found the brown thing the slime had given up on earlier! It had it hanging out of its mouth, since it was bigger than the slime's mouth by a lot, but it seemed to have a pretty good grip. The creature turned away from the slime, and was doing something. *crack* *crack* *CRACK* The brown thing fell in three pieces, two big ones and one small one only about 1/20th or so the full size of the thing. There was a different color inside it!

@Ish: The slime smacked the hard brown thing on a rock a couple times, but it didn't seem to do anything. Once it hit it again, it broken almost perfectly in half! Wet splattered out of the thing, all over the rock and Ish's face. It tasted completely different than anything else it ever had. Looking at the brown thing now, it could see the inside. It was pure white.

@Bosque: Whatever this thing was, the slime could tell it wasn't natural. It was partially covered in... stuff. The slime wasn't sure what the stuff was, none of it really defined. Some sort of something made the slime's screams bounce back at it, but with a sort of... rhythm? Well, whatever it was, it was gone now.

@Bleak: Spreading itself out and stretching made the pain spread faster, but squirming all around didn't. Whatever this pain was, it very slowly started to recede, relief spreading slowly through its body in the same direction it had started. It still hurt all over, but it was starting to feel better, slowly curing itself entirely. There had been something organic that it touched when it spread out, but it had more important concerns for now.

@Saarg: The thing didn't weigh very much, but the slime could tell it was organic, that was for sure. Its many pokey parts hurt though. The round pokey things were attached to something else, that part wasn't light, and harder. Whatever this was that they were attached to, it was rigid but kind of shaped like the slime; long and thin. Able to see now, the slime saw a sort of path above itself that led over what looked like a ridge on the top of the pile of stuff it had climbed. It would have to stretch as far as it could to reach the new ledge. It looked like it was previously easier to get over, but something happened after the creature climbed over and it became more difficult.
The first punk grabbed the vial. "Dude, you cracked it!"
"Well, what's it taste like?"
The first punk licked the escaping liquid. "Vodka. It isn't a mix or anything, it's just.. well I don't know, but it's thicker than water."
"Well, that's a waste of a half bottle of freakin' vodka."
"...sorry. Wait, why not feed it to your iguana?"
"It died. Eh, I'll pour the junk in there anyway."
The second punk looked around the room. "Where IS your iguana?"
The first punk picked up dirty clothes from a big pile, taking up a third of the room, almost knee-high, eventually revealing a large aquarium.
The second punk looked at the first in disbelief.
"What? I was planning on getting rid of its body. Eventually." the first punk responded to his friend's face.
"Dude, it's extremely dead! Look at it! And its cage wasn't even closed right and its full of spider webs! How long ago did it die?"
The first punk shrugged.

the slime quickly ran over and grabbed one of the two larger pieces, it quickly started dragging the piece away to eat the the differently coloured part.

The strange, spherical being found that even though the pain was there, it could still function and move. So that's what it did. Curling up again, the creature moved throughout the unseeing, but very different feeling environment it was now in. The ball-like feeder found it could roll up something hard, then roll down to gain quicker forwardness. If it could process and understand what fun was, it would be having it at that moment.

Where was it? What had happened thought Arq? Looking around, Arq couldn't find the thing that had hurt it. But something was off. Arq felt something weird, something that he hadn't felt before and it was weird. Before he could look for it, something moved over him. It was weird. It didn't touch Arq or the inorganic things, but it still moved over it. Wanting to know what it was, Arq went in search of it.

Ish went to town on the inside of the cocoanut. the slime was scraping the inside of it and absorbing the shavings.

Eltanin quivered with agitation.
It wanted the fast! It wanted the windy thing. The puffy wasn't being fast any more, so the slime decided just to try and eat the thing.

Bosque studied the not natural thing. It was like hole. A portable hole. The idea was strange and foreign to bosque, it fascinated an inticed him. Holes were absences and you couldn't move an absence...

Bosque dropped his glowing stick into the portable hole and wrapped his long tail through once, looping the not natural thing to himself. He flew up quickly and waited to see if the world would still work, now that he'd changed everything he thought he understood.

Havoc feeling a little unbalanced but yet good consumes more of the liquid substance until there was nothing left. After there was nothing the slime left the container in search of another one. Searching left and right with staggered movement until it finds something else of interest.

@Wrecker: The slime ran up and snagged one of the pieces of the hard thing that the other creature broke out from under it, since it was busy eating one of the other pieces. Whatever this was, it tasted so much different on the inside that it was surprising that it was even the same organic. The bigger creature didn't even stop it from nabbing the piece it did. Out of the corner of the slime's eye, it thought it noticed something odd, at an angle the bigger creature wouldn't see.

@Bleak: The slime rolled down the gently downward sloping dirt, until it bumped into something, rolled over it, and landed in enough... wet that it couldn't not feel the wet. It was all over it, not able to feel the ground or air anymore. Then the slime felt it- the ground again. Under the wet. What was that thing it rolled over? What was this new sensation, and what was this new lump it felt inside itself?

@Arq: The slime tried running after the dark shape moving on the ground. It was nowhere near as fast as whatever this dark shape was, but not for lack of trying. It was still clearly visible, but then the slime felt something. It had been carrying something in its mouth... where did it put it? The slime saw other things, even the big pile of whatever that stuff was spread out, even farther ahead of it than behind it. How much of this was there? Small movements in and near the whatever the stuff was could be seen here and there, and other small movements near the hurty skinned things.

@Ish: The white part of the hard thing was hard too, but much softer than the outside part was. While the slime scratched and ate the white part, the creature the slime had fought came out from no where, snagging one of the smaller pieces, scarfing it down as fast as it could. The slime started to realize something about this weird organic as it continued eating it, too busy to do anything about the opportunist for at least the time being.

@Eltanin: As the slime started to absorb the weird creature that made the fast, it noticed that only its outermost layer felt slippery. Just under that, it didn't feel that way, but different. The creature started moving frantically as it was being consumed, but it wasn't able to do much since the slime's tendril tail was so securely around it. Eventually the creature stopped moving and the slime could absorb in peace.

@Bosque: The flying slime had a small issue with getting the inorganic cylinder from its needly tail, but it got it eventually. After it put the emptied glowy thing in the portable hole, it tried to carry it, but it didn't work. The cylinder was about twice as long as the portable hole, and it kept falling out. There was another portable hole that seemed big enough, but it was upside down and had some sort of small thing flying near and around it.

@Havoc: The slime absorbed the rest of the weird liquid, but it didn't seem to make its weird feeling get any better or worse. It escaped the container, but it cut itself even worse this time on the way out, clumsily scratching its whole side on a sharp part of the wall. The slime didn't feel another cylinder like the one it left, only able to look in confused, clumsy meandering. What it did find, is something cold and extremely hard, with some sort of pattern on it. The pattern had little holes through it, whatever the pattern was.

As Eltanin consumed the puffy, (And found that inside, it was actually quite pokey) the slime became quite full, and for a time, quite lethargic as it digested.
With Eltanin's unyielding appetite satisfied for a moment, the slime's mind wandered to the things it has learned since meeting the cold wet.
What do food things do? The puffy puffed, and the up drips poked Eltanin when it had another food thing and tried to nibble its tasty...
Food things eat, too, maybe?

And then thoughts of the jumpy windy feeling returned.

In retrospect, that was pleasurable to the slime, but it hurt to fall on this hard thing. How to know more...
A new idea struck Eltanin, and the slime willed two new, round and squishy forms to grow near its antennae.
Suddenly, the blackness that Eltanin had not even been aware of lifted, and strange new things lined the walls of its thought. Shapes, formed of all sorts of tones swirled about. Eltanin began to take notice of patterns- things moved relative to the slime's own movement. And then, Entanin noticed that so many things moved.
Tasty things, maybe.

The slime considered its new and odd impulse of wanting to grab things from midair. Could it do that? Yes... There's stretching and flicking and long and sticky involved. Eltanin already had long and sticky. The slime focused on making its betentacled appendage more like the thing the puffy must have used for food thing purposes.

To try out these new features, Eltanin lashed out at the first flash of movement in its peripheral vision.

Bosque hovered to the overturned portable hole. There was a flappy thing making noises all around, bouncing through the air around the hole. Bosque hadn't found a single other organic that flew like he did and all the others flew so wrong. Bouncing, no control. And sure enough, this one fell all over itself in air until Bosque wondered what was quite the matter. With a quick fluid motion Bosque lined himself up with the creature's altitude and delivered a casting blow with the empty glowy on his tail. The flying thing wheeled back and Bosque tried to wrap it in his tail, but the flapping noise was agile. Or possibly Bosque's reach was sluggish. Either way the flapping thing ended up just to the side.

Boque felt the vibrations on it for a moment. It acted more confused than anything. Bosque began to think then. He had a device for catching slow things off the ground but he needed a device for catching quick things out of the air. He felt like he'd consumed something appropriate to the situation, it was a sticky. Something sticky. Bosque thought sticky thoughts and tried to be sticky...

After a moment of this Bosque picked up the smaller portable hole and slammed it down on the flapping thing. He'd have to work out the sticky but if holes were available they might do the job as well.

Bosque then turned to the larger portable hole and used his tail to push it over. It rolled onto its side and Bosque very quickly surmised that there was ... not infinite but certainly lots of nothing beneath it. A long thin corrior openend up into the earth itself and the resonations bounced in such a way it was hard to tell what was coming. Or going. Or where the tunnel ended.

Bosque flicked a pebble down his new tunnel. And he banged his glowy cylander against the captured flapping thing. And he gave a serious inspection of the inside of the larger portable hole. Things were working strangely for Bosque, he just missed his sight. He would find that whisker jumping horror and take his head back if was the last thing he ever did.

Saarg absent-mindedly consumed the pointy thing, every little helps! Its main attention was focused on continueing after its nemesis however. Saarg deduced that it would be able to reach the ledge up ahead if it stretched itself as far as possible. Once Saarg had finished its snack, it began its ascent, stretching out and lying flat along the blockage infront of it. In an almost comical manouver, Saarg hooked his fangs over the ledge and swung its tail-end over the ledge too. In a very undignified manner it then pulled the remainder of its body onto the ledge.
Saarg was pleased to have overcome this obstical, but was immediatly confronted by something unusual. There was a relativly large lump lying in its path. Saarg could see that it was organic, but also noted a host of tiny organic creatures swarming all over the lump. What on earth was that?

Arq finally fond out what that weird feeling was. There was something in it's mouth. How did it get there? More importantly, just what was it? Arq tried to find out if the thing in it's mouth was organic and if so absorb it. If it wasn't, Arq sure wanted to know just what it was.

the slime looked up at the strange thing he saw out of the corner of his eye

Ish started to form two small bumps on its back, one on each side of its back. It was completely oblivious to whatever it was that the other slime saw.

Wet, Cold, Dirty liquid. It surrounded the spherical mutant almost completely. After rolling around in the filmy depths for a while the creature was finally free of the strange pressure the wetness gave it. It propelled itself rather aimlessly until it was able to find the thing it rolled over and rolled over it again. Finally getting back out of the cold and dirty miasma for the second time, it pealed back and stopped.
Unfolding itself, it slowly trekked over to the weirdly shaped form. Moving around it and on it, the hardened creature was able to tell it was organic, but not living. It was a smooth, circle shape like itself, but it seemed there was more then just one shape here, several small, living organisms were stuck to it and moving very quickly. Feeling around, the critter noticed some were on it too! Well, that won't do.
Moving swiftly, it reached with its slimy under-body and snatched the small beings from its shell and absorbed them. Feeling hungry again, it absorbed the small organic mass as well as the creatures crawling on it. Mmm, what a taste.
It was a pleasing gesture to absorb living things. Especially when they struggled. Moving things were a chance because they weren't always there. This organic thing tasted good, but it was dead, it couldn't move. The small little forms moving around were a lot more fun to catch and consume.

@Eltanin: Even if the slime had a mouth, this thing wouldn't fit in it. Luckily it was still mostly slime, so it was able to be pulled into its form to be digested. It flapped its wings about, pulling itself away from the slime, starting to free itself. The sticky stuck on the slime's whip tail on to the huge weird thing's tail, but it didn't have a very good grip.

@Bosque: The slime could tell there was something deep in the hole, but it was too far to tell what it was, only that it was in there deep. The slime's screams got gentler and gentler over distance, and it just couldn't penetrate into the hole. There was something somewhat pokey, but wide and rounded in there. Whatever it was, the slime would have to go down the hole itself in order to get a closer look. Pounding its toy on the entrance didn't antagonize the thing, or if it didn't it wasn't obvious. At least the flying thing was dead now after being struck.

@Saarg: The organic thing was flopped at the edge of the ledge the slime had climbed over, partially hanging over it. Little flying things, whatever they were, seemed interested in the thing just as much as the slime was. But then something happened. The organic thing, that even the slime could tell was dead, moved. It looked like something had yanked on it. The slime couldn't see over the ledge, and that was the direction the thing was pulled..

@Arq: The cylindrical thing in the slime's mouth was definitely not organic. Whatever it was that was in it might be, though. Whether it was another slime in the container or not, it moved when the slime moved, and a tiny bit after. The shadow the slime had been chasing started to shrink in size in the distance, starting to get much smaller than when the slime first saw it.

@Wrecker: What was that? The thing it saw was blurry, but it looked like it had invisible skin like it used to have, but inside that invisible skin, was something else entirely. The slime had never seen that color before. It hadn't seen invisible skin before either, not like that. Whatever it was, it was partially covered by the leaves of some sort of plant.

@Ish: The other creature finished consuming the piece of food a little faster than Ish did, staring intently at something. Some sort of other creature came from above and landed over near where the other creature was looking. Was that what the other creature was looking at?

@Bleak: This thing felt.. soft, but stable. What was this stuff? The things wiggling around seemed to try and get out from under it, but it didn't seem to matter. Something else happened though, something painful. What was up with all this hurtyness? The pain came from a sharp pinch-like feeling on its side. Pain from that started to spread through the slime, just like the weird tasting wet did, but the pain was different. It also felt like something the size of one of the things it rolled into the organic had bumped into its hard slime. The slime began to feel lethargic after all the consuming the little things and the thing they had climbed on, but also felt something else. It felt like it needed to stretch.

Ish turned around and stared at the bird. it couldn't care weather or not it ate the bird, the other creature could have it. Ish walked off and after a while the slime had found a field of something. on the ground in front of it, there was something yellow and extremely bumpy. part of it was covered what looked like was to be leaves. ish decided to eat it and set to work doing so.

the slime tried to eat the strange thing but the invisible skin was too though for the slime, after chewing the object from different angles and smacking it with his tail for a while, when it heard a pop noise and the top of the skin was suddenly easy to move. The slime then starting devouring the organic substance inside.

Ravager persisted, retaining his grip on the creature's top and biting more and more into the creatures neck in hope of cutting off air, every so often stopping to shake off the liquid seeping out. He swallowed, or absorbed, some of it too, along with the creatures skin. The liquid tasted, metallic, but not nutritious. The flesh tasted much more wholesome.

Bosque wrapped the flying thing in his tail and let the liquid sustenance flow into him. He listened closely to the hole, knowing beyond doubt it wasn't a good idea to go in there. And yet something compelled him. He had no idea where to find the whiskery jumping terror, he had to search every dark corner.

Bosque thought about his approach. The tunnel was closely packed if his screams could be trusted, but it opened up a bit after the begining. Bosque decided it was best to enter backwards, tail first. If he needed to escape quickly he was already facing the way out and if he needed to fight his tail was the first thing presented. And with that Bosque began to slow, careful process of entering the tunnel.

Saarg was filled with a sudden sense of fore-boading. Whatever was pulling the creature away, it had to be at least the same size as the mound, which made it equal to, or larger than the slime itself! Remembering his last encounter with a large creature, Saarg decided to take a more stealthy approach.

Saarg slid along the underneath the ledge until it reached a wall, then lifted itself up onto the ledge once more. Lying in what it hoped was the shadows, Saarg began scanning for what had become of its prey-to-be. Once again, Saargs eyes failed him as he could only make out an indestinct blob a little way away. What the slime could tell, however, was that it was definitely bigger than Saarg. Had he finally caught up with the beast that had wounded him in the first place?

Driven on by a primitive desire for vengeance, Saarg slid stealthily along on its belly, keeping low to the ground. He would gather information on his nemesis, then launch an attack!

Noticing the cylinder and remembering what it was, Arq looked around. Seeing organic things around him, Arq dropped the cylinder and tried to open it and release what it thought was trapped inside it.

Abruptly, Bleak felt a pressure building inside itself. What was this strange feeling, like it need to release something held inside? The orb-like being couldn't take anymore pressure and extended itself out as far possible. One of the ends of its body bubbled up and jetted out a clear liquid that when it landed on nearby plants, burned through them viciously. Feeling loads better but still feeling that small pressure, Bleak stretched again. The liquid wasn't released this time so the shelled creature rolled back into its ball form and rolled along the edge of the dirty wetness, looking for more interesting things to devour.

@Ish: Strange organic yellow bumpy cylindrical things were all over the ground, not far from the other pile of... stuff. The things were definitely organic, the slime could tell that just by looking. They tasted different than other things it had before, and the center of each cylinder had a hard core. The slime had hard things in the core of its legs and back, but this felt different. Whatever they were, the slime had a feast set before it.

@Wrecker: Smacking its tail straight down on the invisible skinned thing made it deflate right away, making a really loud sound. Able to eat the stuff in the invisible-skinned flimsy container, the slime could tell they tasted... what was going on? Everything started to turn blue. Whatever color something was, it wasn't, but now it was blue. There was also a secondary taste behind the taste of the stuff it had freed. It didn't taste dangerous, but it forced the slime's face to contort because of the flavor. Whatever this flavor was, it started to spread through the slime's body.

@Ravager: The slime didn't realize it sooner, but it did now. As the creature's wet poured all over the slime, it hadn't been making air movements. The slime felt the creature stop suddenly, and the force was transferred right into the slime, making it lose its grip. Worse than that, the large creature had toppled over, and it was now directly on top of the slime; all its weight squishing the slime almost totally flat.

@Bosque: The hole was a tight fit for the slime, but not as tight as it initially thought, possibly because it didn't have a good frame of reference for its own body size. The ground was damp, but not wet enough to actually be wet. When the slime rubbed against any of the sides, small amounts of the inorganic rubbed off on it. As the slime went deeper into the hole, its anxiety grew. Traveling further, something flickered at its backside. Whatever this was, it moved almost half as fast as the slime's own wings did when in flight.

@Saarg: The large creature was completely oblivious to the slime, only interested in gorging itself on the other creature. Something seemed off about the large animal though. The slime remembered where it attacked, but another of the animal's legs seemed injured this time too, even worse than the slime could have done. The big animal did have a big head start to get to where they both were now... did something happen further in, causing the animal to come back here?

@Arq: The slime scratched and bit at the container, trying to get it open. It didn't seem like anything it did was having an effect. Getting angry as it had before, the slime bit one side of the container harder than it did before. It broke and some liquid from inside the container splashed all over the slime, most of it still intact. The container itself shattered at the top, sharp pieces of inorganic piercing the slime's mouth, but most of it falling on the ground near the container itself. The smell that escaped the container let the slime know that this was definitely not another creature like itself, but it did smell interestingly potent.

@Bleak: The liquid itself seemed to have an organic layer. Other things in the wet had thin things that ended in wide, flat parts. The bottom of the wet felt slimy, but not the same kind of slimy that the slime was made of. More slippery, but inorganic. The slime wasn't sure, but it was almost as if something other than itself caused the wet to move.

Ravager felt around. It's body was capable of some minor movements. Sightlessly, it started to move itself around towards an exit, making small, lurching movements to move itself a centimetre at a time.

The injury to the creature, which up until now Saarg had seen as an alpha predator in the area, caused Saarg to re-consider the potential food chain. What if this creature was just a scavenger? What if the REAL predators were further in? Saarg forced these thoughts to one side. First things first, this creature had to go.

Saarg advanced slowly, keeping to the shadows. The creature seemed intent on consuming the lump Saarg had been following, and this worked greatly to the slime's advantage. As Saarg began to move behind the creature though, its head jerked up. It raised its head in the air and inhaled several times through a black blob on the end of it. A low noise began to rumble from its throat, and Saarg knew, with a certainty it could not explain, that it had been spotted. Saarg acted quickly: he struck.

Saarg lunged and plunged his fangs deep into the flank of the wounded creature, feeling the powerful venom flow away into the beast. It unleashed a mighty howl of pain and spun, lashing out at the slime with its massive paws, Saarg was faster though, and now that it could see how the creature was attacking, it found avoiding being hit much easier. Whenever possible, Saarg darted porwards, delivering another dose of venom into his nemesis' body.

The creature was working itself into a fury, and with its rage came a burst of speed. Saarg was too slow to avoid a clawed paw and was battered into the tunnel wall. The world blurred and Saarg saw several indestinct images swirling around before him. He lashed out futilely at them one by one, but it was no use, and a second blow drove all the strength from the slime. As Saarg tried to focus on the creature, he saw it suddenly stagger as the venom slowly took hold. Had Saarg dosed it with enough to save himself?

Eltanin was frantic at the prospect of eating this new, weird flappy stick thing: it was pretty. Vision certainly made things more interesting (And look more tasty), but also gave new insight onto the food things the slime was encountering. Eltanin understood now that the flappy moved by the flapping- it wasn't just able to float. If it could get the flapping to stop, then it would be easier to keep a hold of.
The slime secreted more of the sticky nectar, hoping that it would make its way to the joints of the flappy.

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