An Obscured World: A Clockwork Fantasy RP

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The last thing you remember was a gut-churning sensation like a hook in your intestines pulling you through a dizzying whirlpool of colors and sounds, now leaving you here in this dark cave, luminescent lichen lending it an eerie green glow. As you attempt to gain your bearings, staring around the cave, you realize that before the whirlpool, you can remember nothing, only vague flashes. In your desperation, you search yourself for any clue, anything that might jog your memory. The only thing you can find are your clothes and a single tantalizing hint that seems almost entirely worthless. As you search your mind and possessions, a name springs to your lips, and it sounds like yours.

Moments later, you notice others stirring in the cave, doing much the same as you. As you gaze around your surroundsings, you notice that the cave does not seem natural - skeletons seem to grow half in, half out of the stonework, and a colossal, twisted skull-like shape presides over an altar of some kind over you. On the far side of the chamber, an exit can be seen. The walls of the cavern seem to tremble periodically in time with breezes, air blowing in or flowing out of the chamber.

Even in your confusion, this doesn't seem right at all.

Sounds fun. I'll get started on a sheet soon.

Name: Danloth

Race: Elf
Age: Ancient
Gender: Male

Appearance: Thin, tall and slender, Danloth towers over most Humans. He has green hair and blue eyes, with no facial hair. Although very old, Danloth does not show it and his face is as smooth as a babies.

Possessions: A dirty dark brown robe, covering most of his body. A large green necklace hangs from his neck. His pockets are empty.

Made a lot of changes.


How's that?

Ooh, I do like playing as an oppressed minority! Pity I can't be an Orc...

Reserve please?

No reserves.

Here's my application.

My sheet is ready at last.

Might be fun.

could I be some form of Wight?

Okay, in order.

Omega, like yours.

Blaze, like yours,

Kronos, yours is good.

Supertegwyn, don't like yours.

DaftSikes, don't like yours.

Skye, yours is good.

Avouleance, don't like yours.

ThreeWords, like yours.

mcpop, don't like yours.

TheIronRuler, I like yours.

dethklok, like yours.

Avashka, like yours.

willofbob, don't like yours.

Okay, so that gives us a seven man spread. We'll start sometime this evening or tomorrow. Character applications remain open until the group gets out of the cave, which will probably be sometime late tomorrow or early Friday.

Also please note that if you annoy me, or you vanish from the RP for two weeks without notice your character will be put on a bus. That bus might be the fastest train to Caladon, or it might be a sniper's bullet turning his forehead into a Jackson Pollock.

Have a good day.

Read the end of your sheet, I appended a section on his finances. Take note. And no, they aren't an even distribution, so if that bothers you, deal with it. A few notes.

Each silver coin weighs approximately one ounce. They appear to be pure silver. Many of the coins are different, marked with sigils and faces that are each individually different. The coins vary in shape and condition greatly.

Gold coins are similar.

Iron coins are pentagon-shaped and marked on one side with the words 'Wheel Clan Mint', with a bearded king on the other side.

Caledonian banknotes are rectangular sheets of paper, coming in $1, $5, $10, and $50. The front of each is covered in writing, stating it's value, that it is backed by the Treasury of Caledon under the authority of the King and Parliament, and a twelve-digit serial number. The back of each note is a structure with a man standing in front. In order of value, the structures are a cathedral, a huge circular building with a tower rising from the middle, a great bridge leading into a sprawling metropolis, and a towering castle. Each man is different, but all appear to be Kings.

Don't like the character, Viking.

Don't like the character, Viking.

Darn. Any way I could mix it up and change your mind?

Given your track record, not likely.

You awaken from nightmares of flying and falling, opening your eyes to a nightmarish cave, lit only by the eerie glow of lichen. Staring around, you see seven others slowly coming to, taking in the surroundings. Skeletons seem to grow half-in and out of the walls and floor of the cave, and close by you can see what looks like an altar formed out of what looks like the head of a squid. A short distance away you can see what looks like a passage into another part of the cave, a reddish light shining through the corridor.

Rob woke up and rubbed his head. "Ugh... where am I? What happened here? What was I doing before all this?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out his watch. "Don't know if it's day or night from here..." he noticed his notebook "Hmm? What is all this stuff? Why do I have it written down?" He sighed. "Well, I suppose I should start trying to find some answers. And I'm not finding anything out here..."

Akivasha's awakening was fitful, the ghastly pale woman jerking awake with a start. Her icy eyes were quick to take in her surroundings, and she did not much care for them. Her back ached. Her legs ached. She rolled to a sitting position, groaning, trying to do her best not to show any fear. She didn't understand why, but it felt like something she should do.

Skeletons were half-submerged in the stone around her, lichen growing on petrified bones. Almost with half-a-glance, Akivasha raised a gloved finger to brush against the cheekbone of the nearest skull, her expression turning to one of bemusement. How old are these things? How old is any of it?

She rose, noting the others. "So it seems I am not alone in this place of death," she said, almost directed to Rob, the only other yet conscious. Her voice was a sibilant whisper, faint and unsettling, with a bit of scratchiness betraying either a sore throat or some kind of long-past internal injury.

An altar. A passageway.

Something about that alter worried her. Perhaps the squid-like form. Perhaps the reflections cast by the eerie light of the glowing lichen. Whatever it was, she was quick to step away from it, almost brushing back against some of the skeletons fused to the wall.

"I know you not. I know me not," she hissed again, staring at Rob-- anything to keep her eyes from that altar. "But I do know this is no place for the living. Rouse the others. We must begone."

Samuel shot upright as he woke up. Immediately he patted over himself instinctively to make sure he was okay.

"Who and where am I? Better yet who are you two?" He said looking around at the others before checking on the strange weight that sat on his head. He took his hat off and checked the small bag filled with odd silver coins.

Well if it is hidden on me it must be important. He quickly tied off the bag and put it back on under his hat.

He then moved on to his coat and felt the small flask and case. The flask was beautiful, and had letters on it which were explained once he saw the case in the opposite pocket on the inside of his coat. Upon opening the box he saw the drugs and medical supplies.

What are these things? Why do I feel like I should know what these are and what to do with them, and yet I can't remember for the life of me. He opened the flask and took a small sniff after closing the box and putting it back in his pocket. The smell was strong and he quickly brought his nose away and closed the flask and put it back in his other inside coat pocket.

With the mysteries of what the odd shapes pressing against him at least slightly solved he focused on the area around him.

"Why am I here?" He asked aloud as he tried to think of the reason but couldn't come up with anything.

Iris' eyes shot open at the sound of Akivasha's raspy voice. Her hands instinctively closed over something cold and sharp, something that dug into her palm. She didn't move, instead listening the the people who were awake. For some reason she focused on what sounded like coins. It tugged at something on the outskirts of her mind.

Finding nothing else in her memory she sat up, looking at the slender metallic object in her hand. It was dark, but she could make out a name. Alex... Alex... Despite how many times she said it, no matter how familiar it felt, it wasn't her name. She turned it over. "Iris..." Finally, she had something to hold above the others, even if it was an almost useless bit of information. "My name is Iris." she said with more conviction, standing up. "You should think about 'why' after we get out of this place. Somewhere more pleasant, yeah?"

She casually put her hands in her pockets, letting her fingers examine the contents. Some coins... some paper...

Rob had gotten to his feet when he heard a female voice, turning around to see Akivasha. Surprised to see another person there, he looked around and noticed a few others. "Hmph. Seems I'm not the only one here. Suppose I should count myself lucky." He picked up his hat and dusted it off, straightening his clothes.

When Akivasha told him to wake the others, he nodded "The madame does seem to be very level-headed. Still, she doesn't seem that much more aware of things than I." He then saw Samuel awaken. "Well, that's another of us awakened." He picked up his cane off the ground and prodded a couple people who were still asleep, wondering if they were even alive.

He then saw Iris awaken. He saw her examining her possessions and left her alone for the moment, just remarking "Glad to see another of us can be counted among the living. It'd be a shame for one such as yourself to die so young."

"So while we wait for the others to wake, perhaps we should introduce each other. I'm..." he tried to think, but nothing came to him. "On second thought, how about the madame tells us her name first."

Gomik rolled around on the floor after being poked, his stout body flopping slightly as he rolled first to the left, then back to the right, landing himself right back to where he was, on his face. He grunted loudly as he waved one hand, motioning for them to move on, before he was in his right senses. He picked himself up slowly, finally realizing that he was not any place that he had ever been, nor could he remember any place he had been. He slowly made it to a sitting position, and everything was a blur. He glanced around and saw that it was dark, but could make figures out walking and moving around.

Gomik quickly reached instinctively to a little case in a vest pocket, and produced a small rectangular box. He opened it quickly and pulled out his glasses, odd looking with all the different attachments of varying lenses. He put them on over his eyes and blinked a few times, getting used to the change in scenery. He spied two men standing up, along with two women, and none of them were Dwarves. He shot to his feet in an instant, and puffed his chest out, looking to get some answers.

"I don' know what you all want from me, but I am not too old to fight!" Gomik called out as his hand reached for his belt, drawing from it a wrench, which he held like a club. "Shoulda tied me up, fer there will be no stoppin me once I get going! Now where am I, and why did you bring me here?" He said, demanding answers before stopping to remember if he could trace back to why he was here.

"Good luck finding out why you are here. The rest of us are trying to figure it out as well. Apparently my name is Samuel, but so far that is all I really know of anything really." Samuel replied to the man who jumped up and threatened to beat them all.

"I do agree with the others before me who said that we should leave. The question is though, does the obvious path lead out or lead deeper?"

Akivasha looked over her shoulder to the others from her position by the entombed skeletons on the wall, not even reacting to the furious Gomik. "I know nothing. Nor do I my name. It seems we all are in a similar place, then.." She waited a moment for the others to bicker and chatter.

And she turned to Samuel. "It is the ONLY path. There is little other choice, lest you prefer to toy with that altar," she said, gesturing to the squid-head altar, which she showed obvious revulsion toward.

Theodore was pulled from the mists of sleep by the sound of people rustling around the room he was in. He felt the ground with shaking hands and determined that this probably wasn't the kind of place he was likely to fall asleep in. When he finally opened his eyes, he quickly noticed that there were at least seven other people in the cavern. Instinctively, he reached out his left arm and found his lacquered cane, and with its support, he pulled himself to his feet.

While the others where babbling about something meaningless, Theo quickly patted himself down to find a circular disk in his chest pocked, and a stack of paper and a box in his pants. He examed the disk more closely, but the dim surroundings didn't give him enough light to let him determine what exactly it was.

"...does the obvious path lead out or lead deeper" he heard in the riff raff of voices. Theo loudly cleared his through, and in his high pitched Gnomish voice declared "I think our pointy eared friend may be right, and I don't know about you, but I think I'd prefer something more... comfortable."

"You're... let me see... you're in a cave! And if you think we brought you here, you are sorely mistaken. What reason would we have to take a single captive? Surely whatever loot you might have would be small when split between all of us." Just in case, she walked away from the dwarf. She didn't feel any weapons on her, and wasn't about to try and fight quite yet.

Her eyes settled on the only noticeable path out of the place they were in. Now that she was closer, she realized how suffocating the air was, and how claustrophobic the walls were. She didn't want to be there when people started to go for each others necks, and started to slowly make her way out. "Hey, sorry for not answering all your questions, but I have a few of my own."

She followed the strange light out to a roomier cavern, and felt her heart skip a beat. What she saw was all strange, and none of it comforting. There was a large red stone in the middle of the room, pulsing and glowing. It's shape vaguely reminded her of a heart. "Come out here if you like. There's nothing bad. Yet."

"Now now, no reason to be rude. Just that none of us know where we are or why, can't be wrong to be a little wary of a path that seems to obvious." He said before Iris walked through anyway.

"Well may as well head onward then. No point in staying here if it seems safe enough." With that he got up and followed Iris into the room. Immediately the atmosphere of the place made him more anxious to continue on.

"Hopefully we will be able to leave this place soon." He thought out loud.

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