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OOC: I removed the XP system. It was just a lot of unnessecary busy work for me. Any more comments or suggestions? I want to make this the best RP I can possibly make it. By the way, how do you make those spoiler boxes? That could really help clean up the OP.

"A cybernetic hand? Woah, how does it feel?" James asked as he was finishing up his Radaroni Salad. Harold sighed and answered, "Oh, fine I guess. To be honest, I don't feel anything up here. I got it is as a favor for my friend. He had to have a test subject, and considering I was badly injured anyway, he got me this one." After a while of small talk and eating, Harold and James Kilson left the diner, leaving a tip of 1 cent because the waitress tried to kill him. "What say we head out of town for a bit?" Harold asked. "Sure, let's go find an adventure, brother." James answered.

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Sasha lay motionless on the roof of her warehouse home, a pair of binoculars held to her face. A group of raiders was milling about fairly close to the warehouse. She had counted seven. It wasn't the largest group to threaten the warehouse, but something about them made Sasha's skin crawl. Earlier, one had been wounded by one of the many booby traps Sasha and her sister had set. Rather than fall upon him like a pack of ravenous wolves, they had carefully approached, and kept watch while one of their number freed their comerade.

Maybe they weren't raiders at all. They looked like raiders, but they didn't act anything like raiders. That bothered Sasha. Soon, the sun would rise behind them, putting the twins at a disadvantage that might be fatal if the raiders decided to attack.

With time running out, Sasha made her decision. She shuffled over to the roof hatch and climbed down. Her sister was already up, clutching a teddy bear and looking at Sasha with a worried expression. Sasha envied her sister's innocence, something she herself could no longer afford. She would do anything to protect it.

"Something wrong?" Aisha asked.
"Bad guys. I think." Sasha answered. "Get your gun and get up on the roof. Don't forget your sunglasses."

Sasha didn't have to tell Aisha the rest of the plan. They had done it before multiple times. One girl would hide on the roof, the other would circle around to attack from the opposite side. In the confusion, enemies would often stumble right into the booby traps the girls had laid out. It was usually an effective tactic, and the panicked survivors tended to flee.

This day was different. Before Sasha was in position, the sun peeked over the horizon, and the men began a cautious approach to the warehouse. Aisha opened fire early, before the men were fully into the trap field. Even so, one of the men was blown apart when he had the misfortune of diving for cover only to have a landmine explode beneath him. Sasha kept her cool, and shot another in the back, and he went down, a smoking hole in the back of his leather jacket. Sasha quickly pulled the pin from a grenade, and flung it towards the men, then ducked behind a boulder. Perhaps these guys wouldn't be so tough after all.

Sasha's thoughts of victory were short-lived. She put her head up just in time to see the man she shot moments ago get back up, and a grenade flying toward her. She ducked again, the grenade exploding just short of her rock. Temporarily defeaned by the blast, she peeked out and shot the same man again. She didn't notice the man with the rocket launcher pointed at the warehouse until it was too late. Aisha had, but despite riddling him with bullets, he managed to fire the rocket.

The rocket exploded against the warehouse wall, just below where Aisha should have been. Now there was a jagged hole, and no sign of Aisha. Sasha stared in shock for a moment. A shot whizzing by her snapped her back to reality, and she let out a feral cry of rage, charging the men and firing rapidly. One man went down with three laser burns in his chest, the rest scattered as she tossed another grenade.

Before the remaining three could recover, she was upon them. The first looked up to find the business end of Sasha's laser rifle in his face. The brilliant red light was the last thing he ever saw. The second reacted quickly, firing a pistol at Sasha. The round hit the girl's laser rifle, and she tossed it aside and leapt at him with a knife. Blood spurted from the wound as the knife sank into the man's neck. Sasha yanked it out and turned, then froze as a bullet singed her hair.

"Don't move," the last man gruffly ordered. "Drop it."
Sasha stood still a moment, still clutching the knife. She lifted her head to look her opponent in the eyes.
"I said drop it! You wanna die?!" He yelled.

Just then, there was a burst of automatic gunfire. The last man's eyes went wide, and he crumpled to the ground. Movement caught Sasha's eye, and she saw Aisha lying on the ground next to the warehouse. Soon, she was at her sister's side, hugging her.

"I was so worried!"
"I saw the rocket and I um.. jumped off. I think I broke something..."

Aisha had broken her leg. Sasha was no stranger to broken limbs, and soon had the bone set and a super stimpack strapped to Aisha's leg. The damage to the warehouse however, was not something Sasha could fix. The blast had torn a hole in the wall, and set off several explosives inside. Almost nothing was salvageable. Sasha handed a teddy bear to Aisha.

"We can't stay, we've gotta find a new home," Sasha sighed.
Aisha nodded, clutching the teddy.

With Sasha helping Aisha to walk, the pair limped away from their wrecked home. Sasha tried to keep her expression blank. With only a couple of knives, an assault rifle and some ammo, and a teddy bear between them, things were looking grim.

Two days later, thirsty and out of ammo, they laid eyes on a town.

Quicksilver walked out of the bar at 8 AM the next morning having made himself 600 caps and a brand-new .44 magnum revolver. He walked back to the outside of the town to sit down and think for a few hours. As he sat down and lit his cigarette he heard something from in the distance. He turned around and noticed a Deathclaw swiftly approaching the town. He shouted to the NCR guards and pulled out his new revolver. The deathclaw quickly swung for him but he dived and rolled just in time and fired all 6 bullets into the deathclaws left leg. The deathclaw fell to the ground and started thrashing about trying to get up again to defend itself. Quicksilver looked over the terrifying abomination of the waste while reloading and shot it right between its horn without blinking. As he walked back into Shady Sands past the NCR troopers he said to them, "Nice job you guys did back there." and walked on without looking at them even for a second.

Alexander trudged up to the entrance of the town he had spotted the previous night. He was aware of guards in NCR armor outside the gate. His side ached and his vision wavered again, but still he moved forward.

As he came closer, a trooper greeted him,
"Welcome to Shady Sands Home of- holy shit man are you okay? Hey Donnie, open the gate!"

Alexander's left hand was pressed against the dirty, clearly recent, wound on the right side of his ribcage, and his right hand was gripping his sheathed sword so hard his knuckles were white. He entered the gates, not acknowledging any attempts from the people he passed to help him. Then a wave of pain hit him and he dropped to one knee. He was hoisted up by two burly men and brought into a building that he couldn't identify, and through all of this, he refused to pass out. A woman came and stood over him, saying something he couldn't understand through the rushing of blood in his ears. He felt her inject him with something once, then twice, then three times until he lost consciousness.

Alexander woke up 5 hours later on a bed with bandages wrapped around his mid-section and his sword in a chair next to his bed, as if it were a family member waiting for him to wake. His clothes had been laid out at the foot of the bed, so he got dressed, embracing the pain in his side with no med-ex, and tide his scabbard to his belt, quickly examining the sword before sheathing it and exiting his room. He noticed the doctor on his way out and thanked her. She told him he didn't have to pay and he thanked her again before exiting. On his way out he was startled by the nearby sound of shooting so he institutionally sprinted to cover behind a wall. When the shooting stopped he drew his blade and began jogging towards the gate where the noise came from, but as he reached it he collided with a young man wearing a black trench coat. He stumbled to the left without dropping his sword, and at the same time he reached out and grabbed the boy's shoulder to stop him from falling.

"Sorry about that, what was all the shooting?"

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James put all his junk in Harold's backpack, and they headed out on the old open road, heading for Junktown. It was a long and tiring walk - good thing they packed drinks and some sandwiches. Harold was so happy to be with his big brother again. They encountered many creatures along the way, including radroaches, and one angry super mutant. However, by far the toughest trial was each other. They eventually reached Junktown, although from there it didn't look so good...

Aisha looked up and smiled. "A town! Sis, we can finally get somethin ta drink, an' food!"
"Y-yeah, we can." Sasha was skeptical. The twins had earned a reputation, and more than once had ambushed NCR patrols. In addition, they currently had no way to hide their fairly unique mutation, and still didn't know who really attacked them. For all they knew, their attackers could've been some sort of covert NCR unit.

And here they were approaching the very heart of the NCR: Shady Sands.

They had no choice. They had to find a way in without being recognized. Sasha stopped at a rocky outcropping and squatted down behind it.

"Aisha, wait. We gotta come up with a plan."

"One chinese pistol with three shots, one knife, one dented can of beans, one bottle of water, an empty cantine, a rabbit's foot, 23 caps, a deck of cards and ten Shark Club casino chips." The woman reads off a list as Mickey sits in a makeshift jail cell. "Now if you promise to be a good boy odds are we'll let you out in the morning." The woman says with a coy smile.

"What about that whole suspicion of mischief charge?" asks Mickey as he lays down on the wooden bench his jacket folded under his head as a pillow.

"We ran it by our CO he said it was no go so you lucked out." the woman says her smile now followed with a second of laughter.

"Well that's good an' all but I still haven't gotten your name?" Mickey says matching her smile as he turns his head to meet her eyes.

"It's Mary, but that's not important anymore." The soldier says as she turns to leave the cell. Before she leaves Mickey chimes back "Of course it's important a name, especially from a lovely young girl is very important." With that he closes his eye playing a game of caravan in his head to pass the time.

"That's a great plan, sis!" Aisha smiled.
"Yeah, let's get ready." Sasha nodded.

Aisha took off her makeshift combat armor and gave it to Sasha, then hid the empty assault rifle behind her. Sasha took Aisha's armor and moved to a new hiding place. Kneeling behind the rusted-out hulk of a car, Sasha disassembled her sister's armor, taking the straps and stuffing them in a pocket. She took care in the disassembly--she would have to put it back together as soon as possible. She waved to signal her sister when she was ready, and then they waited.

It wasn't long before a trader came along heading out of town, followed by his pack brahmin and a single guard--the perfect mark for the twins. It was risky pulling a robbery within sight of Shady Sands, but Sasha figured they were far enough that even if they did attract attention, they could escape before troops arrived. The small caravan drew closer, and Sasha waited. Her sister knew what to do.

Aisha knew exactly what to do. It was a gambit they'd pulled before, and she liked it because it was easy. They didn't use it very often. Sasha seemed to think it was dangerous, but Aisha didn't quite understand why. Aisha closed her eyes, visualizing the caravan as it approached. When it was close enough, she took a deep breath, and began crying. It wasn't hard to cry when she was tired, hungry, and thirsty. This would be the easiest one yet.

John "Jinxo" Ochoa led his caravan with a smile. Today was a good day. He'd found a fully-intact deathclaw corpse right outside town. The claws, horns, and teeth he'd taken from it would fetch a nice sum at his next stop. Yes, today was a lucky day for Jinxo. The crying of a young girl soon wiped the smile from his face, however. He looked around for the source of the sound, and soon found her as they passed an outcropping. He halted the caravan and went over to the girl. The poor girl was poorly dressed and clutching a ragged-looking teddy, sitting with her back against a rock.

"Hey hey now.. what's the matter huh?" Jinxo walked over to the girl and knelt down.
Aisha rubbed at her eyes and sobbed. "Th-thirsty.. a-and tired...mommy never came back.." It was all true, at least.
"Aw, don't worry.. Jinxo'll take care of ya.." Jinxo pulled out his canteen, and offered it to Aisha.

As soon as the caravan stopped, Sasha began sneaking up on the guard. Aisha was doing her job well. Both the trader and the guard had their attention focussed on her. The guard never saw Sasha coming. He let out a surprised yelp as Sasha's knife struck deep in his back. Even as the man crumpled, Sasha was relieving him of his weapons. She quickly hopped over the dying man and moved to assist Aisha.

The guard's yelp was Aisha's cue. As Jinxo was reaching for his canteen, Aisha suddenly grinned and pulled the assault rifle out from behind her, aiming it at the man's face. Jinxo's eyes went wide.

"Aah! Don't shoot!" He stumbled backwards and put his hands up. It was then he noticed Aisha's eyes. "Ah no, not you two again!"
Aisha giggled. "Yup! You been caught by the Black Cats a third time!"
"Well, don't you just have all the luck, Jinxo." Sasha taunted. "Maybe we should just kill you this time. Someone ratted us out. Maybe it was you." Sasha pointed the assault rifle she'd liberated from the guard at Jinxo.
"What? What happened? I swear it wasn't me! Please don't kill me, please.." Jinxo started to beg.
"I'll think about it. Aisha, search him," Sasha said as she started rummaging through the containers lashed to the pack brahmin.
Jinxo resigned himself to his fate, letting Aisha take his .223 pistol without resistance.
"Nice gun," she said, "I might keep it."
Jinxo just sighed in response.
"I found somethin' better Aisha, take a look at this!" Sasha held up a P90 and tossed it to her twin.
Aisha looked up and caught the weapon, dropping her empty rifle. "Wow! This is neat!"
Jinxo saw what the girls were playing with and his heart sank. "Aw no, not that! Don't take that! Do you know how much I paid for it? That's a valuable piece of hardware! I was gonna make a couple thousand off it man, curse my luck..."
"Ah, cheer up Jinxo! You can have this instead!" Aisha chuckled and kicked the empty rifle over to him. "It's empty though."
"Gee, thanks. An empty gun's gonna do me lotsa good when I run into some radscorpions or worse..."
Sasha sighed. Jinxo really was pitiful. "Tell ya what. I believe you. I'm gonna let you live. Again. And because you've brought us so much stuff, you can even have whatever's left at what used to be our house. Just follow that road, if you hurry, you might make it in a day. But we're gonna take what we need right now, and you're gonna keep quiet about seein' us here."

Jinxo readily agreed to Sasha's terms. He knew the twins had been hitting caravans for a long time. Visions of huge stockpiles of weapons, armor, and chems danced in his head as the twins picked over his inventory. He didn't care. In his mind, he was about to strike it rich, and what little the twins would take now couldn't compare to how much he figured he could carry off from their safehouse. He could already see himself living the high life in New Reno, or even New Vegas. Sasha's voice snapped him out of his reverie.

"Alright, you can go now. An' not that we don't trust you, but we left you a couple of loaded guns, tossed 'em over by that rock. Now get goin'. You wouldn't wanna miss out on that loot 'cus you were too slow, would you?" Sasha smirked.
"N-no! Th-th-thank you!" Jinxo stammered, scrambling to his feet and quickly heading off, the twins watching him closely.

"Think he'll ever figure out we tricked him, sis?" Aisha asked after Jinxo was out of sight.
"Nah. He's too dumb. Gotta wonder how he manages to stay alive."
Aisha giggled. "Yeah."
"We got what we needed though. C'mon let's get your armor back on, and I got stuff we can use as a disguise."

Outfitted in new clothes and goggles, the twins approached Shady Sands.


As the girls approached the gates of Shady Sands, Sasha put her arm around Aisha. Aisha looked over at her sister, and smiled. The NCR guards bought it, letting the girls pass, though they still stared suspiciously at them. The girls' weapons didn't escape the notice of the guards, but in this world, everyone had a gun or two, and one of them was also clutching a teddy bear. These two couldn't be any harm.

Sasha glanced back after they passed through the gate, then let out a sigh of relief.

"We made it Aisha."
"We did!" Aisha looked down as her tummy growled. "Let's find a place to eat!"

The twins tried to keep a low profile, but even--or perhaps, especially--in the capital of the NCR, two young girls with baggy clothing and eyes concealed by tinted goggled were bound to attract attention. Aisha didn't notice, happily enjoying her iguana bits as the girls walked down the street. Sasha glanced about warily. People were definitely staring. She could feel the eyes on them. She tugged at her hunting rifle's sling, and patted the 10-mil hidden by her clothes. Neither was much comfort to her considering where they were.

Alexander saw the two small girls walking through the streets and sighed heavily when he noticed one failing to subtly keep a hand on her weapon. He figured that if they got their hands on those weapons then they must have some chance, or at least someone protecting them.

Wait...what could they offer to someone to protect them? If it isn't a father or older brother then...damn.

He would have liked to move on but seeing such young girls that could have easily been walking into the arms of a pervert, he had to be sure. He began walking towards them as fast as he could without drawing attention and firmly, but not roughly, grabbed one of each arm's.

"I don't want to hurt you or rob you, but if you try to run or attack me then I'll have to." he said to them quietly as he pulled them with him behind a tavern. The smell from the dumpsters kept others away, giving them some privacy.

Without letting go, he kneeled down so that he was just above their eye level and said, "I don't care where you got your weapons or equipment, I don't want to hurt you, and I'm not going to turn you in for any crimes you've committed. All I want to know is how you managed to come to this town in safety without any adults with you."

Rough male hands suddenly closing about their arms set the girls in full fight or flight mode. Aisha let out a yelp, dropping her iguana bits as she struggled against Alex's grip.

"Let me GO!" Aisha shouted.

Sasha cried out in surprise as well. She tried to jerk free, but when it didn't work she turned toward her attacker. He was saying something, but she didn't care. A man was grabbing her and her sister and trying to drag them off. Her hand found her knife, and swung at Alex.

Alex's eyes widened in surprise and he stepped back to avoid the blow. It nicked the top of his wrist and he responded by putting his hands up and taking two more steps back.

"Listen to me, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to make sure you aren't in trouble. Do you understand? I want to help you."

Aisha scrambled free as soon as Alex let go, quickly turning to face him. Aisha went to raise her own weapon, but moved her hands away when Alex put his hands up. Sasha backed off as well, but didn't put away her knife.

"Uh huh, help us.. by grabbing us and dragging us who knows where..." Sasha responded. "What do you really want?"
"Yeah that was really mean Mister!" Aisha added.

"If you would just listen for a damn minute instead of..." Alexander took a breath and calmed his aggravated expression.

"Look, I just want to know how you have survived the wasteland all by yourself. Is there someone helping you? Are they taking advantage of you? I just want to know if you are safe. I took you back here because I figured this isn't the sort of conversation you want the whole town hearing."

Sasha put away her knife. The man had either never heard of them, or didn't recognize them. This was good. Now if they could just keep their cover.

"We've lived on our own for three years! We know how to take care of ourselves, we're--" Aisha stopped talking abruptly when Sasha put a hand on her shoulder.
"We take care of ourselves," Sasha said, nodding. "We're just out for some supplies." It wasn't a complete lie--they'd need more supplies than they took from Jinxo if they planned to leave Shady Sands--but it wasn't the whole truth. This stranger didn't need to know the truth.

Alex got the feelign something wasn't right and he figured it couldn't hurt to be straight forward.

"What aren't you telling me?" He could see the desire to leave creeping across their faces as he spoke. "I just want to help you."

Sasha sighed exasperatedly. This guy sure was pushy, but maybe she could turn that to her advantage.

"Nothin you needa know Mister. We just need supplies so we can get to um," Sasha thought for a second, coming up with a name she'd heard caravaneers use, "Junktown."
Aisha smiled and chimed in, "Yeah! Junktown!"

"Oh? And what do you plan to do in Junktown? Gamble in the casino? Trade chems? Sleep in the motel that anyone with a brain can tell you is worse than the places here? I'm getting tired of this kid. If you want to get swallowed up by the wasteland, be my guest, just remember, I tried to help you." Then he began to slowly walk away.

Alexander felt like shit for pulling the "walking out" trick on a kid, but he felt that if they didn't try to stop him then there was nothing more he could do.

Sasha frowned and looked to her sister, who was watching Alexander go. So Junktown wasn't exactly a good place to go. Where could they go? The goal was to get somewhere without a heavy NCR presence, Sasha reminded herself. They needed to be somewhere they didn't have to wear disguises all the time.

"Wait," Sasha called. "If Junktown's so bad, where's good?" She glanced around, and lowered her voice. "We just want to find a place where NCR won't bother us."

^^ Accepted.

I am still here, I just don't feel like playing.

Jinxo had made good time. He made it to the warehouse in just a little over a day. For the entire trip, visions of mountains of caps had danced just behind his eyelids. The stockpile he imagined the twins to have built up would likely take him weeks to liquidate.

Jinxo surveyed the site. There was a gaping hole in the east wall of the warehouse, and several bodies littered the area.

"Funny," he said to himself, "I thought it'd take more than seven guys to drive those two from their home."

Jinxo checked the bodies first, stripping them of their armor and weapons. One body gave him pause, however. After cutting away an outer layer of clothing, he discovered black armor underneath.

"Whoah. This guy was a Ranger. Or someone who killed a Ranger. Someone like that was after the Cats? They must've been more famous than I thought...guess they hit the wrong caravan one night."

He took the armor, and stuffed it onto his brahmin. Moving on, he found Sasha's broken laser rifle. He shrugged, and stuffed it as well. Some of the parts might still be salvageable, he reasoned. Or maybe if I repair it, I can trade it for my P90 back.

Wait, why didn't they strip these bodies before heading off to Shady Sands?

Aisha nodded her head in agreement to her sister when she said that they were trying to avoid the NCR. Doing her best to avoid suspicion on their identities, she said. "Yeah, we don't like them at all. They say they're nice people but all they want is our food." That ought to keep suspicion of them being raiders away but she also had another problem. Her leg was still broken and though the super stimpak had done wonders for the damage she still limped on it. Maybe there was someone here that could help her. Looking to the man, she said. "Hey mister, do you know where we can find a doctor? I have a bad leg and a certain meanie who snuck up and tried to grab us made me remember the pain."

hope this is okay:

Name:David Woon prefers "The Captain" when refereed
Appearance:short black hair, is 6,5 feet tall, wears an eye patch over his right eye and wearing armored vault 3 suit and a black duster coat over that. he's carrying a stake-out shotgun, a colt 1911 pistol and a combat knife he keeps on his boot.
Gender:white male
Personality:quiet type, rarely talk and helps people when ever he can but he is not someone to have in bad mood and he can be a mean drunk at times
Specializations:strength, Perception and ability


You guys are trying to join a thread that stopped being active almost a year ago.


You guys are trying to join a thread that stopped being active almost a year ago.

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