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Anyone wishing to participate are required to join this group so we can minimize unrelated conversations. PM me directly if you wish to join and I'll look through your sheet. Please use the sheets below as a template.


Thanks and welcome to...


THUGS - A Team Rocket RP

Spring - 1997

Celadon was soaking wet, the rain falling incessantly on the indifferent populace. The children were inside playing with toys or cuddling with their Pokémon pals. The adults were content to sit and listen to the government debates over whether Johto should have a separate Pokemon HQ or not. Fireplaces were burning and the social elite were content to wait for the rain to stop before returning to the markets for food.

The streets were much less cozy.

Max tramped through the rain, oblivious to the cold. Yellow team, a part of Team Rocket which had been spread out across the countryside on a recruitment drive was gathering in the city for the first time in two months. Alex, the team leader had been summoned by the executive and that meant everyone had to be there for an inspection. A police officer leaning against the side of a building to stay out of the rain glared at him and his black uniform. Without stopping Max simply gave him the finger and continued onwards.

Despite the rain, he could see abandoned houses on the block he was traveling down. In years previous he would have taken advantage of those vacationing in Cinnabar and broken in. It was tempting but Team Rocket demanded total obedience. If he went and did that the bribed police would be given permission to take him in. Only Rocket sanctioned thefts would be ignored in the city. Not that there was a shortage of those. The rich pricks would soon come home to find everything they loved and cherished gone. Serves them right for complacently thinking bad things never happen.

Max went down a back alley and saw a little runt of a trainer coaching his Rattata to resist the cold.

"Come on Rattata! You can do it! I heard on the news that Ice Pokémon can stop a battle in its tracks! Let's show them we can do it!"

The little rat didn't even respond, it was shivering much too violently.

"Hey kid," said Max with a fake smile, "don't you know that you need to throw the rat into a freezer to make him stronger?"

The kid looked at his uniform and scowled. "That's not a funny joke Rocket. My Dad told me all about you guys."

Max went over and leaned over the poor rat Pokémon.

"That's not fair son. We're not as bad as they say. If you come with me I'll show you how to become a real trainer."

The little boy quickly jumped in front of his Pokémon.

"You're not stealing my Rattata!"

"No, no I'm not." said Max, pointing at the Pokémon. To his horror the boy turned around and saw a Zubat sucking the life out of the tired rat. Max picked up the boy by the back of his coat and lifted him off the ground.

"Lemme go!"

"Rockets run this city. You'd better go tell your asshole of a father that." said Max, taking the few dollars the boy had on him. He also took the coat off of the screaming ten year old, hitting him to quiet him down.

"No... Stop..."

The Zubat perched on Max's shoulder having finished off the rat which lay unconscious on the pavement.

"If you want to get used to the cold you'd better get used to walking home without a coat." said Max, laughing as he walked away. The bruised boy pulled out his Pokéball and ran home after returning his weak Pokémon to safety.

Coming to the back door of the game corner he knocked loudly.

"Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket."

The door opened and he nodded to the grunt watching the door. Sitting down by a heater he waited for the rest of yellow team to arrive. His Zubat hung on the rafters above him, watching over its master silently.

Character sheets

Zane stood in the rain, staring at the back door of Celedon's game corner. He had been glad to get away from the city for a while in the Rocket's training programs, but he had to admit it was good to be back. Going through and looking at his favorite haunts, the places where he had battled and bled, the houses he had robbed, the alley's where he had ambushed and mugged the complacent...

He stood outside in his Rocket uniform, enjoying the discomfort of the rain for a moment more. The last year had been tough, but he had made it. He was a Rocket. Finally, belonging to a group that would understand his talents and put them to good use. He was tired of being directionless, tired of wasting his life with petty crime. He was ready for the big leagues.

He strode up to the door and knocked. "Steal Pokemon for profit. Exploit Pokemon for profit. All Pokemon exist for the glory of Team Rocket."

A grunt opened the door and let him in. Ahead he saw a bald, grim looking Rocket. Knowing that the man had to be a higher rank than him, Zane saluted.

"Rocket Grunt Zane, yellow team, reporting sir!"

Leela walked through the rain, her Machoke holding an umbrella covering both of them. She wore her Vulpix shirt today, hoping that the image of the fire-type would warm her on this cold day.

She shivered,"Why does it always have to be so cold here when it rains? Why can the sun never be shining? Or at least only an hour or two of rain. No matter, Rainyday likes these days."

Her Machoke grumbled herself, uncomfortable in the rain just as much as her master, but she knew how much Rainy enjoyed the rain.

She looked out to her side, seeing her Dratini frolicking in the rain, he enjoyed it way too much for her to feel anything but jealousy, she wished she could be as happy as he apparently was.

"Raiiiiiny, come on boy, we've got work to do," The Dratini visibly frowned, unhappy to not have more time to play in the rain, singing in his own little way, but he did wander over and ready himself to be put back into his pokeball.

She kneeled down, cupped her hands, gathered a bit of rain and dropped it on Rainy's head, the pokemon trilled happily, knowing the gesture from their few years together. She then got out his pokeball and put him in, now content to be taken away from the rain.

She and the Machoke walked to the gaming center, proved her affiliation to the grunt guarding the door and went in. Machoke followed her in and set the umbrella down in the convenient stand next to the door. After hugging her Machoke, she wandered as close to the heater, where a man sat. The two of them dried off as best they could, wringing the damp out of her hair.

She turned to the man next to her,"Soooo, it's kinda wet out today isn't it?"

Max merely nodded at Zane, gesturing to a chair beside the heater. "We need to dry off before we meet with the commander. I'm to be your Lieutenant from now on."

He studied the younger Rocket with interest. Motivated, tough and apparently obedient. The boys who took him on patrol did a good job with this one. Hell, this Zane almost reminded Max of himself when he first joined the ranks.

The door opened again and he stared at the young woman who had entered incredulously. He grimaced at her appearance.

"Where is your uniform? Why isn't it on? Return that Pokemon to its ball." he said coldly.

"Cool it man, Machoke, I'm sorry, but back in your pokeball," She took out a pokeball and in a flash of light, Machoke was inside. She pulled her jacket off her waist after her shirt dried enough and put it on, the big,red 'R' emblazoned upon it.

"A bit unconventional I suppose, but they work better when I use them as equals."

She sat down by the heater and took off her glasses, sliding them into a pocket of her pants.

"So, I suppose we've got a job lined up, boss?"

"We'll be learning that from the commander. He's talking with Proton downstairs." said Max, nodding to more Yellow team grunts entering through the back door. These were his regulars, the mooks who had been running with him since the early days. Drunks, idiots and sadists. "You boys go play out front for a bit, it's getting crowded back here. I'll call you when Alex wants us."

The grunts grinned and went off to play the slots. It was funny. They worked so hard for their pay and then they blew it all away trying to win. Only officers knew that when Rockets played the slots the machines were set to lower the odds of winning dramatically.

"In the meantime we'll wait for the rest of the new recruits to give us the pleasure of their company."

There was a small period of silence. The grunt by the door spoke up.

"Did you guys hear? That Jessie broad and James got another promotion."

"Shut it." said Max, closing his eyes. His cloths were still damp but he liked the silence. Idle chatter was annoying anyway.

Zane stood by the heater and let his clothes dry, observing his teammates. He liked the lieutenant, the man was serious and tough. He looked and seemed intimidating and powerful, like a good leader. An older part of Zane wanted to fight him, but it was getting easier to ignore that part when he had to.

He wasn't sure what to think of the newest arrival though. Zane didn't like wearing the uniform much either, but the Rockets were the ones with the pay and the jobs. And keeping a pokemon out of the pokeball when it wasn't training? Treating them as equals? Zane knew that rewarding his pokemon for jobs well done made them stronger, but they were just tools to be used. Treating them as equals seemed absurd.

He wanted to try and find out what she did here. Turning to her he said: "I'm Rocket Grunt Zane. The lieutenant tells me our commander will be by soon. Who are you? Why are you in the Rockets?"

...Who are you? Why are you in the Rockets?"

Leela looked up at the man calling himself Zane, not very smart by the look of him and repeating what the Lt. had just said.

"I've been made aware of how close our commander is, Zane, you said? Who gave you a name like that, kid? As for who I am, just call me Leels, that's what everyone knows me as anyways. I'm in the Rockets because I live for the screams of children....."She paused and looked off into the ether before pulling herself back and laughing inside at the man's perplexed expression,"...I'm here because I feel like it. Good enough for ya?"

...Good enough for ya?"

Zane felt a snarl come unbidden to his lips and his rage flared. It was official; he didn't like Leels. She seemed to be making fun of him, and she clearly had a weird thing for children. He calmed himself, gave her a curt nod, and went back to waiting by the heater.

It didn't seem like many other important people had shown up, just some grunts that all looked suspiciously bland and similar...

Leela saw the snarl form on the kid's lips, and couldn't help but laugh out loud at him and his obvious inexperience in any kind of organization, much less the Rockets.

"Down boy,"She tittered,"We don't need peachfuzz like you going Mankey here."

She smiled at the guy, hoping that that would diffuse whatever situation had started brewing. He wasn't exactly her type, he was too...average to be anything more than a passing fling, if anything.

She put her lens-less glasses back on, and awaited the rest of whoever they were waiting for and their benefactor that would be giving out their next assignment.

The falling rain did little to upset a young child walking through the streets of Celedon. Dressed in a large raincoat with the hood pulled over her head, Mayu continued to scan the buildings until she finally found what she was looking for. The Celedon Game Corner, secret hideout for Team Rocket. Many wouldn't believe it, but the child was one of the youngest members of Team Rocket.

Only seven years old, she has shown a fire in her heart that burned to serve Team Rocket and its goals. She was much too young to become a trainer but there was no limit to her age for stealing Pokemon. She had joined the Rockets to gather as many Pokemon as she could, and she was already well on her way to that goal. Her hand brushed the two Pokeballs at her waist, reminding herself that she had one more Pokemon than the day she had run away from home.

Pushing the doors open, she immediately ran to the back of the Game Corner and knocked on the door before saying. "Steal Pokemon for profit. Exploit Pokemon for profit. All Pokemon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." She had learned the phrase well, and through repetition she was able to memorize it. It had been tough, but she knew it well now.

Being let into the secret room, she smiled cheerfully to the grunt before spotting the others in her team. Gulping a little bit, she realized she had never met them before. Nevertheless, she said. "Rocket Grunt Mayu, reporting for mischief!" It was her trademark greeting for reporting in, and she hoped they would like it. She was still pretty much the bottom of the food chain after all.

As the rain battered down on Celadon, a lone figure walked, or rather, strutted through the streets. His uniform was the same dark grey as any other Rocket, but to say the least he carried himself differently. His chest was out and his chin was up, even as he carried a bright yellow umbrella, neatly slicking away the rain from getting on his clothing. His cap hid his head, a few flecks of golden hair still sticking out. Beside him walked a little Vulpix, safe under the umbrella from the rain on her magnificent red fur. He held a little pad of notes he had written to himself. On the top one was an address, that was currently right in front of him.

The man walked up to the door, knocked and said "Steal Pokemon for profit. Exploit Pokemon for profit. All Pokemon exist for the glory of Team Rocket."

As a Rocket grunt opened the door for him, he strode inside to take a look at the newcomers. His Vulpix shook off what little rain had gotten on her fur while he tied up the umbrella. The man's eyes immediately spotted a striking woman with long black hair as he went through the building. Like a rocket, though he loathed the pun, he zipped over beside her and examined her hair.

"Oh, simply MARVELOUS!" he said, stroking it and showing a blatant disregard for personal space. "Tell me, how do you get it to SHINE like this?"

"Oh, simply MARVELOUS!...."

Leela jumped as the man began stroking her hair.

"I uhhh, use that stuff over at the store, that Jinx hair conditioner. And some of that cute shampoo with the Ninetails and Rapidash on the bottle."

She tried pulling her hair away from the man, but he kept running his fingers through it. Finally she grabbed ahold of it and tugged it away from him and walked across the room. As far as she could get from the strange man without leaving the group.

"Rocket Grunt Mayu, reporting for mischief!"

Max could hardly believe his eyes. In a rocket uniform stood a little girl, looking up at him with a glint in her eye. Good god the recruiting standards have fallen. He resolved to knock some sense into the next recruiter he ran into.

"Please do tell me the name of the grunt who brought you into our fold... Grunt Mayu." said Max, sneering a bit. If she turned out to be worthless he'd rip those balls away from her and leave her tied up in the countryside. Wouldn't be the first time a child proved to be a burden. Knowing Alex would have a good time messing with her, Max already had her slotted for the front row when they assemble downstairs.

As the little girl stood near the heater a few more grunts of his group came in. Some joined their compatriots in the game room, others went to the small bar in the back to drink up. Once Max would have joined them but the memories of failing to meet the high standards of Proton and the other executives had stuck with him. He still vividly remembered being tied up and being shocked by a Magnemite for hours after getting sick in front of Petrel. Taking your punishment was part of Rocket life.

"Tell me, how do you get it to SHINE like this?"

Max saw the newcomer feeling up the girl and that he had started to follow her after she had walked off.


The slender man swung around.

"You are on duty. Don't make me knock some sense into you. Holster that Pokemon and dry off. We're merely waiting for the rest now."

He didn't know this one. Probably brought in from another city and attached to the team. Yellow team, the beginners. He kind of resented being the Lieutenant of this team and not of Red team, the ones running amok in the north. At least he wasn't part of Green. They were the laughingstock of the entire organization, getting captured by trainers in a town without a gym. Laughable.

Max continued to glare at the Rocket who failed to report to him. One cannot ignore discipline and boy did this one look like he needed a beating. His last commander was probably much more lenient.

Mayu had no idea of the thoughts running through Max's mind when he asked her the name of her recruiter. Ever eager to please, she said immediately. "My recruiter was named Rocket Terry and I think he was a part of Blue Team. I had helped two Rockets steal the pokemon from a trainer, and after asking them to let me join, they took me to him. I guess I convinced him that I have all the right stuff, and I'll do my best not to disappoint. I'll work just as hard as all the adults!" Her eyes were shining with eagerness, and she meant every word that she meant. She knew that being a Rocket would be hard work and she would definitely do her best.

Weitz walked away from his apparent CO in a manner just a tad too haughty for him to have deserved. The only thing more striking than his appearance was his ego. He crouched down next to his Vulpix and produced a Pokeball. He gave the little fox a pat on the head and smiled at it. "Come now, little darling, it's time for you to get some rest!" The red beam from the ball swept up the little Vulpix and brought it in. He shrunk the ball and stuck it on his belt. He patted it, and the other two balls he carried to make sure they were all there. "You'll be happy and dry in there."

Having nothing else to really do, Weitz walked over to the corner of the room and leaned back before sliding down to the floor. With a content smile on his face, he closed his eyes and took a nap until somebody decided to wake him, or the other recruits his new officer had mentioned arrived.

"We'll see if he was right about that." said Max as more Rocket grunts piled in. A grunt knocked on the door leading to the main room of the game corner.

"It's time Lieutenant."

"Right. Yellow team, proceed to the area near the washrooms out on the main floor." he said, moving out onto the game floor. He tapped on the shoulders of his goons playing the slots. All were losing, as was to be expected. With them moving with the others he returned to the back room and prodded the back of the doorman.

"If anyone tries to enter now they'd better know the executive password. Yellow team is all here."

The grunt gestured at his small brown baton.

"Nobody ain't getting nowhere near this door without permission boss."

Max went by the heater and his Zubat landed on his shoulder.

"Well, any snitches?"

The Zubat was silent. He had been trained to find informers by Alex and was the gift given to Max when he joined.


He returned the bat Pokemon to its capsule and went out again. Pressing the button hidden beneath a poster he opened the stairway.

"Head down, quickly." he said, ordering his grunts. Even though he wasn't the head officer, it was nice to speak with authority.

Zane tried to conceal his disgust with the rest of the team as he headed down the stairs. Leels already had tried to treat him like a child, and he hated that. He had been so angry at her that he couldn't speak. Then an ACTUAL CHILD had walked into the room!! A child in a Rocket uniform!! And shortly behind her was a man that Zane would have immediately marked as a rich and easy target if he hadn't been wearing a Rocket uniform. He had immediately started bothering Leels, so Zane supposed he should like him... but so far everything he had seen of the man bothered him.

And a child... Zane had lied about his age to get into the Rockets. To see a little girl waltz up in the uniform was infuriating and insulting.

The only one he was sure he liked was the lieutenant. He had shown that he had little tolerance for these fools either, and Zane was eager to prove himself to the man. The lieutenant seemed to radiate authority and competency. Zane knew better than to try to start a conversation with the man now. He was all business, and Zane liked that. He was ready to start. He could feel his excitement growing as he walked into a large basement. It was brightly lit with florescent lighting, the walls were steel and the floors were tile. He trooped along with the rest of the grunts as they walked to meet the commander.

The experienced goons knew the drill and were already forming ranks in the hall surrounded by potted plants. The new Rockets were a little confused but some prodding and sneering by the regulars finally got them in line.

"Mayu, you are up front on the left." ordered Max, smiling a little inside. The other grunts snorted with laughter at the little girl. At least the other three knew enough to straighten their uniforms and their caps. Max adjusted his uniform as well even though it was presentable. One never knew if an Executive was going to walk by.

"Hahahahahahahaha! OH WOW! I can't believe Yellow Team needs children to fill the gaps!" said a voice from the stairwell. Max scowled as a man descended the staircase in standard Rocket attire. He had red hair and a full belt of six Pokeballs around his waste.

"I guess that's what you get when three of your members get caught by Koga on the safari!"

"Shut the fuck up Rich."

"Oh poo, is that how you kids speak to your fellow officers these days? Hell, when I first joined Giovanni there was a thing called respect in these halls!"

"When you joined Giovanni the Rockets were still in the gutters. It took new blood to give him what he wanted."

The Orange team lieutenant strutted up to Max confidently.

"I'd be very certain of my choice of words in these halls."

Max stared him down but resisted the urge to punch. One day...

"So what is Orange team up to these days? Still just the guards, not fit for action anymore?"

The insult stung and the Grunts in Yellow Team laughed. Orange team, for all its experience, had been locked in the basement of about a year.

"I'll have you know that my team has a pretty exciting mission ahead." said Rich, sneering, "We're to be the first Rockets in Johto."

"Have fun with that. We'll just do your job here while you go get arrested."

Rich looked as if he was going to say something more but the elevator chimed in the other room. He fled the scene, retreating down to lower levels of the base. Everyone went silent but nothing happened. A few minutes later the grunts started talking amongst each other again.

"Didja hear? James and Jessie managed to pull off a massive heist at Gringey City. The cops are looking everywhere for them but the boss is happy."

"The executives are getting new Pokemon! Lucky bastards!"

"I heard the Boss was training again. Them Orange jerks got their asses kicked each time, with only one Pokemon!"

They were just standing around. Apparently this commander wasn't one for punctuality. Zane was standing just behind the child, second in line on the left. He didn't mind too much. The various grunts were talking amongst themselves, and it was interesting to listen to the more experienced member's conversations. He was curious though...

Turning to the grunt next to him he asked "Jesse and James?"

"Oh yea!! Haven't you heard of them?" Zane shook his head. "They're the greatest!! Team Rockets rising stars!! It seems they can't do anything wrong sometimes..."

Another grunt chimed in "Yea. I hear they have such style too!! That just watching them announce their presence to Team Rocket's enemies is an inspiration to all those that serve with them!" The grunts all nodded with agreement.

Zane let the discussion continue, listening. It seemed like Jesse and James were people to aspire to, the kind of people he had joined Team Rocket to meet, to even become.

Mayu was fast to take her position at the front-left of the formation, and though the Orange officer had been really annoying, she wisely kept her mouth silent. He might have been from another team but he was still a much higher rank than she was, so he could likely get her in trouble. She didn't want to get into trouble at all. When he left, she let out a breath of relief and joined in on the conversations. "Even a kid like me has heard of those two. I hope I can one day be as famous..or rather infamous, as them! I'm definitely going to work hard to get there." As a child she naturally reached for the stars in terms of setting goals, but with a bit of effort she just might make it there one day!

Leela took her place in the formation, though she was....perturbed that she got lumped in next to the freak that had asked her about her hair. He did have a Vulpix though, so that raised her respect of him a bit, though only just above what she thought of the other grunts.

"I think it's only fair that I get an answer after what you did with my hair, dude. Where'd you get your Vulpix? I've been looking for one for years and haven't had any luck except at the corner here. And we all know how hard it is to get enough to buy any prize.Much less a cute, adorable little Vulpix."

It bothered Zane that the child had spoken almost his exact thoughts. She just bothered him period... But he felt curiosity overwhelming his irritation. He wondered how much she realized what she was getting into...

"So, uh, Mayu right?" She turned around, her face bright and eager. "Hey, I'm wondering. You're a kid right? You said you got into the Rockets by stealing some Pokemon. Okay. But you know that isn't all the Rockets do? I mean, you're going to be asked to do some really..." Zane tried to find the right word. "... Some really mean things right? You know?"

Mayu blinked a little bit in confusion from what the older boy was saying. She didn't really understand all of it, but from what she could gather they must beat people up or something. She thought that she would be able to do at least that much since she had to have her Vulpix attack not only that one trainer's pokemon, but the trainer himself as well.

Giggling, she said. "I think I get it, but I'm still going to do my best! Even if I have to beat up a bunch of people, I'll do it all in the name of Team Rocket!" Her eyes once more sparkled with an eagerness to please and prove herself.

"...all in the name of Team Rocket!"

"Huh." Zane was impressed by her enthusiasm, he'd give her that much. She was such a child though! "Why do you like Team Rocket so much? What is this to you?"

He prayed she wouldn't call it a game. Zane hated children who thought shit like this was a game. He had beaten a number of them in the past, and truly hoped he didn't find himself working with one. The work they would be doing would be deadly serious, challenging and rewarding perhaps, but certainly no "game".

Mayu was once again confused by his question but after a moment of thinking, she said with a smile. "I like Team Rocket because they are definitely the best! The rules don't matter to them, and with Team Rocket, I can gather as many Pokemon as I want, without having to wait until I'm ten to become a trainer. I'll do everything I'm told to do, since I wanna stay a member no matter what!"

"Is this the place? It better be worth my time" said Dylan, followed by a sigh. He looks at his watch, and knew he was late. "i mean, why the hell would they set the meeting at this time? Do they listen to the weather forecast? Why do I even bother..."


"oh that's right... If I don't do this, i'm going to get in trouble with mom and dad... It sucks when your parents are also your superiors. Well buddy, lets go inside, I don't want to waste any moment here."
Dylan puts on his glasses and puts on his team rocket cap as he dries himself and goes inside the secret base.

A grunt stepped out into the main gaming room, looking across out of boredom. Noticing the uniform he motioned for Dylan to come closer.

"Well, show me your card."

After receiving the card that identified Dylan as a Yellow Rocket the grunt snorted.

"You're too late to be assembled. Alex will tear a strip off you. Go hang out in the back room and if I were you I'd get my story straight now." The grunt looked down at the pink pile of mush that was the ditto beside Dylan. "Put that thing away too while you're at it. The bosses don't like having Pokemon out before a battle. Let's the police know what to expect."

Dylan tried his best to act as if he's feeling sorry.
" I understand. I'll be heading to the backroom now. I apologize for being late.
Back to your ball now ditto."

At the back room, He ponders at how he's going to get any info at the meeting.
"Man, Id I'm not able to give mom and dad a report tonight, I'll get grounded again.."
He lets out ditto from his pokeball.
"Ok ditto, you know the drill. It looks like there aren't any guards for now. Go to the meeting room and get some intel."
"Don't worry, this isn't different from last month's meeting"
Ditto morphs into a meowth and Dylan attaches a very small camera at the coin on meowth's(ditto)
"There, you're all set. Now go! good luck buddy!"

As ditto goes out of the room, Dylan takes out a small monitor from his backpack, where he can watch and hear the whole meeting.

The Bat-Man named Alex was now standing in front of Leela, looking at her with an expression she was used to. She was an odd sight she knew, but that was nothing new. She couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated, the guy had just hit two guys with a bat for answering him. And here the man was, not that she didn't want to stand out, but this early on was either a very good sign or a very bad sign.

She returned the expression as well as she could, and awaited the man's reply.

Zane was freaked and trying really hard not to show it. The casual way Alex had downed two grunts with the bat had been terrifying. Zane was young, he had no control here. If Alex wanted to hit him, he would, and there was nothing Zane could do about it. Zane wanted challenge and excitement, not pain and torment. He had gotten more than enough of that when he was younger, and had spent his entire life trying to escape from it.

Zane's hands started trembling against his will. He watched as Alex stood before Leels, inspecting her, and Zane tried desperately to calm himself.

"He said he would use us." He thought. "He promised the chaos and destruction that I want. He will give me the challenges I crave. But he won't give me anything if he thinks I'm a coward!" Zane felt his trembling slow. "I have fought wild Pokemon with my bare hands and won! I defeated my Mankey and claimed it's loyalty. I have power. I have strength! He felt the warm, familiar heat of rage wash over his terror, and still his trembling. How dare he frighten me like that? If I have to wait years I will get him for this. He will suffer. I will let him use me for now, but Zane will be no one's tool!"

Mayu had known that Team Rocket was responsible for hurting people every now and then but she didn't know that it included their own people! Gulping silently, she remained in position and tried not to show her nervousness. She would become a great Rocket, even if she had to be a tool in the beginning! She would listen to Alex's orders and rise up in the ranks, eventually making it to more than just a tool!

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