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Shadow pushed himself away from Gearwork with a low hiss and a shake of his head. Shadow didn't know what had come over him, but he always refused magical treatment and had never once used it on himself. Shadow in fact preferred to do everything in as normal a way as possible, and only used his magic when he had little other choice. Shadow left Drama's house, his ribs still sore despite the healing Gearwork had used on him. Shadow noticed that the other's had started migrating over to the book store, which he believed was where Bookworm lived. Midnight believed that they would need a base of operations, but Shadow didn't feel in the mood to head over there right away.

"I'll catch up with you, I've got stuff I need to do first." Shadow called back to whoever was in earshot, not really caring which of the ponies heard him.

The wings Shadow had used earlier in the day were now slung over his back, and they needed to be repaired and hung back up where they usually belonged. It took only a few minutes for Shadow to make it to his workshop from Drama's house. His workshop wasn't very extravagant, just a little one-story place that housed a furnace and a few racks for everything Shadow managed to create. There was of course a basement, which was where Shadow stored the different minerals and ores that he used in his work, but that was sealed tight by magic and could only be opened by Shadow himself.

Shadow opened the doors to his smithy, and pulled his wings off his back to set them up on their normal stand. The doors to Shadow's smithy closed with the help of Shadow's magic, and they barred themselves with an iron bar that settled itself across two iron clasps that locked the iron bar into place. It was simply so no filly walked in while he was distracted and got themselves hurt.

Shadow then opened up the vent for the furnace and lit it up, letting the smoke drift lazily up the chimney and out into the morning sky. Shadow then grabbed one of the unfinished wings from yesterday and started hammering it down into an iron bar since the others clearly hadn't needed his help as badly as they had portrayed yesterday. Shadow just sighed and kept to his work.

It wasn't long before a caravan pulled by magic entered the town of Hoofington.
A light blue Pegasus, her mane was had to see do to a pointed hat with stars but she took it off when she arrived at Midnight's Observatory , they also saw she was wearing a light purple cape similar to Midnight's.
"Midnight" the unicorn called out seeing him
"Oh I missed you so much teacher."
"I've missed you too Trixie."

I apologize that I haven't written anything for about a week. I got sick and had to stay home where I don't have the internet.

Gearwork looked at the light blue unicorn with a look of annoyance. He had heard stories of this unicorn traveling across Equestria, boasting how she was the most magical unicorn across the land. 'Such arrogance,' Gearwork thought 'If I had an apprentice, I would make sure that they would show some humility. I could not work with such an arrogant pony.' He then thought 'Well, that would normally be the case, but these are unusual circumstances, so I guess I'll have swallow any hostility towards her.'

He walked over to Midnight and introduced himself to Trixie all the while keeping an eye her. He had a feeling that she would do something that would result in disaster, if he didn't watch her. As soon as he got near her, he saw the expression on her her face, it was one of joy in seeing her teacher, but there was something else, he couldn't quite place it, but the look unnerved him a little. "Hello. I am Gearwork. It's nice to meet the apprentice of Midnight." As he said this he put his right hoof to his left shoulder and bowed slightly. It was his way of greeting anypony.

Bookworm was hard at work clearing tables of papers, stowing notes, and generally cleaning. If they were going to be planning their next move here, they would need plenty of room to work. Fortuitously, the ability to fly made cleaning a mush easier task. About half an hour of work later, the work area was perfect - though her private writing room was still a disaster zone. She had also grabbed as many books on ancient Equestria and magic as she could, placing them within easy reach of the tables - you never know what will come in handy after all. In addition, she placed a large map of Equestria on the table. It was hardly a perfect map - covered in notes about all sorts of stories she had written, but it was at least accurate enough for any planning purposes they might need.

wiping off her glasses, she flew back downstairs to the bookstore that made up the lower level, and opened it up to her new writing inspiration, inviting them up when they were ready.

Midnight decided that Trixie should meet the group.
"let's go see if Bookworm needs any help, I got the books I needed, Trixie My legs are quite sore would you mind?"
"Not at all." she said she the took Midnight's bag and carried it on the shoulders.
"Well Trixie I've learned what you've done with the knowledge I taught you, I taught you of power few Unicorns have ever dreamed of having and I learned that You've used it to boast."
Trixie hung her head
"I'm sorry Midnight."
"Sorry doesn't help when you inspire fools to go looking for a monster that I told you should never be mentioned b name."
Gearworks was noticing something strange, Midnight's voice was getting more power, The Magic had caused his voice to amplify. it wasn't very loud but it was getting loud and despite the lower volume it almost felt like he was shouting at her.
Trixie hung her head.
"I just wanted to be great like you."
"Trixie I only use my power when I need to."
Midnight then softened.
"But you came when I called so you have learned to trust your instincts perhaps you were just misguided in what true power is."
they then arrived at Bookworm's place
"Wow this place looks great, Meet my Apprentice, Her Name is Trixie."

"Wow this place looks great, Meet my Apprentice, Her Name is Trixie."

The sound drew Bookworm from her thoughts. She looked up and turned quickly from her book - 50 shades of neigh - causing her to crash haphazardly on the ground, her legs tangles on a table post. Again, looking up from the ground, she tilted her head in confusion. A second later she understood and, still on the floor, responded. "Hello Trixie! Pleasure to meet you!" She offered her a wing as a greeting - her front hooves were still entangled by the table.

Trixie raised her hoof, she touched the tip of Bookworms wing.
"Charmed. do you, do you want some help?"
"Oh um, well that would be nice." bookworm admitted the two unicorns helped Bookworm untangle herself.
"SO I see you have a matching cape as your Teacher."
she said noting the lavender cape with blue and yellow stars.
"Ah yes Well when Trixie told me she wanted to see the world and travel I gave her that as a memento, I later learned a bit of her power had gone to her head, I would have called her back but She isn't a child and likely learned her lesson, besides I will need to her help to help me open up an old tunnel I had sealed off by magic, the on we had used for Practice.
"What for Midnight?" asked Gearworks intrigued.
"Last Time I had shouted I hadn't taken the time to practice, traditionally ancient unicorns would shout inside a cave letting the raw power of there voices bounce back to them over time they were able to take on the brunt of this force with this tolerance gained you were ready to shout words of power."
He shook his head he was rambling again.
"I'm sorry forgive me, I got carried away."

Gearwork was intrigued by what Midnight said about the ancient unicorn practices of the shout. 'Intriguing and dangerous' Gearwork thought 'A unicorn could cause a cave-in on themselves if the walls were unstable enough.'

"I'm sorry. Forgive me, I got carried away" Midnight said. Gearwork looked at him and said "You're not rambling right now. What you said was something that we needed to know and you did not go off on a tangent about something else. You don't need to be forgiven, you didn't do anything that needs forgiving right now." Gearwork then headed over to where Bookworm fell and started to pick up some of the books that were knocked to the floor when she tripped. He started stacking the books back on the table and hoped that he didn't mess up the way Bookworm kept them in order, though he most likely did.

When he was done he headed back over to Midnight and Trixie, who were leaving Bookworm's house. Gearwork noticed that Trixie didn't seem as arrogant as he would have expected. She also seemed a little more restrained than most ponies would be when they were trying to be on their best behavior at social gatherings. He did hear about the event in Ponyville, where 2 young colts unleashed an Ursa Minor upon the town just to see her defeat it, after she bragged about defeating an adult Ursa. When faced with the task of defeating it, she was forced to admit that she made the whole story up. Lucky for her, Princess Celestia's pupil was there to help send the creature back to where it lived. Anypony would restrain themselves after an event such as that.

As Gearwork followed Midnight and Trixie, he let his mind wander. He thought about how his ancestors were able to create armor that could face such a powerful opponent, unless the armor was powered by the Elements of Harmony. Everypony knew the six elements, which were based on positive personality traits. Gearwork started thinking that maybe there were other elements besides those six, maybe ones based positive mental states.

He started thinking of examples that could be attributed to Midnight, himself, and the others who helped stop the storm. 'Wisdom, would perfectly fit Midnight' Gearwork thought to himself 'Bookworm would be Knowledge, no pun intended. I think that Creativity or Imagination would fit Drama. I don't know much about Shadow, since he just moved here, so I don't know what his element would be. I know my element would be the Element of Invention. I also don't know what Speedie's would be, as well as Windsock's.' Gearwork then realized that Windsock should have been back by now. 'I hope he's okay, I hope he was able to deliver his messages to Cloudsdale and Canterlot.'

Midnight meanwhile was about to enter the caves with Trixie.
"Midnight, are you certain it's happening?"
"I wish it wasn't but I saw it with my own eyes, they have returned Trixie and they won't be satisfied until they have taken Equestria, All of Equestria."
Midnight shuddered, he had seen the signs they were subtle at first but he didn't want to believe it, he didn't want to think the ancient tribes would return.
"But, Midnight You told me that they're leader was born even before Equestria was founded, how could a tribe hold such a grudge?"
"I saw her myself, Dark eclipse lives still."
"No, that can't be true, that would make her older than Celestia.
"I know it means the legends are true, that she found the secret of immortality. and if that's true then so did the other tribes. That's why I need your help, I taught you everything everything except this, you need to listen."
Then the sound of Midnight Voice echoed through the cave, Trixie and Midnight were forced to hear the sound bounce back at them. it wasn't an easy task but they kept there for at least a whole hour.

Gearwork stood outside the cave where Midnight and Trixie were training. He didn't want to be a distraction for them, and he also wanted to stand guard over the cave if a cave-in did start to occur, it was very unlikely, but still possible. Even though Midnight and Trixie were deep within the cave Gearwork could still slightly hear them, he always had extremely heightened hearing. Even though, the volume was less than that of a low whisper, Gearwork could still make out what they said.

'Dark Eclipse.' Gearwork thought, 'That was the leader's name that was said from the group of ancient pegasi tribe.' Gearwork attention grew when he heard that Dark eclipse must have found the secret of immortality, and if she found it, so did the other tribes.

'So, it would seem that we might not have one ancient tribe wanting to destroy us, but possibly three. If that is true then we must prepare ourselves. Those sets of ancient armor underneath Canterlot may help us some but not entirely.' Gearwork thought to himself, 'I'm glad I started making blueprints of newer armor based on what he saw, for everyone in our group.' He remembered seeing 4 sets of armor, 2 of which had an opening in the helm where a unicorn's horn would be, while the other 2 didn't have that. The armor also lacked wings, so the ponies using it would be grounded. Gearwork made blueprints of newer armor, made for all types of ponies, including pegasi. He also made modifications that anypony using the armor could fly. He kept what the power source would be, those stones of power, the unrefined version of the elements of harmony. He took out of his saddlebag the stone that landed near him after he healed Midnight. He still couldn't believe that he actually created the thing. The stone glowed with an orangish silver light, and radiated an immense power to it.

Gearwork decided that while Midnight and Trixie trained he would start working on the armor, but he also felt that he shouldn't leave the entrance of the cave unguarded. 'I'll just teleport to my workshop and grab the things I need and teleport right back.' With that Gearwork put the stone back in his saddlebag and teleported to his workshop to get the supplies.

When he arrived he noticed that his workshop was in complete disarray, it looked as though somepony or something was looking for something very specific, and trashed the place looking for it. He put a hoof on his chest and felt the ancient family heirloom that he always carried. He pulled it out from under his clothes and looked at the ancient piece of machinery, "This must be what whoever came in and trashed the place." Gearwork said to himself. He then started to grab pieces of metal and gemstones and started to put them in his saddlebags. He also grabbed a piece of headgear that had a scope on one side with multiple magnifying lenses to it that could be adjusted for different magnifications. It would completely cover the right eye of the wearer, but the scope could be moved up so the wearer wouldn't need to remove the entire piece of headgear.

Gearwork's attention shifted to the back room of his workshop, when he suddenly heard a small rustling of paper emanating from there. Gearwork silently moved to where the noise came from, his horn glowing in case he needed to defend himself. What he found, absolutely mortified him. It was Coo, his pet/assisstant, the large grey owl was crumpled and barely alive on the floor. Gearwork remembered that Coo had come back to his workshop after everypony left Drama's house and headed over to Midnight's observatory the day before. Whoever was in Gearwork's workshop was there just recently, and Coo must have tried to defend the place. There was blood and feathers near where Coo was laying. The owl looked at Gearwork with an apologetic look in his eyes and hooted weakly. Gearwork telepathically lifted the owl gently and put the owl on his back. Gearwork knew that if he didn't heal the bird quickly he would not only lose a pet, but also a friend as well. Gearwork looked around and grabbed four large emeralds on the table near him. Gearwork then teleported himself and Coo back to the entrance of the cave where Midnight and Trixie were.

When he arrived he immediately put the owl gently on the ground and started to heal the owl. While he was healing his pet, he noticed that there was slight residual magical energy from the wounds that Coo sustained. Gearwork immediately realized that Coo wasn't attacked by a pegasus or earth pony, but a unicorn. Gearwork didn't know who would break into his workshop, looking for the amulet that Gearwork always wore, and try to kill his pet, unless it was a unicorn from the ancient tribes. After a few minutes of using the emeralds to heal Coo, Gearwork finally stopped. The owl hooted greatfully that he was healed, but he still was laying on the ground, that was when Gearwork noticed that the owl had both of it's talons were clentched tightly. The owl must have recognized whoever broke in to the workshop and grabbed a piece of hair of the unicorn that attacked him, and made sure that Gearwork know as well.

Midnight and Trixie were walking out of the cave when they saw Gearwork taking the pieces of hair that Coo had grabbed from his attacker. They walked over to see had happened, and Gearwork explained what had happened and then showed them the pieces of hair that Coo grabbed. Both Gearwork and Midnight recognized the hair the hair immediately.

The pieces were two different colors. There was a very dark green piece and an equally dark blue piece.

Bookworm, seeing the others leave, decided to take a different route - searching her vast library for everything she had on the lost tribes. After all, if she was going to write a story, it would require some research, right? Flying around the store, she gathered every scrap of paper related to pre-Celestia Equestria. The search took over an hour of flying around - giving her reason to change her organization system in the future.

Aside from the mythological stories of the past, she found very little. She found a few copies of old maps, a handful of tales about working together, and even a play about the famous story. but other then unsubstantiated rumor, she found little to help her cause. Leaving the maps out - as they would be the most useful of all she had found, she started to put her books away, disappointed. It was while doing this, the idea came to her mind - the list!

Bookworm shot up the stairs - which she wondered she even had - and into her personal possessions. digging through boxes and bags, she eventually found what she was looking for; a thick, leather bound book, filled with but one piece of information.

The list of books in the Canterlot Royal Library. Bookworm dug into the book, searching for any sign that might aid her. Several hours passed, with no aid to be found. Then, she reached the E's, and her search was complete. Element's and Armor - a record of magical artifacts of Equestria's past Bookworm smiled, and sighed in relief - she had found what she needed, now only one task remained.

There was little choice now: she would need to go to a better library; she would need to go to Canterlot.

Midnight and Trixie eventually couldn't take any more of the shouting, it drained away ones strength just listening to it. however Midnight and Trixie left the cave feeling like they had accomplished something, they were on the way to handling the power of a shout.
"Lets go home and get some rest, the effects should be mild." Midnight said though he was dizzy.
Gearworks with his acute hearing also heard the shouting, he too was feeling a bit weak, not as much but a little wobbly around the knees.

When Midnight came out of the cave, with Trixie, he saw Gearwork shaking. The sound had disturbed him a little bit, because he wasn't used to such noise. He was also shaken up when he saw the pony hair that his owl had grabbed when a pony had broken into his workshop and almost killed the bird who was defending it. He recognized it as soon as he saw it. It was Mossmane's, the young unicorn that had helped them free all the enslaved unicorns on the platform during the storm.

He knew there was something off about Mossmane when he first freed her, she recovered far too quickly than a pony her age should have recovered when he removed her harness. She also spoke with a voice that sounded like it came from an elderly mare instead of a young filly. It was also incredibly strange that she also knew the language that Gearwork and the others in town spoke. Based on what Midnight had said, the unicorns from the ancient tribe, spoke telepathically, instead of vocally, and how she knew the language so well for a pony who looked so young, there were only two answers: She actually came from the Equestria, that Celestia and Luna ruled, or that she was much older than she appeared. From what he heard Midnight say about the ancient tribes unlocking the secret of immortality, he was inclined to believe the latter choice, that Mossmane was much older than she looked.

As he headed back home to clean up his workshop after the break in by Mossmane, when he bumped into Bookworm, who had a saddlebag full of materials and some food in it. She looked like she was about to head out of town for a few days, and based on what had happened in the last few days, he pretty much knew where she was going, he actually was planning on going there as well. The Canterlot Royal Archives, the best library in all of Equestria, it held many ancient tomes that held many secrets, and most likely a book that would help them be able to figure out what was happening. "Bookworm," Gearwork asked "You're planning on going to the Canterlot royal archives, I presume?"

Bookworm stared at Gearwork for a short while, marveling at his ability to predict her. "How does he know?!?!" she wondered, her eyes wide. In truth, given her name (Bookworm), her saddle bags stocked with supplies, and the book containing a list of the books within the Canterlot Archive, it was all too obvious what she was doing. That fact escaped Bookworm of course, leaving her amazed Gearwork's ability.

"Yup! I found out about a book that might help us. But... how did you know?" she said, ending with a question as her Canterlot Library card fell from her hoof - another of the many obvious hints that escaped the young author.

Midnight and Trixie heard this, Trixie made a simple offer
"If we need any faster transport My carriage could work for to our advantage"
"Aw you've worked on that spell that allows you to conjure a phantasmal horse then?"
Trixie smiled but was determined to not seem like she was boasting.

Gearwork quickly teleported to his workshop, and grabbed a few supplies that figured he would need, such as more pieces of metal, and a few scrolls with the blueprints of the armor. Just as he was locking up he remembered something and quickly grabbed a large bag of different gemstones. If he was headed to Canterlot, he figured he might as stop by and see his mother who had a jewelry store there. He teleported back to where the others were and saw that they had grabbed supplies as well. They looked at the large bag of gems, a little puzzled of why he was carrying so many. "I'm planning on stopping at my mother's jewelry store after we arrive." Gearwork explained, "When I moved here I promised her that whenever I visit, I would give her a bag of gemstones so she can create jewelry with them."

As Gearwork waited for Trixie to cast her spell, he saw Coo fly by and realized that if something were to happen to the owl again, he might not be there to save him. He waved for the owl and Coo landed on one of the mechanical wings that Gearwork was wearing. Trixie quickly looked at the bird and then went back to her spell. "I'm not leaving him here, since what recently happened, also he could be a messenger if we need to get together quickly." Gearwork said "He also could keep watch and give us a warning if something were to happen in Canterlot."

He watched as Trixie finished her spell, and saw a bluish grey mist form in front of her caravan, and it form into the shape of a large horse. 'Interesting spell' Gearwork thought as he and the others climbed in. Just as he and the others got comfortable, the caravan took off. It moved at an incredible speed, was at least five times the speed of a sprinting pony, if not faster.

As they were moving towards Canterlot, Gearwork was looking out of one the windows in Trixie's caravan when he thought he saw a pony standing on a cliff in the distance watching them, he blinked and when he looked back there was nothing there. "I'm pretty sure we're be watched." Gearwork said "I thought I saw a pony standing on a cliff, but when I looked back it was gone."

Midnight thought about this for a while.
"hmmm was it a unicorn by chance? It could be the tribe we saved they likely are very grateful for our help."
Trixie meanwhile was a bit tired from casting a complex spell
"I need a rest That spell normally doesn't affect me this much I guess listening to that shouting-"
"Don't feel ashamed Trixie I'm shaken up to, honestly My magic isn't working that well right now." midnight admitted
then he noticed Gearworks unease when he mentioned the unicorn tribe
"Is something wrong?"

Bookworm was listening to the conversation intently; by which I mean reading Looking for Alascolt. She always read when she had things to think about. She had thousands of books to sift through when they got to Canterlot, which meant she needed to put together a way to find it. For all the power and intelligence of the many Unicorns, Pegisi, and Ponies, the Canterlot library was never the most organized of libraries. It wasn't really their fault - the decimal system hadn't been invented when the library was started and now it was too big for anyone to really make any headway into organizing it properly.

Thinking it through, the book would be in either the History section, the Magic section, or maybe the Mythology section. That meant they would need to search each section carefully. Then of course came the part where they would need to explain why they needed the book - the Canterlot librarians were always noisy like that. If they told them the truth, they would have to explain everything again to Celestia and worse, if they lied, they might take away her library card - a fate worse then death.

All-in-all, it was going to be a rough day.

Gearwork shuddered somewhat when Midnight mentioned the unicorn tribe, and how grateful they were for the group's help. "Is something wrong?" Midnight asked after he saw Gearwork shudder. "I think they were happy with us freeing them." Gearwork said "But I don't think we should trust them entirely, especially Mossmane."

Midnight looked a little confused when Gearwork said that, so he told them about finding Coo near death, after be attacked by a unicorn. He then pulled out the pieces of hair that Coo grabbed before being struck down by a magical attack. He then asked Midnight "Didn't you find it strange that a unicorn from the tribe could speak like us? How about her voice, it didn't sound like it came from a young unicorn, now did it?" Gearwork shook his head "Sorry if I seemed a little agitated about talking about it. It's just I almost lost a close friend because of her. By the way, what I saw on the cliff looked more like an earth pony than a unicorn or pegasus."

Gearwork was quiet for a moment, before asking "When we get to Canterlot, what should we tell the princess, or does that seem like a bad idea? We have to tell them something, otherwise I don't know if they'll let us into the ancient archives."

"I'm certain Windsock has already delivered the notice.
"How can you tell?"
Midnight pointed and the could see there was a lot more security near Canterlot.
as the arrived the guards looked but let them past. when they arrived a large, strong guard gave them a message
"Princess Celestia wants to see you four, I'll serve as an escort."

"Princess Celestia wants to see you four, I'll serve as an escort."

Bookworm stared at the guard, slightly annoyed - they didn't have time to explain every little detail, they needed to find the tools they needed as soon as possible. Still, to disobey Celestia was unheard of, so they had little choice in the matter. wouldn't stop her annoyance however. Bookworm got out of the magical transport and stretched her wings - eager to shake off the tension caused by the strained position the entire trip (a result of her constant reading)

When she exited, Bookworm quickly spread her wings and did a single lap around the the group and their magical carriage. "Okay, I'm ready" she said as she landed, biting her lip to prevent herself from adding "so can we get this over with" - after all she wasn't crazy she was...

Okay - crazy was a good word.

The group followed the guard upon meeting Celestia they bowed, Midnight told her the whole story, the storm, Dark Eclipse, using the shout, and how he suspected the return of the old tribes, he even told her about Mossmane.
"Princess Celestia We need to go obtain a rare book: Element's and Armor - a record of magical artifacts of Equestria's past"
The princess nodded.
"By the way I must ask Midnight your voice it almost sounds like
"It sounds like thine own voice." boomed Princess Luna, Midnight bowed lower to her than to Celstia, Who was a bit annoyed at that.
"Do not be envious my sister, This unicorn is from a clan that is a lover of the night, when you raise your sun his magic wanes, but when i bring forth my night his clans power comes back, 'Tis only natural he would favor me."
"Could we get back to the bit about Midnight sounding like Luna?" asked Gearworks "I have acute hearing and I can say they don't sound anything alike."
"You can;t hear it? the change in my voice?" asked Midnight
"How about NOW?" he asked raising his voice
"Not really."
"Still ain't hearing it."


Gearworks and the others were hit by the force of Midnight's shout, it was astonishing the fact that he could perform such a shout, however he did seem out of breath from shouting it and now that They heard it they realized that Luna's powerful voice was like a strained version of this, kept under a leash for the purpose of preventing destruction.

After Midnight's shout, Gearwork's ears rang for a little while afterwards, but it didn't bother him. He had braced himself when Midnight's voice was getting louder and covered his ears just as he shouted. He was a little suprised at the force and power of it, but he could understand that sound has alot of power. He knew that if the sound had the right frequency it could destroy even the hardest of known metals that Gearwork knew of.

'So Midnight is from a clan of unicorns whose power is strengthened at night. I only thought it was just his family whose power was like that.' Gearwork thought to himself. 'I wonder if my family was part of a long lost clan, a group of unicorns who can shape metal without heat. Maybe my family was just a group of outcasts, and was shunned by other clans.' He remembered when he was just a young colt, he always was seen as an outcast. After many years he finally made a few friends, but it always bothered him that how he was viewed as an outcast.

After the meeting with the princesses, the others started heading to the archives. Gearwork said "I want to drop of these stones over at my mom's jewelry store, I'll meet you in the archives in a little while." With that Gearwork headed to his mother's jewelry store.

The store was located a few blocks away from the castle and the archives. As soon as Gearwork and Coo arrived in front of the store, he couldn't help but chuckle at the name of the store: "Enchanted Facets: Jewelry Store" 'Slightly dramatic,' Gearwork thought 'The same as always.' His mother, Gem Facet, was a well-known jewelry maker, and was also known to be very picky with her customers. She would make and finish a piece on her own schedule, not a specified date.

When Gearwork walked in he saw that his mother, a brownish-marroon mare with a greying reddish mane and tail, and wearing a gold bracelet, earrings and necklace, was with a customer. The customer was a white unicorn mare with a curly blue mane and tail, she had a cutie mark that had three diamonds. He knew who she was as soon as he saw her, she was one of Princess Celestia's apprentice's friends, and one of the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. When he entered his mother said "I'll be with you in a little while."

Gearwork responded by saying "I know the procedure with you and your customers, mom."

His mother and the customer both looked at him, and Gearwork said "I brought you a whole bunch of gems from the Hoofington mines, so you can make jewelry from them." He put down the large bag of gemstones on the counter and a few stones fell out on the counter.

The unicorn mare looked at the stones, and said in accented voice "Such lovely facets. So of these stones must be over twenty carats. I've never seen stones as beautiful as these."

"The stones from the Hoofington mines are known for their beauty and quality in all of Equestria." His mother said before Gearwork could say anything. She then looked at the mechanical wings Gearwork was wearing and said "I like the design of your new wings, Gearwork."

"Gearwork. So that is your name." The white unicorn mare said "My name is Rarity. It's a pleasure to meet you, but I must be going. I promised Twilight and the others that I would meet them at the castle." With that Rarity left the store.

Gearwork looked at his mother and said "I have to go as well, mom. I wish I could stay longer, but something major is about to happen, and I have to do some research on some ancient history regarding the ancient pony tribes. Also I want to look up some information on this." He pulled out the stone of power and showed it to his mother. His mother jumped back and almost hit the wall a few feet behind her, when she saw it.

"H-H-How did you get that?" she said in a wavering voice.

Gearwork was confused at the reaction that his mother made, he was also a little confused that she knew what it was. He was just about to tell her when the door opened and Rarity came back and said "I'm sorry. I forgot my ha-" She then noticed the stone of power that Gearwork was holding and walked over over to get a better look at it. "What is that?" she asked, curious.

Gearwork then told them what had transpired a few days before, about the storm, Dark Eclipse, the enslaved unicorn tribe on the platform, his vision about the armor, Midnight's shout, his healing of Midnight afterwards and how it affected the stones he used. He also told them about Mossmane. His mother's expression was that of worry that her son was going to be in danger, while Rarity's expression was that of horror. She couldn't understand what he was talking about, then the sudden realization came to her and said, "So that's why we were summoned by Celestia a few days ago. It was about that storm that you were talking about."

His mother looked a little distraught after what he told her, and she walked to the door and put the sign saying that the store was closed. She then went into the back of the store, and opened a door in the floor that could only be opened by magic, and was completely invisible to everyone who didn't know about it. She went down and after a few minutes, she came back up with a three large satchels two of which were full of ancient scrolls and the other was filled with sheets of a metal that Gearwork didn't recognize, and another stone which looked very similiar to the stone of power that Gearwork had. She looked at Gearwork "I held onto these all my life, hoping I would never have to take them out, and that you wouldn't need to know about these until you were older and had a family so that you could hold on to these and pass them onto you children." she said sorrowfully. She took out the stone and a sheet of metal and placed it on counter, as well as taking out two ancient scrolls and an even older tome.

Gearwork was a little puzzled about what his mother was talking about, and then he looked at the ancient tome's title: Elements and Armor: A Reference Guide: First Edition,written by Metalmind. It was exactly the book what the others were looking for.

Before he could say anything his mother started talking "Our family has held on to these pieces for countless generations. We knew that someday we would need these things again and passed them down secretly thoughout the ages. I had hoped that you would never experience what is happening now, but here we are. This tome is the original version of the book, written by the very pony who helped created those sets of armor. He also created a metal that is much more durable and lighter than regular metal. This is the metal that the armor is made out of. It's called "dark iron" a metal stronger than lighter than titanium, and near impossible to destroy. It may be stronger than other metals, but it is also just as difficult to work with it. No one in our family has been able to work with it, but you seem to show similiar abilities that Metalmind was known to possess. He could work with metal with ease, even under the most stressful conditions. You also possess the abilities of his wife Silverhoof, the ability to use a gemstone's hidden abilities, an art that has been lost since she passed away."

A sudden explosion was heard near the entrance where Gearwork and the others came from. He sent off Coo to warn the others, who was given a small ring that would allow the owl to cloaked for short periods of time, who then left quickly and quietly and headed out towards the archives. His mother looked around worryingly, and then looked at both Gearwork and Rarity and whispered "There is not much time, you have to get to your friends, and retrieve the other stones and pieces of armor. Metalmind thought that keeping the armor all in one place was a very bad idea, so he scattered the sets all over Equestria, he also built sentinals to guard the armor in those places. He drew a map to where they are, and it is impossible to decipher unless you have the original version of his book, he wrote in the side notes on how to decipher the map. That amulet you wear is the key to unlocking the vaults that hold the sets of armor." Another explosion was heard closer to where the store was, as well as shouting from the guards nearby. His mother looked very nervous and then shouted at both him and Rarity "What are you waiting for! GO!!" Gearwork grabbed the tome and maps and the sheets of Dark Iron and put them in his saddlebags, and both he and Rarity left.

When he and Rarity left the store, the streets were in chaos, there were unconscious ponies everywhere, and he saw a pieces of armor that the guards wore with what looked to be scorch marks on them. He then saw a familiar young unicorn mare with a dark green mane and tail and equally dark blue coat walking towards him. She did not know that the owl she tried to kill had survived, as well as warn Gearwork about her. Gearwork looked at Rarity and quickly told her not to say anything about him knowing what she had done to Coo. Rarity nodded and watched as Gearwork approached her.

"Mossmane, what are you doing here?" Gearwork said in a worried voice.

"I came to warn you that the pegasus tribe is attacking and I want to get you and the others in your group the safety" she replied in what sounded like a worried tone of voice.

"What about Rarity over there," Gearwork said looking over at Rarity, who waved nervously, "she could help us escape."

"No, I can't do that I can only teleport you and three others out of here. I know about the armor hidden under the city. I need the amulet that you carry, to unlock the vault they're in. I saw your ability to shape metal without heat, so I know you must have the key to unlock those sets of armor." she replied in a rushed tone of voice that sounded anxious like a young pony about to open their birthday presents.

"So you know about the amulet that I have, you seem like you're in an awful rush to get that amulet. I wonder why? Is it because you couldn't find it when you ransacked my workshop, and almost killed my owl?"

"What are you talking about?" she asked innocently.

"I found your hair in Coo's talons, and he had injuries that only a unicorn could inflict." Gearwork said in a deep voice.

Mossmane's eyes narrowed "I knew I should have incinerated that annoying bird when I injured him. I knew that would bite me in the flank, and here we are." Mossmane said in a mocking tone.

"I knew you weren't a normal unicorn as soon as I removed that harness. You talk like us even though you're part of the ancient unicorn tribe, your voice doesn't sound like that of a young mare, but a much older mare. Also, you recovered way to quickly when I removed that harness. So what is your real name?" Gearwork said.

Mossmane started cackling and then looked at Gearwork with a sneer. "Well, you figured it out, a little quicker than I expected, but not much. My real name is Duskshadow, the second-in-command to Dark Eclipse, the true ruler of Equestria. The only thing standing in our way are those cursed sets of armor that that wretched Metalmind created. I know that he created a key that would unlock the vualts where they are stored, and only his heirs would be the ones who had it. I had hoped to find it in your workshop so you could watch us use the very things created to protect Equestria, but instead conquer it. Sadly, you have it, so I'll have to kill you."

"Heads Up!" a voice Gearwork hadn't heard in years suddenly cry out. As soon as he heard it he saw a blue-green pegasus suddenly slam into Duskshadow, and send her flying down the street, and landed in an unconscious heap. The pegasus who hit Duskshadow looked at Gearwork with a slightly crazed smile and said "Hey, Gearwork. Haven't seen you in a while. Glad I arrived when I did, you looked like you were in a tight spot."

"Hey Foxfire, glad you made it. That unicorn over there didn't see you until it was too late. I appreciate that, thanks."

Foxfire looked past Gearwork at Rarity, and looked up and shouted "Hey! Rainbow! I found them!" A sky blue pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail quickly appear and land near Rarity.

Gearwork heard Rarity say "I thought we were done for, but that pegasus showed up out of nowhere and knocked that unicorn quite a distance. Enough gawking, we should get out of here."

"Let me teleport you near the castle, I'm pretty sure we'll find our friends near there" Gearwork said.

The other three ponies gathered around Gearwork and he teleported them near the castle.

Midnight Suddenly heard someone fast approaching he and Trixie were by standing close to Luna.
a purple unicorn with dark purple hair, Of course Midnight recognized Princess Celestia's faithful student.
"Princess Celestia we came as soon as you called What was that storm? I never heard of anything in my resear-"
she turned and saw Trixie
"You?" asked Trixie
"You, what are you doing here?" Asked Twilight, she got very cross and her magic began to charge
But midnight wasn't in the mood for them to do this.
"wait I want to say-" Trixie was interrupted by Twilight tackling her
""You better have a reason for being here, talk fast."
"I'm sorry"
"I don't know what your planning but- wait what?"
"I'm sorry I was wrong before I got so used to people praising my magic I just lost myself.
Can you forgive me?"
twilight backed off looking at her then after a moment of silence she helped Trixie up.
Midnight trotted over to them
"My Name Is Midnight Gaze and It's no surprise you haven't found anything like this Twilight these are form a time that that predates Equestria, I remember the stories of olden times before, Princess Luna was banished to the moon, Oh sorry sensitive manner... I forgot, erm before Discord ruled over Equestria
I will explain soon but I need to find Gearworks, and bookworm I'll explain on the way."

Gearwork and the other three ponies teleported to near where the archives were. What greeted made him jump back a little and emit a yelp in surprise.

It was a pony's face. A pink earth pony with an even brighter pink mane that looked like it was made from cotton candy. She had light blue eyes and a wide grin across her face. He then noticed her cutie mark, a trio of balloons, and immediately regretted teleporting there. He knew of this pony, who was the bearer of the element of laughter/joy, and was a perfect representation of it as well.

A second or so after Gearwork landed from jumping back in surprise, he found himself being barraged by a series of questions. "Who are you? What's your name? Where are you from? Are you friends with Rarity and Rainbow Dash? Are those wings that you're wearing? Are they metal? Did you make them? Do they work? Can you actually fly? Are you here to see the princesses?" They came one after another without a single pause for breath between them. All the while being poked by this pony, who was jumping all over the place faster than he could react and sometimes see. He swore that a few times this pink pony looked like she had to be hovering in midair from where she was placed.

"Whoa, Pinkie! Calm down a little. Don't you think that you might be making him uncomfortable with all those questions." Gearwork heard an orange earth pony say a few feet away, as well as an almost inaudible "oh, my" from a yellow pegasus next to the orange pony, about half-way throught the barrage.

After a few moments of being prodded by Pinkie, Gearwork had had enough. "Cease what you're doing, NOW!!" Gearwork bellowed at the surprised Pinkie. He looked at her with an intense stare that made her stop right in her tracks.

His eyes glowed and the normal metal-grey color shifted to that of a steel-blue, that looked absolutely devoid of any compassion, and simpathy. He heard the others, with the exception of Foxfire, gasp after he looked at Pinkie. He then calmed down and blinked and his eyes returned to normal. "I'm sorry about that. I just don't like being barraged by so many questions at one time, and that quickly. I also don't like being touched, especially by a pony I don't know." Gearwork said in an apologetic tone. "I haven't introduced myself. My name is Gearwork." meanwhile placing his right hoof near his left shoulder and slightly bowed.

"Did Gearwork just use "The Stare" on Pinkie?" Rarity asked. "I thought that Fluttershy was the only one."

"It looks like that." the orange pony said "Name's Applejack. It's a pleasure to meet you, Gearwork." Applejack then pointed a hoof towards the yellow pegasus who was cowering behind her and said "This here," Applejack then moved behind the pegasus "is Fluttershy. You don't need to be afraid of him, sugarcube." She then looked at the still-stunned Pinkie and said "And that's Pinkie Pie. I'm surprised that you were able to do that to her. I see that you already met Rarity and Rainbow Dash. There is one other pony that you haven't met yet, and that's Twilight. We were just about to meet her in the archi-"

Just then a small purple dragon with green crests came running towards the group. He stopped in front of Applejack panting. "Hey, Spike. What's going on? I thought you were helping Twilght?" She asked.

The dragon replied between breaths "I was. But we ran into Trixie and-"

"Trixie?! Why's that two-bit second-rate unicorn magician doing in archives. Shouldn't she be be boasting in a small town somewhere." Rainbow Dash interrupted.

"She's with me and my group." Gearwork interjected. The others turned and looked at him in surprise, with the exception of Rarity who already knew about it.

"She's what?!" Rainbow asked.

"I'll explain on the way to the archives" Gearwork said. "I have to tell them that I found the book that we came here looking for." He started walking towards the archives and the others started following him. He told them what had happened in the Hoofington and the storm, and Mossmane a.k.a. Dusk-Shadow. He also told them that Trixie was Midnight's apprentice, and that they were looking for a peticular book in the archives, and instead of following them into the archives, Gearwork wanted to drop a large bag of gemstones at his mother's store. He then told them about what his mother had said, and what she had given him, as well as the encounter with Duskshadow in Canterlot. Rarity confirmed what Gearwork said and he was glad that he ran into her in his mother's store.

Right after he finished telling the others the story, they had already entered the archives, and met Coo, who was looking for Bookworm. The owl noticed Gearwork who gave a hoot and then swooped down and landed on Gearwork's head. They rounded the next corner and found Midnight and Trixie talking to Twilight.

"I will explain soon, but first I need to find Gearwork and Bookworm and then I'll explain on the way."

"Well, you found me. I knew I should have picked a better hiding spot" Gearwork said jokingly towards Midnight. "And look, I brought friends."

Midnight looked at him for a moment and then said "Perfect timing, we still need to find that book. Maybe Bookworm has found it."

Gearwork couldn't help but chuckle at Midnight. "No need to look for that book any longer. I'm glad I stopped over at my mother's store, you'll never believe what happened. I found the book there, and it's the original copy too. I'll explain after we find Bookworm."

His face then grew serious. "We should hurry though and find Bookworm, and we need to warn the princesses. Mossmane is in the city, and she's actually Dark-Eclipse's second-in-command. Her real name is Dusk-Shadow, she knows about the armor and she destroying the city looking for us, because she knows that I have the key that will unlock the vault with the armor."

While the others were busy discussing magic shouts and trading jewels, Bookworm had made her way directly to the library - they didn't have time to discuss the inner workings evil pegisi to Celestia and/or Luna. Not that they didn't need to be told - they were their leaders - if anyone needed to know it was them, just it only took one pony to deliver a message and Midnight was clearly the loudest of them.

Of course, her rush to the archive had had its own set backs. First had been searching the library for the book - to no avail. That it was difficult to find a book in the library was both a travesty and a matter-of-fact that she was unable to reconcile. I digress however however. The second problem was far worse - one of the explosions had been far too close to the archive, and had damaged the precious storehouse of their history, culture and knowledge! Whoever had caused it was a dead-stallion!

Well, they would be when Bookworm managed to get free of the pile of books that had fallen atop her. This wouldn't have been such a major problem were it not for two important factors: Bookworm was a bookworm, and as such lacked the strength to free herself with great speed. Second, Bookworm was Bookworm, and each book she moved invariably opened to some interesting piece of information she never knew.

Did you know geese cannot burp? Bookworm now does.

"We have to find Bookworm then get to that vault, There's only one way to stop Dusk-Shadow, this is bad I never anticipated this."
"Anticipated what?"
"When I had learned the old tribes were returning to take back Equestria I had Feared the Unicorns would have held on to their bitter rivalry with the Pegasi, I never imagined she would Side with Dark Eclipse but it does explain how a Pegasus gained the magical ability of immortality, now that I know it was a unicorn spell though I fear I have no choice."
"What are you talking about?" asked Gearworks confused Midnight was acting like he was going to do something horrible, it was likely that shouting and he did admit when he had heard Midnight shout it was terrifying the way the ground shook, and the air tightened, but he had used it to save everypony.
"Gearworks when I had shouted before I had used what is known as the clear weather shout, however there is an unforgivable, forbidden shout a shout that, when uttered, gives the pony the ability to kill a god."
Twilight was suddenly in shock
"Hold your horses, are you telling me that You plan on destroying Princes Celstia?" she asked.
"No but the shout was designed to destroy any immortal being, I believe it was being created During the Reign of Discord, back then Shouting was rare the ancient unicorns were losing there need for such powerful magic, but then Discord Came and he ruined the lives of all ponies, the other tribes wanted help form the unicorns but Discords magic was too powerful so they turned to look at the ancient shouts, however none existed that could stop discord so they created one, Horrifying words of power that when used forces the listener to comprehend their mortality with an immortal being it so powerfully forces the concept of death into their heads that their power is all but drained away.
But then Celestia and Luna came they stopped Discord turning him to stone, the Unicorns felt ashamed, the fact that their power would have been such a horrible tool of destruction, it was then decided that the secret of shouting must be hidden away for good. however one cannot simply hide this secret, they put their understanding onto paper and sealed them in hidden areas meanwhile the horrible shout known as Deus Rend, was placed in the secret caves of Canterlot even Celstia doesn't know of this and she never should hear this shout. however it takes a master of shouting to perform, but that's for later for now We must hurry."

'A shout to kill a god' Gearwork thought to himself 'something like that really should have been destroyed, but I can understand why it wasn't. Sadly the enemy knows about it and wants to use it.'

A sudden realization dawned on Gearwork "Wait, Midnight." Gearwork said "Maybe the book and scrolls that my mother gave me could help us. There might be a map telling us where they could be and - hold on I hear somepony approaching." Gearwork whipped his head around and took out a large ruby and charged up his magic "I won't be caught off guard this time" he whispered

"Who's there." Gearwork said in a booming voice "Show yourself." In response a large armored earth pony with no cutie mark came slowly in. Gearwork's eyes flashed a steel-blue and almost unleashed his magic, when he noticed that the earth pony had dropped the weapon he was wearing. Gearwork regained his composure and asked "Who are you and why are you here?"

The earth pony bowed and said "I'm sorry, I know you must take me for the enemy, but I side with those who are against Dark-Eclipse and Dusk-Shadow. You must think that their entire tribe are your enemy, but that is not true. There are small factions within the tribes that are against what Dark-Eclipse and her followers stand for. We would have revealed ourselves long ago, but we are too few in number. We would have been destroyed if we did reveal ourselves. When we heard about the storm that Dark-Eclipse sent was destroyed we knew we should reveal ourselves to the ones who did that. I was the messenger sent to tell you that you are not alone in this fight."

"So you're the one who was watching us make our way to Canterlot, I knew I saw an earth pony." Gearwork said, while putting the ruby away and charging down his magic.

"I'm surprised that you saw me, I am known to be one of the stealthiest earth ponies, in our faction. Very few are able to detect me, that is why I was sent to talk to you. My name is Stealthmane." The earth pony said. "I was sent because I would be more likely to be able to talk to you without you attacking. We knew that if we sent a unicorn or pegasus, they would most likely be struck down before they could convey our message to you."

Gearwork looked at the armored earth pony carefully, he was not about to fall victim to an enemy trick. He looked at the earth pony's eyes to if there was any sign of deceit, when there wasn't any, Gearwork decided to listen to what Stealthmane had to say.

After Stealthmane said what he had to say, Gearwork thought about it for a little while. 'It would make sense that there would be some rebel factions within the tribes, they do have free will after all.' Gearwork thought to himself, 'I know I would be part of that rebel group if I was part of the ancient tribes. I don't like to see oppression, and even less to see it enforced.'

Gearwork turned to Midnight and the others to see what they thought of Stealthmane's story. He then remembered that they should look at the book that Gearwork's mother gave him. He pulled out the ancient tome, and realized that this book was not printed on paper or parchment, but on metal. The pages were printed on a pieces of metal that were very thin but also incredibly durable. The words were also made from metal, but from a different kind of metal, that could be read on the sheets that the words were on. 'It would perfectly fit that the original version would be printed on metal instead of paper. It would be a better choice than paper, it would be more durable, last longer, and could not be destroyed by conventional means that would utterly destroy a normal book.' Gearwork thought. He then looked at the scrolls and they were also made from the same type of metal as the pages of the book. 'Metalmind really thought ahead with these, he made sure that they would last the ages, and that time would not be a factor.' Gearwork thought.

"I think we should find Bookworm, she should really know what is going on, and that we found the book." Gearwork said to the others, they all nodded and they headed to the library.

When they got there they saw that part of the library was in ruin, and they all rushed in to find Bookworm to see if she in need of medical attention. Gearwork and the others split up into one group of three and two groups of four to cover more ground so they could find her faster. Midnight and Trixie went with Twilight, Pinkie Pie went with Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash.

Gearwork decided to work with Rarity, Foxfire, and Stealthmane, he wanted to keep an eye on Stealthmane, just to make sure that he wouldn't try and sneak off. He also wanted to try and catch up with Foxfire, she was one of his very few friends, and he had not seen her in a few years. Rarity decided to join their group because she wanted to know more about the Hoofington mines, and also the machinery that Gearwork wore.

After a half hour of what seemed like a fruitless effort, Gearwork and his group passed a large pile of books that had fallen off the shelf when the explosion had occured. It was like many of the other piles of books they had passed, and would have gone with little notice until Gearwork heard a faint muffled voice under the pile say "Well that's interesting. I did not know that." He then heard what sounded like a book being shut and another being opened. "Well, we now know where she is." Gearwork then sighed and shook head slowly, and then said "Well, lets get her out of there." He and the others started moving books from the pile so they could free her.

Midnight and Trixie and Twilight all headed the Star Swirled the Bearded Wing, the reason being that there may have been a clue to where ancient Scrolls were hidden perhaps by some code.
"Are you sure that they'd let such a secret lying around?" asked Trixie
"If those unicorns were smart they'd leave some hint as to where they put them in case they need them later, I'd never throw something that valuable away" answered Twilight, Spike was riding on their back.
"Uh Guys the gate is locked."
Midnight Grit his teeth
"I don't have time for this"
his horn began to glow and suddenly they were all inside the wing with barely a blink of an eye.
Midnight rubbed his temple,
"That one always gets me after a full moon" he groaned
Twilight took charge.
"Let's get searching look for anything that might refer to the ancient unicorns just as Celstia was coming."

Bookworm was surprised to see... well, just see. She had been having some difficulty reading, given the poor lighting, but in one moment, that had all changed. She was about to go back to reading when she heard the sounds of several ponies outside. She didn't recognize any of them, save one - Gearwork.

"Well, lets get her out of there." he said, his voice somewhat annoyed. a few other voices nodded in agreement, and started moving the books. A few minutes later, she was free - and ready to giver her wonderful news.

"Gearwork, I've got great news! I found..." she started to say, holding up a copy of Of Elements and Armor, only to see the same book - though much older - in his hands. Shrugging ehr shoulders, she tossed the book back into the pile and continued, adding "out that there are multiple copies of that book."

She waited a few seconds for the awkwardness of the situation to dissipate before adding. "Thanks for digging me out." she said to everyone. "So... what did I miss?"

Gearwork looked at the book that Bookworm tossed back into the pile. He telekinetically grabbed the book and handed it back to her. "It's better if we have both copies of this book instead of just one, that way we could figure things out quicker" he told Bookworm.

"So... What did I miss?" Bookworm asked.

"Quite a bit." Gearwork responded "If you thought that my dropping off of those gemstones was just an errand, you would have been wrong. I'm glad I stopped over at my mother's store, she was actually holding on to this book." Gearwork moved the book a little "I also ran into Rarity over there" Rarity waved a little to say hello, "We also ran into Mossmane. I was correct that she wasn't who she said was. Her real name is Dusk-Shadow, the second-in-command to Dark Eclipse. She was about to attack me when my old friend Foxfire hit her and sent her flying and knocked her out. I already told Midnight about the incident and we were just about head here when I heard Stealthmane approach us." The armored earth pony appeared behind Gearwork and bowed slightly. "He says he's part of a rebel faction that is against Dark Eclipse and Dusk-Shadow, and that it includes earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns. He also says that the faction wants to help us stop Dark Eclipse and Dusk-Shadow's group. I think that now that we've found you, that should get back to-"

A tremendous explosion was heard from the area where Midnight, Trixie, and Twilight headed. "Midnight!" Gearwork bolted towards where the explosion came from and the others followed. He knew that this had to involve Dusk-Shadow, it was the only explanation that he could think of at the moment.

He ran into Applejack's group and they all headed to where the explosion came from and soon arrived in the Star Swirled the Bearded wing and saw Trixie and Midnight, and Twilight under a protective shield that Twilight conjured. There stood three ponies, but it looked like that two of the ponies, an armored unicorn and an armored pegasus were trying to hold off a familiar looking and angry unicorn.

"Goldwing! Stonehorn!" Stealthmane shouted, he charged to the side of the two ponies trying to hold off Dusk-Shadow. He grabbed his weapon off his back, a large halberd and swung it at Dusk-Shadow, who dodged it and shot a large blast of magical energy at him. It was deflected by another spell that the unicorn, named Stonehorn, casted in front of Stealthmane and it hit the wall near Dusk-Shadow and exploded. "Gearwork!" Stealthmane shouted "Get Midnight and the others out of here! We'll hold her off! We meet you after!"

Gearwork nodded and ran towards Midnight, Trixie and Twilight who just then dispersed the shield she had created and the group ran towards the exit of the library.

Midnight could see the Angry unicorn was using his magic, but he had a guess that None of Dusk-Shadows unicorns knew shouting The unicorn tribe was not fully adept and they had been prisoners
He turned back and charge
"Midnight what are you doing?" Cried Gearworks
Midnight Focused on the voice with himself he could hear the words inside he focused hard to channel power he was thinking into words.
"Magicae euanescere potentia amissa Midnight shouted at the Raging unicorn the Effect wasn't as Dramatic as his Previous shout, the walls didn't shake and there wasn't an echo but the effect was instantaneous. The magic from the raging unicorn suddenly fizzled out
"It worked I didn't think I could do it." Midnight said then his legs began to wobble a bit
"not again." he said trying to get away
Gearworks shook his head
"whats the point of having a power like that if it leaves you unable to run?" Asked Twilight
"This is nothing Last time I could barely stand." Midnight with Trixie's help was ale to get away.

When the magic from the enemy unicorn fizzled out, it immediately retreated with both Stonehorn and Goldwing in pursuit of it. Stealthmane turned around and soon joined the group, who by then had almost reached Trixie's caravan. He then helped Midnight enter it, and waited until everypony had entered before asking if he could come inside. Gearwork looked at Midnight who nodded his head weakly.

A few minutes later the caravan was already moving away from Canterlot, towards Hoofington. Gearwork had already started healing Midnight with one of the few emeralds he grabbed before he left for Canterlot. Rarity and Twilight were watching in amazement that a unicorn could use a gemstone to cast different spells. Twilight was watching intensely and trying to figure out so she could do it as well, it was an entirely new technique to her and she wanted to learn how to copy it. When Gearwork was done healing him, Midnight thanked him and started talking to Stealthmane.

While Midnight was doing that Bookworm was already reading the two copies of Elements and Armor and comparing them. Gearwork decided that while the others were doing their thing that he should try and use some of the dark iron that he recieved when he got the book, and try and add it to his mechanical wings. He took off the wings and took a few pieces of dark iron out of his bag. He held up the metal and focused his magic on shaping the metal, and soon realized that trying to shape it was draining him incredibly fast with little progress. He then thought of the spell stone he carried with him, he knew if he was able to use a small percent of it's power to help him with the metal that he could mold and shape the pieces much faster. 'Midnight's going think that I'm being reckless by doing this, but I'm only going to be holding the stone, not casting with it.' Gearwork thought while he took out the small violet stone that glowed with the golden light.

He held the stone in one of his hooves and started focusing on the metal again and he felt the stone's power flowing through him, and he felt a little uncomfortable and knew if he started feeling the slightest bit overwhelmed he would immediately let go of the stone. While he focused on the metal with the power flowing through him he was able to mold the metal much faster and was done building the new pair of wings in about the same amount of time it took him to build the reinforced wings. The new wings were larger than the reinforced set and looked a little more elegant. He put away the spell stone and put on the new set of wings and moved each wing, testing if they worked. When they did, he folded them down and decided to look out of the window.

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