The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

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"Oh you son of a bitch." Marlon hissed, glaring at the mutant with barely concealed fury. He half turned towards Simms, keeping his eye on the mutant and reaching one hand slowly towards his laser rifle.

"Say sheriff, I don't rightly know what your policy on the big muties is, but that big ol' sack of rads looks to me like he's outta his goddamn mind." He smiled. "If you want that freak to disappear, just say the word..." The smile widened just a little bit.

"I'd be happy to turn that creep to ash." The biggest upside of all of this, aside from a little retribution for the car, heavy handed and disproportionate though it may be, is that it'd be a prime opportunity to demonstrate the kind of tech you could expect to buy from the Van Graff family. Mama always said it never hurt to advertise.

By now he had the laser rifle in his hands and was quietly looking down the barrel at the mutant.

"Just say the word sheriff....Just say the word. Maybe before he decides to use that rifle?"

"Wait, just let me get my bike!" Vikki's voice rang out.

I figured the bike belonged to her.

Lucy walked over to Vikki in case she needed help, using this opportunity to get out of earshot of the Brotherhood guy. She proceeded to whisper to Vikki while Lucy pretended to inspect the bike "Look, Vikki, I'm sorry about that guy and I don't like this any more than you do." "That guy is Brotherhood of Steel, they have a massive hard-on for pre-war tech and a racist attitude"

Lucy's expression darkened for a moment but rose with a reassuring smile. "Judging by his urgency, we can trust him and get some answers when we're safe. Besides, an extra set of eyes will help"

Before Lucy turned around, she said one last thing to Vikki before smiling " I won't forget how you tried to protect me earlier. I got your back first and foremost, V."

When Vikki was done, Lucy turned to the Brotherood soldier "We're all good here, Let's get to Dukov's Place, it's just behind Anchorage memorial if I remember it right."

William finished reading the letter, it looked genuine, Bloom's seal, his handwriting and his obvious incentive of large amounts of money. William also noted that Morgan Bloom spent most of the letter writing about himself until any details of actual work needed doing, then it became 'we'. Still, at least Bloom bothered to be polite.

William wanted to investigate the Enclave, now he had a lead, 'Underworld, can't get there on the bike, I'll have to leave it on the outskirts and walk in. Underworld, it would be nice to see Sydney again. It shouldn't be too hard to remember the way in, what about Tom Nevets?'

"Tom, something has come up and now I'm definitely going to be heading for DC, I know you wanted to stay away but if you change your mind, I will have headed for Underworld. It's a ghoul town and you won't have much trouble finding it if you ask around, I set off in the morning."

"Running from one possible firefight into another doesn't seem wise at this point." Lucy replied "Like you said, the Enclave is a much bigger concern at this point. So let's go to Dukov's place, I'm sure we can contain the situation easier there"

"So let's go!"

"Wait, just let me get my bike!" Vikki shouts, quickly clambering up the rubble she was previously on top of and dragging the bike down the small hill.

"We're all good here, Let's get to Dukov's Place, it's just behind Anchorage memorial if I remember it right."
The choice of Dukov's place slightly displeased Frank, as he would rather just slaughter the market full of raiders, stay the night at a place that had ample supplies and bedding, then move on to Megaton which was in that direction anyways. Especially since there were rumors of a Van Graff trying to set up shop there, and those guys are never a good thing.
Besides; Dukov had gotten a lot weirder since Cherry ran out on him, but he'd prefer to maintain the trust of these girls, as they warranted investigation.
He ran off with rather startling speed for someone wearing power armor.
"Keep up with me if you can!"

Tom couldn't imagine why William would want to go to DC, but he assumed it was a personal matter, and Tom wouldn't ask. On the positive side, if Tom ever found himself in DC, he would have a friend there. "Suit yourself." he said with a shrug. He reached into his backpack and retrieved two raw potatoes. He tossed one to Bucky, who caught it in his mouth, and took a bite out of the other one. It wasn't tasty, but it was certainly better than starvation. "Hows about we get to bed. I think we'll both want an early start tomorrow."

"MAAACAAAVOOOYY!!! Wheerrre aaarrre yyyoooouuu...?!"

Damn. That was the last thing Cassie needed. Her basic gear always had her standing toe to toe with any human, but she wasnt fit to take on a super mutant. Though the thrill of the challenge did slowly take over her mind, she tried to play it smart.

Cass injected herself with a stimpack and ran to the window she recently shot out. She carefully hung out of the side and lowered herself down to the second story window, trying desperately to kick it open without making to much noise.

The moment she got in, she tried to member the position of the sniper that she first encounter. The weapon would be to the right of her. The distance it would put between her and that mutant would be well worth reaching it. She just had to hope he wouldn't her when she snuck out to get it.

William agreed with Tom, it was best not to lose daylight. Settling down to sleep, he looked up at the sky and the stars and wondered if someone, somewhere was doing the same thing. Perhaps another one of the Anver survivors was looking at the same stars, somewhere else. The wasteland had a habit of swallowing people up, it was easy to discard an old life and turn up in a town as just another stranger with nothing but the clothes you wore and two stories, an old one never to be told and a new one to be learned.

Anver didn't matter though, that was an old life, everyone had died, even those who had lived walked alone as separate people.

William cast those thoughts out of his mind and remembered as much as he could about the DC layout. 'Might as well head to Rivet City, leave the bike there and travel upriver. Find the quickest metro tunnel to get to Museum Station and make it to Underworld.

The man had asked for his hat, his hat! But he wasn't wearing it. Instead he shoved it unceremoniously into his bag. It was Michaels favourite hat, he bought got it a few days after traders had discovered him laying unconsciously on the ground. Apart for Brahmin it was the only constant he had, it gave him a sense of identity and this man had shoved it into his bag without a backward glance. He could get it back when he reached underworld, maybe he could barter some ammo for some caps and buy it off him.

He was being lead in the direction of a tall white pillar that ended in a point, parts had fallen off exposing the hollow interior.

"Are you sure this is the right way? I don't like being so exposed, what if there are super mutants?"

"...your dog... raiders... killing! ...!" Rex understood nothing of it, but it made Brandon turn pale. Rex bristled a bit, ready to pounce if told. Then, everyone burst out laughing.



These armored ones used big words that Rex didn't understand. With no facial cues to go by, he continued to sit, growing anxious.

The armored one suddenly seemed to lean in towards Brandon, examining him. Brandon clearly didn't like it, but placed his hand on Rex's snout when he tried to growl.



Brandon turned pale again, this time for real. He began to talk in a trembling voice.

"...I... "

Again, Rex understood nothing. He didn't like these armored folk. At least he could see Brandon's face though... he was totally faking a sad look. Rex quickly realized that Brandon was lying through his teeth to gain favor, so he threw in a whimper of his own.

"...I... me... go, I... fighting... fight. I... armor."

Brandon smiled at them as he turned around and beckoned at Rex to re-enter the cave. He still looked as tense as hell, though.

The armored one spoke again, and Brandon seized up. "...goodbye... luck."

They trudged off.

Brandon relaxed so hard he nearly fell clean over.

Michael appeared somewhat dismayed by the trade and Fishspear could sort of understand not wanting to lose a hat. He certainly didn't. He didn't empathise quite enough to consider giving it back though.

"Are you sure this is the right way? I don't like being so exposed, what if there are super mutants?"

Surely this guy understood he could only answer yes or no, right? The kinds of questions that couldn't be answered like that tended to frustrate Fishspear seeing as how he couldn't really respond.

He nodded first. This was definetly the right way. The second question...well there would almost certainly be super mutants around. The place was crawling with them. But Michael didn't seem terribly stealthy and his brahmin not at all. Was there a way to circumvent them?

He couldn't say. They tended to move around a bit. There was no sure way to avoid them. Sticking to the metro wasn't necessarily preferable seeing as how there'd just be ghouls there instead. Although, they were generally easier to kill and seeing as how there were two of them and sneaking was out that might just be a good idea. He stopped a moment to consider the route and planned out a different one that, while slightly longer would confine them almost entirely to the metro.

He set off on this divergent path, looking back to check Michael was still with him. He was headed down an alley so hopefully this would quell his compunctions about being exposed.

Barry sat there and began to realized he had been ditched by the superhero team he had dreamed of joining for an entire...what?...23 hours now? This was the longest Barry had been focused on something, besides fighting crime, in his entire existence. He brushed himself off, got up, and turned around. Suddenly he could hear a loud propeller sound behind him. He turned back to see a landing Vertabird. The entrance opened and number 43 said, "If you're that serious about great justice, get in here."

A massive smile stretched across his face. "I KNEW YOU GUYS WOULD COME BACK FOR ME! Didn't doubt it for a second. You guys would never ditch me in the middle of nowhere with no weapon and take my only option for food!"

The Enclave soldier stared at him with complete and utter contempt for a solid 20 seconds, not that Barry could see that due to the whole mask thing. "Are you going to get in or what?" 43 said trying to hold back the hatred in his voice.
"Of course!" Barry ran into the Vertabird and threw himself into the available space. The Vertabird took off into the sky. Its dark form created an ominous looming effect over the area. The soldiers sat silently making it hard to distinguish between them. It was as if they were one. "Hey, you guys want to read my comics?"

"I don't want him with us longer than we need him," Vikki mutters before hearing Lucy telling her that she has her back too.

"Good, we'll always be safe then," she grins, happy that they both would protect each other.

"Anchorage? Yay! We get to deal with miralurks!" she mutter sarcastically checking her gun, ensuring that it would fire properly, "lets get going then, its not safe to travel at night around here."

"Wait, what?...Mirelurks?" Lucy hated those things, they were creepy and unpredictable. Lucy visibly shuddered. Well this was embarrassing...again. Brave girl braving the wasteland with her Gauss Rifle creeped out by Mirelurks. Yeah, I'm a shining example of stalwart bravery thought Lucy.

Sheepishly Lucy called out to the Brotherhood guy "I-I changed my mind. Let's go to the market instead. We have the drop on them, we have superior firepower, it's also a good place to bunker down and get supplies"

Plus I wouldn't mind taking down some raiders with sheer glee.

"Mirelurks creep me out, don't judge me" Lucy grimaced at Vikki. "Let's go."

Lucy ran up to the Brotherhood guy's side, making her way to the the market, rifle ready in hand, mentally preparing for an attack.

"I-I changed my mind. Let's go to the market instead. We have the drop on them, we have superior firepower, it's also a good place to bunker down and get supplies"
With a heavy sigh of relief, Frank changed directions and began to run to the market. He didn't want to have to deal with Dukov calling him "Tin Can" and inquiring if he could "Keep the pieces of ass your brought with you".
"All right, but we don't have time for you to change your answer again!"
As Frank came up on the market he saw the raider patrol outside.
[Perception]They appeared to be four of them, armed with a 10mm. Pistol, a Sawed-off, a hunting rifle, and a sledgehammer; all in bad condition.
This would be a cakewalk.
Frank charged in, shrugging off the hail of gunfire, shooting the one with the shotgun in the torso, and punching through the head of the one with the hunting rifle.
Frank chuckled. Even if the girls did turn out to be useless, this would still be all too easy.

"Good night, man." Tom said as he lay down on his bed roll. Bucky curled up beside him. Once he woke up, he would continue down the road until he got to a town. Surly someone there would know how to get to Boston without going through DC, or at least have a map. But Tom decided he would worry about it later.

Tom woke up just as the sun was creeping over the horizon. He could feel the distinctive head ache that came when ever Steven was close to taking charge. Tom would have liked to sleep a little bit more, but there was no use in just laying there at that point. Looking around, he saw that William was still asleep. 'Cause he's not plagued by these stupid headaches. Tom thought with some envy. Dismissing these feelings, Tom started rolling up his bed roll and packing his things back into Buckys saddle bag when William stirred. "Oh jezz." he said. "Sorry if I woke you."

"Mirelurks are weird, I'm not judging you," Vikki smiles blankly, "I don't like them either, they killed a few of my cousins quite easily, they're scary!"

"I wonder if we'll find any goodies in the market!" she asks herself, quickly wheeling the bike to catch up with the BoS paladin and Lucy.

Watching the steel man taking down a couple of the raiders himself, Vikki's jaw dropped.

"I'm glad he's on our side," she whispers to Vikki, "he could kill us both really quickly!"

The raider with the sledgehammer rushed towards Vikki who responded in the way she was taught, dropping the bike on its side as soon as she registered the attacker and pulling the sword from its sheath.

Due to its size and sharpness, the blade tore straight into the raiders stomach as he ran forward, soundlessly, his mouth flapped open and the sledge slipped from his hands, landing with a huge thunk as it hit the concrete below them. Vikki quickly pulls the blade sideways from his stomach, allowing the body to fall straight to the floor, his last breaths fading quickly.

Lucy caught a glimpse of the Brotherhood soldier shoot one raider in the torso followed by punching another through his head.

Holy shit, I'm glad he's on our side, Lucy noted.

"I'm glad he's on our side," Vikki whispered to Lucy, "he could kill us both really quickly!"

Smirking in reply, as if Vikki read her mind.

One raider started rushing towards Vikki and another raider with a 10mm pistol turned his attention on Lucy.

Lucy dive rolled to the side to put some distance between her and Vikki, emerging with her rifle ready with practiced precision, already having her shot instinctively lined up, she sent a shot ringing into the pistol-wielding raider's head, completely obliterating it and taking a huge chunk of his upper torso to boot.

"Jackpot!" Lucy retorted to the what was left of the raiders corpse, followed by openly smiling in a sadistic manner, she had no qualms over killing raiders. Scum of the wasteland...

Lucy heard an audible thunk not too far from her, she glanced over and watched a gutted raider fall to the floor. Vikki wielded a sword with ease and grace.

"Definitely glad she's on my side" Lucy thought


Sunrise has come and gone, and Abe isn't having any of it; he's intent on waiting for the...seabeast. Of course, his energy seems to be flagging, his head sagging and his blinks growing farther apart.

I managed to find the key to the fridge on the tender, at least we can e-

Sudden development!

There appears to be a town militia - I write militia because they're armed, not mercs though, they'd have shot at us already - gathering in the street.

Something is about to hit the fan.

Full report to follow.

After he slaughtered one, and injured another the raiders decided to try attacking the people who weren't wearing a tank, it ended poorly for them.
[Perception] A vertibird was close, coming from the west.
[Intelligence] Judging from its height as it was descending, it had come from somewhere very far west. This would warrant investigation later, but for now there were more pressing matters.
Frank ran towards the entrance, stopping only to execute the raider he shot.
"And let's see what's behind door #1!"

Raiders always reminded Lucy too much of the slaughter of her settlement...and her Dad's death. She vowed to show anyone that live their live's preying on others the same fate. While this would distress most people, this only made Lucy more determined to fight.

Lucy noticed the Brotherhood soldier focused on the sky for a moment before turning towards the entrance to the market.

She could faintly hear the sound of aircraft wings. Must be the vertibird he mentioned, if that's the case, we have no time to waste.

"And let's see what's behind door #1!"

Lucy readied her rifle, got up and moved to the opposite side of the doorway where he was standing. She rested her hand on one door handle, silently nodding at him, signalling that she was ready to burst in with him at his side.

Frank slammed open the door, and burst inside.
[Perception]There appeared to be at least 10 raiders inside with varying weaponry, more were probably in other sections.
"Violence is on sale!"
Frank charged at the largest cluster of raiders, (3 were grouped together) shooting an isolated one on his way.
"Clean up in aisle 5!"

The door was slammed open and the Brotherhood soldier charged on ahead at a small group of raiders.

"Violence is on sale!"

Lucy heard a shot fired from him

"Clean up in aisle 5!"

Lucy smiled widely, this guy is really funny

Lucy decided to take the opposite end of the market, deciding it would be best to take down anyone that decided to flank us. A lone raider came running around the corner in a panic, his torso was ripped to shreds by my rifle before he even laid his eyes on me.

Taking cover behind a nearby counter to reload, Lucy peeked over the counter and spotted two more raiders, one with a 10mm SMG and another with a hunting rifle. Prioritizing her targets, she neatly destroyed the raider's head with the hunting rifle.

"Time to weather the storm" Lucy growled, she ducked under cover as the other raider decided to suppress her with the SMG. Luckily, he emptied his magazine and was scrambling to reload.

Lucy stashed her Gauss Rifle under the counter, not having time to reload.

She burst out of cover, adrenaline and anger flooding her mind, she grabbed the nearby deceased raider's hunting rifle and smashed his head with the butt of the rifle.

"Haven't you heard about pacing!?" Lucy gave a sadistic smile

Lucy followed by ramming him into the wall with all her strength and savagely beating his head in with the rifle until his head was clearly caved in.

Lucy retreated back to cover, retrieved her Gauss Rifle, reloaded and slowly caught her breath...waiting to ambush anymore raiders that come this way.

[Perception]Frank heard the familiar pop of a gauss rifle behind him, the girl had things relatively covered on her end, but he didn't hear the mutant girl. He would rather she not stay outside, get killed and draw the Enclave in here, but if it came to that, at least he had a few good bottleneck points to get the Enclave at.
Can't worry about that now though.
Frank began punching through the group of raiders. It always amazed him that they decided to fight back instead of flee in terror. Maybe the radiation had messed up their fight/flight response.
"Everything must go!"

"Oh jeez, sorry if I woke you."

"No, no it's good that I'm up. I need to get going, every moment of daylight counts." William stood up and retrieved his pack, taking out a box of sugar bombs and casually consuming the contents.

"Well, I suppose this is goodbye, for now." Said William, knowing that he may never again see Tom Nevets. 'How many people have come and gone? There have been dozens of people out in the wasteland I met that I haven't seen since. People I know are walking out of my life as suddenly as they entered.' William buckled his sword belt around his waist and gave a nod to Tom Nevets. 'The sun rises in the east, it is morning so head towards the sun and stay on the road, pre war signs for DC will show me the way.' Mounting his motorbike, he slowly rode down the slope and rejoined the road, picking up speed.

Wait, where's Vikki? Lucy didn't stop to check where she was earlier. She started to get slightly worried.

Lucy peeked over the counter again. No signs of raiders on this side, but she could hear a few voices on the other side of the room. Are they cowering in fear or are they setting up a choke point? Yeah, like a bunch of idiots hooked on jet are even going to remotely think tactically.

Lucy remembered Vikki wielding the sword earlier and called out to her "V! We're doing pretty fine in here, but we don't want to steal all the fun!" Lucy laughed "So get in here!"

Lucy noted the bathrooms to her left and she heard a faint murmur in there. No raider is getting out here alive.

"Hmm, slightly cramped, not ideal for my rifle" Lucy looked around, spotting the nearby dead raiders, she started searching for any notable weapons.

"Jackpot!" Lucy exclaimed as she picked a Combat Knife off the guys body and it was kept in pretty good condition too, a little dirty but whatever. I'll keep it.

Newly found knife in hand, Lucy quietly made her way to the solitary murmuring coming from the bathrooms...

AH! The wind in his face and hair was a glorious feeling. William pushed his bike to higher speeds just to experience the rush of being free and fast. It would take him a full day to reach Rivet City and probably cost him another fission battery. That didn't matter though, all that mattered right now was the bike and the road. William thought he must look rather dashing and handso - 'Less vanity more concentration! The roads are reasonably clear but one late turn around a derelict car and that is it. You will be stuck on foot.'

William was glad he hadn't gotten distracted by his own creeping vanity, for he saw an Enclave Eyebot coming towards him down the road. 'Not going to be intact for much longer!' William drew his sword, still on the bike and charging towards the eyebot. Coming up alongside it now he slashed at it like a knight on horseback, slicing the thing in two. Giving a slight laugh, William realised he was actually enjoying himself for once.

In fact, William was in high spirits for the many hours his journey to Rivet City took. After a long days ride, feeling rather sore, William sauntered up to the connecting bridge and crossed to reach the city within a ship, 'Not bad for an uneventful day, but tomorrow will be much less carefree.' Thought William as the heavy metal door to the marketplace closed behind him.

#43 shook his head and said, "Nobody wants to rea"
#57 cut him off by saying, "You have comic books?"
Barry responded, "Yeah I have a bunch in my supply bag."
"Why do you care 57," #47 said flustered.
"Me and my dad used to read those together," #57 said filled with nostalgia
#109 added, "Huh, I have never come across one. I don't have a strong idea of what one is like."
"Here have this one," Barry said tossing him a copy of "Grognak The Barbarian: In the Lair of the Virgin Eater". Number #109 looked at the cover and began thumbing through it.
"So, what are we doing?" Flash said curiously
"We are on a beef run. Two vertabirds are assigned to gathering Brahmin every day. One actually picks them up and the other waits halfway between the general search area and Home Base. When the Vertabird on search duty finds one it flies it back to the other one. Then that Vertabird rolls on back to Home Base and dumps it off before returning to its wait point. Anyways, we have one more Brahmin left to find," #53 responded leaning back in his seat. The pilot yelled back, "I spotted one!" The Vertabird began to land...just outside of Megaton. The back hatch opened and they saw a young man sitting next to his Brahmin. Number 43 stepped out and said, "Sir, today is your lucky day. You get to donate your brahmin to the Enclave for the better of all humanity."
The young man looked at him for a few seconds before tactfully telling him to "Screw off." The young man then pulled out his 44. magnum. It was at this point that #43 realised that this young man was prepared to fight. "Kid, I see that you think you are going to take on the world because you got a big, compensating for something, gun. But you see I am a well trained soldier with a gun that turns people to ash on contact who is tired and pissed off that you arent letting him do his job. So how about you put your toy down before the big boy here makes you into a stain across the outer wall of this town."
The kid did not back down. He was just plainly suicidal. The kid fired his gun into #43. It bounced off of his shoulder and hit the floor. "Ha, Big mistake kid," #43 said pressing the plasma rifle between the dumb kid's eyes. Barry sprinted over and slammed young man in the face with a nasty right hook. The kid stumbled back and took a swing which Barry ducked with ease before slamming him with an uppercut that took him a couple inches off of the ground. The young man laid on the ground and blacked out.
"Fair enough," #43 said leading the Brahmin into the Vertabird.

[Perception] Frank could see some more raiders in his vicinity, and noticed the girl going towards the bathroom. Should be fine.
He ran towards them to beat them into a fine jelly, hitting some buttons on his shoulder to turn on GNR and get the news and some music.
"What's up wastelanders?! It's me; 3 Dog, awooo! Coming to you taped from Galaxy News Radio! Seems we've got a bit of news, just listen to this:"
Frank was enjoying fighting the raiders, but he wished they were more of a challenge.
"Little Dorothy may have lost her home, but she has met a brainless scarecrow, and a heartless tin-man along the way. Don't that sound nice children? Guess that means they'll be going to megaton to meet up with the cowardly Lion who's looking to setup shop there. Then maybe they'll follow that old yellow brick road down to oz, where they can reveal that the Enclave is actually being run by a feeble old man!"
Frank wiped some of the blood off of his armor.

Frank wondered who would be the wicked witch in this scenario and headed down to the pharmacy.

"Heh, yeah, I got a bum battery. Hopin' Flak an' Shrapnel got a few micro fusion cells so I can charge this sucker up."

Morgan: Well, it appears that they will be opening shortly.

The sounds of people getting to work could be heard...

"So, judgin' by the duds and all th' mercs, I take it you're some sort'a rich guy, am I right? What do ya want with Rivet City? I'd think ya'd want Tenpenny Towers. Heard ol' Dashwood's still there..."

Morgan: Very astute of you, good sir! I am, indeed, a 'rich guy' as you so eloquently put it. My name is Morgan Bloom, and I am a man - or ghoul, rather - of business. These are my associates, paid most handsomely to protect me and my investments in these dastardly times. As for Tenpenny Tower, that really isn't my sort of Locale. True, I've stayed there, and I do remember Dashwood most fondly, but he has left and I for one do not blame him. He resides elsewhere these days, and I wish him the best. Ah, but look at me talking when there's business to be done. For lo, the marketplace doth open before us! Onward, gentlemen! We have much work to do!"

He pointed forwards in a most heroically ghoulish manner, and pressed forwards as the place opened up. Now, Dudley could do business as need-be. Morgan Bloom only stopped to call back.

Morgan: If you should ever need work or have some business transaction to partake in yourself, by all means contact me!


The Enclave, demanding that he suit up in one of their powersuits unwillingly? Come on, what sort of dolt would armor you up at gunpoint and shove a high-powered energy weapon in your hands to boot? That doesn't even make sense! You'd have to be an absolute idiot to force an unwiling party to arm up in something better than what they've got, because then retaliations would be a whole lot easier.

#107: Should you change your mind, or in fact need some sort of help with those debts, the Enclave can most likely give a hand.

Once Brandon was far enough away and out of hearing range...

#107: Get an Eyebot on that guy. Nothing too close. Just make it look like it's conducting surveilance.


Sully had been roped into this, and now he might well be stuck to it, on account of three powersuited personnel implying that - in the name of Dave - he would find it most disadvantageous to be leaving. This being said, the other two Enclave soldiers were now watching him at that rock while #86 spoke to Dave. None of them had drawn weapons yet, but you know those things could be out fast. Dave, of course, didn't notice the subtle: He didn't get the subtext that they might be prepared to end Sully if he misbehaved. Instead...

#86: Dave, I'll tell you. Our commanding officer determined that the people of the wasteland would recognize our lawful right to the land outside of the immediate Republic...if we all joined in a recognized territory. The Enclave would therefore register for citizenship, and the New Republic would be born around the old.

Dave: The New Republic? Just how many of your members are in on this?

#86: Lots of them, LOTS. We want to follow the words and leadership of Dave, and as such we will expand and empty that little town south of here and move in.

Dave: The Deathclaws, you mean? Hard work, but if you're willing...

#86: But first, the election. We've heard that the Republic is a Democracy, that you vote for your leader on occasion.

Dave: That's true, but we held one not long ago.

#86: Missed it by that much. But this would be for the New Republic. Gotta make it official, Dave. Procedure is VERY important to the Enclave.

Dave: But wouldn't your group just elect its own leader?

#86: Oh, I wouldn't worry. We're voting for Dave!

Dave's eyes lit up. They got 'im. He was now believing in an army of powersuited soldiers actually following Dave. Said Dave invited the soldier into his office to process himself and his 'co-workers'. The other two waited for him to be gone...and then snerked and guffawed for a moment.


Lucy, Vikki, and Frank made their rounds, taking down raiders while a vertibird was indeed on approach to the area. Too bad they'd been killing everything in their path and all. There was nothing to stop the Eyebot from wandering in and giving telemetry. But meanwhile, Frank found a drugged-upraider taking Buffout and leaping at him with a chainsaw. And Lucy...found a tied-up ghoul in the bathroom, muttering incoherently.

Ghoul: Tramzallah booga maka-waka boom boom bury my soul the sky is falling...


"Say sheriff, I don't rightly know what your policy on the big muties is, but that big ol' sack of rads looks to me like he's outta his goddamn mind. If you want that freak to disappear, just say the word..."

Lucas: I noticed. I'm not sure I like that.

"Just say the word sheriff....Just say the word. Maybe before he decides to use that rifle?"

Lucas: I think you should get 'im to disarm. Never seen a mutant sick of anything a'fore now. I think it's important. He-



Agh! What the hell happened?! An...An...AN ARM JUST GREW OUT OF THAT MUTANT"S STOMACH!! The mutant was going into convulsions as the flesh of his body swelled and contorted weirdly, and now there were random fingers and hands growing out of him!


Lucas had his gun out already, and fuck it, he was shooting!


Macavoy's residence was getting trashed downstairs by a drunken mutant as Cass tried to stealthfully get to the second floor from higher up unnoticed. On a normal day, because of the noise, this would work out perfectly. On this day, however, something different happened...


The mutant downstairs let out an agonizing roar...and suddenly parts of the house began to shake as the mutant tumbled around loudly. The sound of things breaking and wood snapping would be heard as...well...Cass would be able to see through a small hole in the floor. That mutant was more disfigured than usual, with alot of external muscling. Oh, and it was twice the normal size of a normal mutant, bashing around in confined space. This house was goin' down and SOON!


William managed to get to Rivet City alright, and somewhere in this marketplace was Dudley, funnily enough. And- Hang on... Weren't those some of Bloom's men at that- HEY! He IS here! He looked to be negotiating something in the market RIGHT NOW!


Meanwhile, with Tom, Bucky Ratt was taking him along now that he had split from William. However, he was now snuffling the ground and going...well...faster! Where the hell was he off to in such a hurry?! Unless...oh no... No, no no no no no... It can't be. Not NOW!

Mating Season.


Michael and Fishspear had diverted into the metro, where there would probably be ghouls and there would possibly be other things... Well, here's the GOOD news. What they found along the way was alot of DEAD ghouls. What they DID find was that there was something glowing blue and coming...towards them. It looked like it was on two legs, and made a sound like- Oh, that's not good. I believe these are a rare and very irradiated version of a Mirelurk...called a Nukalurk. That's...not good.


For the record, #57's Melee skill went up with the reading of comics. Now, they had just secured yet another Brahmin, and it looked to be that they were heading back to...base, perhaps? It seemed as much, because they were heading at all speed West now.

#43: You're a very lucky man, red. Our leader wants to have a word with you, in person. Weird fucking thing, but he's the boss. Better not disappoint the man. Number One doesn't like disappointments.

This was gonna be interesting... It took 'em a bit of a while, moving due west as maximum speed. Even still, the Vertibird was a glorified helicopter, not a jet. It was more maneuverable, but it wasn't too much faster than an ordinary pre-war chopper. That said, they did finally come upon the place... It was a large military base, one whose crumbling old walls were fortified by Enclave field camp armor-walls, auto-turrets, and mortar launchers. Up until their coming in for a landing, the numerous soldiers down there were like little black ants. Then, as they came in closer, you could see what was up: Outdoor training exercises. The general layout was that there was one main building - the one leading to the gold vault - and a few crumbly buildings nearby and still within the perimeter serving as barracks or something. Outside the perimeter was exactly one building that looked like someone had stacked random rubble together to make it, though it was at least two stories. War must've been tough on it.

#43: This is the our base, Fort Knox.

The rear door opened and the men escorted out their Brahmin and Barry. Then, from out of nowhere, there would be this heavy THUD, like something hitting the ground hard, and out from behind the Vertibird came...a tall figure. He had to be seven feet tall at least and donned in some kind of superior powersuit with red eyes and red energetic tracelines, like you would see in Tron or Zone of the Enders. This tall figure walked up to our boy and spoke.

"So, at last we meet, Flash. I've been watching you, and I like what I see. My name is Number One, and I believe you and I can help each other."

Frank finally saw something that looked like it would pose a moderate threat, a very large raider with a very large chainsaw. Big enough that it actually looked like it would hurt.
"Hello children! Three Dog here, awooo! Coming at you with some news!"
Frank and the raider charged at each other, but Frank liked to rig his bets.
"As if super mutants weren't enough, I'm getting reports that some of the Frankensteins are changing."
*Bang, bang, bang, click, click click* Frank unloaded on the raider's main arm, causing him to stumble and drop his weapon.
"These "Duper Mutants" are a lot tougher than the regular kind, do not fight them. Run, hide, or hope they're stupid enough to fall for it when you tell them to "Look over there!", but for the love of Atom, God, or whoever, don't fight them."
Frank took his advantage while he had it, raining blows upon the raider. He probably would be better off with some good ol' Mentats freshness instead of the buffout.

Home, the Brotherhood... Frank wondered how the Brotherhood was handling this situation, Duper mutants and Enclave. When it rains it pours. At least the very valuable chainsaw didn't get messed up in the fight.

"Should you change your mind, or in fact need some sort of help with those debts, the Enclave can most likely give a hand." Brandon smiled at them. "I will be sure to remember that." Brandon turned back his normal expression returned, he seemed very relieved. Brandon walked back into the old cave, and saw that the enclave soldiers were discussing something. That wouldn't be good, on the other hand they could be talking about something else. When in the cave he petted Rex on his head, Brandon relaxed even further and his legs began to shake, he sat down against the wall the adrenaline still pumping through his body.

He looked at Rex, he then sat straight up he pointed at the enclave soldiers. "Not friends. Those enclave soldiers are not our friends, remember that." Brandon pointed at himself and Rex "very good friends" and then at the enclave soldiers. "Not friends." He looked at the dog with a smile after that as he petted him some more. Still after meeting them it was best to spend the night indoors, even if he disliked the thought they didn't really have a choice. Brandon stood up after a minute his body had stopped trembling at this point. He petted Rex some more and then they started walking.

Brandon and Rex were traveling to the nearest town, Brandon knew for a fact that there had to be an hotel or an inn. Upon entering the village he found 3 militia looking people they only had handguns and leather armor. Brandon lifted his hands up in the air and ordered Rex to stand down, it was clear that these people were more scared then they were. "We are not raiders, my dog and I here are simple travelers looking for a place to spend the night." The militia lowered their guns after a short discussion. A 40 year war veteran looking man stepped forward. "My name is Jack and this is the village called Mole rat town."

Brandon was confused for a moment before he saw a couple of mole rats in a fence 60 meters away. Brandon smiled as he grabbed Jacks hand. "My name is Brandon and my friends name here is Rex." Jack seemed relieved and said. "Well I am happy to hear that you aren't hostile, well we have a general good shops over there and a small hotel over there. Have a good one Brandon." Jack tipped his hat as he walked back to the militia. The militia seemed very relieved and they all returned to their homes.

Brandon was also relieved as he walked into the village. He entered the general goods store and found that they had allot of supplies here. Allot of weapons, ammo, and food. It was very surprising that the militia seemed so badly armed while the general goods store seemed loaded. Still it wasn't Brandon's place to go asking such questions, instead he asked for some food and a discussion started between Brandon and the trader. Who was asking a very high price, Rex saw an few very shiny things around the very big store. Brandon and the trader seemed distracted, the amount of goods in they store made Brandon suspected that they sold allot of goods to the enclave.

Lucy edged closer to the doorway of the bathroom, it was clear by the incoherent mumbling and occasional groaning from behind the door that someone or something was inside. Ready to put her new blade to use, she slowly opened the door hoping to get the drop on whoever was inside.

"Tramzallah booga maka-waka boom boom bury my soul the sky is falling.."

Peering into the room, Lucy located the source of the noise. It was a ghoul, tied-up, wearing a ripped business suit and surrounded by more Jet than she's ever seen in her life.

This guy must have been these raiders personal science experiment. That suit looked expensive, he was either a businessman or a wealthy trader.

Remembering Vikki and Lucy's destination to The Underworld and the mention of her cousins, she reckoned Vikki wanted to speak with him when all this was over.

Lucy closed the door behind her, put her Gauss Rifle in the makeshift holster that she made out of straps onto her leg and decided to cut the poor guy's restraints.

"I'm not going to hurt you, ok? I'm just going to cut you loose" The ghoul stopped muttering and went stiff as soon as he felt her touching him.

Once Lucy was done with cutting off his restraints, he propped himself up against the wall and shouted at Lucy "SUGAR CUBES!? Don't you dare talk back to your mother that way!"


"Mommy even baked you a cake!" The ghoul pointed at a nearby toilet overflowing with shit.

"I- what...look, you're extremely high right now, you just need to calm down" Lucy was baffled, she knew simple reasoning was not going to help, but it's all she could come up with.

The ghoul suddenly lurched forward and kissed her, or tried to, lack of lips and all...

"Gross! The fuck is wrong with you!?" Lucy was more concerned about finding some battery acid to wash out her mouth after that.

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Such a soft kitty you are." He proceeded to hump her leg furiously

At this point, he stopped, straightened an imaginary tie and started to openly urinate while pointing at the wall "You would be wise to heed my warning, BRAHMIN!"

Sure enough, on the wall scrawled in what looked and smelled like shit, three lines were written:

"The raydee-ay-shin is a lie"
"The raydee-ay-shin is a lie"
"The raydee-ay-shin is a lie"

This all happened very quickly, Lucy was still grossed out by...everything...that just happened in a few seconds.

The ghoul promptly kicked Lucy in the shin and shoved her, Lucy caught off guard tripped and fell on over. Getting on her hands and knees to teach this asshole a lesson, he climbed onto Lucy's back and used her pigtails as handlebars "GIDDY UP COWGIRL! WOOOOOOWEEEEE!"

Oh fuck this, Lucy elbowed him hard in the stomach, got up and kicked him in the face while he was down...he was winded, but not down, since he muttered "Don't be a bad girl Mary" and then he started urinating again.

Lucy stormed out of the bathroom silently, retrieved that hunting rifle she had used to bludgeon a raider's skull with and walked back to the bathroom. This time the ghoul was down on one knee as if he were proposing to her "I was once a wastelander like you, but then I took a - !"

"...rifle to the head!?" Lucy cut his sentence short by breaking the butt of the rifle over his head. He's going to feel that whenever the hell he wakes up. He was out cold. Vikki can be pissed off at me later.

Lucy fixed her hair, retrieved her combat knife, clipped it onto her leg straps and readied her Gauss Rifle instead. Closing the door behind her, Lucy was more than pissed off and frustrated...she needed something to kill after that...ordeal.

Frank looked into the pharmacy. This looked to be where the good loot was stashed, he'd have to come back to it after he made his rounds around the store.
[Perception]Frank did a visual sweep for any remaining raiders. He seemed to be fine. He did however notice that the yellow girl had made it in fine during the fighting, bisected two of the raiders, and made her way behind the butcher's counter.
She looked to be helping herself to the contents of the fridge. Seemed like the right idea to Frank, but he still had to check on Dorothy.
Frank headed down to the bathrooms. Bathrooms always seemed like a silly concept to Frank when people should just wear suits with built in plumbing like his.
Frank came upon the girl holding a bloodied rifle and standing over an unconscious ghoul.
"Ghouls are people too you know. Radioactive, deformed, and terribly smelly people. You can't just beat their head in when it catches your fancy!"
"Dorothy; you'll be pleased to know that Scarecrow is alive, and eating the contents of the butcher shop."

"Ghouls are people too you know. Radioactive, deformed, and terribly smelly people. You can't just beat their head in when it catches your fancy!"

"Dorothy; you'll be pleased to know that Scarecrow is alive, and eating the contents of the butcher shop."

"I think in this case" Lucy gestured around the room as if it would describe her little incident earlier "It's justified!" giving the ghoul one last kick.

Sighing for a moment and perking back up to her normal cheery disposition she looked quizzically at the Brotherhood soldier "Dorothy? I have a nickname now? And I'm guessing Scarecrow would be my friend, Vikki" she laughed at the apt mental comparison of Vikki and a scarecrow.

Leaving the smelly room and turning to face her armored companion "I realize we didn't exactly have time to make any introductions, I'm Lucy Black" she smiled and extended her hand "And you are? The fact that you're here probably means we cleared this place, you're an amazing fighter."

Relieved that Vikki was fine, she spotted her eating voraciously. I wonder when she arrived during all the commotion. Lucy called out to her "Glad to see you're in one piece, V!"

Lucy made her way to the fridges, feeling quite hungry as the adrenaline wore off. Rummaging through it and finding a large piece of brahmin steak jerky. Yummy

Returning to her previous conversation "I gotta say, it's quite an honour to fight alongside father would've been proud" her voice dropped in sadness but she perked up when she spotted a 3 quarter full bottle of purified water to go with her brahmin jerky.

William noticed Morgan Bloom, though it would be more accurate to say everyone noticed Morgan Bloom. Dressed in all his finery, Bloom could be seen a mile away.

Bloom was negotiating a deal, it would not put him in a good mood to interrupt business. Instead William busied himself buying a meal at Gary's Galley, waiting for Bloom to finish.

William ate his mirelurk noodles and casually played with his lucky dice, rolling it across the table, rolling a 6 most of the time. Of course it did, it was a lucky dice. Looking over at Bloom, William noticed he was finished with his business for now and went over. "Well, well, Mr Morgan Bloom. I believe we need to discuss a favour, but more importantly we need to discuss the kings ransom."

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