The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

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This really was not the time to be slow with words. Pretty as she was, Sarah Lyons gave some real 'Waste my time and get lasered' vibes when she was in a hurry.

William spoke, "Greetings ma'am, my friend and I require help in a mission involving the Enclave. We need the location of the Enclave base, if you know where it is and some broken energy weapons so my friend can pose as a salesman they might let in." William had spoken incredibly quickly but Sarah Lyons seemed to understand every word.

William hoped they could get what they needed and go, he really didn't have time for side quests ...... *ahem* to be side tracked right now. But he worried that the Brotherhood would demand some sort of payment for what was essentially useless junk, whatever form this payment took, William hoped it would be quick and involve a minimum of impossible death defying missions involving mutants, robots or really big mutants.

Oh. The car heist wasn't just for speed. The apparent plan was to ram the car, containing practically everything he owned, including his stock, which was still in the truck due to Frank jacking the car before it oculd be unloaded as agreed, into the giant monstrosity to use it as some manner of improvised bomb.

Realising that stopping Frank from doing so was nigh impossible at this point, he reached under the back seat to grab a pack stashed for emergencies. It contained some basic supplies and ammo, but more importantly, the notes and blueprints in his possession relating to both his car and its related parts and the weapons he usually repaired or constructed as part of the business. "You owe me big." he growled at Frank before he jumped out, slinging the pack over his shoulder and drawing his laser rifle.

What a lovely fucking day.

He managed to give Lucy a dry smile in return before heading off to find a good vantage point himself.

"You owe me big."
"Don't worry, I pay my debts."
"This car can be used as an improvised explosive, position is right and I'll take a few shots to set it off...Just give me a signal somehow"
"Don't worry, you'll know what to do when. I trust you."

Frank looked in the glove-compartment to find a copy of "Modern Motorist" (I'm treating it as the skill magazine for piloting) and thumbed through it before setting off.
Temporary +10 to piloting.
Frank thought back to his training. His grandfather would say that you strike hard, and strike fast, and your opponent will go down. His master would say to break the opponent's stance or guard, then strike at their vulnerable points while you have an opening.
He planned to combine these approaches as he often did.
[Unarmed 100/40][Success!] Frank punched off the roof of the vehicle. He needed it out of the way for his plans.
[Perception] It looked like there was some rubble near the mutant that could be used as a ramp.
"Open wide, ugly!"
Frank fired the car's lasers while closing in on his target.
[Piloting 31/30][Success!] Frank launched the car off the ramp at top speed towards the mutants torso.
In mid-flight, Frank jumped out of the roof, and turned on his boosters.
"This is for Ivan Rose you over-sized pile of shit!"
Frank struck at the beasts head with all his might, then grabbed on so he could continue to do so.


Lucy muttered out loud as she watched the car rocket off towards the behemoth using the mounted lasers as a distraction.

This gave her a brief idea. What do you do when something is attacking you? You generally pay attention to the source and try to stop the assault. Lucy was banking on this caveat of behavioural insight because she had a plan.

Frank busted out of the recently torn-off roof and rocketed towards the behemoth's head.

Jackpot! The behemoth responded to the car's impact to the torso by instinctively folding its arm in on the car, towards its chest, effectively holding the car in place. It was basically holding a very large bomb to it's chest...

"Hold on tight, Frank..." She readjusted her aim to the engine of the car. Firing a shot resulted in a familiar pop in the engine as it reacted to the propelled bolt. The kind of pop that says "I'm going to go boom very soon". Frank would react appropriately...she assumed.

She couldn't wait for the natural reaction. "I'm real sorry about the car, Marlon! Drinks are on me later!" she fired off another round into the engine and was met with a highly concentrated explosion to the behemoth's chest and devastating damage to the arm holding it in place.

Lucy was feeling a rush of many emotions, to calm herself down, she sang...a smile growing in a more joyfully sadistic manner with her cheery tune.

"It's time to face the daaaay!"

She reloaded and sent a shot ringing into the shoulder.

"Time to make it snappy!"

Not much fun she reckoned, adjusted her aim and shot for the wounded chest, digging into the wound even deeper.

"But you know, first you gotta make it outta bed."

Reloading, she decided to aim for it's knees and fired a bolt into one knee, effectively crushing it.

"Hello Mr. Sunshine, today you're gonna be mine!"

Watching the behemoth stagger at the last shot, she decided to fire into the other knee.

"Make him pinky swear; there's only sunny skies aheeeeaaaad!"

Watching the monstrosity literally fall to it's knees for a moment, she took advantage of it's exposed neck and buried a round deep into its throat.

"Taaaake on the day with the ONE-TWO punch!"

With the last line she decided to punch another round into the behemoth's throat, this time penetrating with a messy and punishing exit wound.


Vikki's jaw dropped as she watched the combination of Frank flying a car into the behemoths chest and Lucy easily fire so many rounds at it.

Attempting to help out in someway, she levelled out her SMG, firing a burst at the head of the behemoth as it staggered.

Despite the slight distance between the two, she heard the thwacking noise the bullets made as they bounced off its skin, leaving, as she had seen before, only small dents in the skin without any permanent damage.

"It should be basically dead by now!" she shouts out, watching the behemoths eyes glaze over as it staggered, trying to regain its footing as it lashed out violently with the club it held, "Lucy! Shoot it in the head, its eyes would be best!" she screamed, dodging a lumbering swing from the beast.

On the return, the edge of the hydrant caught Vikki's leg, sending her tumbling across the landscape. Upon her collision with a pile of rubble, she clutched her leg, screaming blue murder as she tried to move the bones back into place, the end of her tibia quite clearly visible as a lump against her armour. "Kill that thing!" she screams, pulling her SMG back up and firing wildly in agony and anger.

If there was one upside to the current string of misfortune it was that it was an EXCELLENT opportunity to channel anger. So much anger.

Watching the behemoth's eyes glaze over would quite possibly be the last Vikki saw of them. As for Lucy shooting it in the eyes though, she'd have to take a number, as a flurry of laser beams shot out from elsewhere amid the ruins and burned their way across the beast's face.

"Let's see you fight blind, you lumbering son of a bitch!"

"It should be basically dead by now!" Vikki's voice rang out to her over the commotion

"Good! I could really use a dri-..." her sentence was cut short as the behemoth grew rabid and clumsily swung the club at them. While this attack didn't hit them, it certainly hit the front of the building.

"Lucy! Shoot it in the head, its eyes would be best!" Vikki screamed at her

Lucy scrambled backwards in an attempt to not fall when the club came swinging with a backwards stroke, narrowly missing them again...or so she thought.

She caught a glimpse of Vikki being propelled through the air, with a bloodcurdling scream of pain. "VIK-...!" By this point, the second story floor had grown unstable and Lucy plummeted to the floor below. She narrowly missed the attack, but she couldn't miss the falling debris.

Lucy hit the floor painfully, her back arching in pain for a moment. She tried to get up but more of the smaller rocks pelted her body. She threw her Gauss Rifle across the room as far as she could from the falling debris. She tried to claw her way across the floor before a large piece of rock made direct impact with her ribs and slamming her forcefully to the ground.

Lucy screamed out in agony before coughing up blood. Turning on her back, she managed to avoid the main debris, but half her body was covered as the smaller debris managed to slide over her body. She couldn't move her legs under the sheer weight or shift her waist.

"Kill that thing!" she heard Vikki's voice ring out to her, or at least she thought it was towards her...

Coughing up even more blood in her attempt to speak, she could only whisper "I...I c-can't get t-to you...". Her vision blurred, her head spinning and blood ran down the side of her mouth.

She could only outstretch her hand towards Vikki, her friend, before her vision grew darker...

The situation was getting bad for the people who weren't Frank, who Frank liked.
Marlon "Brando" Van Graff was fine though, so there was that disappointment.
Frank knew he had to end this. Now.
"I am Franklin Danger Rose!" (Yes, F.D.R. make your jokes. And yes; Danger is his actual middle name. His parents were weird.)
Frank beat the mutant's face some while still holding on because that fall would really hurt.
"I am the grandson of Ivan Tobias Rose, the first member of the Brotherhood to slay a Behemoth!"
Frank made the mutant's right eye explode in a gooey spray of unpleasantness.
"I am the pupil of Argyle, the greatest martial artist ever to un-live!"
Frank climbed into the freshly opened eye-socket and towards the beast's brain.
"I am the best of the Brotherhood, and I will kill you!"
[Medicine 26/15][Success!] Striking the brain is pretty much always one of the most lethal options.
Frank just went nuts on the Behemoth's brain. It was super dead, now Frank had to survive the fall. Inside its head seemed like the safest place for the time being.

Seeing the Behemoth hit the floor brought Vikki back to her senses, just in time to hear Lucy calling out for help, the sudden sense of panic filling her mind as she realised her friend was dying.

"NO! You're not allowed to die!" she screams, pulling herself along, broken leg and all, digging through her pack to pull out some stimpaks, "you will not die Lucy! Me and Frank and even Marlon won't let you!" she yells, having just reached the prone form of Lucy, she reaches up, slamming two separate stimpaks into her arm, hoping they would be enough before turning to rummage her pack to find the others.

"I'm saving you with the things you gave me to save myself, you're more important to me than me or anyone else is," she whispers, her eyes filling up dark red.

Lucy was told by Doc Church that she had an abnormal reaction to stimpack injections, whether this was a simple biological side-effect or a more complex psychological reaction was up to much debate. So while, physically, this was just a few seconds, mentally, time seemed to dilate and her mind wondered.



She nearly passed out had she not been painfully injected with two stimpacks and med-x. This process was repeated till she was limp and unable to keep consciousness.

Time was a stranger to her crumpled form when she woke up, surrounded by empty stimpacks and med-x, she probably looked like she put most junkies to shame at that point. Her body was numb due to the drugs coursing through her system, she could barely feel the person who was cradling her body, making their way to Megaton with urgency.

She was awake, but her mind wasn't registering much. She just remembered that her saviour seemed to be very well-dressed, the green eyes would have been kind, if not cut with a glare.

When Lucy regained full use of her body again by the hands of Doc Church's medical expertise days later. She had asked how she got here, the reply: "Your very own British Prince Charming"


Her body went numb when the stimpacks hit her arm, then the pain returned with a vengeance before she could feel the minor wounds and bruises knitting together and healing. Waking up screaming, she looked for the source with rage and instinctively wrapped her hand around the throat of the black armoured murderer. "GIVE. ISAAC. BACK!"...

Except, there was no armour, just the shocked and pained eyes of her friend, Vikki. She released her grip immediately and fell back "I'm sorry! I didn't mean -.."

She was barely holding it together "The dual past." she hoped Vikki would understand what she meant. She spotted Vikki's much larger wound. This managed to clear her mind for a moment and she tried to wiggle out from under the debris, pushing off the major pieces, the stimpacks acting as a temporary anaesthetic.

Struggling free, she managed to pull a stimpack from one of her pouches and jab it into the thigh of Vikki's broken leg. "You should be taking care of yourself now"

She tried to smile, but she coughed up a lot of blood. She knew she had a broken a few ribs, luckily her armour managed to stop most of the damage. She clawed her way next to Vikki "I can't have you dying on me"

Her leather armour was made with multiple leather strips, pulling her combat knife from the pouch, she was mindful to cut several thick stips across her left leg. "I don't have anything we can use to splint your leg with. But we can get it wrapped up before we can get to a doctor."

She proceeded to keep the bone in place, while wrapping her leg tightly, forming a makeshift cast of tough leather wrap. She injected her once more with a stimpack for extra healing and hopefully some pain relief before collapsing next to her. It was rough, but better than nothing.

She had exerted herself too much in her desperate attempt to help. She coughed up more blood and groaned, her body's way of saying "stop moving jackass". Looking up at her friend with tears in her eyes "Thank y-you for s-saving me" and took Vikki's hand in hers.

Despite Lucy's hands shooting around Vikki's throat and malice in her voice, there was no strength or hatred in her hands when she seen Vikki's eyes looking down into hers.

The dual past was all she could say as her hands dropped, "You don't need to explain anything to me, Lucy," she smiled, watching as Lucy pulled herself free and set about helping heal Vikki.

"I should be fine, I'm tougher than most," she grins, poking at Lucy's rib without touching them, just to be safe, "I won't die on you, as long as you don't die on me!" she beams just before Lucy coughed up yet more blood.

"Frank!" she yells, "help!" hoping the ex-knight would have some medical knowledge to help Lucy fix herself a bit better.

Thank y-you for s-saving me, she heard Lucy mutter, looking up at the half mutant, "I'm just returning the favour you keep giving me," she mumbles, her own eyes filling up once more, "I'll always save you as long as I live!" the mutant tries to smile bravely despite her face quivering.

Frank was trapped inside the skull of the defeated Behemoth.
It smelled in there, and he would probably run out of air if he didn't do something.
This was not the best place to be, and escape would require all of his cunning.
Frank began punching at a wall of his prison. Hopefully his Displacer Glove wouldn't give out any time soon.
[Unarmed 100/75][Success!] Frank had made a hole in the side of the mutant's head, and saw some daylight.
Frank made his way out.
Vikki and Lucy weren't looking so great. Neither was the Van Graff, but he didn't have the excuse of being injured.
Frank ran over to them.
[Medicine 26/50][Failure.]Frank needed to get them to a competent doctor.

"Thooossee guuuyyysss juuussst caaammmee ooouuut ooofff theee bllluueee..."

The mutant started to mutate at an incredible speed. Brandon looked confused at the transformation. The mutant started to grow more limbs, and started to talk in a language Brandon didn't know. It turned into a large centaur, Brandon placed one hand on his hunting revolver. The centaur charged at Rex and before Brandon could do anything Rex charged back. Rex jumped to the side clawing the centaur who spat on Rex. Rex continued to fight with the centaur, he even fired one of the raiders guns. Brandon was wondering where he had learned that when the centaur rose again. Rex ran behind Brandon, Brandon grabbed his hunting revolver and aimed. He fired 5 shots, all of them hit the centaur's head but it still seemed to be alive. Brandon Ran as the centaur charged again, he has drawn it's attention it was no longer chasing after Rex.

Brandon quickly searched his bag while running, he found a grenade which had belonged to one of the raiders. He looked back as he grabbed his machete. He suddenly turned around and charged at the centaur. The centaur spew acid at Brandon who protected his face with his right arm, the acid began to bite through his armor. Brandon chopped with his machete making a deep cut into the centaurs 'head'. He shoved the grenade into it with his other hand, he couldn't get the machete out so he just left it stuck in there. He pulled the pin of the grenade and ran. A few seconds later a large explosion could be heard.

Brandon turned around to see that not much was left of the centaur. He sighed relived to be was saddened about the loss of his machete. He quickly used water to get the remaining acid of his arm, his armor was ruined. He remembered that Rex had been hit too, he quickly ran over to him. Once he had arrived near Rex he looked at the wound, He grabbed some water and began to wash of the acid as fast as he could. The wound didn't look good though it hadn't hit his nose, eyes or ears. Brandon looked very worried, he didn't think that an stimpack would heal an dog. He was unsure of what to do next, he figured that the best thing to do would be to find a doctor. He looked at Rex again as he scratched him behind his ear "I will get you to a doctor Rex."

Rex had cowered in his spot until the centaur was liquidated.

The spit on his face burned badly. He cowered in place until Brandon came back and rinsed it off. He looked upset.

"I... get you... doctor, Rex."

Rex thought about it. A doctor was one of the "crazy con artists" that Old Master had chased off. Rex wasn't sure why, or what they did. All Rex knew is that they never stuck around after Old Master yelled at them.

So, Brandon was going to bring him to one of the crazy con artists. Whatever those were. Rex assumed that they would do something related to the itchy burning on his face.

He whimpered and licked Brandon's hand.

Brandon paused for a while to change his armors. He got out of his old set, which had been splattered by centaur acid, and stepped into the new stuff he had found earlier. Then, they headed off.

They trekked off in some direction for a couple hours, Rex's face itching all the way, until Brandon suddenly stopped, clearly seeing something. Rex sat and waited, pawing at his face.


My dearest readers.

This may in all possibility be my final entry.

I have been exposed to a fatal dose of radiation; we have no medicine, and the Walrus tells me that nothing can be done without it. We are taking a last chance haul to DC, pounding the cracked earth day and night, we haven't eaten or slept for two days, and have had to make what water we had last for twice that.

There is no hope.

I recount the following events as a cautionary tale, while my sanity holds. Sanity is a weakness out here, there's nothing to be sane about.

We had crossed paths with myth. A walking, moaning monolith. It's size remains incalculable, it could have swept us to the wind with a breath; but somehow, we remained hidden, as lone mites to a stalking crow.

But for the Brahmin. That fucking cow. That fucking two-fucking-headed-fucking-idiot-fucking-cow. It wouldn't stop braying. Should've killed, skinned and chopped up the damn thing without a second thought; the walrus too, least we could have eaten.

It wouldn't stop braying.

And then it's gaze. Oh god. It fell upon us. Those eyes. There was nothing in those eyes. Whitness, the absence of darkness in there. It was blind. But our stares met. It's all I see now.

And it glowed. Not a soft glow, not like the sun. A harsh, oh so harsh razor thin glare that cut out the sky and slid it through the cracks in the air.

I looked away. I couldn't do anything else. If I had stared any longer, it would have killed me, it would have overwhelmed my brain; it stared into my blood and my brain.

I looked away, I crawled to the bottom of the ditch, and waited to be crushed.

-Part two in next issue-

Suddenly, something clicked in Frank's mind.

"Of course! Living things are just biological machines! Fixing them should be pretty similar to fixing machines!"
[Medicine 30/50 (+25 from cross referencing brings it up to 55)][Success!] Frank managed to patch up Vikki and Lucy to the point that they wouldn't drop over dead at any moment.
"Brando! Lucy weighs less, so you're carrying her. Maybe the folks with the cow, the off-looking Glowing One, and the grey abomination over yonder are decent medics."
If they weren't, Frank would have to turn his friends over to a Brotherhood patrol to get them the proper medical attention, and that would complicate matters.

The power Armour he'd left on the floor by the rubble started growing a body. The large death claw that he'd been appraising for new weaponry began dissolving.
Things were not right.
He stumbled along obediently though no longer wary of DeathClaws. No No, they weren't around right now. Instead he watched the armour walk past him with a strange swagger. It looked kind of sick but his own staggers couldn't match its swaggers, looks like he is still very sick. Does that sound right? Seems that it does.

Slowly like pinches drawing everything everything into the back of his head the shifting mist-dust began to still and he realized that he'd lost track of the armour. Ignoring completely that he was still wearing the gloves and shoes. He did realize he was walking slower than usual his hands feat and head felt heavy. Almost suddenly a figure drew near in one of the side shoots of the tunnel. It was the armour!. but it wasn't. The man was defiantly old. When he spoke he sounded an awful lot like the man in the suit, well he would, he was a man in the suit.
'-Weren't me who found you but shifty'
Sully wondered if he had been found. It seemed to him that he'd done all the finding. Who was shifty? He managed to look behind him slightly moving only slightly keeping his ridged hunched pose closely.
Shifty was a rather tall man in a strange suit and an extremely silly looking hat. Funny? He supposed it was. How had Shifty found him and why hadn't seen him before now? Questions for later a rational piece of Sully exclaimed, far more pressing was why he was measuring you, that isn't normal not that anything seemed to be normal at the moment but that seemed particularly peculiar. All of a sudden everything seized all at once his arms and legs stood fast and even his drawn lungs refused to move. With a dull panic welling he tried to move and struggle but to no avail the world around him was again shifting around him a a deep lilac light just above his eyes signaling that he should probably start breathing soon. He couldn't feel his body much any more but as the light slowly faded away he supposed that he had. He started looking around again. He watched as the thick cemented floor began to crack and crumble in front of him where the (brotherhood?) man had once stood. From it a baby molerat emerged mewling in a way which for a mole rat wasn't unpleasant. The lost creature began to move through the tunnels with unnerving speed, Sully's eyes following along behind it. Together they blazed a path deeper and deeper into the tunnels. Eventually the light started failing in the old lights around them and the open grates were far behind them. The shadows began to dance together closing the tunnel off and leaving Sully in the dark with his new friend. Just before the darkness became absolute the creature turned, all but the glint of its eyes being lost in the murky shade. Steadily it spoke
'Our brother hath gone on to greener pastures. May he never experience another day of hardship nor want whilst he is in the mousy embrace of Our Lord Disney.'
'Oh' replied Sully
His attention turned from the rat back to his body which he was from above was lying in the embrace of the rusted boot of a cab. He had caps on his eyes. He was being buried. Am I dead..? That doesn't seem exactly right. No he seemed to reply, it doesn't. Definitely not!

His eyes were his own again. They were closed and held by cold caps on his lids which refused to flutter open. Well this was interesting. He supposed it was better than being an confirmed kill for that chameleon beatle to report home to the enclave about but it wasn't exactly ideal. Not by a long shot. At least, he thought trying to stay positive as possible, there was a chance to survive.
He hadn't been this close to death in a long time and all of a sudden he started thinking of his old group. He wondered if Aaron was still alive. He'd like to think so but Aaron always did get himself into trouble for the sake of 'what's right'. Deic was almost certainly dead he'd been nearly 80 when he'd left for good and in the wastes that's quite an achievement. Emma would be fine, she could look after herself and besides last he'd heard she and Ule were still exploring. There wasn't too much chance of Ule dying, not by natural causes At least, not when your one of those glowing ghouls. Hell it'd been him who had left, he almost felt guilty sitting, lying here thinking about past acquaintances when he'd just put a town (no matter how small or crazy) in danger.

But the memories did not stop, refusing his guilt they swept over his eyes as they flickered nervously beneath the musty boot lid at the bottom of a poorly filled grave. Eventually things began to clear in his head for a moment giving him time to once again consider what had happened just hours ago to Dave and his. One thing was for sure, was weird as they'd been something stranger was happening in DC. He also supposed that short of migrating the large family out of the capital waste land there wasn't much he could do to protect them from a counter attack as long as the enclave were around. Finishing this thought he began to hear the whispers again and finally blacked out.

Luckily for him some strung out ghouls tripped over some of the dirt displaced from the hole. Not to be denied the chance at what could be a secret cache the uncovered a aged man slowly coming to lucidity again.

Sully looked around the ghouls little camp site noticing several red packets littered around the floor. Rubbing his aching limbs and preparing to sit up and meet his captors he promised himself he wouldn't use post war medicine again if he could help it... The side effects could be so damn weird.

Marlon had the common sense to *not* provoke the dangerous behemoth.
Frank had power armor and plain brutality.
Vikki had a durable body and constitution about her.
Lucy, on the other hand, was reckless and was promptly punished for her own hubris and overconfidence.

Relieved to see Frank, she refrained from vocalizing her thoughts, last thing she wanted was a harsh reprimand, she was beating herself up enough as it is.

Frank got around to working on her and Vikki, she had no idea what he did, but a few minutes later her breathing felt remarkably less restricted. Her ribs were still screwed, but she could stand and at least walk...very slowly. Noticing this Frank barked orders at Marlon.

"Brando! Lucy weighs less, so you're carrying her. Maybe the folks with the cow, the off-looking Glowing One, and the grey abomination over yonder are decent medics."

"Well at least you didn't call me fat" she managed to crack a smile and dropped her tone to a more serious level "Thank you for helping me out and especially for helping Vikki out as well" she paused for a moment "I don't mean to be a burden, but I am somewhat responsible for my recklessness. I should have just focused on critical area's with my shots. I'm sorry about that"

She felt like an idiot, shuffling past Frank, she bent over and painfully picked up her Gauss Rifle. She brushed off the dust, checking the scratches on her rifle. It was dirty, but it was still completely functional.

She held it to her chest and looked over at Marlon "It seems like the lion has to shoulder a burden, namely me"

At least we could have some interesting conversation.

Dudley nodded at the right moments when William spoke, and after he pitched the idea to her, Dudley flashed his million cap smile.

"Yeah, we're willin' to do anythin' to get what we need. Hopefully enough so I can hold their interest while he sneaks around their base."

He went on to explain that he had friends in the Brotherhood, and that he knew that they didn't like to just GIVE out technology.

"But yeah, they can be totally deactivated, or jus' on display mode. Jus' so they don't try an' dust me as soon as they see what kinda stuff I have."

Rex whimpered and licked Brandon's hand, Brandon looked worried and carefully petted Rex avoiding the burned area. He looked at his own armor and saw the damage the acid had done, it was very badly damaged. He took it off and looked at the damaged power armor, it was damaged but it still seemed to work. He put it on, and covered the small hole as good as he could. Brandon hoped he that he would find a doctor soon, he saw that Rex was hurt but he couldn't do anything. He had already removed the acid and that was all he could do, stimpacks wouldn't help the dog. He petted him as they began to move.

They walked for a few hours, Brandon got very worried as they still hadn't found a doctor. Brandon and Rex climbed on top of a hill. He looked around and that was when he saw it, a large village appeared on the horizon. He looked at Rex and smiled "Let's go Rex I am sure that there is a doctor there." Brandon started to run towards the village. He saw a clinic and headed towards it, when he finally arrived he knocked on the door. It was opened by a man with glasses, Brandon spoke before the man could say anything "Please my dog needs help can you help him?" The man looked at Rex, he nodded and opened the door "Bring him inside." Brandon smiled as he looked at Rex. "Rex behave, do everything the doctor tells you to do okay?" He petted Rex and he took him inside.

The man walked inside, leading them into the surgery room. Brandon looked around "So have you treated dogs before?" Brandon asked. The man nodded "A couple of people who live here have dogs, so I am used to treating them." The man responded. Brandon helped Rex onto the surgery table. The doctor began to look at the wound. "I can cure this but I need you to get out of the room. I can't afford any distractions." He nodded looking at Rex, he stepped in front of him and began petting him. "This nice man will heal you, do what he says okay?" Brandon turned around and walked over to the door "Stay Rex." Brandon said before walking out of the room. He didn't want to disturb the doctor any longer. There were a few chairs outside of the room, but he couldn't bring himself to sit down. He was too stressed about the well being of Rex to sit down. Brandon began to walk around the hallways, while the doctor was busy treating Rex.

Having returned to the group to see the state Lucy and Vikki were in, Marlon was instantly convinced that finding a relatively concealed vantage point and holding his fire until the monster was much more concerned with Frank had been a good move.

Arriving just in time to recieve Frank's latest orders, he declined to bite back for once. Besides, Lucy had been polite thus far. Even if she did fire the shot that caused his engine to go off with a vengeance. One travelling companion constantly at his throat was quite enough.

"I think I'll manage." He replied to Lucy, crouching slightly and leaning forward slightly to allow her to get on his back with little effort.

"Pretty flash gun you got there too," he added, "those aren't easy to come by." Lasers and even Plasma weapons he was very familier with. This kind of gun was not the sort he got to see often though.


I threw my head to the ground, and waited for the final stroke of the hand that would end me.

But then I realised I had waited too long. Everything had gone quiet. Even the cow.

I raised myself up carefully, and peered over the edge of the ditch.

That behemoth's boulder of a fist stood static in the air. What impeded it...whatever it was, it noticed it before us. The geiger-counter in the seabeast's pack sang and screamed and whistled, the world erupted into a cool white for seconds, maybe minutes.

My memory has finally failed me.

I remember sounds, voices, blackpowder and sticky plasma fumes, the thing fell, I know not how, I know not when; a massive and intense, concentrated ray of heat shocked me and...I must have passed out. When I came to, I was splayed across the shoulders of the gently rocking brahmin, the walrus - Crawver is his name - bandaging and tending and tightening.

He saw it all, but he doesn't recount it. Only one image, one snapshot seemed burned into his memory so fiercly that he couldn't resist.

Turns out Abe took a liking to whatever it was that stayed the mutant. He sprang up on that wooden limb of his and rushed forward whooping and cheering. Crawver says that he saw Abe's skin blister and shudder when he got near. I enclose an audio log, seems I left my dictaphone on during the preceding events.

"HA! HA! WHAT A KITCH! Naw ah figgered ah got the biggest, but you's outdone ol' Abe by a country mile n' then some! Lan' sakes, baw, can't say ah seen you aroun' before, yer skin all yeller like that? You a Chinee? Naw Abe don' mind, never met a Chinee ah din't like, no sir, the gov'mint say you done send your boys over in balloons! BALLOONS! Ha! sakes, they shoulda given ol' Abe a throw, see, ah knows where ta dig, get me? N' ah got this juice, n' all ah need's a crop duster an' now ever'thin' grow unnerground."

...I have little to comment on. We're on the road to DC; we've heard talk of a commune or something like that, on a carrier left in the harbour. I'm running out of time, we all are.

Herein lies my cautionary tale.

Never leave the Vault. Seal yourself underground, don't get out under the sky. It'll rain on you, it'll rain hard, and you'll never know why. The need for imagination has been eradicated with the old world. No horror in the darkest pit of your mind can match what is real. What is real now.

Be this my last report, God save me.


Lucy started hooking her rifle to her back, filling up her pouches with ammo and stimpacks, holstering her blade and closing her slim backpack. Wincing in pain when she extended her motion a little too far, she decided she was ready enough to go.

Lucy shuffled towards Marlon and promptly climbed on his back, surprised by his strength "Looks can be deceiving...Now don't make any comments about my weight"

She bristled at the imagery of having being carried like a little girl, she let it go quickly, she was in no position to complain and it was oddly pleasant. Mental note: Ride on Vikki's shoulders at some point. Mental note: Let's not try asking Frank.

"Pretty flash gun you got there too," Marlon remarked "those aren't easy to come by."

"Thanks, you want to try it out sometime? Give it a few shots, see how she kicks?"

She smiled at this, if there's one topic she loved, it was energy weapons and trading.
Enthusiastically, she bounced slightly and stopped when her body responded in pain.

"Ow ow ow...I haven't seen another Gauss Rifle on any other wastelander, just a brotherhood patrol once or twice. You're a trader, aren't you? What's your business like? Any weapon favourite's? Laser or Plasma, we all know this debate comes around often! I'll be honest, I haven't encountered the Van Graff's before, heard the name though. What's up with the lion motif? I like it, but does it mean anything?"

She noticed that she was babbling and promptly apologized "Sorry, not many people speak energy-and-trading, if you know what I mean"

She dropped her cheerful tone and leaned closer so Marlon could catch on to the sincerity of her words "I'm really sorry about your ride. For what it's worth, you accidentally made my day and earned a friend. So I owe you big time"

Take a few shots with a Gauss Rifle? That sounded like something he'd be interested in. "I sure wouldn't mind finding out how they handle. Always been kind curious what they'd be like to use. Only one I've seen personally was so buggered it wasn't even worth trying to find parts to fix up."

He smirked a little at the rush of questions. Not in a mean way. More amusement. As recent acquaintances went, Lucy seemed pretty good company and had the added bonus of not being Frank, so he did his best to answer the questions.

"Yeah. I'm in the energy weapons business. Though right now how it's going could be considered a little non-existant. Didn't get a chance to take the stock outta the trunk and shift it into Megaton's armory for safekeepin' before Frank decided to help himself to the car." It was more than a little aggravating, knowing he'd have to start from scratch again, but on the other hand, if there was a surplus of energy weapons laying around after the last stunt the Enclave pulled, there was every chance he'd be able to find some more goodies when the latest dust up was all over. Or during even. We'll see.

He had to laugh a little when Lucy brought up the classic plasma vs. laser subject. How many times had he heard that one brought up? "Lemme see now. Depends what you're up against, but my personal favourite's my plasma pistol. Kind of a "special occasion" type deal though. Harder to get ammo for it and it shoots slower, but hell of a weapon against the brotherhood goons out west. Franky's right. I hate to give him credit, but he's right. There's shit-all that'll get through that armor quickly, so you gotta get a bit more creative. Get a few good shots of plama on the joint servos or vents and stuff and the creep in that armor ain't gonna be having much fun when the important bits are gettin' melty under hot plasma." He paused a moment. "On the other hand though, you got lasers. And they're just fine for most things. Pretty good standard to be able to fall back on. They're fast and you won't struggle too much to find ammo."

Probably best to get the family story over and done with now. "Alright so the deal with my family is it's a pretty big one. Back out west the family used to deal gold and weapons in general, but these days it's mostly energy stuff. To cut a long story short, I got a brother and sister who were running the New Vegas branch and they got busted doing shit they shouldn't have." He grimaced a little. "You can imagine what that does for a reputation. So that's why I'm here. Head to new territory, set up shop, maybe don't take a leaf outta my sister's playbook and try and get a half decent rep around here. Build up some business." His expression was somewhat in the realm of frustration. "But where that gets difficult, is when the brotherhood out west start sharing notes with their admittedly less insane east coast pals. I still don't like the brotherhood. Dealing with them running around raiding your family's business whenever they get a chance won't make you like 'em. That's how I lost the eye. Brotherhood raid on a caravan." He paused for a moment, a grin creeping across his face briefly. "I got that bastard though. He might've took my eye, but I took a lot more from him. Kept his helmet. I'd show you, but it was in the car." Noticing he was getting a little sidetracked about old times, he returned to the topic. "So that makes things a little tougher to get started. Ironic thing is that the brotherhood out west have pretty much pissed off everyone with their raider bullshit, so they're dying out. Gotta give the east coast tinheads some credit for actually having a plan. It's adapt or die out here. What pisses me off is them going on about how they just share a name with the west coast, but they're on my case cos of my family name." He shrugged. "That's a problem for later though. Oh and the lion? It's just a family emblem type thing. Nothin' too special."

Granted, he wasn't exactly over the loss of his car and merchandise just yet, though Lucy's apology did help matters. "Well I'd be lying if I said it was how I planned to spend the day...But it did the job of getting me out here and I made sure I got my blueprints outta there before it went up in smoke. I'm not really planning on going anywhere too far from here, so I can probably build a new one eventually. Maybe make a better one."

Rex sat on the table, unsure of what was happening. The strange man was looking closely at his face.

"You don't... good."

Searing liquid was poured onto Rex's face, and he shrieked. The doctor sent a puff of gas from an old rusty tank into Rex's face, and he passed out.


He woke up next to Brandon, who looked somewhat upset. His face itched, but it was a different itch. It was more like his face was being pulled on, rather than burning.


Orders Updated: Enemy transmission received pertaining to 'Duper Mutant' situation. That situation now redefined as 'Super Mutant Behemoth' mission. Seek out and destroy.

The steady clomping of something heavy was now approaching a small super mutant area, one made for combat and defense. Two mutants out on patrol in front of it saw...well, it looked like a crumbling building, but it was moving. The next thing they knew, there was the telltale sound of vulcan cannons and that mass of shed and huts were history, as well as the mutants inside...


Cass managed to get in sight of the church, even close to it, before someone yelled out a broken window.

"Quick, hurry! Get your ass and that bear inside!"

There was a low rumble from the opposite side of the church, and in the distance...a moving mass, getting closer. If you waited long enough, you would see that it was a NIGHTMARE STAMPEDE!!! A big ton of irradiated horse mutations were heading this way because of something that spooked 'em.


Rex had just been through some hell with that Centaur spit, but he was certainly going tobe alright now, though bandaged after treatment. The spot was still sensitive, after all. The thing is...that was when the dog would hear two things. The first was this...on-and-off sensation of something distant calling over a long long LONG distance...and not in english. And the second? That was the wheeze, the buzz, and the clomp of mechanical footsteps. The door to the doctor's place opened, and in walked...

He stepped in with a pair of four-legged little robots following him and regarded the doctor.

FalloutScott: I understand a Doctor Jameson has a wee bit of information on dog obediance psychology I can use ta' better-program the robots with. They're alright, but a little trigger-happy. I should like to examine the psyche myself just ta' be sure.


Sarah Lyons considered their requests. If they were legit, they could cause all sorts of trouble for the Enclave...provided they were smart and careful. The Enclave of the past had been through severe setbacks because of the Brotherhood and because of certain talented individuals who will remain nameless. Now that they've pledged a new regime and gotten bolder in their work, it stood to reason that they weren't taking chances. But in order to win, Sarah realized that she MIGHT have to herself. It was actually times like this that she were at least on talking terms with Frank. They didn't break up well, AND he left the Brotherhood besides, but he was still one of them and highly-trained. He'd have been better to send, not these two. Oh well.

Sarah: While I'm not certain I can trust you right off, I said I would take any help and I meant it. The Enclave still hold air supremacy and we no longer have Liberty Prime. I will, therefore, agree to your request for faulty laser rifles to sell, provided you take with you Scribe Ramsey in plain clothes to keep an eye on things. The Brotherhood also wishes to know things and, if possible, to slow up any operations in effect over there. We will gladly compensate you for any help in the latter, which Evan will keep track of.

In the meantime, she did them the favor - at least - of telling the two men what she knew of the Enclave's location.

Sarah: Lately, there have been alot of these cross-faced raiders called the Heads going through the Capital Wastelands. They're from Kentucky, and on occasion when we get them to speak, they mention a place where they keep all the gold having new activity, Enclave activity. According to our old reference charts, that place is the Fort Knox gold repository and military base. I can give you old map coordinates and that will get you where you're going.


Yes, there had been an unfortunate accident with Sully, but at least he had been out of danger. No Deathclaws, no rushing darkness, no David Davidson... Now, he was surrounded by ghouls that were out of their gourd who were rambling on about...well, let's listen.

"The gate is the key... The gate is the key..."

"The masters are on their way..."

"Oh! Mrs. Negabater exploded!"

"We're off to see the wizaaarrrd! The wonderful wizard of Ankh-Morpork!"

"We are those that once were, and shall be again... Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn!"

"I have no head... I have no head... I have no head..."

"Darkness, my name is..."

"Grilnick, grilnick!"

Okay...that was surely weird. Even stranger was that behind our boy Sully was like a small-scale Liberty Prime, nicknamed Liberty Minor. This guy had been in a climactic battle scene with FalloutDavid a while ago. Pity nobody saw it.

LM: Greetings, fellow American. I was wondering if you knew what Communist plot has been used on these men. As far as my scans indicate, they have not been subjected to an attempt to sap and impurify their precious bodily fluids. However, they are speaking Communist propaganda as though in a trance.


Somewhere along the way, Shifty McGee found a place where his services were surely in need. There was a huge battle of raiders with crosses on their faces versus these identical-looking fellows in Vault jumpsuits. In short...



A gang of nutjobs with all manner of weapons fighting against a group of clones armed with...all manner of weapons. The bodies were already piling up!


AFTER the epic situation with the Behemoth, it was suggested that the wounded go over to the weirdo, the brahmin, the gray abomination, and the red Glowing One. Turns out, the gray abomintion was a doctor - Dr. Crawver by name - and able to work upon the setting of bones, the healing of wounds, and so on...which they would need very much of...though it was stated right out that Vikki could probably just stand by the Glowing One for a while after her leg was handled. After all, Super Mutants and rads... Said Glowing One was currently muttering something ood. There was also some talk of Rivet City for some reason? Not exactly sure there. The real question is...what will they do now? Frank and Marlon seemed to be getting on a bit better, despite the car blowing. With one Behemoth dead, but more on the way, the question of how you will want to handle that...or NOT handle that...arises. The BoS certainly have some ideas. The powersuit guys that had been sent to handle the new Behemoth were now coming over.

"Frank, wait! We need your help here. This is far more important than whatever reason you left us. A madman wants to flood the wasteland with these Behemoths and the Duper Mutant problem sure makes for convincing evidence that he can!


Meanwhile, back in the mad doctor's current hideaway, he was just stepping through a door that the mutants could swear hadn't been there before, carrying some sort of genetic sample case with a funny grin on his face.

Doc: Gentlemen, behold! I have secured the genetic material to an ultimate power from beyond and-

Just then, a man in red-and-gray armor stepped through that door and dragged him back through before punching him out WITHOUT the sample case. A mutant stepped over to him, poking him for activity. The Doc sat up and groaned.

Doc: So close... I was so close to ultimate power...

"Where'd ya go, Doc?"

Doc: A pub. Strange place... Nevermind, I shant go back. Are we on schedule?

"Oh yeah! They're gonna hulk pretty soon!"

Just then, a new mutant walked in carrying... Oh my... He had a Nightmare over his shoulder. They didn't occur in this state. The Doc grinned.

Doc: You, sir, just earned yourself a Thunder Horse!

[Perception]Frank could hear the conversation between Lucy and Marlon.
"Yeah. I'm in the energy weapons business. Though right now how it's going could be considered a little non-existant. Didn't get a chance to take the stock outta the trunk and shift it into Megaton's armory for safekeepin' before Frank decided to help himself to the car."
"Sorry, I had no idea. I thought you had unloaded it. Since going back west would be a dangerous, and time consuming process, and mama Van Graff is known to have those who fail her be used for target practice by those who haven't, you don't have many options. You could always work for the Brotherhood, they could use the schematics, and you could use a place to sleep, and a job."
It turned out the grey abomination could talk, and was a doctor.
Frank was pretty sure he was insane at this point.
A Brotherhood patrol came by.
"Frank, wait! We need your help here. This is far more important than whatever reason you left us. A madman wants to flood the wasteland with these Behemoths and the Duper Mutant problem sure makes for convincing evidence that he can!
"My yellow friend here knows about the guy who's doing it, she can be a promising lead, but if anything happens to her, heads will roll. Heads will also roll if anything happens to any of the other people I'm with besides the cyclops. He's an ass, so if you want to call him hurtful names or make fun of his family, be my guest."
It looked like they were going to be off to the Citadel to plan around the Behemoth problem.

"You better believe I'm not planning on heading back west any time soon. All this means is that I'm going to take a little longer getting set up then I planned. Besides, you owe me a substantial amount and I plan to collect when this is over. We had a deal. I'll help out and you repay what you owe and cut your meddlin' in my affairs."

The more pleasant expression that'd graced his face during his conversation with Lucy had all but gone now. "I'd a thought a guy like you might be less inclined to buy into rumour. So let me make it clear for you, since you haven't been out west and all your info's based on what your raider buddies out that way say. My ma ain't exactly the most forgiving person around and she sure won't win the prize for niceness, but killing employees and family based on failing to get something done? Nope." He smirked. "Besides. That's bad business. It'd be a waste of resources."

Granted though, he did need something in the meantime to keep things going. "I'm not entirely opposed to working WITH the Brotherhood for a while, on the basis that these ones aren't the same tinpot scumbags from the west. I'm not handing over my schematics though. And I'll work with them on the condition they allow me to conduct my business. You already destroyed most of my shit. I'm not going to give them the precious little I have left."

Lucy had smiled, nodded and enthusiastically listened to Marlon answering her questions, finally having a decent trading/energy weapons conversation with someone was truly refreshing. She would've followed up with more questions, but Frank had chimed in.

She wasn't paying much attention to what they were talking about, getting lost in her thoughts and opting not to talk for a few moments until the pain in her chest subsided.

Lucy honestly liked Marlon, he had a charm about him, he may look a bit gruff, but he seemed like a really nice guy if you just treated him with some respect. He was a trader and she liked traders. It was at that point that she decided to take a leap of faith and begin to invest her trust in Marlon. She silently promised that she would make it up to him for being apart of the destruction of his car, she also saw a potential friend and he was kind to her. She laid her head down on his back and closed her eyes.

Truth be told, Lucy trusted Frank but knew next to nothing about him, let alone what he really looked like. She romanticized the Brotherhood because of their weaponry and tech, viewing them as the "elite" of the wasteland. She always thought that she would be good Brotherhood material since she was proficient with repairs and exceedingly skilled with her weaponry. That seemed like a little girl's wishes after seeing him in action.

Vikki was something new for Lucy, the catalyst, the very personification of her trust in other people. Lucy had a bit of temper but she was light-hearted mostly, however, she always kept others at arms-length, fearing that she was volatile somehow after her father's death.

She opened her eyes after hearing the new set of voices and spotted a Brotherhood patrol nearby, she panicked a little, squirmed slightly before her ribs sent her a message via pain.

She calmed down after hearing Frank talk them down, seemed like she was going to see the Brotherhood after all, this brought back a small spark of enthusiasm. She always wanted to see the inside of the Citadel.

She whispered in Marlon's ear, suddenly feeling weak "Please don't let them take my rifle, it was my dad's. It's all he left me."

Her voice a little ragged and breath short she whispered again to Marlon "I-I want to help you with the recon-...reconstruction of y-your schematics. When I'm back on my feet. Pretty g-good at energy weapon constr- building and repairs. Kept my rifle going for years, even modified it with a speed reloader"

She coughed, a wave of nausea hit her suddenly and the pain in her ribs started to rise. She wanted to finish what she wanted to say to Marlon, it was important "I...also, ow...want to help with your new car. Energy weapons aren't the only thing I'm good at fixing up"

She spluttered and everything grew exceedingly bright, hurting her eyes and forcing her to close them "I-I...promise"

At this point, she turned away from Marlon, coughing up blood. She clearly had no idea about the extent of her injuries. Collapsing on Marlon's back, her vision faded and her breathing grew ragged and drawn out.

"Very well, Scribe Ramsey will accompany us and if possible I will retrieve the information you want." William knew he could make no promises to the Brotherhood that might come back to bite him, much better to say he would try.

He did not like being saddled with this Scribe Ramsey for any amount of time, the Enclave might spot he was brotherhood somehow and blow their entire cover. Then again, an extra pair of hands would be useful.

William turned to Dudley, "Let's get this stock boxed up and ready to go, we're going to Fort Knox." He tried his best to be cheerful but it wasn't happening. Getting in should be ok, they had the appearance to get in. Getting out would be much harder. William also knew that he would have to find another way in while Dudley and Ramsey distracted them.

No pressure then.

Barry stared at the eels for a few moments. The smell was absolutely putrid. He reared back his fist for one big killing blow to the closest one while attempting to hold back the food that was starting to make its way out from the way it came in. His fist heads to going more for force than speed. The eel avoided his fist and wrapped around his left arm. The eel tightened as the Flash desperately slammed his fist into it again and again and again until it finally released. The moment it his the ground he gave it a few well placed stomps to where he believed the head was until it began to gush fluid. He didn't have to time to enjoy his victory. Half a dozen more eel wrapped around his body and forced him to the ground. He could feel his ribs cracking from the three eels wrapped around his torso. One eel was wrapped around his right with the remaining two tightning around his left arm. He heard a loud snap and saw a bone exiting his upper arm. Blood gushed out of would as Flash punched the creatures with his free unsnapped arm. Will our hero survive. Tune in next time. Same Flash Time same Flash Channel.

[Perception][Medicine 30/30][Cross Referencing (Repair) Medicine +15]Lucy was not handling her injuries well. She wouldn't drop over dead any time soon, but the sooner they got her to the citadel's med-wing the better. Vikki was doing fine though.
"Brando, when we get to the Citadel, my sister may be there. She has a thing for seducing members of enemy organizations. If you sleep with my sister, I will break all of your limbs, make your eyes match, tear out your voicebox so you can't scream for help, castrate you, tie you to the back of a car that is better than that piece of shit Lucy kindly euthanized, drive through the ruins of DC till I make it out to the wastes, bury you up to your neck, cover your head in gravy, and wait for the nearest predator to swing by. Understood?"

"Quick, hurry! Get your ass and that bear inside!"


Cassie reached for her sidearm as she rode by.

"What are you going on about..."

That's when Cass laid eyes on what had the person in a wad. A whole gang of mutated horses were making their way towards her. Now, Rodrick was pretty tough. He could snake a regular horse's neck like a twig, but could he handle a whole mob of them. Does Cass want to find out?

Fuck no.

Cassie turned Roddy toward the church to get the way of the stampede and crashes right through the front door, stumbling off her mount when see got in. Not too graceful, but it got the job done.

Cassie got up and dusted herself off before looking around.

"Alright my man. Or woman. Where might you be?"

Staring back in a daze of his own Sully considered the scratched metallic bulk beside him. Having no idea how to deal with robots but remembering something 'Tom of the West' had mentioned he turned toward it hand extended. "Urh? Hey! Name's Sully nice to meet you?" he ventured awkwardly staring doggedly into the bright eyes of the machine. He had no idea if this was one of those super advanced machines that Tom liked to brag about but he sure wasn't about to risk offending the first seemingly sane creature he'd met in the capitol. Jerkily the machine took a hold of his hand a shook it briskly muttering something about communists' lack of manners and basic humanity. Communists again huh? Seems like all the pre war tech had a bone to pick with the Chinese, he thought looking down at his salvaged medical gloves.
'Thimble', as Sully had decided to nickname the seemingly unlabeled robot, dropped his hand allowing him to approach the issue of the junky ghouls lounged around in front of the pair. Sitting around with no mind for their surroundings they continued to ramble coming back to masters, wizards, gates and keys.
'Hey' he started drawing out his words in a desperate attempt to incite some kind of reaction from them, 'This Wizard... where can I find him?'
A particularly moldy vagrant turned his head to stare his mouth hanging open.
'Yes. Yes, the wizard!' Sully perked up glad that it had gotten their attention, not that he thought much of wizards masters or keys but its not like they were going to give him directions to the nearest hotel, if DC even had any.
'Where is the wizard!'

"Hey, just hang in there alright? I'm not planning to let them take your gun." Marlon replied to Lucy. He picked up the pace a little, though was careful to watch his footing so as not to make the trip anymore uncomfortable.

Rolling his eye at the latest round of vitriol from Frank, he looked back at the armored man with disdain. "Simmer down you goddamn loon. What the hell makes you think I'd want to anything that'd mean being more involved with you or the brotherhood than I need to be? And you mock me for being loyal to my family? Priceless."

After a brief chuckle he added, "Relax Franky. There's no chance of that happening."

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