Feudal America - A super-power RP in modern day America (Game Thread)

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Saturday Rested his hand on the young Haitian's shoulder and whispered into his ear,

"<<Thank you for the report child, but we don't want everyone to know our plans. Go down the street and gather my lieutenants. And bring the Liquid Juju and a bag a Zombie Powder.>>"

He whispered to the boy in Haitian Creole. His tone was commanding, but not threatening, and he made sure no-one else heard him. He gave the young man's shoulder a squeeze before sending him off to obey. Then as he finished wrapping the boy's ankle, he spoke to the large white man whose name he knew was Rico Jarvis. As soon as he entered the hospital Saturday had seen the aura around him and knew he had powers. After going through 3 needles he realized the man's skin was unbreakable. He would make a great addition to the congregation, but Saturday couldn't be sure if zombie powder would work on him. He wouldn't try it yet, he would see if he could convert the man consciously first.

"No need ta worrey about dat boy. 'E is from Haiti like me and still believes in de Loa spirits of voodoo. Tradition ya'know?" He said this confidently like there was nothing to worry about.

"But did'ja hear his news?" Saturday said to the whole room. "Dose no good salo runnin da city are gettin' tay-kon down! Dey' gonna want to keep de hospital so be readeh to move if da fighting gets closah!"

He stepped outside into the hallway and took out a cigarette and began to smoke. The time was coming for voodoo to become a major world religion.

"Thank you it was just that without those supplies we would have starved, so it was either we would get the supplies or die. And I know Henry he isn't the type to shoot or take hostages... well maybe he is but he knows it won't work on me so he doesn't take the risk. And his little brother was here as well so I knew they would agree to my terms. And I have sent Smith and his crew to protect the clinic and we will close the doors soon so we should be save..."

Sarah nodded, hoping that it would be enough. The men outside had done an admirable job of protecting the clinic from threats in the past, but she feared they would make little difference if the invaders really did come for them. Any force that was a real threat against the McNeils would have no trouble overpowering what little defences they had.

"But as usual you have avoided 1 question I also asked how you were doing. I know you are still worried about your mother, and that this work is an great way to distract yourself but you also need to rest. I mean you aren't of any use to the patients if you pass out all of a sudden right?"

She laughed nervously for a moment, and then shook her head. "Oh come on, you worry too much. I'm feeling fine."

In reality Sarah was beyond exhausted. She tended to work at the clinic for far longer than she probably should, and she hadn't had a single good night's sleep since she lost contact with her mother. Still, she couldn't allow that to affect her now. With the battle raging on outside she needed to be ready to help however she could, especially since she might finally be called upon to use her new abilities. If someone was hurt while she was taking a break, she would never be able to forgive herself.

"Besides, it's you we should be worried about, you're the one who does all the real work around here. Speaking of which, how is the old man? You've already gone in to see him, right?"

She laughed nervously for a moment, and then she shook her head. "Oh come on, you worry too much. I'm feeling fine. Besides, it's you we should be worried about, you're the one who does all the real work around here. Speaking of which, how is the old man? You've already gone in to see him, right?" "He is resting quite fine right now his wound has been closed, and I am 100% sure that he will make it. Still you should take breaks more often, uou know you are not the only one who can take care of the patients." Martin smiled at her, he then looked down at his hand. After that he looked back up at Sarah. "Mind walking with me for an bit? I have something to show you." Martin turned around and he walked into an nearby empty room, he checked it twice nobody in sight.

Martin looked at Sarah. "What I am about to show you, I have only showed to 2 people before you. I am showing you because I trust you, so I hope you will keep this an secret. Oh and this might seem a bit weird at first but just keep looking, it will all make sense in the end." Martin grabbed an scalpel and used it to cut his own hand. A small cut appeared as blood began to drip from the wound. "Just keep looking." Martin placed his other hand on the cut, and after 8 seconds he removed his hand the cut was gone. "I found out a couple of days ago that I have an superpower, that superpower is healing." Martin looked up at Sarah interested in how she would react, he wiped the blood from the cut away with an tissue.

Matthew was moving swiftly across the rooftops. A bizarre figure overdressed and carrying clothes too big for him. He had long since pulled the hood of his shirt down. It was getting in the way. Everytime he leaped across a roof to another one, he felt a surge of adrenaline rush his body. It was euphoria. His senses turned on edge and he felt thrilled. He was an apex predator. Perhaps all super humans could be considered such, but he embodied it's meaning. He was the apex predator. Aiken choked on a hissing laughter, his bitterness melting away as he let the thrill envelop him. He felt hunger, though it could hardily be considered normal hunger, his was far more primordial than any human could conceive.

He hadn't eaten for a day or so. Aiken wasn't what you could consider an omnivore anymore. He had realized such very quickly. Nowadays, raw meat had the best flavour to him and provided all the nourishment his new physiology could need. On the other hand, anything cooked didn't taste too good. He still enjoyed roasted meat though. Herbs and vegetables made him sick. It was rather awkward because Matthew had always enjoyed vegetables. It was weird to be unable to eat them. He stopped on a rooftop to gather his breath. His stamina wasn't amazing and he had to stop to rest for a bit. He pulled his hood up again, letting the adrenaline fade rapidly. It came very easily to him. Which was good, he needed that as a hunter...No. What was he thinking. He needed it as a survivalist. He needed it to survive.

Something had gone terribly, terribly wrong in the hospital, and it was only then that the Jewess had noticed the disturbances in one of the city's last gems. The body of one of the city's last medical professionals laid there on the sidewalk, its intestines cooking under the unrelenting Florida heat. What appeared to be like a rogue super, unaffiliated to any known gang in the city or the outside military forces is terrorizing the hospital. He had to be stopped.

Back at the hospital, the people sitting in the reception room had already escaped outside or towards the other sections of the crowded Hospital, away from the deranged clown Fromanzio. Miriam did all she could to bend the handgun in the clown's right hand, and so she did manage to lock into his mind and convince him to off himself.

'You're worthless scum... You know who you are - Who you WERE... and you killed them... and you LIKED it...', it echoed through the clown's head, but before he could pull the trigger another side of him sprang into action. This was the first time Miriam had faced such a deranged man, such a powerful super - and he had deflected the hand away, not before releasing two shots into the interior of the hospital, one wounding the somewhat violent looking dark angel that tried to remain calm as the situation escalated.

'Now you have two bullets, you worthless fuck. Don't kill any more of my men or you're dead, you hear me?', Miriam screamed at him in his mind. She had already ordered one orderly to start dressing his wound. It wasn't before long that the clown had his injury bandaged and the workers were more than eager to set him away and out of the hospital.

With that, Miriam informed all of the McNeil supers of the new supers in town, but in response they described the horror they've seen.

They're multiplying.

It's a second Collapse.


It was a motherfucking Tree Ent.

That was what went through Dirk's mind when he saw a motherfucking Ent moving through the street and back behind the yellow house.

A motherfucking Tree Ent.

Mark was the first to spot it, but his exact words were "A cunting Tree-man". He took at shot at the walking behemoth as it was nearing towards the yellow house but it seemed like it did little to him, her... it, whatever it was. It just continued forward, to where Ben had taken the hostages. The team tried to shrug off the feeling of how utterly surreal the situation was, but it kept stuck to their minds. They advanced forward, trying to forget about that green giant and concentrating on the enemy that was described in their files... There was no word of a super who could control plants, or whatever that thing was.

Behind the fence, Ben was rejoiced when he met his relatives and Jenna who greeted him with a gunshot aimed slightly above his head. She was furious at him and his incompetence in letting his hostages get away, but she then ordered him to return back to her rank before he gets hurt. She cared most about Ben, as he was the man she spent most of her time with, though Flinch didn't know of it. John and James had been hiding like cowards, together with three other normal humans who were stuck with them in this unfortunate situation. It was then when John could smack James for bailing on him - but worse - for being one of THEM. For being a super, a man who could accelerate his body's speed and reach incredible new heights. Though many words were destined to be exchanged between the two, little time remained for chatter when the Ent approached the fence leading to the alley and ripped it apart from its place.

Warren had already made his way towards the armed man, but by that time he was already halfway through the street and the others were gone. Instead Jenna and her half a dozen soldiers opened fire on the thing as it grabbed Ben and began to break him apart. It tried to snap its neck, break its back and then simply break off each limb at a time, but none seemed to affect the poor sod. It still hurt like hell, as the vines strapped around his flesh tore even further into it, but the McNeil refused to budge. It was then that the others had awoken from their unexpected shock and opened fire at the thing. The small squad made its way to the other side of the road and ahead towards 4th avenue and away from the darn Flower that tried to eat Ben alive.


Henry left the shelter in a hurry he ordered his little brother around and hopped back into the truck in one seemingly smooth movement. Before long, the truck made a U-turn and turned back towards the military unit. He could see the negro, Jenna, and half a dozen of his family shooting something in the distance... but it wasn't the military. Henry couldn't bear to throw his little brother into the fray again, so before moving onwards he stopped the engine and left the car.

"Henry, what the hell are you doing?", his little brother cried out. The already shaken boy seemed to be distressed at his older brother's strange behavior.

Henry waddled towards his younger brother. He jumped up to the back of the pickup truck with ease and spoke with him.

"I'm broken... I can't let you die out there. You're so young-" Henry tried to excuse himself but his brother burst into tears, shouting back at him, "-BUT I CAN HELP, I CAN KEEP YOU SAFE, YOU AND UNCLE VANCE...". The young boy was in great distress, but Henry remained unmoved. He grabbed the rifle his brother was holding and tore it away from him.

"Know the touch of a woman. Love someone...", Henry's voice was trembling as he continued to speak, "...God know I haven't, and with this fucking disease, I will never have it."

Henry pushed his little brother away as they both burst into tears. He tried to get back to Henry but he already jumped back and away from the pickup-truck.

"Fuck off, Twerp. Don't let me see you outside... GOT ME?", Henry shouted at his younger brother as he was holding a rifle. The crying young boy fell to his knees and tried to calm himself. It seemed as if everything was over. It looked like the McNeil are doomed to loose.


The human looking mutant found himself on a rooftop, running away from the riot near the palace and unwittingly entering the warzone on 4th street. Already spotted by mark's eyes, the marksman was about to take the shot before the giant tree man appeared down below. It would take him a few more minutes to catch another glimpse of the elusive creature, the one calling itself Matthew. He shot at the thing but missed, a rare thing for Mark to experience. Dirk was already shouting up towards him to shoot the "motherfucking ent man", but Mark had other things to concentrate on. The other creature was already out of sight.

Back down below, Manny had already gone rogue. He made himself disappear and ran through the street towards the clinic, hopeful to catch the pickup truck he managed to hit before it swirled away from 4th avenue.

The situation near the palace was intense. It seemed as if out of nowhere a flying man appeared to have struck the great Dan. Dan was already eager to break the puny sod's neck with his last words being, " Bet you didn't expect to find a condor hiding among the mice.". Gavin managed to pull the impossible - he stood face to face with Dan McNeil and survived to tell the tale. Well, Rico could say the same, but Gavin wasn't indestructible and Danny wasn't drunk.

The crowd of three hundred was beginning to dwindle around the two supers as more people fled the scene. Those who stayed held their arms tightly than ever and readied themselves to face the horrors within the McNeil palace. Darryl was of no exception. The remaining crowd threw all sorts of scrap at the five members of the family, but then they returned with fire.
Another click from Flinch, but this time the McNeil men didn't have any time to load their earplugs.

"You pieces of rotten shit-", Flinch stopped for a moment, clicked his tongue a normal time and smacked his right hand against his forehead. "-Sorry, mate", he said to his brother as he carried on.

"I said don't waste no darn ammunition on these brats... And that flying thing, whatever it was... if I wasn't hallucinating, DAN!", He shouted at him, "-Kill him now, he's a super!".

Dan was happy to oblige, but it took him a while to get back into full fighting mode after his uncle's tick. He was already used to what his Uncle was capable of, but he never felt good after a good scream. It was two whole minutes until Ben came back to his senses and pounded the snot out of a nearby survivor. He tried to make his way through to the flying man and crush hum, just like how Flinch told him to. The other four went back and the last of them, Flinch's brother, smacked him on the back of his head for almost bursting their ears.

Gavin groaned as he knelt on the ground trying to collect his senses but the Flinch's sonic attack wasn't helping. His bullet proof vest had taken a number of hist but managed to hold up. He could feel the collection of welts searing his chest before checking his arms. He had at least 3 on his left and 4 on his right. The others had just grazed him. Luckily, each time they fired a few rounds they drifted slightly. Probably lost their aim as soon as they started shooting. But even then, they'd been extremely accurate. It was practically a fucking miracle none of them got him in the head. Gavin quickly rubbed his head and felt his hoody, finding 2 bullet holes just slightly above where his head would've been.

"Way Too goddamn close." He slowly got to his feet, staggering a bit and using his power to help him up. Dan was closing in quick, a frustrated glare returning Gavin's gaze. Gavin noticed that Dan didn't seem even remotely affected by the sudden fall, only annoyed.

"Damn, if he hadn't grabbed me by the neck I probably could've dragged his ass into the stratosphere. Maybe that would've at least bruised him." Gavin said, trying to figure out his next move. Did guns work on this guy? Explosives? Did Gavin have any of these things? Gavin fired a few repulsive blasts at Dan McNeil, trying to keep him in place. At first he'd been taken by surprise and was blown back a few feet in the air, but landed on his feet. From there, Dan muscled through each blast, his feet slightly leaving the ground each time before slamming back down and continuing to move forward. It wouldn't take him long to get to Gavin and break his neck. How do you stop the unstoppable? Gavin couldn't just suspend him in the air or send him flying off. Gavin could only reduce gravity, perhaps send him into the stratosphere, but at some point gravity would take over again and he'd simply fall back down. He could focus and hold him up there, but Gavin would be practically fighting Dan and Earth's gravitational pull. He could barely do that at his best, let alone after being shot up. If only Gavin could just fling him into space. Gavin stood there in defeat, knowing he couldn't. And then it hit him.

"...they don't know that." He muttered, a grin spreading from under his hoodie. He crouched, as if stressing himself. Dan was upon Gavin, preparing a punch, when Gavin yelled as loudly as he could. "Touch me and everyone here is getting kicked off planet Earth!"

A number of people stopped, rioters and McNeil's, remembering the display they'd just seen. Dan stopped as well, still in mid punch.

"I didn't want it to have to come to this, but I will fucking sacrifice myself and everyone here if it means getting rid of the McNeil's once and for all!" Gavin yelled, bluffing harder than he'd ever bluffed in his entire life. The McNeil's glared at him, a few of the rioters appeared sick, and Dan simply stood there. He looked over at his family, not with a "should-I-do-this" look, but more of a "why'd-we-stop-fighting?"

Gavin stood there, wondering what would exactly come of this little bluff. He got his answer sooner than expected as Dan broke the silence, pulling his arm back and nearly landing a punch on Gavin. Gavin rolled sideways at the last second, groaning. He looked up , only to see Dan charging at him. Gavin flipped over him and landed shakily. "Didn't you hear what I fucking said?" Gavin yelled.

Dan ignored him and jumped through the air. Gavin started jumping backwards, but felt something grab his leg before slamming him into the ground. Gavin's power slightly dampened the impact, but ground was still ground. He looked up to see Dan McNeil standing over him and putting this foot on Gavin's chest. "Didn't...you...hear..." Gavin began to reduce Dan's weight, but the McNeil simply added force.

"I think I'll take my chances. Condor..." He scoffed, remembering their first confrontation. "You're just a mouse with wings."


I think she is gone

Wha-What happened I-I....


Oh! And then the mailman! He has had it coming!

Why am I surrounded by you two?

Fromanzio's wound was being dressed as he saw who he had shot. The nice lady who had given up her seat for him. He immediately felt a sense of regret, one he rarely ever feels and said "Oh my, I do sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart! Stupid whore tried to have us shoot ourselves and he went ahead and stopped it!" Fromanzio turned to the doctor who had all but finished dressing the wound. "You will help her and her friend next yes? I do still have two bullets you know."

The doctor looked terrified, between a madman and a dictator-like mistress he nodded. "Y-Yes of course." He soon hurried over to Luneth and asked "Which of you first?"

Fromanzio looked back on the crowd of horrified onlookers, bowed and said "Luneth, if you ask, I am sure one of the factions will pay you. I currently have a few bodies to add to the grand pile, do be sure to avoid joining them."

Fromanzio flew out of the now terrorized hospital and figured his next move, find a lone soldier and capture him! The information in regards to snipers and mind controllers would be vital to killing them.

Alright! Mission accomplished! Wooo! Time to go kill some more things!

You are going to get us killed.

Lalalala Can't hear you at all!

Matthew continued his stride after a while, nearing 4th street, as he heard a clear shot. It didn't hit him, but it was probably intended for him. He kept sprinting. Adrenaline flooded him and his senses kicked up. He ran faster, leaping over rooftops with ease. He knew where the shot had came from. He was going to outflank the bastard. Outflank his prey. He couldn't leave such a witness. A second shot was not fired for a while. Aiken took cover behind a set of ventilation drums. He gathered his breath, the adrenaline did not dissipate this time. It took him only a short while to recover as he resumed his sprinting. He was circling his prey, closing in. Closer. He was the apex predator here.

His senses were too focused on the sniper. Too focused on his prey to realize what was happening in the streets below just yet. He moved with the grace of a subtle predator intending to feast. He felt famished, he salivated. It was like an itch he couldn't scratch.

Flinch's wave left Darryl dazed on the floor for a few minutes though when he regained his balance all he could hear was a high pitched hum. He dug his fingers into his ears and even followed up with a few pats to the back of the head but the humming continued. Darryl was getting ruffed up and he didn't even confront any of the McNeil's one on one yet. He staggered as he tried to make his way to the back of the group. Darryl needed a place to lie low and recover from his hearing loss before he made any stupid mistakes that would cost him his life. The streets leading up to the palace were littered with wounded and dead. Darryl attempted to move some to safety but soon realized that moving them would just worsen their already fatal injuries. He feel to his knees and quickly acknowledged that he would have to resort Plan B.

Darryl "borrowed" some underwear and pants from some of the corpses. A few of the wounded rioters mouthed what seemed to be slurs, swears and other sort of unpleasant things but Darryl just ignored them. He positioned himself behind a junked car that was parked adjacent from the palace. Darryl loathed using his powers in public but he couldn't identify any other options. Three duplicates emerged from the Darryl's body and attempted to communicate with one another only to realize they couldn't hear either. Darryl passed the dupes their outfits for the time being as he relayed his plans telepathically.

"Look...we all know what needs to be done. What I need you guys to do is attract as much attention from the McNeil's and keep them preoccupied in the front. Don't get careless you guys, we need to hurry up and end this."

The clones nodded in agreement and made their way back to the palace. They returned to witness the entire conflict had stopped as all eyes had fallen upon the man who attacked Dan. Even Dan stood in his place which was admittedly the most shocking of all. Sadly the silence was quickly cut short as Dan leaped for the flying man. The 3 duplicates rushed up the palace steps and charged towards Dan.

Darryl soon turned his attention to one of his other dupes, "Stop all your pussy footing around around 4th. I need you to make your way back to the palace. The initial attack didn't work so were following it up with Plan B."

"You can't be serious? Your really going to send me to sneak into the palace!?"

"It's the best I can think of. Now hurry up before it's too late."

Darryl's mind was soon filled with multiple obscenities but the dupe had no choice. It quickly found it's way rushing back to the palace hopefully successful in making an approach towards the back unnoticed. After sending the dupes their separate ways Darryl quickly fell asleep.

Saturday flung open the door to the staircase just in time to see the crazy man fly away.

"Thank god Doctor LaBeaux! That damn war outside is giving us more patients then we can handle and that crazy bastard just killed Margret!"

Saturday looked around at the various levels of injury and decided to get to work.

"Everyone who's not injah'd, start moven people into rooms. If you are injah'd I'll come 'round an see. Da East wing is full so bring da people wit' burns to da 4th floor. Move!"

People started scurrying about following his orders and now that they had someone to organize them, things actually started going smoothly. There was enough spare room to get all of the seriously injured people out of the reception area.

Saturday gave the less injured people some quick first aid and sent them out the door. Then he saw Lenneth and her friend being wheeled towards the elevator. He started after them but stopped when he heard someone call out to him in Haitian.

"<[Saturday, we are here!]>" one of his lieutenants called from the entrance. There were 5 of them. The one who called out, Luke, was a beast of a man, muscles like a rhino and tattoos all over his arms, chest and head.

"<<Help out these people were you can, I'll be right back!>>" Saturday said, rushing after the winged girl.

"'Ello, I am Doctah LaBeaux. I'm 'unna to take good care you." He said, walking along side her bed.

"Help...Lucy." the winged girl wheezed painfully before the elevator door separated her from Saturday.

The aura around her was strong, even without the wings, he would have been able to tell she was a lethal super.

He walked back to Luke and said,

"<<Do you have what we need?>>"

"<<Yes brother Saturday.>>"


Saturday took the vials from Luke and hid them in his coat.

"<<Now, start a small fire on the roof. George McNiel will arrive to put it out, then we will get him>>."

Luke nodded and headed for the staircase while Saturday found Lenneth's room.

"'Ello child. 'Dose wings are impressive. But dey ahn't de onleh ting dat makes you special are dey? What else can you do?"

"Mind walking with me for an bit? I have something to show you."

Happy that the conversation had moved away from her condition, Sarah followed Martin gladly.

"What I am about to show you, I have only showed to 2 people before you. I am showing you because I trust you, so I hope you will keep this an secret. Oh and this might seem a bit weird at first but just keep looking, it will all make sense in the end."

At first suspecting some kind of joke, she frowned when she saw that he was deathly serious, wondering what it could possibly be that the doctor would be so secretive about. Mentally preparing herself for the worst, she ran through many possibilities in her head, each worst than the last. Nonetheless, she certainly didn't expect him to suddenly pick up a scalpel and cut into his own hand.

"Just keep looking."

Speechless, she could only watch as he placed his hand on the cut, and it vanished in a matter of seconds.

"I found out a couple of days ago that I have an superpower, that superpower is healing."

After taking a moment to process this, Sarah sighed with relief. This wasn't bad news, it was amazing. Martin had been a brilliant doctor to begin with, but with that kind of power on his side he could heal even those that would ordinarily be beyond help, and with incredible ease too.

It did also raise questions about the nature of her own ability, however. Until now she had assumed that she was the only person who had gained powers after the first collapse, but now it occurred to her that there could be any number of others in the exact same situation.

She drove such worrying thoughts from her mind however, and turned back to Martin, grinning.

"This is incredible! I can't even imagine all the good you'll be able to do with that power."

After briefly considering, she decided to reciprocate the trust she had been given, and reveal her own power.

"And you know, you're not the only one who has recently gained an ability like that, though mine is pretty far removed from your own... I'm not certain I could show it to you very easily."

She frowns for a moment, wondering how to explain it.

"I have the power to change certain aspects of myself at will. I can become lighter or heavier for example, or as hard as a rock. It's... not as directly useful as your healing ability, I'm afraid, but it lets me do all kinds of interesting things."

Blech. Voodoo. Fun stuff.

So why did the young man talking about it seem to be so in the know with the doctor? He was probably into the nasty stuff himself.

If nothing else, it convinced Rico to leave the hospital now. There was no reason for him to stay, as no one was physically capable of figuring out what was up with him.

Rico decided he could jump out the window, in order to avoid the crowds. He walked to the window and pulled at it, but it was locked. Drat. Down the stairs after the doctor we go.

As he approached the stairs, he saw a huge Haitian guy walking up them towards the roof. Normally, Rico wouldn't have thought twice of this, but in light of the whole Haitian Voodoo Conspiracy that seemed to be cropping up around him like overenthusiastic rabbits, he decided that silently following the man up the stairs would be a good idea to see what he intended to do.

Luke saw the white man following him. It was clear the other man was trying to look casual, but he obviously wasn't a doctor so there was no reason for him to be going up and down the stairs. The man was quite big, but so was Luke.

He decided to keep going and see if the man followed him to the roof. When Luke got to the final landing of the stairs, he rushed out onto the roof and waited to the side of the exit with the full can of gasoline that Saturday had left for him in his hands, redy to whack the man if he came through the door.

Rico peered through the door. The Haitian wasn't there. Had he just hallucinated? Was he under a curse? Had the man seen him? Rico cautiously stepped through the door-


Rico fell, feeling a huge blow to his head. His face slammed into the rooftop, his brains slapping from side to side in what would normally be the world's most painful concussion.

Damage: None.

Rico slapped the roof hard, pushing himself to his feet in a second. The man who had clubbed him had done so with a tank of... gasoline?! Was he going to set the hospital on fire?! No, he'd have -

Rico plunged forward, punching the stunned Haitian's jaw at full force as he recoiled in confusion.

- set the fire on the bottom floor!

The Haitian fell, uncomprehending. Rico ripped the gas from his hands. "What was this for, you twat?!"

Sarah seemed speechless at first, Martin was getting a bit worried when she finally spoke up.
"This is incredible! I can't even imagine all the good you'll be able to do with that power." That is not the reaction I was expecting, but hey being happy about is was fine too. Martin smiled.

"And you know, you're not the only one who has recently gained an ability like that, though mine is pretty far removed from your own... I'm not certain I could show it to you very easily." She frowned for a moment thinking about something. "I have the power to change certain aspects of myself at will. I can become lighter or heavier for example, or as hard as a rock. It's... not as directly useful as your healing ability, I'm afraid, but it lets me do all kinds of interesting things." Martin was stunned for an moment. it seemed like he wasn't the only one.. maybe this was an second time people got powers? Who knew at least her having one was an good thing.

"It sounds to me like an very handy power. So your power might not be healing but you can still use it for good. And I am sure that someone like you will be able to find some use for it." Martin smiled as he looked at her. "Well I think it is about time for the next rounds of checking up on the patients. But I am very happy to hear that I can trust you." Martin smiled one last time before starting his rounds. He would start on one side and Sarah on the other one, just as usual.

Luke's head was ringing as the white man pulled the gas can from his grip. The blow to the man's stone-like nose had poked a hole in the can and it was leaking down into a puddle at the man's feet. Luke shook his head and got up onto one knee, pretending to still be fuzzed up from the punch.

"What the hell are you doing up here?" the man stressed

"<<None of your damn business white boy.>>" Luke said in Haitian, staggering to his feet exaggeratedly.

"What?" the large man asked.

Luke sparked his lighter inside his pocket, then dashed it at the puddle of gasoline. The flames erupted over the white man's ankles and Luke swerved around him, diving for the door to the stairwell.

Gavin attempted to send them flying but in this position, he wouldn't have much room to get away from Dan. He'd probably end up flying into his arms and in turn, directly into the arms of death. So it was either be crushed by his foot...or be broken in midair. Gavin didn't have many options at this point since Dan seemed ready for anything Gavin had. Gavin fired his grappling hook, but Dan simply caught the line and put his other leg on Gavin's arm. Dan then pulled back, winding up a punch. Gavin knew he wouldn't be able to defend himself from this. This was it. Just as Dan swung downwards, three men tackled him causing him to stagger back in minor surprise. Gavin rolled out from under him and stood up quickly.

They didn't appear to be superhumans, just three really tall black guys without shirts holding onto Dan McNeil. Gavin tried to get a good look at them but Dan suddenly flexed, knocking the three men away from him. They all looked at each other, wondering if they should just give it another go, but Gavin walked forward. "Stay back, I'll see what I can do." He said, taking a breather and looking at one of the men.

Gavin then realized one of the men resembled the man he'd seen directing the crowd. Except shirtless and under armed. He then looked at the other two men. They looked the same, aside from their pants. Triplets? He didn't have time to address this, Dan charging at Gavin once more. Gavin acted quickly, bending downwards and delivering an uppercut as Dan made his way over. He reduced gravity after the hit and sent them both flying upwards. As they slowed, he fired a grapple at the McNeil Palace and reeled himself in. He collided with Dan feet first and Gavin practically rode him straight through the palace's roof, letting gravity take control once more.

Dan slammed into the palace floor, leaving a small crate, and Gavin jumped off him. He stared down at the McNeil, who didn't appear to be in much pain yet wasn't getting up too quickly either. Was he hurt? Perhaps a bit confused? Gavin decided to give him some food for thought. "Who needs super strength when you've got physics?" Gavin said, laughing a little. Dan jumped to his feet and swiped at Gavin, who simply jumped over him and landed gently behind him.

"You flying pest...you flying rat!" Dan barked. He wasn't physically hurt but Gavin could tell his ego was a bit scarred. Gavin tried to remember if anyone else had lasted this long against Dan. Nothing came to mind except a peculiar case about Danny boy walking home drunk one day. And even that was open ended, if someone did live they sure weren't talking about it. Dan didn't appear use to having people last this long on his bad side. Gavin's chest ached and he had a few bullet wounds on his arms, but adrenaline seemed to be taking care of that. However, he knew he couldn't go on forever. He needed a plan. But what could keep Dan down? Hell, what could keep the entire McNeil family down?

Gavin was about to respond to Dan when he noticed someone tiptoeing through a hall way behind Dan. He looked over at Gavin and put his fingers to his lips, before continuing his walk. It was another one of the men he'd seen outside. Quadruplets? Gavin wasn't exactly sure how to react but figured something was happening if he was in the palace. Something important. Gavin jumped into the air and let himself float there for a few seconds.

"Hey, Danny boy. How high can you jump." Gavin asked, goading the McNeil. Dan got a running start and jumped as Gravin grappled himself towards the roof. Dan undershot him and went flying through a wall, away from the man Gavin saw sneaking past.

"I should probably get him back outside...or I could damage their palace." Gavin said, jumping away from the roof and through the hole Dan had made. Gavin knew he was probably pushing his luck, but someone had to keep Dan occupied. Hopefully the military and any other local supes were dealing with the rest of the McNeil's.

"Gah- GAH!" Rico dropped the can of gasoline. It hit with a thud, splashing an immense fireball into Rico's face.


Rico hurled himself free of the inferno, crashing down heavily onto the roof. Immediately, Rico began to roll. Soon, the flames on him were extinguished, the gas in his clothes burned out.

"For the love of Christ, these were my FAVORITE JEANS!"

His clothes had burned very quickly, but his modesty was barely preserved. The shirt was holding on by its collar, flapping in the slightest breeze. Rico pulled it off. His jeans had fared better, if only marginally. The belt, the butt and the crotch area were still mostly preserved. Rico kept them on.

Rico stumbled to the edge of the roof, away from the tower of flames. The hospital... it was on FIRE! He had to jump down and warn -

Rico heard a helicopter.

No... they'd extinguish it soon enough. The hospital is too valuable to let burn. Besides, fire goes up, so there's much more time now that they've burned the roof first.

...Why would they burn the roof first?

To attract aerial firefighters?

To attract someone specifically?

If it was the latter, Rico decided to intercept them.

Rico kneeled at the edge of the roof over the entrance. If the Haitian douche left the building first, Rico would jump him from several stories up. If an aerial help crew arrived before that, Rico would talk to them first. Fine.

Rico waited.

What only should of been a few minutes walk to the pub turned into something far worse. Not even a second into a random rioting crowd Ottis got sucker punched and his skate board yanked out from his arm. But, the tall hairy Hawaiian man who held Ottis's board laughed at the aged rocker. Well, until Ottis grab him by the balls and let out the energy was was holding onto.
It doesn't matter how much electricity goes through ya, it only matters on what it hits in ya,thought Ottis. The refreshing high pitch scream and limp body had a few other looters backed away from Ottis.

Ottis loved the sound of anarchy, and stared at them back..." Fuck it. I think THIS is what I needed... MOSH PIT!"

Swinging his board like a club, as his Ipod started playing his favorite song "Blitzkrieg Bop". As he smashed people's faces in, he decided to try not zap people in cause what ever the hell started this comes his way. While he lost track of time, he got physically lost in the city between punching, kicking people and skateboarding to the next crowd to the music of Chaos & Death.

After what felt like forever, he wandered out from a back alley checking himself over.
"Fucking too old for this shit. Fingers..." moves them around " not busted. Pants? Well not covered in all my own blood, good. Nose... bloody... but it aint broke." Stretching his back a few loud pops go off and he looks around at his new surroundings. Bunch of people laying on the ground, some dead, some soon tobe dead. Groaning...Fixated on the dead everything else in the immediate background is kinda a blur.

"And how the FUCK did i get here?"

Fromanzio had a clear goal. Find and capture a soldier for later interrogation. How hard could that be? Leaving the hospital area, Fromanzio lurched from building to building, attempting to find a small gang of soldiers. Sure enough, a few of them came up in sight. He was nearing the outskirts of the Noble house and a group of three soldiers were on patrol duty.

The first one said, "Man, I don't even know why we are here, the rest of the military guys are attacking, not like the civies are going to attack us."

To his left, a darker looking man said in his deep voice "They just want us to make sure nobody tries anything like a flank. Just keep your cool and-"

Fromanzio fired his colt from the building top and his bullet hit the soldier square in the head. Blood came pouring from his helmet as another shot rang out and killed the third soldier. The final one looked startled, but grabbed his pistol and started shooting at the roof.

"You bastard! This is north west patrol! We have been-"

Fromanzio had sneaked up behind and hit him on the back of the head with his colt. He picked up the radio and said "This is Fromanzio. We apologies, but the number you were dialing has been...disconnected." He laughed in the speaker and smashed it before taking the soldier's pistol and flying off with him.

Congrats big guy, you managed to kill two innocent people again. What are you doing with him?

I thought we were clear, if we are going to kill the psychic bitch, we need information!

This is better thought out than I would expect from you.


Of course we do.

Fromanzio landed near his stash. He had already tossed most of the soldier's equipment, most would be traceable. He then took a large stick he kept for just these purposes and used it to brace the soldier's leg. With some effort, Fromanzio was able to snap one, waking the soldier up violently. He thrashed at Fromanzio who kicked him square in the jaw. Knocking the soldier out again. They continued this routine until the other leg and both his arms were broken. Fromanzio left him unconscious for a second to search.

What do you want now?

I couldn't find any rope but...aha!

Fromanzio found an old discarded pink razor, five rusty blades still attached. He laughed and flew up to his hostage. Razor in his hand, he slapped the soldier awake, he looked beaten already, but still wanting to fight back. "Wha-What are you doing with that? Why did you do this? What do you want from me?" Fromanzio danced and sang a tiny bit, doing his normal routine. "We have taken you far from your home little birdy. Clipped your wings we have! Fromanzio can't have you fly away now." He moved in closer, put the razor on the soldier's arm. "Fromanzio has heard that little birdies such as yourself might have some useful information. Now, if you will, tell us anything you might know about a psychic. Preferably a super powered one. If you refuse, Fromanzio will slowly cut you with this blade. Sound fun huh?"

Lenneth had been asleep, she decided to take advantage of the situation and nap, she was in no life threatening danger yet and she knew it. when she woke up, a little after that Haitian left, she pulled her self out of bed, and looked at the wound, sighed and shook her head "today's been fucked from since i woke up this morning" she said to her self in an annoyed tone and started out the door after collecting her jacket.

she was still in quite a lot of pain, "fuck me, this hurts" she muttered as she walked pained steps to the elevator, she'd been shot before, still hurts like a bitch every time though 'just gotta find some one no one will notice missing right away' she thought as she pressed the button to get back to the first floor

Warren plodded his ferocious way forward, ignoring the three civilians who backed away hurriedly from his advance, his abnormal eyes focusing on the group of armed soldiers before him. There was girl, and the original man with his gun, but most of them were out of reach.

But not for long.

With a sweep of his arm Warren nabbed his original target around the waist and hoisted him back and into the air. It was then that he noticed a small hole leaking clear fluid out the back of his palm. It didn't hurt, and it wasn't impeding him in any obvious way, so he ignored it, dragged back from rationality by the roots that were clambering eagerly up his outstretched arms tiny mouths opening and closing in anticipation for their meal.

The boy he held, (for he seemed to be not much more than that in Warren's eyes) was struggling, and seemed to be very hardy. Twice Warren had poured his partially augmented strength into tearing off his limbs, with no result. His anger was rising along with his annoyance at this pest. Why wouldn't it just die!

The roots were busy trying to break through this boy's skin when Warren brought the pest's back down across his knee, in a vain attempt to snap it in twain. Disgusted and feeling like he had been cheated out of his vengeance, Warren discarded the boy, throwing him into the wall on his left and letting him rot there for as long as he could.

That was when he noticed the bullet wounds. Holes of varying calibre pockmarked his torso, leaking the same clear fluid that he'd noticed on his hand. Curious, Warren dipped his fingers into the substance and brought it to his mouth. A green tongue, all muscle and snake-like proportions, snapped forward and nabbed the morsel of liquid, sending it down into Warren's plant-stomach.

The people before him were still firing, yelling things and pointing at the pest who wouldn't break or tear. Warren missed the sun. He'd wandered far into the alleyway to deal with these violent people, and the angle had blocked out the sun until he fought in the shade. It made him uneasy not being able to follow the sun's arc, and he decided that a retreat would be necessary, after he disarmed these people, that is.

In a burst of speed that surprised even he, Warren catapulted forwards, tendril fingers reaching ahead and pulling the gardens from the building either side to grab the people before him. He didn't attempt to kill them, just bind them in place while he dealt with their weapons. The roots huffed and bemoaned this decision, snaking around his feet and snapping at whatever ankles got in their way.

"Seriously! How the hell did I get to the palace?" Walking around looking at the dead, like a lost child looking for his mom. His wrinkles scrunched. As much as he loves Anarchy and Chaos, too many damn innocents get killed. And not ever the right assholes. Looking down, he noticed something half hanging out of a young man's pocket... a can, not just any can, an air horn. The old rocker's eyes lit up.

" I haven't seen one of ya since my super protesting days with my boys." A slight sigh escaped and he looked at his hand holding the can. Pondering if he had what it takes to make a change in this damaged world. If he could be the man he hoped to be, that his kids could truly call a hero and not what he calls himself... the has-been.
"Fuck this noise, time fer a change." lifted the can to his right ear and pressed down. The 120 decibels of noise screeched across the area like nails on a chalk board. This would of deafen a normal man, but not Ottis. As the can sputtered to silence.

Matthew had pulled a rough half circle on the Marksman who had aimed a shot at him, ending up roughly behind him, if he was looking in the direction of the ent man. He wouldn't be able to proceed until he was dealt with, but more so, now Aiken was curious of what was transpiring in the streets below. He had time to gather himself, to not lose himself to instincts. Matthew focused and while adrenaline still rushed him, he was in control again.

The sniper was very close now. He had to guess that he was aligned with the Mcneils, which gave Aiken all the reasons in the world to kill him. A short sprint would see him on his rooftop. Getting shot would hurt, he wanted to avoid that, even if the shot would with all likelihood go right through him. Two jumps he counted, two jumps and he'd be on the same roof as the man. He licked his teeth, raking his tongue a little and gathering the taste of blood in his mouth again. He licked at his claws as well, lacing them in his potent poison, making them even more deadly.

He took his time to curl up his sleeves, exposing his clawed hands more thoroughly and making sure they wouldn't get in the way. He hadn't had time to do this before, as he wove between the rooftops, blurring in and out of sight constantly. Matthew kept all his other clothes on as normal. Like this, he could be mistaken for a human which made him feel somewhat better despite the awkward clothing, the claws brought a frown to his face, as he stared at them. But this was no time for reflection, he shook his head, gathered his breath and darted up, sprinting right for his victim at supernatural speed. A flurry of poisoned claws would soon follow...

John had been slowly inching forward towards the dropped glock and when the Ent-man bounded towards the other McNeils out on the street, he made a break for Ben's discarded gun. The sounds of shots and struggling on the street filled his ears as he reached down and felt the cold hard plastic of the weapon.

Picking it up he strode over to the battered but alive body of Ben. Assuming a firing stance; Ben's unmoving body no different to a target at a firing range; John aimed between the eyes and fired a single shot. Blood, brain and skull splattered against the wall behind him; where once there was a hurricane thoughts and emotions, now there was nothing. In a flash that storm had disappeared, leaving behind only calm water on which John's mind gently drifted. But John felt no grief, no sadness - he told himself it was because the body in front of him was that of a monster, and for now that was enough.

He lowered the gun, and held it to the side. There was fear in the minds of the other civilians; the other man had been grazed by a bullet and was writhing in silent agony against the wall. But there was also a fear of John; what had he done? Why? This is something that John was asking himself; why? Had there been an alternative? Was this too bold a move? After all this was tantamount to a declaration of war on the McNeils; and who was he? A powerless civilian as far as anyone was concerned.
But there were other things happening that the McNeils had to worry about, and there was no way of restraining Ben. Either way what was done was done.

He sensed an acceleration in James' mind similar to what he felt the first time he had tried to make an escape. He wasn't sure if it meant James was going to try and leave again, but there was no point taking chances...

"James, don't run - we need you!" he began to walk towards James, holding the gun as least threateningly as possible.
"Look what is happening! This is it, this is a second collapse! You, the Ent-man... this is exactly the same as last time! But remember what happened during the last collapse; total chaos reigned and people died in their millions. And the danger is greater this time. The first generation has spent its rule oppressing and killing the people who are now waking up to their own powers... There is a war coming!"

"But this time you have a power, and you have learnt from the past! The carnage has already begun, but you are in a position to bring it to a swift end; you have to! But you are going to need help; and that starts with that Ent over there, and I think I know what to say to bring him on side..."

The Ent was still grappling with the other McNeil soldiers. It did not look like he needed help but in this world there was no point taking chances; if they did anything unexpected a well-aimed glock on a man who could accelerate himself would be decisive. And once the the Ent was finished with the soldiers John would try to talk with him - he had a rough idea what was important to the Ent and with that there was something they could hopefully offer each other.

"Does that power of yours make you any better with a gun? Could you shoot any McNeil that threatens the Ent? Although don't point it at him!"

With a small smile, John offered the grip to James.

the Elevator dinged and Lenneth got in, and rode it to the first floor, where she found some one that didn't look like that had much longer not far from the elevator. the man seemed to be in a great deal of pain and nature of his injury's where fatal, Lenneth put her hand on the mans chest and he looked at her "rest now" she said, pulling the life force from the man in such away as to not add it his suffering.

Lenneth's wound faded and the man past on, seemingly grateful for her 'act of mercy' selfish as it was for her, Lenneth closed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest before exiting through a side door, it was at that point she noticed smoke coming from the roof "just wonderful" she said, flying up to have a look.

Saturday slipped into the room of Paul Momund. He worked in the meat section at the local grocery store, and he was not a good man.

Paul had been turning people in to the McNiles, a snitch, for minor infractions of their ridiculous rules that resulted in the death penalty. Everyone knew he did it and they all hated him, but they couldn't do anything because his service was re-payed with protection. But there was no-one here now. The McNiels were busy fighting, and Paul Momund was all alone in his hospital room with a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg. His disgusting fat, which he gained by taking the food of the people he sent to death, jiggled as he rolled over in his sleep. He was a parasite.

Last month, he had snitched on one of the families in Saturday's congregation, and all 4 of them, both parents and daughters, were killed. There crime was being illegal immigrants, as if that meant anything anymore.

Saturday locked the door behind him and fingered the vile of the Baron's Liqueur in his pocket. It would be quick and mostly painless, but that was too good for Paul Momund.

The large Haitian man walked over to Paul's bedside and slapped him in the face to wake him up. He angrily sat up, only to trow himself back down in pain after putting pressure on his broken leg. Saturday wrapped his big strong hand over Paul Momund's mouth to silence him. The fat man's arms were large and powerful, but his damaged shoulder meant he could only use one, and he was still lethargic from the pain killers.

"You ah a snitch arhnt you?" Saturday asked him calmly. Paul Momund tried to shake his head but Saturday stopped him.

"Don't deny it. I know you ah. Evreh one dose. You built up alot of baaad Juju, and you 'ave got de Baron's attention."

With that Saturday smoothly slid a scalpel into Paul Momund's throat, sliding it across his flesh in a sideways line. He smiled as Paul Momund struggled, his energy dying as rapidly as he was. The witch doctor held Paul firmly in place until at last he stopped moving. Then he wiped the blade on the pillowcase, put it back in his pocket, and exited the room.

As he walked down the hall he heard Luke call to him from the other end,

"<[Brother Saturday! There is someone causing trouble on the roof! He has powers!]>"

Saturday knew it had to be Rico, the man with un-pierceable skin, he and the winged girl were the only ones in the hospital with powers, and the blood dripping from Luke's split lip meant he had lost a fight, so it was Rico.

"<[I'll handle him.]>" Saturday said, heading for the elevator.

James breathed deeply and took the gun handle. "My power makes me faster, but I see everything slower. It should give me time to line up a shot." James felt the weight of the gun. It looked simple enough to use, even if he didn't know how to reload. But that didn't matter since he didn't have anything to reload it with.

'What was this part called? This one? Is the safety on? No it can't be, I don't think so.' These thoughts combined into one: Protect the Ent-Man from the McNeils.

James examined the gun. "So I just point and squeeze? I'll do it."

Saturday exited onto the roof of the hospital and saw Rico looking over the side of the building.

"Rico, what ah ya doin? Why did you set de roof on fiah?"

"I didn't, that-"

"Listen, you ah on lots of meds right now, you ahn't tinkin clearly. Come with me bahck to your room and I can 'elp you." He spoke in a calm, reassuring tone of voice, as friendly as can be. Just a doctor concerned about his patient.

The man was beginning to cry, he could not tell what would be worse, the wrath of Miriam could be worse later, but this guy...he was something else. The razor was pushing up and beginning to rip skin, it was painful beyond all belief as it was dull in a few areas and rough all over. "Stop! Stop please...I-what did you want me to tell you? Miriam right? That is all you want to know?"

Fromanzio leaned in and whispered. "That, and anything else you may know, such as how to reach her." He backed away slowly, letting off of the razor. Blood began to seep from the wound. The man looked at the ground and was almost crying as he said "She is in the palace! She is the most powerful of the supers and she has us waiting on her hand and foot! She has spies everywhere and oh god...please let me go."

Fromanzio stepped away and started pondering. "Oh, oh my! As we figured! A watcher quietly pulling the strings from afar! How interesting but so useless at the same time. We will need to get some more information. Pray tell, who would know more?" The soldier coughed out a laugh. "For that, you would need to capture one of her supers. Good luck with that one! Henry could eat you alive and even his little brother could probably-" The soldier immediately stopped and looked terrified. "Oh no, what have I done...Henry..."

Fromanzio laughed and hooted, "Oh so there is a boy then? Why would you assume Fromanzio would go in and try to interrogate him? Such an interesting thought though. Perhaps we could pay him a visit? Not with you of course, we are going to kill you now. Thanks for the information though. Really, you were excellent."

The soldier looked down and back up. "Do what you will, I deserve it at this point." Fromanzio looked highly disappointed at that. "What? You want this? Boring, so dreary and boring. Perhaps we can use you for another purpose then. Fromanzio removed a razor blade and placed it on a nearby stick. It cut in and stayed. The jester then kicked the soldier over and ripped off his shirt. "Wha-what are you oh god stop!" Fromanzio cut deep into the man's flesh, carving the words "diebus vestris computati sunt".

Fromanzio placed the two pistols in the stash. He loved looking at the stash. It had an array of guns, mostly gathered in his mafia days. Several uzis, pistols and one assault rifle. The only ones missing from the day he left the mafia are the two he used. They were out of ammo and pretty useless. Aside from that, Fromanzio has a large two by four with a nail in the end, a flashlight, many cans of assorted foods and several large knives. The stash was located on top of a high roof in the slums. Nobody had ever found him so far and he hoped that it would stay undefiled as there was no way to reach it without some mode of flight.

Fromanzio hoisted the soldier. He was very quiet, he knew what fate awaited him. The McNeil household was not too far away and while this would be on the outskirts, the clown hoped Miriam would understand the message. Froamnzio only knew a few phrases in Latin, and this was his favorite. Indeed, she would meet fate soon. A very knifey fate.

Fromanzio hovered above a quieter zone of battle and dropped the soldier face first. His screams were loud enough to give Fromanzio's position away so Fromanzio quickly jetted off. He decided to return to the corpses of the two hind guard soldiers that were not taken. He was glad to see their bodies had still yet to be recovered in the madness. He lifted their radio transmitters and flew off again. A trap was going to take place soon, and he knew just where to put it.

Smoke could be seen from his viewpoint too, the hospital had somehow been lit ablaze!

Someone is trying to outdo you, they seem to be succeeding.

Be quiet, there is work to do right now.

Manny was already past the corner when he had to take a breath of fresh air. He was visible for a second, but the crying young boy didn't notice him. Many then opened fire on the pickup truck, causing the boy to fall on his back and lay there petrified. Henry was already up above the buildings as he sprang on a nearby rooftop towards Mark, and he couldn't see his brother being shot at.

Manny had to stop and check his weapon, which forced him to cease his invisibility streak. At that time the young teenager had fallen from the side of the truck and entered the clinic he stopped at before, crying out to the people inside to run away from the army man. Manny, unaware of the situation inside the house proceeded forward and positioned himself from behind the pickup truck, then opened fire on the house. Bloodcurdling screams echoed through the establishment as seemingly dozens of patients were hit with bullets. Manny was certain what he found was a house filled with the regime's elite, but instead he was shooting on unarmed civilians without notice. Inside both Martin and Sarah had to deal with these new startling developments.

Back up on the rooftop, the beast that was Matthew was stalking Mark as its prey. It got ready to pounce at the unsuspecting sniper, his power proving pointless against such a close-ranged attacker. Henry had already jumped up to the rooftop and witnessed the sniper above who he thought had shot his uncle. He aimed at the sniper, his hands slipping and the force from the shot made all of the shots he released but the first miss its intended target. The first one did indeed hit the sniper in his upper right chest, but the rest of the bunch move away from the soldier - and up towards the thing that appeared from the shadows. Catching Matthew completely off-guard, the hail of bullets collided with his body and sent him flying back and over to the street, where he was hit the hardest when he collided with the concrete floor.

Mark had struggled to keep himself on his feet but the pain had already threw him off his balance.

"Dirk, jump for me!", Mark managed to let out a yell as he tumbled down the roof. Dirk threw the machine-gun on the floor and turned around to face Mark, then went forward with his famous sprint. It seemed as if the behemoth was about to smack right into his teammates, but before he could do that he jumped up on the turned over jeep and pushed himself forward. The human projectile caught Mark as he was falling down and crashed into the first story window of an office overlooking 4th avenue with Mark safe in his arms. They were both without their weapons, but at least they were alive. In the middle of all of that confusion Henry decided to shoot at the others from up above, starting with that animalistic thing he couldn't recognize from earlier.


Warren had already trapped four of the McNeil soldiers before the continues fire from the rest stopped. The two remaining McNeil men dropped their weapons and ran away towards the 4th avenue, having all other paths blocked. They entered the intersection and watched in horror as the military and other unknown supers fought, only recognizing Henry standing up above on a rooftop holding his rifle.

Jenna was the only free McNeil left at the scene. Her husband's family trapped by the vines of that thing, all she cared for was Ben... her Ben. But fate deemed her unworthy, and a mere mortal had shot the poor man in the head before he could return to his previous form. Twisted and broken, the body of the elastic man Ben laid on the edge of the sidewalk, its head cracked open. Jenna sprinted towards the perpetrator, her body pushing the vines wrapping against her skin and tearing them apart. It was then that John retreated back to his cover and conversed with James. Those entangled by the vines of Warren had all stopped resisting the inhuman creature that rendered them useless.

Jenna met John as he left his hiding place and expected to witness James blow away the captured McNeil family members, her mighty fist connecting with his face and throwing him back. Her heavy bones almost crushed the poor man's cheekbone, but she wasn't about to let go of the man that had killed her lover.

He rushed at the man named Mark. But then he saw a man fly up into view. Gun in hand. He was going to kill his prey! Too late to withdraw now. This wasn't going to end well. But Aiken's reaction times were peak, he braced himself. Adrenaline flooded him still. The first shot hit his prey. Then there were two more that missed. The three last shots hit Aiken. One ripped into his shoulder, one through his stomach and the third raked his thigh. The two shots had been enough to make Matthew tumble backwards and over the ledge.

Aiken's claws flailed as he struggled to grip onto something, he realized there was an iron staircase, a fire escape if you will. His claws fumbled for it, causing his body to smash against the cold iron and send numbing pain through him. The adrenaline dulled the ache, but it wouldn't last forever. Aiken let go, falling the rest of the way and smacking into the concrete with a pained howl, he rolled in his lying form towards the building by instinct, his rib must've fractured, because it sent searing shards of pain through his torso. His breathing was laboured and he tasted blood in his mouth. The good news was that the wounds were already beginning to heal. He took shelter underneath the fire escape staircase, luckily out of sight as Henry went to the edge to most likely shoot him a few more times.

Why had they shot at each other though. Weren't these super humans allies? Something was off and Matthew couldn't place it. His mind recoiled and he huddled up, one claw dug into his shoulder, ripping the bullet out and flaying the scaly skin, but that pain was nothing compared to his gut or his rib. He tugged down his scarf with a large amount of effort and coughed up a small amount of blood, wisps of green smoke left his mouth constantly, his poison production active as the adrenaline hadn't fully dissipated yet.

More miscalculations! The McNeils had seen him shoot Ben! And one of them had the power to tear herself free from the Ent's restraints - he should have been prepared for that possibility!

These thoughts raced through his mind as soon as felt the pure rage and sorrow of the woman's mind; furious currents that completely overwhelmed her every thought. And all the raging energy of that hurricane was focused on one thing, John!

Too slowly, John began to duck away and shout "Stop h-" but was cut off by an unnaturally powerful fist smashing into his cheek and flinging him back across the yard into a wall; the collision softened only by some of the newly grown vines.

He was not dead, but there was no way he would be able to get away - he wasn't sure he could even get to his feet in under a minute. Worse, the enraged woman began to advance on John; he was not entirely sure what her power was (some sort of super strength? His mind raced) but judging by that punch she could surely kill him.

But in her rage at John she had forgotten all others around her; she totally was exposed.

One of the civilian women had begun to sprint towards a discarded rifle (the furthest from the Ent), but she would be far to slow to save John. The other had been helping the wounded man.

So his life lay in the hands of an enraged Ent, an accelerating man, and a half empty glock.

Warren was occupied. Those soldiers bound before him struggled lightly, whimpering as their bonds constricted further, crushing their chests, bringing them to their knees. His mind wandered towards the sun, his head instinctively turning to the glowing orb. His vines pulsed in pleasure. He stood in the centre of the ring of captives, out in the middle of the road. He was with the sun once more.

From behind he could hear voices, and he dimly registered a woman rush past him, snapping out of his grip. He turned and slowly sent another tendril trailing after her, but wasn't bothered chasing her anymore. He was back with the sun; he could save the plants that were being ravaged.

His attention was slow to turn back to his prisoners, but it eventually did. His carnivorous roots had already begun their work, gnawing away at the skin, tentatively, without his permission. But it was okay. They were in the sun now, and everything was better. The earth was warm beneath him, grass flourished and these men would die in a garden of their own creation. Blood began to stain the tarmac, which soon sprouted and grew into long grasses, waist height for a standard human, covering and consuming the cries of the men as he fell upon them, his roots and snake-proportioned tongue making quick work of them.

Their life filled him. Engorged him. Almost as much as the sunlight did. It was a beautiful feeling. Delicious.

Sarah was chatting with a patient when the McNeil boy burst into the room, screaming hysterically. He was clearly panicked, and his frantic warnings were almost unintelligible. Before she even had a chance to consider what he was saying, however, it was already too late. Bullets began streaming into the clinic from outside.

For just a few seconds, she was too shocked to react to the unreal situation occurring in front of her very eyes. In an instant the once clean white walls had been painted the deep red of human blood. At the same time the sounds of ricocheting bullets, shattering equipment, and howls of pain had combined to create one terrifying, inhuman noise that emptied her mind of all thoughts.

She was left only with a deep sense of horror, and a terrible, uncontrollable rage.

Feeling her flesh harden, she began to sprint directly into the hail of fire, her pace steadily getting faster and faster as she ran. The first hit she received had caused a sharp pain in her shoulder as it pierced through her skin, but now she could barely feel the dull impacts of the bullets bouncing harmlessly off of her.

As her speed was increasing, so was her mass. After crossing all the way through the room she smashed through the half-open doorway with all of the force of a moving truck, bringing a small chunk of the wall along with her. At this point she wouldn't be able to stop even if she wanted to, and she blindly continued her charge towards the source of the bullets.

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