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In the past several decades, sightings of unnatural phenomena called "Unidentified Flying Objects" began to be reported to governments around the world. In the past few years, the number of sightings has risen. Dramatically.


February 19th, 2015
Undisclosed Location in Central Africa

In a dimly lit office, Lucas Attano sits at his desk, doing his best to stave off boredom.

His mind is distracted, he is wondering just what his superiors are expecting him to accomplish in such a remote facility.

He, of course, is quite well aware of his purpose, and the purpose of his entire organization; but despite having been assigned to his post 8 months ago, he still can't help but shake the feeling that he was given this position to get rid of him. He had, after all, been something of a rising star in the French military previously.

On a whim, he checks his computer. Two new reports have come in; one from a NASA observatory in the United States, and one, weirdly, from the Phillipines...


It soon became apparent that the rise in the so-called "UFO Activity" was no accident, nor was it any natural phenomenon. No human explanation could account for it, no of experimental aircraft performing test flights, no un-authorized satalite launches, nothing. The governemnts of the world, then, were left to face a terrifying possibility: Mankind may very well not be alone in the galaxy.


Attano could barely believe what he was reading from the Phillipine report. A remote island community, numbering just above 70.... Evidence of a battle taking place.... Residents attempted to defend themselves.... Evidence showed use of firearms in self-defence by locals, but bizarre scorch marks indicated that they had not been attacked with bullets.... Eyewitnesses report seeing something moving at the edge of the jungle of the small island the night of the attack.... Casualty assesment indicates that there were 10 dead bodies of the the locals recovered (45 were still alive), but a full 22 had somehow gone missing....

Attano sat back, his mouth agape. Acompanying the report, which stated that the Phillipine military had swept the island nad had found nothing to indicate just what had hit the island, was a photograph of the only bit of evidence that was able to be recovered: A small knife, unremarkable save for what was on the blade. What appeared to be blood, green and sickly. Non-human blood.

His mind was racing now, awash in both worry and wonderment. Still, he attempted to focus his newfound excitement into a productive course of action, and he quickly opened the NASA report.

Inside was a single image, taken by the Cassini probe in orbit around Saturn. While the planet itself was the focus of the shot, a small portion in the lower left had been helpfully blown up, showing what could very well be a meteorite, save for the fact that, even with the grainy image, it was far too uniform in appearance to be one. A single straight-edged, conical nosed object. Not very big by the look of things, but nonetheless, worrying.

"Unbelievable..." he breathed.

Suddenly, the door to his office slid open, and in dashed a familiar face. Central Officer Brit Hagen.

"Luc, you'd better come quick." she said, Attano making not of the fact that, in all the years he'd known the Norwegian, he'd never seen her this...anxious.

"What is it?" came the reply as he rose from his chair, though he had a feeling that he already knew what she was going to say.

"Secure transmission in the Situation Room. It's for you."


Faced with a threat unlike any they had ever encountered before, many of the governments of the world quietly formed a Council of Nations, a collection of the countries that had agreed to help support a multi-national effort to face any possible extraterrestrial threat, whether through funding, resources or manpower. Soon, mankind's prepared defence against the threat of extraterrestrial invasion lay in the hands of one organization....


Both Attano and Central Officer Hagen raced to the Situation Room, thankfully only a short distance from Attano's office.

Upon entering, Attano quickly took his place in front of the massive screen in the room.

"Transmission on-screen."

On cue, the image of a bald man in a well-tailored suit sitting in the shadows appeared. A simple nod was the only gesture that he gave. Both participants knew that this would be a one-sided converstation.

"Hello Commander" a gravel-filled voice uttered "In response to the recent extraterrestrial incursion, this Council of Nations has convened to approve the activation of the XCOM project. You have been chosen to lead this initiative, to oversee our first, and last, line of defense. Your actions will have considerable influence on this planet's future; we urge you to keep that in mind as you proceed."

"Good Luck, Commander" And the image faded, and disappeared, just as quickly as it had shown up.

It was quite a bit to take in at once, but Attano was back on track in admirable time; the enormity of what had just occured having been relegated to the back of his mind for a short time.

"Brit" he said, turning to face the Central Officer "the base is still running on a skeleton crew, right?"

She nodded "Unfortunately, yeah. We can have nearly all stand-by personnel here within a week, but that still leaves us badly under-manned in a few areas, namely our ground teams and our tactical planners."

"We need to remedy that. Quickly."

"Thankfully" she said, as a small smile found it's way to her face "I do have quite the list of Dossiers of qualified people that would fit the bill."

"Get those Dossiers sent to me right away, I'll need to look those over. In the mean time, call up all of our stand-bys, and get back to Mission Control. I feel that this may be getting very interesting, very soon."


Interesting idea


Ryans Solution:

Interesting idea

Thank You!

Current Roster:

Cool, though I haven't played the game yet... Screw it.

Yay, no need for bio :D Suck at those...

This would be first RP I've tried to do.

Would it be possible to have more than one character? Seeing as you want to include engineers, scientists and all the other support staff as well. So many options! :D

But this is my submission for now:


Havegun, as of now, yes, I'll allow a second character (at the very least) for the support side of things. This applies to everyone.

And Tyranid, glad to have you along. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask. Here to help.

Alright, let's see if we can get a few more before we start...

Random Question; Should we be expecting a situation like this:


Edit: As the image doesn't want to load for me, I'll assume the same for others & suggest that you either right-click the 'image' and go 'view' or head to the web-address:

Random Question; Should we be expecting a situation like this:


Edit: As the image doesn't want to load for me, I'll assume the same for others & suggest that you either right-click the 'image' and go 'view' or head to the web-address:

Hmm, is it the Chrysallid one? Expect them to show up for sure, but as for any aliens showing up in the base (that aren't dead or captured)? Well, it seems rather unlikely.

Random Question; Should we be expecting a situation like this:


Edit: As the image doesn't want to load for me, I'll assume the same for others & suggest that you either right-click the 'image' and go 'view' or head to the web-address:

But she's too cute to die :X

The Critic:

I figured that Chrysallids would show up but I was more asking about Base Defense missions. I just figured I'd ask because I've played both the old & new enemy unknown


The Critic:

I figured that Chrysallids would show up but I was more asking about Base Defense missions. I just figured I'd ask because I've played both the old & new enemy unknown

Like I said, it's unlikely, as I was trying to keep things more similar to the new Enemy Unknown. That said, I will not rule it out as impossible, though it may not be a massive event like it was in the original UFO Defense (I had actually considered this, and I do have an idea on how to work this in. Hmm, now I'm kind of interested in this idea...). We'll see...

So, you want to wait for more troopers, or should we maybe try an 'easy' first mission?

So, you want to wait for more troopers, or should we maybe try an 'easy' first mission?

Let's start this. The RP will still be open, so anyone is welcome to join up.



February 21st, 2015
XCOM Headquarters, Undisclosed Location in Central Africa

Attano looked over the scene in Mission Control, impressed at the sheer amount of activity taking place.

"I must say, Brit, you've done an amazing job at getting everyone working. -Ow are things coming along?"

The Central Officer, currently overseeing the activation of Mission Control's central display, looked over at the Commander.

"Accent, Luc." she chimed, punctuating her words with a smile and a friendly shove on the shoulder "Heh, everything's coming along just fine. Base Power is running at 100%, the Engineering and Research Labs are online, and all ships in the Hanger are 100% All that we need now are just people to actually use all of our toys."

The Commander nodded "I recieved the dossiers you sent me. I -ave already approved several of them for recruitment. With the orders I sent, they should be hear by the 25th, no later...And what did you say about my accent?"

"Nothing, I just figured that a Sorbonne graduate that took four semesters worth of English, and liased with the Royal Army, would have lost the French accent by now. Anyways, you want to put any special orders in for getting the new recruits here? Anonymous helicopter drop out here, pick them up in the Skyranger at the Airport in Lagos, what'll it be?"

"Hmm, Have the Skyranger pick them up from the Airfield, but do it from Bangui instead of Lagos. It's closer, yes? In any event, It would probably be easier to get them out secretly by night from Bangui. Make it a night-time pick up from our shed..."


"...-anger there. They should arrive in Bangui by the 25th. Factor in an hour-long flight, and they should be -ere by about 22:00, local time. When they get -ere, get them settled in, then have them report to the Situation Room. We'll brief them there."

Hagen nodded. "I'll see to it, and I'll also forward to you any more dossiers that cross my desk." She turned, heading back to the nearest console, intent on getting Mission Control's main holo-projectors running.

"Right. I'll be in Engineering if you need me. Call if anything comes up." And with that, the Commander started towards the elevator. Things were rapidly falling into place at XCOM; new recruits were arriving, the veritable army of stand-by personell had been called up, and every day more and more engineers, scientists, technicians, mechanics, and various other support staff were arriving. At the rate things were headed, the base would be at full readiness on schedule, by March 1st.

But even with everything moving along as planned, both the Central Officer and the Commander were all too aware of the fact that the organization was badly under-manned. They didn't have enough soldiers, nor enough pilots. Without the new recruits, XCOM would stand no chance.

Kwame had landed in Bangui with no other instructions than a hangar number. After quickly consulting with some airport staff, he discovered the hangar to be in the farthest corner of the airfield and he had no means of getting there, except his own two legs. Thankfully, he'd travelled light and prepared for such an event, his luggage consisting of only a sole backpack, containing an extra uniform and a few personal items.

He set off in search of the mysterious hangar, following a dirt trail running alongside the runway in the general direction he had been. When he got to the end of the runway, at first he thought he had gone the wrong way or that it was an extremely elaborate joke; as there was no hangar in sight. There was a runway and then it ended and that was it.
He stood for a moment, looking around, before he finally saw it, shrouded in darkness, about fifty yards into the nothingness surrounding the runway. 'Hangar' was flattery, to say the least. Kwame didn't know what aircraft it was meant to store, but, looking at it, his first guess would have to be 'kite'.

He walked over looked around, finding it devoid of any signs of life... or anything else, for that matter. The elaborate joke-theory entered his head again. If only he wasn't sure that none of his friends would bother with that much planning (or expenses), he might have left the very same instant. But he decided to stick around, see what was gonna happen. He'd give it an hour.

Thomas had arrived in Bangui at around 2100 local with instructions consisting of only a Hanger number. A few quick questions to the airport staff & he was pointed towards a hanger at the far end of the airfield. Making sure he had his duffel bag, containing spare uniforms & small personal effects, he began his slow stroll over.

Following the dirt path near the runway, he examined the surrounding area for things such as vantage points, anything classed as good cover, etc.; he knew he shouldn't need to but a healthy paranoia ran in the family & was cultivated due to games like Dark Souls. Nearing the end of the path, he caught sight of a building fifty yards off shrouded in darkness. He figured that he probably passed the intended hanger until he saw the numbers on the building. Sighing at what might be someone screwing with him, he moved off towards the building with his first real thought of the evening "Hanger... more like a fraking shed if you ask me."

At around thirty yards away, he noticed a man milling about the area. The guy was about the same height as Thomas, give or take a few centimetres & had short black hair. A little closer and he saw the guy also had more pronounced muscles then himself. Once more, a little closer and he could tell from the uniform's beret that he was South African Special Forces. Having the sudden need to fix up his own beret a little, he moved close to the ten yard range before making his presence known. 'Evening.'

Cole arrived at the airport and asked around for a couple of minutes before finally being directed towards a hangar in the distance.

He followed a dirt path before noticing that someone had been following him. He turned around and the man walked past him. Cole sighed and continued towards the "hangar." He saw some people standing there already and he walked into the "hangar."

Nathan had a similar experience except he was drunk. He saw some wierd guy ahead of him stop and give him some funny looks, but he walked past him. He saw some people standing around a shed and wandered towards them.

Razvan arrived at the airport at 2200 hours. The flight was a tiring one as he was unable to get any sleep. Being squashed between two fat people on an airplane can do that. Getting off the plane he stretched quickly and looked at the piece of paper which contained a hanger number.

Asking the airport security they quickly pointed him to the hanger. As he walked towards the hanger he wondered at what awaited him. As he neared the hanger he saw some other people which had arrived before him. Approaching carefully he lit a cigarette and greeted them, "Gentlemen..."

21:00 Local (UTC +1)
February 25th, 2015
Bangui, Central African Republic

Hagen waited in the darkness of the Hanger's interior. Behind her, it's presence only revealed by shadows cast from what little moonlight found it's way through the few windows of the building, lay the Skyranger, the craft that would be taking them to Headquarters.

She did admit to herself that this was a stupid thing to be doing: the Central Officer should be in Mission Control, helping run things and keeping watch over any situation that arose, not going well out of her way just to make sure that some new recruits made it to base alright. But she had practically begged the Commander to let her do this, to let her just get a little bit of time off-base. She needed time above-ground, she said.

The Commander had been nice enough to give her this one, if only because she asked as a friend rather than a subordinate. She knew that he hated not having Mission Control under a careful watch. But....

Brit's train of thought was derailed when the rear door to the hanger opened, and in stepped in one of the recruits. Quietly, without giving away her presence, Hagen rose from her seat atop a crate and started towards the new arrival. She winced as she stood up, pain flaring from her left leg, a reminder of her experience in the Oslo incident. She moved silenly towards the recruit, whom she had tentatively identified as Cole Bracken, the Canadian pilot whom they'd pegged as a prime candidate for flying one of XCOM's Skyranger transports.

"Nice evening, ain't it?" Hagen said, her voice lacking any distinguishing accent, sounding rather American. The Canadian turned to face her, and Hagen's ears caught wind of conversation just outside the hanger's rear door.

"You were told to come out here, right?" Hagen continued, before the pilot could respond to her greeting "Funny collection of people meeting here, isn't it? Listen, you can pick them out by voice. A South African, an American, an Aussie, a Scot, a Romanian, an old German, and an Englishman." As if on cue, the rather distinct sound of a man tripping and falling was heard outside "A Drunk Englishman, by the sound of it. Here, why don't you help me out? Go outside and tell all of those...uh, 'recruits' to come inside and get on that plane over there?" Hagen said, as she gestured towards the now slightly more illuminated Skyranger.

"Would you mind doing that for me?" Hagen asked again, favoring the Canadian with her warmest smile "Please?"

[OOC: Oh, crap this started. I had no idea o_O]

Baxter slept quietly on the wall of the hangar. When people started with their pleasantries, he awoke.

"Hello all." he mumbled, half awake. He got up with a slight frown, taking note of everyone there. "Anyone got water?"

"Of course" Razvan took the bottle of water he had in his bag and handed it to the sleepy man. "You got a name, friend ?"

"Baxter Yates. Queen of America, and part-time medic." he took the bottle happily, taking two gulps. He handed it back, wiping his mouth, "And yours?"

"Nice to meet you, 'Your Highness'" he put the bottle back in his bag and extended out a hand, " Razvan Tanase, full time combat pilot"

Cole looked intently at the plane for a moment Looks Experimental...

He smirked, said "Sure," and then walked back outside.
He heard a few of them talking amongst themselves, and approached them "We're wanted inside."
He pulled the drunk guy up.

Nathan fell over and heard some guys talking then the weird guy from before helped him up.
Nathan said "thanks" and stumbled inside the hangar.

Baxter shook his hand firmly, "Care to introduce me to the others, Razven?" He looked around the place, it was a veritable mixing pot, "Although I'm more interested in knowing why we're here."

"I would love to introduce you to the others but I don't now any of them, oh and by the way It's Razvan with an a not an e. Secondly, I think that following this harmless stranger into the creepy hangar might answer your questions." he said while walking towards the hangar doors.

"No clue why we're here" Cole turned back to the hangar and walked inside.

Baxter sighed, and walked in with the group.
"Damn peer pressure." he grumbled, walking in.

Thomas silently waited as the various others arrived. He overheard the American and Romanian introduce themselves and noted that the Canadian was forwarding them inside. He entered, making sure to note everything he thought was important.

21:15 Local (UTC +1)
February 25th, 2015
Bangui, Central African Republic

Brit had turned on the lights in the Hanger, and had triggered the main doors, giving the Skyranger an open view of one of the more disused runways at the Bangui airport. She then returned to the ramp of the Skyranger and called to the pilot.

"Get clearance from the tower for takeoff. We're leaving in 5; and let's go for a normal takeoff, less conspicuous that way."

"Right away ma'am. Tower, this is Nimbus. Requesting clearance for runway Charlie 2-5 Mike..."

Hagen turned towards the rear hanger door, wincing as her leg flared in pain again, and saw the incoming group of recruits. "Good work, Bracken." she said to herself.

"OK, glad to see you all!" she called out to the whole group "If you'll just step this way and board our nice little craft here, we'll be on our way, and that much closer to explaining just why you're here. Come on in." and with that, she took a seat on the nearest bench seat and called out to the pilot again.

"Let's cut out the slow trip. Go for a straight shot home. No long way, got it?" That would serve to cut down the flight time to about half an hour, at the most.

"Got it, ma'am."

Now just to get back to Headquarters, get the recruits settled in, and get them briefed. Then, XCOM's work could begin in earnest.

"I assume booze and an in-flight movie are a given, right? We'll at least be flying first class, right?" He shrugged from a lack of attention and settled into a seat.
'God, I dislike flying.' he thought bitterly.

Cole checked his rucksack and walked into the skyranger, he stuck the rucksack in a storage compartment, sat down, and buckled himself in.

Nathan sighed and did the same

21:20 Local (UTC +1)
February 25th, 2015
Bangui, Central African Republic

Hagen couldn't help herself at the American's crack at a joke, and loosed a smile and light chuckle.

"Ha, a good sense of humor's always welcome where we're going. I don't suppose you'd know anyone with one, would you?" Brit's grin grew wider. "Ah, sit down, Yank, I'm just messing with you. Anyone with some jokes is always a good thing to have around. Have a seat." Brit punctuated her own joking with a warm and reassuring smile. She didn't mean to really insult Yates.

Brit took a silent rool call as the group of recruits filed into the Skyranger. Campbell, Schmidt, Makhuba, Hill, Yates, Black (who was still apparently suffering from a bit too much to drink), Tanase, and Bracken.

"Welcome aboard, everyone. Sit down, buckle up, and we'll be on our way in just a minute. Oh, and...uh, Tanase, right? Romanian? Sorry, but the pilot says this is a non-smoking flight. You're going to have to put out that cigarette."

Soon, everyone was aboard, and the pilot closed the rear ramp, plunging the cabin momentarily into darkness before the low-intensity lights came on.

"Well, glad to have you all here." Hagen said, as the Skyranger's engines began to fire up and the craft began it's taxi onto the runway. they had chosen to go with a traditional takeoff to keep a low profile, as using the VTOL capabilities of the craft could attract unwanted attention. "Anyone have any easy questions? Trip won't be long, I promise. There'll be a time to ask everything once we land at our destination, but in the mean time, anything anyone wants to know?"

"What is your name, 2+2, and the capital of Romania. Any order you answer them in is acceptable." he didn't feel offended from here jokes, in fact perhaps after a few millenia of training she could be as good as him! Or so he thought outwardly anyways, a subconscious part of his mind thought they were getting annoyed already.

21:22 Local (UTC +1)
February 25th, 2015
Bangui, Central African Republic

"Brit Hagen, pleasure to meet you. Baxter Yates, right? Great to have you aboard." Brit said, flashing a smile and extending a hand towards the American as the Skyranger began it's takeoff run.

"Flight should only take about a half hour or less, so if anyone wants a nap, I suggest they grab it now."

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