Star Wars: Outer Rim task force (Rp Thread)

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You've got to be kidding me. Devin thought as the mercenary started flirting with Cadius. I swear I'm in a mad house. Devin vividly remembered the punishment for such behavior in the Stormtrooper Corps. This girl was lucky that the New Republic didn't handle it the same way. As Cadius walked away, Devin turned to the girl with a look of disgust. "You're on a military vessel. I suggest you act like it." he said simply. "By the way, we'll be arriving at the Bespin system in a few minutes. Get ready for combat." Devin looked over her skimpy outfit. "And put some clothes on." Not wanting to hear any retort, he walked away in pursuit of the Captain.

"Excuse me, Captain." he said as he approached Cadius. "You never answered my question, though I suppose that women did. You are the owner of that ship, yes?"

Cadius took the corner, dropping his hand to his blaster pistol as he got out of line of sight. That hadn't been just some harmless flirtation, he'd stake his ship on it. He turned as the soldier approached him, keeping his hand under his jacket, close to his pistol. "Yes, I'm Captain of Ace of Sabres. Was just on my way back to my ship. Can I help you?"

Unperturbed, Jen leaned into Cadius's ear and whispered in a low throaty voice.

"You've angered a very powerful man. You should jump ship. Now."

She stroked his collar before breaking off. Sirens reverberated throughout the vessel.

"Yes, I'm Captain of Ace of Sabres. Was just on my way back to my ship. Can I help you?"

"We're going to be exiting hyperspace in a few minutes. I'm sure the Captain will be giving you the full brief soon, but you should ready your ship for combat ASAP." Devin noticed the hand inside Cadius' jacket, probably gripping a weapon of some kind. He supposed it was second nature for his type; a lot of these mercs had been outlaws under the Empire. "No need to be paranoid; we're all on the same side here."

The woman muttered something in his ear, touched his collar. Right. Bath time later. "I'm not so sure. We're in a combat zone, there's no telling who might have crept aboard. I'll go prep Ace for launch."

He flipped out his comlink. "Hektorr? Hektorr, where are you? Start warming up the ship, we're about to drop out of Hyperspace. And keep your eyes out, there's some nutcase dressed in lingerie who is...just keep an eye out for Human women flaunting their tits. I'm on my way back to the hangar."

Titus finished diagnostics on his gear and moved his pistol from his uniforms holster to the holster attached to the cuirass of his armour. He checked that it was secure and pulled his rifle from his locker, checking it's systems before plugging in a fresh cell and interfacing it with the smartlink on his suit.

He holstered it on the side of his rucksack on the opposite of his sword, then headed down to the staging area.

"Oww, my arm! Again." Kel quickly rubbed the area, he was practicing his (rather weak) soresu skills. Still, he was improving, if the movement of the training droids weren't so damn sporadic... He marched off, mumbling to himself. He needed, or wanted rather, to empty his head with some nice, calming meditation.
Then there were sirens....
Why were there sirens? Nobody around to ask (and apparently his rampant invisibility abuse made him unpopular), so he went to Xerx. He found him quickly,
"What's going on?"

Zach was busy getting reports from all over the ship as Kel found the chiss calmly watching the chaos his arms folded into his robes he looked over at the padawan and shook his head "It seems there has been an expolsion on ship" Xerx said as he gestured to Kel to walk with him "A few droids will need mantince and I assume aly is busy with any organics who were injured" Xerx said suddenly he stopped and placed his hand inside his robes gripping his light saber "I sense that the Black Sun is planning to make our ship thier latest prize...come Kel we must alert the others and captian Rodchester"

"Right, I'll inform the crew." Kel curtly bowed and walked out, wondering how best to deal with the situation. Telling everyone would take too long, and would cause panic. Best to inform his fellow jedi, the Captain of the Ace, and perhaps a few others. He decided his fellow padawan first, Kaelen. He found him in a manner of minutes,
"Kaelen, head to find Aly, and see if you can help her. Grab a weapon." He wondered off, not wanting to waste time. Grissk was next, a hardened jedi would be a great asset to the defense of the ship. Again, he found his target quickly.
"Pirates are nearby, report to master Xerx, get a weapon." And again he walked off, his final target being the captain he knew was on board, he should probably know and be given the chance to run, in case they failed. This one took longer to find, which worried Kel. Too little time, and he didn't need to find him.... Regardless he did. He was around another soldier too, which worked better than he could have hoped.
"Both of you, grab weapons. Xerx senses a disturbance in the force. Keep it as low key as possible though, just in case."

At the sound of explosions, Alysia bolted toward the situation; ready to treat the injured. The scene was particularly bad; more then a few open flames and several injured. Placing a call for medical droids to help the injured down to the medical bay, she then started checking the injuries; making sure they would be safe to move and getting them away from any flames as needed.

A few minutes later, the droids arrived and started helping the safe-to-move down to the medical bay. With the non-life threatening injuries dealt with by the droids, Alysia moved to the most injured and did what she did best; healed. reaching out into the force, she began pulling in the energy needed to heal; channeling it into the worst injuries in hope to save as many lives as possible.

A squadron of bickering padawns assaulted her from all sides; all she had wanted was a quiet breakfast, too late for that. They swarmed around her, seemingly forgetting she was there, questioning each other about who was more mature; all but Kaelen who sat across her in a gloomy silence. At least the ghostling and the trandoshan had some sense, quickly settling the argument before it escalated further. So much for jedi being a calming influence.

Finally alone, she finished her breakfast and made her way to the bridge, she would be late, it couldn't be helpped and was greeted by blearing sirens and alarms flashing from all over the ship.

"Sir? What happend?" She asked.

"Pirates are nearby, report to master Xerx, get a weapon."

Grissk had felt the impact and explosions within the ship, and went into a dash at the young Shadow's words, robes flying behind him before he pulled them off and balled them up, stuffing it under his arm as he ran a gauntlet. Dodging soldiers, wounded, and medical personnel, he bounded from one wall to the other, using his momentum to launch himself over a small wall of men before rolling and continuing on. The Sith had taught him some useful things after all. On he ran, before finding Xerx and slowing to better match the Master's speed.

"The Shadow said to meet you. What is it you wish of me, Master?"

Although he'd been with the Jedi for close to two decades, he continued to address his superiors in the Sith way. Habits routinely beat into him from as early on as he could remember were still firmly grasping his mind and the process by which he thought at times.

"Pirates are not normally so bold to attack a Republic vessel in this form. I wonder what would cause them to attack like this."

The turbolift slowed and Titus stepped out of it. He felt a shiver go through the ship as he walked to his station, this was followed quickly by the sound of an explosion and sirens blaring.

He pulled out his rifle and ran towards the area of an explosion, hoping it was just broken arrow. When he arrived he saw a Jedi and some droids trying to help the wounded. Open fires meant there either wasn't a hull breach or it's already been sealed. He looked and around and put his rifle back into its sling. He ran over to the most critical looking people and began treating them with a bacta aerosol while the Jedi worked.

Kaelen was walking towards his master, when he suddenly heard and felt a large explosion. He looked around, unsure of what had damaged them and where. He saw his master and Kel walking away, he headed towards them. Kel then turned around, and walked towards Kaelen."Kaelen, head to find Aly, and see if you can help her. Grab a weapon." He didn't know what was happening, but what he did know was that they were under attack.

Kaelen nodded and ran off, looking for Alysia. He followed the confusion, and eventually found the place of the explosion. He went inside to see Alysia busy with healing wounded people. He ran over to her and said "I was ordered to assist you in anyway I can Alysia. So how can I best help you?" He asked Alysia. He didn't mind that he had to help her, she seemed to be an bit of an airhead but she was nice. And she was quite good looking too.

Cadius came sprinting out of the hangar bay turbolift, heading for his ship, resisting the urge to look over his shoulder. Frak dammit, even on a Republic warship people tried to kill him. He ascended the ramp into the Ace, slapped the close controls. "Hektorr, she warmed up!?"

Off in the depths of the ship, he heard clattering and a grunt. Cadius' Shyriiwook wasn't perfect, but he was pretty sure that was a yes. He headed for the cockpit and dropped into the seat, beginning to flip switches, opening up the connections between the ship's power core and the sublight engines, weapon systems, shields, sensors, and assorted other subsystems of the ship.

He slid an earpiece in, letting him communicate without using his hands to mess with comm controls. "Remind me to go back to running glit, at least there you don't have to not shoot the people trying to kill you."

"I was ordered to assist you in anyway I can Alysia. So how can I best help you?" a voice said from behind her. Turning, she saw it was Kaelen. She spent a second looking him in confusion, then returned to her patient - it was bad to break off healing with the force; no one was quite sure what the effect would be. Still, she managed to speak up to answer his question; though it was with another question. "I don't know; do you have any medical training? If so, help me stabilize the worst of the injured. Else... I guess help the medical droids move the people cleared to move down to the medical bay." she said, not really sure how he could be of any help.

Remembering her manners, she spoke up once more. "Thank you by-the-way"

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