Serial Killer Round 46: Burn the Witch! Cycle 3: Waiting on witch and physician

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@Jak: Actually, you're not. You missed Round 44, which knocks you off the list. Regulars are those who have been in five consecutive rounds.

Sad, I'm not a regular any more. Oh well, a one and a half year break can do that.

Neo: You've got to be kidding me! Ah well, I'm a Regular in spirit right? Right? *Looks around desperately*
EDIT: Post #777! Not much of a landmark I know...

@Jak: In spirit! *raises glass*

*Stabs Jak*

@Jak: Yes... in spirit form...

Right, peasants. It's time to get your pitchforks and torches ready, as I am starting the round.

I've only had one number today, which brings us up to 21 participants, which is enough, don't want to keep everyone waiting. I'll sort the roles and you should get a message in the next few minutes if you've got one.

So are we roleplaying in this one too?

"Ooh arr. One o' me cows just gun' and died! I bet ma britches it was that fookin' witch that's been 'angin' 'round these parts again!"

*Twangs suspenders angrily*

@Sky: Oh god! Please, Sky! Stahp! Dx

Seriously, though. Are we roleplaying? Or is this just a theme?

@razer17: That's good. We don't need a whole bunch of people. Somewhere around 20-25 is best. Otherwise it's too busy to keep track of and people have a higher chance of not voting. :P

@Sky: @WarP: I did mean it as a theme, but if you want to post in character like Sky just did feel free, just makes it a little different to usual.

My Captcha was I want control. Silly Captcha, I already have it, I'm GM.

@razer17: I'll pass, thank you. e_o

Wait, does this mean the killer has been chosen? Oh balls!

@WarP: Aye, that it does, laddie. Ye better git on yer horse an' ride home, 'fore the Witch done does you in!

@Sky: Damn it, no fair! You're English, your country folk are cool! I'm American, my country folk are racist! xP

@WarP: Well, we have our fair share of racist country-folk too. =P

In fact quite a few of the non-country-folk are pretty racist as well. :I

@Sky: Yeah... Here in LA, for the most part the cops are the only non-country-folk who are racist. Joking... Kinda. :/


"I said, I say, I said there's gon' be some trouble tonight I reckon. Don' worry though, me and Ol' Sal' here will make shore them varmint out in the woods don' ruin our..."

*sniffs loudly*


The Witch has struck, and claimed her first human victim. No longer resigned to killing crops and livestock, one of you has sadly been killed.

The Witch has Struck! The Physician was unsuccessful. Check your inboxes!

"Aye, I always fig'urd that Doc was a Quack."

*Brings cart full of cabbages into view*
"Cabbages for sale! Who be interested, in me fine product?"
(Woo, not dead.)

@Miniman: "Wud ye be interested in a trade, lad? All I gots till winter is turnips and swede."

"Hmm...sure...Wait a sec, these are rotten! What's the meaning of this? Are ye trying to trick me? Take me for a fool?"

*Throws cabbage in sky's face*

*rolls in cart full of pitchforks*
"PITCHFORKS! GET YER PITCHFORKS! Great fir farmin' AND fir lynchin'!"

Well, that was quick.


@Twinkies: Nice death...

Not in a way that I like that you're dead...

I mean... it was nicely written...


@Schizzy: That's exactly what an INNOCENT PERSON WOULD SAY!
Carry on.

The villagers began to panic, a symptom of the fear and the stress.
Because of the Witch there was now one villager less.
They gathered together,torches, pitchforks and all,
And en masse marched towards the town hall.
They argued and bickered, a vote did occur.
On who they should lynch, there was death in the air.

One of your fellow villagers has been horribly murdered. You need to execute some, send in your votes.

@Twinkies: Dishonored?

I just got my new gaming computer up and running! Which means I will now be able to show undivided attention to to this thread and actually post! XD

@Jak: Nope, haven't played it yet. Unfortunately, I didn't think about how cliché the whole plague-of-rats thing is until after I posted it. I should try harder next time.

@War_P & Schizzy: Thanks.

@Jak: That's a pretty cool looking case. I'm looking at an i5 for the PC I'm building at the end of February, although that's partly because I can forego a dedicated GPU for a while, since the i5 has in-built graphics. I won't be able to game on it properly for a while, but I'm impatient and want a PC sooner.

Edit- Hmmm. Seems the AMD A series also has inbuilt graphics capabilities. Damn it, now I need to do even more research.

@Twinkies: It's a good game. Maybe not great, but still good.
I've never played a game where I've put a fair amount of time effort into finding a way to take out a guy non-lethally (and without getting spotted), then, once I've finally got the guy unconscious... accidentally dropped him down a flight of stairs and killed him.
Until I played Dishonored.

@Trill: That's why it's more merciful to kill than to render unconscious...

But that doesn't me I killed Twinkies.

@Trilby: Deus Ex HR does that rather well, minus dropping bodies down stairs. (Except one side mission.)

@Nouw: If you're here, random thought. Since I just remembered the Magic discussion you and I had some time ago, do you have any plans for the Gatecrash prerelease? If you want to meet up I'm going to the morning session on the 27th.

@CA: I do indeed have plans to attend; I figured if I'm going to get a new deck it's a good time to do it. Also good to get some experience! I'm, however, clueless as to how a pre-release works, at least here in New Zealand.

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