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Welcome to the We are Our Avatars arena thread!

The purpose of this thread is to allow for testing of characters in an enviroment where what happens doesn't matter as much what happens. This is an exellent enviroment to check if your character is OP, or UP. However! If you are more intrested in interacting or testing a characters personality, you'll probably want to head over to the Pub thread. This thread idea is shamelessly ripped off from them, but with a combat focus.


The premise is simple.
Your character is your avatar.
They have the same powers, personality etc.
Additionally OCs (Original Characters) are allowed, just find an image for your avatar that best represent them. But remember to make sure they fit the rules.


Be Warned. Doesn't Detail Everything That Happened in Previous WAOA threads, so feel free to edit that bitch.

We have a chat group. Pseudo chat RPing ahoy!

I am not joking about the pseudo RPing Anyhow, this is where we... I don't even remember what we use it for anymore.

Act in character.
This is the most important rule here, even OCs should follow it.

You have to contribute to the plot in some way.
Either by adding to a conversation, fighting, getting past obstacles, (picking locks, hijacking cars etc)etc.

You control your character ONLY.
You can't use other players' characters. UNLESS in one condition:
If another player allows you to use his/her character.

No Over-Powered Characters
-Characters should be weakened if they attack too often.
-Characters shouldn't have too many different combat moves.
And please try to explain powers simply. You may be a genius on your character's universe, but other players may never have even HEARD of them before.

Arena and appearance details
Your character will show up in a dark room, then be guided to basically the hotel room of his/her dreams. After that, there's a locker room where your character will find any gear he/she wants. The arena itself can be customized, with ability to simulate almost any enviroment. If you can think it up, you can fight in it. A character who dies will slowly regrow in a tank, starting with the head. They'll be concious and able to observe any fights going on through a TV.

No excessive posts
Just saying
"Dave opened the door and turned on his torch. He looked around and saw the desk, with the plans on it."
is good enough. We don't need a few paragraphs about his thoughts and feelings, and an accurate description of the room and plans.

Spoiler Tags
One little note:


This RP is probably going to contain at least minor spoilers from character universes, like references to who can live or die in Mass Effect or what happens in the most recent Bourne book or film. Please don't react negatively: it might affect the character in a big way, and you could end up confused as to why the character is acting 'out of character' from your perspective.
But that's not what I want to talk about. USE SPOILER TAGS FOR VIDEOS, PICTURES (Unless they're small) AND LARGE AMOUNTS OF TEXT

Things you should know
-OOC means Out Of Character. Use this if you want to ask a question or make a suggestion.
-Use @[player name]: to address a player specifically.
OP means over-powered.
-Use italics for thoughts. [*i]text[*/i] without the *
-To use coloured text: [*color=Any colour you want]text[*/color] without the *
-To use named spoiler text: [*spoiler=Something you want to name it]text[*/spoiler] without the *
-To images: [*img]Image url[*/img] without the *
-To use YouTube videos: [*youtube=Insert video code] without the *
-If a player missed a few pages, please give them a summary (a few lines explaining what you did since their last post).
-If you have to leave, either kill your character or put them On A Bus (give a valid reason for them to leave, ie they fell into a temporary wormhole).
-My word is law (you could say, I am the law.). If you think a character is OP, take it up with me. I will make a judgement.
Posts MUST Make Sense
-If it isn't from your character's universe, they don't know what it is.
-If you break this rule, the nonsensical post is retconned.
-For multiple characters use different coloured text or reference their names when speaking to distinguish between them.

The Meta found himself in a pitch-black room, and growled threateningly as he tried to find an exit.

OoC: Any characters will find themselves in a small, pitch-black room.

A man in armour made from candy wrappers (Most of them some sort of chocolate) Along with a candy wrapper hat walked in this place. He was an old man, probably to old to fight but that didn't seem to stop him for some odd reason. His hair was white and he had beard that was cut in a sort of triangle shape. He had a huge backpack on, a walking stick and a dragon about the size of a dog following him "I don't remember being here. Why isn't there the smell of radioactivity and dragon fire... This doesn't have any rivers of chocolate so this can't be heaven. Hey Sparky make a small lighting breath to light up this place" The dragon did so

A short beep was heard, then a robotic voice cleared it's throat and talked.
"Greetings and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
The frame of a door became visible as a chain of lights blinked into life around it.

"I'm not sure I should trust something owned by a man named Evilington" He said walking towards the door

OoC: ...kinda quiet. You guys mind if I hop in?

OOC: @Gear Yeah you can jump in. This is pretty much Pseudo RP so nobody cares

"Lord Evilington has been dead for many centuries. He founded the Evilington corporation."
A series of lights in the floor lead the man to what looked like his dream hotel room.

"Does the Evilington corporation run the evil labs and the evil tech along with helping in evil magic and friends" The man saw a room with vast numbers of weapons, armour and freeze dried food. He also saw a small stable for dragons in the back but the center piece of the room was the vast never ending chocolate fountain which combined several types of chocolate together into one glorious chocolate cream of deliciousness. Another small detail was that he had a plaque that read "Incredibly sane Steve's bed"

"That is the classic Evilington trade. However, in recent years have TV shows been shown to be far more economical. Please, follow the lights in the floor."
The lights headed to a locker room.

Oops, double post.

Steve was far to busy drinking from the chocolate fountain to want to go. His dragon was drinking from it too "Can't we spend a little more time in here first"

"Please, the Arena is waiting. The next fight is about to start, and I've heard the other contestant looks vicious. After the match you will be free to stay in your suite."

"Am... I fighting... For a good cause" He said in between long slurps from the fountain

OoC: ...oh fuck, is that me? I apologise, I was waiting to see if someone else would turn up before I jumped in. I'll enter now. Still in the pitch-black room?

"Personal wealth and the enjoyment of the masses must be the best cause, don't you think?"

"Greetings and welcome to the Evilington interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
OOC: @Gearhead mk2: It is you if you want to.

"That's barbaric. Fighting for other people's amusement. Unless of course it is a friendly competition of jousting" He continued to drink heavily from the chocolate fountain

OoC: Ok, coming in. Forgive me if I'm not doing this character too well, I've never played the seires he's from.

Mael Radec sat up sluggishly, the eyes of his helmet growing firey orange in the dark. He stodd, drawing his combat knife almost on instinct, and looked around.

"We have state of the art recreation, and any injury or death that may occour is guaranteed to be healed within a week."
"If you wouldn't mind, please follow the lighted path."
A series of lights showed the way to the door, which was encompassed with a chain of lights.

Knife ready to strike, Radec advanced, going through the doorway.

"That's highly immoral... Bringing people back from the dead... God didn't make us to do that" It's going to take quite a few men to get him away from that fountain now

The hallway beyond was empty, and a series of lights showed the way to what seemed like Radec's dream hotel suite.
Suddenly, all the accessories in the room pulled into the walls, leaving an empty gray room.
"If you do not wish to take part in the games, I must inform you that this suite will not be at your service."

Steve got his hand stuck between the wall while he was holding on to the fountain "No! Come back here chocolate! What will I ever do without you" He said ignoring the voice far to preoccupied mourning over his lost loved one

Radec looked around. The room was looked like like a palace. The walls and floor were made of red, grey and black marble decorated with paintings and weaponry, there was an ebony table with a war planner and a chessboard, one side was high arched-shaped windows framed by red drapes with gold trim that looked out onto a cyberpunk city, and there was a king-sized, red and black bed.

OoC: I'm just going from what I can glean of Helghast arcitecture here. Killzone fans, tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

"If you wish to keep your suite, then please participate in the arena fight that is about to commence."
"Please, follow me to the arena. The next battle is about to commence."

Radec looked around. "A fight you say?" He began twirling the knife idly in his figers. "I accept the challenge." He headed out a door, to the locker room.

OoC: I presume there's a guide leading to the lockers?

"Excellent! You will find the equipment you have been granted in locker one."
The locker room contained a large number of lockers, and locker one had any gear that Radec would have hoped for.
OoC: @Gear: A series of lights in the floor, yeah.

"Fine but I am only doing this for chocolate! And to improve my skills" He said starting to leave before noticing that his hand was still caught "A little help please"

The wall panel opened slightly, releasing the man.
"Thank you. May I ask for your name for our records?"
The lights in the floor guided him to the same locker room that Radec was in.
"Please check locker two for any gear you are authorized for."

Radec sheated the knife, and opened the locker. It contained a vast arsenal of heavy, futuristic gus and cannons. Radec stood for a while, carefully picking out what he would use.

OoC: For the record, I'm bassically trying to play Radec as the evil-universe Laguna. Radec has the instant gun switch in PSASBR like Laguna does in Dissidia, so I'm thinking of using that system. If not, I'll just have him with some grenades, a rifle and something that goes boom. He always has his handgun and his knife, and there's a cloak and a teleport built into his suit.

"I am Sir Steven of Hisera. But most people just call me Crazy Steve and my dragon is Sparky Von Drakenheim" He said going to look in the locker

"Thank you gentlemen. Please, head out into the arena when you are ready."
Steve would find whatever equipment he usually used.
OoC: @Gearhead: That switchout system is fine.

OOC: @Kirk Would it be in the same condition as the stuff he uses

OoC: @Demonjazz: You can decide that.

Radec loaded up on weapons, all of which seemingly vanished into nothingness when he picked them. He drew his rifle out of thin air, gave it a look, and nodded satisfied, holstering it as it vanished. He looked over at the wrapper coated knight who eneterd the room, assesing him.

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