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Can you do this? Or do you want to wait in the doorway and let me and Xandal deal with whatever we find in there.

Adrian felt a twinge of anger at the suggestion. He snorted derisively and hefted his shotgun. "Course I can fucking do this," he said, somewhat defensively, "what makes you think I've gone all soft overnight? I'll do what's necessary, even if that means blowing Welbey's head off myself; it's not like I've never shot anyone before." He felt confident in what he was saying, the previous moment's hesitation having now been burned away.

"That man's dead either way, so what does it really matter?"

"Dead people comin' back to life. I can't wait to see the researchers try to control this. Probably spread the infection more than the... what'd you call 'em? 'Zombies?'"

That man's dead either way, so what does it really matter?

Grinning at Adrian he jacks the slide back in his rifle and checks there's a bullet in there. the flash of anger over Adrian's face making him relax and smile.
Thank god he hasn't gotten soft.
"nothing, other than a few extra eyes and an extra gun when shit hits the fan. Glad to see your not a pansy. Roshambo for point?"

Dead people comin' back to life. I can't wait to see the researchers try to control this. Probably spread the infection more than the... what'd you call 'em? 'Zombies?

Putting his rifle over his shoulder he pulls out his pistol and jacks the slide on that also to make sure there's a round in there. barking a laugh he smiles at Xandal.
"I agree bud. Giving it to them means we might have to be shooting some damn scientists sooner rather than later. Well, lets get this going.
Putting his pistol back he grabs his rifle hack into his hands and starts walking towards the med-bay. his mind relaxed and focused on what he has to do. glancing back at Adrian and Xandal as he walks.

"Ready to do this?"

"Undead, Anchimayen, Ghoul, Jiangshi, Walker, whatever you want." A female voice called from the side. They turned to see a guard approach them. "The Director said you guys needed a ride to the hospital and in this weather, you are gonna need it. The name's Vera."

"I'm qualified for just about every vehicle on this planet so don't need to worry on whether or not I'm a good driver. And as for my ride...." Vera touched the side of her helmet and a HUD appeared. After a few seconds a low roar of an engine could be heard followed by a screech of the tires. A large vehicle emerged from what must have been the garage. It was large with enough space to fit an assault team let alone a few people. A high-caliber machine gun was outfitted on the top with a closeable hatch.

"Don't judge by its size, my Elephant's faster than a mouse." Vera joked. She opened the doors on the rear and motioned for them to follow. "Come on, the storm's getting closer."

Looking the woman over first John smiles slightly.
Well, looky what we got. Didn't know they had hired woman guards.
When she calls in her 'elephant' he looks that over and licks his lips at the machine gun up top.
Not a guard, a driver. Hope she has a pistol at least.

"Who gets to man the pop gun up there? Bet that could mow down more than a few people."

Walking over he sticks his head in the open door and whistles.
"Damn girl. That's a good size truck."

Stepping up into the back he takes the seat closest to the door and turns and looks out at Adrian and Xandal.
"Come on girls. We have a nice limo here to carry us to our bloody business."

Come on girls. We have a nice limo here to carry us to our bloody business.

Thanking Vera for the transportation, Adrian hopped in the back. He said nothing to John; he would indeed do what needed to be done, but that didn't mean he had to enjoy it. Killing was not new to him, but reveling in it the way John did... He both envied and was repulsed by that particular 'talent'.

The truck took off, its windshield wipers were squeaking as the rain began to pour. It was light at first but it would no doubt escalate when the large clouds would arrive.

They arrived just as a number of patients and hospital staff were evacuating into large busses. The hospital was only five-stories high but wide-enough to accommodate a hundreds of patients. As large as it was, its glass windows would do no good against the storm approaching. Vera pulled into the entrance with the door facing the glass, sliding doors.

"Whatever you need to do, do it fast." Vera said, hinting to the storm about to hit the colony. A few hospital staff along with a guard approached them as they exited the vehicle.

"Webley is unconscious for now but his heart palpitations are inconsistent. He might die any second if you don't hurry." One of them said.

"He's on the emergency wing on the first floor, room 121. Once you take him off the machines he won't have long. Now if you excuse me, I need to get the hell out of here." The guard said as he made his way with the staff towards the buses.

Inside the hospital was an eerie silence as the staff and the patients exited. The lobby where they are had three hallways leading to separate areas of hospital but only one of them had a large, glowing "EMERGENCY" sign to its side. That was the center hallway. The lights were on but they were beginning to flicker as thunderclaps began to be heard close by.

Xandal pulled out his flashlight. Just in case.

Jumping out of the truck he looks at one of the guards as he start talking.

Webley is unconscious for now but his heart palpitations are inconsistent. He might die any second if you don't hurry.

He's on the emergency wing on the first floor, room 121. Once you take him off the machines he won't have long. Now if you excuse me, I need to get the hell out of here.

Watching the guard run off he looks at Adrian and Xandal he shakes his head.
"This is bad. According to what the director said if he die's he could come back and be a zombie."

Jacking the slide of his rifle back slight again to check once again there's a bullet in it he runs forward and slaps the front door of the med-bay, smiling and looking back at the other 3.
"Tag! I call point!"
Waiting next to the door he watch's the rest of the team as they exit and join him. Smiling and making sure the saftey is off and putting the butt against his shoulder and pointing it down and to the side.

The guards moved through the hospital quickly. With the storm at their heels, there was no time to delay. John is on point with Xandal in the middle and Adrian bringing up the rear. With a few moments they reach Webley's room and open the door.

Webley lays there, strapped to some machines. His heart rate his fading but still there for the most part. He is strapped to his movable bed with the machines he is strapped to on the bottom compartment. If they pull him out of the machines then there is no telling how long he would live but given that he is infected, that would not really matter. The room is bare but there is a window facing the group, looking out into the jungle. The unmistakable, blinking light of the patrolling could just be barely made out.

Then a bright flash of light rocks the building and the lights above die out. Red emergency lights are turned on but the eerie hospital hallways are bathed in a red light. Aidan catches a glimpse outside of the patrolling drones but they seemed to have disappeared.

Then figures dart out of the jungle.


"Lans, we're heading back." Murdock said from the safety of his hovercraft. The rest of his team was piled inside as well with some trunks to spare.

"Did you recover the forensic team's bodies?" Lans asked.

"That's the problem. We only found bits and pieces." Murdock grimly said. "Mostly limbs. No bodies."

"Are you telling me that there could possibly be more infected, roaming around?" Lans said, his voice clearly angry but restrained. "What about their ID? Are their ID's retrievable? If they still have their ID's then they can enter a number of facilities. Those men had class A's. I am a class A. Please tell you have their ID's."

Murdock hesitated in answering the question but that was all Lans needed to hear.

"Congratulations, Dominic. You just compromised this entire colony."

"Listen, I have this under control. Let me do my job, that's all." Murdock said finally breaking communication with Lans. He looked around at his men who were awaiting orders with a dog-like impatience. These men would do anything for the man and he knew that. "Zulo, head back to the Admin building. I need total control over the situation."


"Come on, Trevor we need to go." Jones said. "The Director wants everyone in the shelters now. The A.I. can manage the rest."

"That is correct, Mr.Jenkins. I can fully maintain this facility while you evacuate to the safety shelters. Your safety is paramount." An A.I. formed on the monitor. "Most of the buses have already departed, you two are the only ones they are waiting for."

"Hold on, I'm running one more diagnostics check to make sure we stay in contact with the company." Trevor was hunched over on the monitor, typing as much as he could. The storm could be heard outside as rain began to pour unrelentingly.

"Oh you have a guest." The A.I. said. "The ID reads as a class A, perhaps it is an official telling us to leave."

Jones moved to the a video screen next to the door to the main communication room, seeing someone move towards them. Whoever they are, they are drenched in rain. Jones smirks. "I bet you this is Director Lans, personally coming down and going to kick your-"

Jones opens the door and the figure lunges at Jones, tackling him to the floor. Before Jones can scream his throat is ripped open and his blood quickly pools around him.

"Holy shit!" Trevor reaches for his pistol but as the does so, another figure sprints through the entrance and sees Trevor. It screeches at him and charges.

"Get away!" Trevor backpedals towards the emergency exit but the assailant tackles him down as well. It begins biting Trevor but he kicks it off after unloading a few bullets into its head. He punches open the exit.

"Oh f-" Trevor is swarmed by more zombies. Trevor dies screaming, torn apart by the zombies who had begun to form around the building.

"Please stop." The A.I. pleads. "Please halt your actions, please-" A bloody fist crashes through the monitor and an unholy screech is heard throughout the colony.

Through the rapidly-intensifying rain outside the window, Adrian could make out movement. No, not just movement, humanoid figures. They were emerging from the jungle and moving towards him, fast.

"Oh fuck," he said quietly, as his already on-edge brain jumped to the worst possible conclusion. The ensuing shriek emanating from somewhere in the distance solidified his theory. "Uh..." he froze for a moment, grasping for words. "Possible hostiles outside, approaching our location," he said, regaining some of his composure. "Weapons ready, prepare to engage."

His eyes shot down to the incapacitated Webley lying a few feet away from him. "Screw the objective, we should just get back to the vehicle right the hell now; this building is way too exposed. Once we're in the vehicle we can let the director know what the situation is, and hopefully get some extra fire support." He was relatively certain the group could handle a few hostiles where they were, but he had always subscribed to the 'better safe than sorry' philosophy.

A thought occurred to him, unwelcome and unfortunate, but it stayed in his brain nevertheless. "Webley's... gonna come back, isn't he?" He left that idea hanging in the air before ducking back into the hallway, weapon raised.

'Coward,' he thought to himself.

Xandal pulled out his sword and decapitated Webley. He couldn't risk him turning and attacking them while they were distracted.

Then he shot him too. He really couldn't risk it.

Webley's... gonna come back, isn't he?

Watching Adrian walk away after condemning webley to the sword John narrows his eyes and raises he's rifle to shoot when Xandal decapitates then shoots webley. Meeting Xandal's eyes he runs after Adrian and takes point again, this time training his gun in front and says back to Adrian.
"Watch behind."

Getting to the front doors he narrows his eyes against the wind and rain and runs over to the truck and slap the side
"Time to leave! Now! Zombies on base!"

Yanking th side door open he looks back at Xandal and Adrian and waves them over.

The sound of a window shattering is heard from Webley's room. The zombies crawl through the window, drawn by the spilled blood. They exit the room, following a new scent. The scent of three men heading their way out. The quickest zombie darts out of the room and sees them.

It growls ferociously, and charges them at full speed despite missing an arm. Its eyes are glowing the in the red light and hungry for blood.

While in the vehicle, Vera was watching the rain spatter on the window until a knocking was heard on the side of her truck. She heard muffled shouts so she wasn't sure who exactly it was. Instinctively she drew her sidearm and pointed it at the opening door. Vera's revolver met John's face but luckily, she didn't pull the trigger. Before she could apologize, she holstered it.

"What the hell are you doing?! Just get in already!" Vera shouted.


"Dr. Hopper, we are getting a code red." Hermes said, appearing next to Hopper as she was helping Calvin and Lugo prepare to replicate the samples they had. Hopper frowned and went to the intercom.

"We are getting a code red. I repeat, we are getting a code read. All personnel are to leave the premise and make their way to the buses immediately." Hopper's voice could be heard all throughout the facility and concerned faces began looking nervously to each other. The guards on the facility made their way to the garage in the basement and soon enough large buses were pulling next to the entrance.

"Dr.Hopper, you have a message from Director Lans." Hermes said. "Would you like me to read it to you?"

"Yes, please." Hopper said as she went to work, locking down certain parts of the facility.

"Doctor Hopper, I regret to inform you that the parasite has arrived in our colony. It is imperative that you and your key personnel are to stay in the facility. You must not leave with the others. I have a team en route to pick you up. Otherwise, please stay in the facility. May God help us."

A grave look came over Hopper and Lugo as well.

"I was afraid this day would come." Lugo said. He looked to the remaining members which were just them for the most part.

"Cypher, come with me." Hopper said. "We have to make sure this facility will stay locked. That means check for any holes... or breaches... or what have you."

"Calvin... Calvin." Lugo said, struggling to come to terms with what was happening. "Continue with the work. You may access my files, anything to for progress. I've got terabytes worth of information on the Dreygr plant. We need to replicate it right now."

As Adrian moved to get in the vehicle, he trained his shotgun on the rapidly-approaching thing. Despite the growing darkness and rain, he could clearly see that it had once been human, and it was just as clear that it no longer held that title.

Taking only a second to aim, he fired off a round and watched as the slug tore through the creature's chest, leaving a visible hole. The 'zombie' merely stumbled before continuing its charge unfazed. 'Shit, force of habit,' he thought, adjusting his aim and firing again. The rain was making it hard to see, much less aim, and his second shot pinged off the side of the building.

The thing was close now, less than ten meters away at most, he guessed. He steadied himself and fired again without hesitation. This time the bullet found its mark, tearing off half the thing's head and dropping it to the ground. Glancing up, Adrian saw more figures inside the hospital, and decided it was time to go.

He clambered into the open vehicle and reloaded his weapon, checking his spare ammo as he did so. 'Thirteen extra rounds, and eight in the chamber...' He had a feeling he'd need every last bullet.

As Adrian fired on the one running along the building John looked inside and grimaced. Waiting for Xandal to run past into the truck he points into the med-bay and switches his rifle to burst fire. Pausing for a second to make sure his aim is right he pile the trigger. 3 rounds firing and spinning down the hallway until they all smack into the leading zombies head. His body falling back and laying still, but the pack behind him boiling out of the doors and he winces again.
To many. Fuck we need to evac.

Walking backwards while covering the med-bay he fires 2 more times. The first hitting a zombie in the chest and making it burst out the back, but not slowing it down at all. The second hitting another zombie in the head. Grabbing the door he slams it shut and sits down, slaping the wall behind Vera

Xandal, seeing the door close, climbed on top of the vehicle, both pistols at the ready to clear a path in front.

Vera gunned it, nearly throwing Xandal off the roof. The zombies chased after the vehicle but after a few turns, they were gone. Vera opened the hatch and let Xandal in but now she moved on to the other two. She was about to ask where Webley was but the look on their faces spoke volumes.

"Lans has new orders. He wants us to pick up some scientists in the Research Facility. Apparently these people kind of know what we're dealing with and hopefully they have some answers. Other than that I'm getting silence all across the board. Hopefully they haven't gotten to the Comms relay. They aren't that fast, right?" Vera asked, visibly nervous.

Hopefully they haven't gotten to the Comms relay. They aren't that fast, right?

"Do you mean to say these things are intelligent enough to intentionally sabotage the base?" Adrian asked, clearly more than a little worried. He desperately hoped this was not the case. Zombies wandered, and could probably be avoided, but intelligent creatures... they hunted.

Xandal redoubled his efforts to shoot as many zombies as possible after hearing that.

After all, it was the only logical explanation for the mines.

Leaning up john pokes vera's side and points at the research facility.
"There. Stop and ill run in and grab the, can you do a spin so the backdoor is against the main doors?"

listening for her reply he pops the clip from his rifle and slaps another full one into its place. Checking his pistol and the swords also he looks up at the roof and pops the hatch that connects to the main large gun. Looking at Xandal he yells
"Get in here!"

Ducking out of the way so he can get in.

Adrian took a deep breath as the APC came to a halt outside the research facility. "I'll take point this time," he said, pushing the door open. There were about ten meters between him and the research facility entrance, which was as close as the vehicle could get thanks to the concrete barriers outside. 'Not too far, shouldn't be a problem.'

Raising his weapon, he hopped onto the ground and began advancing on the facility entrance. He reached the door with no issues, and turned to call the other guards to his position.

WHAM! Something slammed into his side, throwing him to the ground. Pinned on his back, Adrian found himself face-to-face with a snarling, hideously decomposed scientist. He tried to scream, but his cry turned to a panicked gurgle as the creature sank its teeth into his throat and tore out his jugular. Blood spurted from the wound, and the world quickly began to fade to blackness.

Wide-eyed and moments from death, all he could think was, 'Oh...'

Xandal pulled out his swords. He was out of ammo.

Stupid of him.

He charged into the building, cutting down his undead foes.

He managed to destroy most of their heads,but some he severed below the neck...

Did that work?

As Adrian he's tackled and has his throat ripped out John jumps off the back of the truck and runs over. Using a sword he cuts the zombie on Adrian's head off. Pushing his off Adrian he shakes is head at the wound. Pointing his rifle at his wad he pulls the trigger and blowing his head of. Reaching down I take his rifle and sling it over his shoulder. Running inside and shooting zombies as he see's them. Usually hitting the head but sometimes hitting the chests and rarely missing.
Getting to the last door he tried the handle. Then when it doesn't open he raises his foot and slams it against the door right next to the lock. When the door fly's open he walks in and yells out.
"Where the crap are you?! We are getting out of here and you have 10 seconds to show yourself before I turn around and leave your squinty ass's"

keeping his back to the room he points down the hallway and fires a few more times, putting down another zombie.

Xandal checked the schematics for the building, every guard had a device that could do this, and headed for the most defensible room. The radiation lab. Made sense for it be shielded in case of emergency. He hoped the people here were smart enough to head there, or this would be complicated.

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