Let's Play UFO:Enemy Unknown

Alright, I shall now make a Let's Play of UFO:Enemy Unknown. I will attempt to post any videos on youtube as my top commanders will be in charge of this situation and right now I shall do my best in creating the best X-COM:UFO Defense/UFO:Enemy Unknown rpgs and now, the war for Earth.............Begins. Anyone willing to sign up. Is free to sign up and I will post ongoing events of the game on Youtube and any one of you can feel free to transfer them here.

Oh and btw if you want to lend the name to an X-COM Soldier, feel free to. Oh and by the way, if you want you can add your Soldier's fiction on this post, want to sign up? Then reply to this thread.

****X-COM Command Eyes Only Data****
Day 1 Log Entry 001:1999, General Tirado
Its been 18 days since the X-COM Project was activated in December 18, 1998. Our mission here is simple:Defend Earth from alien conquest. The American government has assigned me to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. now renamed to X-COM HQ. We are currently starting our forward base of Operations. These guys from NATO, were once intercepting commies, but now its aliens. My father once told me that about 50 years ago, he was in Roswell, since then we have known we were not alone in the universe but last year when it all started. UFO sightings became increasingly common. thus leading to concern amongst nations. As a result, last month X-COM went online. All it lacked was a leader. That leader is me. Now I am in charge of the X-COM unit. Our mission is simple:Defend Earth and save mankind.

Now lets go ahead and make a huge base redesign shall we, well start of with the hangars, and then we make missile stations, we also commence with our construction of general stores, a containment facility,a living quarters and a few labs. We are also moving the hangers for a strategic advantage.

Now for research,we have plans to research laser weapons and have a few scientists and also, have an advanced high tech weapons. We start with lasers and med-kits but first off we need 10 more scientists so I hired a few more scientists and 14 more soldiers. The scientists are expected to arrive in less than mere days.

finally an XCOM RP, this guy will give the aliens something to fear.

Name: Richard Dahal
Nicknamed: Captain


Nationality: Nepal/India but he's fights for Britain and her Majesty.
Position: Machine Gunner.

Experience/Qualifications: A member of The Feared 1st Royal Gurkha Rifles The Fearless and Bravest of the brave and one of The Oldest rifle Regiments, served with them since the age of 18 he was deployed out to The Falkland Islands in 1982 for The Falklands war when he was 22 however he was disappointed when Argentina surrendered mostly because he didn't get to fire off a single shot, but a year after that and he was then deployed to Afghanistan in 1983 and fought for more than 10 years, by 1996 he had been promoted to Captain and led a squadron of gurkha soldiers which said soldiers nicknamed "The Reapers".

Physical Appearance: Blue eyes, 5'o clock shadow bread, well build, Tanned, 5'9 foot tall, short black hair, few scars and he's got that battle-hardened warrior look going on.

****X-COM Command Eyes Only Data****
Log Entry 0002:1999, General Tirado
Alright, so lets take a look at our soldier rooster. Fist off we have Richard"Captain"Dahal. He is a damn good Machine Gunner and once serve in the 1st Royal Gurkha Rifles and was deployed to the Falkland Islands and Afganistan. So far he fought in Afganistan until 1993 and while he was operating in Ramstein Air Force Base, he and all the NATO personnel here were reassigned to X-COM as of last month.

Later on a few hours later, we managed to blast our first UFO. However the UFO was just too small to crash and was blown in midair. Eventually will be able to shoot down bigger UFOs but until then its just this tiny UFO.


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