Gato Community College. (game thread)

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The students arrived via many means, public bus, car or even walking. It was the first day of spring classes. The Upperclassmen could easily tell the newbies as they seemed more unprepared than the rest of them. some of the newbies were still in monster form, which was a big nono on campus, anyone who had gone through their first year was already in human form, lugging luggage back to their dorms to add to their already present possessions, or moving in since they had previously commuted.

There was a rather massive man waiting in the middle of the courtyard, next to him was a smaller, but drop dead gorgeous woman. Then the large man spoke up. "ATTENTION, ANYONE WHO'S A FRESHMAN NEEDS TO GET THEIR ASS INFRONT OF ME AND Miss O'Donnel... IMMEDIATLY!" he screamed, only talking in a normal voice for the female's name.

In her arms was a clipboard with the expected students names, their heritage and room numbers. Infront of her, some scared freshmen were already starting to form a semi circle infront of the two staff members.

As this happened, Ohka was walking up to the school, humming a tone to herself to keep calm. She had a black travelcase with wheels being pulled behind her. She had a black umbrella over her shoulder to protect her extremely pale skin from being burnt. a number of weird looks came her way, but she kept her eyes forward and walked up to the semi circle, making her way to the front of it.

The half elf took out her phone and began looking through it, waiting for the rest of the students to form up so she could listen to where she assumed her dorm room would be.



figment of mind:





Lunar Templar:

5 AM Hard Target Krav Maga gym

"C'MON YA DOZY CUNT! I'VE FLUSH TOUGHER LOOK TURDS THAN YOU!" The man yelled. She was lying on her back with her arms up to guard her face, while her instructor the man currently yelling at her, was standing on her feet. One. Two. In time with the count, two other students walloped her across the mid-section with padded weights. As soon as they were done, Alicia rose and did a crunch, but instead of lying back down at the end, she used her calf and thigh muscles to explode up towards her instructor. Once she was up into a half crouch, she lashed out with a couple of hard jabs into the target mat her instructor was holding, before lying down and starting the whole process all over again. "Good, good. Five more reps, then switch."


While she would be staying in the dorms while at Gato, Alicia had arrived a week earlier, one to get at least somewhat accustomed to the city, and more importantly, to introduce herself to the owner/head instructor of Hard Target. While this morning's sparring session/work out was damned tiring, she felt good; getting ready for the move and all that had really thrown her routine off and she hadn't had a good session in far too long.


"Goddamn..." She muttered, as the shouting drew her attention to the man mountain. Unlike some of the other freshmen she saw, Alicia was travelling light at the moment, as most of her stuff was in a small storage locker. Cutting through the crowds, she was dressed in a red tank top, grey yoga pants, a lightweight blue hoddie, and runners, with a small day bag thrown over one shoulder.


Tomas heard while he was walking with the rest of the freshmen. 'Great, probably have to deal with that all year long.' Pulling along a luggage case that held his clothes. He rarely need anything else as he didn't want to lose focus on the reason he came here. To study and train in taking control of his dragon side, as well as protect those who are weaker.

When he join the group he would look around to see who would be his classmates. Seeing many of them look scared being here, others still monsters who didn't have a way to hide in human form yet. Then their were the small few who look like they can handle whatever is thrown at them. 'At least I will have some who aren't weaklings. I highly doubt most of these students could protect themselves if they get into a fight.'

Tomas wore a silver color shirt that seem a bit to big for him. With the sleeves rolled up so they wouldn't go over his hands. Blue jeans with a belt wrap around his waist to keep it from falling off, and worn looking sneakers that seem to have better days.

Mirabelle had wished to come here quietly, hiding herself from most and hoping that there would be someone more stand outish than her. She was in her mesh so she should have been fine but that didn't stop the paranoia of something being off or fixed to her wrong, something that she couldn't see but would mark her as odd. Of course, she didn't plan out her arrival well enough since it started on a bus. Actually, it started with her packing an implausible number of bags for a human to carry though this only sunk in on the bus as people looked at her and began asking if she needed help or just talking quietly to each other, wondering just how she was carrying it all. It didn't last long enough for people to make any outlandish guesses but the brief attention set her on edge.

Her nerves calmed as she got to the collage, having walked the rest of the way, and saw an assortment of strange beings standing around undisguised and taking most of the brunt of interest. She stared at them herself for a moment as she moved, never having seen such beings in person before and transfixed on them, at least until something hit her, making a muffled clang sound against her. She looked and saw that in her moment of distraction, she had ran into and bowled over someone, the poor sap now laid out on the ground, trying to get back to his senses. She apologized profusely before rushing off, hoping to avoid more contact and hoping that the guy wasn't too scatterbrained and heard her.

She heard someone yelling, bellowing over the chaos, "ATTENTION, ANYONE WHO'S A FRESHMAN NEEDS TO GET THEIR SAD INFRONT OF ME AND Miss O'Donnel... IMMEDIATLY!", and walked over there, hoping to avoid more incidents.

As she got there, she saw that most were at least as nervous as she was, though a few were more...calm than others. She didn't know why and at the moment she didn't concern herself with it, more concerned about staying at the edge of the group than crowded into the middle as more people joined. She wore a thin grey jacket with a light green t-shirt underneath, brown cargo pants with a brown belt, and some running shoes, along with several heavy bags hanging from or being held by her.

Jack had been appearing to lightly sleep the whole bus ride so he wouldn't have to talk to the others around him (because his species can't rest/sleep.) He had his hood pulled up to make it more believable that he was asleep. It wasn't that he disliked the students on the bus. He just didn't want to chat on his way to a school he wasn't certain he should be at the school anyways. It wasn't like he was learning anything of any vital value. After all he was an ageless being that was naturally intelligent. On the other hand, he would never pass up an oppurtunity to learn about the other species of this planet.

He could hear the sounds of other students talking/gossiping about anything and everything. The school, how they miss their home, some gamers talking about the latest games that had come out. but the words that set him in a bad mood were, "I'm going to miss my family." While that wasn't the entire sentence, that was the specific part he heard. Why did they have to rely on them so much? Couldn't they be at least somewhat independent? He quickly washed the thought away from his mind as the school bus came to a stop. He watched the other students get off before he himself quickly departed.

The other students quickly got with their friends. Some even got into clique like groups, Jack simply wondered why humans (and monsters apparently) acted as strangely as they did before moving on. He could sense all the magic around him. To be honest it was almost... intoxicating to be around so much magic. Even though there was a lot of magic users and magic creatures around, Jack kept his cool and then heard...


He turned to look at the man who had yelled it out. What he saw made him think, the female teacher was used for swaying the male population into obedience. Or perhaps he was the image of brutality, while she was the the one giving punishment? It didn't matter at the moment. He was a freshmen so he had to go with his "peers." As some Humans would say.

He made his way up before realizing having a hood on could insult some people. He quickly got the hoodie off and huddled around the two and noticed he was beside a rather nervous looking red haired female (although some would consider the term "red-head." He despised such a notion.) He soon noticed the girl gave off a rather strange aura. He could sense magic... but this wasn't quite magic. He kept his apathetic look on as he studied the girl and waited for the two "instructors" next sentence. Although he supposed they could be just hall monitors. He wouldn't make assumptions though.

As the bus drove on its merry way to the college, Kaylee kept to the back, stereo headphones strapped over her ears and blaring metal as she bopped her head to it, her hair flowing and shaking with each chord and bass drum beat. Looking out at the group gathered around as her bus pulled up, she frowned a small bit. "Looks like I'm gonna stand out here in more ways than one...." She sighed to herself. "Man... Starting from the bottom again is gonna suck..."

As the bus sputtered to a stop and the other students began filing out, she took her sweet time grabbing her solitary duffel bag of clothing and other essentials off the floor and slinging it onto her shoulder. She slinked off of the bus and looked around, eyes shifting to the various strange forms of the other students suspiciously.


"Tch... The first person we gotta deal with is a loudmouth...? This outta be good..." She thought to herself sarcastically as she slowly walked up toward the back of the semi-circle of the other freshmen, seeming to have a proud stride despite her new surroundings. She kept her free hand stuffed in the pocket of her black jeans and tilted her neck twice, a small crack audible with each movement.

The massivly built man took a step back and let the woman walk forward. Her voice was soft and calming, and rather smooth and free flowing. "Welcome to Gato community college, freshmen. I am miss O'Donnel, the head of the student living arrangements and head of the Female dorms. Listen closely because i won't be repeating them. When you get to the rooms, the keys will be inside on a dresser." she said and began to read off dorm rooms and their inhabitants. It was a bit as she got through the rooms. "Girls dorm, Room 421: Alicia Mey Saefong, Mirabelle Chemia-Delgado, Ohkami Goldenheart and Kaylee Seros." she said and gave them a minute to get their stuff and move on.

Ohka took what little she had an gave a quick glance around and began walking towards the girl's dorm room. She was shy and decided to keep away from the group heading to their new room and walk a bit faster than everyone else so she could choose a bed.

Getting there, she chose bedroom one and closed the door to her room, starting to unpack her little amount of possessions she had.

She went through some more: "Guys dorm, Room 666: Jack White, Thomas Williams, Jarrah Walker." she said and continued on the way with students.

Kaylee had inadvertently begun to doze off as Ms. O'Donnell went through the list of names. She quickly snapped back to attention as she heard her name and slowly began to move off toward the room. She had noticed Ohka moving along and raised an eyebrow. "...Well... aren't we anxious?" She thought to herself as she took her time walking through the halls toward the halls. She looked around as she walked, mainly keeping to herself and avoiding contact with others in the hallways if she could manage.

Once she made it to the dorm and saw that Ohka had already picked off the bedroom farthest away from the others, Kay silently sighed to herself and chose #4 since it saved her a bit of walking. Not worried about unpacking just yet, she let her duffel bag flop to the ground and then threw herself onto her bed. She'd take a few good moments to try and prep herself for the one thing she was dreading: talking to people. Her fists were better at it than she was, at least in her mind, but they weren't exactly... polite. Her not being able to speak didn't help her much either.

Taking a breath and letting it out through her nose, Kaylee stepped out into the living room and waited for the others to enter the dorm.

Jarrah was, for lack of a better term, ecstatic. While he had enjoyed his weekend jaunts into Sydney with Tim, it just didn't compare. Even Gato itself was twice the size of the college in Sydney. The result was (what looked like) a six and a half foot man with flowing red hair wearing jeans, a simple white shirt and leather vest almost bouncing along as he walked through the gates. He shifted the hikers backpack he was carrying and looked around the courtyard. People (and not-people) of ever shape and size mingled around, most in groups but some like Jarrah stood alone. Looking out over the sea of heads, Jarrah spotted a man even taller than him standing next to a somewhat smaller woman.

"ATTENTION, ANYONE WHO'S A FRESHMAN NEEDS TO GET THEIR ASS INFRONT OF ME AND Miss O'Donnel... IMMEDIATLY!" The man bellowed, turning heads towards the center of the courtyard. The freshmen started to make their way closer, and Jarrah followed, staying at the back and allowing his height and excellent hearing to take care of hearing the (What he assumed to be) the teachers. Though if the man's voice was any indication, he could be hald deaf and still hear him.

The woman stepped forward and introduced herself, the started reading out the lodgings of the girls dorms. As the girls started to move off Jarrah dazed off a little and let his mind and gaze wander, until Miss O'donnel cleared her throat again and started reading out the rooms for the guy's dorms.

"Room 666: Jack White, Thomas Williams, Jarrah Walker."

The cultural significance of the room's number was not lost on Jarrah, and he chuckled as he made his way to the dorms.

Mirabelle stood there, trying to calm down some as the head of her dorm started to talk. This wasn't helped by the fact that she had noticed one of the other students staring at her, ruining her efforts. She looked at him quickly, moving her head much to fast and accurate than a human, before moving a couple of steps away and looking ahead. She tried to stare at Miss O'Donnell instead and block him out but she was still concerned about why he was staring. She wondered what he had noticed of her or what she may have done to make him stare at her, though she noticed that he seemed to carry a look of uncaring on his face as he stared, raising even more questions.

Once her name was read, she headed off, as quickly as she could, something not helped by her numerous bags, not looking back to see if he was still looking. Her bags must have slowed her down more than she realized as she got to the dorm third, even though she was moving as quickly as she could. She found one of her dormmates standing in the living room, trying to see who else she was living with, Mirabelle guessed. She stopped for a moment before moving on to the rooms, hoping that the girl would understand. Room 4 was taken it seemed and someone was already in room 1 so she chose room 2 and set all of her bags down inside. She debated staying inside and unpacking her stuff to try and avoid the girl but her manners got the better of her and she stepped back out again. Besides, she'd be living with her too so she'd have to talk with her sooner or later.

She walked over to the girl and said, "Hi...i'm Mirabelle.", rather nervously.

"Girls dorm, Room 421: Alicia Mey Saefong, Mirabelle Chemia-Delgado, Ohkami Goldenheart and Kaylee Seros."

Alicia followed the other girls to their dorm. Seeing as she was the last through the door, she took last remaining room, not that it really made much of a difference. Throwing her bag and hoddie on to the bed, she sighed and stretched. I really should get the rest of my shit....fuck it, I'll do that later.

Walking out into the living room, she saw that her other two roommates were already there.

"Hi...I'm Mirabelle."

"And I'm Alicia." She said, walking up behind the shorter red head. Goddamn it... She thought looking at the other two. Between these two and miss anti-social back there, I fell like a giant.

Kaylee's usual frown was replaced with a small smile as she looked toward Mirabelle and then to Alicia. The smile slowly faded as she instinctively tried to say her name, leading to her mouth moving but no sound coming out.

Slightly frustrated, she dug into the pocket of her leather jacket and produced a smartphone. She turned it on and began to tap on it a few times before walking up a little close to Alicia and Mirabelle and showing them the screen. It displayed a bit of text in English reading out "Hi. My name's Kaylee."

Mirabelle nearly jumped out of her mesh as Alicia introduced herself, turning with mechanical precision to see her. She guessed that Alicia had come in just after her, considering she came from the hallway after she confirmed that there were only two in here when she entered. She said, "Hi." before turning back and seeing the other girl try to talk. She evidently gave up and showed them a phone introducing herself as Kaylee. She wondered why she didn't just say that before realizing that she may not be able to and wondering when that happened.

" can't speak?"

Slowly enough, the farthest door opened and out came Ohka. She was in her kimono and slowly and extremely silently moved out of the room and towards the other girls. She was frail and about as white as paper. It truly looked like a slight breeze might knock her over or take her to the land of oz. her voice was very soft and rather soothing and smooth as she spoke. "Ummm... Hi..." She said, twiddling her pointer fingers around one another and looking down. "I'm... Ohka... It means cherry blossom...." She said softly and quietly, extremely shy about things. She seemed to almost be trying to hide herself behind her white bangs, using the hair to hide her eyes from the other's gazes.

Mirabelle had just asked her question when the last girl came out. She seemed shy and quiet, seeming to hide behind her hair. She wanted hair like that but currently she would have to make do with her own short hair, besides, she was rather attached to her hair as it was. Her father had decided on it when they were making the mesh since she herself couldn't decide, saying that it made her look amazing, so since she trusted his judgment she would keep it as is for now.

With a bit less nervousness than before, she said to the girl, "Hi. My name is means 'wondrous beauty'...or a sweet plum fruit-thing,"

"Hi. My name's Kaylee."

No wonder she looks like she's taken the 'tough chick' route...probably had enough of people giving her shit 'cuz she can't talk...

The way Mirabelle moved caught Alicia's eye. Must be a dancer or something...nobody moves that smoothly without training.

" can't speak?"

Not too bright though it seems.

"Ummm... Hi...I'm... Ohka... It means cherry blossom...."

Jesus titty-fucking Christ, what cancer ward did she escape from? The new arrival looked like you could 'x-ray' her, by standing her in front of a table lamp. So we've got a sickie, a ditz, a mute, and me...this should be interesting. "Hi there," She said aloud, masking her thoughts. "Like I said, I'm Alicia. Since it's pretty obvious what kind of place this is, let's not beat around the bush, as they say. What kinda 'freaks' are you?" She delivered that last line to everyone, with a smile. "Me? I'm a pyromancer...means I can play with fire, literally." She raised a hand up to shoulder height, and ignited it, covering her hand in orange flames for a moment, before putting it out with a flick of the wrist.

" can't speak?"

Kaylee blinked a bit as she looked toward Mirabelle, thinking that her little fumble before taking out her phone had made it clear enough. Her blank staring eventually changed to a look of curiosity as she noticed how accurately Mirabelle swiveled her head to look toward Alicia. ...Weird... Then again, she not like those others outside... at least from looks anyway. She simply gave Mirabelle a nod in the affirmative after that small bout of staring.

"Ummm... Hi...I'm... Ohka... It means cherry blossom...."

Once Ohka came out, Kaylee tensed up just a small bit. She slowly walked up toward the shy girl and very cautiously poked her in the shoulder. After this confirmation of Ohka not being ethereal, she typed up a little more and showed the girl the screen. "Sorry... I thought you might've been a ghost since you're so pale..."

"Like I said, I'm Alicia. Since it's pretty obvious what kind of place this is, let's not beat around the bush, as they say. What kinda 'freaks' are you?

Kaylee paused for a moment or two as she looked over at the flames around Alicia's hand. No bullshitting, huh? ....Alright, she seems like my kind of girl... Smirking a small bit, she switched her phone to her non-dominant hand and lifted her right hand upward. After a moment, she seemed to wince as the hand slowly morphed into one that looked like it belong to a small dragon: scaly and sporting 2 inch long red claws. A clear sheen coated each curved talon and they slowly dripped a liquid onto the floor. If some were observant, they'd notice that the pupil of Kaylee's visible eye had dilated into a snake-like slit as her hand transformed.

She kept this show up for a moment or two before reverting her hand and her eye to normal, taking a few deep breaths afterward.

Mirabelle couldn't figure out why Kaylee seemed to stare at her in a...dumbfounded(?) way but she just assumed that she had said something wrong or confusing. Still, she didn't seem upset, more curious than anything...she didn't like it when others were curious about her (the less attention, the better) but at least she wasn't angry.

Then Alicia suggested something that she was hoping to put off until later. This became much more pronounced when she saw Alicia cover her arm in flames, "showing off" her powers, if you will. Then Kaylee showed off some...claw hand, with a curious liquid dripping from it, something that she wasn't eager to see in action. Mirabelle herself wasn't too eager to show off anything about her, especially since they had very visually interesting powers while she had her natural form that she usually hid from others. Still, she conceded to the fact that there was no use beating around the bush when they would find out anyways, and besides, they were expecting strange stuff, she probably wouldn't even be the most interesting thing here.

"Well, i don't have as visually impressive an ability as you two...all i have is my natural strength and looks, which i'd rather not show off. Still, you'll probably see it anyways, so...", she said before turning away from them and gripping the back of her head with her hand. With a bit of hesitation, she started separating the mesh carefully and pulling open a hole into it large enough to fit her head through. Once that was done, she let the mesh that previously covered her head fall forward onto her chest, hoping to not show them the eyeless deformed version and instead just the back of it, and turned around to show them her actual, metallic face. The eyes being wider and less shapened than any normal, human eye should be, the lack of a nose, the holes for ears, and the visible/ intricate moving peices (pistons, axels, and a wire frame covering parts of it where actual metal could not be fitted, things like that) in her neck, all shown off as her father meant for them to be.

After a moment, she quickly turned around and pulled the mesh back over her head, pushing down on the mesh where she tore so that some of the natural liquid making it up could secrete and act as a temporary glue, holding it together until she could get back into her room and fix it. She made sure that the mesh was on correctly before turning back around and asking in a nervous tone, "Well?"

Jack's eye twitched as he heard the room name. They really couldn't come up with anything better? Nothing? As he sighed, he noticed that the odd "aura" as he liked to call it had left. He knew the redhead wasn't normal. Well could he really say anyone here was normal? It was a "school" for monsters and humans alike. He quickly wiped the thought from his mind as he focused back on the fact he needed to go to his room.

He tried to remember the other students names that were in essence his neighbors for awhile. He only heard their names once and wasn't really paying attention to it. He knew one's last name was Walker but that was really all he could remember.

He sighed again trying to actually stay on track and get to his dorm. He quickly noticed a rather large student walking towards where his dorm was supposed to be. Large and probably not a human if this school was anything to go by. He quickly followed behind the rather unnaturally happy (supposed) man. Though he highly doubted he was a man.

Tomas sigh as he heard the room number that he and his roommates would be staying in. 'Great, what a perfect way to start school year.' Tomas thought as he made his way towards it. Hoping the two other guys wouldn't be too bothersome but Tomas didn't have that high of hopes for that. Once at the front of the dorm room he would open it up and head inside while the other two follow inside.

Not minding them as he walk into Room D to claim it as his room. Letting his luggage inside after he did a quick expection of what the room held. Afterwards, he head back out to the living room and sat down on a chair. Waiting for the others to come out.

He didn't quite understand how he ended up at the dorms before the large man, but he wasn't complaining. Seeing as how the last dorm was already taken he took the dorm next to it. Dorm C apparently. He didn't have any physical objects on him. Since he didn't need food, sleep, or even real clothes.

He quickly looked through the room before walking back out into the living area. Soon Jack spotted the black haired male sitting on a chair. Keeping his casual pace, Jack sat down on one side of the couch.

He put his elbow on the armrest and propped head up on his palm. He looked over to the short hair human before saying "so whats your name? Oh wait I'm supposed to give my name first. Oh well... anyways I'm Jack. Who are you?"

As Mirabelle slowly began to wrench her mesh open, Kaylee reeled back a small bit in surprise before noticing the metallic head emerge from the 'skin' sagging on the front of the robot's chest. As she turned around to reveal her eyeless form, Kaylee tilted her head as she looked toward the large amount of inner workings in her neck. While it wasn't quite the same as her hand, the mute girl seemed impressed as she began tapping on her phone and showed Mirabelle the screen reading out "Actually, I think you looked pretty cool under your skin... way better than my stupid arm looks. But does that mean you don't need to sleep and all that stuff? It seems pretty convenient."

Alicia's eyebrows did their best to climb into her hair line as Kaylee's hand went all scaly and clawed. Doesn't look too fun though. She thought watching the other girl wince as she transformed. "Well that's one way to tell the boys you're not interested in giving 'em a 'handie'." She said with a wicked smile, mimicking a jerking off motion. Pointing to the drops on the floor, that Kaylee had left. "Seriously thought, that liquid...neurotoxin or necrotoxin?"

"Well, I don't have as visually impressive an ability as you two...all I have is my natural strength and looks, which I'd rather not show off. Still, you'll probably see it anyways, so..."

Turning her attention to Mirabelle, her jaw dropped as the red head peeled back her goddamn skin to reveal clockwork-like workings underneath. "Fuck me sideways with a 2x4..." She muttered in disbelief. Holy Hell...she's like a robo-fetishist's Real Doll or something. Once Mirabelle finished putting herself back together, Alicia laughed, looking towards Ohka. "Well we've got a human fire hazard, a mute lizard girl and a frakking toaster....unless you're actually really a collective of roaches mimicking a human, I don't think we'll be too weirded out."

Ohka watched the displays and stumbled backwards into the livingroom as Mirabelle undid her skin. Ohka was fine with virtual stuff like that, but because of her sheltered life, was squeamish when it came to real life. "I... i'm sorry.... I've never... seen something like that in the real world." the pale girl explained as she struggled to find footing with a sever case of dizziness and light-headedness.

"I... i'm a half elf and have this thing where i can..." she began while reaching out, she attempted to brace herself on a wall. The hand only met a window which was one of the types that swung open outwards from the base.

A quick scream and the frail body slid through the small space and fell, down the three stories to the concrete, connecting with a smack. Currently down on the ground and on her back, she groaned and rubbed her head. "ouchies..." she said quietly, not from taking the force of the impact, but referring to a small cut on her finger she got from the window; now looking at said cut on her left hand.

Mirabelle was a bit suprised at the fact that someone thought of her metallic body as "cool"...but she was happy that Kaylee had thought of it that way. She was expecting a bit more shock and horror, or at least everyone to be unnerved by the sight but at least one person thought that she was alright. As for her question though...

"Well, not really. I mean, i can sleep if i want to but i don't need to...also, thank you."

Of course, the other two didn't disappoint in the horrified reaction department, making her rather embarrassed about showing it. Still, one out of three wasn't bad, even with Alicia calling her a toaster and Ohka nearly vomiting. Actually, Ohka seemed to be adjusting to her reveal the worst since she looked like she would pass out at any moment. At least Alicia could make wisecracks that Mirabelle didn't fully appreciate, but Ohka seemed disoriented, like she could barely stand...then she fell out of the window...WHAT!?

Even Mirabelle knew that falling out of the window like that was bad news for someone as frail she was, and as she rushed over to look outside, she had the horrifying image of the girl sprawled out and broken against the ground. She got to the window,and looked out carefully but the image Mirabelle got when she did was thankfully different than what she imagined, with Ohka rubbing the back of her head instead of broken or splattered. Still, she guessed that someone should go and check on she turned around, headed out the door and went outside, not really wanting to jump out of the window after her. She ran up to Ohka and asked, "Are you ok?", extending a hand to help her up.

"Well that's one way to tell the boys you're not interested in giving 'em a 'handie'."

Kaylee began to chuckle (silently of course) at Alicia's little crack, shoulders moving up and down with her mouth open. After a bit, she typed up a reply and showed Alicia the screen. "Last guy who asked me that got something a lot rougher than a 'handie'. And as for the liquid... I'm not really sure. I try not to use it and when I do, people tend to run from it." ...Not that I'm not willing to find out... She added offhandedly in her head.

With Mirabelle giving her the answer to her question, Kaylee nodded and was about to ask a little more before noticing the robot girl rushing toward the window, as Kaylee had had her back turned to Ohka as the frail girl had begun to have her fainting spell. Kaylee followed after Mirabelle with a bit less urgency, but was shocked as she noticed Ohka on the floor three stories down... and not a mess of flesh and bone in a puddle of blood. Her eyes widened considerably as she simply watched Mirabelle run off to check on the girl as she thought for a moment or two. ...Can she negate gravity or something...?! That or she's WAY tougher than she looks... After a moment or two, she sighed silently and followed outside to check on Ohka, jogging at a brisk pace.

Jarrah wasn't sure how he got lost, but while taking in the sheer size of the school compared to his old one he had somehow ended up back at the main courtyard. Remembering the school map he had all but committed to memory, he made his way over to the boys dorms and too his room.

'Room 666, that's never going to get old' He though as he spied the numbers on the door. He chuckled to himself as he opened the door to find both his roommates already there, seated in what could generously be called a living room.

"G'day." Jarrah said curtly as he ducked through the door. "I'm Jarrah."

Before his roommate could reply to his question, another being entered the room. He quickly saw the male from before and heard him say "G'day." Followed shortly by "I'm Jarrah."

He stared at the man for a second before remembering that this being's last name or surname was Walker. He quickly snapped out of his thoughts and said "Hello Jarah, I'm Jack... its a, pleasure to meet you." Jack had been slightly offset by the rather cheery giant.

"If I may be so bold to ask, why are you so happy?" Jack knew this might be a bit rude to ask but he didn't really give a shit anyways...

Tomas was about to answer Jack but was stop due to the late arrival of their last roommate. Sighing a bit as it did get on his nerves when he is interrupted but didn't mind it to much. Letting them chat for a bit as he listen between the two until he could speak.

"If I may be so bold to ask, why are you so happy?"

"Oh, it's just this entire place is just so..." Jarrah paused to think of the right word, before settling for, "Huge, I mean the campus in Sydney was big but this place just blows it outta the water!"

"But yea, it's nice to meet you too mate." He said, before gazing over at the 3rd member of the group. "You must be, uh, Wilson?"

"Please call me Tomas." he said as he look back and forth. "Now that we have all met each other lets get down to business." He said as sat forward. "I'm here for two things only. To gain control of my monster side, and to learn how to protect the innocents. I'm not here for parties, friends, and etc etc."

Stopping for a moment before continuing. "So if you want to party or bring people over by all means do so. BUT only if it isn't to late. Just don't expect me to join you in the fun..We all clear?" He said with a small smile.

"We all clear?"

Jarrah was a bit taken back by Tomas's bluntness, but nodded nontheless. "Yea, no prob."

Jarrah adjusted his backpack as silence filled the room. Several seconds (to his ear) audibly passed on the clock, before he spoke up again. "So...when you say monster side...are you a werewolf or something."

"Clear as a crystal, I didn't exactly plan on starting any parties anyways" Jack replied quickly. He wasn't here for parties either and was slightly insulted by this beings suggestion.

Then he remember him saying to help protect the innocents. Jack quickly said "so, you want to help the innocents?" to himself. Jack thought about that for a second. This being wanted to protect those around him, apparently those weaker than him. He probably had something happen in his past where he couldn't save someone he loved or some such nonsense. More importantly this guy would probably be a "morally" inspired being. He'd have to make sure to not appear as a bully.

Honestly it was all nonsense anyways. Why bully people, when you could learn information from them? Besides being morally superior didn't mean you lived any longer than most beings. In fact he found the "morally" superior to die rather quickly when faced with a "moral" dilemma. He didn't have any such foolishness holding him back.

"I'm here to learn information... that's it. Nothing more nothing less" He stated simply before pulling his head off of his palm and sitting up.

He nods and smiles as he was glad his roommates understood and were willing to listen to him. Laying back in the chair as he relax somewhat while the room sort of went into a awkward state. Wondering if they were humans or not as he ask "So..what are you two anyways if you don't mind me asking. Monsters or humans? Or a hybrid like me?"

Jack would assume that his species were classified under monsters. He didn't really know anyways. The thought of socializing and learning such trivial information was quite boring to him. Although information was information, he had to admit that. "you would probably classify me under monster if I had to guess" Jack said in a monotone voice as he looked around the room. Jack quickly added "you didn't answer our new friends question here." He really wanted to know what his species was. A hybrid was always a interesting thing.

But what was he a hybrid of? human obviously but what else?

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