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Kaylee scratched the back of her head as Ohka's mood began to plummet. ...Ugh, if she wants to get involved with cops, that's her business... And since Sierra's acting above this stuff, may as well... The mute patted Ohka on the shoulder before typing a message up. "Alright then. Just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into. I'll be waiting on a mat outside." Once the message was read, Kaylee walked out and found an empty mat nearby.

She began to look around the gym for some 'police-y' types, crossing her arms as she did.

Ohka smiled and cheered up as Kaylee agreed to help her. Walking out to the match, she got into position and waited with on arm going across her chest and holding onto her upper left arm. "Please don't hold back, i can take it. i assure you." Ohka reaffirmed and waited for Kaylee to begin.

Around the gym, she could spot guys and girls in standard Japanese school uniforms, dark blue and light blue in coloring with a silver badge tucked into or pinned onto the left sleeve. They seemed to be like the normal students, laughing with friends, practicing, sparring, and just generally being normal. There was one that seemed to step to the edge of the mat and watch, a smaller girl, but twin ponytails and medium brown hair, slender build overall. Some of the other general population students seemed to notice the match about to start and gathered to watch.

Sierra just shrugged, "Still doesn't explain why you want to join them" she said as she followed them to the ring.

With nothing further to add she just stood on the side lines, though she did take note of Ohka's confidence that she could take what Kaylee could dish out, which made her curious as to what ability she had that gave such confidence, so she had more interest in this fight then most the others she'd watched.

She also noticed a couple students that looked like they'd just come from some 'high-school anime cosplay' convention in the growing crowed gathering to watch the fight. Sierra just rolled her eyes and directed her attention back to Kaylee and Ohka.

Given you fell out of a window and basically went 'owie', I know that... Kaylee thought to herself as she assumed her stance. She had taken note of the twintail girl stepping closest to the mat to observe. ...She doesn't strike me as a cop... I don't get that sick-to-my-stomach feeling. Either way, she and this crowd might wanna step back... Brushing the observation to the back of her mind after giving the twintail girl a long look, Kaylee sprung forward, fists raised before swinging a few quick jabs toward the elf, wanting to test her reactions more than anything.

Ohka stood there and braced herself against the jabs, them connecting with no force and not causing herself to even move or take a step back. She closed her eyes and controlled her breathing, of which she was on the verge of hyperventilating. "Calm yourself..." she said and took a ten second break to get her nerves under control. Ohka opened her eyes and began to spark electricity at a slow but constant rate. "I'm really ready." she said to herself and Kaylee before launching a right hook at her.

Kaylee raised an eyebrow as Ohka stood there and took the hits and even more so at the fact the girl seemed like she was about to go into a panic attack. Luckily, she kept her guard up as Ohka mumbled to herself and began to spark with electricity. Wide-eyed, Kaylee leaned herself backward to avoid the arm completely. As Ohka's arm passed by, a few stray sparks arced into the mute, causing small little stings of pain in her chest. Gritting her teeth, Kaylee lurched forward and shifted her hips, putting most of her weight into a kick toward Ohka's shins, aiming to trip the frail girl up. The kick would leave Kaylee a little off balance afterward however.

The kick connected and ohka tripped up, sending herself down to the mat and sliding a bit, more than she should have according to physics. Now with distance, she got up and dusted herself off. She got up and smirked. "This is actually kinda fun..." she said with a smile and got a bright idea. She concentraited for a minute before she felt herself get lighter. However, the side effect of this was that she was sparking even more now.

She jumped in the air and did a front flip. However, this was closer to ten or twelve feet in the air. She began to come down in what looked like a bad form flying axe kick mixed with electricity. however, she was also coming down to earth at a slower rate, so it showed she had a while to go before it'd be deadly.

Still being off center, Kaylee had to stomp her foot down to recover in time to see Ohka get some huge air with a flip. Freakin' showoff... But at least she's having fun that doesn't involve staring at a screen... As Ohka seemed to hang in the air a bit as she prepared to bring her heel down on Kaylee's face, she blinked before running underneath the airborne girl and stopping once she could see her back. Then the mute hopped up into the air, brought her knees to her chest and then kicked out, aiming to plant a hard dropkick right into the elf's back.

...Geez, she's full of surprises, ain't she? Were this Alicia, I'd be dead right now... She thought as the sparks licked at her shoes, stinging even more as her feet were extended.

"And I might take you up on that offer..but I at least want to learn how to at least transform without going berseker first."

Jack simply nodded his head at Tomas but before he could respond he felt the air change around him. It was as if the very energy in the air being... well absorbed. He quickly looked around to find the source and spotted two sparring woman. One with electricity literally bleeding from her body. 'That must be the source of the disturbance' Jack thought as he stared at the duo sparring.

He quickly made his way to where quite a few students were watching. He quickly made his way through the group of students before coming to the end opposite where the student with twin ponytails was. Jack began studying the two sparring and quickly gained information on the two. He was sorely thankful now for the photographic memory that almost all his kind had. Then she performed a rather showy flying axe kick. With the kick being powered by electricity it looked like it could do some damage. He saw her opponent also jump up and attempt a dropkick. Even from here he could feel the raw energy, it was almost intoxicating... He quickly shrugged off the feeling and continued to study, now was no the time to enjoy the feeling.

Ohka realized that she was going to be in trouble, but didn't want to hurt her friend like she knew her normal way of venting would. closing her eyes, she shunted all of her venting to the first thing she could think of, just as the drop kick connected when she landed.
there was a massive screeching as she expended the energy shunted into her out as sound. it lasted for a good ten seconds and was deafeningly loud. when all was settled, Ohka was no longer sparking and she looked rather tired, but the dropkick didn't really effect her, save for some scuffing on her clothing.
"I... am tired..." she before laying back and looking at Kaylee. "That was fun... you would have won that..." she said with a smile and a panting giggle.


She took long, slow breaths, concentrating on a tennis ball sized ball of flame that was hovering about an inch above her hand. Shifting her gaze from the fire, to a scorched target mat, she pictured in her mind the fireball leaving her hand and striking the target; she smiled when it did exactly that.

She could hear the clamour as people were drawn to Ohka and Kaylee's 'fight'. She'd looked over initially when she'd seen Ohka take to a mat, but now she tuned out the noise. Some of her fellow students seemed annoyed that a single lesson didn't turn them into a walking WMD, but she knew better; yes her fireball had about as much heat as a 20 watt light bulb, and moved slow enough that a sloth could've dodged it...but it was a start.


"I don't listen to them... I might give them a shot...I... umm... I also listen to Elena Siegman...and I know all of the lyrics to her songs... Some lyrics remind me of myself actually..."

"Can't say I've heard of her, but I'll look her up at some point." He said, tossing his mp3 played in the general direction of his bags. "Well since today is a 'wash', and I'm starving, I'm going to see what they have for food here." Going back over to where he'd left them, he pulled his shoes back on. "You're welcome to join me if you like."

Feeling her feet connecting, Kaylee smirked a bit to herself, but that smirk was short lived as suddenly there was a loud screeching noise. As Kaylee fell to the ground, she gritted her teeth and covered her ears for the ten seconds that the noise lasted, writhing around on the mat. Once the sound had finished sounding, the mute slowly and cautiously uncovered her ears, the sound still ringing in them. She did manage to hear what Ohka had said and typed up a response, lobbing the phone so it landed next to the elf's side. "Yeah... it was pretty fun. Just.... don't ever do that noise thing again. At least not when I'm around. I don't wanna be deaf and mute, y'know?"

Slowly regaining her bearings, Kaylee's eyes drifted toward where the twintails was standing before the fight started as she slowly got up, the sting in her left arm and chest causing her to rise with a bit of difficulty.

Jack was more affected by the energy going out than the actual scream itself. He felt an adrenaline surge as the wave of energy went out of Ohka and began to go back to its natural form. He kept his neutral face on through the whole thing but if one were to look at his eyes they would see a rather glazed over look for a few moments. He quickly came out of it though and watched the woman on the opposite end of the mat. The way she just stood there almost judging annoyed Jack. But he quickly washed the thought from his mind and focused back on the trio and waited for whatever happened next.

Today was turning out to be quite interesting...

"Yeah, i understand. i think that's just a bit better than discharging a massive shock of electricity." Ohka commented to Kaylee as she got up an gave the phone back to the girl.

That's when the one with the pig tails walked over with a smile on her face. "Well Ohka, i'm impressed. you have a long way to go, but you've shown you have what it takes to join Mjolnir. Here's your junior badge, report to the meetings and the rest will flow naturally." she said, handing a bronze badge to ohka.

That's when she turned to Kaylee. "My name is Caroline. You were impressive out here yourself, would you consider joining up with Mjolnir? We're the Capus's student police when necessary, but otherwise we just help out around campus when needed. And might i have your name please?" she explained to and asked Kaylee with a pleasant smile and a relaxed tone.

"Sure i guess... i am kinda hungry after my trip in on boat..." Rose comented and walked into her room, coming out later with a pair of boots and leggings on, she was set to go. "Where did you have in mind? i'm good for anything. Come to think of it... i've never ate a soul despite being able to see them... what do you think they'd taste like?" she asked as she waited on him, a bit of herself letting s sliver of light out of her rather shelled exterior.

Yeah.... being electrocuted wouldn't have been fun... Kaylee thought to herself as she made a mental note to hold back the next time they fought, just for her own sake. As Caroline stepped up, Kaylee paused as Ohka was handed a badge. She raised an eyebrow as the girl walked up to her and offered her a spot on the police squad as well. Her instincts told her to immediately decline, but she actually thought it over, her curse still tugging at the back of her head. Eventually, she took the phone from Ohka and typed up a response, shaking her head. "Thanks for the offer... but I'm not cut out for doing that sort of stuff. The name's Kaylee, Caroline." She showed the twintails the message before stretching. Now I can go take a nap...

Sierra was more then a little surprised to see Ohka's ability, and it impressed her.

After the 'fight' was over Sierra walked over to the two of them, as did one of those Mjolnir people, who proceeded to give Ohka a badge and extend an invite to Kaylee. While the girl, Caroline, was talking to Kaylee she gave Ohka a tap on the shoulder "Would have never guessed you had an ability like that, very cool." Sierra said in a lower tone as to not interrupt Kaylee and the Mjolnir girl. "And now that I know what you can do, next time you need some one to help practice I can be of assistance." she added.

"Well, i'm glad to know that i can train with you... but trust is a thing when becoming friends with someone... and even though i knew what i was getting into, you didn't trust me to handle myself... I can't really blame you for that though. I do look like a skeleton..." she said with a bit of a smile and feeling a bit hurt inside. she was sensitive about things and it was apparent she was sensitive to these sorts of things.

"Oh well, it was worth a shot. it was a pleasure meeting you. Just remember, if you need anything, Mjolnir is here to help." Caroline replied, a soft and friendly smile on her face.

Tomas stop punching the dummy as he didn't hear Jack say anything afterwards. Looking to see that he was gone, as he search to see where he went. Spying him near one of the fighting mats as he head towards him. Once he got to him, the fight was already over as he wonder what he miss. "Was the fight good Jack?" He ask.

Kaylee gave the girl a silent nod, giving off a small smile of her own before turning and walking off, the smile dropping from her face as the adrenaline began to wear off once again, leaving her left side hurting a little more. ...Ugh, definitely gonna try sleeping this one off... She gave both Ohka and Sierra a wave goodbye as she began to walk toward the gym exit and back toward the dorm rooms, hands in pockets and her normal annoyed look intact.

While a majority of the students in the hall had gathered around to watch the fight, Jarrah had stayed behind at the training dummies to practice. Jarrah was surprised, despite the somewhat frail look of the dummy, the Yowie didn't need to pull his punches, with blows carrying the force of a speeding van leaving barely a dint in the material.

When Tomas had approached Jack was still replaying some of the events in his head.

"Was the fight good Jack?"

Turning his head to look at Tomas he said "it was rather interesting... the girl over there..." he pointed towards Ohka's direction. "She's able to use the electrical currents in the air as a energy source. I'm guessing she isn't too used to using that energy since she had to vent it" he finished while turning back towards her.

"The woman with the pigtails is one of the schools... what was the term? I'll use local school police force for now." He looked towards Sierra and asked Tomas "do you know who that woman is?"

"No don't think so. Why do you ask? Is she famous or something?" Asking as he looks at Sierra. He didn't know her, but he knew he saw her face from somewhere. He just wasn't sure where he did see it. Letting it go for now as he looks back at the first girl Jack pointed to. "So I assume she won then? What happen to the loser?"

"Technically" he points at Ohka "she was the loser. The winner was..." He looked around for a second. "She seems to have left" he said in a mildly surprised tone. "The winner countered a... what is it called? Drop kick? Axe kick? It doesn't matter. The round ended before it really got interesting anyways" he said in a annoyed tone.

"As for if the woman is famous, she is not. She has just been talking to a lot of the stronger fighters in the room. Either she is rather headstrong and is looking for sparring partners. Or she's making connections, allies if you will. That might be my paranoia speaking too..." he finished a slight hint of paranoia in his voice.

He paused for a moment before turning towards Tomas and saying "what do we do now? Are we allowed to leave at any time?"


Taking a breather from practicing, Alicia looked about. The match between Ohka and Kaylee seemed to be over, and the spectators were disbursing to various places about the gym. Finishing her 'survey' she spotted Jarrah working on a dummy...and jumped a bit when he threw a punch.

She knew how to read body language, and gauge the power in a strike...and the power of his blow was impressive. Okay, mental note for if I have to fight him...DON'T!


"Sure I guess... I am kinda hungry after my trip in on boat...Where did you have in mind? I'm good for anything. Come to think of it... I've never ate a soul despite being able to see them... what do you think they'd taste like?"

Isaac raised an eyebrow that actually managed to reach his hairline. "I couldn't even begin to answer that question..." He chuckled softly. "As for where, I was thinking of just checking out the cafeteria; if we're going to be here for a while, it'd be best to see if the food is good or not."

Arriving at the cafeteria, Isaac was gratified to see that not only was it still serving food, but that it could be had in serving sizes as big as he wanted. Hitting the buffet line, the diminutive Arab was soon sitting in front of a comically large tray of food.

"I don't trust anyone to handle them selves until they prove other wise through actions and not words" Sierra said rather bluntly. Sierra turned and left before Ohka could reply, she wasn't really in the mood for some naive 'trust and friendship' lecture.

From there Sierra just mingled into the crowd, killing time once again till the next class started.

As Kaylee was walking onward, she passed by the cafeteria and noticed a small kid with a massive pile of food on his plate, almost like it was an episode of Looney Tunes. She blinked twice before shrugging and continuing to walk onward. People are fuckin' weird... She continued walking for a few moments before a growl emanated from her stomach and had her stop dead in her tracks. ...Shit, I forgot I didn't eat anything since last night... She sighed to herself as she checked her wallet and found there was still some cash within. Awesome... Time to do one of my favorite things: stuff my face and then sleep...

She heel-face-turned and walked into the cafeteria. As she walked, the large snake-like tattoo on her right arm would be visible to all as she only had a t-shirt on. After a small wait at the buffet, she sat down with a somewhat decent sized plate of food and began to dig in with gusto.

"Sometimes leaps of faith make the largest impacts." Shouted Ohka at Sierra before looking at the badge and walking off the mat.

Rose got a plate and it had what appeared to be a tiny ball of rice on it. Sitting down, she began pulling it apart and eating only a few bits of rice at a time, far less than what would be acceptable to live on. "I never understood why others ate so much..." she said in general to Isaac, having sat down next to him.

Mirabelle had been more focused on the dummy during the fight since she wanted to try grapples on the dummy. It would have been fine had she not run into the problem of not being able to move the dummy without moving the base as well. She had taken to studying it the hopes of disconnecting it from the base in such a way to reconnect it without anything breaking or working worse than before. She had tried to pull it out of the base but that hadn't worked and no amount of pulling seemed to loosen it. Finally, after a bit more effort, she gave up, backing away and walking around, looking for some dummies that weren't attached to bases.


"I never understood why others ate so much..."

"Well for some I'm sure it's just pure gluttony." He answered, quickly and methodically working his way through a dozen crab and tuna sushi rolls; after those, he polished off a large salad before tackling a sizable pile of short ribs. "Damn and I thought Sasha's ribs were good..." He muttered quietly to himself; raising his voice a bit he addressed Rose again. "In my case though it's a necessity, being a shape shifter I need at least 5000 calories a day...that's why, despite being a rich kind in England I never went to boarding school. There's no way you could've convinced a normal human school that a skinny little brown boy needed to eat so much."

The ribs gone, he turned his attention to a pair of large pizzas. "What about yourself?" He asked gesturing to the tiny amount of rice Rose had picked up. "Is that seriously all you need?" He said with a disbelieving shake of his head.

"yes, according to my mother, i apparently am going to live for a really long time... my metabolism is like an extremely slow burning fire to compensate for this..." Rose said and ate the rice slowly. "I haven't found any way to increase how much i need to eat... i want to try eating a full slice of pizza for once..." she said to him.

Despite her eating, something rung in her ear causing her to stop chowing down so hard. "Rich". She stopped and looked over toward the voice, seeing the kid who had had a massive plate of food in front of him and had gobbled half of it down with out much effort. She blinked twice before finishing her plate, and taking a moment to close her eyes and remember the kids's voice before standing up and walking out, schemes slowly running through her head as she headed back to her dorm room and laid herself out on her bed.

"Your paranoid.." Tomas said to him as he shook his head. "Perhaps they were merely her friends? Or roommates.." Tomas was starting to feel hungry as he said slowly walks off. "I'm going to grab a bite to eat. Tell Jarrah if he wants to join meet me in the mess hall...and you're welcome to join as well after your done."

Arriving at the mess hall a few moments later as he gets in line. Seeing a few of the other students there. Ranging from all over, though the sort of strange that caught his eye was a small looking male student eating a huge tray of food. As well as a female eating a small tray of rice.

Though his focus return to the line as he move upwards. After a minute of waiting, he finally got his tray of food. Getting a few samples of ribs, burgers, and chicken to see how well it was made. He sat down at a empty table near the two small looking students. Minding his own business as he began to eat.


"Yes, according to my mother, I apparently am going to live for a really long time... my metabolism is like an extremely slow burning fire to compensate for this...I haven't found any way to increase how much I need to eat... I want to try eating a full slice of pizza for once..."

"Well we do share that in common." He replied with a half smile. "My mother has told me that despite what an increased metabolism may imply, changelings can live for centuries...despite being married for twenty years now, she still hasn't told my father that." He added a bit sadly.

Pushing the thought aside, he washed his food down with a drink, and chuckled. "Well it's a full buffet here, and the pizza is pretty'll have plenty of time to test yourself."

Again and again Jarrah struck the training dummy, each blow resulting in a dull thud. Despite the power behind them, it was plain to see that the only training the long haired giant has received is from several years worth of watching bad action movies. It was evident he was enthusiastic about putting his knowledge of shitty kung fu moves too as he moved into a series of kicks to the dummy's 'torso'. To top it all off he spun around and bought his leg up, aiming for the well worn patch on the dummy's side...only to come in too low and hit the wooden pole holding the dummy up. Jarrah's foot went clean through the pole with a harsh crack, and launched to dummy in the air spinning end over end, only to come down at the feet of a red haired girl walking around the gym.

"Oh fuck, sorry!" Jarrah called out as he walked over to her.

After a cursory examination of the gym, Mirabelle came to two conclusions, either the gym didn't have any baseless dummies to practice throwing around or if she's just wasn seeing them, betting on the former. Still, she was willing to try asking around to see if she had just missed them instead. She just had to find someone who she wasn't interrupting and ask them.

All of this was interrupted in a second as a dummy, recently liberated from it's pole, came sailing through the air, landing with a loud thump at her feet. This nearly scared her out of her mesh and literally caused her to jump back, frightened. It took her a few moments to realize just what was happening but once she did, truth be told, she was a bit surprised at the fact that what she was looking for had just come flying to her feet. Still, she didn't waste time picking the dummy up and examining it, finding that the dummy had been broken off with just pure force...

"Oh fuck, sorry!" , a large man said as he walked up towards her, no doubt the one who snapped it off. She couldn't tell if he had done so with skill or pure brute force but figured that it didn't matter at the moment.

"Oh, it's alright. It just made me jump, that's, would it be alright if i used this?"

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