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With increasing amusement, Jack watched as the airborne dummmy made its way over to some girls feet. 'Wait.... I recognize her... still the strange aura but I'll ignore it for now' with that line of thought out of his head, he made his way over to Jarrah and Mirabelle.

"Why I do love seeing you accidently breaking the training items in the room, Tomas told me to tell you that he was going to the cafeteria and that you're welcome to join him."

He then looked over at Mirabelle and said "I apologize for my friend's... uncanny strength for scaring you.
I'm sure he wouldn't mind you using it since it is only the polite thing to do. Right Jarrah?"

"Heh, I think I've had enough training for today anyway." Jarrah said to Jack as he gingerly rubbed the back of his head.

"As for the dummy," He continued, turning back to the girl, "Feel free to use it I guess though...can I ask what for?"

", thank you. It's alright though, i'm used to the effects of such strength...", Mirabelle said, a bit nervous of Jack, whom she recognized as the guy who kept staring at her before. Still, he didn't seem that interested now so she tried to ignore the feeling...but she started recalling what Kaylee said at dinner previously, just in case the situation took an unusual direction.

She then turned to Jarrah and said, "Well...i'm going to try and work on my grapples and throws. I'm used to using them in a fight but i need to work on how much strength i use while executing them. I would rather not hurt anyone and given my current lack of control...anyways, this is the time to work on such things so i see no reason not to. By the wouldn't happen to know how much force you used to break it in the first place, would you? It would be nice to know how much these dummies could take before they break."

"It would be nice to know how much these dummies could take before they break."

"Well, I don't think the dummies can break, I mean I was just laying into it with no effect." Jarrah replied, "That said, the post that holds them up? Not quite as invulnerable."
Jarrah nodded at the training dummy, and saw that what remained of the wooden pole. "Before you use the dummy though, I think we should try and get rid of that." He said, nodding to the splintered end of the pole. "Wouldn't want you to go impaling yourself on the first day of school, eh?"

"Wouldn't want you to go impaling yourself on the first day of school, eh?"

After listening to the duo chat a bit, Jack decided he would go practice elsewhere. Preferably somewhere with with a few shadows, of course this training room would do for now.

"If either of you need me, I'll be training in this room some more." When he went to walk away he whispered in Jarrah's ear, "she's not human... and she has a strange aura. Just be careful..." With that said Jack quickly walked away to a different part of the gym/training room.

She mulled over what Jarrah had said for a moment as Jack whispered in his ear (she didn't pay attention to what he was whispering since it didn't seem like her business). If the dummies were as indestructible as he said they were, then she wouldn't have to worry about breaking them at least...then again, she wasn't trying to use her full strength anyways.

When Jack was done whispering and had left to train, Mirabelle answered, "Well, that would be unpleasant, so yes. Um, did you have a specific way in mind or are we just going to try and pull it out?" As she said that, she held the dummy out by the pole end, in case Jarrah did have that in mind.

"she's not human... and she has a strange aura. Just be careful..."

Jarrah shot a confused glance towards Jack and considered calling him out to the fact that neither of them were human either. Ultimately he just shook his head and turned back to the girl.

"Well, that would be unpleasant, so yes. Um, did you have a specific way in mind or are we just going to try and pull it out?"

"I guess it can't hurt to try." Jarrah said. Seeing as she already had a hold of the pole, Jarrah grabbed onto the dummy and braced himself as best he could. "Alright, on the count of three. One. Two. Three!"

Jarrah pulled with all his strength, and to his great surprise the dummy slid off effortlessly. Expecting more resistance Jarrah's strenght ended up working against him, and he fell backwards onto the floor of the gym.

"Ok, I guess I was wrong about it not hurting."

On Jarrah's count, Mirabelle pulled on the dummy with what she considered an acceptable amount of strength, not to hard but not soft enough to be rendered ineffective. It was that fact that led her to two conclusions as to why the following events happened. One: She used too much strength and pulled her end too hard, or Two: the dummy could just slip off the pole like it was greased. Either way, she lost her grip and nearly fell head over heels onto the mat, landing with a muffled clank as her end of the pole sailed over her and landed somewhere behind her, suprising a few unprepared individuals but thankfully not hurting anyone. She got back up quickly and called out, "SORRY!", to those she had surprised before going over to check on Jarrah, whom had also fallen.

She looked at him quizically as she moved to his side, hearing his comment. Shr didn't see anything wrong but just in case, she said, "Are you ok? If you are, then thank you.", before extending her hand.

"Are you ok? If you are, then thank you."

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Jarrah said as he waved the girl off (Not out of pride, but mostly due to the fact that he had two feet and likely several kilos over her, and her attempting to help him up would end badly for the both of them) and got to his feet. "I've had far worse than that, are you ok though..." Jarrah paused for a moment, "Uh, I don't think I caught your name?"

"I've had far worse than that, are you ok though..."

"Oh, yes. I'm fine. I just took a small tumble so nothing got jumbled.", Mirabelle said, mentally shrugging at Jarrah waving her off. She didn't want to be rude to the person who had just helped her but she didn't want to touch him either, due to personal paranoia about her mesh. Still, kindness was kindness, she was just thankful that he hadn't been hurt in the act of helping her.

"Uh, I don't think I caught your name?"

"Well, i would be unnerved if you did since i haven't given it yet. My name is Mirabelle Chemia-Delgado. May i ask what is yours?"

After watching one or two more fights, Sierra, deciding her time was best spent elsewhere, left the gym. After a little searching she found her way to the library and started looking for books on demonology and dark magic as might be related to her powers and how to counter the negative effects they had on her from just using them. Failing in that she had the back up plan of looking for some books on enchanting or some interesting looking fluff to read.

"May i ask what is yours?"

"Jarrah, Jarrah Walker." He replied as he held out his hand. "Nice to meet you Mirabelle."

Mirabelle looked at Jarrah's hand for a few seconds before grabbing it and shaking his hand, after all, she had just offered him her own hand, why should she be shy about it now. Still, she was nervous that he would notice something...hopefully she had made enough of a good impression that he would gloss over anything weird about her.

"It's nice to meet you too, Jarrah. So...what are you going to do now?"

"So...what are you going to do now?"

"I think I'm going to go grab a bite to eat." Jarrah said as he and Mirabelle shook hands, "Well, good luck with your training."

Soon after, Jarrah arrived at the cafeteria and got in line. As he waited, he looked around the room and found Tomas sitting at a table near a boy that had a tray of food that gave Jarrah's appetite a run for it's money. Soon enough, Jarrah had a respectable tray of food and walked over to join Tomas at his table.

"Okay then. Goodbye, Jarrah, and thank you." Mirabelle said as she picked up the dummy. She then moved to another part of the gym and began strength testing the dummy with the full brunt of her strength. As Jarrah had said, the dummy seemed to be near impervious to physical damage, so she began ramping it up, grabbing the dummy and trying a few joint locks, arm locks, and whatever ways she thought could hurt but not kill a human-shaped opponent.

With everyone off doing their things, time flew by quickly. And before anyone realized it, a week had passed and it came upon saturday morning, just a normal morning. However, there was one exception to this little fact. Ohka's phone went off and she opened her eyes, reaching it, taking it and looking at the text she had gotten. It was a code black for all of Mjolnir at four in the morning.

Her eyes went wide and she got dressed in her uniform quickly. Getting herself together, she blasted open the door, slamming it against the wall as she tore into the kitchen, rifling through the fridge. "FUCK! WHERE ARE MY ENERGY SHOTS!" she shouted loudly, unable to find them. meanwhile they were in the cabinet in all actuality.

Rose was meanwhile, awoken by the running of people down the halls, was now up out of bed and in only her panties. She moved it and nudged isaac awake. "Get up you fool. There is something going on." she said as her Haori materialized out of light onto her shoulders, covering her upper body, her hair lengthened and her katana appeared in her hand. "ready yourself for combat incase we need to engage." she said to him in her usual voice, but far more serious.



Alicia stepped out of her room with a yawn...sure she was an early riser, but not generally this early. "What's all the commotion about?" She asked, stretching. "Oh and your shots are behind the milk."


Grumbling when Rose nudged him, Isaac simply rolled over without really waking up. <"I'm sure Hasid's men can handle it mother..."> He muttered in Arabic; within moments he was once again snoring softly.

Kaylee had more or less finally gotten herself to sleep when Ohka started smashing doors and screaming. She groaned audibly through gritted teeth as she slowly rose out of bed, a highly annoyed expression on her face as she opened her door and poked her head out. She hadn't put on her clothes yet, so her tattoo covering her arm was on full display. Looking over toward Alicia, she slid her phone toward her. "The hell is she on about...?"

Mirabelle jumped up in shock at Ohka's outburst and subsequent rush to the kitchen, yelling out in spanish in the suprise. Evidently she wasn't the only one suprised as she saw a couple of her dormmates popping out of their rooms. She, meanwhile, had been sitting in the living room at the time, reading a couple of books that she had been able to get from the library, but Ohka brought that to the end for the moment. Why she was so desperate for her drinks, Mirabelle had no idea...then again, she didn't even know why they were necessary as she watched her scrabble around for them. Nonetheless, she got up and headed into the kitchen to help, figuring that Ohka would need the help since she hadn't found them yet.

Seeing as she had the fridge, Mira decided to take check elsewhere, wanting to cover all of the bases. Of course, everywhere else were just cabinets so it only to her a moment or two to find this, apparenty, most necessary item. She took a few energy drinks out before tapping Ohka on the shoulder and holding them out to her.

"Here you go...after your done, may i please ask what is wrong?"

Sierra walked out of her room behind Alicia wearing her bath robe, Ohka was shouting about energy shots, something Mirabelle helped her find, while she was curious as to what had set Ohka off, she was just glad she didn't have to sit through another pointless class, one of the ones that was supposed to help her was turning out to be completely useless so far, though her enchant classes where going well enough.

"So, whats with all the shouting?" she asked as she pulled a muffin from the muffin drawer, which was latched with a button she's labeled 'muffin button'.


"It's a code black." She said and decapitated the bottles with flicks of her fingers, showing she had come a bit further in her control. "Code blacks are the code just before we start taking injuries and losing students lives." She said and was visibly shaking. She began to hyperventilate, her chest heaving as her breath became fast and shallow. "Remember... Need to help people..." She said and downed the energy drinks, finally getting her cool after downing all of them.

"Something is threatening the school but hadn't made a move. Now I need to go!" Ohka said, opening the window in the kitchen and jumping out of it. She descended slowly as her body began to give off electrical sparks.


Rose delivered a swift and firm kick to Isaac's side. "Fool, get the others up." She said ordering him and moving forward into living room, before heading to the door, cracking open the thing before peeking outside, seeing a few straggling students in their uniforms running down the hall.

Mirabelle stood there and listened to Ohka talk, becoming steadily more concerned about the girl's health as she began hyperventilating, coming upon a near panic attack. Still, what she was saying was cause for concern so a panicked response was understandable. She wanted to ask the girl if she knew what threat was...until she hopped out of the window, leaving Mirabelle with no real way to get answers. With no real idea of what she should do next, she stood there for a moment, like a statue, before coming up with a thought.

She turned to the others and asked, "So, uh...should i assume that we are going after her?"

Sierra listed the the explanation of a 'code black' as she munched a muffin, and watched as Ohka bolted, which was about the time Mirabelle asked if they should follow. "Technically, no, we should not. We aren't in that 'club' so to them we would really only be in the way." Sierra said after finishing the muffin "But since I like Ohka, and I've shit else to do and the risk of death means fuck all to me, I'm a go get dressed and head to where this 'code black' party's at."

Sierra then exited the kitchen and head for her room to get dressed, then headed out after Ohka a few minutes later.

After hearing footsteps outside of his room Jack decided he needed to see what the matter was. Since he never slept Jack didn't care that the noise would probably waken his other roommates, though he was going to get them up if they weren't already.

Once outside his room, Jack knocked on both Jarrah's and Tomas's doors and telling them to get up before heading over to where Rose was. "What's the situation?" Jack questioned as he stood behind her.


"The hell is she on about...?"

"Not a fuckin' clue..."

"Something is threatening the school but hadn't made a move. Now I need to go!"

With Ohka jumping out the window, and Sierra taking off after her a moment later, Alicia just shook her head. "Personally," She said, looking at Kaylee and Mirabelle. "I think I'll skip my workout today, and just wait right here until I hear otherwise." Still in only a loose tank top and some 'boy-cut' panties, she flopped down on the couch. She craned her neck backwards to look at Kaylee again, albeit upside down this time. "Random thing I know, but been meaning to say...nice ink. I kinda wanna get a tattoo, but I know my dad would freak if I did that."


"Fool, get the others up."

A single brown arm emerged from the covers that Isaac had pulled over his head, the middle finger of the hand extended. <"Go sit on it and rotate..."> He grumbled, in a mixture of French and German. After a moment he slid out of bed, dressed only in some boxers, and wandered into the main area scratching his ass.

"What's the situation?"

"Indeed, what is so bloody important that you have to wake me at such a god awful hour?" He asked, giving Rose a rather annoyed glare.

Kaylee sighed silently as Ohka and Sierra rushed off, still rubbing the crust from her eyes. As she finally heard about a 'code black', she shook her head in annoyance. It's probably just some drill crap... Looking over toward Alicia, she typed up something and tossed the phone toward the now lounging girl. "Thanks... but I didn't get this willingly. This is part of the curse I've got. Only really cool thing about it. Still, you should go for getting one at some point, maybe when you're not directly under your dad's wing. You can take a little bit of stinging, I'm sure."

The mute didn't seem to be in any rush to follow after either Sierra or Ohka.

Mirabelle mulled over the decision for a moment as Sierra left and the others began talking. Sure she could stay and not risk being a liability...but she liked Ohka as well and while she had reservations on the prospect of death, she didn't want to hang back and be useless while her friends had to fight and get injured. With that, she turned to Alicia and Kaylee and spoke up.

"I think i'll go and see what this threat is as it's not to much trouble, if i come back too broken to fix myself...could you fix me? There's a journal in my room that belonged to my contains his notes and plans, including the instructions on how to fix me. Ok, goodbye! Please excuse my rudeness!"

During that last line, she ran out of the door, trying to catch up to Sierra.

Tomas hear the knock on the door as he slowly drift away from sleeping. As he starts to wake, he starts to hear muffle noises coming outside of the room. Getting up and quickly grabbing his cloths and putting them on. He already learn from earlier this week not to give anything Issac to hit on. Still annoyed from their first meeting how he seem to hit on them all through out that day.

Walking out of his room as he head towards were the others were. "Whats going on? Drill or something?" He ask as he see the others just looking confuse as well and just woken up.

By the time those who had chased ohka had gotten to her, there were a series of students gathered, all of them in the uniforms. Mjolnir was compromised of maybe twenty kids in total. Ranging from those getting doctorates to those freshmen like Ohka. The girl happened to be near the front of the group, which had gathered around the gate. Ohka was in defense mode as she waited for something to happen.

Gathering infront of the gate was a series of people. Most of them looked different, but had a common theme going across them, they all wore a glove with a star on the back. Akasumi, eyes still blind and her uniform a bit of a mess, but otherwise decent, stepped forward. "Regalia... we have told your kind to stay away from Gato community and have warned you about bothering the school..." she said, taking up a defensive stance.

Then out forward stepped a man. This caused Akasumi to visible tense up and become highly defensive. she had never seen this man before and felt uneasy while being near him. The man laughed. "The boss told me not to start any wars... just to leave an example." he said with a smooth and relaxed voice.

"You'll have a hard time taking any of us out... we're a school full of magic users along with mythical creatures... you're going to have to bring more than five people to take us out or even touch one of us." The girl responded to the man.

He chuckled. "We'll see about that one..." he said and pulled out a break pistol, loading in a cartridge before taking aim at Akasumi. "Smile for the camera." he said and pulled the trigger.

The blind girl, expecting this distorted the air infront of herself, vibrating it rapidly and slowing the bullet. Infront of her, the bullet dropped, along with the vibrations. She felt something off immediately as the group infront of the school dispersed, leaving the scene as it was.

The blind girl saw them walking away via vibrations and then she couldn't see anything... she couldn't sense vibrations at all. "what the fu-AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she began to scream, the ground around her turning into dust as her magic went haywire, falling to her knees. the poor girl began to scream bloody murder, blood beginning to pour from her eye bandages and ears, her skin tearing itself apart. She began screaming for her mother, all of it lasting a grueling minute before she fell forward, blood pouring from her mouth as the life faded from her body.

Ohka slowly took steps back, her body numb and mind blank at what she had just witnessed, the girl looking like she was about to scream herself, her body completely shaking out of pure fear and terror, unable to comprehend someone she had become good friends with having just.... right before her... "Sierra... MIRABELLE!" she shouted, panicing and looking for them, turning and sprinting towards them hopefully.

Rose was about to explain to the guys why they had to get up, when she felt something happen, then the scream came in through the window, causing even her to shiver. "someone... has just passed..." she said, looking out the window. "it isn't safe right now..." she said, looking to them.

Sierra could only sign at the 'show of force', if it could really be called that. "Weak fools and they're trinkets" she said as Ohka ran up to her and Mirabelle, Ohka visible terrified. Sierra took Ohka in her arms and simply hugged her, really for Ohka's sake more then her own "Good to see your unharmed." Sierra said, in a till now unheard 'comforting' tone.

Jarrah groggily rolled over in bed when he heard the knock on the door, and silently cursed the denial of 5 more minutes of precious sleep. For a few moments his gaze rested on the ceiling before the sharp crack of a gunshot drove all sense of tiredness from his limbs and caused him to all but fall out of his bed. A bloodcurdling scream drove him to his feet and out into the main room.

"Somebody please tell me that I'm still asleep and this is just some fucked up dream."

"OHKA!!", Mirabelle shouted after hearing her name called by her friend. She had seen Ohka at the front of the group when it all started breaking down but now everything was just too disorganized to know where she was. Thankfully, she soon popped out of the crowd, running up to them.

She didn't know what to think about what had just happened. She had been too caught up in taking it all in and making sense of it. Still, at least Ohka was ok enough to run...she was terrified that since Ohka was so close to the front, that she had been hit too or something like that.

Sierra was the first to address Ohka, pulling the girl in and hugging her, talking to her in a calm, comforting voice. To be honest, Mirabelle didn't expect that...but she did say that she cared about Ohka so it stood to reason that she would try to comfort her. After she said that, Mirabelle decided to chip in, saying, "I'm glad to see your ok, Ohka. I got scared when i heard you calling out, i had thought that you had been hurt too..."


Alicia raised a hand from where she was sitting, and waved as Mira left. After staring at Kaylee's message for a bit, she handed the phone back. "Well it sucks you didn't get a say in the matter, but at least it looks good." She said with a smile. "And you do raise a good point...what's collage if I don't do a thing or two that my parents disapprove of?" Her smile was a bit more 'predatory' and there was definitely a mischievous look in her eyes.

All that vanished when she heard an anguished scream from outside. Leaping to her feet, she rushed to the window, but couldn't see anything from where they were. "That did NOT sound good." She said with a nervous edge to her voice, before she dashed back to her room, emerging moments later fully dressed.


"Someone... has just isn't safe right now..."

Isaac swallowed hard when he heard the scream. What the fuck is going on... He thought. Japan is supposed to be a 'safe' country.

"Somebody please tell me that I'm still asleep and this is just some fucked up dream."

Looking a Jarrah, he could only grimace. "I wish I could my friend, I really wish I could." He paced nervously for a moment or two before going back to his room. Getting dressed, he pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a plain shirt, as opposed to one of his usual tailored suits. Digging into another bag he pulled a small composite case, with Saudi diplomatic courier seals around the edge, from the bottom. Taking the case he walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a paring knife, using it to cut the seals. That done, he popped the latch, and opened the case to reveal a Browning Hi-Power pistol, 2 empty magazines, and a box of 100 9mm bullets. Opening the box of ammo, he loaded both magazines, before sliding one into the pistol; he then chambered a round before ejecting the magazine, and feeding another round into it. That done, he sliding the 13 round magazine back into the pistol once more, giving him 14 rounds in total.

Kaylee just gave Alicia a smirk in response, seeming to like the look in the girl's eyes. That smirk dropped instantly as the bloodcurdling scream was heard. Looking back, the mute gritted her teeth a bit. So that wasn't a drill then...? Damn smart of me not to have joined that police group, that could've been me dying out there... Though as she saw Alicia head to her room to get dressed, she did the same, emerging from her room a bit after Alicia. She gave the girl a single nod before heading outside the dorm room and toward the direction she'd heard the scream from. In her front pocket, she had her lucky switchblade on hand. It might not do much here, but it was better than nothing...

Ohka was shaking hard as she burieid her face against sierra, not knowing how to handle this. she was too afraid to cry, but all of it shattered once more when people began screaming, glints of light being seen from the mountain in the distance and bullets raining down into the massive crowd that was gathering now. all around them, people were being hit, those that tried to defend themselves went the way of the blind girl, their magical abilities going haywire and even causing collateral damage to other students standing near them as they died.

A round hit the ground near ohka's feet and this caused the girl to jump, grabbing both mirabelle and Sierra's arms, needing to get them out of there. Her abilities manifested themselves and neither Sierra or Mirabelle had a choice as they were pulled along behind ohka, towards the nearest doorway into the female dorms, them being in sight of Kaylee now.

Rose looked around at the people around her, closing her eyes as more and more screaming started. "People are passing left and right out there... we cannot leave the room... it isn't safe." the girl said, her being confirmed by the PA with the gym teacher's voice coming over it.

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