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"I'd give everything just to have her back..." Ohka cried into her pillow. She looked up at Sierra and her eyes were probably the most red that the girl had seen. She was still sparking all over her body. "my chest hurts... i feel like i'm about to collapse in on myself..." she cried, hugging a pillow tightly. "I... thank you for talking to me..." she said, keeping her pillow tight to her chest.

It wasn't too long before rose walked back into the room. "It is done." She said then quickly added with her usual unemotional voice. "It doesn't take any coplicated long rituals. otherwise us shinigami would be horrid at our jobs." she said and her hair shorted and returned to black, as well as the vest and katana disappearing. Thus leaving her in her panties and topless with the group of guys. "It may be hard to do so, but i suggest you guys rest. I can take watch if it helps comfort you."

Upon hearing Rose's offer to stay watchful while they slept, Jack responded "I do not have the ability to rest. I appreciate your offer though. I suppose I shall go back to my quarters and make sure nothing comes near the dorms without us realizing it."

Before anyone said something Jack remembered he had been sensing the assaulters while they left. "Before we leave to our respective dorms I would tell you that while I didn't get a good reading on what happened at first, I did sense and... what's the word... I guess pick up on the attackers. Does anyone care to know what I learned?"

Jack seemed completely ignorant to Rose being nearly nude in front the group.


Ok so not completely nude... but like half nude? I don't know the term. Refer to "Thus leaving her in her panties and topless" < that

in the last post.

Tomas sigh as they weren't going to do anything about it now. Even if he knew they were right about trying something right now. Watching rose leave to do her job as they sat around and did nothing. Mostly minding his own business as Issac was talking to the whole group about hating being useless.

Before long Rose return saying her job as done. Though Tomas fully release she was only wearing a bra and panties as he blush slightly. "You know should at least put something on before you take watch." He said as he head towards his room.


Still seething...and bleeding, Alicia paced the halls letting herself calm down. There were others in the halls as well talking nervously with friends and room-mates, trying to figure out just what happened; between the look on her face, and her bloody arm, they all gave Alicia a very wide berth.


"It may be hard to do so, but I suggest you guys rest. I can take watch if it helps comfort you."

Normally a topless pretty girl would be right up Isaac's alley; but right now was neither the time nor the place for such things...that and her near emotionless personality was more than a little unsettling. "As good as an idea as it sounds, I don't think I could rest right now...and Tomas is right, you may want to cover up, if for no other reason than you'll stop flustering the poor lad."

Turning his attention to Jack, he hopped up onto the nearby counter to sit. "So tell us Jackie...what do you know about these assholes?"

"It may be hard to do so, but i suggest you guys rest. I can take watch if it helps comfort you."

Jarrah exhaled and slumped against the wall. "I think I'll stay up for a while." He said, not even noticing Rose's lack of clothing.

"So tell us Jackie...what do you know about these assholes?"

Jarrah looked over at Jack and Isaac, he too curious about what Jack knew about the attackers.

"I'd give everything just to have her back... my chest hurts... i feel like i'm about to collapse in on myself... I... thank you for talking to me..." Okha said, her red from all of her crying, and as she held her pillow tightly to her.

Sierra just hugged Ohka, "You probably don't feel like it, but you should get some rest, it'll do you some good" she said after she broke the hug and resumed kneeling in front of Ohka. Mean while, behind Sierra's calm and caring exterior, the gears where turning where turning in her mind, enchantments coming to mind she normally would not have considered due to her sense of decency presenting them selves to her minds eye for approval, vile magics targeting the soul to damage and destroy, while leaving the body relatively unharmed, or turning the targets soul into a bomb, or cause the soul to eat away the flesh before burning out.

'Blood will have blood, but leave the grim work to be done to those who's hands have already been stained, and let those who's hands yet to be marred remain unmarred' she thought as she brushed Ohka's hair back.

*Sorry for the delay in this post. I can't get on skype and I won't be posting too much for a good week or 2. Going to visit family.*

"So tell us Jackie...what do you know about these assholes?"

"From what I can tell the majority of them are human. There were two however that... caught my attention." He sighed a bit while remembering "from what I can tell, the leader of that group was not human. Oh and I almost forgot they all were at least mages... anyways, when I looked at the leader it... hurt. It almost felt like he just shouldn't even exist honestly."

He paused for a second to let everyone process that information before saying "the other one I noticed was a man was sitting on the mountain" he pointed towards said mountain through a window.

He finished by saying "he was firing a large weapon and using whatever power he had to hit his targets. It was very affective to say the least. He was too far away for me to get any good reading on him though. Least to say they're gone now."

*Did this on phone so please forgive me if they're errors.*

Ohka nodded. "I... i'll get some rest after i do something... i can't leave it like this..." she said and got up, turning off her computer and then hugging Sierra tightly. She grabbed a spare sheet after she broke the hug and then jumped out the window. It wasn't long until she returned, seemingly still numb. If seirra were to look out the window, she could see the sheet laid over what was formerly Akasumi. "Please... do find Alica... tell her i wasn't right in my mind..." she said before collapsing onto the bed.

Rose looked down at herself, seeing she was completely topless and only had underwear on. It didn't register her with her that she was wearing one of her favorite pairs of panties. It was covered in cute skulls laying over a pink background.

The shinigami blushed, another first for any of them to see. "I'm going back to sleep." she said and walked back to her's and isaac's room.


Having calmed down some Alicia began to make her way back to their room, when she saw a group ahead of her, blocking the hall. Most of the girls she only recognized in passing, but two of them she recognized as Beat House cock-sleeves...which lowered her opinion of them considerably. As she approached, she could hear them talking.

"So, do you know what's going on?"

"Yeah...there's been like some kind of attack...Hiro texted me and said that a bunch of those Mjolnir losers got themselves killed."

"OMG! What a bunch of failures! Did that blind bitch get it?"

"HA! Yeah, that fucking dyke go popped first! Why the fu-"

The conversation was cut short by Alicia clamping a bloody hand around the second cock-sleeves airway. "She was somebody's daughter you, insufferable pus-fucking cunt!" She hissed. Cock-sleeve two was a slight girl, and Alicia lifted her to her tip-toes.

"You just made a big mistake bitch!" Cock-sleeve one growled, her form shifting. Alicia looked back and forth between them, and saw that they were both getting...hairier. Lycans...oh joy. In one swift movement she lowered CS2 slightly, and stomped hard on her knee, shattering the joint, while simultaneously igniting her free hand and bringing it into CS1's face. "You're a'll be fine." She said to CS2, as she released her. "Now you narrow-minded little cock jammers can fuck right off..." CS1's eyes never left the fire, and she was visibly afraid of the flame. Extinguishing the fire, Alicia made it back to the room without further incident, she immediately went into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Sierra returned Ohka's hug and watched as she bound out the window, sheet in hand, she returned a few moments later, having covered her deceased girl friend's body. When Ohka return she lay down and ask Sierra to talk to Alicia in her stead, Sierra nodded and covered Ohka up before exiting her room.

Fortunately, Sierra didn't need to look hard for Alicia "Sup Pyro." she said as she leaned against the bathroom door frame. "I got Ohka to calm down a bit, so she's no longer after the blood of these 'things' and every one they know, she is in a lot of pain though, she sleeping right now though so it's probably best to just leave her be for right now." Sierra said and turned to go "If you need me I'll be at my enchanting table." Sierra turned and then left, though her parting words carried with them an air of pure maliciousness.


"Sup Pyro."


"I got Ohka to calm down a bit, so she's no longer after the blood of these 'things' and everyone they know, she is in a lot of pain though, she sleeping right now though so it's probably best to just leave her be for right now. If you need me I'll be at my enchanting table."

"Okay then." She replied with a bit of a hiss as the disinfectant stung her cuts. Placing some gauze on the wounds she bound them in place with a tensor bandage, then went out and flopped down on the couch, staring blankly at the ceiling.


"...Least to say they're gone now."

"Thank Allah for that." He muttered. With nothing better to do, he returned to his room and quietly got dressed, emerging in his usual attire. Settling on the couch, he flicked of the TV and began aimlessly channel surfing.

"...Least to say they're gone now."
"Thank Allah for that."

Jarrah nodded, "I'm pretty sure that's the best thing I've heard all day." He gazed over at the tv and smiled, "On the bright side I guess this means there's no classes today huh?" He adds jokingly.

Mirabelle stayed on the couch for a bit, more listening to the general sounds if the apartment than anything else. Eventually, when Alicia came back, she moved off of her seat on the couch, putting her book on the table and moving to the window. It seemed like the gunfire had finally ceased, so at least people weren't dying anymore. Something was also on the body of Akasumi...she guessed someone had placed it there to hide it from everyone's sight, so no one kept going over to stare and examine the body.

Soon after, Alicia came in and flopped down on the couch, seeming to not take much notice of Mirabelle. She seemed to be collecting her thoughts...or maybe just trying not to think, it was hard to tell but whatever she was doing, Mirabelle doubted that she wanted to talk. She instead quietly turned her head back to the window and just stared out at nothing in particular, trying to not stare at the bodies and instead focus on the mountain.

Tomas went into his room and quickly change out of his pajama clothing to his school ones. Heading back out as he went to the couch and sat down. Wondering if classes will happen today or not. "Anything good on tv?" He ask as Isaac began to search through the channels.


Alicia sighed, rubbed her eyes, and rolled her head slightly spotting Mirabelle by the window. "See anything interesting?"


"On the bright side I guess this means there's no classes today huh?"

Issac shot Jarrah a look that could've curdled milk that was still in the cow. People just DIED today, you insensitive fuckwit! He thought acidly. Fortunately Tomas appeared before Issac could say anything.

"Anything good on tv?"

Pushing the vitrol aside, he looked back at the TV, which was showing some sort of game show. "I-I have no idea...the Japanese are very strange." He replied, giving his head a shake.

Trying not to think of all the death that happen today as he watch the show. Though he fully didn't understand it, or the humor behind it all as he sigh. Hoping he could leave the room to go on a walk around the block. Though that is probably not allow at the moment. He then set his mind on wondering if the cafe is open.

"We're not allow to leave the rooms are we?"

"See anything interesting?"

"Well...the shooting stopped. Akasumi's body has been covered with a sheet, though no one else has been. There are a few people poking outside, though if their school officials checking to see if it's safe or if it's just a few brash students, i can't tell. Besides that, nothing...though i haven't been looking too hard." Mirabelle said, still looking out.

"I've actually been looking at the mountain mostly. The shots were coming from there so i thought of checking to see if i could see anything on there...but i can't." She then turned to Alicia and asked, "Why? Were you hoping for something specific?"


"Why? Were you hoping for something specific?"

"No...just wondering..." She said with a bit of a sigh, feeling a bit unnerved at being reminded that a bunch of people had just died. After a moment, a thought struck her. "Wait! You mean to tell me there's no police response? This is Japan for crying out loud...I'd've thought the cops would be here in moments!"


"We're not allow to leave the rooms are we?"

Isaac shifted slightly so he could see Tomas better. "That was the impression I got from the tannoy." He replied. "Though from the sounds of things, there are others milling about the halls." Changing the channel, he flipped onto some sort of gameshow. "Seriously...I think this country is nuts..."

"Wait! You mean to tell me there's no police response? This is Japan for crying out loud...I'd've thought the cops would be here in moments!"

"I don't know...maybe they found a way to stall them?" Mirabelle said, a bit suprised about this outburst. This was premeditated obviously, maybe they planned for that bit too? Then another thought popped into her head...

"Um...Maybe the school doesn't want the police on campus? After all, how would they explain the copious amounts of damage to the bodies without them investigating and poking around? I don't think that they would accept that it came from a small bullet..."

Jarrah, quite wisely in his mind, chose to stay quiet after the venomous look from Isaac. Not that he blamed him, before the words were out of his mouth Jarrah had regretted them, and he didn't need Isaac's look to tell him that he was a massive idiot.
As it was, he half-heartedly watched the gameshow on the television as the adrenalin pumping through his system ebbed away, and his head drooped lower...and lower....until his chin met his chest and he drifted into uneasy sleep.


"I don't know...maybe they found a way to stall them?"

A moment of silence.

"Um...Maybe the school doesn't want the police on campus? After all, how would they explain the copious amounts of damage to the bodies without them investigating and poking around? I don't think that they would accept that it came from a small bullet..."

"I guess...maybe it's the fact that I'm Canadian, but I expected...something..." She said with another sigh. Still laying on her back, she raised a hand and created a small fireball, and began contact juggling with it.

The day progressed on, and the school's handlers came and cleaned up the bodies and proceeded onto the families of the fallen. Soon enough, the school had a magical barrier of enchanted poles up around the school. There was a faint shimmer in the sky as the barrier was entirely encapsulating the school.

However, on the girl's dorm door there was a knock. Standing outside of it was a man in a suit, hair slicked back and looking around rather boredly.

MEANWHILE: standing outside of Guys dorm, there was someone who looked like he was from beta house, holding a large box of something. He kicked on their door.

A bang on the door jolted Jarrah from his position leant against his door and the Yowie lept to his feet, half expecting more gunshots like those hours earlier. Another bang, accompanied by the rattling of the door woke Jarrah up completely and he made his way over to the entrance of the door.

"Hello?" The giant asked, opening the door a crack.

Sierra, whom had stop her experiments after burning her left arm in what amounts to a 'magical back fire' and was now in the kitchen running cold water on her arm, wrapped it in a wet towel and answered the door.

"I help you?" she asked the man in the suit as she weaved a simple enchantment with a short life into the towel to keep it cold and moist for a lot longer then it would have been other wise.


She'd kinda zoned out while playing with her little fireball, and as such was a little slow off the mark when somebody knocked on the door. In the time it took her to realize what the sound was, put the fire out, and get to her feet, Sierra had beaten her to the door.

"I help you?"

Still a bit on edge, Alicia dropped into a 'ready' posture without realizing it. Seeing the wet towel across Sierra's arm, she raised an eyebrow.


Having fallen asleep in front of the television Isaac's first response to the banging, was to flip himself off the couch and onto the floor, in an act of instinctual self-preservation.


Realizing there was no imminent attack he hopped to his feet, keeping a wary eye on the doorway, and the Aussie mountain currently blocking it.

The man standing outside the doorway of the girls dorm smiled as he was greeted by Sierra. "Ah, Sierra. You're taller than your teacher described you. I'm Birres Mahogany. And before you go impaling me on that enchanted toy of yours..." He said, flicking up a candy cigaret out of his pocket, into the air and catching it in his mouth. "I'm going to tell you that I'm a friend of one of the few friends you have down there." The man said, gesturing to the ground and his skin turning a dark red, small horns growing out of his skull and a spade tipped tail coming out of suit. "I'm also you're new dark arts tutor considering your teacher saw your extremely bored. So just call me Bill."

Frat boy beta was standing there, shaking and nervous from seeing the massive pile of man before him. "I... Uh.... Ummmm...." He said, lost at words. He was shaking and the feint scent of pizza wafted in from the the box as well. This was however, when rose walked out of her room, dressed in a tank top and cargo shorts, and to the door. "Oh cool, pizza bitch is here..." She said in her usual monotonous voice, politely moving the Aussie flesh train out of the way. The shinigami opened the door and pulled him inside, closing the door behind him and taking the large box and setting it on the counter. She opened it to reveal five boxes of pizza and opened the top one, which was only cheese. Then she went through them all, inspecting the toppings. Cheese, bacon, pepperoni, mushroom and one was topped with bacon ham and sausage.

"Good job PB, sit." She ordered him and pointed at the couch. He was paled and sat down quickly, nodding. "Guys, come get pizza." She said around the dorm room.

Jarrah cocked an eye at the Frat boy and walked over to the counter to grab a slice of pizza.

"He a friend of yours?" He asked Rose.

"No doubt this change in tune toward my powers being spurred on by the mornings events." She said, clearly not trusting this demon, not that she trusted any demon. "And since your here now, instead of greeting me at class I take it would be safe to assume the staff wish to start now, or, do my 'friends' like Seth want to get that ball rolling?"she said, now fully on her guard. She wasn't so naive to think just because he hadn't attacked yet, didn't mean he wasn't going to.

Jack had been sitting inside his room meditating. For the past night he had been making sure no one else came remotely near their dorm without him realizing. He was finally brought back to reality from Rose telling the guys to come get some pizza. He paled a bit at the mention of food, remembering how he got the food out of his body. It wasn't pretty. Then he had a thought 'I can pale? How is that possible?' He got up and quickly exited his room and saw the "pizza bitch" as Rose so eloquently put it.

"He a friend of yours?"

Was the first thing Jack heard as he walked towards them. As soon as he was within acceptable range he said "I'll pass on the pizza however I would like Jarrah's question answered."


When their new 'visitor' revealed what he was, Alicia nearly launched a pre-emptive strike. She figured her chances against a demon where somewhere on the low side of 'terrible'...but there was no way she would go down without a fight. When Sierra didn't go for her weapon, Alicia checked herself.


"Oh cool, pizza bitch is here..."

Heh...well at least it's something. He thought. Rose's near total lack of emotions was weirding him out a bit, not an easy thing to do to a changeling.

"Good job PB, sit."

"Oh and you even brought me dessert! How kind of you my dear." Isaac said in a sing-song voice, winking at the delivery boy. Shaking his ass, he sauntered over to the pizzas and looked at what was available. Pulling one slice from three different boxes, he stacked them together like a pizza 'sandwich', opened his mouth far wider than should be humanly possible, and ate the whole deal in three bites. "S'not bad..." He muttered as chewed.

"...I would like Jarrah's question answered."

"Boys, boys." He said as he swallowed, waving a hand at his two male roommates. "No need to so serious...Allow me." Walking back to the couch, he abruptly dropped himself onto the frat boy's lap, and wrapped an arm around his neck. "So," He said from only inches away. "Tell me all about yourself..."

In a flash, his hands went up in a defensive posture, Bill showing he wasn't going to hurt them. "Whoa... For the love of the beast, Sierra, there are a lot of people in hell who want you dead. Your reputation among those who would even consider working to help you isn't the most stable, killing an ally isn't the best way to go about making yourself a good looking risk. Well, you're already a prime target, but you got my point." He said, looking between the two girls. The demon swallowed and changed his appearance back to the gentlman like form.

"Now, I was contacted a few days ago to come and assist you since your current teacher could see your weren't going anywhere. I'm here to help you and even give knowledge on demons so you can better prepare yourself. Again, as to why I'm here, specifically at this moment, I figured I'd come meet you so come Monday, things would not be so rough. Please try me, I can even tend to your arm if you'd like me to. I know a bit of healing magic." He added to his previous a tatements.

The guy seemed completely scared. "I... Ummm..." He began, but he slithered out of the grasp, quite literally. His lowered body slid down the couch and the shapeshifter seemed to not move as the frat boy turned into a male viper naga, cowering in fear and using rose as a sort of barrier between him and the rest of the group.
"Nah, he made the mistake of making a cat call at me... I got him to now be my pizza bitch." She responded and added to the guys, her voice still the same as it ever was. "Odd, he doesn't talk much." She added as well.

Tomas watch the whole scene took place. Trying not to smile at the whole thing as it was funny to see the beta male squirm around by his roommates. Sitting at the other end as he open up the box and pull out a slice of pizza. Starting to eat it while they still pick on him.

"So he your pizza bitch. Does that mean we'll get free pizza from now on?"

Mirabelle had since started reading a book again after her chat, having moved from the window to a chair. She had an idea about using some of her leftover phosphorus for something...probably a lamp or some other light source, but she was having trouble finding a good active element to heat it up. Still, she kept an open mind for anything else she could use it for. She became so ingrossed in her search, that she failed to hear the door knocking, not paying attention until she heard Sierra talking.

Mira stood up and took a peak at the man she was talking to. He didn't look too bad...but considering he was a demon, she didn't think he'd last too long with Sierra around...if he was a threat, that is. Still, he didn't seem like one so she didn't bother getting ready to fight. She stood at the ready anyways, ready and willing to help out if need be.

Sierra groaned in irritation "I swear if I ever find that asshole Karis, I'm flaying his worthless carcass for putting me in this position ..." she semi muttered to her self as she invited him in. "Well, since you seem a bit more loose lipped then Seth, mind telling WHY demons are so pissed at Karis, as I assume this whole situation is a 'sins of the father are the sins of the child' kind of bullshit, must have been something pretty bad if they're calling me a 'traitor' when I've never even been 'down there' to swear loyalty to anyone." This was something she'd wanted to know for a long time and figured it was a good place to start if he was really here to help.

"As for my arm, it'll be fine, we have a whole fraternity here no one really cares what happens to so long as no one ends up dead, and it has been a few days since I reminded them of they're place, think I'll go make a 'withdraw' a little later to fix my arm." She said, with slightly more sinister edge then she'd intended.

He scratched the back of his neck. "There's not much left to know. it's hate mostly carried on for the simple fact you're even related to the guy in any way shape or form. Now, i'm not at too much liberty to speak about things cause it's not my place to do so. But to be realistic about why they hate you, the most prominent info is that he tried to kill the king. Hell is well... hell as humans would put it. things constantly changing and you get your promotion by putting your knife through your superior or his superior decides you'd do a better job. I left a while ago, so i've only had contact with Seth..." he explained, and shuttered at the mention of the name.

"The guy can be trusted to a point, but i wouldn't put it past him being allies with you for the "enemy of my enemy is my ally" type deal. He never talks on the topic of why he's helping you, but he also doesn't think very highly of the current king down there none the less." He said and walked into the room, hands now clasped together on the back of his neck. "Now, i'm not here about the demons, if i was, i wouldn't have made myself known to you." Berres explained to them and sat on the couch. "I'm a professor of dark magic and know a lot about the stuff. take a seat and just bring forth the mana, don't actually use it or anything, i just want to observe it.

She shrugged and gave the guy the $40 yen equivilant and pointed to the door. he took it gratefully and slithered/ran off. "I may be harsh and cold, but i'm not a bitch..." she said to Thomas, giving him a blank stare and eating the pizza.

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