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"Yeah I got that 'trust him at arms length' vibe when I talked to him as well" Sierra said as she sat down across from the couch. It wasn't much she'd gotten from Bill, but it was more then she had before, and and attempted Regicide was at least understandable.

Sierra complied with his request to call bring her dark powers out. The illusion surrounding her dropped of it's own accord and the whole of her body seemed to to darken, in fact the whole room seemed to darken, in fact, the only thing that seemed to be allowed to produce light unhindered was the gold glow of her eyes. "Please do be quick about your examination, I don't generally like calling these powers up with out a valid threat around to use them on" she said, as she waited for this demon to get what he needed, though it accrued to her, this would be the first time Mirabelle or Alicia had seen her use these powers, so part of her wondered what they though of them.

Sierra seemed to think Bill wasn't an immediate threat considering that she didn't stop him from coming in and sitting down. He even seemed to give her some information that she was looking for, considering her response so that was good. Seeing as how she wouldn't be needed, Mirabelle sat down again, getting back to her reading as Bill and Sierra started doing their test.

Of course, she had to stop when Sierra actually began using her dark power. Mirabelle didn't acount for her Dark powers to be...well, dark. She looked up to see if there was anyplace to go while they conducted their test...only to have her jaw drop (metaphorically, her face didn't seem to move in reality) at how Sierra's powers were manifesting. She got up and moved around, ending up near Bill as she observed the girl, taking special note of the fact that light was radiating from Sierra's eyes, her face taking a quizzical look as she remembered to move it.

"Does that light in your eyes hurt? Does it have any effect on your vision?"


Since Sierra seemed okay with this 'guy', Alicia eased up a bit. Apparently they were talking about some of the 'trouble' Sierra had touched on a while back, but most of what they said went right over her head. When Sierra dropped her illusion, Alicia was a bit surprised; Sierra was rarely her true self. It's a shame...she looks pretty badass like that. She thought.

The light in the room dimming, however was a new one. "What the...?" She muttered, looking about. It was a sunny day, and the curtains to the room's front window were open, but the sunlight seemed to almost stop at the sill. Raising a hand, she lit a fireball and was more than a little startled when it didn't seem to cast any appreciable light. "Okay, that's just creepy."


"Aw, I don't bite." Isaac called out as the delivery boy/snake made his escape. "Unless you ask me to at least." That just seemed to make the other guy move faster in his retreat. "Some people are just no fun." He huffed, snagging a fourth slice of pizza.

Polishing off his food, he glanced over at Rose. "So,Abal how did you make him your bitch? Threats? Bribery? Blackmail?"

Sierra snickered at Alicia's reaction, and could not stop her self "What the matter Pyro? Afraid of the dark ..." she said in a creepy tone, even adding an 'evil chuckle' at the end of it. Course that was quickly dropped "Joking a side, it's pretty cool isn't it? Um ... what light?" Sierra directing the last bit toward Mirabelle, as she really had no idea what she was talking about as her wings stretched a little and her tail swayed lazily behind her.

"people act quickly when they see what is their soul being drawn out of their body before their eyes." Rose said and kept on eating, her tone cold in contrast to the hot pizza.

Birres looked at her and placed a hand on his shoulder, closing his eyes. he sat this way for a minute before he let go and opened his eyes. "Well." he began, gesturing to her that she could relax. "First off, your eyes glow when you're in this form. next, the issue is your demon side doesn't play well with your human side, your human side being the dominating entity in mind and soul." he explained to Sierra and leaned back on the couch.

"It's always going to cause damage since you've only been taught, if at all, to channel you demonic magic like a human. You've hardwired yourself to instinctively draw the magic this way and any application of any serious force will cause damage, there is no reverse to it. i'm sorry. However, it's my job to turn a spell that can make your fully functioning hand into a crippled and only bone and ligament disfigurement, into an amount of pain with no real effects besides you blacking out. No promises on how far we can actually progress or if i'll be able to remove physical consequences. I will try to teach you how to wield the magic like a demon and lessen your current issue." Bill finished an let her respond as she saw fit.

Sierra stopped 'radiating' her energy's and as they receded the light started to flow back into the room, and as she the glow to her eyes becoming far less noticeable, she did not however re-establish her illusion just yet. Didn't really want to, and she really didn't see the need to at a school like this, but she listened to Bill's explanation of 'what was wrong with her', it didn't really surprise her the problem was the human and demon in her not getting along, still, "Nothing to have been done other wise, by the time I started really using my powers, I was fighting off demons. It was ether deal with the pain and push through, or die."

Something then popped in to her head "If the two sides don't play well, then why can I weave enchantments for hours upon hours on end with no ill side effects, ya know, barring an aether back fire..." she asked, rubbing her still toweled arm


"What the matter Pyro? Afraid of the dark .."

Alicia replied with a laugh, and a middle finger balancing a fireball. "Kiss my ass hellspawn...don't make me get the holy water." As the room go brighter again, she snuffed the fireball and stretched. "Well since there seems to be people moving about know, I'm gonna hit the campus's better than nothing." She hated the place since it was usually filled with frat boys working on their uselessly showy bulk; but after what'd just happened, it was probably better not to leave the grounds just yet.


"People act quickly when they see that is their soul being drawn out of their body before their eyes."

"Ah, so a threat then." He replied, stating to rummage around the kitchen for a drink. "Assuming they got over the shock of it all, I think you'd've gotten on well with my minders...Father had a tendency to hire 'hard' men for the job; you know ex-SAS or Spetsnaz types." Ending his fruitless search for what he wanted, he sighed and looked over at Jarrah. "Say big guy...since Oz isn't too far away, you ever tried any Japanese beer? Is it worth drinking?"

"Um ... what light?"

"Like Bill said, your eyes seemed to radiate light while everything else darkened." Mirabelle said quickly, taking note of the fact that she didn't know that her eyes did so and as such, must have had no effect on her vision. She was a bit disappointed that there was no noticable effect on her vision...but she didn't mind that if it meant that her eyes didn't hurt like the rest of her apparently did.

She stood back and sat down, getting out of Bill and Sierra's way but not wanting to leave just yet. Truth be told, she was interested in what else could be learned from these two, and if they could find a way to stop Sierra from feeling pain in the wake of using her abilities.

Jarrah smirked at Isaac's antics and the Naga-Frat Boy's obvious discomfort, even as he slithered off. He half listened to the shapeshifter's reminiscing as he mainly focussed on snagging the biggest slices of pizza, at least until Isaac adressed him directly.

"You ever tried any Japanese beer? Is it worth drinking?"

"You know, I can't say that I have." Jarrah answered through a mouthful of pizza. "Might have to hit up some of the local bars some time and find out."


She was half way out the door, when she stopped. No, this is going to eat at me unless I try again... With a bit of a sigh, she stepped back into the room and headed for Ohka's door. As she knocked on the door, she grimaced a bit when she saw the pink staining in the bandages, where blood was soaking through.

Not getting a response from her knocks, Alicia slowly opened the door, and spied a figure curled up on the bed. At first she thought Ohka was asleep, until she saw a red-rimmed eye peeking out from behind her dishevelled hair. "Hi...I'm sorry for snapping at you. I know we haven't known each other that long, but I know you wouldn't do those things you said..."


"You know, I can't say that I have. Might have to hit up some of the local bars some time and find out."

"Now THAT sounds like a capital idea." Isaac replied with smile. "You know what makes a pub crawl better? When you have a smart, young, attractive, and obscenely wealthy fellow to finance it all..." Putting on his best 'Cheshire Cat' grin, he went over and put an arm around the titanic Aussie. "Fortunately for you, I happen to know just such a guy."

Ohka looked up at her. it was clear that she had been cry for a while, and would be now if she had any tears left. "I hate it... it's so unfair..." she said looking up at Alicia. "I miss her already..." she said, curling up tighter as if to make room for the other girl to sit. "i accept your apology... it just hurts so much... i'm sorry..."

Birres looked at her and shrugged. "You don't need dark mana to weave enchantments. think of your human side as a mana filter. normal mana used for general magics, ones that can be learned, are accepted through easily. But when you draw up the dark mana, it's like trying to fit a square into a circle hole. sure you get it through, but not without a lot of pushing, shoving and damage along the way. We might be able to create a work around, but i'll need time to analyze and compose something." the demon said to Sierra rather relaxed.

Rose shrugged as she watched the antics. "I haven't drank before. maybe getting something to drink in terms of alcohol would be nice." The shinigami agreed with her cold voice and took a step or two towards the Aussie mountain and shapeshifter.

'So my Enchantments are from my human side then, explains why their more useful over all' Sierra thought as Bill explained the differences in how her body handles the different energy's. "So when do we get started?" Sierra, while hesitant to trust this, or any demon, wasn't about to turn down help if it meant 'fixing' her problem.

Tomas was listening to the others talk as he ate another slice of pizza. Not sure if going out and drinking would be the wises of ideas. "Are we sure that is the best course of action? Going out to a bar to get drunk does not sound very...logical at the moment."

Wondering if they all forgetten about what happen not to long ago. Though he did guess they have to find some way to loosen up, but something more fitting then going to a bar.


"I hate it... it's so unfair... I miss her already... I accept your apology... it just hurts so much... I'm sorry..."

"I know it's unfair." Alicia replied, sitting beside Ohka. "And you've got nothing to really apologize for, we all say...or do...things we don't necessarily mean when we're angry." Reaching over, she wrapped her bandaged are around Ohka's shoulders.


"I haven't drank before. Maybe getting something to drink in terms of alcohol would be nice."

"Well that's the spirits!" Isaac said, beaming at Rose. He was about to turn his attention to Jack and Tomas, but Tomas beat him to the punch.

"Are we sure that is the best course of action? Going out to a bar to get drunk does not sound very...logical at the moment."

His grin dropped, and he gave the half-breed a sour look. "Well aren't you the rain cloud on a sunny day..." He said. "But to answer your question...I have no bloody idea, but probably not; and as for logic? We're going to raise a pint or three to the departed. A tradition I picked up from a couple of Scottish friends back home. Don't get all weepy and morose when somebody dies...get your mates, hit up a pub, and drink to the memories of the departed if you know'em, and to their honour if you don't."

"Well that's the spirits!" Jarrah chuckled (or at least, did the closest thing to a chuckle with a mouthful of pizza) at Isaac's pun, intentional or not. Like the shapeshifter he too was about to ask if Tomas and Jack were game, only for the half-dragon to voice his view on the subject.
"Going out to a bar to get drunk does not sound very...logical at the moment."

And for Isaac to voice his rebuttal and when the shapeshifter had finished Jarrah gave his own. "Nothing about this day has been very 'logical' and fuck honestly I don't want to sit around here all day eating pizza and feeling sad."

Hearing both of them as he close his eyes and think it over. Perhaps they all needed to release some stress as he sigh and open up his eyes once more. "Very well. I'm sure someone needs to keep a eye on all of you anyways." Giving in to the idea of going out. Not sure if he will drink all that much but doing something instead of staying here all day and night does sound more fun.

"Anyone know where to go to for our drinks?" He ask as hope it isn't to far from the school. He rather not have to carry anyone home today if they drink themselves out cold.

Birres shrugged. "I'll need to formulate some ideas because of right now, i only know what the issue is. i'll need to figure out how to reroute your power. in the meantime, please refrain from using your dark energy." he said then looked around at the rest of the girls that were in sight. "If you are hungry, i'm more than willing to treat you girls to somewhere. I know it's hard to trust demons, but i haven't actually been in hell for quite some time. to damn hectic and prone to betrayal and death down there." he said, relaxing into the couch.

Ohka leaned against Alicia, wanting to stay close to someone. "I don't know what to do now... i'm afraid those i'll get close to will die..." the girl said to alicia. "how do you cheer up? i don't want to stay like this..." she said, head still burried in her knees. She wasn't sparking from her powers, which was a good thing, right?

Rose looked around. "Well, i don't know where we could go drink. i am not in the know of these sorts of things." she said, clearly for drinking. "Maybe i could use my soul vision to find a local bar. i'm sure if i searched for messed up souls i could locate one." rose suggested. "Give me a minute, i shall go get dressed properly." she said to them, before walking into the room, leaving the door open but changing out of site so she could hear them.


"I don't know what to do now... I'm afraid those I'll get close to will die... How do you cheer up? I don't want to stay like this..."

Alicia squeezed Ohka tight when she leant against her. "If you spend all your time worrying about what might happen, you'll drive yourself crazy and end up just being alone." Almost without realizing it she cracked a smile. "And what's the point in going crazy if you can't have someone to share it with?" She said, ruffling Ohka's hair with her bandaged hand. "As for how I deal with shit like this? I usually go beat the hell out of some poor defenceless punching bags...or know-it-all beginners if I was at my dad's gym."


"Nothing about this day has been very 'logical' and fuck honestly I don't want to sit around here all day eating pizza and feeling sad."

"You know Jarrah; the longer I know you, the more I like you." Issac grinned. "As to where, let me worry about the details." Releasing Jarrah, he dug his cell out of a pocket, and made a couple of calls. The first was a fairly long one delivered in rapid fire Farsi, and the second was shorter but delivered in halting Japanese. "Okay, we'll have essential supplies in 10 and a ride in 15...I you want to change, go for it, but I wasn't thinking of going anywhere that has a 'dress code'."

Thankfully Sierra and Birres weren't getting too technical with their discussion of differing energies, letting Mirabelle follow along and understand as well. It was interesting to hear how the two energies worked within a human body and was a good thing to learn, even if it was non-applicable to her.

They seemed to have finished up soon enough, and with that, she was prepared to go back into her room...until Birres offered to take them out for food. She really had to wonder if this was going to be a regular thing, but if they wanted to pay and have her eat then she wouldn't stop them.

"Well...i don't need to eat so you don't need to get me anything but if the others are going, i'll go." She said, looking at Birres and Sierra and awaiting her answer.

Sierra snickered a bit when Birres said the demon realm was full of back stabbing, both literal and figurative. "Way to instill trust in those 'friends' I supposedly have down there" She snarked, she didn't trust them regardless but his comment certainly didn't didn't help "Anyway, if the others are up for it, sure"

Jack simply stood there during the duration of the conversation before Isaac said

"Okay, we'll have essential supplies in 10 and a ride in 15...I you want to change, go for it, but I wasn't thinking of going anywhere that has a 'dress code'."

Right after he spoke Jack replied "Well since you have it all planned out i'll just sit on this chair and wait." There was a soft thud as he landed on said chair and got comfortable. "Just let me know when we're leaving."

"You know Jarrah; the longer I know you, the more I like you."

"The wonders of friendship at work." Jarrah said, giving Isaac a clap on the shoulder. The Yowie snagged the last slice of pizza as Isaac talked away on his mobile and nodded at the mention of getting changed. "'s a good idea actually, gimme a mo."

Jarrah walked into his room, and emerged a few minutes later wearing a white shirt, denim jacket and khaki cargo pants. "So, what exactly do you mean by 'essential supplies'?" He asked Isaac.

"I am fine as I am." Tomas noted as he was still sitting down. "And I would also like to know what 'supplies' you are talking about..and where did you plan on taking us?" Hoping it wasn't going to be a big thing that Isaac plan out as Tomas never like large crowds.

"Anyway, if the others are up for it, sure"

"Alright, so the two of us are basically confirmed to be going...i will go and see if Alicia wants to go out or if Ohka is in any condition to..."

Mirabelle squeezed past the two of them and headed for Ohka's room. She hoped that asking Ohka if she wanted to come along wasn't too rude, especially since she had just lost someone close to her. Knocking on it a couple of times, she opened it up a little and said, "Um...i just wanted to ask, Birres is inviting us out for food. I think he's trying to endear himself to us, or rather Sierra, since he is a demon and all. Anyways, i wanted to ask if you two wanted to come?"


"Um...i just wanted to ask, Birres is inviting us out for food. I think he's trying to endear himself to us, or rather Sierra, since he is a demon and all. Anyways, I wanted to ask if you two wanted to come?"

Alicia looked up as Mira knocked. "So we trusting him then?" She asked, before turning her attention back to Ohka. "So, you up for that, or would you rather stay here?"


Chuckling a bit as Jack dropped into a chair, he then switched to an overly dramatic 'hurt' look when Tomas and Jarrah both questioned him on the 'supplies' *Humph* "It's like you don't even trust me or something." He pouted. "And as for where we're going...don't have a bloody clue yet." The last bit was said with a mischievous smile.

Moments later his phone started ringing. "And that would be the 'supplies'." He said as he answered the call. Another brief conversation in Farsi resulted in a knocking at the door. Isaac opened the door to reveal a serious looking Japanese fellow in a suit, with a briefcase cuffed to his wrist, flanked by two equally serious looking Arab men in suits; each one with a Saudi Arabian flag pin on their lapels, and a suspect bulge under their left arms.

A hushed conversation in Japanese resulted in the case carrier producing a small tablet from his coat that Isaac signed, before one of the guard produced a key and unlocked the cuff, so the carrier could hand the case to Isaac. Thanking the men in their respective languages, he then closed the door and headed into the living room. Placing the case on the coffee table, he entered a combination into the latches and opened the case.

Inside were crisp American $100 bills in $10,000 stacks. Pulling out eight stacks of bills, he tossed two to Jack, Jarrah, and Tomas, setting the final stacks aside for Rose. "How's that for 'supplies'...and there's always more where that came from."

"I guess i'll come along..." Ohka said, getting up. She actually had some blood on her clothing now that she was in better light, but she never saw it or didn't pay attention. "Where are we going?" she asked, looking between the two of them. Ohka was looking a tinybit better.

Rose came back out in a red tank top and a pair of grey cargo pants. "Hope it is not too fancy." she said coldly coming out, slipping on a black hoodie jacket. "If we are going to head out to somewhere, i'd suggest somewhere local and small. This is japan, not America where heading to small local bars is a death wish." she responded. "Maybe a karaoke place. It's a japanese thing about getting drunk and singing music..." she said quietly.

"So we trusting him then?"

Mirabelle stopped for a moment, thinking before saying, "I guess? Maybe not but Sierra seems ok with it so i'd go with yes."

"Where are we going?"

Mirabelle was happy that Ohka was willing to come along instead of burying herself in her room. Whatever Sierra and Alicia did or said to help her seems to have worked. Still, she had a good question...just where were they going?

" sé? Birres hasn't said yet...i'll go ask."

She closed the door slightly and walked back down the hall. Getting back into the living room, she turned to Birres and Sierra and said, "Well, they're willing to go...though they did ask a good question. Might i ask where we're going?"

"Well...that happen." Tomas noted after the guys left after delivering the case. He would then catch the money that Isaac toss at him and counted it out. Wondering how easily he could just get the money just like that. Wishing something like this could happen to his mother for all the hard work she done.

He put that thought aside for now as he knew bringing up any more depressing news wouldn't help them in the matter at the moment. "Thanks" Tomas said as he held on to the money while Rose offer some places to head out to. Listening to drunks at the karaoke always did sound fun.

The stack of money simply bounced off Jack's face as he made no attempt to grab it. It landed on his lap and he simply stared at Isaac before sighing. He slowly picked up the money and placed it inside his hoodie "pocket" although said pocket was actually just a small pouch he made in his being.

"Well there's the supplies but wheres the ride?" He questioned in a slightly amused tone.

Jarrah was at a loss for words. He had never seen, let alone held this much money before, and at the moment the weight of the twin stacks in his hand seemed almost unreal.
"Holy shit." He muttered, before looking at Isaac. "You really expect us to need this much?"

Birres looked up at mirabel and shrugged. "i guess we could try a burger joint. i hear the japenese are into some of that vintage american stuff." he said, not sure where they might eat. "We'll go walking through town and grab something to eat. just don't wear any school related stuff. After this morning, i'd rather not have anything else happen." he said and Just at this moment, the head female dorm supervisor opened the door. "I heard a male voice in here." she said, glaring around.

Then her eyes laid on birres and soon enough, he was up on his feet and infront of her, both hands in his own. "how about we get something to eat." he suggest. Miss O's eyes sort of softened and she agreed. "Sure, some food sounds good. You girls coming, right?" she asked cheerily.

Rose took the money and put it into her pockets. "So... i assume karaoke is what we're doing?" she asked, looking around with her standard stoic look.


"I guess? Maybe not but Sierra seems ok with it so I'd go with yes."

" for me." Alicia sighed as she stood up. As Ohka, got into better light, she saw the staining and reached out to stop the other girl. "Ummm, you might want to change first." She said quietly, drawing Ohka's attention to the mess on her clothes. Leaving Ohka to get changed, she stepped back into the main room while she waited for the others to decide on food, she really wasn't picky.

"I heard a male voice in here."

"Considering we're all of legal age, why does it matter?" She said, with a bit of an edge. Miss O, whom she considered a glorified hall monitor at best, had given her grief over her 'too revealing' clothes and her use of an exposed steel beam as a chip up bar...those things could support TONS, her skinny ass certainly wasn't going to be an issue.


"Hope it is not too fancy...Maybe a karaoke place. It's a Japanese thing about getting drunk and singing music..."

"No, wasn't thinking anywhere too high-end, those places are just full of shallow assholes and I got enough of those dealing with English 'high society'; I like the karaoke idea though." He said, squaring the case away. Isaac missed Jack's lack of catching the money, but he did catch the question.

"Well there's the supplies but where's the ride?"

"Good question, but it should be along shortly."

"Holy shit. You really expect us to need this much?"

He gave Jarrah a slightly-to-wide grin. "Well if you think you can go for it! If you can' big deal." Isaac was pretty good at reading people, a necessary talent for a shapeshifter, and he could see the big Aussie's surprise at the wad of cash. "And seriously don't worry about the cash. When I said I was grotesquely rich I wasn't kidding. In the time it took the bank to bring this case, I made twice that in interest off my 'liquid' savings, and five or six times that off my investments..."

"So... I assume karaoke is what we're doing?"

"Sounds like a plan." He said, as his phone chirped. Looking at the text message, he smiled. "Ah, our ride awaits!" Grabbing the case, he shepherded everyone out of the dorms and to the main parking area, where their ride waited. While everyone else got on-board, he had a quick word with the driver, in regards to a good karaoke bar. After tipping the man a stack of bill, Isaac to boarded the limo, and they were off.

Twenty minutes later, they pulled up in front of a bustling place, where they were quickly escorted to a large VIP booth while a trio of drunken office workers slurred their way through 'I'll Stand By You' in bad engrish. Once everyone was seated, Isaac ordered a round of beer, and toasted the group. "Here's to us! May our drunken antics be hilarious!"

"I heard a male voice in here."

"Oh good ... your here now ...." Sierra said in a ice cold manner as Miss O came in, though she was rather quickly dealt with by Berris. She smirked a little when she saw him placate her so quickly "If you wanna take her out back and give her the good hard fucking she's clearly not getting, the whole dorm would thank you for it." Sierra and Miss o had gotten off on the wrong foot since day 1 and since have only really worked to like each other less, the last time that they clashed was when Sierra came back to the dorm dripping the blood of some Beta, who had made then mistake of bragging about his high speed regeneration and telling her exactly how to kill him. He be came very aware of just how much he could live through, be fore she left him to pull him self together. Miss O was pissed she was making a mess on the rug and Sierra blew her off saying she can't really clean up out side.

Though now going to that extreme was probably a bad idea given what happened this morning. "We should go find one of those Karaoke joints Japan is so famous for, nothing high end mind you, but still, we should."

Tomas couldn't believe how fast Isaac got everything for them or how much he was spending on just one night. Feeling he could probably be using his money for something else a bit better but held his tongue, now his right to judge people on how they spent their money.

Grabbing his beer and drinking down some of it already after the toast. He didn't fully like the taste but he would finish it and perhaps order something he would like. Tomas would pick up the song list and look through it as he drinks his beer.

"Sure, some food sounds good. You girls coming, right?"

"Uh...well, yes." Mirabelle said, worried a bit about Miss O coming along. Specifically, she was worried about what would happen between her and the trouble team of Sierra and Alicia, especially since they were starting to get an attitude ude with her already (well, more of an attitude.) Still, it may not be too bad, she doubted that either group wanted to ruin this night, especially after what happened this morning, so they may let a little more slide this time. Probably not, considering her friends responses, but one could hope.

"We should go find one of those Karaoke joints Japan is so famous for, nothing high end mind you, but still, we should."

"Um...i thought Japan was famous for it's technology but ok, i'm good with that. It will be a good way to learn what Karaoke is."

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