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"you didn't answer our new friend's question here." "Just thought I would wait until I learn about you two. And you didn't even answer my question. I want to know what you are. What sort of monster." he said as he then added "And to start off I am part dragon. Mother was human and Father was the dragon. Never knew what she saw in him from the stories she told me about him..."

"And to start off I am part dragon."

Jarrah let out a low whistle, "Part dragon huh? That sounds interesting."

He looked around the room for a moment, and dropped his backpack on the ground next to him.

"I'm a Yowie." Jarrah started, "I could explain it but it would be easier to just show you."

Jarrah closed his eyes and muttered something under his breath. Nothing happened for several moments, then all of a sudden the hair that reached down to his back began to pull back into his head, while his stubble grew rapidly and expanded to cover his entire face in a layer of short red hair. The hair on his arms, and though the other two couldn't see it, all over his body, began to grow out as well. At the same time his facial features started to rearrange themselves and he rocketed upwards until the top of his head brushed the ceiling.

With a ripping sound, all of his clothes gave way to his expanding body, except for the wristband on his right wrist.

"Cool, huh?" He said in a slightly deeper voice as he removed what remained of his cloths.

While the Yowie was transforming, Jack stared on analyzing this new information. He mildly looked like a werewolf but he would assume Jarrah would be insulted if he asked if they were related.

'Must have cost a lot to buy clothes... since he rips them every time he transforms' Jack thought to himself.

"Cool, huh?"

"Definitely interesting to say the least" he said while staring at his new dorm buddy's actual form.

He continued sitting as he said "I am a shadow being or person, as the humans have come to know my species as. I could go into my form but it takes quite a bit of concentration to form back into this 'human' form. So for now I will remain the way I am."

"Impressive" Tomas would say as he look over the 'monster' form of Jarrah. "Though never heard of the Yowie before..should look them up sometime." Thinking of when he would be able to get to the library this week. "And it's alright if you don't want to transform Jack. I'm sure we will all see it later during classes. I myself not going to transform yet since I fully can't control it. I rather not get kick out of the school for killing my roommates."

"I... I'm sorry.... I've never... seen something like that in the real world. I... I'm a half elf and have this thing where I can..."

"Hey are you o-HOLY SHIT!" Alicia said, as she watched Ohka go out the window. She was right behind Mirabelle as they made their way down to check on the pale girl.

"Are you ok?"

As Ohka got to her feet, Alicia was looking between her and the window she'd just come out of. "More importantly HOW are you okay? I mean, I'm in really good shape, and I could probably make that an emergency, but there is no way in hell I'd get out of it uninjured." She shook her head in disbelief. Unless the school spontaneously turns into pudding or something, I don't think anything else can surprise me...

Jack smiled unnervingly wide before saying "well, your certainly welcome to try..." He then stood up and walked towards the kitchen. He started looking at what was in the small kitchen (I'm assuming its small) before saying "what day does it happen to be? I loose track of time after awhile."

He then remembered his manners. "Thank you by the way... for respecting my desire not to "transform." That is the term is it not?"

"Th-thanks for the concern..." Ohka commented to the group as she was held up. "I'm sorry i scared everyone or concerned you... I guess you could call me an energy converter... i can as of now turn kinetic energy into potential energy... so i took the fall damage an made it into potential energy instead of letting my body absorb it as kinetic..." she explained as electricity jumped from her eyelashes to her eyes and she began to slowly spark all over.

"Oh godess...." she said and pulled out her phone, closing her eyes an focusing on the device. Soon enough, the battery was charging and the sparking on her body began to fade. "But i can only take so much..." Ohka finished, not looking up at the group and felt bad for scaring them.

"Well...i'm sorry for causing you to get dizzy and fall out. If i had given you some warning then maybe it wouldn't have happened...", Mirabelle said, not blinking for a bit. She was a bit lost in thought at the sight of Ohka sparking. As far as she knew, she was at least electricity resistant but was she sure? Metal is a conductor of electricity, after all and the more that passes through you, the more damage you least, if Dr. Archambault had taught her correctly. She wasn't really worried about her body, being more concerned about how it could affect the Alchemical Soul...

She decided to file it away under the (mental) folder LET'S NOT FIND OUT, after all, she shouldn't be on the receiving end of a shock as far as she knew...right? It didn't seem like Ohka was going to go out of her way to zap her anyways. In fact, she seemed to look depressed, guilty even...

Mirabelle knew almost nothing about comforting people but she felt like she had to do something to help so, hesitantly and thinking it over, she put her hand on Ohka's shoulder and said, "Hey, don't worry about it. It was an accident. Let's just go back upstairs and pretend it didn't happen, especially since nothing bad came from it."

Kaylee tapped out another message and showed it to Ohka, making sure to keep it a bit farther away from the still sparking elf, not wanting to risk losing her only form of communication that didn't involve charades. She was never really good at the game to begin with... "Right... Like Mirabelle said, let's just let this go. We're all happy you're alright." She smiled as she showed Ohka the message, hoping the girl would feel a little less shy because of it.

Sierra's flight had landed, having been delayed by more then two hours due to weather and as she waited in baggage claim for her luggage she was kinda heated about it. It was a rare thing when she gave a shit about some one else schedule, but this was one of those times where she wanted to be on time, if what she'd read was correct, this school was the best bet to finding out some of the answer she was after. Her bags arrived, a good sized back pack and a duffel bag and soon she was out the doors and flagging down a cab to get to the school.

As the cab drove down the streets a figure watched from the roof tops, seeming to be very interested in the cabs occupant. It started to give chase how ever was stopped when it came face to face with a beautiful 'Asian' woman, dressed in a ceremonial kimono, her hands crossed in her sleeves "Why are you here? I already reported in the target would be delayed." she said nothing, and simply uncrossed her arms, pulling her clawed and deformed hands from her sleeves, in one her hands a crystal. The crystal lit up, projecting a hologram of a large, vulture like demon. "You are to disregard your orders and return at once. His Majesty would leave the betrayer be for now, the impending war and conquest of the northern realm being of greater import then this half breed reincarnation, as such, I have another task for you." The assassin growled in disapproval as the cab turned a corner and left it's field of view "Understood m'lord, I shall return at once."

The cab came to a stop out side the gates a few minutes later, Sierra collected her things, paid the cabby and headed down the main path to the administration building and right up to the receptionists desk, which seemed vacant at the moment, so she rang the bell and waited after setting her bags down.

Ohka smiled and took the assistance, getting up on her feat. She blushed and looked downwards. "Umm... thank you all. I appreciate that..." she said, still bein shy, but was clearly opening up a bit more to the group. "I've always lived inside and kept to myself... i think my room can explain me more than i can..." she said and gestured for the group to start walking back inside the complex.

A upperclassman walked by the office and noticed her standing there. HE seemed larger, arrogant, was wearing aviators and a popped collar shirt. "HEY BABE!" he shouted in and had a half drunken face. "IT'S DORM ROOM ASSIGNMENT DAY! GET TO CLASS FRESHIE OR I MIGHT JUST HAVE TO TAKE YOU BACK TO BETA HOUSE!" he shouted half drunk. It was apparent she'd need to head to the female dorms.

"Thank you by the way... for respecting my desire not to "transform." That is the term is it not?"

"Hey, no problem mate." Jarrah picked up his back and what was left of his clothes and walked over to the nearest bedroom. Seeing it was unoccupied, he walked inside and emerged a few minutes later in human form, now wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and shorts. He grabbed the TV remote and threw himself on the couch, entertaining himself by flicking through the channels.

As Ohka began to walk back, Kaylee discreetly raised an eyebrow. ...Wonder what's she's got in there then... No wonder she's so pale then... And how the hell do you stay sane staying indoors? That's like... the definition of a boring life... More thoughts of the like crossed her mind as she followed the pale elf into the complex.

"Okay.", Mirabelle said as she started walking with the group, somewhat lost in her own thought. She wondered what would be inside the girl's room...probably mementos from home, similar to her...assuming she ever unpacked that is. She thought of the things that she had brought for her room, a bunch of alchemical tools (a lot of which she knew nothing about but was hoping to learn), some books (both on alchemy and in general)...and her father's journal. She didn't know why she brought it, but she knew that it had been important to him so it was important to her.

Once they got to the Dorm room, she walked ahead and opened the door, letting them all in. She wanted to go get the journal, to keep it by her side...but she considered it rude. Besides, she could get it after she saw Ohka's room.

"Thank you by the way... for respecting my desire not to "transform." That is the term is it not?"

"It is" Tomas said as he ignored the other the little comment he made. He didn't feel like starting a argument already on the first day of meeting these two. They are going to be his roommate for the rest of his school year most likely. He saw Jarrah pick up his stuff and left to change back into his human form. Seeing him come out in a unbutton Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Shaking his head slightly as Tomas got up and head into the kitchen. Wondering if they have anything to drink here yet or if he would have to go out and get something from the school's kitchen.

Sierra gave this drunken moron a short glance out of the corner of her eye, before just looking for and finding a map of the school, "Yes, where I'm sure a fine evening of being drugged up and gang raped awaits" which she then stuffed it in her back pocket. "and name is not 'babe'." she started as she summoned her sword, drew it, made two quick slashes at him, and started sheathed it again "It is Sierra Talon, do remember it next time, drunk or not." her sword now fully sheathed, the 'click' accompanied by his aviators and collar falling off him. "and you shouldn't pop your collar up and wear aviator sunglasses, alone they make you look like a tool, together, they make me want to hurt you, badly." she added as she collected her bags and left the drunken fool behind.

It took her little time to find the girls dorm once she knew where she was going, still she couldn't help but look around, not for the drunkard, if if she didn't put it past him to try something. Drunks are hardly reasonable, but he wasn't her concern. It had been awhile since the last attack, long breaks between attack usually meant something worse then normal was coming, and it had her on edge as such, she had her sheathed sword in hand.

But she arrived at the dorm, and stood in the main meting area, hall thing, she wasn't sure what to call it, but she was there. "Hello" she said to whom she presumed to be working for the school, she had the air about her. "I'm Sierra Talon, sorry for being late."

"Umm... thank you all. I appreciate that... I've always lived inside and kept to myself... I think my room can explain me more than I can..."

Alicia was about to follow the others when she stopped and shook her head, remembering something. "While I'd love to see this out, I remembered I should really make a run to my storage locker...I don't even have a change of clothes with me at the moment." She said, blushing slightly at the thought of forgetting something so important.

Nodding to her new room-mates, she took off at a brisk run. "Be back is ten or fifteen...tops." She shouted back over her shoulder. Fortunately the locker she was using was at the gym, which was more that close enough for her to run the whole way.

"Ok, please don't take long!" Ohka said to her roommate, then walked to her room, leading the group and arriving at the door quickly. She blushed heavily and opened the door, stepping to the side and bowing. "Please don't judge me too hard!" She said, blushing hard as her face turned pink. Inside the room was completely opposite of the other's bare walls. The entire room was plastered in anime posters. However, they weren't haphazardly throw onto the wall. With every poster, each was framed and put up properly and organized, all of the posters were in a line across the wall, their centers perfectly lined up.

There was also a blank spot above the desk and it was cleared off completely. Sitting on her bed was a laptop, high end one by the looks of it, but not a luxury one, sitting connected to it was a headset and a game controller. "It's a shameful display..." She did, burying herself into the corner between the door frame and the wall.

The woman turned to meet the girl. "You must be Sierra." Said the teacher. She had on a blue blazer with a white blouse underneath, a matching blue skirt as well and a pair of glasses on her face. She was talk for a woman and slim as well. "I am Ms. O'Donnel, unfortunately, we over booked the dorm rooms and you're going to have to share a bunk bed with someone else. Had you gotten here on time, you might have gotten your own room and someone else would have to be bunking." She explained with a soft and sweet voice.

Just then, a girl with her hand on a large box appeared infront of the two of them, from thin air. "Ah, perfect timing Lisa, take that box up to room 241 and leave it outside the door." She said and the girl nodded, teleporting away. "That was your bed, and the room number is 241, second floor. Enjoy!" She said and walked away from her.

"Oh well, that's fine, I'll just make sure to learn how to control the weather while I'm here so silly little things like flights delayed due to poor weather can't happen again" Sierra replied with the same sweet tone and matching smile as O'Donnel walked away from her.

Sierra turned for the stairs and head up to the second floor, and headed for her room, idly keeping an eye on the numbers, while she wondered if this place really held any of the answers she was looking for, or if she just wasting her time and money, but before long she stood at the door to room 241, and knocked, then waited.

Kaylee seemed to be at least awake and a little less frowny as she followed Ohka, surprised at how quickly the girl moved. Once Ohka showed them inside and the massive anime poster collection was on view, Kaylee's expression went to a more neutral one. ....Oh great, she's one of those nerds... But.... shouldn't try to make enemies on day one... After that bit of time to think, Kay simply nodded to herself and typed out a quick question, showing Ohka the screen. "...How long did it take for you to collect all this stuff?"

She managed to hear the knocking on the door, but decided to let the others answer it.

Mirabelle looked into Okha's room...and was terribly confused as to why Ohka was embarrassed. She didn't recognize any of the things on the wall (she knew they were posters but she had no idea what they were for) and, while she recognized the laptop on her bed along with the conjoining pieces, she didn't get what would make her embarrassed about it. Maybe it had to do with culture? If it did, she wouldn't know, not having enough experience to tell.

"...I don't get it. What's the problem?"

Just then, a knock came from the door, probably Alicia...which was rather fast. Seeing Kaylee asking Ohka something, she decided that she would answer it herself. Excusing herself from the room, she headed to the living area and opened the door, ready to greet Alicia back. Unfortunately for Mirabelle, it wasn't Alicia, but another girl instead. She was confused and wore this expression on her face, wondering what the girl wanted.

"Um...hello? Who are you?", she said.

"Um...hello? Who are you?" a girl asked after opening the door.

"My name is Sierra, I'm apparently going staying this room" she replied, then waited a few moments for the the confused girl to move, "so ... may I come in?" she finally asked, though kinda wondering why she even had to ask if it was gonna be her room as well.

"O-Oh, Sorry." Mirabelle said before moving out of the way to let Sierra in.

"My name's Mirabelle...a couple of our roommates are in the back room, the other went to go get her stuff. Sorry for the confusion, i thought you were her...", She said quickly, trying to get some things out of the way. She hoped her companions wouldn't be too deep in their conversation to hear the girl come in. She also hoped that they wouldn't be too confused as to why she let her in, seeing as how there was a shortage of rooms. She already knew Alicia would be but she got a pass since she wasn't here right now.

"This stuff?" Ohka responded and took a moment to think about the room, glancing about. She looked down at her hands for a bit and looked back up blushing. "Ummm... in total 40 years spent searching for every item combined... but the oldest i have in here, i spent six years trying to get, which is the signed Dragon Ball Z poster by Akira Toriyama..." she said, blushing hard. "My other stuff isn't here yet, which includes a bag of clothes, a few boxes of other things and tv/computer monitor. They should be here by tomorrow..." she said quietly.

Hearing the new voice, she looked down the hall and saw the new girl. "Umm... I think we have a new roomie as well..." she said and turned, walking down the hall. That's when she noticed the large box sitting in the middle of the living room. Walking up to Mirabelle and the new comer, she decided to be vocal and introduce herself. "Ummm.... hi... i'm Ohka. It's a pleas-Bakuzan..." she said and her eyes locked on the sheathed sword, just before she fainted. The pale girl fell backwards onto the floor and hit it with a soft thump, quieter than it should have been thanks to her powers.

"Hello Mirabelle" Sierra said holding out her hand for her to shake, and then entered the room after. She heard a few voices in the back before a pale elf came out, tried introducing her self, locked on her sword and fainted dead away, with a curiously light thump when she hit the floor. Sierra put her bags down, stowed her sword away in its stone on her left earring, the process of which involved the sword and sheath turning to light and dissolving, fallowed by the light particles flowing to the snow white stone.

Her sword stowed away she went over to check on the girl "She always like this? or does she just not like weapons?" she asked before looking up and down the hall to see a Kill la Kill poster staring back at her, earning a slight giggle and a smirk from her "I see the issue now ... Anime fan, got it." then gave the elf girl a few gentle pats on the cheek "Hey, wakey wakey"

Kaylee blinked twice and then raised an eyebrow in surprise as she looked Ohka over one more. ...Did she say fourt-- Her thought was interrupted by Ohka turning to introduce herself and Kaylee sighed silently as she followed after. Once she noticed Ohka laying eyes on the sword of their new dormmate and saying the name 'Bakuzan', Kaylee had an expression halfway between interested and confused. She was a little more impressed by the small light show that came with Sierra dispelling her sword.

Following Sierra's example, Kaylee gave the elf's other cheek a few light pats. As she wasn't that dexterous, she couldn't use her phone to greet Sierra and decided to just give the new girl a smile and a wave with her free hand. ...Another anime nerd? Great... Wait... She better not be bunking with me! She managed to hide her thoughts from showing on her expression for the moment.

Mirabelle looked in utter confusion at the events around her, first with Ohka passing out due to, as far as she knew, either over-excitement or a trigger word, then a box appearing in the living room when she knew it wasn't there before, then Sierra's and Kaylee's strange patting of Ohka...which was apparently a way to wake her up, according to Sierra. Despite her general confusion since she got back into the dorm, she watched all of this and took mental notes.

She also noted a few things said, like Sierra mentioning that Ohka was an anime fan, after looking down the hall. She looked down the hall herself to see what she missed in Ohka's room, only seeing her posters from the angle she was looking at...maybe those were what she was talking about? She filed it way for later before returning to the situation at hand...which was where Sierra was going to stay, in her mind at least. She knew that she should be worried about Ohka but the others seemed to be more bemused than concerned, so she assumed that she was alright.

" do we figure out where Sierra stays? Also, what's in the box?" She said, looking at the box but still shooting a concerned look at Ohka.

It wasn't long before ohka was awake again. "Huh? wha?" she said groggily and looked up at Sierra. this ofcourse didn't help as her mind had regestered her as the real world wielder of Bakuzan. "Miss Satsuki? where did Bakuzan go?" she asked Sierra. Indeed, down the hall was a poster of Kill La Kill, the bottom all signed by the entire team at Trigger. Sitting at One of the character's side was the same sword which Sierra had been holding.

"Student president shouldn't be missing her sword..." she commented while still out of it.

The run to and from the gym, was only about a kilometre and a half, and given that she usually ran about five km in the morning; even with gear, she was barely breathing hard. Crossing the campus towards the dorms, she saw to guys sitting on a bench, one of them holding a scrap of fabric and a pair of busted glasses. As she passed them, she caught part of their hushed conversation.

" what she looked like! We'll show that bitch that you can't fuck with us!"

"Just fucking drop it man! She could've killed me, but she didn't...and I don't plan on pushing my luck..."

Wonder what that was all about? She thought as she passed. Fucking dudebros probably had it coming though. Reaching the female dorm, she bounded up the stairs to her floor, and was at the room in no time. Pushing through the door, she called out. "Hey all..." Only to stop short when she saw the very tall, black and purple haired newcomer. "And who might you be?"

Sierra rolled her eyes, when she was called 'Satsuki', 'must resist urge to mess with she thought to her self as she stood up, figuring the girl would come around fully in a moment or so, but decided to answer her anyway "I put it away for now, a weapon should only be drawn when needed." then turned to Mirabelle "I was told the box is 'my bunk'" looking at the box "It's using a crappy compression enchantment though, if they need to use a box that big to move a bunk bed around I mean, as for where to put it, donno."

"Hey all..." she heard behind her, though the person stopped"And who might you be?"

Sierra turned to a young lady who looked like she just got back from the gym or something similar. "Sierra Talon, new roommate" she replied, holding her hand out for a shake.

"Sierra Talon, new roommate"

"Cool." Alicia replied, shaking Sierra's outstretched hand. "Alicia Mey Saefong. So...who you bunking with?" Think for a second. We've got a mute loner, a shy toaster, a sheltered paper doll...and me. Not much choice is there? "Scratch that." She said, releasing Sierra's hand. "You can bunk with me. Two things though; I'm an early riser, and I've been told I snore sometimes."

Sierra snickered, "Well, good, I won't have to worry about waking you up when I get up to do my morning workouts then, just beware of things hanging off the side bed. step on my tail or wings and I'll be pissed" she said as she offered her hand to the other girl in the room, one that hand been silent the whole time "I don't think I got your name", knowing full well she hadn't given it yet, or she didn't think she had anyway.

As the others began to converse and the prospect of bunking with Sierra was no longer a problem to her, Kaylee sighed to herself silently and headed toward her room. It's probably be best if I go unpack now then... I ain't into what they are and most of what they'll say'll go over my head... She shut the door behind her and locked the door, slowly unpacking the contents in her bag and decorating her room.

Mirabelle looked confused when Sierra said that she didn't know where she was to put her bed. She guessed that maybe one of them was to share a room with her, which was confirmed when Alicia walked in and asked that herself. She didn't know how she felt about having someone bunk with her...she guessed it would be ok, as long as they didn't freak out at her form underneath the mesh. She had no illusion that she could stand her roommates form, she just didn't want to worry about their own reaction to her form. Luckily she didn't have to worry about it as Alicia volunteered her room for them to share.

After that, Kaylee went into her room, she didn't know why but she felt that it didn't concern her so she didn't bother questioning it. Her attention was brought to that act though as Sierra posited a question to Kaylee, simply asking her name. Figuring that she just didn't hear Sierra, Mirabelle decided to answer for her, hoping that she was right.

"Um...i don't know if i should tell you this but her name is Kaylee...Also, do you need help moving the box in?"

"I'M UP!" Ohka said rather energetically and stood up. "Um... i'd also be happy to have you as a room mate. I sleep like a snorlax, minus the snoring and won't ever have to worry about me being messy or leaving stuff all over the place..." she said, quieting down from her energetic tone as she realized she was still infront of others.

"But it's up to you and i won't be offended if you chose Alicia's room over mine." Ohka added, blushing as she realized she was hopeless at giving anyone sound opinions.

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